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  1. I'm here with the second version of our tactic. Our tactic has been tried with Dortmund and the holiday mode has not been used. In the season I won the league title and the Champions League title, no transfer was made. The performances of Haaland, Reyna and Reus were really great. If you have fast and agile stoppers in your hand, you can benefit from setting up the defensive line in the future. I share the tactical link and some photos from the season below with you. I'd be happy if you'd share your good or bad comments after using the tactic. Enjoy yourselves.
  2. Hello, I'm here with my first tactic. I'm sorry for my bad english, because I'm a Turk:) Our tactic 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 he has a lineup and has been trialled with the Roma team for 1 season. (Not holiday mode) I managed to win the undefeated league title and the Italian Cup in the season. Only the January transfer period was completed by the transfer of Rugani. Below are performance pictures from the season. I would appreciate it if you would comment after using the tactic. https://s7.dosya.tc/server17/wd3yl6/THE-AVENGERS.fmf.html
  3. Great results with only Telles and Zaza transfers.
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