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  1. you legend, i thought i had assistant in place, thank you buddy
  2. the green circular player role graphic has gone missing on my tactic screen any ideas how to fix this, only now its happened thanks in advance
  3. Need More Info

    ahh i see buddy iv just started a basic game, english leagues small database etc, no lag at all, everything works fine must be the amount loaded which is strange though because player search is showing over 100 k players and theres no lag whatsoever
  4. Need More Info

    worked fine on 16.2 and would all the rest that have same problem be using same/diff packs as me? you obvs dont think its bug of sorts ?
  5. Need More Info

    logo pack installed but staff search screen worked fine before 16.3.0 update 8 leagues running (3 view only ) with hefty database ( europe and south america ) intel core i3-4030U, cpu @ 1.9 ghz 4gb ram
  6. Need More Info

    yeah im starting 2nd season now, board increased coaches allowed but finding them is so difficult
  7. Need More Info

    tbh with you mate im not all clued up with that kinda stuff wouldnt the fact that every thing else runs smoothly apart from staff search screen suggest theres a problem
  8. Need More Info

    surely its some kind of bug perhaps, seen a few people have same problem using 16.3.0
  9. Need More Info

    when you search for staff it says so many staff found, 123 for example when im searching its constantly doing as i said as above the categories im referring to are things like club, wages etc, if i click on them the dont work (click on the wages one and it shows high to low or vice versa )
  10. Need More Info

    clicking on sub categories doesnt work either, click on it and nothing happens
  11. Need More Info

    while searching it goes for example ..... 88 found, 127, 654, 876, 1054 then back to 88, constantly doing that its only the search screen whilst looking for staff so surely its a bug of sorts everything else is fine
  12. Need More Info

    Deleted cache. Preferences folder and did something on steam ( cant remember what its called ) Seems to have worked. Still a little laggy though
  13. Need More Info

    theres a few people experiencing the same kind of problems so surely its something that needs fixing sigames ?? real pain as im trying to recruit staff in order for the new season but its so hard
  14. trying to find some new coaches in my swansea city save but its so laggy whilst loading the numbers go, for example, 84, 384, 798, 1063, 1800 then bk to 84, constantly trying to load them up isit some kind of but with the game, seen a few forums with same kind of thing but no fixes thanks in advance, carl
  15. In my 2nd season as man utd. Sent my scouts out to various countries such as holland. Italy, spain etc, looking for young players (regens mainly)! Dont seen to be getting tidy results. Been scouting for 3 months and iv only got 10 reports from italy, 17 from portugal and france. 0 from russia. Yet i checked youth teams in russia, scouted some of the regens and reports were 4/5 star players! Why dont my scouts pick these type players up? Any hints or tips please would be great Thanks in advance