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    As stated in the OP many skins have edited the match title bar code - as such you will either need to remove the offending panels or re-code them.
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    It's a lot better than unambitious!!
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    He said "classic IF" which is a completely different thing to the modern role. These are from wikipedia, the last one is actually the system he's talking about (which I'd never heard of until this thread) The classic 2-3-5 The W-M Metodo.
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    I see your fraudness and raise you a GK with 78 goals.
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    It's basically a running joke -- fraud tactics being anything too hipster, too strange, too successful, too predictable, too...anything, really. It's kind of a catch-all, friendly insult. You'll also see it used as a compliment -- that a save idea or tactic is "deliciously fraudulent." As I think about it, it is the forum equivalent of "dude." The meaning is wholly dependent on how you incorporate "fraud" into a sentence/work, a million different meanings...all of them good-natured.
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    Wow i was trying out the different available skins at the moment, just to see if there is one i can enjoy playing with. Well how do i put this? You sir a Champ! This was the last skin i tried and was sure i would just use the Base Skins once again, i have it now for 1 Hour but i can already say that you did amazing work with this. It has all the essential options and nice details without feeling overloaded on the eyes, i have to repeat myself that you did amazing work with this. I found my Skin for this Year.
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    EXPANDING THE EXPERIENCE: Just added this to the opening posts. One of the big criticisms of playing MLS is that there isn't enough continental and international competition. These are files I add to help make the MLS experience more fun. The competitions are all separate so you can pick and choose which ones you want. Some are real, some are revived competitions that are now extinct, and some are modifications of existing competitions. ADDITIONAL FILES ----------MLS Club Continental Competitions CONCACAF in the Copa Sudamericana - CONMEBOL used to invite teams from North America to compete in the Copa Sudamericana. That deal ended when CONCACAF changed the format of the Champions League and started scheduling matches in the fall when the Sudamericana was played. Now that the Champions League has returned to playing all of their matches in the spring, there has been some discussion of allowing North American teams in the Sudamericana again. I remember playing in Sudamericana with the older versions of FM and it was a lot of fun, so I built this file that sends the CONCACAF Champions League winners and runner-up to the Sudamericana. Pan-Pacific Championship - This revives a now-defunct preseason friendly competition that used to pit the champions of MLS Cup against the champions of Australia, Japan, and South Korea in a one-leg knockout competition. There is a third place match so two matches are guaranteed. International Champions Cup - This recreates the summer friendly competition that is played mostly in the United States in real life. This version plays the entire competition in the US and adds the MLS Supporters Shield champion as well as the Libertadores champion, who has been invited in the past. DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5kb0kovavl9k1lb/MLS_Continental_Comps.rar/file ----------Central American & Caribbean Leagues This file adds the national leagues for Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico. These are actually updates on claasen's files from the past (so I will remove them if he so wishes but he has apparently taken a break from the scene and did not update these himself so I went ahead and did it). I added these to increase the MLS playing experience by adding some continental leagues and expand the player pool for acquisitions. Also included is the Central American Club championship competition. There are also files for the Champions League and CONCACAF league that adjust how teams are drawn from Costa Rica. The CCL and CL in this file are different from the versions included with the MLS download so you will need to remove those and add these files if you intend on running Costa Rica DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3881pz6akm2i24m/Central_America_Comps.rar/file ----------International Competitions These files add some international competitions to enhance the North American experience. Like all of the others, you can pick and choose which ones you want. USA January Camp - When I managed the US national team it always bugged me that I couldn't schedule friendlies in January because in real life they hold a camp for the domestic players (and guys who play in Spring-Fall leagues like Scandinavia). So I created this file to add the camp. The US will play two matches against nations chosen randomly from a list of countries that have played against in January in the past. Pan American Games - This is a real life youth competition for U22 teams from North and South America. It helps to prepare the national team programs for Olympic Qualifying. Central American & Caribbean Games - Real life U21 competition for Latin American national teams (No USA or Canada) Central American Games - U20 Championship for the 7 Central American Nations: Copa Nuevo Mundo - In 2016 the USA hosted the Copa America. After the tournament was a huge success, there was talk about creating a new competition held every four years for the top national teams from CONCACAF and CONMEBOL. This is is that competition. I call it the Copa Nuevo Mundo (Cup of the New World). It consists of 16 teams (8 from CONCACAF, 8 from CONMEBOL) held every four years in the United States. DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/o1o7cmo1oigsg2j/International_Comps.rar/file
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    Hello, The Junior League will have all the correct teams pulling through from the database, as opposed to the hot fix which the developers released earlier. All transfers that can be verified before the research deadline New players and non-playing staff that have appeared in the top two divisions. Other notable additions to include: A huge cleanup of lower league clubs. Every 3.HNL and below club has been reviewed. Many players have had their abilities fine tuned to avoid "outdated" players getting unrealistically signed by teams in the top two divisions. Addition of some missing records and achievements 247 missing stadiums which I've gone through and added one by one, including any missing towns and/or cities that they belong to.
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