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  1. It's definitely Dzu-dzak Bolage (it's not really the english j). If in doubt guys I highly recommend Forvo as a point of call. If in doubt after that then here is the place to try.
  2. -More pre-tournament international friendlies (i.e England played Mexico, Japan and Platinum Stars before this World Cup). -The ability to play club sides for internationals (i.e England-Platinum Stars)
  3. Try this. If in doubt, Forvo it. Great website. http://www.forvo.com/word/h%C3%A3o#pt
  4. Could he potentially have home and away reversed on the screen (compared to Britain anyway). American perhaps? Hence his initial comment would be right.
  5. Have people seen the sketchup models in google earth? I think it'd be pretty cool if SI included some program so people could create accurate representations of the stadiums and them add them into the game. I'd love to see the nets and fencing at German stadiums, for example, and stadiums like the San Siro etc. Also would have the added bonus that when/if you move into a new stadium you could design it yourself.
  6. B club, 2 club etc. are to all intents and purposes the same just named differently for their respective nations e.g B clubs in Spain.
  7. Balazs Dzsudzsak - Bol-ashz Shzud-shzack Pzemyslaw Skrzypek (difficult) - p-shemus-waf sherp-eka, roughly
  8. Lukasz Piszczek? I'm guessing it's Wu-kash Pisht-shek. And if you want a Greek mouthful you should get Sokratis Papastathopoulos from Genoa. I can't say that name without making a mistake somewhere...
  9. How would I say Kirill Kurochkin - he's a Russian regen? Szabolcs Hustzi - Shab-blosh Hoos-tzee (at least according to German TV)
  10. I have a decent regen keeper (7* potential according to my 18 judging potential AssMan) but never really developed into much. Certainly no Buffon (who incidently I had at the time - on the downturn).
  11. As far as I'm aware Premiership regulations state that stadiums must be 100% seating (i.e no terracing). I don't believe there is a capacity or facilities restriction. I also read somewhere that as Fulham were promoted with an insufficient stadium they had two years to change it. And that in the game this manifests itself as an all-seater by the end of the second year (I am intrigued if there is a code to kick you out). Sadly as I've learnt in my Ramsgate game it doesn't guarantee more seats. Oh well I'm sure Bayern will be happy to visit my 4000 seater stadium.
  12. Whilst on player interaction I'd like the ability to communicate with international players and their managers when manager of a national side. So you argue over release problems, injuries - you could suggest player move to get more international experience etc.
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