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  1. Your in Good shape! Keep up an average of 2 points a match and you should have a good chance at promotion. How often do you switch tactics? I have been mostly keeping with one and using a variant to change things up if I need a goal...without upping the mentality, but sometimes I just up the mentality...
  2. Europa League - Last QF round - Season 1 If we win, this could be a big miracle and we would be rich ! After one minute.. it was almost over. They hit the post a few time but at half time it was only 0-1. I only changed one player and we got a few chances.. Boro scored the 1-1 and Juanfri scored the winner but was disallowed. I still had my 4 subs so i if i would get near the penalty's .. it would start bringing on the 'good' penalty takers, not that i have many. If Plzen misses we would become rich ! but they scored.. so we had to score t
  3. Grenoble Foot 38 November 2031 : Regular Season "November Rain" Gerard was a little down because of the loss to FC Nantes, but the team had a good chance to keep the momentum and start a new streak in November. There were four fixtures on the schedule all of them winnable and Gerard expected at least 8 points as always but considered 12 a real possibility. Highlights The month was going to begin with a trip to Brittany....Gerard's (favorite place on earth.....lol!) GF38 were considered favorites due to table position and would have to do a good job to ensu
  4. Summer 2012 I had started out being worried about players being snatched from me, then I realised that I could actually strengthen a lot easier than in higher levels because I didn't have to worry about budgets. There were a few players who seemed decent already but having been presented at the start with a list from the chief scout I saw how much I could improve on almost everyone else. I even added a few more players for depth as well as buying almost an entire first choice side. Just two existing players started our first league match and one of those is just being snatched away at the
  5. Grenoble Foot 38 October 2031 : Regular Season "All good things must come to an end..." Gerard was still happy with the team and its play.....He wished for fewer injuries which would allow the team play with the Starting XI that he would back against anyone for 1 game. October only would have three fixtures and an International Break. As always Gerard would be looking for at least 6 points. Schedule Highlights The injuries never stop..... GF38 was a big favorite and Gerard learned from his mistake against AJ Auxerre and played the strongest
  6. The Heroes of Sannois SG What's next? Well, that one season in Italy still haunts me. Think I am going to go back and have another go
  7. A contrarian would argue what is todays fixation with spaces and half spaces nouveau at all. When the Mighty Magars dropped a forward into midfield was this not in recognition of an unoccupied space which could be commandeered and conquered? When Herbert Chapman switched to a W-M, was it not in reaction to a change in offside rule, flogging by the Toon and recognition of space? Football has been in a constant state of evolution since inception, moreover, it's life cycle is circular, thus much of the new about today is borrowed from the past. Guardiola's use of Busquets was akin to the halfback
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