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  1. Always start with automatic rep. I don't start unemployed though. I start with a BSN/BSS side and even after three seasons and three consecutive promotions I still get no job offers from other clubs whereas if I start a similar save with an English nationality I get many job offers after just a season or so.
  2. My nationality IRL is American, and I usually start each save with a club in the BSN/BSS as I prefer to start with a small club, and this is not possible with the MLS. Every time I start a save in the ensligh league as an American I never get any job offers. After about three seasons, often with at least two promotions, I get frustrated and give up as I don't receive any job offers at all. I tried a similar save as an experiment, but switched my nationality to English, and I was getting job offers constantly starting in the middle of my season season, often times from clubs one or two leagues above the league in which I was managing. Also, my Manager knowledge of England never increases when I play with an American nationality, which I believe I read was a bug. I'm not asking whether this is realistic as it clearly isn't, but I'm just wondering if others have had similar experiences they'd like to share or if anyone understands how the game works with respect to manager nationality and job offers. I'm starting to think that if I want to start a game in the english lower leagues I am forced to create an English Manager to have a realistic save.
  3. Too much Work !!!

    I feel that the game is too time consuming at times. It feels daunting when I'm ready to start a new save and start to think about how playing one season probably takes around 20 hours and if I want a long-term career save, I'm looking at a really big time investment. I wish the game had more options such as the ability to simply disable all team talks, opposition instructions, and press releases among other things. I try to speed things up and make the game feel less like work by letting the Assistant do as much as possible and using a simple yet solid plug & play type tactic. I think the game is way too time consuming now if you want to do everything yourself, but that's just my opinion. Between customizing training schedules for positions and all individual players, team talks tailored to indiviual player personalities, doing all press releases, looking at each opposition player to determine appropriate opposition instructions, and tweaking tactics to best match the opposition and game score, it's all just too tedius and starts to feel like work after awhile.
  4. A new version of OOTP is released annually and is in my opinion a great game. It hasn't really caught on here in the US though. EA Sports has released an american football management game in the past, but it wasn't very good, and I don't think it sold well either. EA unfortunately has a lock on american football games, and the big sellers are Madden and NCAA Football. Unforunately EA doesn't put much time into improving these games each year as they have no competition in the US market. I think as I've seen others say, I don't think us americans like management/strategy games that much as a whole. Most popular games here are Halo, Call of Duty, WOW, etc. And from a sports standpoint, it's Madden, NBA2K, and to a lesser extent FIFA.
  5. January drop off

    Wow, I find it hard to believe that morale for all of your players dropped suddenly for absolutely no reason. I'm not saying you're lying, I've just never seen morale drop that severely and quickly for no reason. Clearly an issue if that's happening with regularity.
  6. This DON'T make sense!

    When the AI needs to fill a Manager position, it doesn't care about Manager names or their history, it's all about reputation and coaching attribute ratings, probably more tilted towards rep. At least that's how I think it works. Really surprised this is your big gripe with the game given some of the more overt issues, such as long-term AI squad building.
  7. @The Hand of God, I agree with what you're saying, which is why I stated in my post "I do agree that AI Managers should value youth and potential ability more than they currently do." I agree that improvements can and should be made to the game, but they shouldn't go to such an extreme that sucks the fun out of the game or make it so realistic that the user has to spend hours pre-match and during the match making tweaks and intently watch all player movements due to AI sophistication. There are several 'realistic' features already included in the game that I think many or even most users don't use because they're not that much fun (examples being press conferences & team talks), just my opinion/observation of course.
  8. Your Tri-Star control was the best tactic I ever used for FM 11. I'll have to try this FM 12 tactic eventually. So many good tactics available now for FM 12.
  9. Exactly. I think this is an example of a blessing in disguise for 70-90% of the people who play this game. The human manager has an edge over the AI manager when it comes to finding and signing the most talented players, team talks (assuming you know how to do them), tactics (assuming you know the best times to implement certain strategies). Basically, the human manager has an edge over the AI in every important area of the game, once the human user educates himself and has a bit of game experience. Just look at the dafuge challenge thread for example. Most of the people posting in that thread can take a club from BSN/BSS up to the premier league and eventually win the premier league on a regular basis. I think most people find this success to be fun, as do I. Now imagine that the AI was as good as the AI in sophisticated chess games, would the majority of users find the game to be fun then, I think not. In other words, people are always asking for the game to become more and more realistic, but I don't think this would be beneficial to most users of the game as there's a reason why managing a football club in the real world is a full time job. Hopefully I didn't hijack the thread, but in case I did, I do agree that AI Managers should value youth and potential ability more than they currently do.
  10. Depends on the club I'm managing, and the formation I want to play. I think I use balanced the most as I rarely start the game as a large club, so I voted for balanced. Interesting to see that very few people use the 'verys.'
  11. Show me some 4-4-2 love!

    Many of the most popular tactics right now available for download are 442's. To me 442's seem to be much more effective in FM 12 than ever before. I remember ten years ago the tactics that worked well were formations like 2-3-2-1-2, and it used to be very difficult to get a 442 to work properly. Now it's a piece of cake.
  12. January drop off

    This would make sense just based on real-life football and how we know weather conditions can affect a real game of outdoors football, but within this game I have to agree with Barside. I don't think weather conditions have much of an affect, at least in this version of the game. The tactic I'm currently using has very short passing and has performed just the same if not better in poor weather conditions. I haven't seen any changes in possession % or pass completion % based on changing weather conditions, and I'm playing as a crappy BSS side.
  13. January drop off

    Because January is when re-ranking occurs. My understanding is that there is no such thing as the AI cracking or learning to play against your tactic, just re-ranking. In other words, if you have started the season performing above expectations then the AI will recognize this and will play against you slightly differently. They may stand off and counter where before they may have attacked for example.
  14. January drop off

    This is probably one of my biggest gripes with the game right now. I understand the typical response is, it's re-ranking, and the opposition changes the way they play against you, and you need to adapt your tactics to reflect this along with the changing weather conditions. I've used tactics with very short passing all season in all weather conditions with nothing but success, so I don't agree with the weather argument. I've never seen any proof that weather affects the game enough to require you to altar your tactics. Re-ranking exists in the game. It's not realistic. Clubs don't collectively decide on an arbitrary date to change the way they're going to play against you. But it's just a game so I'll digress. Try a more attacking/controlling tactic if the opposition is parking the bus against you. Whenever I hit a rough stretch of games I have a team meeting to boost morale. If that doesn't work, then a tactic change is usually required. That's all I can recommend.
  15. An average of 1-2 a day. Some weeks I'm out of town working and don't play at all. Other weeks I may average 3-4 hours a day, but overall 1-2. Where's the option for 10+? I want to see how many people's lives are consumed by this game.