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  1. May 2042: Playoff Final Derby's star man is left back Imanol Diez and, as they were predicted to line up like this, I chose my IF to play on the right, pegging him back, hopefully. A little harsh on right footed Mason Stokes, in his best season from us, but he doesn't offer the playmaking I need from the other side against the more defensive full back. Here are the full line ups: --- 15 mins: Nothing to note. We've had a shot with 0.09xG whilst they've recorded 0.12xG but 74% of their attacking is down my right hand side and we've had a little heart in mouth moment as Glass
  2. I initially started this tactical experiment in my general Total Football thread. It can be found here: But I think the tactic deserves its own thread. Here I will try to analyze it role by role and try to isolate the "recipe" that you can use in your own save. It basically became my go-to formation in FM21 and took over all of my FM playing time. Even when I am not playing FM, it got me obsessing about diamonds or looking for who could be my next False 9. The football it creates in my opinion is the closest I ever got to the Cruyff's ideal of Total Football in all my years of pla
  3. Out goes Joe for £15m, along with Gaetan Bong to Swansea for £1m. In comes a replacement in German, Robin Hack from Nurnberg for £2m. Another signing, was Italian forward Andrea Adorante for £700k. He has lots of great mental and physical attributes, and could fit in well with a few technical improvements. Last signing of the window, for £1.8m (going up to £2.2m), was Tim Handwerker, also from Nurnberg.
  4. Cherno More (Black Sea) is a good choice - they seem to produce a decent number of talented players in my saves - although I'd probably have gone with the Dominican Republic or Surinamer teams, because how cool would it be to get a good youth player from either of those nations?
  5. European coefficients. Jun 2048. This is big news. Finland are up to 10th in the rankings now and as a result the Champions of the Veikkausliiga auto-qualify for the Group stages of the Champions League. Now I just have to make sure this is us because that's a ridiculous amount of guaranteed income.
  6. Cabinteely - Irish Premier Division 2022 I was expecting a struggle. League Table - Absolutely ecstatic to avoid relegation. Leinster Senior Cup - A lowly regional cup, but still great to win our first silverware. League Cup - We couldn't repeat last season's heroics. Senior Challenge Cup - Brave effort against a dominant Shamrock Rovers. Youth Intake - Another good intake for refreshing the squad. Campos gave us a much needed striker (Portuguese!) and Purcell is a nice creative player. Finances - Well in the black Key Players: Stephen Cleary 21 - I
  7. FM 21.5 ME KASHMIR 451 KING MU P97 FA FM21.5KashmirKnap451KINGMUP97FA.fmf
  8. Excellent stuff. Thought it was interesting last night after Laporte came on, it looked quite like this in possession: Sterling------Mahrez------Torres Zinchenko--Bernardo--Cancelo Rodri Laporte-----------------------Stones Dias Cancelo would have been the one to fall back into line but uh... he never really needed to... This interests me because the reserves have played like this throughout Pep's time here, making me think he wanted to play like this all along. For example on Monday, in possession, they looked l
  9. The Seagulls Season 2022 / 2023 Update Another great season and very nice youth intake. Lost again in Semi Final but like last season I had to play extra time in the first round with only 2 day rest before the Semi Final. Starting to feel alot stronger and with another great youth intake future looking good and I really enjoy life with this team. GL ALL !!!
  10. Rimini Calcio FC Season Summary 2025 - 2026 We finished 15th place for the third year running! Some of our players developed really nicely this year, but as a team I see basically no development at all. We have the most un-Italian defensive structure that I have ever seen. Our positional and marking play, especially when the opponent attacks with pace, is absolutely appaling. It is really frustrating to watch, but having so many young players in a side is of course a recipe for unconsistency, especially when it comes to defending! We started the season pretty well, but from Ma
  11. We are not horribly off, only 5 points this season, but I also never felt we really were close. So I think with a few more improvements, and a few more seasons to get the players to mature (if I can keep them!) and we should have a chance. In other news: He really had a spectacular season! An average of more than 5 key passes per 90 is amazing!
  12. Teie IF Season 2037 review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances No Europe for us this season (other than the knockout rounds that started in our pre-season), so we could focus on the domestic matches. And things went really well as we finished in a very good 3rd place and are qualified for the Europa League next season. We started quite poorly, but in the end things went better and better as the season went on. I think the reason is that I got rid of a lot of the older regulars since the young up and coming players are now equal or better now. So a lot went out, either loan or sold,
  13. Welcome! More than happy to see new people here. It's a tough challenge, but it's oh so rewarding even coming close to anything resembling trophies playing this way. If you love to dive deep, then come on in, set up a spreadsheet and dig away!
  14. Just spent the last week reading through 79 pages, so thanks lads for reinvigorating my FM passion. I was an early player from the cm2 days and 10-17 I played to death, but fell out of love with the changes from 18 onwards (I still rate fm17 as the best game they ever made). The no mass trails for non league's teams in 19 infuriated me and I still don't like the new scouting set up in the slightest. For the last couple of years I've been deep into OOTP and learning all about baseball, as a bristolian with little prior knowledge twas a steep learning curve. The joys of it is that it
  15. If you are more of a visual person, here is part of a spreadsheet I made that shows exactly what changes for each role and duty when team mentality changes (full disclosure, this was actually charted from FM2019, but I spot checked against FM21 and nothing seemed to have changed). Knowing this information to this level of detail is not necessary or even all that helpful, it just shows the pattern of duties vs mentality that is pretty consistent across the board:
  16. Im just starting my Swansea City save trying to replicate the tiki taka under the Rodgers days
  17. Overview One thing that separates Brendon Rodgers from many other British managers is his tactical flexibility. Unafraid to use different systems of play from the 4-2-3-1 at Swansea which drew comparisons to Barcelona, to the diamond that had his Liverpool team running over teams in attack akin to Klopp’s Dortmund. However, his principles of play are clear and have a been put to the test across various leagues like the championship, premier league and the SPL with Celtic. It’s all about the ball. Dominating it, looking to win it back quickly, owning it, this is especially true of his S
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