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  • Multi-Manager, Online and Internet Play

    Football Manager™ 2018 isn’t just for single manager play – it supports multi-manager and online play.

    Hot-Seat Play

    Hot-seat play refers to multiple managers acting in the same single saved game on the same computer. To initiate this, the manager should first create a new game as normal. Once this has been done, to add new managers either select ‘Yes’ if/when prompted, or select ‘Add New Manager’ from the ‘Options’ Menu. Once you’re happy with the number of managers entered, play as ‘normal’. When one manager has completed their tasks for the day and has clicked ‘Continue’, the game will then move on to the next manager. When everyone has clicked ‘Continue’, the game will progress.

    Online Play

    Online play allows the manager to play Football Manager™ 2018 against other managers.

    To start an online game as the host, click the option to begin an Online Career. You will then be taken to the ‘Online Game Preferences’ screen to configure the options for your Online Career. Please refer to the Preferences section of this manual for information on each option.

    If you wish to protect your Online Career and only allow certain people access, add a Server Password and distribute it to those you wish to grant entry to.

    Following completion of this stage, continue creating the saved game before either informing your friends of the name of the Online Career, or awaiting people to join (in the case of an open Online Career).

    To join an Online Game, click the ‘Join Online Game’ menu option. You will be presented with a list of active Steam Servers and the details of each Online Game, as well as a notification as to whether they are private or not (a padlock icon). Use the ‘Search Criteria’ panel to refine the list of available games to find one to suit you, or to isolate a particular game you have been invited to join.

    Football Manager™ Touch also features the online Versus competition mode. You and your friends can set up a custom competition and go head-to-head solely against each other if you so wish. Additionally, if each of you wishes to pit your own custom teams against each other from your own offline career games, you can do so by exporting them and using them in your custom competition.

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