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  • The FM Menu

    The FM Menu is what more experienced managers will remember as the ‘Options’ menu.

    Save Game (As)

    The Save Game and Save Game As options do as they suggest. Saving your game is fairly important; as it’s extremely unlikely you’ll be playing it unsaved forever. 'Save Game’ simply saves the current game over the previous iteration, whereas Save Game As allows you to choose any file to overwrite or indeed, save the game as a brand new file.

    There are additional Save options in the game Preferences. For more information on those, please click here.

    Load Game

    The Load Game option allows you to load an existing saved game from inside the main Football Manager™ 2018 application. If you do this whilst playing another saved game you will lose all unsaved progress.

    Quit to Start Screen

    This option allows you to return to the Start Screen from within the main Football Manager™ 2018 application. If you do this, you may be prompted to save the game first so as to not lose your unsaved progress.

    Quit Game and Exit

    Exits Football Manager™ 2018 and returns you to your desktop.

    New Career Game…

    Begins the process of starting a new game of Football Manager™2018.

    New Online Game…

    Begins the process of starting a new online game of Football Manager™2018.


    Configure your game preferences here. For more detail on the options found within, please click here.

    Add New Manager

    This option allows you to add a New Manager to the saved game. For more detail on this process please click here.

    Change Manager

    If you are playing a hot seat game, you can change the active manager from this section. If there is only one human manager active in the saved game this option will not be present.

    Add/Remove Leagues

    You are not restricted to playing in the leagues added upon starting a new game. From this screen you are able to add and/or remove leagues to the saved game at any point, but a league which has been added will only become active when the new season begins in that country.

    To remove a league or nation, simply click on the ‘-‘ icon next to its name.

    Detail Level

    The Detail Level screen allows the manager to configure their saved game even further in order to optimise performance as much as possible.

    The screen contains all competitions loaded into the save and allows the manager to specify which matches are processed in full detail and which will use the quick match engine and when. They can be set from various stages of competition – for example just the later stages can be set to generate in their entirety whilst the remainder of the competition is handled by the quick match engine, which is used as standard for competitions not loaded into your saved game. The option to generate the entire competition fully is available (All), as is the option to generate the entire competition with just the quick match engine (None).


    The Leaderboards allow you to compare your progress and success with other managers through the Steam network. The system is similar to the Hall of Fame approach used in previous generations of the game, where points are accumulated based on different levels of success. The better your team(s) perform, the more points you rack up and the higher you place on the Leaderboards.

    There are also Leaderboards for specific FM Touch Challenge modes.

    Hall of Fame

    The Hall of Fame is the home of legends. The very best managers of all time are detailed by their successes in the footballing world. It has sections for domestic success, continental success, and ultimately world-wide acclaim as well as by nationality. Will you be successful enough in your career to earn a place amongst the greats?


    A link to the Football Manager™ 2018 manual.

    Print Screen

    If you would like to print the textual contents of a particular screen, navigate to the desired choice, then select this option. You will have the option of sending the data directly to a printer, or saving it in either a web page or a word document format.

    Game Status

    The Game Status screen displays the basic information about your saved game. It includes details of the total game time, game version, when the game was last saved, and all managers who are part of the game.


    These are the people responsible for bringing Football Manager™ 2018 to you. A full list of credits can also be found at the rear of this manual. This section also features a number of FM Community Content Creators and other assorted fansites.

    About Football Manager

    A simple dialog box informing you of the details of the version of Football Manager™ 2018 you are currently playing.


    The Football Manager™ Downloads section is home to additional content to enrich your gameplay experience even further, including unlockables, third-party content through the Steam Workshop, and an In-Game Editor.

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