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    Hoping to god it gets released tonight... i have a good feeling what about you? Does anyone recall what time on average does the BETA get released on those BETA release days?
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    MEGAPACK 55 UPDATES: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ogaa99brm0c7nzs/megapack-leagues-fm19-by-claassen.rar/file Several updates have been updated compared to the workshop. ( details below) EUROPE: 55 updates Albania: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup. (Skenderbleu: European cups suspension for 10 years) Andorra: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Armenia: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Austria: 3th, 4th and 5th division activated. Addition of 9 Regionals Cups qualifying for the Austria Cup. Azerbaijan: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Belarus: 3rd division activated. Improvements for 1st and 2nd division Belgium: 4th and 5th division activated. Cup extension (312 clubs) and various improvements Bosnia-Herzegovina: 1st and 2nd division, Bosnia Cup, Republika Srpska Cup and Federation of Bosnia&Herzegovina Cup (qualifying for the Bosnia Cup). Lower leagues divised in 2 for good relegation/promotion with the 2nd tier. Bulgaria: 3rd division + Cup of 3rd division activated. 2nd division OK (16 clubs in 2018 then 18 clubs in 2019) - Crimea: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Croatia: 3rd division activated. 2nd division OK (14 clubs en 2018 then 16 clubs in 2019) Cyprus: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, Super Cup Czech Republic: 3rd and 4th division activated Denmark: 4th division activated. Various improvement for 1st to 3rd division. England: 7th, 8th and 9th division activated. Real format of promotions. FA Cup extension (736 teams) FA Trophy extension (296 teams). FA Vase, Isthmian League Cup, Southern League Cup & Northern League Cup activated. 20 clubs in Bostick South Division (L8), Hellenic Football League and Northern League (L9), from season 2019/20 Estonia: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, Super Cup. Faroe Islands: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Finland: 3rd division activated. Cup extension from season 2019. France: 4th and 5th division activated. Gambardella U19 Cup. Regional limits for the 5th division. Cup extension, with the 11 overseas clubs to 7th round. FYROM: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Georgia: 1st , 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, Super Cup (with new format for 3rd division, from season 2019) Germany: 4th and 5th division activated (with real promotions/relegations). Fix B teams (3 players maximum 23 years and +) Gibraltar: 1st and 2nd division, Cups, Super Cup (improvement of SIgames update) Greece: 3rd division + Cup of 3rd division activated. Fix bugs for 1st, 2nd division and Cup. New formats OK for 2018,2019 and from 2020 Hungary: 3rd division activated. Small improvements for 1st and 2nd division. Iceland: 3rd, 4th and 5th division activated + League Cup B and C activated. Extension Cup + fix U19 bugs. (U19 for all teams in my update) Ireland: 3rd, 4th and 5th division activated + FAI Intermediate Cup (with regional draw for the 1st and 2nd round) Israel: 3rd, 4th and 5th division activated + Cups of 4th and 5th division activated and qualifying for the State Cup! Extension Cup.  Italy: 4th division activated (with Scudetto Dilettanti for the 9 champions) . Regional limits. Cup of 4th division activated Kazakhstan: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Kosovo: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, Super Cup Latvia: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Winter Cup Lithuania: 1st and 2nd division (with 16 clubs in 2nd div. from season 2019), Cup, Super Cup Luxembourg: 1st, 2nd and 3th division, Cup Malta: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th division, Cup, Super Cup (with new rules on the foreigner from season 2019/20 for the 1st div. and cups: 11 foreigners instead 7) Moldova: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, Super Cup (with 10 teams by group for 3th division, from season 2019) Montenegro: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Netherlands: 3rd, 4th and 5th division activated (with periods, matchs rules zondag/zaterdag and real promotions/relegations!). Cup extension (107 teams) Northern Ireland: 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th division activated. Irish Cup extension and rebuilding like IRL. Norway: 4th and 5th division activated Poland: 3rd and 4th division activated. Various small improvements. Portugal: 4th division activated (20 leagues with each their format). Lower division inactive divised in 16 leagues for good promotions/relegations by region with the 4th tier. Romania: 3rd division activated. Fix various rules Russia: 3rd and 4th division activated. Cup extension (100 teams) San Marino: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup (with new formats for league and cup) Scotland: 5th and 6th division activated . Addition of South Region Challenge Cup, Highland League Cup & Lowland League Cup Serbia: 3rd division activated (4 leagues). Add Reserve leagues for 1st and 2nd division Slovakia: 3rd division activated (4 leagues). Cup extension Slovenia: 3rd division activated (4 leagues) Fix Bug U19 Cup Spain: 4th division activated (18 groups). Real format of promotions. Good promotions/relegations by regions with the 5th tier. Sweden: 5th division activated. Improvement Dates for 1st Division Switzerland: 3rd, 4th and 5th division activated Turkey: 4th and 5th division activated. Various small improvements Ukraine: 3rd and 4th division activated. Amator Cup activated. Cup extension (50 teams). Promotion/Relegation play-off between 2nd div. & 3rd div. 12 teams by groups in 4th division, from season 2019/20. Placed 50 points deductions for Kobra in 2nd division & Kobra Ostrog in 4th division because withdraw this season Wales: 2nd, 3rd and 4th division activated. Cup extension (92 teams). Cymru Alliance League Cup , Welsh Football League Challenge Cup and FAW Trophy activated
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    Hey All, As a way to pay forward some of the awesome tactical help I was offered here so many (many) years ago, I've been enjoying getting involved and helping out a number of fellow players/newer managers over the past few months to seemingly great effect. What's become apparent during numerous conversations, forum/private messages and Discords is that whilst there is probably enough tactical advice to fill all of the worlds stadiums, when it comes to some of the more simple - and even abstract - parts of the game, the quality, variety and quantity of information dries up very quickly. Obviously we still have some great sites standing strong and some legendary FM-ers still around spreading the knowledge, but I drew up a few things as 'fill in the blanks' for some of the less known/exciting aspects of the game and was encouraged/asked to share them with the wider FM community soooo, um, here we are? I've written a '4-and-a-thing' page guide/did you know/maybe try to some of the bits of the game we all assume we're good at (and many of us are), but perhaps we neglect a bit more than we should? The ' thing' however is what led me to start this work at all... Mentality in game is something that rarely seems to get mentioned in any serious context, yet it can have such a dramatic effect in-game? I read many (many) posts from people complaining (understandably) about how the AI continually fights back when multiple goals down, or score so ruthlessly on the counter despite being 'attacking-ed' to death? Some people create a late game tactic to combat comebacks, others have a complete set that they change through as the game evolves. As a 'disciple' of some of the FM07/FM08 era tactical legends I subscribe mostly to the latter school of thought but realised that in order to learn that, I had a lot of detailed and helpful posts written out for me - but where is that information now? The point -> What I've created is a guide in how to survive 90 gruelling minutes in Football Manager - primarily 2019 but the methodologies apply to all games in the series (just watch for differences in terminology and checkpoint timings!). Players are one aspect, tactics another, but what about the times when we’re not playing as Barcelona, or haven’t got Diablo-2019 hidden as a sneaky plan B? When victories turn into defeats and walkovers turn into upsets, there’s often not a lot wrong tactically, just perhaps a subtle wrong turn somewhere during the game that - unbeknownst at the time - leads to our downfall, sometimes repeatedly. As with so many things, none of this is a guarantee and much of it is opinion (mostly my own) - things will happen in game very much off script - this is more to teach the ebb and flow of a usual game, how a successful manager MAY react, and to help get you thinking a bit more about why - tactics and players aside - things may be happening as they are. This is in no way definitive, the quality - and more importantly mentality - of your players will also play a big part in how they react to events unfolding (complacency /anxiety/disillusion). Hope it helps someone out in any case! PS: To the lovely moderator guys n girls; a lot of this is tactical, a fair bit isn't - wasn't sure whether to put this in the tactics discussion or here (quick group vote decided here) but please move/let me know if you'd like me to move if you don't feel it's the right place, consensus was that most new players come to general first and most helpful for them etc!
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    I’ve been thinking about how I would like to see the fans represented in the game and I’ve created another mock screenshot to help me put across the idea. My suggestion involves a new tab on the sidebar which would be dedicated to the supporters. Two notes: 1. In the editor clubs already have values that define their supporters - these attributes are: Loyalty, Patience, Passion, Affluence, Temperament. 2. The database also already includes geographical data that divides a country into regions, with data for cities and towns (such as population and co-ordinates) also available. There are 9 regions in England, for example, such as London, East & West Midlands and the North-East. Hopefully these two things could be used (along with other already-existing data) to provide an interesting outlet for the clubs’ supporters and their hopes, dreams and experiences. So this is the screenshot; it’s the Overview page of my suggested Supporters tab. The top section on this screen is called “Fan Happiness Summary” The first bar is called “Overall Happiness.” This would be a general reflection of things like your achievement versus your expectations, your form, your transfers etc (in that order.) The fan attributes could come into play here, with an attribute like ‘Patience’ helping keep the fans happier for longer, or with an attribute like ‘Temperament’ dictating how they are likely to act when very unhappy (for example booing players who make costly mistakes, or demonstrating against the board.) The second bar is called “Match Atmosphere,” and in my example you can see that it is a special blue colour with the status of “Electric!” Other things you may see here could be descriptions such as “Buoyant,” “Tense,” “Subdued,” etc, depending on your specific situation and form. Of course the fan personality attributes would also affect the likely match atmosphere, particularly with attributes such as “Passion”and “Temperament.” The Match Atmosphere would obviously affect the pressure/motivation/confidence of the players during a match. Big Note!: For the “Match Atmosphere” thing to be as good as possible the match sounds would need to be seriously improved. It would be great to be able to hear and feel a different mood in my own stadium depending on whether things were going good or bad, and to be able to hear the electricity of the crowd in a fierce rival game. The last three bars represent the fans’ current happiness with the Board, Manager and Players, (as mentioned in previous suggestions.) The link at the bottom right goes to the Fan Confidence page. The next section is called “Biggest Rival.” In this situation Arsenal would be considered the biggest rival to Tottenham based on things like having similar reputations and playing in the same league. Next to Arsenal’s badge is the basic information about the rivalry. It’s a Local/Historic rivalry as opposed to a Competitive one, with a Rivalry level of “Intense,” partly due to the sharing of a region (London) and partly due to other factors such as frequency of derbies. The bar in the middle is called “Bragging Rights” and in this example you can see that Arsenal fans have the upper hand at the moment. One of the biggest factors in determining who has the bragging rights is the final result of the most recent derby, but there can be more long term factors at play too. The link in the bottom corner goes to the new “Rivalries” sub-tab which would have a variety of extra information such as a list of rivals, comparative league finishes, comparative trophy hauls, and maybe even some kind of map showing Regional/National/International Rivals. The bottom left section is called “Top Seller” and it relates to merchandise sales. This section would tell you who was currently the most popular shirt-seller and give you a rough breakdown of their popularity in terms of volume and regions. The full-list of shirt sellers could be seen at any time in the “Tickets & Merchandising” sub-tab. Also in the Tickets & Merchandising sub-tab you could see information such as estimated ticket demand, a ranking of merchandising income by country, and maybe even a list of countries in which you have some kind of club shop. The final section is my personal favourite and it is called “Recent Fan Opinions.” In here you would see a digest of 1 or 2 bits of information available in the “Fan Focus” sub-tab, which would be compiled by your Supporter Spokesman. This could be interesting in different ways depending on the size of your club, either getting feedback exclusively from locals or gradually gaining new fans in new territories. I created two fans. Lucy Lucy from Perth in Australia and Lesley Grubbs from Walthamstow. In this example you can see that Lucy Lucy is hoping Spurs come and play a game in Australia, whereas Lesley Grubbs is reminiscing about the good old days. Fans would be randomly generated and the towns and cities in the database could be used here - for instance Lesley is obviously quite local to Tottenham. You may notice Lesley has a lock icon next to his head. This is because I am imagining that I have locked him so that he will remain a choice even once the random fans have been regenerated, allowing me to follow his experiences specifically. There would be a few other pieces of information, such as the year they began supporting the club, the last match they attended, and their favourite player, in the “Fan Focus” sub-tab. It could also be fun to run a competition whereby the winners get to be immortalised in the game as a randomly generated fan! Thanks for reading!
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    Beta comes out, feedback thread full of people demanding the German Third Division sayings it's a disgrace it's been taken out. SI involved in a huge, costly, legal battle to get the Third Division available but unlicensed. Full game comes out with German Third Division in it. Thread full of people complaining they've worked so hard to get it in. They can't win, can they. I wouldn't be stunned at all if the Stadium Editor is in the works, I doubt it's something they can hand over to the public without major testing though, so it'll take more than a year for them to develop it then release it. Some features have taken five years to go from request to reality. Maybe best to just forget about how unrealistic the stadium looks when you're managing Man City as a 27yo with no managerial experience..
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    What I can tell you is that the public-beta will go up a few gears in the next week - so for those of you wanting more than just stability fixes, we have something for you. We're just trying to get 19.1.5 out of the door and want to ensure that there are no knock ons. You've all made an effort to say you want to be involved and help us, it's appreciated. I strongly believe in this way of working. The rough part of that deal is that by making that effort to opt in, you also have to accept that you might sometimes get bugs and issues (stop sniggering, I know what you're thinking!). We RE : Match engine We might not come out and say it directly, but we are watching all the feedback and constantly making improvements. I've sat in a match engine meeting where matches were watched on a very big screen, the play was analysed in detail (all we were missing was Gary Neville) and action points to fix were planned for the next week. We dont always get it right, it's a tricky one to balance across leagues and levels. Your time to shine with a new ME is coming.
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    Your footballing philosophy defines who you are as a manager and in Football Manager 2019 the tactics system has been revamped. We’ve added so many things to this area in the last few years and player roles in particular have become more important to both FM and the real world, but we felt that with all these additions and other things we wanted to add, we hadn’t successfully presented them to you, the managers, in a cohesive manner so you could get the best out the power at your fingertips and cope with the new additions we wanted to make for this year. The first thing you’ll notice when using the tactics creator in FM19 is the addition of tactical styles which reflect some of the most famous tactical systems in football such as ‘Gegenpress’, ‘Tiki-taka’, ‘Catenaccio’ and many more. When you first click on the tactics screen, you’re presented with the full list of available styles with descriptions, as well as the option to create your own style or to ask your assistant to select a style for you. Once a style is selected, you’re shown an overview of the team instructions associated with that style and the formations that it works best with; you can then select a formation and complete the tactics set-up. You’ll notice that player roles have been pre-selected to suit the tactical style that you’ve chosen to use although, of course, you’re still able to tweak these – as well as the formation if you want to try to mesh a style with your own formation. You can now also set specific team instructions for three different phases of play - when you have possession, when you are transitioning between attack and defence and when you don’t have possession. This means there are also lots of new instructions that are now part of the tactics module to make this all possible. So, let’s look at a few of these new options now. When your side have lost possession, you can ask them to be more aggressive in their approach and ‘counter-press’ the opposition to try and recover the ball quickly. Alternatively, you can prioritise maintaining your team’s defensive shape by using the ‘regroup’ option which aims to prevent your side being hit quickly on the counter. You can mirror these instructions when your side have won possession too, opting to either counter to take advantage quickly of the gaps left in your opponent’s defence or choose the ‘hold shape’ option to take a more patient approach that could suit a possession-orientated tactical style. There are also a number of goalkeeper distribution options contained within the ‘in transition’ menu. You now have complete control of how quickly your goalkeeper distributes the ball, what area of the pitch or player that they target and the method that they employ to distribute the ball. The ‘in possession’ options focus on your attacking intent, including: attacking width, approach play and what you do with the ball in the final third. There’s a new instruction included in here called ‘play for set pieces’ which can be useful if your team is especially effective from dead-ball situations. The ‘out of possession’ options focus on the defensive aspect of the game including your defensive shape as well as marking and tackling options. New additions include the ability to set your line of engagement and defensive line by dragging the relevant arrows on the tactics pitch. There are also similar sliders to set your pressing intensity and defensive width. In addition, there are a few new player roles that have been added this year such as the Pressing Forward, which is a role that is designed to put pressure on your opponent’s defensive line by having your striker press them and restrict their time on the ball. Defensively, there are now No-Nonsense Full-Backs and No-Nonsense Centre-Back who focus predominantly on basic defensive duties and very rarely move forward into attacking areas. We’ve also tweaked the mentality terms to make it clearer what each mentality does. There are still seven different mentalities to choose from but it’s goodbye to Contain, Counter (as you can set that in the transition instructions now), Control and Overload and hello to Very Defensive, Cautious, Positive and Very Attacking. These are all clearly explained in-game, so you can easily learn which mentality should be used in each situation. The way that your tactical style, team and player instructions and player roles work together is crucial to success in FM19. It’s important to consider how all of your tactical options fit together and, in particular, whether your instructions, mentality and player roles are representative of the tactical style you’ve elected to play. Last year we introduced the pre-match briefing and we have built upon this for FM19. Firstly, you’ll notice that the briefing has been redesigned make it easier to navigate through and clearer on how you can talk to your team, with more options available. Your assistant manager will also provide recommended topics for discussion. The new tactical implementations in FM19 marks a real step forward in the way that you are able to instruct your players and put your footballing vision into practice. With the integration of Tactical Styles alongside new instructions, new player roles and a revamped pre-match briefing you have more tools at your disposal to create your footballing philosophy.
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    hey all please stop asking every second day questions like 'are you going to do next this and that / is this going to be finished today etc.' ... please understand that claassen is doing all that in his free time, nobody is paying him for it ... it is just not respectful putting him constantly under pressure with this stupid questions! sorry it had to be said, it is just annoying to read in this theard always this spaming questions. be patient and / or contribute by yourself to the community.
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    Just sack your GF for unprofessional behavior.
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    Make tactical gestures to my screen while not changing anything, but still getting annoyed when the players don't follow them.
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    "This issue is currently under review".
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    We're now only a few days away from the full release, but given the amazing reception and feedback we've been getting on the Pre-Release Beta, we've rolled out a full update to take the Pre-Release Beta to version 19.1.0. As before we appreciate everyone who has taken the time to post here, engage with us on social or leave us a Steam review. Every little bit certainly helps us gauge the reception of the game and allow us to make the improvements to make Football Manager 2019 the most realistic football management simulation it can be. Please do raise any issues you come across via our Pre-Release Beta bugs forum so our team can make sure they can be addressed as soon as possible. This update as always is save game compatible and upon continuing your save will include the fixes listed below*. If you're already in your game, save and close down to allow the update to start via Steam. If it doesn't update, just try restarting Steam and it should then force the update through. Selected 19.1.0 Update Changelist - Various stability fixes - Match spectating is back - Fixed various VAR issues - Match Injuries toned down to expected levels - Increased Penalty Conversion - Fixed line-ups panel getting stuck on goalkeeper on Macs - Improvements to opposition instructions - Resolved a couple of issues related to players on loan - Resolved issue where clubs transfer budget was incorrectly reduced - Fixed Danish Superliga not scheduling in future seasons due to Relegation Stage problems - Tweaks and fixes to how fatigue is displayed - Fixed display issues indicating players weren't training or progressing correctly - Fixed various unhappiness and interaction issues - Balancing work regarding the sacking of managers - Various Match Engine improvements - Fixed various UI issues - Addressed various additional issues *Fixes related to competition rules/scheduling or database changes will require a new save game.
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    Hi there, excited for my first post here on the forum! I'm afraid it might be awfully long and don't want to bore people, so feel free to skip a little introduction I give and focus upon my new approach to creating a successful tactic with my side predicted to finish bottom of Serie A. I hope you enjoy! Before I get started I wanted to acknowledge that this is my first forum post here. I have dipped in and out of reading threads and articles over the years but I feel inspired to share my recent approach that I formed from reading, watching and trying out a lot of ideas to find something that worked for me. I'm not sure exactly where this will take me, but I've recently learned a lot about the game and have always struggled making my own successful tactics and system. I usually stumble upon a successful save by copying popular user tactics and just gathering a good squad. I felt the quality of the team was what was working, mixed with tactics created by other people, and not me being involved that much in a strange way. I felt as though I understood the game at an okay level, but I didn't feel as though I had really accomplished anything. Whenever I tried to create my own tactic it usually ended in disaster, with no aims, ideas or inspiration behind my systems, they almost always failed. I then decided to get back into FM19 after the winter update, previously having a fairly casual save with Doncaster that never went anywhere. This time I wanted to make my own tactics, and play like an actual manager, rather than sitting back and using someone else's work. I wanted a fairly challenging save, so I picked Catania in Serie C, to try and re-establish the club in Italy's top flight after a few years out. It wasn't until we reached our second season back in Serie A that I can say I fully implemented my ideas into the team and created my first tactic, but the results speak for themselves. I coasted through Serie C and Serie B, as my squad had enough quality, but again as I tried to give the club an identity, something would fail and I would throw everything out the window and try again. I started using an Atalanta influenced 343 system and wanted to utilise Alessandro Cortinovis in the Alejandro Gomez role, but it didn't work that well so I panicked and copied a tactic to coast through the rest of Serie C. I then wanted to use a Simeone influenced style, as he was a former manager of Catania and this saw us through Serie B fairly comfortably but again I didn't see the tactic as my own. 1st year in Serie A I changed again and decided I wanted to try a Total Football influenced game, which failed miserably. I then tried a possession tactic that saw us get some good results but I wasn't happy with certain games only creating 1 or 2 chances and not having a shot on target. This was again mostly taken from other user's tactics and I still didn't feel the work was fully my own and we had a moderately successful 1st season back in Serie A, finish 12th after being predicted 20th. I was reading and watching a lot of content but I couldn't translate what I thought I learned into the game. I then re-read everything with a different mindset. I thought I should give some sort of background but I digress and don't want to bore in my first post. Cleon's thread regarding a step by step guide to creating a tactic gave me a lot of ideas and things to try. I also took a lot of inspiration and idea's from Herne's thread on his Tiki-Taka based system. tLdR: Struggled finding an identity for the club and constantly changed ideas and direction when things went wrong, resorting to using community tactics, when I wanted to make my own. However, the one thing that didn't change during my tactical identity crisis was my transfer policy and squad building. I had gathered a fairly decent side, focusing on attributes influenced by a post I read on total football, the attributes I targeted were: Good on the ball/Technical - (Technique, Passing and First Touch) Intelligent players - (Vision, Anticipation, Composure, Concentration, Decisions, Off the Ball and Teamwork) Fit and hard working players - (Determination, Work Rate, Stamina, Natural Fitness) Specialised positional attributes - (e.g Jumping Reach for a defender, dribbling for a wide man, Flair for attackers etc.) My inspiration for this policy was taken from Ozil to the Arsenal's Total Football series of threads. Over the seasons I gathered players (with very limited funds) who fit these attributes and only signed those with a majority of those attributes that I wanted, there were some exceptions but I have reasoning for choosing these players. I will go into more detail on each player I brought into the club maybe not in this post though depending on it's length. But I do think it's important to show the team I assembled which lead to decision making when it came to the tactic itself. I just wanted to state the consolidation over several years of my transfer policy which left me with players that could play a lot of different systems and tactics. Inspired by articles and threads, and really wanting to improve my understanding and skill at the game, I made the decision to stick to only making my own tactics and if they fail, they fail. This was my process into creating my first successful tactic for my Catania side. I wanted to pick a few ideas on how I wanted to play and base the rest of the tactic off of that, keeping it as simple as I could. Looking at my squad, it lacked depth and quality, as we used a lot of loans to make enough money to work in our second Serie A campaign. One of those loans was Adrien Bongiovanni, a young Belgian (how is that name not Italian???) winger and midfielder from Monaco. He played well for us and he was available to buy for a cheap £4.3mil so I decided I wanted to build the team around him. He was quick, had a great mind, excellent passing ability and worked hard. Deciding to build the side around Bongiovanni was my first step in creating my tactic. Aim One: Build the side around young Adrien Bongiovanni in the play-maker role. With my first idea in place, I then came up with a second idea/target that I wanted to accomplish playing in Italy; Having the fewest goals conceded over a season. Known for it's defending, I took influence from the Italian league and wanted my side to be the meanest defence in the land. There were two ways I came up with to accomplish this: -Play a very defensive style of football, which might limit creativity from the player I wanted to build the side around. -Play a possession style of football to keep teams off the ball and away from my goal. I went with the latter but I didn't want to stifle my final third with having too much useless possession and not doing anything with it. I would use it when I needed it, not going overkill and picking a couple of TI's to help us keep the ball away from our goal. but still having a threat in the final third. Reading about a possession philosophy, I was inspired to try a high press/block to keep the opposition pinned back and win the ball high up the pitch, thus seeing more possession of the ball but in better areas. This meant using a Much Higher Defensive Line and Line of Engagement, counter-pressing and closing down like animals. So that was another thing already decided for me which became the second step in my creation. Just by setting myself an in game target, and the aim of building a team around a creative threat in midfield, things were decided for me and made logical sense. We obviously needed the players required to play such a risky high line who were always switched on and quick enough to react to fast striker/ ball over the top. Aim Two: Try to conceded the fewest goals in the Serie A by employing possession tactics with a high press. With these elements in place the tactic began coming together like a puzzle, it was quite surprising to me. I finally understood how being simple and having a few ideas can make decisions for you in the tactical creator as things came together logically. For example, playing a high press game, it made sense to try a Pressing Forward. We already had Bongiovanni selected as an advanced play-maker, and to allow him to get up the pitch I needed a man to screen the back. This lead me to a Defensive Midfielder/Anchor Man/Half Back at DM. The role ended up changing depending on in game situations but usually started as a DM-Su. To be more solid at the back and to allow a DM, I opted for a 4-1-4-1 formation. Since I had a very high line, it made sense to add a Sweeper Keeper. The inspiration to use a 4-1-4-1 came from reading posts from this thread: I liked the idea of players making space for our to CM's to operate as it essentially fit will with my idea to get the most out of Bongiovanni and build the side around him, specifically this post with in the thread: (originally from the Pep Guardiola thread but was also quoted in this one.) This is what the tactic looked like at this point:` PF(s) WM(a) CM(s) AP(a) WM(a) DM(s) FB(s) CD(d) CD(d) FB(s) SK(s) Play out of Defence (for possession) Distribute to CB's, Counter-Press, Counter Much Higher Defensive Line, Much Higher Line of Engagement, Extremely Urgent Closing Down, Use Tighter Marking (High Press) I then began looking at the players I had that could fit into this system. I then had an epiphany about a player I had bought in January. Vlad Dragomir, a young Romanian Midfielder and Winger reminded me a lot of one of my favourite players of all time, Steven Gerrard. Dragomir had all good to great attributes that I wanted, but it was his traits that led me to the comparison. Il Drago -Gets forward whenever possible -Tries Killer Balls often -Shoots from distance -Places shots -Likes to switch ball to other flank He possessed great energy and work rate to get up and down the pitch, and had the ability to pull off a trademark long pass or long shot just like Gerrard. So I thought it would be interesting to add a Gerrard-esque role to my system, next to my play-maker. I didn't want to use a Box to Box Midfielder, as I had established I wanted to play far away from my goal line so why would he need to run up and down? (even though he could) I wanted something with more attacking flair, so I tried the Mezzala on support and it worked well. He would drift wide like Gerrard tended to do and burst through to the box to finish off moves, unlock a defence or blast a shot into the net. After this decision, I was afraid I could become exposed in the middle, so I added an Inverted Wing-Back on the left to in theory compensate for the two CM's to cause havoc. I also thought about changing the DM to Defend but I thought that it could be a change I would make in game. Aim 3: Create a Gerrard-influenced role for Vlad Dragomir. The roles and duties now formed this: PF(s) WM(a) MEZ(s) AP(a) WM(a) A(d) IWB(s) CD(d) CD(d) FB(s) SK(s) Suddenly I had found that my roles and duties chose themselves logically, as my idea developed. It made sense to me that one thing influenced another decision and so on. I was left with the two WM roles and the RB to decide on. I kept it fairly simple and took influence from Guardiola's use of wide men staying wide, with players either playing with their strong foot towards the touch-line or the middle. This would change based on opposition and game plan, but usually defaulted at a right footed player on the right, and a left footed player on the left. I looked at my wide-men's attributes and found one of them lacked good enough work rate, which is why I didn't choose the winger or inverted winger roles. I was afraid that they wouldn't put the work in that the role of a Wide Midfielder would. The WM also allowed me to click stay wider, and depending on personnel, run wide or cut inside with the ball. I then decided to switch the DM to an anchor man, to compensate for some fairly aggressive roles in-front of him and to his sides. I still wanted him to support attacks though and be an option in build up but it was something that I could tweak depending on the game. I had this inspiration from reading the Pep Guardiola thread - Aim 4: Use the idea of Guardiola's wingers staying wide tLdR; I came up with four aims/ideas of how I wanted my side to play; 1-Build around Bongiovanni, 2-Concede the fewest goals in the Serie A, 3-Use a Gerrard-esque role in midfield & 4-Use idea of Guardiola's wingers staying wide. It now became an almost complete system and I had a good idea on how it would work in theory, but in practice is another story. This is essentially what I wanted/expected from each position. (Changed depending on game-plan and opposition.) GK- Mop up behind our defensive line if a long ball comes over or our offside trap is broken. Become a passing option in possession with the ability to start attacking moves. If we were getting pressed high up the pitch I asked him to kick the ball wide to our WM's. RB)- Work hard to support attacking moves and in transition to keep our defensive shape at the back. He could support a wide player by being a deeper option to deliver a cross or overlap when playing with a left-footer at RM. Good positional awareness and concentration required to play our high defensive line. Would sometimes add get further forward PI in certain situations. eg. to overlap RM or to add further support to be an extra man in attack. CBs- Very basic and standard. No PIs but players who are quick enough and smart enough to play a High Line and offside trap were needed. Ability to jump is also important to nullify aerial threats and keep our sheets clean. LB- A player to in theory take up the position of the MCL who has more attacking freedom. Would be in line with the DM in possession but I was afraid we could be taken advantage of on our left flank. He should recycle possession and be an extra man available for a pass. DM- Very good positional awareness needed here. To be able to cover holes left by our midfield and LB, whilst being solid defensively and being another passing option in midfield. MCR- Our key player and the initial muse for our system. He would start attacks with his excellent passing, or could dribble through the middle, drawing markers and unleashing a runner into space. Should contribute a lot of goals and assists. Work hard in our high press to win the ball high up the pitch. MCL- Gerrard inspired role. Be able to carry the ball through the middle and half spaces, switch the play and hit accurate passes to advance us up the pitch.Link with the ML to create overloads on the left wing and arrive in the box to finish off attacks. Utilise hard working player in the high press to hassle opponents high up the pitch. Be a threat from long shots. MR/L- Players that should stay wide and offer a switch of play to stretch a side to allow our CM's to play. Possess enough dribbling and flair to cause trouble in a 1v1 and be on the end of crosses from the opposite wing. Work hard in our high press and drop into a 4 when defending. PI's are Stay Wider and depending on the foot, run wide or cut inside. ST- Hassle defenders and lead our press. Work hard for the team and link up play between midfielders, whilst being a goal threat himself. Score, create, press. I added roam from position to allow him to easily receive the ball and pull around markers, making space for the midfield to attack. Sounds and looks good in theory, I tested it out in pre-season and the first three games of the season, watching in 10 minute intervals to see what was happening. This was the first time I had ever done some on field analysis so I'm not sure on all the things to look out for but here are some examples of my ideas being translated onto the pitch. Please give feedback on how to be more informative with this, as sometimes it's hard to see what is happening or choose good examples of what I want to show. On The Ball- Here is an image of one of the first games of the season vs our rivals Palermo. They set up in a 4-4-2 and this is early in the game. I am pausing the game at random points to see if what I want to happen is happening. Not an amazing example but this was my first attempt. You can see my CD Demiral on the ball after receiving it from a goal kick. This is where I want to see us build from the back. Demiral has 3 passing options, being 1 which is our IWB, 2 our DM and 3 our MEZ. 2 would be a safe option if he got closed down, allowing an easy pass into our AP in the middle of the pitch, although he is marked he has some space to receive the ball. A pass to our MEZ(3) might be risky as the striker is cutting off the lane, but he is facing square so could play a great pass to 4 our WM who has a lot of space to his left and behind him. The final option is number 1, our IWB. This is a risk free pass as he is completely unmarked, and the easiest option for Demiral, but notice the amount of space our IWB has to move into if he receives the ball. Yes he could be closed down by the RM, but a quick ball to number 4 and we are behind their midfield with a pacey winger carrying the ball forward. Either of these options is a good one, but he opts for 1, who ends up being closed down and we recycle around the back. This is the same move but further advanced, our WB started at the red dot and played a ball into Castrovilli. I switched the WM's so Castrovilli was cutting inside, and our LB acted more like a WB rather than an IWB. Castrovilli plays an easy ball into Dragomir who is on the ball. We managed to move Palermo around, bringing their RB high and their CM across which allowed a one touch pass into our AP in the centre circle followed by another one touch pass into the space where our WB is making a run. We are in behind their RB and essentially have a 3v3 on their back line with our WB, ST and MR vs 2 CB's and LB. Patient play leading to an opening which we exploited. The move continued and ended with a blocked cross from our WB. We swapped wings later again turning LB back to IWB. I was a bit worried here, after popping the ball around the back I noticed how close my IWB was to my MEZ. They are practically holding hands. A bit too deep for my liking here but Palermo's strikers were pressing us high. I wasn't sure how to separate the IWB and MEZ here, however a long ball over the top from Owusu on the ball led to our ST being clean through and winning a penalty to put us 1-0. Not my preferred way to goal but having the ability to do this is nice. Here is a more advanced move. We played our way nicely into midfield and found Owusu in a great area after switching him to a DM on support. After thinking about changing the IWB role my thoughts were consolidated here. 1 is our IWB on support, very high in our attack and tucked in, being an extra man in midfield. We could easily give him the ball and recycle, or do what actually happens and play in 2. Dragomir receives the ball and draws 3 players toward him, opening up a great opportunity for our IWB to drive into the box or shoot. Ends up getting to him and he curls one in from range to put us 2-0 against our rivals. The IWB is acting more aggressive than intended, but he does have 'Gets further forward' so it might become a balancing act or a risk factor allowing him to travel far or asking him to stay deeper. This image is from a 5-0 thrashing of Sassuolo away. This the build up to our second goal and let me know my plan to unleash Bongiovanni was working here. We moved the ball around nicely, dragging Sassuolo's midfield to the left, leaving acres of space for Bongiovanni to explode into and pick his pass. Another key pass from Owusu here, getting the initial ball into Bongiovanni, informing my decision to let him play with a support duty. As you can see 4 players numbered being our other four attacking players, 1 is our WM, 2 our PF, 3 our MEZ and 4 our other WM, all bursting into the area to get on the end of the pass. Bongiovanni dribbled forward before choosing our Striker as his pass and assisting our second goal with a perfect through ball. Our other goals came from a set piece, a great utilisation of the high press to catch a defender in possession leaving our ST 1on1 with the keeper, an own goal and a great shot from our DM outside the box. This came from a big game at home vs Lazio. Bongiovanni again receives the ball from our DM and enough space has been opened for him to dribble through the middle toward the box. He chose to attack the space, and unleashed a shot outside the box scoring a huge goal in a 1-0 win. This is enough to show me he is operating exactly how I want. Probably our best performance of the season was away at Roma. We absolutely dominated the heavy favourites at their own ground in a 3-0 win for Catania. This is our second goal. I noticed how narrow Roma were playing, again we used patient build up to move their midfield across. Our LM is on the ball a has a good amount of space in front to dribble and our RM is in so much space on the wide right. Our LM ends up dribbling and crossing the ball into our RM for an easy second goal. Demolished in Rome- 3-0 and 3pts to Catania. These are two screenshots of a game against Juventus at home. Bongiovanni receives the ball initially from our IWB(1) and begins his dribble into space and beginning to play-make. He passes to our MEZ who dwells on the ball before playing to our LM who is right footed cutting inside. Notice where our IWB starts and where he ends up when our LM Castrovilli gets the ball. The movement of our striker is key here, as he has opened the space for our IWB (1) and Bongiovanni (2) to attack. An excellent curled pass into our on-running IWB saw us score the opening goal against Juve. Some great team understanding here, I absolutely love this move as it began with Juve clearing the ball and us pinning them in their half. The move started with our IWB allowing our play-maker to dribble, linking up with our Mezzala who played an easy ball to our winger, whilst our Striker pulled away the CB's, we had two runners surging onto the through ball. An excellent team move here. Another top side dominated, as Juve never threatened us at all and their only goal came from a penalty. A 3-1 win for us at home with our two other goals being started by the high press, both ending in through balls to our surging midfielders. This comes from our final game of the season vs Juventus away. Bongiovanni had been moved upfront in the dying minutes as our striker wasn't effective. He ran onto a ball over the top from our centre back and controlled the ball here. This goal highlights how I wanted my Gerrard-role to work, as you can see him in the D bursting into the box. An easy cutback here and we score our second goal in the 90th minute to win 2-1 away at Juve. Beautiful! I think I have provided some okay examples on how my CM's played, both scoring and creating in the manner I wanted them too. Bongiovanni being our play-maker and making daring runs and splitting open backlines, whilst our Gerrard role linked play up and got on the end of moves to smash them home. I could show many more examples of this but I would be here all night. The goal against Juventus at home is one of my favourite goals and highlights perfectly how the tactic can create space for our forward running midfielders to attack, and shows a great sense of teamwork as many parts were key in this move. So I managed to achieve (atleast I myself believe it) what I wanted from my midfielders, allowing to drive my side forward and be the prime suppliers and scorers. I also utilised possession when needed to move teams around and create space for our midfield to operate. One image also shows how we implemented the idea of Peps wide players staying wide, being able to allow more space inside and become narrower in the penalty area to get on the end of crosses or through balls. My LM ended up contributing 15 assists whilst scoring 5, and my RM scoring 8 and assisting 10. It let me know we had more than one route to goal and more than one player who could finish off a chance. But how did I do defensively? Did we reach our target of conceding the fewest goals in a season? 22 goals conceded in 38 matches, with 24 clean sheets. Extremely happy we managed to achieve this, especially with my very average side which lacked great quality in depth. Our high line and high press has been greatly effective, only occasionally falling asleep to a ball over the top. I felt a great sense of achievement, outperforming big European clubs with an average and very young squad. We were tipped for relegation and predicted to finish rock bottom of the table, so how did we do in the league? A very successful overachieving campaign with a cup final defeat to Juventus on pens (We got our revenge in the end) and I finally felt like I have understood the game better from trying things from simple ideas I wanted to see play out, with help from other ideas that people had suggested in other threads and bringing together aspects to make it work for me. The knowledge I gained from reading threads and watching videos massively helped and it has really given me a good sense of accomplishment finally in this game that I had been looking for. Don't get me wrong, I still learned and recognised where to change things and make tweaks to counter teams or to get back into a game or close a game out, and I also acknowledge that this is definitely not a revolutionary tactic and is fairly similar to ones I took inspiration from, but this is more about my process getting there, trying different things and choosing things that fitted my idea and what I liked. Now finally it's time for the tactic. What I will present is more of a baseline that allows me to make changes when required, however with the chosen roles and duties, allows the team to play how I wanted them to play as outlined above and backed up by examples. A few things changed during the season so this was our final tactic going into face Juventus away to secure the title. The whole point of this post was to explain what I wanted to do, how I did it and the results with examples, but the initial idea for what I wanted to create could of been entirely different I would be here with a very different tactic for it. This post is aiming to present how I finally had a light-bulb moment and how I allowed myself to learn, adapt and understand the game better after years of stumbling around. Not too many changes, but the attack duties became support if we ever went positive/attacking. The changes I made most often were asking my wide-midfielders to either cut inside or run wide, alter mentality, tempo and passing range to the circumstances. I used be more expressive when faced with a hard defence to break down, which sometimes came with play wider. My DLine dropped to higher but often moved around as we gradually shifted pressing styles throughout the match. My MEZ could also become a DLP and my AP could also become a CM(a). My DM also moved between an Anchor-Man, a Half-Back and a Defensive Midfielder. I chose balanced on this occasion as we were up against Juventus on the final day of the season, and I didn't want to be too cautious or too aggressive. Shorter Passing and play out of defence is there too help with keeping the ball away from the other team, but our passing length and tempo was something I changed a lot depending on how the game was going. I picked pass into space as the tactic basically aims to make space by moving teams around, allowing space for my CM's to attack, so passing the ball into that space would help with that. It was also useful to hit balls over the top for my striker which usually led to goals. Distribute to CB was used to help build from the back, and whilst we start with Counter & Counter-Press these would often get switched on and off throughout games depending on the circumstances. Higher Defensive Line and Much Higher Line of Engagement, mixed with Extremely Urgent Closing Down and Tighter Marking was there for my high press, but again we weren't afraid to drop to mid or low blocks when we needed too. Offside Trap is there to help with our high line and use the intelligence of our back line effectively. Final PI's WM- Stay Wider and Run Wide with Ball or Cut Inside AP- Roam from Position PF- Roam from Position Situational PI's - FB- Get Further Forward, Take Fewer Risks, Sit Narrower CD's- Take Fewer Risks IWB- Take Fewer Risks AP- Remove Roam from Position Like I said, this is not any revolutionary tactic and definitely took loads of inspiration from others. I'm not claiming it to be a fully self thought out tactic but it's my first one that I haven't directly taken from one source like for like, but added loads of ideas together to fit me and what I wanted to do, which started with a few basic ideas that I came up with, and as it moved on took inspiration from other ideas I had seen and wanted to try. It has been a real enjoyable learning process. I tried everything and kept aspects of things I liked, things that worked and things that fit my ideas. I would be very grateful for peoples feedback on how they view this tactic and how it can be improved, but I will add another post after this one highlighting my squad building process and picking certain players for certain scenarios, which informed my tactic heavily. Could this work with another team? Maybe, it's definitely one where you need to assess the game and make correct changes when necessary, and one that demands a certain type of player. I think my next post will explain how I built my squad, the reason for choosing those players and how they worked within the system. Alongside this would be how the players, especially the front 5, could all inter-change and offer something different to each role. I know it's a long one and I may of bored a lot, but showing my process is what this is all about. I felt the next logical step would be to get feedback from others and see how we can become better and adapt it. My target for next season is to concede the fewest goals again and also to remain unbeaten at home. I would also love feedback on the style and format of the post and how I can improve, considering this being my very first attempt. Thanks for reading and I hope to see some discussion and feedback below!
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    I just pre-orderd another copy because of this topic.
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    Match engine is still a really dull watch. Movement is still practically non-existent (though I did see a striker make a run in behind before the ball was played once 😱). There’s never any intensity when in possession. This often results in long balls from defenders when you want to play out of the back Still a load of balls wide going out of touch. Though there is an improvement there. Seen a few through balls played in behind fullbacks Wingers choice of when to try and get past players is baffling at times. I’ve seen my full back and winger in a 2 v 1 vs opposition fullback and the winger just runs straight into the player and loses the ball. The same is happening when I’m good crossing positions. They just run at the player or cross way too late Goalkeepers animations are still hilariously bad, and I only see 3d highlights after goals. i could go on a bit more, but why bother. This update is an improvement but still sucks. What sucks even more is that after less than half a year of release, you will now give up with any major updates for this game and come out around October telling us why FM20 will be the most realistic FM yet 🙃
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    I think I'll be happy if the regens don't change race every 20 minutes...
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    Now try it with a club that isn't the wealthiest in the world.
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    Hello @Dagenham_Dave could you, for once, make a constructive post and tell me how to put you on ignore list?
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    So as some of you who have joined the Public Beta may already know, over the last few weeks we've been working on update 19.2.0 for Football Manager 2019. We're delighted to be able to say we've just released this and the update can be downloaded automatically via Steam now. As always it's save game compatible, so you can continue your current save without issues. However any fixes related to competitions rules or schedules may require you to start a new game. As always just launch Steam and the update should begin automatically. If you're already playing FM19, we'd suggest saving the game and exiting. Once you've done so it should automatically update but if it doesn't we'd recommend restarting Steam. The changelist contains a number of fixes and tweaks included in this version. Please remember that this changelist contains but is not limited to those listed below. We very much hope you're enjoying the game and continue to do so over the forthcoming holiday period. We'd also like to take this opportunity to state how much we appreciate how active our community has been in helping us make Football Manager 2019 the best in the series to date. Thanks from all of us here at Sports Interactive. Changelist 19.2.0 - Further stability/crash fixes - Fixes for freezes occasionally occurring during network games - Number of general AI transfer tweaks - Changes to situations when player would demand new contract - Fix for incorrect future transfer date appearing - Further balancing work on happiness conversations - Training happiness tweaks - Number of general training fixes - Fixed being unable to attend matches via team’s schedule panel - Fixed issues with Continue Game Timeout not being responsive enough. - Number of general UI fixes - Carabao Cup winner not qualifying for Europe if previous Euro Cup winner was English & outside top 4 - Players spawned in Belgium will have the correct Belgian Homegrown status - Premier Division and Championship now have Goal Line Technology in all matches - Number of fixes related to Romanian league - Number of competition and rule groups fixes - National U19 team selection criteria fixes - Fixes for media items appearing erroneously in certain situations - Fixed match sharpness increasing too quickly during matches - Fixes for commentary only replays and commentary - Tweaks to referee’s decision making - Tweaks to player reaction times - Improvements to set piece defending - Lowering cross-field clearances from dangerous positions - Toned down too many players chasing the ball with Counter-Press - Changes to heading logic and accuracy - Improvements to dribbling, shooting crossing and players joining attack calculations - Further general AI improvements - AI tactical improvements - General instructional changes
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    As a paying customer I feel the need to get this of my chest in a post. Ignore it, accept it , criticize it or delete it. I'm gonna post it anyway. Perhaps is the wrong part of the forum, but whatever. While I appreciate SI making an effort in making this Public Beta available to us in order to help them improve the ME, I feel like this should be done before official release a month ago and it should be done by their paid testing team. Why should we pay to buy a game and then spend a month or two months testing Betas and uploading pmks to help them do something that should've been done already by their team? We have lives, jobs, family, etc. We spend money on a product and if it doesn't work, then we would just not buy it anymore until the makers make it good. The ME is the bread and butter of the game. It is one thing SI can't afford to not have right at release. I realize it may be hard work to get right, but that is your problem/job, not mine or ours. If the ME is not right and not working as it should be, then the game is not worth it in this condition. I have played every edition of FM since 1993 and CM Italia edition. I paid for every one of them. I was born in Europe and started playing there. And continued to do so when I moved to America even though it was difficult getting the game at first. I'm not some random guy ranting. I've been loyal and patience customer for years and years. But this year the ME is atrociously bad and unacceptable. I had high hopes and was positively excited about the release once new Tactical and Training modules were announced. I think it's only right I make you aware of my feelings, for whatever its worth or if its even worth it to you (SI). Thus I will end by putting it in simple business terms you should understand. If the game is good, I will play it and buy it again. If it isn't, then I won't. Business 101. Consider me Americanized - for better or worse.
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    It's a 3rd save for Ash Brook-Friend!! ST. BURYAN ARE THE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS!!!!
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    So I think I'm putting FM18 aside permanently at this point. Steam says I've logged 266 hours, which is actually the least amount I've ever spent with an annual FM release since I started playing in 2011. This jibes with my general feeling that this is perhaps the weakest release since that time. Here are my thoughts on the game, and what really needs to be improved for next year: 1) UI A lot of changes were made to UI screens this year, almost all of which require extra clicking. The player and staff search screens now have popups to enter search criteria, instead of search criteria being permanent fixtures on the screen. That's more clicking. Team talks now need to be confirmed. That's more clicking, and singlehandedly convinced me to let my assman handle team talks. Scouting meetings require you go to through each recommendation individually. Again, more clicking. These UI issues need to be streamlined. FM is already a time-intensive game, attention needs to be given to making the most common functions more readily accessible. In match, the tactics screen is turned sideways. Why is this? In every other place in the game it appears in an up/down orientation. This is confusing and ugly. Additionally, changing things like opposition instructions or set piece takers requires (you guessed it) more clicks. You have to click to open a popup, then click to switch tabs. Even finding match stats from the post-match analysis screen requires multiple additional clicks. Specifically regarding set piece takers, why do I have to set my set piece takes separately for each tactic? Why is there no option (or at least none that I have found) to have them be shared across tactics? Now that there are different situational free kick taker lists in addition to just left/right side lists, the problem is even worse. I have to set like a dozen lists. The amount of clicking is endless. Just let me copy/paste, please! 2) Scouting I think SI's heart was in the right place with this overhaul, but it needs work. My scouts repeatedly recommend the same extremely expensive, world-class players over and over again. Players that are completely out of price range. It takes manual labor to tune your assignments to find players that are both worthwhile and affordable in the positions you require. It would be nice if your scouts implicitly searched for players in your budget, in positions that your tactics utilize. The distinction between standard and short-term scouting is not particularly clear. Why is position-specific scouting only short-term? In most transfer windows I am only searching for players in one of a few positions. Scouting meetings themselves are painful. You have to click on each player, most of whom you've seen already, and to add to the annoyance, the "Acknowledge" button moves around so you can't rapid-fire click. Just give me a list so I can see everyone at a glance! 3) Match Engine This year's match engine was very problematic for me. There are a few big issues that really hurt the experience. First and foremost was shooting. There are multiple problems surrounding shooting in this ME. First of all, accuracy. Players frequently shoot from what you'd think are dangerous locations at the edge of the box, and the vast majority of these shots go nowhere near the goal. The same goes for DFKs where it seems incredibly rare for a shot to even test the keeper. The issue exists for short range shooting too, albeit less so because short range shots are simply harder to miss. But long shooting as a tactic is completely ineffectual in this ME regardless of your players attributes, and the amount of horribly off-target shots breaks immersion. Another issue regarding shooting is decision-making. It seems like the tendency to shoot is just a little too strong across the board, and it becomes especially apparent when you see shots from some bizarre areas of the pitch that you almost never see any RL player shoot from. I've seen too many shots from the corner of the penalty area, or even halfway between the corner of the penalty area and the endline, that had a 0% chance of success. You also see a few too many cases of players firing off crazy shots from 20 yards out instead of passing to an overlapping fullback sitting all by themselves on the wing. Pressure on the ball is absolutely nil. Poor teams can often counter-intuitively dominate possession simply by playing low tempo and hanging onto the ball non-threateningly. This is perhaps the biggest contrast between watching FM and watching the sport in action at a high level. The real sport is much more frantic. There is more sloppy play caused by pressure and it is much more difficult for poorer quality players to pass the ball around accurately and maintain control when they are being closed down. Defensive players seem extremely slow to react to just about anything. It is far too easy to ping long balls into the channels and have strikers run onto them. Defenders react slowly and are too slow to switch between backtracking and turning and sprinting. All this poor shooting and lax defending means that crossing seems to be the absolute best way to score. I played a narrow tactic where my only wide players were fullbacks, and the vast majority of my assists still came from crosses. The "long ball to pacey forward -> cross -> score" pattern is way too prevalent. 4) Bugginess I was one of the folks affected by the Nvidia stuttering bug and I also thought the UI in general was more choppy and stuttery (when processing) than usual considering this was my first FM played on a new, very fast computer. But I guess that's a minor consideration. --- Anyway, I still had fun with FM18 and I do appreciate the difficulty of SI's task. But as a loyal customer I thought I thought it was worth laying out my feelings on this iteration of the game, which I hope is a transitional effort.
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    Introduction: The sole purpose of this file is to expand the US/Canadian experience for Football Manager as close to real life as reasonably possible. And if I do say so myself, I believe this file is the most realistic USA expansion for any version of Football Manager. There are a lot of different ways to enjoy this DB file. Take over your local NPSL or USL2 club (like my Emerald Force SC). Start with at the youth level, including the MLS academy teams. Do a Caleb Porter and build a college powerhouse before taking on the professional game. You can even make like Marc Dos Santos and start in one of the Canadian leagues (including the new Canadian Premier League). Or, just start in MLS while the pyramid below helps develop players for your dynasty. Here are the specifics: Major League Soccer: All default rules are still in place (salary cap, allocation money, contract types, All-Star Game, Drafts, etc). In 2019, as by default, FC Cincinnati joins the league (as is the case in real life). Expansion draft still occurs. The big addition here is the 2020 expansion where Beckham's Inter Miami franchise joins the league along with Nashville, as is happening in real life. Some liberty was taken with the Nashville franchise, as they have not announced their branding yet. I simply "promoted" Nashville SC from USL Championship. The teams join the league as normal, however the expansion draft for 2020 does not seem to take place. FM obviously realizes that expansion is happening because it shows on the calendar, however it never actually occurs as it does for the 2019 expansion. It's apparently a hard-coding issue. Also included is the recently announced changes to the playoffs, starting in 2019. Seven teams from each conference now qualify for a chance to win the MLS Cup, up from six. United Soccer League Championship: The league plays in 2018 with the same 33 teams from real life. In 2019, FC Cincinnati leaves the league to join MLS. Penn FC, Richmond Kickers, and Toronto FC II "relegate" to USL One. Austin Bold FC, Birmingham Legion FC, El Paso Locomotive, Hartford Athletic, Loudoun United FC, Memphis 901 FC, and New Mexico United all join the league for the 36 real life teams for 2019. In 2020, Chicago and Oakland join for 38. The 7 expansion clubs can be chose from USL League One at the beginning of the game. United Soccer League One: The league does not schedule any matches in 2018, however you can choose the clubs which do not play in other leagues at the beginning of the game (Chattanooga Red Wolves, Forward Madison, Greenville Triumph, Lansing Ignite, North Texas SC, Orlando City B, and the Rochester Rhinos) It also starts with the 7 expansion teams that join USL in 2019 so you can start with one of them and build the squad. League begins play in 2019. NPSL Pro: Like USL1, it does not schedule any matches for 2018 and begins play in 2019. You can pick Cal United, Cal FC, or Oakland Roots in the beginning. NCAA: All 209 teams and 24 conferences are included. Set up to mimic real life as much as FM will allow. 21 of 24 conferences have tournaments, with all 24 conference champions gaining automatic bids to the NCAA Championship Tournament. Players selected for the MLS Superdraft will come from the NCAA. US Soccer Development Academy: This is where newgens are generated in USA in FM. Activating the division means that the youngsters will get meaningful matches. This league matches real life as much as possible, but in reality the league runs on a fall-spring schedule and FM doesn't allow one division in a nation to run fall-spring if the rest of the leagues run spring-fall. United Soccer League Two: Setup to reflect real life for all 2018-2019 changes. FC Tucson and South Georgia Tormenta play in USL2 in 2018 before joining USL1 in 2019. National Premier Soccer League: Also setup to function in 2018-19 as in real life. Chattanooga FC, Detroit City, Miami FC, Miami United, Milwaukee Torrent, New York Cosmos, FC Arizona, and ASC San Diego all play in NPSL in 2018 before moving to NPSL Pro in 2019. Canada: Includes the new Canadian Premier League, League1 Ontario, PLSQ, Pacific Coast Soccer League, Canadian Soccer League, and the CSL Second Division. Also included are the cups for League1 Ontario and PLSQ. The Canadian Championship is also set to include the CPL champion starting in the second season. ADDITIONAL FILES FOR THE CONCACAF CLUB COMPETITIONS: Apparently modifying MLS in the editor causes the default CONCACAF Champions League to go haywire, so I rebuilt it. It functions better with the CONCACAF League and CFU Club Championship competitions which I also rebuilt. If you do not include these files with my USA-Canada expansion, the Champions League will not select the proper teams. For the Concacaf League and the Concacaf Champions League to function properly, you will need to drop the Mexico and Costa Rica leagues files into the "editor files" folder. These competitions have been modified to ensure that the correct clubs qualify for continental play. GRAPHICS FILE: Also included is a graphics file which contains logos for all American and Canadian teams. It also includes kits for all US teams and the CPL teams. Screenshots: KNOWN ISSUES: -For whatever reason, the expansion draft does not happen for the 2020 or 2021 expansiona. As best as I can tell, this is a hard-coding issue pertaining to MLS expansion. The expansion draft does still occur for FC Cincinnati. -Some NPSL and USL2 clubs won't fill their squads. Some teams will always have only gray players. I've tried different things, but for now there seems to be no way around this. My guess as to why this is the case would be because in FM, clubs in the USA do not develop new players. All new domestic American players come through the Academy system whereas clubs in other countries' have a yearly youth intake. I can't say for sure why some semi-pro clubs don't just go sign free players, but I'd say it's related to the unique US youth system in FM. -NCAA teams will not function exactly as they should in real life. FM sees the teams as amatuer U23 clubs. Their squads are usually automatically populated which I would suppose is because the SuperDraft pulls from them. -Professional clubs from USL2, and the Division 3 competitions will sign players from the NCAA and Academy leagues. I have done what I can to minimize this phenomenon, but it is unfortunately unavoidable and unrealistic. The somewhat good news is that it will happen less frequently as the game progresses after the professional clubs have filled their squads. DISCLAIMER: I have NO idea how this file will mesh with other database files. If you have an issue, by all means report it and I will try to make it compatible but I can make no promises on that. DOWNLOADS: DB Files (place in "Football Manager 2019>editor files" folder): http://www.mediafire.com/file/amcc398vflawbsc/USA_Canada_Expansion_3.4.rar/file Graphics files (place in "Football Manager 2019>graphics" folder): http://www.mediafire.com/file/nmawxnr26a2xuvd/USA-CAN_Expansion_Graphics_3-1.rar/file CURRENT VERSION OF DB FILE: USA Expansion 3.2; Canada Expansion MLS in FM19 Video Guides Part One (League Format): Part Two (Squad Breakdown): Part Three (Player Acquisition): ADDITIONAL FILES ----------MLS Club Continental Competitions CONCACAF in the Copa Sudamericana - CONMEBOL used to invite teams from North America to compete in the Copa Sudamericana. That deal ended when CONCACAF changed the format of the Champions League and started scheduling matches in the fall when the Sudamericana was played. Now that the Champions League has returned to playing all of their matches in the spring, there has been some discussion of allowing North American teams in the Sudamericana again. I remember playing in Sudamericana with the older versions of FM and it was a lot of fun, so I built this file that sends the CONCACAF Champions League winners and runner-up to the Sudamericana. Pan-Pacific Championship - This revives a now-defunct preseason friendly competition that used to pit the champions of MLS Cup against the champions of Australia, Japan, and South Korea in a one-leg knockout competition. There is a third place match so two matches are guaranteed. International Champions Cup - This recreates the summer friendly competition that is played mostly in the United States in real life. This version plays the entire competition in the US and adds the MLS Supporters Shield champion as well as the Libertadores champion, who has been invited in the past. DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5kb0kovavl9k1lb/MLS_Continental_Comps.rar/file ----------Central American & Caribbean Leagues This file adds the national leagues for Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico. These are actually updates on claasen's files from the past (so I will remove them if he so wishes but he has apparently taken a break from the scene and did not update these himself so I went ahead and did it). I added these to increase the MLS playing experience by adding some continental leagues and expand the player pool for acquisitions. Also included is the Central American Club championship competition. There are also files for the Champions League and CONCACAF league that adjust how teams are drawn from Costa Rica. The CCL and CL in this file are different from the versions included with the MLS download so you will need to remove those and add these files if you intend on running Costa Rica DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3881pz6akm2i24m/Central_America_Comps.rar/file ----------International Competitions These files add some international competitions to enhance the North American experience. Like all of the others, you can pick and choose which ones you want. USA January Camp - When I managed the US national team it always bugged me that I couldn't schedule friendlies in January because in real life they hold a camp for the domestic players (and guys who play in Spring-Fall leagues like Scandinavia). So I created this file to add the camp. The US will play two matches against nations chosen randomly from a list of countries that have played against in January in the past. Pan American Games - This is a real life youth competition for U22 teams from North and South America. It helps to prepare the national team programs for Olympic Qualifying. Central American & Caribbean Games - Real life U21 competition for Latin American national teams (No USA or Canada) Central American Games - U20 Championship for the 7 Central American Nations: Copa Nuevo Mundo - In 2016 the USA hosted the Copa America. After the tournament was a huge success, there was talk about creating a new competition held every four years for the top national teams from CONCACAF and CONMEBOL. This is is that competition. I call it the Copa Nuevo Mundo (Cup of the New World). It consists of 16 teams (8 from CONCACAF, 8 from CONMEBOL) held every four years in the United States. DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/84pdl1uc2fsjmbk/International_Comps_2.rar/file
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    I've logged a lot of hours into FM19 and think that it's not that far away from being a great game. At the same time, I've found FM19 to be dull. It's beatable, and even challenging in some parts, but playing through it has felt like a slog, especially when I've managed a top side - and this is coming from someone who isn't even that good at the game (I can put together a coherent tactic and win things, but I don't achieve the outstanding results that some can). The ME issues are well documented, but they're worth repeating because it's such a vital part of the experience. There are three major issues that have already been posted in the bugs forum that, in combination with each other, make for a very repetitive playing experience: The behaviour of players in the AML/AMR slots. Whether I use a winger or inside forward, anyone I select here plays the same way. The AML/AMR seem to be tethered to the opposition full backs, so if the opposition are using narrow full backs (which, if you play as a top side, they will in nearly every game) they follow them inside. My team ends up with three forwards standing in the penalty area, effectively taking themselves out of the game. This has significant knock-on effects for the behaviour of the other players. For instance, any midfielder in possession near the edge of the box will be unable to play the ball forward, and will therefore either play laterally to anyone in space (usually an advancing full back) or shoot because he has no options. This happens in real life and can be the result of my tactical set-up, but when it happens regardless of player role selection, it gets frustrating very quickly. This issue has put me off the AML/AMR positions. Instead, I now prefer the more customisable ML/MR positions because there's greater variation in how they behave. However, this leads to two more issues: 1) the overwhelming majority of wide players available in game cannot play ML/MR without retraining and 2) the overwhelming majority of AI managers play formations with an AML and AMR. The former isn't necessarily the biggest problem (it's inconvenient but the option is there) but the latter is, as I've seen high-quality wide players have little effect on the game world. I feel that if the movement of the AML/AMR is improved, it would allow for greater attacking variation. It's not that AML/AMR are entirely useless, though. They're great for scoring at the back post. This tends to result from the extreme narrowness of the back four, even when using the Defend Wider TI. I see a lot of goals where a full back plays an deep cross to the back post to a wide player standing in acres of space, who can just put it in with ease. The full-backs don't seem to track the run or detach from the centre backs in an effort to get to the ball. Again, there are plenty of instances of this in real life, but in real life most defenders make the effort to try and defend the situation and if they can't, it's usually because they've been occupied by another attacker. In FM19, defenders seem determined to hold their positions even when there are obvious threats to mark. Variable defensive positioning, both good and bad, is what leads to greater goal variation but the fact that it's extremely difficult to draw a full back out of position to open up the space down the sides of the CBs contributes to the overall dullness of the ME. Strikers aren't useless, either. My striker has 24 goals. He scores tap-ins, rebounds, headers from close range, pens, and the odd long-shot - all things that I certainly want him to do. However, he, and a lot of AI attackers, doesn't get many opportunities to score what I'd call routine goals - that is, goals from the centre of the penalty area after being on the end of a cross, cut-back or through ball. Players in wide positions never cut the ball back or play a low, driven cross. In my experience, they always seem to blast it to the back post, regardless of whatever instructions I give them to do otherwise. A lot of the time, the striker, who is waiting in space for a pass, is cut out entirely because the cross is almost always hit beyond him. In FM18, I had a lot fun and success with a 4141 that used two very pacey and technical wingers to drive crosses and cutbacks to a striker or late-arriving midfielder. The width of my attack stretched opposition defences and opened up the space between CB and FB for a through pass. This type of play no longer seems possible in FM19. The gaps don't appear in defence and attackers don't use the ball in a smart way. I appreciate that it's a giant balancing act. I also think it's great the defending is stronger in this game. The ability to dictate my team's defensive style using the Out of Possession and In Transition parts of the tactics creator is very much welcome and a step in the right direction. At the same time, it feels like the attacking side of the game has lagged behind. I know from playing the public beta that SI are working hard at correcting the balance, which is why I said earlier that the game isn't far away from being great. Away from the ME, there are a few things that bother me and detract from the experience. Tactical briefings. Not a new feature, but one I've never found any use for and hence have never used. It might be realistic, but it's irritating to have to respond to a message about this before every game when I don't even use the feature. Simply making it a non-urgent message would go a long way to solving this issue. Similarly, being reminded several times that I need to register my squad for competitions is annoying. If I've registered all the players I want to before the transfer deadline and have made no further signings, I do not need to be reminded with an urgent message that the registration window is about to close right after the transfer deadline. Every season, I have to confirm my squad list on at least two separate occasions in the summer and then the winter. One should suffice. Press conferences and tunnel interviews. Not their existence, nor the repetitive nature of the questions. No, it's the relevancy of some of the questions. I once had a reporter approach me in the tunnel asking my opinion about a manager for a team I wasn't playing putting a player on the transfer list. I'll be managing a top side and get asked about a mid-table team who is underachieving, or what I think about their manager being under pressure. It's really tedious. Assistant manager feedback. To be frank: it's rubbish. It wouldn't even be helpful for people new to the game. An opposition player could be a 6.3 rating, smash in a screamer, then be on a 8.0 rating and your assistant will be telling you that the player is "pulling the strings" or "really controlling things out there". No, he's not doing any of that; he was having a poor game and then scored a screamer. Yet if you follow his advice, you'd bend your tactic out of shape for every such occurrence. My assistant kept telling me that Joe Gomez was an "accomplished crosser of the ball" - Gomez has a crossing stat of 8. He's also completely wishy-washy about passing. We could be dominating the ball with mixed passing and he'd tell me we should play it shorter. We could be making chances with short passing and he'd tell me we should be more direct. While it's all ignorable, there's potential for this feature to point out things I have missed or should be aware of. As it is, it hasn't been at all useful since its introduction. Player interactions. I've banged this drum enough, but it's no less frustrating to not even be 10 games into the season and have players with the Rotation squad status complain about lack of playing time and then throw a tantrum when you tell them that the season is long and they'll get their chance eventually. Playing ratings. It's bizarre to me that you can play a great game without scoring and not get a single player above a 6.9, but if you fluke a game with three scrappy goals everyone will be 7.5+. Why does my midfielder who has created a bunch of chances that been missed not get a boost in rating? Why does an under performing player get a massive boost in his rating for scoring a screamer, free-kick or penalty? This doesn't feel as closely tied to the actions of the players as it should. It's too closely linked to major events.
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    I honestly don't think they'll be any next year. If I was a betting man I'd put all my money on massive training changes based on all the coaches/managers they've been having in the offices lately. But if there were changes to roles I wouldn't want new roles, instead I'd want some current ones refining. There's far too many fullback/wingback roles that all do the same thing. Carrilero should only be selectable when you don't use ML/R/AML/AMR's. This has already been feature requested. The reason why is simple, it's a role that is supposed to function in a system without wide players so doesn't make sense in its current form that you can select them. Ball Playing defender should be renamed or reworked to actually be a centreback who plays the ball out from the back and build up play via him linking with the midfield. At the minute all the role is, is a centreback who tries to hit long through balls. Sweeper/Libero should be able to be selected from the DC positions. I could go on and name a lot more.
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    I'd consider support duty strikers barely moving when you're in an attacking phase a pretty "major" issue personally and I don't think I'm alone in that.
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    Glad to see this is largely going down well, guys, keep the first impressions coming. Addressing the Team Fluidity/Shape issue, yes it is still present in-game but is now altered indirectly by other factors rather than being a direct choice the manager makes themselves. If instructions you give your team and players give your team a fluid style, you'll be told, likewise if your instructions combine to form a structured shape, that will be represented too. Hope that clarifies things!
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    Contents The file has been updated to the summer transfer window of the 2018 season. There are over 600,000 changes in total. Every first team player and staff member in J1 & J2 League has been included. All personnel have been set with attributes, positions, shirt numbers, personal details and playing histories. Most of the staff members and some players in J3 have been included with the above details set. Real attendance and season ticket figures for teams in J1 through JFL. Real media outlets and major player agents have been added. (by Dax) More than 1000 U18 players, high school players, university players and youth staff have been added with accurate personal details, positions and ratings. Some youth players also have select attributes set based on their strengths and weaknesses. (by Dax) Realistic league structure up to JFL with realistic prize money and rules. A standard U18 system has been included due to the impossibility of replicating the real one without bugs. Realistic finances have been implemented using financial records provided by clubs. Numbers have been scaled as accurately as possible to how FM calculates expenses. (by Dax) Thanks to Dax for his work with youth players and clubs as well as details that add to the immersion. Thanks to Shimera for helping with Ehime FC and club kits. Japan.zip
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    Thanks for indirectly stating that SI had actually noticed the flaws but due to deadline they had to release the ME anyway. That actually is more forthcoming that I anticipated. I am deeply sorry for questioning SI's ability *takes a humble bow* Now if you could be so kind to point me in the direction of SI notifying us on the eve of beta release of ME issues they had already indentified and that they were a) in the midst of rebalancing b) not in need of massive help or c) could use an unbiased extra set of eyes? That could have saved some of use heaps of time in opening threads, sending in pkm's etcetera. Because in all honesty, SI seemed completely surprised at first and then needing to first go through the process of reviewing if there was an issue. Furthermore could you point out where exactly SI has replied after we had started opening threads and providing examples that they were actually already aware of the lack of movement issue. Again I must have missed that and apologize sincerely to everyone here since I apparentely have been passing too much judgement already. If what you say is true, it yet agains shows the lack of insightful communication (knowing issues already and then just letting your paying customers spend 100+ hours of time proving what you already know would be an incredible form of disrespect) by SI towards its dedicated fanbase, you know the people who actually give a toss about the future of the game and the status of the ME.
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    @Makoto Nakamura Here is a visualisation of the world that you have done so far if you want it.
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    Jack, first of all, thanks for sticking your head above the parapet and coming to this thread. I have a number of issues with the game, and SI atm. Primarily these: 1. Why on earth isn't there an SI posted megathread of all issues that the team is working on? An SI thread with a list of, to them, the major ME issues (Striker movement, Long shots goals too frequent, Defenders clearing headers aimlessly, Fullbacks defending too narrow, ETC) would go a long way . Especially if you updated it with how those improvements were going. As it is there's bits and pieces of SI communication all over the place, with no real understanding of what's happening to change them. We don't really know what's going on. If you fail to effectively communicate your acknowledgement, and progression, with game issuesthen you get what we've had here, over the weeks and months: customer frustration and venting. 2. The Public Beta. I signed up for this in December. We haven't had a ME update in weeks. What's the point of a Public Beta for feedback if you're not going to update it so we can give feedback? I posted feeback about one of the early updates saying how certain things in the ME had improved. I can't do that now because where's the updates? Are you seriously saying in a month you can't make a single tweak to the effectiveness of long shots (or the keepers ability to react from shots from range) to reduce their effectiveness by 30% or whatever? Really? If you realise that would skew goals down too much, well, then that brings up the Striker issue that is the reason for this... 3. The lack of acknowledgement for feedback is staggering. And I'm not talking about the venting in General Discussion. Go check the Public Beta, or Match Engine bug, forum and see the effort that people are putting in to make threads about issues that plague the game. The great majority are either unanswered, or unanswered but for a "post PKM". When someone does, once again often dead air. I posted a follow up to someone else's post about "Defenders Bad Clearing Headers". SI ask for PKM. I post a PKM and screenshot, and again no response from SI. Not even an acknowledgement. This was two weeks ago. Are SI now looking at this? Do SI not think this is an issue? I don't know, because the Staff ask for help and do a bad job (in a lot of cases) of following up on it. How you expect constructive feedback, when your feedback to our feedback is so poor, I don't know... Conclusion: I really think at this point SI is not helping itself. IMO this is the most egregiously flawed (I don't mean it's necessarily the worst) Match Engine there's ever been - the lack of Striker involvement frankly makes the game lopsided and at times anti-football. For those that would refute this, go check the league's top scorers and compare to real life. Scorers of 20+ goals: PL over last 5 years (data from here): 18 FM PL - a full league I've never had a team in - over last 5 years: 4 I could pluck out dozens of other details like this: Average goals for 2nd top scorer: PL: 24.4, FMPL: 17.4 Strikers, and therefore top goal scorers, are just broken. I've shipped out half a dozen strikers (and their replacements) over the last five years, until I just recently full realised: it's not the lad's fault he gets a 6.4 most games. It's the match engines... While I'm (mostly) enjoying the game - because I always have - I've never been more disappointed with SI than this. I am on the edge of quitting (despite being a staggering 500 hours in) until the next major patch (my aggrieved strikers probably have started a petition for my sacking) and will probably never buy this game before March again, unless something about the way SI currently operates changes... Thanks for reading my thoughts.
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    Basic Principles (Disclaimer - there are many ways of achieving possession, these principles are just some of those ways). (I'll also add I won't be showing the complete base tactical system for a while as I want to discuss principles, so if that's what you are after I'm afraid you're in for a bit of a wait). 1) Pressing "You win the ball back when there are thirty metres to their goal not eighty." (+1 internet if you know the quote). 66% possession against Southampton (see above). Take a quick look at the first and third goals from that match (below). Pay close attention to the West Ham players, especially before the first goal. Southampton have a little bit of possession (good for them) but watch how the West Ham players quickly and constantly close down the ball carriers both in Southampton's half and around the half way line. The ball is eventually forced back to their 'keeper who clears it long and the rest is history. The third goal is also of interest as the 'keeper is forced into an error. There is a combination of factors at work here and it's this combination which is important. (Note the stress on that word "combination". The whole is only as strong as it's constituent parts and those constituent parts should combine well together if you want to maximise the desired effect). So this is a combination of Mentality, Team and Player Instructions and the players themselves. (You could optionally use opposition instructions as well, however this is something I never use as I like to use the Tactic Creator to lay my ground rules, rather than layer on something additional which could override those rules. And I'm lazy so cba before each match ). Mentality - sets the base line for the amount of risk I want my players to take. Too much risk and I could leave myself exposed. Too little and I may not be aggressive enough with my Pressing. I want my front 5 pressing like demons, but the last thing I want - at least in this particular set up - is my central defence doing the same. Mentality comes into other aspects (discussed later - yet more combinations) so as a starting point I'm going with a neutral middle fadiddle. This can easily be adjusted during a match if needed. Team/Player Instructions - if I'm going to win the ball back nearer to their goal than my own, I need my players to engage accordingly. This is where FM19 comes into it's own with the new Line of Engagement instruction, so up it goes. But when my players are at that Line of Engagement they need to know how to behave (ie., with a high intensity press). I could use the Team Instruction to adjust pressing intensity, but I'd run into the same issue as described above. So I target my front 5 with specific pressing instructions and leave my defenders alone. I could use the TI and then tell my defence to press less, but that's just over complicating things. The Transition - Lets think about the combination of factors logically for a moment. I want to win the ball back high up the pitch. And I want those players positioned high up the pitch to press the opposition. So do I a) tell them when they lose the ball to "immediately get back into their defensive shape"; b) don't tell them anything; or c) tell them when they lose the ball to "immediately apply pressure"? Anyone who chooses a) or b) should phone a friend before giving their final answer. Things work best when they work together, not fighting each other. The Players - telling the players to do something is one thing. Them having the ability to actually carry out those instructions in the manner you want is something else entirely. Any player can play any role, they just play it differently due to their Attributes and Traits. So here, I am telling them to engage the opposition early and pressurise the ball carrier like there's no tomorrow. So would weak willed, lazy ass players who'll tire quickly help? Or would players with backbone, work ethic and the physical ability to sustain that* be better? West Ham have their fair share of players more towards the latter description. *Note - sustaining a high intensity press for 90 minutes in this system isn't actually necessary. We do a lot of defending (and attacking!) with the ball and if we have the ball there is no need to press the opposition. Just on those rare occasions we decide to let them have it for a bit . It's this combination of all the component parts which is important here. It can still work if one or more parts are weak (or missing) but it may not be quite as effective as when everything is working in harmony together. And that's going to be a common theme throughout this thread.
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    Hello all managers! I have been playing all editions of this lovely game on a continuous basis. Year after year. Update after update. Defeat after defeat. What made me continue playing the game was the realistic gameplay reflecting the real football environment. During the many years I have been playing Football Manager, I have not noticed any major unrealistic gameplays that gave me the feeling that I want stop playing the game. There have always been a way out of a bad streak, top strikers not scoring, midfielders not passing the ball correctly, etc. After playing Football Manager 2019 for only one week, I got this feeling for the first time – and I wonder what is wrong with this year's edition? I feel like that my instructions does not matter. After my first match, I got the feeling that something is wrong. Match highlights constantly show me the exact same outcome: Defenders unrealistic blocks crosses from wingers resulting in another corner. Strikers are somehow not involved in matches anymore. Obvious passes such as through balls never happens. Incredibly high possession and shot at goal with only one goal scored – from a corner kick. Nice pass! Oh wait. Offside, offside, offside, offside, offside, offside, offside. These are just some of the reasons why I very unfortunately have to pause Football Manager 2019. I have done some research as I was really frustrated about match highlights just showing crosses getting blocked, no play throughs to strikers and offside every time a player tries to make a pass. It is very obvious that that I am clearly not the only one with these problems: What happened to my strikers? I give up Offsides bugged? No passes, just dribbling Through Balls Unrealistic passive offsides Awful shots to goals ratios (way too many off target shots) Crosses and Number of Corners Offsides are Broken in FM 2019 Pass? Shot! (pkm including) Wide players with space to get a cross in dwell on ball Can't score goals A message to SI devs if you can be bothered A message to SI devs if you can be bothered What about crosses? Help me through balls These are posts from several Football Manager communities indicating that managers all over the world are frustrated about this year's version. It does simply not reflect reality like previous games – and for me, it is simply not to live – or play – with as it is so obvious wrong. You even see well-known tactic creators playing with inverted wingers and fullbacks to center the play in order to win from decent plays that are not somehow random or blocked from crosses. This is not how Football Manager should be played. You might argue that the tactic is not correctly suited for the specific match, but these problems occur every single match, and the match highlights are just the same over and over again. I am very sad to pause Football Manager 2019 already and it got me – for the first time ever – to start a discussion and ask the question: What is wrong with Football Manager 2019?
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    In Football Manager 2019 training undergoes its biggest overhaul in the history of the series. Over the years we’ve been lucky to enjoy extensive access to training sessions at a host of clubs. More recently, we’ve expanded the studio’s knowledge through a series of internal ‘FootTalks’, where people working within football, including managers (both club and international), directors of football and others have imparted their knowledge to help us improve the game. This knowledge sharing – adding to the fact that we already have a group of qualified coaches working at the studio – has helped us to create a revamped training module that is a realistic representation of how real clubs develop younger players and prepare established players for both a full season and individual fixtures. Training is now split into three sessions per day that allow you to customise your programme to suit your team’s needs across the season. When you click on a session you are presented with a pop-out window that lists the 10 different training areas that you can choose to focus on. Within those 10 areas you have a variety of training sessions to choose from that emphasise different areas of your team’s development from attacking play right down to team bonding and community outreach sessions. Previously, you were only able to choose from sessions that trained your team in one general aspect of football – attacking or defending, for example. Those options are still available to you under the General option, but with the increased depth available to training in FM19 you’re able to fine-tune your approach to get the best out of your squad. For example, instead of giving your players a general defensive session you may want to choose a session such as Aerial Defence which can be a good area to focus on if your upcoming opponent likes to launch long balls into the box. When you select a session you’re also given an overview of the impact of each session on your squad in terms of their attributes, sharpness, injury risk and overall condition. The different sessions across the weeks and months of the season make up your training schedule. You can adjust the preset schedules or even create your own bespoke programme from scratch via the Schedules tab. You’ll see that there are several preset schedules for pre-season as well as in-season training and there are even schedules that allow you to work on your tactical style of play with your players. The variety of preset schedules lets you cater for your team’s needs across the season such as when you need to prepare for a big match or when you have a period of fixture congestion. Even travelling to and from away matches is factored into your team’s routine. You can combine these week-long schedules to fit around your team’s fixtures for the weeks ahead or work on something more long-term, such as ingraining your footballing philosophy into the minds of your players. Pre-season is now a distinct part of your training calendar. With the increased detail and depth to training in FM19 there are more opportunities to maximise your pre-season training to give you the best chance of success in the upcoming season. A properly organised pre-season can not only get your players into shape for the start of the season but can also help to keep them fitter for longer. Another change for FM19 is the way that tutoring works under the new Mentoring system. You can now form mentoring groups of at least three players where senior players will work closely with younger players. Mentoring affects the younger players’ personality and player traits so it’s worth pairing those younger players with senior players that have the type of personality you want to grow throughout the squad. Your squad now trains in units that are determined by playing position. Clicking on the Units tab not only shows you your team’s current units, but also allows you to drag and drop players between units. You can ask any of your players to train in a new position and role from this screen and bring reserve or youth team players into first-team training by using the dropdown menu in the top-right corner of the screen. Each training session has a different impact on each unit. For example, selecting a Chance Creation session sees your Offensive Unit attempt to create chances against your Defensive Unit, who in turn are trying to prevent them from doing so. The effect of the session on each unit’s attributes, condition, injury risk and sharpness will also be different. Players can’t train all the time though or they won’t have any energy left for playing matches – so you’ll also need to use the rest tab. Here you can automatically set training intensity and rest periods based on player condition. You can do this for the whole team using the dropdown menus for each condition level at the top of the screen or set it for individuals on the main panel in the centre of the screen. Included on this screen are recommendations from your physio as to which players should be training at certain intensities and your upcoming fixtures so you can account for when you might want your squad rest and when you might want them up their training intensity. The Training Overview screen offers lots of insightful information. For example, you can now see the Training Performance panel that highlights which players have performed well in recent training sessions as well as those that have been underwhelming, alongside their respective training ratings – which make their debut to the series and prove a very useful tool for changing players individual training where you can train them towards positions or roles and set the intensity of this accordingly per player. You’ll be regularly updated on your team’s training, receiving information about your squad’s performance in training via the inbox. You’ll also receive information about the other squads at the club too if you’re set to look after those. Of course, if you prefer to take a hands-off approach to training then you still have the option to delegate some or all of the training elements to a member of your backroom team via the Responsibilities screen. They’ll keep you in touch with what’s going on around your first team so that you can still make changes occasionally should you want to. Training is an area of the game which a number of FM fans have been asking us to look at for some time. We wanted to make sure that when we did deliver a revamp it would be in-depth, engaging and fun. We’re confident that the new training module in FM19 delivers all three.
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    For FM18 I wrote an article called Attacking and Possession, looking at how it was possible to combine tactical settings to drive possession with intent. That was based in no small on @Cleon's original article, The Art of Possession Football - which was a serious game changer for me and my understanding of the game. But what about possession with intent in FM19? Things have changed since last year. Two commonly used tools to help with this style of football (Team Shape and Retain Possession) are now gone. We've also seen apparent ME issues concerning lack of forward movement, cross-a-rama with difficulty in making through balls and even overpowered defending. Not to mention an AI overly prone to parking the bus at every given opportunity. So is it even possible in FM19? TL;DR - yes: (gogo AI Pep ). So what magic is this? What am I doing? How are only 30% of my goals beings scored from crosses (and of those, mostly short range crosses from inside the box)? And with West Ham? All this and more to come in next week's thrilling episode...
  37. 24 points
    Well isn't this a wonderful little microcosm of a community. Aside from the impressed/unimpressed, we've got a humble brag post, accusations of cheating, an OMG BROKEN post and a conspiracy theory. Just needs to be locked so we can all shout HOUSE.
  38. 24 points
    By next year we will have a whole bunch of new ME bugs, the cycle never ends. There is always something wrong. The only difference is we are normally left with fairly balanced ME at this point of development, this years engine is awful, no central play is just unforgivable, then to publicically say it’s the best ME ever is a joke. How can a ME with no central play be the best ME ever, through balls and good striker movement is a massive part of real world football, and for someone who loves playing in a style of central play the ME is unplayable, Yes unplayable I said it, and I haven’t played my favourite game in weeks. I might have to drop back to FM18. Some feedback from SI on what’s going on would be nice, something like “we are working on central play fixes for the final patch but no promises” or “sorry guys the ME issues are to deep routed to fix for this years version but, we’re looking into correcting it for fm20. A quick statement from SI isn’t to much to ask for is it?
  39. 24 points
    Different people find enjoyment in the game in different ways. If you don't like it you don't have to use it. Calling people silly names just because they happen to enjoy the game in a different way to you says more about you than them. Please don't post like that again.
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    Welcome to Caixa Futebol Campus, the highly-proclaimed academy of S.L. Benfica boasting state of the art facilities and an abundance of talented young players in Football Manager 2018. The objective of this thread is to discuss youth development, with an emphasis on instilling an dynamic & adaptable style of play that progresses as the team develops. Disclaimer: the topic of Youth Development in Football Manager has been well documented over a number of years, the purpose of this thread is more application in relation to developing a tactical approach. Overview of Youth Development in Football Manager Defining a Playing Style Class of 2018 Developing Current Ability Training Ground Thank you for reading! I'd also like to thank @Anaconda Vice for the Emilio Sansolini kits.
  41. 23 points
    This years ME is not good enough, and the latest patch hasn’t addressed any of the issues for me. The key problems are all in the final 1/3. Such as... lack of free flowing counter attacking football Lack of central play with through balls lack of striker movement Too many goals from corners Too many goals from outside the box Similar goals being scored, either set pieces, crosses, rebounds or long range screamers. It’s not my tactics because I’ve watched tons of games ai v ai and it’s the same old story. The ME is predictable, boring and painful to watch. its disappointing for me to write this as I do love the devs for their dedication and hard work and I love the franchise it’s been my favourite game for decades. I do expect a ME with bugs and balance problems it’s never going to be perfect but I just think we have too many key problems with the current ME.
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    I cannot believe they’ve made FM 19 go from one of the best editions to the worst editions. I’m pretty sure FM09 was better and that game had about 15 patches because it was completely broken. Releasing tiny updates when everyone is waiting for actual important ones is just infuriating. I always buy FM on the day of release but I think it might change for FM20 unless things drastically change within Sports Interactive. Once they fix long shots and free kicks going into 98% of the time I can play again but until then my PC remains turned off. Extremely disappointed after plowing money into this company since 05.
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    I know that no one cares but I am officially done with this edition. I made the mistake of buying first and skipped the demo, should have known better. Without any exaggeration, this really is the worst ME ever. Everything has been said and analyzed already so no point for repeating the same all over again. I knew we were in trouble when Neil Brock said they had tried over sixty versions of this ME. It would be naive to think that 64th or 65th version would suddenly nail it. What shocks me is that according to an SI staff member, this is allegedly the best ME ever. Now I am going to grab a beer and watch real football with real passing and hopefully some beautiful goals, bring it on Liverpool and Napoli. After playing another 5 games with this ME I really need to be reminded that football can be entertaining.
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    I can't believe I've just read 17 pages of this thread and there has been almost no discourse on the formation. I'm not against a back 3 at all but the formation overall made zero sense to me. Many years ago I actually coached a youth team and changed our formation from 4-5-1/4-3-3 to 3-5-2 for two simple reasons. We were terrible in defence and we were terrible in attack. Playing an extra central defender, and making a back 5 helped give extra protection and cover for the two centre backs, made it harder for the opposition to play through balls and had more players defending crosses. Playing 4-5-1 left our striker too isolated so playing with two strikers gave us more presence up front and enabled us to hold the ball up better when we went direct. Playing 3-5-2 also allowed us to continue with 3 central midfielders and avoid the possibility of being overrun in central midfield if we played 4-4-2. Tl;dr 3-5-2 gives better numbers in defence and attack and keeps numbers in central midfield vs 4-5-1/4-3-3. So what has this got to do with England's formation? We had 5 defenders when defending and looked solid for the most part. Kane always had someone up front with him and was never isolated. So where's the problem? We didn't play with 3 central midfielders. Not really. Not at all. The central midfield was the exact same problem we had in 2016 with Rooney and Alli playing in midfield in front of Dier as the pivot. Alli is a fine player, as an attacker. He plays as a support striker for Spurs. I've almost never seen him play in the midfield two for Spurs. His instinct is to always make forward runs and to be in the box for crosses. Lingard too is not a central midfielder. Never played there for Man Utd. The current word in vogue for England is pivot. Who will play the pivot position? Henderson or Dier? But it's not the pivot that's the problem. It's that there's no midfielder within 20 yards of Henderson when the defence has the ball. Think back, how many times did Lingard or Alli drop deep to receive a pass from a defender? It was like the team had been told that they had to pass through the pivot exclusively. So we passed sideways across the defence, forwards to Henderson, who had no supporting midfielder to pass to because Alli and Lingard were up front making a front 4, so then back to the defence and if we were lucky, maybe getting a full back in space to dribble the ball forward into attack. Because for damn sure we weren't going to pass the ball through central midfield. Some photographic evidence to prove my point. The defensive shape was generally not bad. The back 5 is in a good line and the spacings are fine between each player. More significantly there's a good shape and compactness to the midfield 3. Henderson is slightly deeper but Lingard and Alli are disciplined in their positioning, staying close to Henderson. Now look at the shape when our defenders have possession. In particular how much distance is between Henderson and the other two. Both Lingard and Alli are much closer to the forwards than Henderson. In this example, Alli needs to made a move 10 yards towards Maguire to be able to receive a pass. However, Alli's tendency is to always make forward runs. In this separate example he has made a forward run into the channel from a central position and is now England's furthest player forward. This is a good run in his role at Spurs but the opposite of what he needs to do as a central midfielder for England. Another example. This time the LB is forward and England effectively have 5 forwards and only 1 midfielder. Making it impossible to pass the ball "through the thirds". Notice that Tunisia have a line of 3 players in the central midfield area vs just Henderson. 1v3 is not how you want to play in central midfield but England did so time and time again. But hang on a second, England actually created some good chances so it can't have been that bad? Well here's the beginning of the move that led to England's first chance. Again, 4 forwards, no-one near Henderson. However, in this move when the ball is played to Henderson he plays an excellent first-time pass into the right channel, where Alli has (surprise, surprise) made a forward run. This move, although excellent, is not typically how you would want to play a possession based game. Finally, back to the concept of the pivot. If we take the best midfield 3 of this generation (Busquets-Xavi-Iniesta) the way England played was more akin to playing Busquets-Alexis-Pedro.
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    @herne79 Shooting from long range is the least of my concerns in this ME, hence I never even bothered getting involved in any conversations about it. I experienced it as well and it wasn't because of the tactics. I appreciate you trying to guide me towards the Tactics and Training section, but respectfully .... I might not be a tactical genius, but I play this game to great success for 10+ years. I have the confidence to realise when / why a player should / not shoot from distance or pass a ball, etc. Like I said, I never written a post about long shots, even though I have seen people complaining about it, in extensive conversations, providing screenshots of their tactical framworks / players, etc. My conclusion after seing their screenshots was that there is at the very least, some seed of truth to it. Like I said before, to me personally, shooting from range was the very least of my concerns. What killed it for me, was an issue that transcends a simple conversation since it has to do with a very static final third (strikers especially) and almost non existent central play (verticality). Why is this happening ? I have my own belief and it has to do with the way teams defend. I think that's where the striker's issues begin. SI have bolstered the defence in this version, which is nice (since I like to build strong defences), but the end result is an inflated good defence and in total imbalance with the way the attack was redesigned. Let me explain this statement: because teams defend so narrow and oftenly with 9 men behind the ball, combined with a "handbrake" opposition striker .. well .. this is why the scoring is so low compared to other editions. And even when teams eventually do score, is from a rebound, or a nice counter-attack, long shots, or a cross - header goal. What is missing from this ? Well, the beautiful creative football, intricate passeing that ends with a killer through pass, a creative player that "decides" to do something magical in the final third, strikers that actually get involved into the buildup-when required or at least move off the ball in order to receive a pass, etc. This is why I think this ME is as poor as it's ever been. I have seen it in my games, on youtube and on this forum and unfortunatly it is not about tactics. This is not a "strikers are not scoring" rant. I know there will be people that will say "my striker scored 30 goals/season" and that is achievable, even though not as often as in past editions and this is why I am debating on how the goals are scored. It seems so flat, so scripted, etc. This is my feedback and this has absolutly nothing to do with tactics / players. I know I am going to go against the "wind" here, but I am going to say it anyway: Feedback, is only useful, when the company (in this case SI) is prepared to officialy aknowledge a problem when it is obvious that it is a problem. Every year I read this section and every single time when people were really unhappy about something in such large numbers, that issue was present in the game and it wasn't about tactics. It wasn't aknowledged by SI of course, at best it was somehow aknowledged, but at the same time they downplayed it, like it was something minor. Moderators always ask for constructive feedback, but not once you see SI saying something clear about it. All we get is "we'll look into it" and that's it. Sorry, but when people are telling you about the same exact issue in over 70 forum pages, how can you still be in the look into stage ? How can mods still send people to the tactics and training section, like we need to be reeducated about football tactics just so we can actually make half a sense of FM19. I honestly didn't want to write all this and I take no ofense in what you said because I know you are only trying to help. My gripe is not with you, is with SI. From a "constructive feedback" perspective, I hope I made my thoughts as clear as possible in regards to why I dislike this edition and actually provided a sane point of view on the situation that so many people are frustrated about.
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    We're delighted to announce that the 19.3.0 Winter Transfer Update for Football Manager 2019 is now available to download via Steam. The game should automatically begin to update next time you launch Steam. For those of you currently in game, save and exit to receive the update. If for whatever reason the game doesn't automatically update we recommend restarting Steam. Whilst fixes in the changelist below are save game compatible, for access to the latest database and competition updates you will be required to start a new game. There are a number of other improvements within the update including, but not limited to the changelist below. 19.3.0 Changelist - Fully updated Winter Transfer Database (19.3.0 Database) - Stability Fixes - Fixed rare issue where some promises would incorrectly complete or cancel immediately after being made - Happiness changes regarding players wanting new contract too frequently - Travelling tweaks with regards to training schedules - Fixed cases of certain facilities or youth levels not upgrading correctly - Toned down the extent to which players pick up traits from methods outside of mentoring - Tweaks to AI injury numbers - Tweaks to training ratings - Fixed case of FFP failure being reported incorrectly - Continue Game Timeout fixes - Various UI fixes - Various competition and rule group fixes including (but not limited to): - French Ligue 1 prize money corrected - English FA Cup 5th round replays scrapped from first season (18/19) - Belgium Home grown issues addressed - VAR changes for European competitions - U23 only rule applied to Dutch Jong teams - Danish leagues' substitutes rule corrected to "7 subs named, maximum 3 used" - Can now play players registered for Portuguese senior teams in B Team 2nd tier games - Italian title and relegation decider games being played simultaneously - Italian Serie B expanded to 20 teams from 19/20 season - Licensed Northern Ireland PIL fixtures corrected - Greek National B Division Maximum foreign player rules corrected - Various Match Engine (version 1930) tweaks including (but not limited to): - Fixed bug with keeper reach on some high shots - Improved keeper reactions to free kick and penalty shots - Fixed rare instances of keepers picking up back passes or not reacting to them - Fixed keeper controlling ball then never moving to pick it up or kick it - Removed a restriction on striker and creative attackers offering out ball - Fixed incorrect offside example - Fixed couple of issues related to VAR - Adjusted attacking player marking when preventing GK distribution at goal kicks - Adjusted marking of players coming short for throw-ins - Fixed instances of central midfielders bunching close to ball - Made players cross slightly earlier when possible - Slight encouragement to pass ball forward more when optimal - Fixed issue where player marking edge of area at set piece doesn't always engage ball player who receives it outside area - Fine-tuned shot and pass accuracy
  47. 22 points
    I am amazed by the level of commitment and dedication by the community for testing, investigating and submitting bug reports. I don't know if any game has such privileges, to have people buy the game , their clients, which after a hard day of work or school they help the developers to track bugs and improve the game. I for one am very impressed by the level of commitment from some of the people that posted bug reports like Mensell76, Mitja, Novem9, Weller1980, Amarante, JohnnyAce, pauly15 and many many others. For the last update of the game i am really expecting to see all the hard work that these people put into their bug reports to really pay off.
  48. 22 points
    So I played a couple of test games on FM18 and FM19 yesterday. On 18, my strikers and AMC's would move to get the ball, then when they passed it on they would make darts into space or attempt to get into posistion for a cross. I also had a couple of reverse pass through balls from Mata into big Rom. I would have crosses blocked out wide, however when my players had space they would actually attack it and cross properly. I think the key for me is that players atctually follow thier roles and duties, attacking space when its available. Using Pogba as a SV(A) saw him race forward into space when play was congested on the right and belt a finish into the top corner. On 19, my strikers stand still. Totally immobile. I havent seen fullbacks attack gaping spaces, they trudge forward and wait to be closed down before whacking a cross into the defenders legs. I don't see little give and go's between my front players, certainly no short dashes into space that I saw in 18. I think the biggest problem right now is that there is nothing wrong with the Match Engine... if you go full Obi Wan Kenobi and look at it from a certain point of view. I think the engine demonstrates certain tactics really well. However if you have a different idea of how the game should be played you are bang out of luck. Which is where 19 falls down to be honest. The lack of forward movement and differentiation between roles has caused some issues. I think most peoples greatest problem right now is that we have no idea if there will be another ME update to potentially fix this problem, which based off previous years might be unlikely.
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    Before I sign off, there's something I want to say that I've been keeping in for all these years and I think is about time I opened up about. I was inspired by the anxiety diaries thread, and Abulezz opening up about his troubles a couple of years ago, so I finally feel able to 'come out' and tell you all that I'm autistic, as difficult as it sometimes still is to mention specifically and to see being discussed. That's given me a very strong emotional bond with my careers and players, as you can tell from all I write about it (almost always missing something out as well). It can give me a bit of a lift when things are going well, though sometimes it can be difficult to play if I'm in a stressed state of mind and things aren't going so well in-game. That's why I love actually being a part of something on here, with FM and FMCU being a rare thing in my life that seems to give me a sense of purpose and achievement, especially as I've always been so much more comfortable interacting online with the written word (that I have plenty of time to compose) over an 'on the spot' real-life conversation. Doing the awards in particular is very hard work (especially as I feel the need to have enough planned in advance, rather than being able to be socially spontanious) and something I wasn't sure I was capable of doing effectively at first, but also very rewarding, and it helps a lot that you guys provide so much for me to work with when it comes to being able to engage and make my own contribution. Anyway, time to head off for the night (a bit later than usual for me). Thank you all for another wonderful year. I just hope people can step up and give Makoto (and to a lesser extent ManUtd1) more of a challenge next year
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    I always assume anyone who posts things like this is just not very good at the game and have to therefore resort to exploits. There is a very simple solution to the 3 striker exploit; do not use it to exploit the game. Nobody forces you to do it, the AI rarely uses it as a default tactic, and it is possible to defend against it in any case. The reason it is powerful for a user is because the AI cannot respond to it (hence it being an exploit). While I would like to see the ME improved to make it possible for the AI to respond properly in such situations (which I guess is not trivial), it is idiotic for a user to blame the game for the way they are choosing to play it. You may as well blame the game for the fact that you can reload matches until you win while you are at it. Not once in my 1000+ hours on the game have I seen the bug you describe. While I would by no means suggest the ME is perfect, it is easily the best it has ever been. It rewards the player for using common sense when building a tactic, and the football we see is actually pretty realistic. The one area it really needs to improve is with heavy, high pressing tactics, and with high tempo possession tactics. Guardiola is not an effective manager in this game, and the ME is to blame for that because it cannot replicate well the way he plays. Probably because it is hard to code, so I have patience on that. Bugs are an inevitable part of programming (anyone who does not know this has never done any coding, clearly). It is unfortunate if you experience a lot of crashes, because I think I have experienced a grand total of one in my entire time playing FM18. I cannot comment on the regen faces because I tend to turn them off (they are just unnerving, I find). Ultimately, if you do not want to play the game, or buy another version, that is entirely your call and I will not try to persuade you otherwise. However, 90% of things you say here are either cherrypicked, exaggerated or just plain wrong. Since I am guessing you clearly struggle with the game, I'd suggest either working out why or as you say just do not play it anymore.
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