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  1. I don't want to become a moaner, but seriously not enjoying this ME at the moment. I continue to dominate games and lose to set pieces. Ive tried upping the defensive and set piece training and match prep. But with no luck.
  2. Spot on ive only just got the team where I want them in my 3rd season and won the league.
  3. I've got my Tromso side playing one touch high tempo passing football with some tweaking here and there. Have some patience. Also need the right players to play a system you want.
  4. I think entirely depends on what sort of game you want. If you feel happy don't go with a large database. I like a large one as I often end up bouncing between small to medium to large clubs so like the variety of players.
  5. Look forward to following this, I love managing in Scandinavia. Had many good long saves.
  6. Running a old dual core J Pentium with 8GB. I run about 10-15 nations with large databse. Its only one star but I couldn't play with less I like a good journeyman save. Currently 3rd season into my Tromso save and just done the double. So job done and I'll move on now.
  7. I have to jump on this thread and agree, playing today and kind of hit me, I have a very talented AM with vision 17 and passing 16 and he always chooses the side ways pass rather than feeding my striker who has 18 pace. He becomes a wasted player.
  8. FM19 wont update? Ive tried restarting Steam etc just wont start the hotfix update
  9. Started my minor European journeyman save at Tromso, he is a talent! No way will I be letting him go!
  10. Started one of my favorite saves, journey man save around the minor European Leagues, so started randomly at Nesebar in Bulgarian Div2. 16 nations loaded with league down as far as they can go in each nation, with 4 major nations in there.
  11. It just seems like a pointless feature and makes the game slower as its something else it has to process through frustrating, SI spoke about this new feature and its doesn't actually help :/ ???
  12. Has anyone got more than "little reaction" out of the pre match briefing. Seriously nearly season over and no matter what I say I have got no reaction whatsoever all season. Pointless addition if it doesn't do anything. More mouse clicking for the sake of mouse clicking!
  13. Exactly the same, they brought it in and no matter what I say in the pre match tactical briefing there reply is always nothing... worthless and pointless.
  14. Dynamics is killing the game its broken. Top of the league with Zurich unbeaten in 12, settled side playing well, and then two players complain no football I tell them players in front of them playing well, and then the squad turns on me. Ridiculous! that little meter is now halfway down due to these two players.
  15. Tried to saves now, and both times 2months into season and my squads are decimated by injuries! Losing the will to play. Plus agree with others, takes 4 5 clicks to do something pointless!
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