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    1. Welcome to Football Manager™ 2018

      Welcome to Football Manager™ 2018!   Football Manager™ 2018 is the latest instalment of Sports Interactive’s football management series. We have once again strived to continue making the ultimate football simulation and we’re glad you’re a part of that.   If you’ve played any of our previous titles, then you may already class yourself as something of an expert – but there’s information in this manual for all levels of manager. If you’re new to the series, this manual, in addi
    2. Beginner's Guide

      Welcome to Football Manager™ 2018! We’ve created a beginner’s guide to walk newcomers to the series through getting to grips with the various aspects of management, and to hopefully answer any questions that might come up along the way. Your first step will be to create your managerial profile and begin a new Career. Follow the steps provided on-screen, choose a team to manage, and hit ‘Quick Start’ to get started. Please refer to specific sections of this manual for in-depth explanations o
    3. Getting Started

      Launching the Game To launch Football Manager™ 2018, double click the shortcut icon on your desktop or click ‘Play’ from within Steam.   The Start Screen When the game has loaded, you will be presented with the Start Screen. The ‘What’s New’ button details a host of information about all of the new features to be found in Football Manager™ 2018. The table below describes what the various options available to you on this screen do. Action
    4. The User Interface

      Football Manager™ 2018’s interface has been designed to ensure that playing the game is as friendly as possible. The following is a glossary to help explain some of the terms referred to in this manual that are commonplace in the game’s appearance. Let’s begin with a short explanation on the two main control methods.   Control Methods Left Clicking: Left clicking is the primary method of navigating around a majority of computer applications and Football Manager™ 2018 is no di
    5. The FM Menu

      The FM Menu is what more experienced managers will remember as the ‘Options’ menu. Save Game (As) The Save Game and Save Game As options do as they suggest. Saving your game is fairly important; as it’s extremely unlikely you’ll be playing it unsaved forever. 'Save Game’ simply saves the current game over the previous iteration, whereas Save Game As allows you to choose any file to overwrite or indeed, save the game as a brand new file. There are additional Save options in the gam
    6. The Sidebar

      The Manager Menu, located on the Sidebar, will largely be the main point of reference as your career develops in Football Manager™ 2018. The Menu contains the majority of the key items you’ll need to regularly address. The options are discussed in great detail throughout this section. The menu can always be found on the left hand side of the screen and although it can change colour/context depending on the game object being viewed (particularly the case when viewing other teams), it remains
    7. League/Competition Menu

      The League/Competition screen holds all the important information and links that will be entirely necessary for you to check regularly if you are to be successful. Keeping up to date on the very latest information from your opponents is a massive factor, and Football Manager™ 2018 allows you to do this in many ways. The sections described below are all found from the tabs menu on any league or competition screen. They are also accessible from the competitions screen, which can be found on the si
    8. World

      Upon clicking the ‘globe’ icon on your Menu Bar you’ll be presented with what used to be the ‘World Menu’, although it now appears in a browser-style series of cascading menus. From here you can find pretty much any game object as well as navigate to individual continents which in turn offer you plenty more options. Overview View an overview profile page for each continent which contains key information regarding football in that part of the world as well as a geographic breakdown of o
    9. Tactics

      Tactics. The making of a manager. Sure, you may occasionally get by on having the very best players available to you, but by and large any success you intend to have will rest largely on your tactical decisions. Setting up your tactics in Football Manager™ 2018 can be as simple or as detailed as you wish. This section details the Tactics screen and various options available to the manager. Create New Tactic Creating a new tactic allows you to tailor your approach from scratch by follow
    10. Scouting

      Your scouts are your eyes and ears in the footballing world. Whilst you’re taking control of the day-to-day management of your club, these guys are putting in the hours and the miles so you can have as much information at your disposal as possible. Squad building is directly linked to success. To put together a group capable of achieving great things, you need to identify the right players to bring into the group, and have the right staff around you to help you do that. FM18 introduces a br
    11. Players

      It’s a simple fact that to be successful, you need the right players. That’s not to say you need the best players, but identifying the necessary players to suit your plans is of paramount importance. In Football Manager™ 2018, players are as in-depth as they’ve ever been. This section details pretty much everything you’ll need to know about the players, interacting with them, and all the other stuff in between. ‘Information’ Icon Whenever a person – player or non-player – appears
    12. Transfers

      No matter what squad you inherit, you will quickly identify holes and areas in which your team can improve. The most common method to amend these issues in the footballing world is the transfer market. Improvement may come from adding players, but your squad can also be stronger for the sale of a player. This section outlines the key aspects of wheeling and dealing in Football Manager™ 2018. Buying Players To begin with, you need to identify a player you want. For information on using
    13. The Match

      So, with everything covered up to this point, it’s probably time to play a match. Match Centre The Match Centre will be accessible prior to every single fixture from the foot of the sidebar and will allow you to plan ahead in a number of ways, beginning the serious preparation with the Pre-Match Briefing. The number of days remaining before your match are indicated within the icon itself. Pre-Match Briefing On/before the day of your upcoming match, you’ll have the opportunity
    14. Miscellaneous Items

      Home Page Your Home Page is, by default, the same as your Manager Overview screen. The difference here is that any screen in Football Manager™ 2018 can be set as your Home Page by selecting the ‘Bookmarks’ sub-tab, which is located in the ‘World’ menu, and selecting the ‘Set this page as home page’ option. Downloads The Steam Workshop is your one-stop shop for additional Football Manager™ content. You will be able to find customisable content in the form of competitions, logos, ki
    15. Multi-Manager, Online and Internet Play

      Football Manager™ 2018 isn’t just for single manager play – it supports multi-manager and online play. Hot-Seat Play Hot-seat play refers to multiple managers acting in the same single saved game on the same computer. To initiate this, the manager should first create a new game as normal. Once this has been done, to add new managers either select ‘Yes’ if/when prompted, or select ‘Add New Manager’ from the ‘Options’ Menu. Once you’re happy with the number of managers entered, play as ‘
    16. Troubleshooting

      Should you experience a problem with Football Manager™ 2018 at any time, the first plan of action should be to consult the Sports Interactive community forums at http://community.sigames.com/ where a member of the FM Team may be able to help you further. Important Information regarding Anti-Virus Software and Football Manager™ Files Please note that due to the nature of Football Manager™’s files changing and updating during play, some anti-virus software can unfortunately flag these as
    17. League Information

      Football Manager™ 2018 features a number of leagues which, for a number of reasons, can be complicated and perhaps rather daunting for those unfamiliar with the intricacies within certain countries. Below is a beginner’s guide on how things work in some of the highest-profile examples. (Please note; all specific league rules are available from the ‘Rules’ sub-tab on the competition screen. The information provided here is intended to offer a brief and clear overview of how things work.)
    18. Credits

      Sports Interactive Martin Allen Antonio Almeida Jesper Andersson Grant Appleyard Nicolas Audren Alex Bell Davide Bertoletti David Bonney Stephanie Bow Ciaran Brennan Kevin Brennan Neil Brock Robson Brown Archie Buck Michael Burling James Capstick Adam Cherry Stu Coleman Oliver Collyer Paul Collyer Rob Cooper David Crammond Joshua Crompton Marlon Davidson Stephen Davidson Tom Davidson Jack Deal Neil Dejyothin Pete Dewhirst Navdeep Dha
    19. Football Glossary

      In order to help new Football Manager™ managers become more acquainted with the world of football, we’ve put together a glossary of some of the more common terms you might encounter. It is not exhaustive, but it is hopefully comprehensive and will be of assistance should you find yourself wondering about some of the terminology you’ve encountered playing the game. Administration: A process where a club is unable to fulfil its financial obligations and brings in temporary legal assistance in
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