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  1. Hi, I'm looking for some old, old DBs preferably the 97/98 or 2001/2002 seasons created for the newer versions of the game. I know there is a 01/02 DB for FM12 but i'm not having much luck finding any for FM 15 or 16. Does anyone know of any Dbs around those retro years?
  2. Does anyone know if the Manager creator thing will be expanded? It looks very silly at the moment
  3. To be honest, i haven't noticed anything that would make me start a new game. I'v landed the Arbroath job, and it's up we go.
  4. Player manager. A lot of mangers do this today still. Obviously you wouldn't be able to control the player/manager in the ME. You would just be a selectable player. Surprised it's not been done before really
  5. I hope the manager creator will be expanded. Right now it looks scary with not much to choose from in terms of styles. Some of the faces...be warned. What has been seen, cannot be unseen.
  6. Anyone else notice how crazy things get in the SPL? St. Mirren won it in the second season in mine.
  7. Better update mine too then. Challenge Cup: Knocked out Vs Hearts (Winners) 1st Rnd. League Cup: Knocked out Vs Dundee (Winners)2nd Rnd. Scottish Cup: Knocked out Vs Hearts (Winners) Semi Final. Scottish Championship: Winners by 11pts. Hearts, Hibs and Cowdenbeath were in the play offs. Cowdenbeath won promotion! So i felt a bit like Ally. I was calling games off for international duty as well! A very tough campaign. Hearts were very strong but seemed to fall away at the end. I was top all the way though. Aberdeen won the SPL and Celtic won nothing which is a bonus. My best players were: Pavel Savitsky (80k! 18 goals from AML) Lewis Mcleoud. Derek Boyata (2 Season loan. Had to get him on a 6 Month loan at first though) Adam Campbell (2 Season Loan, 20 goals) and Luca Gasparotto. Give this guy a chance, he and Boyata were my centre back pairing.
  8. No wonder it worked if you were playing with an extra player!
  9. I'm struggling big time with Rangers. The Championship is so competitive. Every game is a hard one for me at the moment. Got Adam Campbell, Ryan mason, Derek Boyata on loan. Managed to sign Pavel Savitski but he's not as effective as he was on FM14. Lee wallace and Cammy Bell are letting me down big time. Anyone find some good players and a tactic that works?
  10. Not a gripe about the amount of missed chances as i'm sure that's down to my own team. But what i have noticed is the absurd way they are missed on both sides. A lot of missed chances head for row Z or corner flag. It looks like this on both teams which is why i don't think it's poor finishing. Again, not moaning about the amount of misses, just they way the 3D engine chooses to display them.
  11. Yeah bit of a pain when they come back with utter crap. For work permits, i think you have to either request this when asking, or when they give you the choice to choose your own.
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