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    Just want to thank Cleon, I was really struggling away from home as Wolves before remembering this thread. I was winning comfortably at home with a custom gegenpressing tactic, but was the league's whipping boy away. After creating this tactic: I was able to get an unexpected away win at Spurs (two counters and a free-kick). Edit: Just followed the Spurs match up with the below away at Liverpool!
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    Great job . Yes but I'd want good technical players. First Touch, Composure, Off the Ball would all help (amongst others). Always remember - telling your players to do something is one thing (ie., your tactical instructions), them actually being able to carry out those instructions (ie., their attributes) is something else entirely. It's certainly one way of doing things but I wouldn't go so far as to say any way is the "best" way. If you've ever read Cleon's The Art of Possession Football (and if you haven't you should) you'll notice he uses the Positive (Control) Mentality which sets a pretty wide width by default and doesn't mention changing the Width TI. In my Tiki Taka thread, I don't mention Width either. Yet both of us may use Shorter Passing. That's because when using Shorter Passing players can naturally come closer together. Kick the ball a shorter distance and your team mate has to be nearer to you in order to receive it. So yes you can adjust width as well but consider whether you actually need to before you do. If those short passes are going astray then sure adjust width but if your passing is fine then there may not be a need. One other thing to bear in mind: Mentality sets your base attacking width which will change as you change Mentality. So Defensive is quite narrow, Attacking is pretty wide and each Mentality between is a step change in width.
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    What was his reputation set to? Global footballer level can lead to some strange job offers
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    This is taken from my blog https://teaandbusquets.com/blog/ I wrote about mentoring very briefly when Football Manager 2019 was first released and explained how it worked. But it still seems people are confused by it or don’t quite understand how they should use it. The main thing to remember is any changes you see will be a lot slower than previous versions of the game under the tutoring module. Tutoring was overpowered and really overturned making it easy to beat the ‘system’ and get amazing results in such a short space of time. Mentoring is a lot different in this regard, it’s not about min and maxing and it’s more of a slow burner in general. So How Does It Work? While the old tutoring system was more focused on a fixed set of rules, the new mentoring options are more organic and realistic. This is reflected in-game with suggestions via hints and tips. The game gives you much better feedback as to what affects personality adjustments and displays it to the user in a clear manner. Players need to be training together to mentor one another, as well as spending time together off the training pitch. This means the players need to be in the same squad. You can no longer have a first team player, mentor a U18 player unless they are in the first team. When trying to influence the players the game looks at the following things; Age of the potential influenced player Career first team appearances of the potential influenced player Difference in the club hierarchy between the two players Social group standing between the two players (i.e how compatible they are) There isn't a specific age limit on mentoring. Age works in the same way as the other factors, they will impact how likely the player is to be influenced at that time. If a player fills the criteria above, the more likely the influenced player is to have their personality skewed towards that of the mentoring player. If the player who is being mentored doesn’t fulfil any of the criteria at all, then there's no chance of a personality adjustment occurring. If there is a chance of a personality adjustment occurring then this chance is further boosted if they're in the same mentoring group and training unit. Players can still be influenced by the team personality and by the personality of others in their social groups, just like on Football Manager 2018. You should take a look at the social groups and see which players are in the groups as you could find them being influenced positively or negatively by different personalities. It's unlikely your captain is going to be dragged down by other players at the club, but it's not impossible if the combination of scoring factors suggested the captain should be influenced by others. Also new in Football Manager 2019 is the 'Welcome to club' function also now serves as a way of setting a piece of short-term one-on-one mentoring between a new signing and an established player. Players can still pass Player Traits on as well, if the individual shares a similar position to those in the mentoring unit. Mentoring is slower than the previous tutoring system. You should not expect to see an unprofessional player become professional overnight, or even over the course of a few short months. Common Questions If I signed Messi for Bournemouth, would he become a team leader or have a significant influence on training, for example? There's no guarantee but under the right circumstances then yes he could. You’d be signing a world-class player and a genuine superstar, even if he is ageing. It’s also worth noting that if a big named player returns to a club he started at and was at for many years then it's not impossible for him to likely have a bigger reputation than most at the club, meaning he could also have an immediate influence over training and dynamics. If i have a young player with a resolute personality and he is in a mentoring group with older players that have a balanced or fairly professional personality can his personality become worse. For example could the player drop from resolute to balanced because of the players they are in a mentoring unit with? Yes they can. It's more likely the influential players drag down the other players personalities. But again it comes down to the conditions of the mentoring unit, the influence the players have and so on. Size of the mentoring unit can also a play a part. So if you have good personality on some players but they don’t have an influential impact in a mentoring unit, you might want to think twice before adding him to it with undesired personality types. This also applies to determination too. If I make a mistake assigning mentoring groups, can I quickly haul someone out or disband the group (in previous FMs you couldn't break a tutoring relationship if you changed your mind). Just click the red - next to the mentoring unit and it will disband the unit. My players personality/determination has changed but the influential people in the mentoring units, all have much better personality/determination than the player who has been impacted. What would this be down to? It could be down to the overall squad personality or it could be because of the social groups the players are in. All of those things will have a direct impact on personality attributes and its possible they can be altered by these methods. Mentoring isn’t the only way we can see personality changes. Wait, so players can improve personality without mentoring? Just by having a more professional and/or ambitious squad for example? That is correct yes. It can be altered either by the clubs dynamics or the welcome to the club feature. Do I have control of Player Traits still and how they’re passed on via mentoring units? You still can have control over Player Traits if that's what you want. Just put players who share the same positions in the same mentoring group and then you have a better chance of them being passed on, if the player has influence over the group. It’s also worth noting Player Traits depend on a player's attributes and sometimes position. A player without suitable attributes will not be able to learn a certain Player Trait and some are only available in certain positions. So it works the same way as learning a Player Trait via training? For example if I ask my defender to learn the ‘dictates tempo’ Player Trait my staff might tell me it's a bad idea and won’t work. But I can still learn it and the chances are it might fail. Mentoring units work the same and that the chances are, the Player Trait wouldn’t be passed on because of having attributes not suited for the trait and/or because of positions they play in on the pitch? That’s it yeah. Does mentoring affect social groups and the team hierarchy? Indeed it does. Mentoring can influence Dynamics and on occasion social groups can have a similar impact on a player as Mentoring, although to a less degree. I’ve probably missed a few other common questions but those are the ones I see on the forums or on social media regular. How I use Mentoring Every player that I sign, I always have a look at which player gets to ‘welcome’ them to the club. This is an important stage for me because I want to know if the person welcoming to the club, is a good fit for mentoring them via the welcoming feature. Rafael and Fernando were both welcomed to the club by my striker, who is one of the clubs team leaders. I get these kind of messages quite often, showing its been a success. This is why it’s important to know the player who welcomes them to the club and the player coming into the club, to determine if it's a good match up or not. Now on to creating actual mentoring units. There’s a lot of stuff I’ve seen flying around on social media and the forums were people think they must mentor everyone going. This isn’t true at all, in fact, I’d say I don’t mentor people that often really. At least not for the amount of players I have at the club, the actual number of people I put into mentoring units is limited as I’ll highlight below. Another thing I see mentioned is people wanting to promote entire youth teams to the first team, just for the benefit of mentoring. Don’t do this, it’s a bit silly. Mentoring isn’t that powerful and it’s something that is considered long-term compared to tutoring. Before tutoring was this powerful tool that unrealistically allowed you to change personality in a few short months. Allowing you to turn unambitious players into model professionals in a very short amount of time. Forget this mindset and think of mentoring as part of everything overall and not the governing factor in everything. Promoting everyone to the first team to be mentored is also very unrealistic and does have some implications. One of those implications is the training they get in the youth squads is actually more demanding from a workload perspective as the players can do more due to playing fewer games. This is reflected in the sessions and schedules. So technically the players would be doing less training by promoting them, as the game would think you planned on actually using them. This is why you should only promote those who you plan on using and giving game time to, or to take a closer look at specific players in general. Another reason for not promoting everyone is actual match days. The youth team match days would likely be out of sync with the first team. Meaning they’d be losing training days because they’re on the first teams training schedule but still playing youth games (if you made them available that is) on a youth schedule. So any training that would take place on a youth game day wouldn’t happen for those playing in the youth game. Then on the senior teams match day, you don’t have training so the players wouldn’t be making up for it there either. So think wisely and weigh up the benefits of everything before being hasty and thinking promoting everyone would be a good idea and strategy. Because in truth, it wouldn’t and you’d be wasting possible training days. When it comes to creating my mentoring units, I like to keep it really simple. There’s no big secret here or formula to try to figure out. Just do what feels right and logical for you. This might differ from what I do and that’s fair enough. All that matters is you are doing what suits you for the way you think about the game. And obviously understand what mentoring does, which is explained above. I tend to keep to this system; Each unit consists of a maximum of 4 players. Each group has at least 1 player who has significant influence in the unit. Each group share similar positions to each other. This allows me to control mentoring units more efficiently, as players in these groups are all similar and there is always someone they can learn off. Here is an example of a standard mentoring unit; In this unit we can see that we have two significant influencers in the group and two players who have a light influence. What this should mean is, the two people with light influence shouldn’t impact the personality type of the significant ones. They also shouldn’t pass player traits onto them either. So in theory, unless something really drastic happens the only players who will be impacted in this unit are Didi and Renato. Creating units requires careful planning though because if undesired personality types have a significant influence over a unit, then there's every chance they’ll drag players down to their level rather than making them better. This one actually isn’t a unit I use, it’s one that I’ve just created to show you as an example. In this group there is no one with any real influence over the group. What this would mean is that most of the unit are all equal with the exception of the first player. I wouldn’t have high hopes for a unit like this because of the lack of a real influence. It would mean there would be barely any benefit to mentoring because no one is strong enough to take control of the unit. Or it could mean one of the average players might be able to influence all the other ones.That can be a dangerous thing if the players have undesired player traits or personality types. Those would be the likely two scenarios from creating a mentoring group similar to this. Check the personality type of the players who have the most influence inside a unit. If it doesn’t look like there is not much benefit to creating a unit based on personality then don’t do it. Don’t mentor people just because you think you have to. Also take note of any player traits a player has because there’s a high chance these could also be passed on. Again if you add players to this unit who perhaps these player traits would be a bad thing, don’t do it. If anyone has any further questions, I’d be happy to answer them.
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    I just stumbled across this old thread I started back in 2016. I'd say that for the first time I feel like there's a proper answer: Sandro Tonali is as close as I think you can get, in game at least.
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    I've seen the videos of the presentations, and I'm hopefully pessimistic. Not to Google or anything, but having been disappointed by "new amazing features" time and time again, I'll reserve judgement until I see it in practice. And I'll echo @forameuss; just....why? Why must everything be browser based? Am I the only one who enjoy stand-alone clients more in general?
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    This thread/example should be a good case study for FM'ers. A) Don't panic, get angry, and get desperate. Constant chopping and changing often makes things worse, and it's usually done in a rush and leads to illogical instructions and tactics. B) It highlights the temptation factor of FM. No offence to Ciderarmy, and of course you should always be looking to improve your team, but I think he fell into the trap that 99.9% of us who play the game operate - sign a teamful of star names/best attributes/wonderkids as soon as we can do it, with not much thought as to how that star individual (with PPM's etc) fits into how you want your team to play. But that is, and should be, too simplistic. In real life, which teams succeed by just importing a whole new eleven of players and throw them out on the pitch? You might get the odd example, but most don't. Look at Fulham this season as one example of the mess that often happens. If the players were doing well and had got you that far, why completely change it? In FM, as in real life, cohesion and understanding over time is a big part of your team operating how you want it to ultimately. Stability and a gradual build is more realistic, and what should be rewarded in my opinion.
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    A couple non-hidden classics that were taken out a few versions back due to legal reasons… (same as any "unprofessional" behavior)
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    This save is great fun and is probably one of the most exciting challenges I've played. And really enjoyable (and often funny) to read about other peoples progress, This challenge really brings another dimension to FM, and depending on which country you start in the challenge is so different. But jesus, it tests my patience!! Our 9th season in La Liga, and its so difficult to make progress. The talents that our coming up are just not near good enough La Liga level. We are predicted 20th every year, even though we keep finishing on the upper half of the table. I need to take a couple of big steps forward soon, otherwise I might try the challenge somewhere else. But then again, its such a fun save!
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    Best Prospects 2022 With the decisions made and contracts signed let's have a quick look at our top 4 from this year's intake - please note that the letters are assigned during my intake in order of potential AND position favouring forwards first (hence Skelton got A as the most attacking of the 4*'s). For my money Lewis Brown looks to be the pick of this bunch, though I'll be hoping that his acceleration/pace improve as he gets a bit older, not to mention his marking & concentration. Michael Skelton (22A) Joe Nolan (22B) Owen Willis (22C) Lewis Brown (22D)
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    Oppsal Youth Intake 2030 We've had a few years of good intakes now and our investments finally seem to be paying off. This year's is very top heavy, I only signed about 7 players which is pretty low for me. The top two prospects look very promising however. Here is the most promising player Rytterager 30A, who I think I will train as a LM as we are somewhat overloaded with CMs at the moment. he could be the backup LM as soon as next season though as he looks quality already. Here is the other 5* potential player, who is much more raw and will need a few years of development before hitting the first team:
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    Just wanted to correct this point here. There is no 'counter' mentality anymore, it was removed because of this very misconception that simply changing your mentality to 'counter' would make your team counter-attack, regardless of your other team instructions. Your mentality will determine how much risk your players look to take, as well as alter the 'base' level of tempo, passing directness and defensive line. So if you want your team to sit back and absorb pressure, countering when the chance is on but not recklessly, then cautious mentality is best. If you want your team to counter at every opportunity, even if it might leave your team exposed in riskier situations, then choose a more attacking mentality. Note that none of the tactical style templates are tied to any specific mentality, you're free to change them depending on the situation/level of opposition. This is intentional, you can use any mentality with any style of play. You're not supposed to simply just set your mentality once for your tactic and leave it the same for every match. You can have a cautious counter-attacking tactic or an attacking one, both are valid. Similarly, there's nothing wrong with having a cautious possession-focused approach. I'd suggest if you're having trouble making enjoyable counter-attacking football that you try going to the tactics forum to see if there's any suggestions there. Thanks
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    Hey @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! I must say your threads are very inspirational. I've long been waiting for this update, so thanks for that. Some players (Trincão and Xadas) were bought a few years later so the AI hasn't developed them as much, but they're still good enough to play a part. Being Portuguese and a massive Benfica fan, I tend to manage them in FM and this year is no different. In terms of Youth development, I didn't put the same emphasis as you did, therefore some players didn't develop as much but I'm still having fun. The biggest issue is definitely the finances. So far I haven't been able to finish a year on profit, even after winning the CL. It looks as though the more I sell, the worse it gets My biggest achievement has to be the CL win against Liverpool, where 7 from the XI (plus a few others on the bench) came from the academy. First Team this season Tactical approach Style and Shape are very similar to yours (hence why the first line of this post ), but not as aggressive as overload. I've got a few tweaks lined up since our shot conversion isn't great, but we're doing well. League campaign (so far) Keep up the great work
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    Cheers, its been a long slog so far. I started when the beta was out but have had no issues with the database I used, however id say download claasens Serie D add on via the steam workshop, his leagues are usually the most reliable. In terms of National Team I just waited for the job to come up and applied.
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    I think so but no one talks about it
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    Post your tactic, nobody can help you without information
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    Not sure anyone care too much about these kits anymore but I finally found sometime and decided to finish them up. So here you go, the Wakandan Challenge League kits! Just like before, extract into your graphics folder and replace anything related to Wakanda. 👍 Wakanda.rar I've been posting the kits I've created in higher detail over on my instagram if you'd be interested in checking them out? A follow is always appreciated, thanks! @mockup_fc
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    I tend not to have them on, as I like to have at least 6 months, if not a full season with the original squad so I can see what I can get out of them. If I know the team really well though I'll tend to play with them enabled - for example every year I have a Man Utd save and I'm a supporter so I know their squad really well, so there's no point waiting around to slog through a season with the current crop of abysmal defenders like in real life when I can get rid of the Smalling-Jones Unsackable Complex immediately.
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    The Bundesliga doesn't allow players who aren't 17 on 1st January that season to play...i.e. for this season anyone who wasn't 17 by 01/01/19 wouldn't be able to play. I don't know of any other league that does that so I thought I'd point it out.
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    I've got a follow-up question, if you say you are giving them the day off, does the game automatically do it? I've been saying it for years but I've never actually done anything. Maybe I have a career in politics if it doesn't.
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    My kingdom for a striker...! What a frustrating month March was; buoyed by the injection of quality from this year's intake we headed into what we hoped would be a more successful month, looking to end the dreadful winless run we were on! If drinking from the half-full glass then yes, we only lost two games this month which is a huge improvement over February, but simple fact is that we're struggling massively in front of goal, finding the net just 7 times in our last 12 games (and conceding 22). Performances in game haven't altered all that much (although we did play some tough sides lat month so we struggled a bit in those), what is noticeable though is just how many chances we're currently missing and I can only really put that down to the pervasive low morale that such a run inflicts - to better illustrate my point; The one bright spot - and this saved a hairdryer treatment or two - was an insane comeback against Stevenage; already identified as a potential relegation six-pointer I was more focused on not losing given our awful form. As is the norm, they were heavy favourites despite league position and it showed early on as they played us off the park for the first ten minutes. I quickly changed things up and we worked our way back into the game only to receive a sucker punch at the end of the first half, going in 1-0 down. The second half was a lesson in abject frustration as we missed chance after chance, even changing up to a more attacking approach doing little save adding to our shots off target tally. With us heading into 90 minutes and staring down the barrel, I went FM-crazy and all out, 'demanding more'and more is certainly what I got - what a way to end the streak and get our final 'target win'! Turns out that kind of luck can swing both ways, but that's a story for next time, for now this is the month as it happened; So there we are, just 5 games to go and we're almost safe. Cheltenham are enjoying a it of a rally and I'll admit that our dodgy form was certainly giving me cause for concern but I'm much more relieved now. The highest points total of a team that's been relegated from this division in this save is 43, but I'll be honest and admit that I'd still like to get another result in the bag to make sure, but we're not in a terrible position and frankly, if we go down from here then we ultimately deserve it! Head of youth what now...? I don't usually pay even the slightest bit of attention to the players my HoyD recommends we sign following the intake game, preferring to make my own decisions. What i've noticed in passing is a general trend for my HoyD to recommend we sign nearly everyone; not so this year with him suggesting strangely few, and more bizarrely omitting 4* prospect Joe Nolan but recommending two that I've decided are far inferior to our current crop. Always makes me slightly paranoid when something like that happens - I largely don't trust the staff opinions all that much but something led him to that decision so only natural I second guess him at least a little bit (ignored it now and moved on though! Coming soon... Final 6 games of the season - let's finish it off lads and stay in this festering bog of a league for another year!
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    Could actually be, but the way you look at Things, you should never bet on real football. Not only is "1 in 6" a sample size that amounts to "random Chance Bonanza". There is also no context provided, included how many and what kind of chances the guy actually has had. [There's good reason why bookies tend to publish seemingly "Trends" on their sites such as scoring streaks or most recent WDL records, and it's not because it would provide gamblers an Edge, in particular not in an Ultra low scoring sports such as football]. Additonally, we as humasn are real bad at grasping that influence of possible "Chance". It's counter-intuitive to grasp of how often you can go throwing a string of heads when flipping a coin. Intuitively, you'd expect it to be fifty-fifty heads / tails, but that only applies over the longer term…. The Chance of each throw remains equal, the short to mid-term sequence not at all. The effects of morale may well be too large, but this would demand a deeper research. Btw, I personally think coding a big influence of perceived "confidence" on scoring streaks is a fallacy in general, as the vast majority of forwards in Football produce "streaks" by the fact that they don't even have the chances to score consistently (2-3 attempts per match; Messi, Kane Ronaldo et all 5+ per match average btw). But that's another matter. If the influence of morale was overly huge though, that Team at the Bottom of the table playing ultra-defensive football would never score with its ineviatably first/fewer shots on target. Plus, what if Prior your Forward was actually rather "lucky" to score this frequently?
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    How come Fabinho has a ridiculous amount of goals for a DM? Set pieces?
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    Are the players in your shortlist? There is an option in the shortlist to ‘keep scout reports up to date’ Check if this is ticked. If it is, this may be why they are being scouted multiple times.
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    Some really nice potential there. At first glace Skelton looks like a very decent link-up striker, even with low-ish finishing skills. Though his 4 Off the ball is an issue, at least it would be for me, unless you are looking to use him in a VERY stationary role. Lewis Brown looks like the real deal. Needs a bit work on his marking (and strength, but that should come naturally with age), other than that he should be good for you. He is a bit on the short side for my likening, but at least his jumping reach is in the double digits. Otherwise he might be retrained to be a cracking DM with great work rate and bravery and reasonable passing.
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    I’m glad my original post has got a few people interested and I’m not alone in my disappointment. FM19 will be long remembered as the worst version and there is a lot to fix. Hopefully work is underway on FM20 which addresses a lot of issues, focusing on making the game a realistic and fun challenge, whilst getting rid of the silly stuff like Twitter and social media feeds.
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    Sounds like a good way to stay on top of things and keep the squad nice and tidy! One thing I forgot to highlight in the above post is that we finally have an amendment to my starting XI, with Fraser Meaney (21A) having now developed sufficiently to be our best option at STC (and also good enough to be a starter in midfield). It's been a long time coming but it's a great feeling to have someone finally make it - even better when Elijah Gabriel (who was a youth player when I took over) isn't far behind (unfortunately he's behind one of my few 4 star players; he's actually good enough to start at RB now, but I only trained him to play there as cover, not super keen to have a left footer playing at RB)! Was going to go into this all in more detail in the last post but sadly ran out of time so guess I'll do it now! There's actually another 7-8 I'd like to get rid of but as you can see, right now I don't have a choice when it comes to using 2 star players - in some extreme cases having to go lower than that! Just at the end of Feb now so the new youth intake should be somewhere around here if history is anything to go by, hopefully the reinforcements will help in that department; going through the team as I did I obviously can see that I need quality all over to improve, but most important positions in terms of cover/quality improvement needed are; GK - could do with a first team able prospect in the next 2-3 years to cover against an ageing Peter Crook (based on a youth player needing 3-4 season to develop to first team readiness). Backup options are ok for now, but being greedy maybe in 4-5 years I could get a solid 3-3.5 star option I could use in cup games? DC - Starting to become a serious problem and something our intake hasn't been kind on so far; our first choice options are already struggling to meet the standard (With Quansah often playing at DMC). None of these guys are the quickest and that will become even harder once they turn 30 and their physicals start to decline so we need a couple of players capable of playing here in the next 1-2 years else there could be trouble ahead. Naturally we could get a quality DMC which frees Quansah up to move back to the DC line (he's a natural in both positions) which honestly seems more likely than getting two first team quality DC's through in such a short time frame! DL - Happy with DL for now. If we get a quality DR/someone who can play there as cover then so much the better. DR - Another weak area. We have lots of bodies who can play there but no-one of such quality they can make the position their own. Gabriel looks good but as mentioned above, his left foot makes me loathe to promote him to first choice on the right! DMC - Happy with the age/quality of Quansah and Thomson is certainly doing a job when called upon so reasonably happy. Only risks to this position are that our DC's are ageing and if I have to move Quansah back (which i'd like to in a lot of ways as he's better than either of my first choice DC's - but they're at the same time better than his DMC backups) then we have no-one of a similar quality coming through. MC - Were it not for our striker issues then we'd be covered for the more attacking side of my MC pairing for a while to come. Question marks remain over Morgan James commitment and mental stats but he's quality when he deems himself ready to play - interestingly he's gained another half a star potential wise since the start of the season. Meaney also has quality but he's currently first choice at STC as he's clearly better than our other options and is improving at a great rate so the gap will only increase. Grant Roberts has been my workhorse every season and has done a stellar job backup up at MR with all of Sutherlands injury problems this year, but he's 30 now & over the next year or so he's going to be very difficult to replace; quality wise we have got replacements, but only based purely on star value, it's his consistency and professionalism that have been key, hopefully he rubs off on a few during his final few years! Otherwise, we certainly have the numbers, just again, overall quality is on the low side (the two gems aside) if either of them were to be poached away we'd obviously struggle to replace them. ML - Porritt is having a good season all things considered and - questionable mental stats aside - is decent enough that ML isn't a priority. Gabriel's emergence at LB has also freed up our first choice LB (Brownhill) to play further forward when needed, being accomplished in that position. Dawson has been in the first team squad all season & has struggled with the standard (which isn't really his fault at his age), playing 9 times without a goal or assist & struggling for form - he's a little lower potential wise than I'd like but whilst his stats are average, they're in the right places and he's mentally quite good so if nothing else he's a decent option to keep around, and the best of the three young guys. MR - Could definitely do with some help here; Sutherland is having a dreadful season and all the move to full time seems to have done for him is grant him special access to the physio's room. With 14 weeks missed just with the injuries themselves (not counting regaining fitness/match sharpness) it's questionable whether we'll be able to rely on him much going forward. Roberts & Harrison can do a job (and have done well when asked this season) but the position is there for anyone eager to grab the chance - Jibrin potentially could make it his own for a few years but he's developing so slowly (painful Determination likely not helping) that he may miss his chance to ever be more than a decent backup. STC - The problem position of my save so far. It's been painful to watch poor Tom Pratt struggle so often and despite his decent physical stats, it seems that Stephen Wells (20A) is likely to be another patchy scorer going forward. Biggest problem is that none of the guys - even Fraser Meaney (21A) with all his potential - are natural finishers, with a lowly '7' being the highest they can muster between them. Now I'm not expecting 18's of course down at this level, but I'd at least be looking for ~10 for this league, with fingers crossed for a 12? The type of striker we get in also plays a big part; the other issue for Pratt is that he doesn't excel in any area, not technically, not physically, not aerially, which means it's hard to tweak anything to get any more out of him - in contrast, Stephen Wells sin't the quickest player in the game but with acceleration/pace of 15/13 he can certainly play on the shoulder of some of the slow moving monsters in this division and we can bring him into the game that way (useful when teams are attacking us so much). Meaney is a different type of player again, being an AMC naturally his stats lend themselves to a DLF sort of role. Long story short, whilst we have a bit of quality and potential now in Meaney & Wells, they're very different players and whilst can obviously both do a job in the opposites role, it'd be great if I could pull Meaney back to MC and have a naturally gifted finisher up top.
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    I nearly always use AM quick pick, and the AM will take a view on the WM role for the pick.
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  31. 1 point
    Stay tuned for Part 2: Midfield Transition Unit, coming this Wednesday
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    Welcome to Season 8 Episode 4 of my FM19 story, The Head Coach. This is a LLM Journeyman story with a twist, as we work under a director of football with the players/staff we're given at every club on our road from non league to legendary status! In this episode, we are reunited with our former club Barnsley for a Premier League clash. We also look at our Director of Football's work in the transfer market so far. If you enjoyed this episode, LIKE the video & SUBSCRIBE to the channel for daily FM19 content. New episodes of FM19 The Head Coach on Monday, Wednesday & Saturday at 4.30pm, with new content from my other FM19 story, Part of the Furniture, on Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday at the same time. There's also a new video from FIFA 19 Career Mode every Friday. Thanks for watching!
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    I allow them, any realism vanishes the moment you press a button. I'd rather not go 6 months of the season with one dreadful goalkeeper because that's what my inept club manager decided to do.
  34. 1 point
    I did something I haven't done before in these one-club challenges. I attended an interview for another position. Why? Because the board have refused to improve facilities for a while. I actually got offered the Videoton job, but the board offered me talks to stay and I told them I'd stay if they agreed on improving the facilities. They accepted and I stayed. Now, I would have stayed at any rate, but I haven't used my position as a bargaining chip before. It's nice to know that this works, and that we can use them to our advantage. A small tip for those of you that have to endure negative boards.
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    Just one example from IRL. The same as a first message. We have a tactical coach in Russia, his name is Kurban Berdyev. He a specialist of 352 underdog style. His Rubin won Barca in Camp Nou, low level Rostov played in ChL few seasons ago. After promotion in Premier League he had 3th place in First season. Anybody bought his players? No, because everybody know - his players non-good without him (sometimes he has a not bad players but its like exception) Poor CB which rarely played in other low team and had low raiting moved to this coach and he was nice in big games. Just like in FM with cheat-tactic. So, Berdyev had a invites from topclubs? Or from leaders of Russian division. No. Another example is Eddie Howe. But you know him much better me
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    In recent years Marco Giampaolo has impressed many with stints in charge of Empoli and, more recently, Sampdoria. Arguably, the (Swiss born) Italian has over-achieved with both clubs whilst playing an entertaining brand of football. When news of Maurizio Sarri's departure from Napoli first broke the media identified the 50 year old Giampaolo as a possible replacement. Giampaolo almost exclusively uses a narrow 4-3-1-2 formation with the emphasis on positional play, ball retention and playing out from the back. These are some of the more interesting mechanisms Giampaolo employs to achieve his particular style of play: Full Backs who stay deep and help circulate the ball Midfielders & Forwards using lateral movements to create space Encouraging the side to stay compact, even in possession I found his unique interpretation of the 4-3-1-2 intriguing and was eager to see if I could successfully recreate Giampaolo's style of play in FM18. I’ve put some of my thoughts and observations together in this thread. The Tactic I have started a save in Marco Giampaolo’s native Italy as manager of Bari, a Serie B team with promotion aspirations. Here is my interpretation of his preferred formation: I am using just three team instructions (“shorter passing”, “play out of defence”, “use offside trap”) and two player instructions (the goalkeeper “distributes to Centre Backs” whilst the DLF is asked to “move into channels”). Build up play and the use of cautious Full Backs When a team lines up in a narrow 4-3-1-2 formation one would expect to see the Full Backs push on when their team is in possession, stretching the midfield. Not in a Marco Giampaolo side! The Italian prefers his Full Backs to stay deep in a back four with the centre backs, this provides a stable base from which the team can safely play the ball out. Under Giampaolo both Empoli and Sampdoria have placed the emphasis on retaining possession originating from deep in their own half due, in no small part, to their defensive arrangement. To replicate this defensive set-up in FM18 I have opted to use a Wing Back (Defend) on each flank; here is the in-game description for that particular role: This is what I want; I won't be encouraging crosses as a primary means of scoring and am looking to the midfielders and forwards to provide ‘situational’ width when needed. As these average position charts illustrate, even when the team is in possession the Wing Back (Defend) does not venture too high up the pitch. I want to use this shape to promote defensive stability and good ball circulation from deep. Here is the first of two clips; it shows the left sided Wing Back maintaining a position behind the ball. When the Bari No. 21 finds himself crowded out the Wing Back (No. 3) provides an out ball. Possession is quickly recycled via the Wing Back and the ball is played into a more dangerous position leading to a shot on goal. See how the lateral movement of the midfielders/forwards has created space for the DLP. He is unmarked and free to receive the ball and pick out a vertical pass – but more on this later. A more adventurous Full Back would probably have moved ahead of the midfielder and made themselves available to put a cross into the box. I am not saying there is anything wrong with this, it is just not how I intend the team to play. As well as establishing a solid base to play the ball out of defence Giampaolo’s decision to deploy deep lying Full Backs ensures a quick defensive transition when needed. In this next clip the Bari No.9 mis-controls a pass and gives away possession. Because the Wing Backs stayed back during the build-up play the defensive transition is quick and the team are able to prevent a quick counter attack. Creating space through lateral movement On the right and left of my midfield three, either side of a Deep Lying Playmaker, sit two Mezzalas. Here is the in-game description for this role: Like Giampaolo, I want to encourage these midfielders to move horizontally into the half spaces and wide areas and I want the opposition midfielders to follow. What I am hoping is that this lateral movement will create space in the centre of the pitch for the Attacking Midfielder to drop into and promote vertical passes up to him. In the clip below follow themovement of the Bari No. 7 (in white) and watch how the Roma No. 8 follows him wide; see how this opens up space for the pass into our Attacking Midfielder (No. 11) who initiates an attack. This is exactly the sort of movement I am trying to recreate. The downside to using Mezzalas is that the flanks can be left exposed, especially if the opposition Full Backs push on and ‘double up’ on our wide defenders; this is something I will need to watch out for in future games. So far, so good The early signs are encouraging, using some of the mechanisms employed by Marco Giampaolo, Bari are dominating possession and creating chances. The formation is naturally compact (there really is no need for the “play narrower” shout) and our defensive shape is sound. Particularly pleasing was a pre-season game against Roma - we lost the match but the team were performing almost exactly as I wanted them to and demonstrating the Giampaolo mechanisms I had built into the tactic. Losing to a Roma side who are 5-1 for the title and whose first team squad are valued at 27 times that of Bari's came as a surprise to no-one. However, the team from the South-East outclassed and outperformed the Serie A outfit for much of the game and, for the want of better finishing, they could have come away with more. Some source material: https://spielverlagerung.com/2016/05/13/team-analysis-empoli/ https://www.esdfanalysis.com/manager-analysis/marco-giampaolos-sampdoria/
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    Okay I changed my mind. I really want to showcase how the new training module works and how you can tailor it for a specific brand of football. So coming soon will be a much better/updated version of this thread;
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    Enfield Town FC Season Review - 2020./21. Vanarama National League South Expectations: Avoid relegation Reality: Champions We've started off furiously. Played really well, defended really well and sometimes after New Year's Eve, our form just fell apart. There were still few wins here and there but too many goals conceded in the last 10 minutes of the match cost us points and i went into full blown panic mode come last month of the league. Luckily, my players stepped up and got us that well deserved promotion. The Emirates FA Cup Expectations: Reach Fourth Qualifying Round Reality: Knocked out in Third Round by Crystal Palace Fantastic. More of this, please. Buildbase FA Trophy Expectations: Reach First Round Reality: Knocked out in Second Round by Billericay Town This match was just three days after Palace rematch. Excuses, excuses, i know... Squad - Well done to all of you guys. Most of them will be here come next season but we'll have to strengthen a bit. Transfers - Everything was done in the summer Finances - Looking good now. Thanks, Palace. Key players: Brandon Adams - Went on a rampage this season. I really don't know how he did it but lad just kept scoring. Aaron Greene - Topped the assists chart. Great year all round for him. Brad Maslen-Jones - I'm not sure there's a game this year where he was rated lower than 7. Superbly held our midfield together. Plans for next season Expecting easy survival, hoping for mid table, dreaming for a bit more than that.
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    A little update from my Valencia save using the above tactic. I am surprised by how well it works. It is a very defensively solid tactic. As you can see in the screen below, between January and March, we barely let in goals. Only conceding 3 while scoring 21. Currently lying 3rd in La Liga and made it into the Quarter Finals of Champions League. Not bad for a club expected to finish 5th in the league and competing with Barcelona, Real Madrid, Athletico Madrid and Sevilla.
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    We're going to bottle it again, aren't we?? Tough month ahead of us. Quite a few tricky opposition teams to play against... It's gonna be playoffs again dammit
  41. 1 point
    Exactly. I play the game quite a lot (550 hours and counting) and I don't experience many of the issues that I've read about here. Or maybe I don't notice them, or that I somehow have managed to work around them without even thinking about it. There are issues with the game, of course there is, but hyperbole such as that don't help at all. Speaking for "all" of the community, when there evidently is a very vocal minority that claim such things is just plain wrong.
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    Well, for my standards, that was pretty uneventful window. New dmc, that'll play as central defender. New central defender, who'll play as new bwm. A little bit of a competition for Adams. Replacement for Jamie Jellis. Not as good but he'll have to do. Highly rated youngster. Can easily fit into starting XI. A familiar face. Signed on Bosman from Dartford after his loan expired. Finally got that second goalie. Had to get him, since Barcelos got injured just as preseason was over. Can be used for cover in midfield too, so that's nice. Great in preseason, undefeated. Even thought it was mostly warm up games. But we avoided defeat against Championship side, which was shocking tbh. Our good form continued as the league started. Great start, as we went unbeaten and already faced two huge opponents. More of this, please. Too early to tell, but this might be our year.
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    I have also been hit with this bug on FMM19 (iOS). I have just resolved the problem by putting myself on holiday and return next month. The transfer went thru and received the money.
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    Ok... Hold up. This is a chance of a lifetime. Bromley in the final is definitively a lot less scary than Billercay. But it's far from easy, since they've beaten us this year. Nerve-racking day ahead... Cmon boys. Let's finish this!!
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    Bottled it. Battered by a team that fought against relegation month or two ago. Oh FM, don't you ever change...
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    Second post updated, any issues then please let me know
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    Mid Season 1 Review: Fixtures. Player Stats (sorted by Av. Rating) A very strong start to my tenure in Portugal, where we've risen to the top of a tight table. Tactically, we've been tight at the back - as expected and wanted - with only 11 goals conceded in the 19 league games. I have found, particularly against the smaller sides, that we've dominated possession (~65%+) but not been able to break through with anything decent - whether that is player quality or lack of incisive options - im not too sure yet. Overall, our average game possession sits at 53% with 80% of passes completed - I'm looking into ways that I can further analyse this possesion as, in the ideal for me would be quick passing through the final third and not concerning myself with PC for my forwards. I can see, initially, that DMC Marcao has 100% more passes completed this season (~1600) compared with my inside forward, Alex, who himself has 400 more than striker Rodrigo. As time progresses - I want to look at representing these playing stats in slightly different ways to demonstrate my point. Before that comes the biggest game of my career. We've hugely exceeded expectations and, with a lucky draw, have ended with a sixth round tie against giants Sporting Lisbon.
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    Coaching Course Interested to see how managerial attributes develop this year...
  49. 1 point
    Mentoring (my initial guess) Looking forward to getting this part of the game up and running but I've not really got too much of an idea of how it will work. To start - I picked my team leaders: These are both older players (Artur 35 and Nogueira 32) and have better (14 each) for DET, whilst Nogueira is balanced and Artur is F.Loyal. From there - I've added all players who play in similar positions on the pitch and have either a) a less favourable personality (thinking forward to the time of M.Pro's etc) or b) less DET. I'm left with this: Will report back on anything I've found!
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    Building a style for now. Eventually, I want to go full energy, full gegenpress, full Argentine grit and dirtiness but I am way away from that at the current momemt in time with the squad I have at my disposal. Here is the run down of the comparisons: Defence. Midfield. Attack. Physical. Mental. Technical. Not a great spread or anything to hugely shout about. Here is my attempt at setting up something, still along the lines of the end-goal but fitting with the squad I have. Defensive acceleration stands out as one of our better traits, along with positioning - so I have maintained wing backs (albeit on support and defend) rather than the CWB(S) that comes with the blank gegenpress template. We keep the higher line because of this pace and move to a SK(D) in goal, even though all of our goalkeepers are awful. We cannot head the ball at the back - an average of just over 6 for our defenders is woeful. As such, I've chosen the smallest possible pitch to try and snuff out wide areas for crosses to come in. The average height of our defenders, 5'11", also backs up that idea. The gegenpress template comes with nobody in the DMC slot, but I've moved those central midfielders back one row each - a) for some more defensive stability, a key facet in my early days as a manager and b) I have more suitable players there - showing with a decent rating in stamina for my midfielders. I've gone for extra cover in Letz, who can also play as a CB when needed (although never been convinced with a HB who is anywhere but a lone DMC as he can't slot back unless Ramalho moves right (who knows if that will work?) Marcao is a BWM but with the added PI of Get Further Forward to essentially play like a poor-mans RPM, with a bit more steel about him. He fits that role quite well. The CM(A) is the mezzala who can't be a mezzala (simply because he's central and not in the left or right channel and both wide men are IF's - due to the small size of the pitch and the narrow nature of the tactic. We also drop back to balanced in order to make sure we are calculated between risk and reward - I find that a key aim at this level. No idea how it'll fare - but pre-season has gone ok:
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