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    Upon clicking the ‘globe’ icon on your Menu Bar you’ll be presented with what used to be the ‘World Menu’, although it now appears in a browser-style series of cascading menus. From here you can find pretty much any game object as well as navigate to individual continents which in turn offer you plenty more options.


    View an overview profile page for each continent which contains key information regarding football in that part of the world as well as a geographic breakdown of other items within this section and a directory of media sources.


    View all nations in a given continent in the order they appear in the World Rankings. You can also view Nation Coefficients, Nation Club Coefficients and Qualification Places from each continent’s page and on the World section you’ll find a list of all Agreements between various leagues.


    The Competitions menu contains direct links to all competitions from that continent.


    This section acts as a directory of all the teams in your saved game for the selected continent.

    The ‘Finances’ screen holds key financial ranking information from both the country you are currently managing in as well as the wider game world. The worldwide ‘Financial Status’ option simply ranks clubs by their overall valuation.

    The National Finances screen sorts clubs by a range of financial criteria. From the ‘Views’ Menu located towards the top left of the main screen area, teams may be sorted by their Estimated Value, Financial Status, Turnover, Season Ticket Price, Average Ticket Price and Average Season Ticket Price. The screen is a useful tool for you to keep up to date on the financial status of your rivals – you never know; a situation may arise where it is in your interests to exploit it.


    Should you wish to keep abreast of all transfer activity in your game world, the ‘Transfers’ menu is where you will find all the information you’ll need. Each column header is sortable, and the ‘Views’ Menu to the top left of the main screen area allows for the information presented to be changed to any other type of transfer deal. The ‘Filters’ menu adjacent to this allows the manager to filter the list by nation as well as the entire footballing world.


    The ‘Awards’ menu is where you will find the worldwide player awards, such as World Player of the Year. The screen details the 1-2-3 placing of the most recent award as well as historical information for past winners.

    History and Retirements

    Football Manager™ 2018 includes a means of maintaining a snapshot of the football world as it once was. When a person, be it player or non-player, retires from playing (and in the case of players, doesn’t move into a staff role), he/she can be ‘preserved’ in the Football Manager™ 2018 Archive. By selecting ‘Keep History After Retirement’ from the ‘History’ section of a player’s Tab Bar, the individual will be kept around with a retired profile page summing up the very best of their career.

    The list of players who are retained can be found on this Retirements screen. Higher profile players will be retained automatically, and players can be ‘released’ from retention before their retirement by repeating the process but de-selecting the ‘Keep History After Retirement’ option.

    Please note this section can only be selected from the ‘World’ level.

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