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  1. @RHKC, I'm sure you know this wasn't necessary, but thank you. I didn't intend for it to be a public thing as it wasn't about getting attention or (on the other side of things) receiving PMs begging for a copy. I saw your post and wanted to 'help' - though of course it doesn't help your business or car. We're in a pandemic and I knew of a way to make someone smile during a difficult time. Went through your previous posts too, just to get a feel for the kind of person you are. It's not something I've ever done. May not even do it again ever. I think it was the last line that got to me.
  2. - Speech mentality (aggresive ,passionate, etc) switched to the new terms. Some new dialog options written for them. Probably the same mechanics as before, once you figure out the best reactions you just go with that 95% of time. - Backroom advice presented under another GUI. - Useless Twitter reactions after matches that no one really cares about. - Scouting requirements presented under different names. - Different celebration at end of the season. It is beyond me how these are presented as the main features of a new installment while asking for full retail price.
  3. Last Tuesday I happened to post on the beta feedback thread, saying this: "Just caught up with this thread (yes, I have read every page over the space of five days) I don't yet have the game due to losing my business recently and my car spectacularly failing it's mot... So, when I can eventually afford it, I'm really looking forward to playing the game with the much improved match engine! I just really hope things haven't reverted back to FM20 by the time I get to play Please, SI. My year has been bad enough as it is, so please don't nerf strikers! Can't wai
  4. Feeling disappointed... It seems, I'll skip this one like I skipped FM 2020. I hope the day will come when they announce a massively improved ME as a major headline feature, not these minor things nobody cares about. Every year I see a lot of cool ideas in feature suggestion threads and it seems that they choose the least interesting and important ones. PS Can someone explain me, how does it happen that even in FM 2021 the pitch looks worse than in a 10-year old (!) FM 2011? Is this something so difficult to fix?
  5. Pairs & Combinations - The Ultimate Guide I am delighted to release the 2020 edition of Pairs & Combinations! The guide will contain some similar information to last time, but a lot of new information too - taking account of the changes to the game in the last 5 years since the previous release. I have removed sections on formations, playing style etc., and focused much more on the real purpose of this guide - getting a balanced and effective setup for your team, making the best of your team. There are some amazing guides from some amazing writers, vloggers etc. that cover ma
  6. I'm not impressed so far. Unless the ME has been tweaked significanly (which I would be shocked if it was) I'm sticking with FM 18 or just not playing for another year. I wonder how those meeting at SI go for the new features... "Hey guys, let's talk about what we're doing with the new game! John, whadda ya got? - Well, sir, people want more variety of goals, more enjoyable looking ME that represents real football better. So we're renaming the tone of the player interactions, packaging it as a new feature and adding the option to throw bottles!! Cool, right? - Awesome!! To
  7. With lots of ME bugs not being fixed in FM20 as S.I have announced they’re not doing anymore updates this version will anyone be buying FM21? I personally think it’s scandalous that they can leave a knowingly buggy game broken and then expect us all to pay for it again next year in hope that they’ve finally fixed what we paid for last year. I feel they’re exploiting the loyalty of their customers as it is a game a lot of us love. When people raise the issues of the game not being good enough in its current state the forums threads seem to get closed for replies or moved into the
  8. Something more than Twitter reactions which no one cares about? Something more than a different UI for the same user interactions that no one cares about and people just click through once they found what works mechanics-wise? Something more than the same backroom advice under a different form? How about a revamped CA/PA system to more accurately reflect real life? How about a better international management experience? How about a training system that has more meaning, given it's one of the most crucial parts in real football? How about a more accurate representa
  9. My final thoughts on FM20 are this: In my view, the direction in which the match engine has been taken is seriously damaging this franchise. Whether you consume tactical advice via these forums, streams, videos or guides; there is a truth to face about the football DNA that we are presented with. Irrespective of your tactical instructions: Passing is too direct Decisions are taken too quickly Dribbles are absurdly over-represented and successful AI teams remain too negative Central play remains virtually dead Defensive headers are weak and suicidal
  10. A ‘state of FM’ update from Studio Director, Miles Jacobson It’s a bit of an understatement to say that 2020 has been a difficult year so far, and although we at Sports Interactive have had it easier than many, it’s still been a tough time for the studio. We have enjoyed some advantages, though. Our revenue hasn’t disappeared entirely (as it has done for many businesses) and we’ve been able to do a number of things we otherwise may not have considered. For example, we allowed people to play FM20 for free for a fortnight back in March and took part in a bunch of charity initiatives in
  11. Ok this is going to sound harsh but please hear me out.. These new reskin "headline" features are a slap to the face to your fanbase. The audacity to claim these as an improvement is absolutely disgraceful. The constant excuses are so obvious, "oh it's because everyone still runs core 2 duos from 2004 so we have to support them", "oh it's not the final version mate, wait a bit longer", "oh we do listen to feedback, and this is what people want", "oh it's because corona", "oh just wait for another video to showcase 'new' stuff", "oh the winter patch will fix this issue". I could go o
  12. I'm going to leave my one post of feedback and leave as I don't think it needs much more than that. These are my opinions. I've been playing the game for many years like many others and have bought every iteration since CM3. After 220 hours with FM2020 this is my opinion: Unfortunately Football Manager 2020 is one of my least enjoyed games in the series for many years. The way FM plays means there is a fine line between a chore and a game, this feels like a chore to play. I've never really been into a lot of the fluff added to the game and things like media conferences, shouts, tunne
  13. Intro Been playing FM since way back in the CM 00/01days, but I am by no means an expert on the game. I usually write in career updates but have a heavy emphasis on tactical updates. I usually use a certain managers tactics from real life to give me a base to build from, I started this about three years ago, it helps me in looking for what I actually wanted to see from a tactic on the game instead of getting overwhelmed with the tactical creator and turning to plug and play. So with being in lockdown I thought I would use my time and do a total in depth analysis of my tactical idea for my
  14. Part of my job is absolutely to amplify your voice within our studio. I never want our community to feel like they're shouting into the wind and nothing gets through - that is absolutely not the case. Our feature request forums and bug forums both show plenty of examples of features which have been implemented and bugs which have been fixed. However at the same time, users on these forums have to remember they're only a part of our audience. An extremely important part (for me especially considering I interact with you almost every day ) but a part nevertheless. We don't publicly reveal
  15. Just to illustrate some of the UI complaints with an example. In the screenshot, I've highlighted where my eye naturally falls in red; it's where it's led by the perspective of the scene. Meanwhile, things I will need to read or potentially interact with are in green. The yellow overlay is unused dead space. I'm playing on a 27" 1440p monitor, and my eye has to traverse all of the yellow to find the things in green, which are laid out in ways that defy reading order or any eye-tracking research I'm aware of. I have to go from the red to the green box to the green circles, read through the
  16. Ah here, time to vent. This edition of FM is up there with the worst. I've played every edition since it launched and never have I been more frustrated with a game than this one. Tried numerous tactics only to see how flawed the ME is time and time again. At least 80% of goals scored are from set pieces or from mistakes from the AI. Tactics are meaningless in trying to break down defenses and score from good teamplay. Players are so slow and stupid in this game. Constant blocked crosses and shots after the attacker taking an age on deciding what to do. Player capable of using
  17. More fun with UI/UX, this time in a match: There are four ways to meaningfully affect how the match engine screen displays. They are in ... four different corners of the screen. So I've pointed them out with arrows! In the top left, we can hide or unhide the Match Stats and Notable Events panel. This wasn't clear to me initially, because the blue icon is a little hard to parse at 1440p and uses no familiar interactable iconography. You cannot customize this Match Stats panel as you could in the past (more on that in a second!), and you cannot shrink or adjust the size of the Not
  18. I must be the only person that seems to receive the 'harder' version every year...
  19. I want to start with a positive about the game. The ME is the best its been in years. From my perspective, the success of an iteration depends almost entirely on the football we are presented with on the pitch. If I feel that my tactical decisions and tweaks make a tangible and visible impact on the outcome of a match - for better or worse - then that makes me feel like a manager. Variety and unpredictability are key to achieving this, which I have to say has been achieved this year. Well done SI! Now the criticism. I genuinely lack the vocabulary to communicate how much I despise the ma
  20. Thank you for taking the time to respond. Everything you said is common sense and "politically correct" from a company employee's perspective, so no hard feelings. Last year, with FM19 I have gone through a similar experience, almost identical. The lack of central play and a ME which was only chasing real life satistics, but with 0 consideration about how it should get to those "statistics" and in the end someone (might have been you, but I am not sure) came and said the exact same thing: " Reality of FM is that eventually our development team will have to stop working on FM20 and move on
  21. I realized, that many people don't really understand how the setup works exactly. So I made this guide to give you some kind of overview how it works. Any constructive feedback is welcome. It's impossible to show everyones different way of play. This is only a rough guideline for a orientation.This is my view of fm, so if you are seeing it different, that's completely fine. Maybe some mechanics changed in fm21 which I haven't tested yet, I will update the guide if necessary. General: There are differences between unloaded Nations, view-ony, playable and playable with
  22. I was calling for a statement from SI on the ME - and that was delivered on Friday. Now, it was the polar opposite of what I was hoping for - but at least I know where I stand. My choice now is whether to continue my FM20 save (just starting my 10th season) - or throw that time/work away and go back to FM19, or even try to buy a copy of FM17 and give that a dart. In truth, I suspect that's why people are still playing FM20 - not because it's a top ME. However, fair play to Neil and Lucas for posting in here over the weekend, as if it was my job, I wouldn't have wanted to do it! I have
  23. OK, have struggled through enough games to give feedback. Context - I'm playing in Serie B and have put together a team that I hope can push for the playoffs (currently 6th, so doing well). I'm over half way through the season now - I got a few loans in, but have been working on teamwork in training and team cohesion is now good. I wanted to give that context as it's not like I'm in the relegation zone and losing most games which might impact my enjoyment. Tactics wise, I'm not great - I'm okay - but I have been trying to use my own tactic. A 4-1-2-2-1 - standard d-line - lower line o
  24. We’re delighted to reveal that Football Manager 2021 (PC/Mac) will launch on Steam and the Epic Games Store on November 24th. Fans who pre-order FM21 from a participating digital retailer* will receive a 10% discount and access to the pre-release Early Access version of the game, which will be available approximately two weeks before full release. As in previous years, those who buy the game through Steam (and now Epic Games) will also receive Football Manager 2021 Touch (PC/Mac) for free. Football Manager also returns to Xbox for the first time since 2007 with Football Manager 2021 Xbox
  25. I've contributed to and created threads on about 20 non-match engine issues for FM20. Some of them dating back to the beginning of November. To date none of them, not a single one has been fixed. Minor you may consider them but it still takes time and effort for me to create the threads and provide evidence. It is annoying when we are expected to report bugs and even when they are acknowledged and "under review" they are still not fixed after 4 months. I'll not bother reporting anything again in future.
  26. "we shouldn't have to speak to you like children" Have you not done exactly like that in your post? This is an expensive game not some free download. People are entitled to say exactly what they think. SI are not above or beyond criticism. To me 50 euro is approx half of what I get to live on each week, thats not taking into account my rent, my electric bill and my internet bill. Quit with your patronising manner
  27. For those who are advocating new FM graphics I made new comparison with FM 2011 using the same screenshots you've provided here. Do you really see no difference? Pitch was worn out more badly (near the goal and in local areas of the pitch) the grass had much more details, the lightning and the shadows was much better. P.S. Frankly speaking, don't look at the text labels. Just look at the graphics and tell - what game looks like a new one and what is an old one - the left or the right one?
  28. The stadiums look better too! How can it of been 10 years of so called graphical improvements and the end product is so much worse! It’s embarrassingly bad!
  29. I have recently skimmed through Lines and Diamonds and there was one section about attacking patterns that really got me thinking. Basically, it listed all of the complex patterns of attacking play that can be used to create chances. In this thread, I want to give examples of how I would recreate each of these patterns using the player roles, team/player instructions, player attributes and ppms. I also want to use this thread to show how important player selection, and PPMs are when building a tactic. It's not all about roles and duties. An effective tactic will have multiple ways of
  30. Hello, and welcome to - what is very likely to be - my last tactics thread for the Football Manager community. I am still very much enjoying Football Manager 2018 which means I am a few versions behind and left me in two-minds about whether to post this. A combination of wanting to say thank you and farewell to those who have contributed, pay tribute to my most enjoyable ever save and share a tactical system which I hope others may enjoy inspired me to give it a shot; so here goes. Enjoy! Coming Full Circle.. It seems very fitting to finish this journey with Total
  31. I know it's getting frustrating to hear "when is going to be fixed ?" on and on, but maybe I can share with you the yearly FM gaming experience of a 40+ yo. ( yours truly ). 1. Buy the game early November .. toy around - don't start a long save because bugs, wait for a decent skin from the community because the game has funky colors and minimal info panels .. Old man's eyes. Anyway I have 1 hour to play, hell maybe to 2 hours daily if I am not dead tired, cause you know: job, kid(s), wife -generally old man's life. Sooo.. 2. Start doing your own skin, cause the game is buggy and
  32. Having played 163 hours of this now (and there will definitely be more) i have gone from *meh* when they announced it, to excited during the reveals and back to *meh again. It's because of a few things but one thing stands out. - The match UI. The match UI i find very boring and "gamey", so to speak. I don't feel like the manager at all. I feel detached from the players and my staff. Information i used to have, being a manager in the dugout together with my staff, is harder to find. When motivation is realism then this UI has taken a massive step backwards. The Dugout pop-up isn't
  33. The headline features are... disappointing. Clearly there is a large gap between SI and a large portion of fans in what features are desirable. Players play the game for the on-the-pitch tactics and squad building. You can easily see that in the forums. Players like to discuss how to emulate a tactical style and which players are cheap-to-buy wonderkids. I bet this is the core of the game to most of the players, but these are also areas in which FM has been stagnating. In terms of tactics, we all know the match engine is just an approximation and we should not expect too high. But it is j
  34. Who would’ve thought it? Another year of totally rubbish headline features. Nothing on the match engine, nothing on graphics, nothing on a stadium creator (stadiums still look atrocious and are all generic), nothing on realistic AI transfers/squad building, nothing on realistic managerial appointments. Was there any need to release a new game this year if this the kind of thing we are looking at? Should’ve just stuck with a transfer update.
  35. When my team have a penalty I wiggle the mouse pointer in front of the keeper to put him off, you may call this gamesmanship but whatever it takes I say
  36. Hi fellow managers, I want to present you a new tool I'm working on that will enable us to use the data that FM provides us with at its full potential. Including attributes, diverse statistics, injuries data and many more, FM has more than 300 data points. Yet, I can bet any one of us doesn't even use the third of it to make decisions and manage our club. Maybe it's due to the fact that FM doesn't offer an easy way of presenting all those data points. Take the match statistics for example, like the assists, passes completed, cross completion ratio etc. Yes, we could create a view with al
  37. So this post was inexplicably removed without explanation, but its very pertinent to the general tenor of this thread: FM21 has been released and I'm flabbergasted at how bad some of the changes made are. There's clearly some sort of 'bell and whistles' directive coming down which is why the UI is constantly tweaked, with shaky or non-existent justifications. I think the notion of leaving things well enough alone should be taken to heart. Frankly, I think it's probably too late for a lot of this, but at least I'll feel better having aired it all and maybe the next iteration can be saved.
  38. Another quick thing.... this offers absolutely nothing. Im all for more info making things better but this is a shake head moment.
  39. Dear SI, this is by far the worst match engine you have ever released. Please, for FM 2021 don't waste your time on some features nobody wants. Please, concentrate on match engine. I can't watch matches anymore. Every year, we pay full price and we have to deal with something. In 2016 those were crosses/full backs, in 2018 those were long shots and tactics with 3 strikers. This is year, we have to deal with set pieces, non-existing central play, strikers even they are scoring for me, it does not look nice, they don't score from through balls, movement is bad - this match engine is ve
  40. Absolutely not. After this year's stunts with the ME I won't be anticipating the release. I'll check the forums here to see how the ME is upon release and decide my purchase accordingly.
  41. Over the last few weeks there seems to have been a lot of discussion about the limitations of the game when it comes to realism. Some players have said they find the game too simple, whilst others are trying to play realistically but can't due to the limitations of the game. As a serial lurker, it's resulted in me suddenly being far more active on the forums because it's something that is close to my heart. I try to play as realistically as possible at all times. When I load my save, I am no longer a bloke sat in his pants surrounded by three day old takeaway and empty beer cans. I am a
  42. I find MIles very aggressive and rude on Twitter. Not a good spokesperson for the company. @Neil Brock @Miles Jacobson
  43. This is just my opinion based on my limited observation and experience with bug reporting: I find the whole bug reporting process not rewarding, mainly because reporting a bug and providing pkm's takes time and effort, but once you do it, it feels like throwing a rock into a lake. After the first ripple effect (initial reaction from SI saying 'received, under review', or worse 'provide save game, more pkm's etc') the rock goes to the bottom of the lake and joins the other thousands of rocks, and you have no idea what happens to it. Is it being worked on? Has it been made a priority? More impor
  44. Pretty sad that there is not single change in the match day UI.. Simple things like add player face to the goal scorer, and add the name of the player who assist
  45. The tactics have animations too, the bigger issue is whether the animations have any bearing on what happens in the ME.
  46. I think that users now deserve some form of statement about the state of the match engine, why there have been no changes, and what is being done about it for the future. This is a game we pay for, and we have not received the product we expect this year. Everything is really nice except the most critical part of the game, the actual football. To have no update of the ME in the post transfer window patch is new to me. It either suggests SI are completely satisfied with their engine (Which would be extremely worrying) or they can't fix it. I would like to know which. I think we all deserve
  47. I'm fairly sure most if not the majority of people posting in this thread know very well what they say here isn't going to get changed.. this thread was set up as a catchall for people to vent in and hopefully collect some constructive feedback while keeping it all in one neat place rather than all over the forums in seperate threads.. The issue many will have is that even when they do provide valuable and often time consuming feedback within the bug reporting sections etc, it often feels like it falls upon deaf ears, and by often, i mean almost always... it's an issue, and pretend
  48. The best feedback I can give you is: make it even remotly close to what you see below and then I will be a very happy player / customer. That is what central play means. That is what intricate passing means. That is what variety in goals mean. That is what exploiting the middle means. That is how your creative players damage the oppositions. You can find that in one single match in FM18, yet you need to play 20+ games in FM20 to spot half of these things. Pour yourselves a glass boys and enjoy the video. Cheers
  49. We’re pleased to announce we’ve released Update 20.2.4 which, alongside some performance optimisation, includes an updated match engine containing a number of tweaks, improvements and changes. As always, this update is save game compatible and the next time you log onto Steam it’ll automatically update. You can see the version number of Football Manager in the bottom left-hand corner of the main menu. If for whatever reason you find the game hasn’t updated, we’d recommend restarting Steam. 20.2.4 Changelist ----------------------- - Performance and optimisation improvements
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