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  1. To be fair they managed Sheff United, who aren't exactly a struggling team in the championship. They should be considered one of the favourites to finish in promotion spots. Generally better teams will try and impose themselves so it would make more sense to me that they press aggressively. Is it overpowered? Its still too early to say. There were several points they were making throughout the stream of which one stood out, they had depth. If a team has depth and has the players to rotate you could use gegenpressing for the majority of a game. However to do that 3 games on the trot in the championship where matches come thick and fast would be almost impossible. Plus I can't quite recall whether they were into the winter period either, that also factors in. Even from watching that I was asking myself why some of the players weren't exhausted at the end of the first half? I do think that at this point in time, SI haven't finalised everything yet, and may well feel that players still have a bit in their tank for sprint capacity. They could adjust it before release. Even if they adjusted the severity of the sprint model, I think there will always be ways to get around it. You could create a custom shout and use it with 20 minutes to go or whenever to reduce the intensity of your tactic, and then switch gegen pressing on for bursts. Or you could just bring on players to take over. Not every single position will feel the effect of gegenpressing and it will depend on the tactic as well. So plug and play tactics won't be dead. People will just need more depth and know which areas need strengthening. A 4312 gegen pressing tactic will simply have 4 equally good wingbacks.
  2. The pass completion & possession stats are one of the main immersion breakers for me. Every year we get people wanting to replicate Pep style tactics & one of the main points of frustration is them wanting Pep style % possession numbers which just isn't that achievable in FM without having to use the defensive mentalities. High pass completion percentages by weaker teams are just unrealistic, you can see them string together passes with ease which shouldn't be a thing looking at their attributes. See yesterday, Liverpool beating Watford 5-0, Liverpool had 76% possession & Watford completed 65% of their passes, this is something FM doesn't simulate well
  3. yeah, just look at last fixtures of Championship - very few team had pass accuracy percentage above 80%, and in their stream (I watched on one of the youtube channels, so might be wrong, but) both teams in 2 or 3 matches had more then 80% (in one of the match I think 84 and 87) passing accuracy, and I have suspicions that in lower leagues in FM numbers will be the same. That's why I'm not excited about data hub at all - that's just representation of data you couldn't change or influence by your tactic or level of your players - because if championship teams have similar passing level as man city, then what's the point of all that stat.
  4. People moaning about the ME should remember what the setups were here. A wing-play tactic that didn't look like it was ever going to produce much in the way of central play, imo. Then there's trying a wing-play tactic against teams who, for the most part, you know will be on the cautious side against you and using someone as Brewster (who isn't dominant in the air) as the lone striker. Almost any other plan will be a step up from that, imo. I can't remember if they mentioned or showed this anywhere, but what highlights level were they playing in? We may have missed a lot of pass into space attempts (especially since there's more misplaced/overhit/inaccurate passes) purely because of the highlights level. I don't think the poor tactical familiarity (gegenpress tactic) helped either. That third goal against Nottingham Forest was a very nice move and it shows what the ME can do - with a better setup and a team that's more familiar with the tactic, we're going to see more moves like that, I'm sure. There were nice moments in there though and I enjoyed the animations.
  5. I think that is a good point - and I'd like to add that it is connected to the observation that teams don't use counter tactics that often in FM. In real life, the numbers for pass completion for non-top teams is lower not because they are worse at playing the sport but because they usually try to break quickly resulting in a lot of high risk forward passes that naturally are not successful very often. I do think that this could be tweaked, though. Increasing the tendency of outsider clubs to counter would also punish gegenpress tactics more. (Maybe it is already in the game and we just haven't seen it yet..)
  6. I don’t think that’s the case, they had above 85% (90% even at some time) pass competition rate even at „slightly more direct passing“. The median of a championship side is around 70% IRL and the better teams around 80%. So either the stats and how they are calculated are broken or the stamina/ inaccuracy model is ever so slightly that it doesn’t have any real effect. And just from visuals it’s the latter one.
  7. Imagine if they just came out and said "Right lads, we've overhauled the tactical and transfer AI, overhauled the rating system, overhauled all the dynamics, gave international management an upgrade and improved the match engine". Boom. Done and dusted. Give us your money and see you next year.
  8. Things like data hub would be useful if you couldn’t just gegenpress your way to victory because the AI doesn’t counter attack.
  9. I totally agree to your post but just want to add, that they've played with "(slightly) more direct passing" (which equals high risk forward passes) and finished that game with 84% pass completition which equals a top 5 PL team last season. The second game was finished with the same tactic but with 89% pass completition. So i think its not only related to the AI for using wrong or too cautious tactics. this seems to be a general problem within the ME. (which they said was addressed by the new stamina calculations)
  10. To me, SI have gone way overboard with wide centre backs. We were all wowed by the Blades introducing the Premier League and global TV audiences for one glorious season. It didn't work due to a player being injured in the second season, and it's not that big a thing anymore. But SI have gone overboard with it, selling it as one of the biggest new features, and interviewing the manager who's responsible for that year of glory. They're focusing on Sheff United not because they're a strong Championship side, but to showboat the new position. As for gegenpressing, I'm a lower league manager using fan-created files with leagues going into the amateur game. It did dismay me that I could use gegenpressing with amateur teams with players having stamina attributes of 5 or less. I'm very pleased to see that players will get tired and make mistakes when they're not suited for that tactic - but I would like to see evidence that they really do tire. I'm not seeing enough of that yet.
  11. But on the flip side for Youtubers and Streamers, viewers often want to see "progression" in manageable chunks (30 min video or 2/3 hour stream) Playing matches on a slower speed would slow down overall progression which could disengage a viewership on a longer term basis
  12. Honestly so so disappointed they've kept the match UI as horrible as it has ever been for the second year running. It is so so difficult to get the information you need to feel immersed in the game. Please for the love of god go for the customisable widget option of FM19/20. Why do SI seem to enjoy restricting players so much by reducing their choice in how they play and see data? If people want to play with the way it's currently set up... let them. They could've done that with the old widget system! Bring back a list of players in the middle with match ratings so it's easy to read, widgets on the outside which are customisable (some people actually enjoy being able to see the whole league table/scores/player ratings without scrolling the side bar up and down 10 times a game every time they reset and feel involved and immersed in the league and up to date) and bring back the last 5 minute possession bar so you can ascertain the swing of the game. Also - whats the point in having a league table in the match UI that doesn't display GD??? Last year the UI got slated so heavily. I think SI took it as ''it's a change, people will get used to it''. The only thing people have gotten used to is how shoddy and awful it is. Please hold your hands up, take on the feedback and make progressive changes. Give people back the choice to customise the game screen how they wish. Team talks? Rather be able to see my players in a list from 1-15 without spending 10 seconds finding my central midfielder in the right hand corner of the ''dressing room'' next to my goalkeeper in the top right corner. All the UI changes from last year just added more clicks, more scrolls and more effort to be able to get the information we previously got from a glance. Awful.
  13. If the stats don't mirror those of real life it totally undermines and completely negates the importance of the Data Hub as a feature. I want to see possession stats and pass accuracy reflect those of the relevant leagues and the quality of player. The number of corners per game and goals scored from corners, exactly the same. I pointed out earlier in the thread that the scatter graph seemed to show one player averaging 22 crosses per 90.......when I believe the average is probably more like 18 total per game. Its a legitimate concern at this point.
  14. If you improved the league reputation, and more teams in the league improved their youth coaching, recruitment and facilities that can have a good effect on youth players. However, the youth rating is a fixed variable (in FM21 and previous) that impacts heavily. So while it more of less was possible to improve a nation to a certain degree, it was impossible to get the average Icelandic intake anywhere close to for example Germany. With the change, that variable is no longer fixed and will instead change year to year (likely at a glacial speed, as it should!), but if you make Iceland a regular CL winning country, then it could be possible after a long, LONG time going forward in the future. The dynamic youth rating is the single most important thing for me in this release, as I almost only play youth-only challenges now and very often in small countries trying to build them up. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I'd be more than happy with FM21 with this feature only added. And I do realise the majority of FM players will not agree with me on that! Edit: @Daveincid - I already replied here, just before you tagged me!
  15. When there is a significantly bigger sample size of matches, squads, and players testing it. Not just a date.
  16. Could it just be that you're trying to extrapolate from a small sample size? There's no reason why 3 goals shouldn't be scored from corners in the games they showed. It's entirely possible that if they'd continued playing the average would have fallen back in line after a while, we just didn't see enough games
  17. I think this is what the majority is waiting for, but somehow these improvements are the most elusive, every year. I get that casuals want to press a few buttons and win, but these aren't the people that'll be playing this game 10 years or even 3 years down the line, for the most part anyway. We will though. Maybe it's time to appease for us for a change.
  18. Luckily we have heroes in the shape of the skin creators. Every single year they do gods work and release game changing skins. Can't remember the last time I stuck with a base skin. This purple era has been one of the worst though.
  19. Yea this worries me, its like they see a different ME, just by watching these few games to me it looks like corners and crossing are over powered and gegenpress is still a plug a play cheat tactic. I really hope I'm wrong. This is the first year in about 10 to 15 years I haven't pre ordered, I'm waiting to read feebcack from the community first.
  20. Didn't notice one goal from a through ball and lots of assists from corners, fingers crossed this isn't a sign of things to come.
  21. Season #135 - 2155/56 Midtable Sacked my HOYD to see if we can get any better players Nothing else to say
  22. Hi guys! I would love to see more of a difference in managing clubs. I think the Club Culture feature was a great addition to this. However I think a really nice and more realistic approach in terms of transfers would be to perhaps change how they work between clubs. For instance, perhaps you are at a club where an owner buys and sells players sometimes at their own accord Perhaps you only have the final say in transfers Maybe you are part of a 3/4 man committee that need a majority vote. Maybe you are given more of a say the more faith the club have in you or the longer you have been there. It could even be a part of negotiations when joining a team or getting a new contract. I just feel like clubs need to feel more different really and that currently the director of football doesn't really add enough and there isn't enough in terms of power dynamics/internal politics etc. BW Toby
  23. Honestly why was gegenpressing even added in the first place without considering the effect stamina would have? Surely the biggest drawback of that system is having the fitness to do it, but it appears that hasn't been a requirement at all. Like it's almost fifa esque, just get really fast players who can close down quickly and you're sorted, and that's not difficult at all one the superhuman regens come through.
  24. I hate to be negative as I've been an avid fan since the very first one on the Amiga and I truly appreciate everything the team's doing, but that match day interface is just...not great. The best thing SI should do is hire Michael Murray as every year it seems he has to fix the damn thing so you can see the important stuff like your rating and your teams rating in the center of the screen, two valuable pieces of info so you can alter and adapt as necessary.
  25. It could be, you are correct. But what else do we have to judge anything on? I criticised the teaser trailer, got told to wait until the blogs as it was only a teaser. Blogs were not, IMO, much help - they didn't give that much away. Then the live stream made it seem just as bad. If they have made these improvements in trigger points, in making sure that gegenpress isn't just plug and play - then why use gegenpress? Why not showcase another way of playing? It just doesn't make sense to me to show something that was overpowered in FM21 - and show it to be overpowered again.
  26. And, it is not realistic. In 2018-2019 there were an average of 10.3 corners per game in the Premier League (I don't have stats for the Championship or I would have compared like for like). Teams scored in 3.7% of these corners - or in other words they scored a third of a goal per game. So to register 3 goals from corners should take an average of 10 games. Hopefully they address this for the full release.
  27. Nuneaton Borough Season Review 2040/2041 Competitions EFL Championship - 9th position - (League table) FA Cup - lost in 5th round Carabao Cup - lost in 4th round Our fourth season in the Championship went well and we continued to progress. The results were mixed for most of the season, with us losing just slightly more than we won. This pattern continued right through until around March, and with us only drawing a handful of games, we sat comfortably mid-table. We hit our worst form at this point and had lost four games in a row, the fourth being our exit in the 5th round of the FA Cup (our best performance to date). But, just as I prepared for a stressful run in, our form improved and we went on a run of 8 games unbeaten. Managing to win 6 of them. This catapulted us up the league, to a really pleasing 9th place. It was interesting watching how Leicester and Crystal Palace dominated the league, making like work of returning to the Premier league. Palace's striker got 47 league goals! Playing Squad This season felt like the point where the quality in the squad is established and we can be competitive. Some really impressive development in our young centre backs and goalkeeper have made us much more solid at the back, the two centre backs being the only players achieving an average rating above 7 for the season. With the way Premier league teams swoop in for our best players, I expect these three lads are destined for bigger things, but they had a huge part to play in our performance. Michael O' Hara (38b) is our standout performer, this season he played in a more advanced position and performed really well, scoring 18 goals in all competitions. Youth Intake This appears to be a brilliant intake, with talented players in positions we lack depth. Danny Doran (41c) is the stand out, he is still 15 years old but could get our bench already. He's an imposing striker and he could play a huge part in us reaching the Premier League. Patrick Weller (41a) Justice Howe (41b) Danny Doran (41c) Finances, Facilities and Transfers We move into our new stadium in June 2041, so will start next year with hopefully 10,000 more fans at home games. Loads of interest in a few of our players, if I can navigate this and keep most of the best in the first team, I could see us finishing in the top half again, I can't imagine us getting into the playoffs though, I think that is beyond us.
  28. ^^ This + just a few settings they had: Focus play on both wings, Overlap on both sides, Extremely wide and they did say they were going for wing play. 2 Wingbacks, 1 winger + 1 WCB had PI's of Cross more often, Cross from Byline. Its almost "Anti-Central" play It was extended highlights
  29. The Blue tick is “Acknowledge”. It tells the scout that your happy with the information, stops scouting but you keep the report. The Red tick is “Discard”. It tells the scout you are not interested in the player, stops scouting, and the report is discarded (i.e. deleted)
  30. One year we unofficially got about 3 hours notice, but beyond that it’s spontaneous
  31. Watched a few in-match moments and there were two things that caught my attention immediately. 1. Animations were improved. 2. "Ice-skating" was worse than FM21. Now, i haven't sat down and given it a proper look, so it might be the wrong impression, but the ice-skating seemed to be prevalent. I don't see that much in FM21, although i am, by no means, saying it is not frequent. No change to the match screen UI is very disappointing. I still find it terrible as you have to be all over the place. I hope we're able to change players around by clicking and dragging on the match screen directly instead of having to go the tactics screen. That would be some improvement. Data Hub sounds nice but i'm unsure of how often i'll actually be using it. In general i'm not really that hyped for this release yet, but that could change, of course. Looking forward to the Beta though.
  32. So it seems. It really did sound like it had been eliminated in the Nic Madden interview. There were similar slightly misleading (or just not clear enough) comments about pressing triggers. I was hyped thinking we'd have some options to control/fine tune these but its not the case. Probably just needs more caution/clarity around statements like these.
  33. Sure, there's a lot to criticise, but if you didn't notice the player animations being vastly different, then you might need to take a trip to the optician.
  34. In the FM blog it says "There’s also a new opposition instruction built around pressing triggers that you can use to target players in the opposition backline who are weak on the ball.", but they didnt show this in the live stream
  35. I think what disappointed me the most was the fact there was zero need for any in game management, despite the fact they went full high press for 90 minutes (which was a complete change of system that was unfamiliar to the players). In trying to forcefully show the impact of fatigue on accuracy, first touch and pressing effectiveness; they demonstrated nothing of the sort and steamrolled the AI. Also, most teams in the Championship have players that can hurt the opposition, but the AI once again was ridiculously passive on the counter. Aside from some nice new animations, I thought I was watching last year's stream. And don't get me started on that match day UI. To double down on last year's decision is absolutely baffling.
  36. Basically what the title says this was used by Don Revie of Leeds United to prepare his 1st team to play against other teams tactics before the game.
  37. A big kick in the teeth to Mobile gamers and the older generation. The same players that have kept you in business over the years. VERY underhanded to the PC players to take pre orders BEFORE this announcement too
  38. It comes down to the way FM models the decline of older players, too harshly in a lot of FM players opinions. To see strength disappear after 33 sometimes is ludicrous. Especially when Bayo Akinfenwa keeps on going each year!
  39. If injuries are at 80% then it should be an option either that you tick at the beginning at the game similar to attribute masking or changeable in the editor (majesticeternity has a great work around but it's slightly different to injury occurence I think, pls correct me if I'm wrong). One thing though, i was asking Neil Brock about the injury occurence in the forums and I wasnt sure if he was suggesting they are in line with real life now.
  40. Massively underwhelmed watching that back. With some of the issues and bugs in FM21 I didn't play it as much as previous editions anyway so this one was really going to have to be a step up to warrant a purchase. I think it'll be a year out for me.
  41. This will be my 28th year of CM/FM, starting out with Champ Man 1993 (with 94 season update) as a seven year old. Of course, those first 11 years I had a tremendous amount of free time around school etc, a little less as I entered the working/university years, and then each subsequent year less and less time to play and enjoy the game that has been the defining hobby and interest of my life (no exaggeration). I've spent more time playing CM/FM than engaging with real-life football. FM Touch was for me the modern equivalent of those simpler times, allowing us to speedily get into and through a season without the level of micro-management that I know some of you love. I know the full game now has a lot of 'hand over responsibility' options (which I do, a lot, when loading a 'full' game) but it's still a higher level of detail and time commitment to get 'right'. It's like choosing to do full lap races on the F1 game or 20% race distance - we can still enjoy the core of the game even when time poor. So this decision, while I understand it, is really disappointing. One addition that I would really value making it's way over to the full game - and surely others would, too - is the instant result button. It's handy when you want to race through a few games, plus for those of us not blessed graphically, it allows you to enjoy the core of the game without needing to invest in a new machine. I've used a skin with this on the full game for years, but of course it's third party and technically not supported - and what's to say that'll be available this year and beyond. Do SI have plans to bring this functionality across? Will also miss the challenges too, which added some interest outside of the normal way to play; often played a challenge simultaneously via iPad with a 'full' game on either Touch or full FM on Mac/PC. Sorry - bit of a ramble, but outside of family, you're technically (depressingly?!) the longest relationship I've had; this stuff matters, a lot!
  42. This type of thing would add a lot. I think it will come as AI improves. Increased AI awareness and the AI of individual players/staff having individual needs and issues that are tailored to the situation they are in. I can only imagine the level of AI depth this would require so I can see why it maybe isn't as detailed right now but I too would love to see this kind of thing more in the future!
  43. Yea, I really liked that! I wonder how much it effects contracts/transfers/prices/interest?
  44. Seems a shame that this product is to be discontinued. The older versions will eventually fail with iOS and android updates. Would have thought touch was a road to gaining a new audience for the full fat game too. I just don’t see kids gaming in the same way as us older uns do and did. Also technology is advancing so rapidly I probably assumed full fat would make it to tablet sooner or later. I’d already decided to go full version this year but do like the accessibility of touch for a quick half hour or so. Surely tho 3d match engines and touch will be supported on higher end mobiles and in some cases probably already could. Would that in itself not give a bigger potential audience for touch? Would love to know how the mobile sales and play figures compare because in my honest opinion mobile is far too simplistic for the average fm player.
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