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  1. you legend, i thought i had assistant in place, thank you buddy
  2. the green circular player role graphic has gone missing on my tactic screen any ideas how to fix this, only now its happened thanks in advance
  3. In my 2nd season as man utd. Sent my scouts out to various countries such as holland. Italy, spain etc, looking for young players (regens mainly)! Dont seen to be getting tidy results. Been scouting for 3 months and iv only got 10 reports from italy, 17 from portugal and france. 0 from russia. Yet i checked youth teams in russia, scouted some of the regens and reports were 4/5 star players! Why dont my scouts pick these type players up? Any hints or tips please would be great Thanks in advance
  4. Good staff signings

    Thank you buddy
  5. Are there any threads with good staff signings Thank you in advance
  6. thank you, id seen some websites saying it could be done but couldnt find it, thanks again though
  7. iv signed andrija zivkovic and want him to improve his crossing, how do you change the intensity of the specific training ? thanks in advance
  8. Why doesnt the clairefontaine academy produce regend anymore? I remember getting some absolute beasts on one of the previous fm versions Any one had any this year?
  9. im looking to pre order fm2106 but i want the disc version where can i order it now and get the beta code?? thanks in advance
  10. Looking to start as conference side poss league two Any bargains or gems for latest update Thanks in advance
  11. I purchased fmh 15 yest and noticed the interface is different to most of the screen shots iv seen Alot of the tabs were on the left hand side On my game its just one tab in the left hand corner that opens up a bigger menu Is this due to the update? I prefer the look of the other interface shown on the screenshots Thanks in advance Carl
  12. not to sure tbh mate, most of the screenshots iv seen are the same as the top post
  13. mine is like this screenshot http://www.godisageek.com/wp-content/uploads/FMH-003.png id prefer the one in the first post
  14. I bought the game on Wednesday and iv been looking on different websites and forums etc my interface seems different to screenshots has it changed with the latest update http://cdn3.whatculture.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Werner.jpg mine is different to that screenshot, id prefer that one