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  1. Just to address a point about us adding new leagues to the game. Generally in recent times the reasoning for adding them has been tied into the number of people from that country playing FM - similar to how we managed adding new translated languages into the game. There are of course exceptions to this, related to the complexity of the league and how easy/difficult it is to get a license. There's also of course a requirement for the quality of research we're able to get. We were lucky that both for Gibraltar and Canada we had existing researchers who could very much contribute.
  2. Enough of this. Time and and time again over the last 15 years you have slandered and insulted people while claiming conspiracy theories. Despite this, each and every time people have tried to help you or politely ask for proof or politely point out you are wrong on something, and it's constantly met with hostility. Once again you have been asked to demonstrate proof, and been given help and it's again met aggressive outbursts. So, no more, Garry, your constant misinformation and inability to a respectful member of the forum despite the many many interactions is beyond the pale. It's time we m
  3. Because they want to. I mean it's their property to do as they please. I think you need to take another look at it. Women's football wasn't much several years ago, but it has come leaps and bounds. While it will not compare well to the top men's leagues in terms of tempo, it's far better than many give them credit for. I would compare it to the MLS. Why did SI add the MLS when they did? Football was not big the US at the time, and it had to create loads of new mechanics (draft system++), and who would play it? Some will try, but they'll lose interest, right? Well, MSL is one of the qui
  4. Blog by Miles Jacobson on the multi-year project coming to a future version of Football Manager Whenever I mention women’s football on social media, people inevitably respond by asking when we’re going to release a women’s football version of Football Manager. Up until now, I’ve always replied with vague answers such as “When we do it, we’ll do it properly”. What I haven’t said, because we tend to keep our plans under wraps, is that we’ve been working on women’s football in the background for some time now. A few people inside football are aware of this, as we’ve been talking to them
  5. Alexandroupoli Season 3 (2024-25) League Table A much better time this year, with us managing to crack into the promotion playoffs this time around. We actually looked capable of attacking and our defense was solid. For a while we were in contention for the top spot, but I knew it wouldn't last. I was just hoping to go in to the playoffs with as many points as possible. Promotion Playoffs We went on an absolutely incredible run in the playoffs, picking up 6 wins and 1 draw in the 7 games. I really couldn't believe what I was seeing, it seemed to come out of
  6. I'll explain something I am personally disappointed about. When I've emailed SI in the past (and to be fair, I am talking 3-5 years ago) asking about the inclusion of other leagues, I've been told that they aren't willing to add leagues that they don't think people will play. I've also been told it adds to testing time to check whether a new league would be compatible with the existing game. Now when it comes to 'inclusion'... There's only one African league in the whole game. No Egypt, no Morocco, no Nigeria etc. I wonder what evidence there is that the women's leagues in say
  7. Despite Miles' self-aggrandizing message about "the right thing to do", there may be some business opportunity in tapping the female market. HOWEVER, after all these years, FM remains incredibly flawed (glitches, graphics, stupid AI, tremendous sluggishness, etc.). I'd much rather see the extra resources allocated toward FIXING the game, rather than expanding into something that will keep delivering subpar quality, not to mention a possible higher price. I therefore can only agree with critical posts and concerns in this thread.
  8. People will have their different views and that's fine, but regardless of how people feel about the feature, we absolutely do not tolerate sexist, or other discriminatory/derogative posts. Most people have been respectful either way, and that's great and very much appreciated, but a few of you apparently need reminding to be decent human beings. People not being able to abide by the house rules on decency will find their ability to post, or if necessary, their ability to be a member of this forum, removed.
  9. Yet more word salad and exaggerations. How utterly pointless it is trying to offer analysis and advice to you. The cold hard truth is you don't know nearly as much as you believe you do and until you accept that and actually listen you will continue to have these issues. A poor workman always blames his tools. @roykela You're wasting your time, good effort though. @HUNT3R @XaW @themadsheep2001 Probably a good idea to close this thread as this person clearly doesn't want a tactical discussion (or indeed any sort of discussion) but rather just peddle his nonsense.
  10. For those in here who claim there isn't much interest. I had a look, these are the average numbers of attendances of the English WSL in the 2019/20 season: Not super high, but let's look at the Vanarama national, the 2nd lowest tier in the men's league in England: Well, what do you know? It's lower for the men's league. And that is a league already in the game, and it's not even the lowest tier there. That's not to say that attendances = inclusion. There are several other leagues with high attendances that are not in the game currently. Personally, I'd see both the wom
  11. I've already addressed this. It takes a lot of work, and you have to start over every single year adding stadiums (ever spent 2 whole days finding the Lat/Long of stadiums? :)) , histories, missing players, missing staff, missing clubs, missing rivalries, missing media sources, missing awards, missing kits, missing cities... A lot of us do all this work but if SI worked with these editors the finished product in-game would be much better especially if it's tested and ensured they're all compatible with the vanilla game. Again, I'm not sure the casual player will necessarily scout fa
  12. If the game moves beyond the space you can afford to give up on a hard drive, or it moves beyond a data amount you can download at the levels FM uses then its unfortunate but it was going to happen at some point if you have such low overheads. Seems weird to worry about this when you use all leagues in the game. That alone uses a whole host of inefficient resources on your computer because you don't actively play in every league at the same time. There are also some arguments to be made that running every league compromises the game a bit because at certain points the transfer system and
  13. We have no idea what the size is going to look like, so it's a false argument. Either way they have no intention of marketing it as anything other one footballing world, which it is. FM as a game size is relatively small and demand lite. Would say this is one of the weirder reasons for not having it
  14. Or, they will hire more developers to cover the expansion, and the game will likely be sold at the same costs as usual. Which has been the case for every single time they have expanded into a new area (like when they massively expanded motion capturing for the men's game)
  15. Looking forward to it, anything that brings more immersive football is a winner for me. Aren't many other features that I'm particularly interested in, so working toward a major project like this while doing quality of life improvements to existing feature sets is always a win in my book
  16. Club Deportivo y Social Lord Cochrane - Season 2026 (Season 5) Review - Tercera División de Chile (4th tier) Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances The season looked so good for such a long time. We were in the fight for promotion until the latter quarter of the season when we imploded. I mean, look at our positions: We looked to really have a go at promotion, but a few injuries and then bad form ruined it for us. I haven't had much injuries, but this season really showed that we can also suffer from it at times. So we have to stay down here for another year, at least. The wa
  17. But why. Seriously why? Why don't you try and fix the problems (let's try one year without 3 patches before the game runs more or less stable) rather than introducing soemthing that will quickly fade away. Sure people will probably try and play it for a short period of time, but will lose interest, just like in real life, as womens football is boring, slow, not that technincally and just well boring. But why not introduce the whole lot from the beginning? Let's say from the age of 5 or 6,both girls and boys so we can get the proper feeling of everything. of and don't fp
  18. Probably still the best own academy regen I've ever had.
  19. Okay, I finally managed to find the correct settings tab...and I feel really dumb for not finding it sooner. I had to click on "League Settings (All Groups)", and not the "expand" arrow next to it. I always click on the arrow, as I never thought clicking on the name of the category was necessary. Anyway, all the missing settings could be found there, including group sizes. Therefore, problem solved. Thank you for your time.
  20. Can you post the file? I think I have an idea where to send you, but need to confirm with the file.
  21. Check out @Uncle_Sam's videos here, its for FM20 but I imagine its all still relevant
  22. I don't think attendances alone can be used to justify whether a nation should be in FM either. I'm not sure what the attendances for Ligue 1 (Ivory Coast) or Nigerian Professional League are but the insane regen potential would make them enticing to play in. Regardless, and to respond to @Daveincid and @XaW above, if this indicates SI might be more open to expanding the game to other nations and leagues in the future then I'm absolutely happy. I'm just saying in the past I've always found SI to be unwavering on any prospect of expanding the game database so it's a surprise they wen
  23. Oh, I agree comparing a top league to a lower one is not the best, but it was the first that came to mind. I could have compared it to Iceland or somewhere else with low attendance, but I wanted to keep it in England. That said, there have been added a league here and there the last years. Gibraltar, 2nd tier of Wales, Canada, to mention the few I remember of the top of my head. As well, as the possibility of adding other leagues through the editor. Adding another English women's league have been more or less impossible. So I don't have any problems seeing why SI would take this route now
  24. I don't understand why people complaining about missing leagues and use it as an argument against WSL . SI gave us a tool called FM-Editor. EVERY Nation can be created easily (only activating the league) or with some effort pretty realistic. Theese leagues can be downloaded on the editor's hideaway-forum. Why should SI spend a lot of ressources on it? The quality of some creators are 1:1 the same as the ones already included in the game by default. Some League-Files are created from researches of it's Nation. WSL is not just a new league, it's much more complex. This is where you n
  25. @Novem9 SI have a workflow in place for fixing issues and the harsh reality is some will get put back because there isn't enough time or there isn't the ability to fix them (without in turn fixing something else) in a reasonable time frame. Of course you can wonder if it will have an impact but it likely wouldn't for a few reasons that I know of, off the bat. The staff that work on the interface, probably won't have anything to do in regards to the implementation of womens football until the version of FM it is actually appearing in. Data issues, you need to persuade researchers tha
  26. I've been interested in the history of this area for a while and it seems like it's an under-used part of the World in FM terms. My starting point is pretty low in terms of what I know, and I expect much of what I think I know is probably wrong. Welcome to Sarajevo War Srebenica Slobodan Milošević Dimitar Berbatov Hristo Stoickkov Bontcho Guentchev, (who played for Hendon). Mirko Vučinić, (who my son "discovered" in FM before I heard of him in real life). Ancient Greece Ottoman Empire Greece 2004 Euro Champions. A whole team of blonde Romanians who's names all ende
  27. Right now in the mens game their is a forgotten continent, a vast black hole stretching from Zimbabwe to the Mediterranean. I wonder why SI doesnt value African football? When I suggested the womans game as a standalone I wasnt implying that they let it wither and die. Launch the game, let it find its niche and stick with it. The licensing fees should be significantly less so the game could actually be a lot cheaper than the main game.
  28. yep, working on it this weekend, just wrapped another season.
  29. It's a false argument because you have no idea how big the new framework will be, we have no idea how much is separate, or crosses from legacy. We only really know what concepts they are aiming for, and even they are evolving.
  30. I truly hope we won't have to load both databases. Especially if one is not even interested on having a look at it, like me in example.
  31. The womans version of FM should be a stand alone. The way its being planned now, the sunken costs will be passed on to the traditional FM fans and either there will be fewer developers to work on the original game or they will increase the price. As a stand alone the game would be able to grow organically and separately from the main game and the losses can be written off.
  32. Cool idea. If I was doing it, I'd start by having three at the back. Maybe I will do it...
  33. Polonia Warsaw - Season 2 League League Stats / Transfers 9th! Left side of the league! Only 9 points behind Europe and 23 above relagation. Great rookie season on top flight. We did less good in the Cup, losing to 3rd league Garbarnia in the 2nd round, at home. Alot of reserve players left or ware released bringing our wage budget down by about 5k/m. We managed to sell Grzybek for 100k to Croatia. And our Brazillian left to GKS Belchatow. One of our youngsters who had zeor imporvement in 2 seaosns was signed by Lazio for some reason...maybe I made a booboo le
  34. I finally bought FM21 after years on the other games. Compared to FM19 (the last one I played) I've noticed there's loads of unnecessary extra clicks e.g. speaking to a journalist and having to click into the conversation, then select a reply and then click out of the conversation. In previous games the conversation option showed up in the inbox and made things much quicker. Can we have fewer clicks in FM22 please?
  35. I, for one, am extremely excited about this. Gonna make for a heck of a role playing journeyWOman save. Start as a woman manager, without any experience or badges and work your way in the women's world and then take the plunge in the men's world. The unthinkable! A woman who is conquering the male's world! In football nonetheless! Will we get an opportunity from a big name? Or will we have to go down into the dirt of Italian football to get a glimpse of men's professional football management scene? Definitely gonna be the only long term save when it comes out.
  36. Wow just found this thread now. You know i'm a fan of that region and playing / buying from a limited region (i did it last season with Paris FC in Ile De France for some seasons). I was on holiday in Bretagne and saw almost every stadium this year (or two years ago when i was also on holiday over there). Going to follow this !
  37. August 2059 I'm having to make 8 or 9 changes to the first team to keep players fresh and it's really starting to bug me. It's also starting to cost us. As a result we're back in the Conference League, in a group that should be winnable. It's also pretty cool to see a Faroese team in there!
  38. Hello ! I wish we had the possibility to compare 2 scout reports of the same player at different moment to be able to track if a player is improving or not. I want to see the atributes and "personality" changes. It would also be useful if we could do it to our loaned players. Thanks...
  39. I would like to be able have a graph (or something else) that would indicateme the changes in the personality of my players, the same way as other attributes in the player "Development"- "Progress" panel. Thanks !
  40. Glad it's a fun read! I think I'll get better over time as I get used to things here. That's a really good question though and it's difficult to answer. I was hoping there would be a good flow graphic out there that describes the relationship between Clubs, but alas there isn't one. The quick answer to how it works in real life - the B Team is actually more of an affiliate which plays in a separate competition. Since the B-Team league and the Youth-Team league run on opposite seasons (summer vs winter), most A-League clubs simply move their youth players over to the B-Team com
  41. It's not even that. Just from this thread it's pretty obvious that some are hyper sensitive when it comes to perceived sjw and virtue signaling. I wouldn't be surprised if these people are also annoyed that Mr Jacobsen is standing up for the protests on his twitter as well. To think that this feature is only now being considered because of social media likes and appeasement is just laughable. It's like they live in their own little bubble and are oblivious to the fact that the womens game has been growing exponentially in the last few years.
  42. Personally I hope it comes just to annoy the sexist dinosaurs
  43. Yeah, that's what's surprising. I can't imagine much would have changed between now and then, but with that tweet from Miles, it'd be a bit of an odd one if it didn't end up being released. You were doing so well for a sentence there. May as well have just started it with "I'm not a sexist, but..." and then talked about all the female friends you've got.
  44. I don't think SI really give two hoots about this new game from Germany. This "competition" argument is seriously overrated. In my opinion, SI haven't been less innovative/more complacent since the demise of FIFA Manager, compared to when EA were still in the market. This attitude is what REALLY annoys me about some men on the internet who seek to put women's sport down. These men claim that nobody cares about women's football just because THEY are not interested in women's football. But just because YOU don't care DOES NOT mean that NOBODY cares. This is such a self-centred
  45. Waste of time and resources in my view, nobody really cares about womens football, just look at the numbers in terms of viewership, sponsorship, etc etc. They should focus on improving the current format because even if they did this, womens game is very diifferent to mens game, you cant just chuck in a female database and voilá, its done.
  46. G'Day - For real this time Hi everyone, I'm Butlee. Not a regular forum poster, but I've had a few goes at this kind of story-telling over a few years. It hasn't quite stuck with me (/ I haven't quite stuck with it). When I was thinking about getting back into it, I figured maybe planning to do a shorter term save and doing what I know best would help me get used to writing up my regular updates. There are probably things I want to give & get out of this venture; I want to learn. I try and do research on clubs that I manage and to learn about them as a club, their history
  47. wow! So you don't see any numbers at all? would love to see a player profile as an example So according your gaming-style you must have incredible hidden stats with handling pressure! This is a fantastic way of play! You really got me inspired Cheers Daveincid
  48. Thank you for the thread! I think it's a good idea to have a place with that focus. There is something where I would love to hear other views iof you guys. How do you manage transfers at your club? Do you buy players, which you know they will develop into world-beaters, even if this wouldn't happen with the club in reality? Do you spend much higher salary or money on players than it would happen IRL? When I play with Basel, I always try to be +/- at the wage-budget the club spends at the beginning. If a player want's a much higher salary, it's time to say good bye Cheers Daveinci
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