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  1. Use this thread to post when you think the BETA will be out. For me I reckon it's going to be over this weekend, either Saturday 2nd or Sunday 3rd. When do you think will be BETA day this year?
  2. Hoping to god it gets released tonight... i have a good feeling what about you? Does anyone recall what time on average does the BETA get released on those BETA release days?
  3. @RHKC, I'm sure you know this wasn't necessary, but thank you. I didn't intend for it to be a public thing as it wasn't about getting attention or (on the other side of things) receiving PMs begging for a copy. I saw your post and wanted to 'help' - though of course it doesn't help your business or car. We're in a pandemic and I knew of a way to make someone smile during a difficult time. Went through your previous posts too, just to get a feel for the kind of person you are. It's not something I've ever done. May not even do it again ever. I think it was the last line that got to me. But yeah, saw that (having never tried before) my purchase was blocked for me being in the other hemisphere and big differences in the value of currency. Felt very guilty having promised/offered something, seen the reaction to that and then to let you down. Fortunately, this is a fantastic community and very soon, a fellow forum member (who I won't mention unless he wants it to be known) helped me out with a code for the game. So a massive thanks to him as well. This is why we're so keen to shut down hostility/insults/antagonism. We have devs posting and engaging with us on the forum, a good atmosphere and a fantastic bunch of posters overall. There are always people willing to help. Three things before I go, even though I said there are no strings attached. Enjoy the game - it has fantastic potential to be one of those iconic versions. Two - log bugs you find - you have a responsibility now! And three, no hate mail from your wife (even though she did thank me, but far too early imo) when you start spending more time with FM21 than her. Anyway, I've said what I wanted to say. The topic isn't really about FM, but I'm going to feel bad closing it. If someone else does, that's the only reason, but this is greatly appreciated.
  4. - Speech mentality (aggresive ,passionate, etc) switched to the new terms. Some new dialog options written for them. Probably the same mechanics as before, once you figure out the best reactions you just go with that 95% of time. - Backroom advice presented under another GUI. - Useless Twitter reactions after matches that no one really cares about. - Scouting requirements presented under different names. - Different celebration at end of the season. It is beyond me how these are presented as the main features of a new installment while asking for full retail price. At least match engine looks better "FM21's new additions and game upgrades put all of the focus on you, delivering new levels of depths and drama through improvements to these key areas:" To call this an overstatement would be putting it mildly, given these all are areas no one cares about and people just click through once they found what works and what doesn't.
  5. Last Tuesday I happened to post on the beta feedback thread, saying this: "Just caught up with this thread (yes, I have read every page over the space of five days) I don't yet have the game due to losing my business recently and my car spectacularly failing it's mot... So, when I can eventually afford it, I'm really looking forward to playing the game with the much improved match engine! I just really hope things haven't reverted back to FM20 by the time I get to play Please, SI. My year has been bad enough as it is, so please don't nerf strikers! Can't wait to play!" A few minutes later, I received a private message from a poster (who I won't name unless they would like to make themselves known), saying they would like to gift me the game on steam. After the year I've had, this really did mean the world to me. After the poster realised they couldn't gift me the game due to being in a different region to me, they enlisted the help of another poster and by the end of the night I was installing FM21! I was wondering whether to post this or not, I don't want to be seen as a charity case or anything. I just want to show how much I appreciate their gesture and how it made me genuinely smile for the first time in a while. Sorry if posts like this aren't allowed, hopefully an exception is made Thank you!
  6. Hey All, As a way to pay forward some of the awesome tactical help I was offered here so many (many) years ago, I've been enjoying getting involved and helping out a number of fellow players/newer managers over the past few months to seemingly great effect. What's become apparent during numerous conversations, forum/private messages and Discords is that whilst there is probably enough tactical advice to fill all of the worlds stadiums, when it comes to some of the more simple - and even abstract - parts of the game, the quality, variety and quantity of information dries up very quickly. Obviously we still have some great sites standing strong and some legendary FM-ers still around spreading the knowledge, but I drew up a few things as 'fill in the blanks' for some of the less known/exciting aspects of the game and was encouraged/asked to share them with the wider FM community soooo, um, here we are? I've written a '4-and-a-thing' page guide/did you know/maybe try to some of the bits of the game we all assume we're good at (and many of us are), but perhaps we neglect a bit more than we should? The ' thing' however is what led me to start this work at all... Mentality in game is something that rarely seems to get mentioned in any serious context, yet it can have such a dramatic effect in-game? I read many (many) posts from people complaining (understandably) about how the AI continually fights back when multiple goals down, or score so ruthlessly on the counter despite being 'attacking-ed' to death? Some people create a late game tactic to combat comebacks, others have a complete set that they change through as the game evolves. As a 'disciple' of some of the FM07/FM08 era tactical legends I subscribe mostly to the latter school of thought but realised that in order to learn that, I had a lot of detailed and helpful posts written out for me - but where is that information now? The point -> What I've created is a guide in how to survive 90 gruelling minutes in Football Manager - primarily 2019 but the methodologies apply to all games in the series (just watch for differences in terminology and checkpoint timings!). Players are one aspect, tactics another, but what about the times when we’re not playing as Barcelona, or haven’t got Diablo-2019 hidden as a sneaky plan B? When victories turn into defeats and walkovers turn into upsets, there’s often not a lot wrong tactically, just perhaps a subtle wrong turn somewhere during the game that - unbeknownst at the time - leads to our downfall, sometimes repeatedly. As with so many things, none of this is a guarantee and much of it is opinion (mostly my own) - things will happen in game very much off script - this is more to teach the ebb and flow of a usual game, how a successful manager MAY react, and to help get you thinking a bit more about why - tactics and players aside - things may be happening as they are. This is in no way definitive, the quality - and more importantly mentality - of your players will also play a big part in how they react to events unfolding (complacency /anxiety/disillusion). Hope it helps someone out in any case! PS: To the lovely moderator guys n girls; a lot of this is tactical, a fair bit isn't - wasn't sure whether to put this in the tactics discussion or here (quick group vote decided here) but please move/let me know if you'd like me to move if you don't feel it's the right place, consensus was that most new players come to general first and most helpful for them etc!
  7. Pairs & Combinations - The Ultimate Guide I am delighted to release the 2020 edition of Pairs & Combinations! The guide will contain some similar information to last time, but a lot of new information too - taking account of the changes to the game in the last 5 years since the previous release. I have removed sections on formations, playing style etc., and focused much more on the real purpose of this guide - getting a balanced and effective setup for your team, making the best of your team. There are some amazing guides from some amazing writers, vloggers etc. that cover many topics like youth development, in-game tactical changes, style development far better than I do. I have put a lot more into my "how to build a team" section, to try and illustrate the thought process in a clearer manner. Thanks to everyone who downloaded the last version and I hope this version helps you too - the last guide was downloaded over 1 million times! This is by no means the complete authority on football manager, but they are sensible starting blocks for a team. Please leave any constructive feedback, I'm always happy to hear it. Please do not redistribute this without my expressed permission. Pairs & Combinations (2020).pdf
  8. Feeling disappointed... It seems, I'll skip this one like I skipped FM 2020. I hope the day will come when they announce a massively improved ME as a major headline feature, not these minor things nobody cares about. Every year I see a lot of cool ideas in feature suggestion threads and it seems that they choose the least interesting and important ones. PS Can someone explain me, how does it happen that even in FM 2021 the pitch looks worse than in a 10-year old (!) FM 2011? Is this something so difficult to fix?
  9. MEGAPACK 55 UPDATES: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ogaa99brm0c7nzs/megapack-leagues-fm19-by-claassen.rar/file Several updates have been updated compared to the workshop. ( details below) EUROPE: 55 updates Albania: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup. (Skenderbleu: European cups suspension for 10 years) Andorra: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Armenia: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Austria: 3th, 4th and 5th division activated. Addition of 9 Regionals Cups qualifying for the Austria Cup. Azerbaijan: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Belarus: 3rd division activated. Improvements for 1st and 2nd division Belgium: 4th and 5th division activated. Cup extension (312 clubs) and various improvements Bosnia-Herzegovina: 1st and 2nd division, Bosnia Cup, Republika Srpska Cup and Federation of Bosnia&Herzegovina Cup (qualifying for the Bosnia Cup). Lower leagues divised in 2 for good relegation/promotion with the 2nd tier. Bulgaria: 3rd division + Cup of 3rd division activated. 2nd division OK (16 clubs in 2018 then 18 clubs in 2019) - Crimea: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Croatia: 3rd division activated. 2nd division OK (14 clubs en 2018 then 16 clubs in 2019) Cyprus: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, Super Cup Czech Republic: 3rd and 4th division activated Denmark: 4th division activated. Various improvement for 1st to 3rd division. England: 7th, 8th and 9th division activated. Real format of promotions. FA Cup extension (736 teams) FA Trophy extension (296 teams). FA Vase, Isthmian League Cup, Southern League Cup & Northern League Cup activated. 20 clubs in Bostick South Division (L8), Hellenic Football League and Northern League (L9), from season 2019/20 Estonia: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, Super Cup. Faroe Islands: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Finland: 3rd division activated. Cup extension from season 2019. France: 4th and 5th division activated. Gambardella U19 Cup. Regional limits for the 5th division. Cup extension, with the 11 overseas clubs to 7th round. FYROM: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Georgia: 1st , 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, Super Cup (with new format for 3rd division, from season 2019) Germany: 4th and 5th division activated (with real promotions/relegations). Fix B teams (3 players maximum 23 years and +) Gibraltar: 1st and 2nd division, Cups, Super Cup (improvement of SIgames update) Greece: 3rd division + Cup of 3rd division activated. Fix bugs for 1st, 2nd division and Cup. New formats OK for 2018,2019 and from 2020 Hungary: 3rd division activated. Small improvements for 1st and 2nd division. Iceland: 3rd, 4th and 5th division activated + League Cup B and C activated. Extension Cup + fix U19 bugs. (U19 for all teams in my update) Ireland: 3rd, 4th and 5th division activated + FAI Intermediate Cup (with regional draw for the 1st and 2nd round) Israel: 3rd, 4th and 5th division activated + Cups of 4th and 5th division activated and qualifying for the State Cup! Extension Cup.  Italy: 4th division activated (with Scudetto Dilettanti for the 9 champions) . Regional limits. Cup of 4th division activated Kazakhstan: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Kosovo: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, Super Cup Latvia: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Winter Cup Lithuania: 1st and 2nd division (with 16 clubs in 2nd div. from season 2019), Cup, Super Cup Luxembourg: 1st, 2nd and 3th division, Cup Malta: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th division, Cup, Super Cup (with new rules on the foreigner from season 2019/20 for the 1st div. and cups: 11 foreigners instead 7) Moldova: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, Super Cup (with 10 teams by group for 3th division, from season 2019) Montenegro: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Netherlands: 3rd, 4th and 5th division activated (with periods, matchs rules zondag/zaterdag and real promotions/relegations!). Cup extension (107 teams) Northern Ireland: 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th division activated. Irish Cup extension and rebuilding like IRL. Norway: 4th and 5th division activated Poland: 3rd and 4th division activated. Various small improvements. Portugal: 4th division activated (20 leagues with each their format). Lower division inactive divised in 16 leagues for good promotions/relegations by region with the 4th tier. Romania: 3rd division activated. Fix various rules Russia: 3rd and 4th division activated. Cup extension (100 teams) San Marino: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup (with new formats for league and cup) Scotland: 5th and 6th division activated . Addition of South Region Challenge Cup, Highland League Cup & Lowland League Cup Serbia: 3rd division activated (4 leagues). Add Reserve leagues for 1st and 2nd division Slovakia: 3rd division activated (4 leagues). Cup extension Slovenia: 3rd division activated (4 leagues) Fix Bug U19 Cup Spain: 4th division activated (18 groups). Real format of promotions. Good promotions/relegations by regions with the 5th tier. Sweden: 5th division activated. Improvement Dates for 1st Division Switzerland: 3rd, 4th and 5th division activated Turkey: 4th and 5th division activated. Various small improvements Ukraine: 3rd and 4th division activated. Amator Cup activated. Cup extension (50 teams). Promotion/Relegation play-off between 2nd div. & 3rd div. 12 teams by groups in 4th division, from season 2019/20. Placed 50 points deductions for Kobra in 2nd division & Kobra Ostrog in 4th division because withdraw this season Wales: 2nd, 3rd and 4th division activated. Cup extension (92 teams). Cymru Alliance League Cup , Welsh Football League Challenge Cup and FAW Trophy activated
  10. Introduction Hello good people!! Long time no see eh?! I wouldn’t call this a return as such, more I was bored and thought I’d write a massive project for all you beautiful people. I’ve been kind of shut off from the FM Community for quite some time now but I’ve still read the odd article here and there and visited the forum and looked around. It seems that nothing has changed much. Some people are still struggling with tactics and creating or maintaining them. So I thought why not write something but start at the very beginning. Over the years I’ve written about creating a tactic and all the various ways this can be achieved. I want to revisit some of the old stuff and rewrite/update it. My idea is to combine all the relevant topics I've done in the past and make a really in depth series which focuses on every single aspect of tactical creation. Many years ago myself, Buxton, SFrazer, WWFan, Millie and many more had the idea of creating a tactics bible, which we did in some form. I don’t believe the pieces we did still exist, so this is an extension of this and almost like a Wiki. This is a giant task though and will likely take a long time for it to be complete. Some of the stuff I’ve written needs a complete rewrite and others just little changes. I think this would become an invaluable resource for the FM community. I will only release pieces though when I am 75% done with the project and know it will be completed. If I was to guess at what percentage is currently completed I’d say it was around 50% ish. There are all the parts currently completed. This isn’t the order they’ll be in though as there will be lots more added and depending on where I think the pieces fit, will dramatically change the order. Before we start Idea Design based on player attributes Real life example None real life example Translating to FM Seeing if it works Modifying it Maintaining it That's a snippet of how the first article starts. But my main reason for posting is because I want ideas from you before I start doing more stuff. I don't want ideas about topics to cover or what subjects to write about. What I need is for you to post below and in a few short words, explain what aspects of creating a tactic you struggle with. That way I can make sure its comprehensive and represents every single aspect I can think of, if I haven't already. So if you struggle with deciding how to play, I want to know what it is that you struggle with specifically about that. Is it that you have too many ideas in your head or maybe no ideas at all. You might be flustered with all the options you have available and so on. The feedback doesn't have to be strictly about the tactic itself, I'm ideally looking for 'steps' you struggle with instead if that makes sense. As I want this project to be a step by step process without skipping a single step. This makes the project complicated because obviously some steps will have multiple ways of doing things and I want to include everything. So if you have anything you struggle with, please post below.
  11. WIP Preview: Albania: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup. Andorra: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Armenia: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Austria: 3th, 4th and 5th division activated. Addition of 9 Regionals Cups qualifying for the Austria Cup. Azerbaijan: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Belarus: 3rd division activated. Belgium: 4th and 5th division activated. Cup extension (312 clubs) Bosnia-Herzegovina: 1st and 2nd division, Bosnia Cup, Republika Srpska Cup and Federation of Bosnia&Herzegovina Cup (qualifying for the Bosnia Cup). Lower leagues divised in 2 for good relegation/promotion with the 2nd tier. Bulgaria: 3rd division + Cup of 3rd division activated. - Crimea: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Croatia: 3rd division activated. Cyprus: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, Super Cup Czech Republic: 3rd and 4th division activated Denmark: 4th division activated. England: 7th, 8th and 9th division activated. Real format of promotions. FA Cup extension (736 teams) FA Trophy extension (296 teams). FA Vase, Isthmian League Cup, Southern League Cup & Northern League Cup activated. Estonia: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, Super Cup. Faroe Islands: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Finland: 3rd division activated. France: 4th and 5th division activated. Gambardella U19 Cup. Regional limits for the 5th division. Cup extension, with the 11 overseas clubs to 7th round. FYROM: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Georgia: 1st , 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, Super Cup Germany: 4th and 5th division activated Gibraltar: 1st and 2nd division, Cups, Super Cup Greece: 3rd division + Cup of 3rd division activated. Hungary: 3rd division activated. Iceland: 3rd, 4th and 5th division activated + League Cup B and C activated. Extension Cup Ireland: 3rd, 4th and 5th division activated + FAI Intermediate Cup (with regional draw for the 1st and 2nd round) Israel: 3rd, 4th and 5th division activated + Cups of 4th and 5th division activated and qualifying for the State Cup! Extension Cup.  Italy: 4th division activated (with Scudetto Dilettanti for the 9 champions) . Regional limits. Cup of 4th division activated Kazakhstan: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Kosovo: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, Super Cup Latvia: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Winter Cup Lithuania: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Luxembourg: 1st, 2nd and 3th division, Cup Malta: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th division, Cup, Super Cup Moldova: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, Super Cup Montenegro: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Netherlands: 3rd, 4th and 5th division activated (with periods, matchs rules zondag/zaterdag and real promotions/relegations!). Cup extension (107 teams) Northern Ireland: 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th division activated. Irish Cup extension and rebuilding like IRL. Norway: 4th and 5th division activated Poland: 3rd and 4th division activated. Portugal: 4th division activated (20 leagues with each their format). Lower division inactive divised in 16 leagues for good promotions/relegations by region with the 4th tier. Romania: 3rd division activated. Russia: 3rd and 4th division activated. Cup extension (100 teams) San Marino: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Scotland: 5th and 6th division activated . Addition of South Region Challenge Cup, Highland League Cup & Lowland League Cup Serbia: 3rd division activated (4 leagues). Add Reserve leagues for 1st and 2nd division Slovakia: 3rd division activated (4 leagues). Cup extension Slovenia: 3rd division activated (4 leagues) Spain: 4th division activated (18 groups). Real format of promotions. Good promotions/relegations by regions with the 5th tier. Sweden: 5th division activated. Switzerland: 3rd, 4th and 5th division activated Turkey: 4th and 5th division activated. Ukraine: 3rd and 4th division activated. Amator Cup activated. Cup extension (50 teams). Promotion/Relegation play-off between 2nd div. & 3rd div. Wales: 2nd, 3rd and 4th division activated. Cup extension (92 teams). Cymru Alliance League Cup , Welsh Football League Challenge Cup and FAW Trophy activated
  12. Sections Prologue How teams in real life defend using 442 Implementing the compact 442 in FM 1. Prologue A mid-block 442 is my favourite defensive shape. I have had great successes in FM using 442 formations, most of the time using an Advanced Forward. But despite the good results, I was never fully satisfied, because our defensive shape was not as compact and as organized as I imagined, it was not how teams using 442 defended in real life. Diego Simeone and Marcelino are the masters of 442, but sometimes even Guardiola’s Man City uses a 442 defensive shape, more often than you might think. So I started experimenting, read a lot of articles and analysis, and I think I managed to create a good system that replicates a real 442 defensive shape, and now I would like to share it with you. 2. How teams in real life defend using a 442 Vertical and horizontal compactness is the most important part of a successful 442 defensive shape. The midfield is congested and the play is forced down the flanks. Both forwards are asked to track back. Most of the time, the opposition’s central defenders are allowed to have time on the ball, and the strikers, instead of pressing the central defenders all the time, focus on blocking passing lanes to the defensive/central midfielders. But as soon as the ball goes to a full back, the pressing intensifies, forcing the full back either out wide, or forcing a pass back to the central defenders. The opponent’s central passing options can be marked tighter. Balance is important: since the opposition's center backs are not under intense pressure, teams try to stay deep enough to protect space in behind in order to prevent a dangerous long ball from a ball playing defender, while simultaneously staying high enough to avoid intense pressure in dangerous areas closer to the goal. Below a classic 442 by Marcelino's Valencia. Below you can see that the forwards do not press the center backs and the full backs are left free. Below you can see how Atletico man mark’s the central passing options. 3. Implementing the compact 442 in FM OPPOSITION INSTRUCTIONS Implementing this defensive system, Opposition Instructions are crucial, so I’m going to start with this. central defenders: never mark tightly, never press wide players (DR/L, WBR/L, MR/L, AMR/L): always press defensive midfielders and central midfielders: always mark tightly, optional: always press This is how I set up: OUT OF POSSESSION INSTRUCTIONS Compact mid-low (Lower LoE + standard DL) or mid-high block (Standard LoE + higher DL) Force Opposition Outside I also encourage you to use either Get Stuck In and/or Mark Tighter, to ensure that your defending is not too passive. IN TRANSITION counter: you are defending in a medium or low block, and 442 formation is ideal for counter attacking, I don’t think it needs too much explanation. counter press: this is optional. I want my team, and my strikers to occasionally press the opposition's central defenders, high up the pitch, and the counter press is perfect for it. In real life you can see that sometimes teams press high up the pitch, but then retreat to their solid 4-4-2 shape. When the counter press is on, it overwrites the OIs. In my experience this instruction creates a good balance between pressing and standing off. I also instruct my team to play narrower, and a narrower shape always helps counter pressing, because more players are closer to the ball. But I don’t have this option always turned on, sometimes I turn it off or switch to regroup. PLAYER DUTIES In order to have a really compact, real-life defensive shape in FM, both your strikers and central midfielders should be on support duties. I think it is not surprising that both of your strikers should be on support duty - in my experience a Complete Forward - Target Man combo works really well together. I am going to explain why I avoid using defend duty on CMs. Central midfielders with a defend duty do not stay in line with their midfield partner, and instead act more like a defensive midfielder, creating a 4-1-3-2 defensive shape, and not a 4-4-2. Here is an example why I avoid using the defend duty on central midfielders. I changed my right central midfielder's duty to defend. He leaves his midfield partner, leaving a big open space on front of him (white circle), and this gives an opportunity for Ruben Vezo to pass the ball into a good position. If he stayed higher up the pitch, in line with his midfield parner, he could mark or immidietaly press the opposition's central midfielder. (I am not saying that using a defend duty player in CM is bad in general, I am saying that if you would like to create a real-life-like 442 defensive shape, you should avoid it.) As a starting point, I suggest the following distribution of duties, this has worked well for me. In the example below focus on the duties, the roles are flexible. Defence: one fullback on support and the other on attack duty. Midfield: attack duty for one (or both) of your wide midfielders, support duty for others. Strikers: support duty for strikers. PLAYER INSTRUCTIONS When the opposition plays with a Defensive Midfielder, I usually aks one of my strikers to mark the DM. Other player instructions are flexible, depending on the player roles. ATTACKING This writing is focusing on defending, but I also want to say a few words about attacking with this system, because it has worked really well for me. Since the hole shape is compact and the players are close together, I prefer a quick, short passing game with a narrower width. We can play with a quick tempo, because chances are that because of the compactness there is always a free teammate nearby, and the players do not have to think too much, they can make decisions quicker without losing the ball. My tactic The tactic you see below is a base, sometimes I change player roles, but never duties! I change the roles depending on my available players and the opposition. I also play around with TIs. A few examples: If I want to play more urgently and put more pressure on the opposition, I change the mentality to Positive and/or defend a notch higher (mid-high block). Sometimes I want to let the opposition have more time on the ball, maybe giving me more opportunity for a counter attack, therefore I turn off counter-pressing. If I want to protect a lead in the last 5 minutes, I may change to regroup. If I want to waste some time and save energy for the last few minutes, because for example I am going to have an important game 2 days later, I switch the mentality to Cautious, switch off counter, max out time wasting, and instruct my GK to slow pace down. I have the following PIs for this setup: FBL: sit narrower DCR: stay wider WBR: stay wider IWS: sit narrower, more risky passes, roam from position TM: mark opposition's DM The SK on support duty really works well. His first instinct is to pass the ball to the central defenders, but sometimes he plays the ball forward to the TM, or finds a free man on the flanks. IN-GAME EXAMPLES pure 442 Below you can see that my strikers are marking the opposition's defensive/central midfielders, so the opposition's CB can only pass the ball to the other defenders, or he can try a risky pass, but then we might win the ball back. Here we have won the ball back and are in an excellent position for a dangerous counter attack In possession we often have a 3-1-2-4 shape. Finally a short summary to this approach: never tight mark or press opposition’s centre backs tigh mark opposition CM and DM always press opposition’s fullbacks and wide players support duty forwards support duty central midfielders compact mid-low or mid-high block get stuck in and/or mark tighter I hope this was helpful for those of you who are obsessed with 442 and I could show you another way how to approach this beautiful, sometimes underrated formation. This is not the only right way to play 442, this is just another way. Cheers, David
  13. I'm not impressed so far. Unless the ME has been tweaked significanly (which I would be shocked if it was) I'm sticking with FM 18 or just not playing for another year. I wonder how those meeting at SI go for the new features... "Hey guys, let's talk about what we're doing with the new game! John, whadda ya got? - Well, sir, people want more variety of goals, more enjoyable looking ME that represents real football better. So we're renaming the tone of the player interactions, packaging it as a new feature and adding the option to throw bottles!! Cool, right? - Awesome!! Tony, whadda ya got? - Well, sir, people want a better AI so that the game is not super easy with anybody with half a brain and any reasonable football knowledge. So we're changing the way the scouts recommend players that no one uses anyway! Oh and we don't want to show too many numbers, so instead of percentage on match sharpness and condition we're just gonna have symbols. We gotta focus on the important stuff you know. - Brilliant, awesome work! Anything else? Brenda, whadda ya got? - You know how people want player colision, not seeing stupid decisions so often like players not passing or keeping the ball in play just to gift it to the opponent, more variation and realistic stadium models, not having to click 54656 times to get into a game and generally having a better user experience? Yeah, so we decided to give you the option to pick who you take questions in conferences and now you can hug players!! Can you believe it boss? We can hug players now! WOW! It's awesome I know! - Amazing work, Brenda, I'm proud of you! With those revolutionary features, this will be the best FM ever! Good thing people will buy the game no matter what we do, because we are awesome like that. Good work everybody, now focus on FM 22 where we will add... drum roll please.... the ability to argue with the fourth official!! Can't wait!! *all names are randomly chosen, no offence intended. **gramatical errors are because of my excitement about the new game and it's incredible features. Please excuse my fingers. ***this is meant as a joke, getting angry about a video game is never a good idea.
  14. I realized, that many people don't really understand how the setup works exactly. So I made this guide to give you some kind of overview how it works. Any constructive feedback is welcome. It's impossible to show everyones different way of play. This is only a rough guideline for a orientation.This is my view of fm, so if you are seeing it different, that's completely fine. Maybe some mechanics changed in fm21 which I haven't tested yet, I will update the guide if necessary. I created a short video version. It's not as detailed as the thread but it gives you a short overview: General: There are differences between unloaded Nations, view-ony, playable and playable with full details. In a Nation, you can select some leagues playable, view-only, or unloaded. The effect is roughly the same as for a whole Nation: unloaded Nation No schedule, games are fully simulated in background No visible league table No full squads (only if you load them via the advanced db) No staff (After the first sacking of the real manager, there will be in most cases no new head-coach and other staff members) Low transfer-activity Games will be simulated with the quick Match-Engine Less injuries Nation view only League-schedule League table No full squads (only if you load them via the advanced db) No staff (After the first sacking of the real manager, there will be in most cases no new head-coach and other staff members) Low to medium transfer-activity Games will be simulated with the quick Match-Engine Less injuries Nation playable League-schedule League table Full Squads Existing Staff Realistic transfer-activity Some games will be simulated with the Full Match Engine. increase of injuries Nation playable + full detail League-schedule League table Full Squads Existing Staff Realistic transfer-activity Games will be fully simulated More injuries than only playable What is the benefit of simulating Leagues in full detail? You will get more realistic stats and results. The player development takes more calculations into account. If you simulate other Leagues and Nations with full detail you will get a stronger AI, especially when you play against them. What slows the game processing speed down the most: Setting leagues to simulate in full detail uses multicore pretty heavy. A lot of leagues playable custom data in general slows down performance. There are big differences what kind of custom data is used. As orientation you can go by file size. Larger files need more processing time. LLM-files for example are quite heavy. Incredible amount of players loaded also affects performance. Down to my experience, if you don't load 200k+ players, this effect is not that big compared to the others All custom graphics loaded do not have any influence at game speed at all. As far as I know it has some influence in terms of RAM usage Extra Tip: As a human manager you have some "benefits" over the AI. You can be much better in transfers because you don't "feel" pressure or concerns which teams have IRL. I think that's a reason why the AI is not that aggressive vs a human player fighting against a specific talent. It looks like a weak programmed AI, for me it is just insane programming-skills by SI-devs. WIth that in mind, you might not just buy a wonderkid for 20 million while managing a team that would never do that IRL, even if it would be possible. This gave me a much more immersive game-experience. Most important Nations to load according to my database for a balanced world (1 highest, 4 lowest) I usually set number 1 and 2 as playable, 3 view-only and number 4 I don't load at all. This guarantees you a balance between Continents aswell My recommended setup for a longterm or just a balanced savegame: recommendedsetupbyDaveincid.fmf detail level I recommend to set all national teams simulated in full detail as well as the european competition if you play in Europe. You can change this to every other continent if you play there. Also the top 20 leagues. I would set at least the top division and the cup as simulated in full detail. These are some examples of setups that I think people use most. It's not that easy to create a compact overview. I hope it's not too much info - Loading top 5 nations and top 2 in South America playable and top 20 as view only with a small/medium/big db: This is the lowest setup I recommend - Loading top 5 nations and top 2 in South America playable and top 20 as view only with players loaded from the top 20 nations with the advanced-db option: You will have a higher player count, and these players from the top 20 will be newly generated in the future. This leads to a more balanced gameworld. It will give you a decent db for low to mid-range systems. - Loading top 5 nations and top 2 in South America playable and all others as view only with players loaded from all nations with the advanced-db option: It gives you a big db an a overview of players around the world. IMO it feels much better than the setup above, because there is a wider variety of players from different nations. The loss of processing speed is little but maybe already too much for low-end systems. - Loading top 20 nations playable, all the others leagues view-only, international games, games from National-Teams and the games in your league simulated in full detail, with small/medium/big db: This is the start of a balanced world for longer saves. It depends how many playable leagues your system can run at a decent speed. For some it's 15 nations for some 30. - Loading top 20 nations playable, all the others view-only, international games, games from National-Teams and the games in your league simulated in full detail, with the advanced db-option for all players from first divison and national reputation This setup Is IMO the general sweetspot for a realistic longterm-save. Mid-range processor recommended. - Loading all nations playable, international games, games from National-Teams and the games in your league simulated in full detail, with players loaded from all nations with the advanced-db option (ca 194k players): This setup guarantees you a balanced game world and high transfer activity around the globe. Leagues which aren't available with the vanilla version will have problems in being competitive in the long run. As soon as you are setting games to simulated in full detail, I recommend a modern 8-core 16-threaded processor - Loading all nations playable, all games simulated in full detail: Without a monster CPU or plenty of time, I do not recommend this setup. Processing-speed is very long and the gain of realism doesn't really weights up the time of processing compared to the setup above. But if your CPU can handle it, it really does make a lot of fun! - Loading all nations playable, all games simulated in full detail with all players in the db(ca 500k players): This setup will give you all players in the db. So there will be a player from 6th. division in sweden without seeing the league being active in the game. This slows down your system pretty much in relation to what you are getting for. I do not recomend this setup. If you want to improve realism with a special skin, take a look here: If you don't know if your PC/Laptop is low/mid/high-end you can check the following thread: https://community.sigames.com/topic/539412-fm21-performance-benchmarking-thread/ To discuss about realism in FM21 @Junkhead has created this wonderful thread. Sharing ideas, your own and all other stuff that can be linked in this area. https://community.sigames.com/topic/539688-fm21-realism-thread/ I have created a megapack to increase the realism of Football Manager 2021, you can find it here: https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/545609-fm21-increase-realism-megapack-by-daveincid There is a great megapack from @davie77 which makes all Nations playable ingame. I worked close together with him and tested his files, so I know about the high quality-standard. https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/550750-fm21-around-the-globe-megapack-by-dave-46-completed I also recommend the data-updates from @pr0 https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/539013-fm21-transfers-data-update-packs-by-pr0-fmtu/ I finally found my way on social media, feel free to take a look in here to get more informations about my projects for Football Manager 2021 https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/546553-daveincids-info-channels-for-the-increase-realism-megapack-and-more/ Cheers Daveincid
  15. With lots of ME bugs not being fixed in FM20 as S.I have announced they’re not doing anymore updates this version will anyone be buying FM21? I personally think it’s scandalous that they can leave a knowingly buggy game broken and then expect us all to pay for it again next year in hope that they’ve finally fixed what we paid for last year. I feel they’re exploiting the loyalty of their customers as it is a game a lot of us love. When people raise the issues of the game not being good enough in its current state the forums threads seem to get closed for replies or moved into the update feedback thread; which in my opinion is just brushing the customer complaints under the carpet. I imagine the same will happen to this thread. Interested to hear other people’s thoughts as I’m personally gutted that the game in my eyes isn’t worth playing.
  16. Something more than Twitter reactions which no one cares about? Something more than a different UI for the same user interactions that no one cares about and people just click through once they found what works mechanics-wise? Something more than the same backroom advice under a different form? How about a revamped CA/PA system to more accurately reflect real life? How about a better international management experience? How about a training system that has more meaning, given it's one of the most crucial parts in real football? How about a more accurate representation of how physical attributes develop and are maintained? I can keep going Unfortunately this is what happens when you don't have competition in the market. You get away with this stuff.
  17. This is a difficult and complex idea to get across, so I’ve done a quick mock up of a screen that could help make it easier to understand and relate to. Main Objectives: More interesting and less repetitive media interaction A more compelling context for media and opportunity for long term strategy More compelling impacts of media interactions and potential long term impacts A format that could still yield surprises 10-20 years into a save. Here is the screenshot, which I’ve titled The Media Centre. Like Dynamics and Medical Centre it would be another recent addition deserving of a sidebar of it’s own. I’ve tried to make the screenshot, the Overview screen, hint at a lot of the different features at play. The situation is based on taking over at Man United with a low reputation. First I’d like to focus on the three pie-charts which represent the overall sentiment towards my club in recent media reports. At the moment they are titled “Newspapers & Magazines,” “Television & Radio,” and “Social Media.” Newspapers and Magazines The example in this screen says “Most football writers are hugely unimpressed with your appointment.” Television & Radio Two examples here. “Paul Pogba’s recent television interview went exceedingly well,” and “Your relationship with some pundits has had a slightly positive effect recently.” What this is supposed to show is that in-game characters (players, managers, chairman, agents, etc) have the ability to appear in the media. In this case it was Pogba who did a television interview, such as Football Focus or Soccer AM. It could also have been Karen Brady writing an article for The Sun, or Raymond Verheijen causing a storm on social media. For more Television and Radio examples you could have an ex-player of yours appearing as a pundit for one of your televised matches, or a current player ringing up Talksport. Anyway, in Pogba’s case the event went well, which would be determined by factors like Morale, Current Media Issues and random chance. This is represented in the pie chart as an increased proportion of positive coverage. The second thing hinted at is that you could have relationships with pundits and that these relationships could influence the proportion of positive/negative coverage that you or your club receives. Some players would retire and become full-time pundits, giving you a permanent boost to your coverage within his area of media. Of course if you dropped the player and forced him to retire early then you may have made a powerful enemy. Social Media Three examples here. “Rival fans have been mocking our manager,” “Our players’ social media profiles are not considered either controversial or entertaining,” and “we have one of the biggest fanbases in the world.” The first thing here is that Social Media would be much more heavily influenced by fans opinions. In this situation Man City fans have been laughing at United hiring such a terrible manager. They may also mock us successfully if they win a derby, especially one in the latter stages of a cup, or if they do better than us come the end of the season. Of course the opposite could also be true and we could be “winning” the social media war, which would then be represented by green text and an increased proportion of positive coverage. The second thing here is that (some) players would technically have social media profiles (although the specific tweets would almost never be shown.) Some of the following would have to be Newgen specific, but I think you could also see negatives here such as “(high ambition) player X has been vocal about leaving the club,” or “(high controversy) Player Y got in an argument with Miers Porgan.” The third thing is fanbase size would be more important to social media, and a large fanbase is really a positive on it’s own. The next thing I’d like to focus on is the three bars in the bottom right hand side which are in the section called “Current Coverage.” As you can see there is a bar for the board, the manager and the players. In this example the text says “Most people are blaming the manager for the current state of the club.” The manager bar, which is red and almost full, shows that there is a lot of coverage about the manager and it is mostly negative. In comparison, there is very little coverage about the board which is neither positive or negative. Some people are talking about the players and mostly positively. These bars would change over time depending on how the game world unfolded. Is the chairman a tycoon? Is he stingy? Have the players been overperforming? Or underperforming? Is the Manager the next “special one?” Or could anyone do it with the players he has? If one of these bars gets “fully red” then the associated person or people become highly under threat. If it is the board then there could perhaps be a hostile takeover attempt, or boycotts and demonstrations by the fans, calling for blood. If it is the Manager then your job could become untenable as the media mock you and the fans call for your head. If it is the players then it could cause a very hostile atmosphere at matches and immense pressure on the players. The bars could also get “fully green” which would be awesome. For the board - boosts to attendance, merchandising and season ticket sales. For the players - more likely favoured personnel, icons etc, electric atmosphere at matches, more likely to pop up in media in the future. For the manager - more likely icon, legend etc, more power in board requests, more chance of stadium being named after you or even just a single stand within the stadium being named after you, etc. Fully red or fully green bars would also come with unique Events and Media Items that would play out in the game and/or have a special news item appearing in the "Media Digest" section. Each of these three groups should have a slight preference towards being seen positively and so it should be assumed that this will be at least one factor influencing their actions and choices and also their opinions (should they have a media appearance.) My Media Interactions (explained later) would have knock-on effects on these bars for obvious reasons. If my perspective is that the chairman shouldn’t have been so stingy, and I happen to say that, then in some cases that could destabilise the chairman’s position. That choice could either lead to me getting fired or lead to me getting the money I want in future. Or perhaps the perspective that I express is that the players haven’t been giving 100%, which could shift some of the blame on to them. This may make them work harder, or may make them dislike you. Perhaps an ex-player speaks out, pushing the blame back on to you. Etc. The next thing I would like to focus on is the bottom left section called “Current Issues.” The text says “There is currently a great deal of interest in our club but most of it is negative. Most people think that the decision to appoint you as manager is a joke.” As you can see from the bars the main source of interest right now is “New Manager” and you can also see that the discussion is mainly negative. There is also some interest in “New Signings,” with no judgement yet passed, and some interest in “Attacking Play,” and “Recent Successes,” both of which are mostly positive. Other ‘Topics’ which you could see appearing here could be: New Manager, Under-Fire Manager, Player Power, Iron Fist, New Signings, Lack of New Signings, New Owner, Tycoon Owner, Attacking Play, Defensive Play, Unsporting Play, Team Overachieving, Team Underachieving, Unbeatables, Whipping Boys, One-Man Team, Recent Successes, Recent Failures, and many more. Each Topic could have its own triggers and effects. One of the major impacts of these issues would be the effect on player confidence/morale/pressure/motivation etc. Generally speaking, the more interest there was in a topic then the more pronounced the effects would be. Using the above example where there is a great deal of negative interest in “New Manager,” I could find that the players are under too much pressure to perform, or perhaps aren’t interested in performing because I am being undermined by the media. The fact there is some lingering praise for our “Recent Successes”(Europa League win) may cause the players to have more confidence. My Media Interactions would allow me to try and influence the level of interest and overall tone of the discussion, ideally to my benefit. Playing The Media Finally I would like to focus on the calendar near the top of the screen. This shows upcoming media events that you may attend. In this example I’ve used ‘Global 24/7’ who were the fictional outlet used in the FM18 hype video. Ideally these could be real outlets, or at least modifiable using workshop content. The vast majority of media interactions would NOT involve specific questions. Instead you would use the “Press Office” (at the top next to the Overview button) to see your Press Officer’s summary of upcoming media obligations and the likely issues that will be raised/addressed, before selecting your GENERAL APPROACH to the issue. Let’s say that the Global 24/7 media event is a short feature that will be broadcast on their football show. My Press Officer tells me that they are likely to focus on “New Manager” and “New Signings.” My personal perspective is that there is too much negative discussion about my appointment. So in the Press Office I could select this Topic and then choose to “Play Down Significance.” The broadcasters will want a story, so perhaps I select the “New Signings” Topic and choose to “Build up Significance.” In my head by making these choices I am saying something like “It’s not all about me, we’re a team and we have to all work together blah blah blah. We’ve also added quality over the summer, blah blah, I think people will be surprised how good they could be, etc.” If things go as planned (and they would not always do so) then hopefully I could end up with something like this: The level of interest in “New Manager” has decreased, in the short term keeping me away from the dreaded full red bar. I’ve also successfully increased interest in the “New Signings” topic AND caused it to transition into a green, rather than grey, bar. Other Random Bits There would be a variety of Media Events. These would range from an interview on the morning football show to actually being invited to do punditry work for a televised match or International tournament. For punditry you would be taken to the match flow and similarly to the above you would select your general approach to the proposed issues. This could be the poor form of one of the teams leading into this game, a bad refereeing decision, or the performance of a player who is rumoured to be leaving. This could affect your relationships with other players/staff and also cause you to be viewed more favourably. As in the Pogba example, many Media events would be happening in the background that you had no control over. For scheduled events such as an appearance on Soccer AM you would be alerted by the Press Officer ahead of time. For random events such as a player winding people up on Social Media or ringing up TalkSport you would be alerted after the fact and informed of the fallout. In some cases you may be required to select 2 or more players to fulfil a Media Event. This could be a charity gameshow or a video for the Official Youtube channel. You may choose your best players, or the players of a certain nationality, or two players who are friends, and then receive a brief summary of how it went and what the fallout is like. When the Current Interest bars completely fill up then this is when you might be approached by journalists with specific questions and also you would see special and unique media items in the Media Digest section. There is so much I would like to add to this as a lot of it needs other areas of the game to improve. One of those areas is the Manager Profile and Personality which I had an idea for here: If something like that were also implemented then it would open up a lot of avenues for further depth here. For example, highly controversial managers could be much more influential and vulnerable to the stories of the media, while more reserved characters may not be influential but may also avoid intense scrutiny. Thanks for reading.
  18. THE BOOK OF ROLES *UPDATED* When creating tactics we need to know how we are going to win games with the players at our disposal. Visualising how we score goals helps. Knowing which area of this pitch we can control with our players is vital. There are many ways to build a tactic, you can go ground up by analysing your team to find a tactical shape that suits them or you can impose your own tactical shape on them and slowly mould them into how you want to play. There is no right way, only your way. Ultimately football is just a battle on a pitch where sides try to win battles across the pitch. Weaker sides will try and win the battles in defence and try and launch quick counters. Sometimes they will try and force stronger sides on the backfoot and deny them a chance to play their game. Stronger sides could try and impose their will on a game and try and control the bigger areas of the pitch forcing weaker sides into an endless barrage of attacks. That’s the beauty of the game – there is no one tactical approach, and that’s the same with creating a tactical system. There are many ways to do it. There is one thing that stands true in any system. You need to find the right player to do the job you want. If you aim to play a defensive game then you need the right kind of players to do the job. With that in mind I will explain certain roles in the game to begin with so that I get the basics out of the way before constructing a tactic. A role can be played in different ways and it can work in combination with other instructions in the game to offer you choices. How these roles play on the pitch can affect your tactical shape, so its important to understand the basics first. Once you understand roles you will be able to make effective combinations with the players that you have. The Short and Sweet of Roles Goalkeepers Sweeper Keeper · Technically proficient, good first touch, dribbling and kicking are attributes needed apart from typical keeper attributes · Ideal for possession football and countering prevent short goalkeeper distribution and the high press. · Used well when we have players in close proximity to offer passing options. Eg. Ball Playing Defender, Deep Lying Playmaker · Might leave the box to launch attacks from deep · Real Life Example: Allisson, Liverpool · Works well in combination with a BPD, to counter the jigh press or prevent short goal keeper distribution. How a sweeper keeper and a ball playing defender can create passing combinations to beat a high press. They draw the team in before releasing the ball either to a playmaker or they can use the BPD to do a deep diagonal. Without these roles the Sweeper Keeper could try and pass the ball to the nearest fullback. Goalkeeper · Orthodox keeper, doesn’t need to have good first touch · Can still play the ball on the ground with the “Play out of Defence” team instruction · Stays in the penalty area, rarely ventures out of the box · Real Life Example: Kaspar Schmiechel, Leicester (Before Brendan Rodgers as manager) Central Defender: · Generic defenders who are a good option for any side · Will play the ball out of defence or in the air. · Team instructions and mentality can influence their play, sometimes they will play the ball long when there are no adequate passing options. · Movement – Does not leave the defensive line Ball Playing Defender · Technically proficient player, good first touch, dribbling, passing, vision and technical defender attributes · Can launch deep diagonal attacks from the back if there are good options in front. Eg an Inside Forward on attack duty playing against the high press, with space to attack. · Risky role if used with players who have poor first touch, composure and dribbling · When paired with a sweeper keeper they can counter a high press or prevent short GK distribution · Can be used very effectively in a 5 man or a 4 man defensive line. · Movement – Dynamic role that can leave the defensive line to initiate attacks or break lines (eg, Move from defensive line to midfield) · Real life example: Virgil Van Dyke (Liverpool), Matthis De Light (Ajax) Libero · Creative central defender, passing, decisions, vision, and dribbling are recommended attributes to have in addition to central defender attributes · Technically proficient player · Can push out of his defensive line when he brings the ball out of defence · To bring the best out of him, it’s best not to have playmakers ahead of him · A good role for playmakers who need to be retrained as they get older as long as the defenders around them are fast. No Nonsense Central Defender · Ideal role for players who are not great with passing, first touch or dribbling · A role that plays direct balls into space or towards a player · Ideal role for sides that want to play defensive football where clearing the ball is the first priority · Can be used by any team as an option for a deep strike when they are playing with attacking duties in the final third No Nonsense Fullback · Does not overlap · Simple fullback role whose priority is to guard the flanks · His starting positioning is usually too deep to offer support to attacking players in central positions because he holds position · His job is to help the team recycle possession so he will not be expected to cross often. · He may clear the ball when he has no good options to pass to Fullback · Versatile with plenty of options offered by duties, including automatic duty, which makes this a very customisable role that can be abused. · If a team is on attacking mentality and you use a FB on auto he will follow the team mentality and you can instruct him to do things that may not be available to other duties. It’s a duty I avoid. · On defend duties he holds his position and crosses from deep · On support duties, decisions and his individual mentality will influence his play. He will choose when to do cross, play the through ball. His job is to support the midfield and attacks. · On attack duties, the fullback will cross more often and look for chances to move higher up the pitch. · A fullback on support can be positioned higher to support midfield with the overlap/underlap shout. This will place them close to midfield, but can run the risk of putting the team in danger if the side is not good at circulating the ball. · A fullback can be influenced to pass inside more by using the “Sit Narrow” instruction. This will move them narrower during buildup play. This can be useful for sides that have issues with keeping the ball when they are building play from the back. In this image you can see how the fullbacks position themselves. When playing on support or defend they will not commit to attacking transitions early, instead they will wait till your side exerts control over the opposition area. Here the FB(D) on the left flank is helping the team circulate possession, he will have plenty of passing options. The FB(D) may not overlap but if you have the right distribution of roles in midfield you can use them to control midfield creating space for him to be an unmarked cross deliverer from deep. Never look down on a FB(D). These are some of the movement patterns we can expect from duties and from certain player instructions like “Sit Narrow” and “Overlap/Underlap” Wingback · More aggressive than the fullback · Good role for sides opting to play an aggressive possession game in midfield and the opponent’s third · A wingback on defend duty will help the side keep possession of the ball, help the ball move the ball through the midfield transition phase but will prioritise returning back to a defensive position when needed · Wingbacks on Defend duty are positioned higher up the pitch than a fullback on support In attacking transitions they will get themselves higher up the pitch Here is a wingback on defend duty supporting the attack, if the side loses the ball he needs to track back quickly. His priority is to cover the threat that is on the flank. Wingbacks on defend do not cross from the byeline, they will hold position and cross from deep Inverted Wingback - A cross between a defensive midfelder and a fullback - Positions himself in the defensive midfield tier when the team has the ball and they are moving from defence to midfield - On defend duty he will hold position, unless you have the overlap instruction, which could influence him to down the flanks if you are in control of the opposition third - On support/attack duty he can end up attacking the box centrally. In some cases he may move further than a central midfielder on support. This role requires specific requirements to work, failing which they default to playing as wingbacks - If used with two defensive midfielders, the role defaults to playing like a wingback because the defensive midfield strata is already occupied - If only one defensive midfielder is used but he is not centrally placed the IWB closest to the DM will default to playing as a wingback - If there are no wingers/wide midfielders playing in the AML/AMR/MR/MR slot, then the IWB defaults to playing as a wingback - These are done by design by SI. - Real Life Example: Phillip Lahm, (Bayern under Pep Guardiola) Here we are playing with two IWB, behind two wingers, note how the IWB’s are positioned slightly ahead of the DM. These IWB’s have been given the overlap instruction. We are in control of the opposition space, and the IWB goes forward to overlap and receive the pass out wide IWB’s can also break through lines quickly, here our IWB has dribbled all the way from his starting position, out to the right flank, even before the other IWB has got into position. He holds the ball long enough for the rest of the team to catch up, plays the ball to the central midfielder The central midfielder moves wide to play the ball out back to the IWB as he comes in free to cross the ball. This IWB was played on support, with the overlap instruction to create this style of play. However this kind of dynamic attack also has its risks. His driving runs can sometimes leave your flanks exposed. To use this role effectively you will need a technically capable player who can do the task without losing the ball. He will also need to have good acceleration, stamina and work rate. When used with high defensive lines, choosing the wrong player for this role can be catastrophic. Complete Wingback Along with the IWB this is the other wingback role that has roam from position making their play-style unpredictable CWB can cut inside or go wide Suited for players with good technical, mental and physical attributes. Since they roam they need to have good decisions to make the right call whether to go wide or narrow. They start from wider positions and will dribble more. Defensive Midfielders Before looking at their roles it’s worth noting that one can play with up to 3 defensive midfielders in that strata but whether it’s a good idea or not I leave it to your imagination. Anchoring Defences Anchor Man - The most disciplined defensive midfielder - Positions himself in front of the two central defenders and does not venture too far from them. - Plays simple passes and does not do anything extraordinary - Is a great choice when you want to move the ball safely to playmakers positioned in central midfield - One of the best roles in the game for disciplined defences - Effective against lone man striker formations in isolating them as passing options An anchorman’s position in front of the central defenders and in the opponent’s third when you have possession Forming a tight partnership with the central defenders, not expected to close down players on the flank An anchorman will not venture too far away from his defenders Defensive Midfielder - Another excellent role for protecting your defences - A bit more creative than the Anchorman and might try longer passes and risky passes - He may close down further away than an anchorman. - If there are other players closing down in midfield then this could lead to complications as the DM may also enter the mix leaving you vulnerable. - Ideally you want someone with good positioning, concentration and decisions to play this role, because they can sometimes commit to actions that reflect poor decisions. - This may be a generic role but it is also a simpler role without being locked into player instructions and can be a good option for more creative players, as they wouldn’t be shoe-horned into a particular playstyle - Real life example: Javi Martinez A defensive midfielder generally occupies the same area as an anchorman Here the DM has joined other roles in midfield to close down a player even though the team is playing on balanced and he is on defend duty. This leaves the defence vulnerable. With a good defensive line and the right players this may not be an issue, but it’s worth paying attention to. Ball Winning Midfielder - A very interesting role, this player is a disruptor - He breaks down play, has a big area of influence and needs to be used with care. - If used in the defensive midfield tier, he can leave the central defenders to close down the flanks. - If used in midfield as a support duty he can close down further up the pitch. A good position to use him is in central midfield on support where he can disrupt sides and make it hard for them to build up play in midfield Here we have a BWM who has left the area in front of the central defenders unprotected as he goes to close down the opposition in their half. In your own half he could leave one of the central defenders unprotected as he goes to help out the flanks. Note his positioning and compare that to the anchorman and defensive midfielder. While he can be a very good player at winning the ball, you will still need good players with good positioning and concentration around him. The combination of these roles and the use of FB(S) and FB(D) allow us to build play out of the back. When we get to the final third our trio of midfielders do a fairly good job of controlling the centre while we are safe down the flanks. This gives us a chance to deliver crosses from deep . Segundo Volante – Roaming Playmaker – Regista All three roles are variants of playmakers. All three can be played from the defensive midfield position, but only the Regista and Playmaker can be played from central defensive midfield positions. Careful thought needs to made about roles and duties around the Segundo Volante and the Regista to get the best out of them. Otherwise they will get bypassed as passing options Segundo Volante - Cross between the DLP/BBM/DM - Demanding role – covers, defends, creates and can arrive late to score - Played in the DM tier, either alone and offset from the middle or part of a pair of DMs - Requires work rate, decisions, first touch, dribbling, vision, off the ball and stamina as main attributes. Other attributes enhance the role – Positioning, Tackling and Marking will strengthen his defensive contribution and Flair will enhance his attacking style. - Very good option for any kind of side that wants to play possession football with a defensive tactical shape - His driving runs can be hard to handle for opposition side - When paired with a W(S) down a flank they make an extremely strong flank attacking pair - Can operate in the half-spaces to draw players to him Here I am using the Segundo Volante as a pair with one on support and another on attack. They are supported by a BWM(D) playing ahead of them. Note the movement of the SV(A) as he arrives late in the box. In the next image I have paired my SV(A)/SV(S) with an F9 in attack. In an attacking transition I can expect my F9 to drop deep vacate the space for the SV(A) to attack. You can expect the SV(A) to go quite high up the pitch to support attacks. Here is almost on par with the W(S) who has the ball. He starts out in this position when we have the ball in midfield And follows the W(S) to lend support as he moves higher up the pitch And then finally arrives late in the box to be a goal scoring threat Regista - Less aggressive than an SV(A), More aggressive then a DLP. - Ideally used with systems that play higher up the pitch and can dominate possession - Creative player that does not run with the ball as much as an SV but makes himself available - Ideally suited for lower tempo systems, on higher tempo settings he could be bypassed and will likely be used only if your side can camp in the opponents half. - Mainly acts like a link player for defense and attack with the ability to play the creative pass, not dissimilar to the roaming playmaker - Real life example : Andrea Pirlo Our regsta dropping deep to make himself available for the pass from the keeper. He is a more aggressive creative player than a playmaker and will position himself fairly high in the attacking transition. His behaviour is not to different from a Roaming Playmaker who can also position himself fairly high in the attacking transition Roaming Playmaker I grouped SV, RPM and Regista in one group because they have slight variations from each other. People normally assess the effectiveness of these players in a wrong way, by looking at their assists numbers. The best way of seeing their effectiveness is to assess their passing completion percentages and whether they are the source of key passes that lead to assists. He is also a link player that helps build transitions, this is why his passing completion numbers need to be good. You do not want any playmaker or quasi playmaker role to be losing possession or making bad passes. In other words, did he play a key pass to a player who generated an assist. You can either drill to statistics or pay attention to games. - Needs good decisions, passing, vision, off the ball, first touch - Roams a lot so he needs good work rate, stamina and natural fitness - Can be played under any tempo settings - Positoning and behaviour is similar to the Reg - Shares smiliar weakness to the SV and the Regista, the roaming can place his side under pressure - His roaming is also a strength for sides that are good at keeping the ball - When using any roaming role in the centre of the pitch in the defensive midfield area, you need to think of how the roles and duties around it will defend the space once the player is not there to defend it. - The RPM will move all over the pitch to support play and does not make an ideal defensive player. - May leave central defensive midfield are unprotected when you are in possession and are building play up in midfield In this image the RPM is not in a good position when his side’s attack breaks down. The opposition have played a clearance in the direction of a player who is free. As the attack builds up you can clearly see the problem as the opposition player has the option to free a player to attack space or drive the ball himself down the left The RPM will move all over the pitch to support play in this image he moves to the left where he is needed
  19. My final thoughts on FM20 are this: In my view, the direction in which the match engine has been taken is seriously damaging this franchise. Whether you consume tactical advice via these forums, streams, videos or guides; there is a truth to face about the football DNA that we are presented with. Irrespective of your tactical instructions: Passing is too direct Decisions are taken too quickly Dribbles are absurdly over-represented and successful AI teams remain too negative Central play remains virtually dead Defensive headers are weak and suicidal Chances from set pieces are too prevalent Goals from penalty box pinball and rebounds are too prevalent Goals from long range are too readily converted Big chance conversion remain appalling I think this year, more than any other, FM20 does a particularly poor job of representing the inherent strengths and weaknesses of the two systems facing off against each other on match day. You would think that what unfolds in front of you would highlight one team exploiting certain tactical flaws in the other's set up (e.g. controlling or overloading space where a formation is weak). Instead we see a collection of (what feels like) disconnected highlights of set piece goals and 30 yard screamers. The whole experience feels divorced from the user's influence. I feel that those who favour a more measured and precise style of play (that can operate in tight spaces) are immediately alienated by the above, seemingly, hard-coded player behaviour. FM21 will be the first edition of the game in years I will not pre-order. I cannot sit through these repetitive, illogically presented passages of play any more. Loving FM17 though
  20. We’ve just released a hotfix to address an issue regarding hidden attributes and determination being generated incorrectly on game start. We’re thankful to the community for providing us with information enabling us to fix this. For any user with a save game started since the release of 20.1.0, we’re currently working on a further fix which we hope will address this in any pre-existing saves. For any user who started a save game prior to 20.1.0 your save game is unaffected. This current fix is only compatible with new saves. 20.1.3 Changelist ----------------------- - Fix for hidden attributes being generated within correct scale
  21. I really can't understand why in this feedback thread, someone who has the right to complain about a product he bought, must prove himself the reason he is not satisfied about it for. Why any negative feedback must be countered? Keep it civil, accept it and move on. It's really beyond my understanding why someone must upload screenshots or pkms to justify their complaints. They're customers, not testers. For the same reason we should ask for screenshots and pkms from those who like the game as well, ain't it? Never seen that happening though.
  22. I just wanted to point out that this is not just an issue with determination. Looking at the hidden stats using the FMSE editor, the same thing is happening with consistency and important matches attributes too. On my new save, I have approx 35k players. Of these: 9.5k have a determination of 1 (9.1k 20 years of age or younger). A further 6k of players have determination of 2-3. 17.3k have important matches of 1 (9.6k 20 years of age or younger). 14.9k have consistency of 1 (9.6k 20 years of age or younger). 7.7k have attribute of 1 in all three categories (5.5k 20 years of age or younger). I doubt even the most superb nurturing of young players will have any material effect on this. And, as has already been stated, it affects older players too. Unfortunately, for me, this is game ruining at the moment and I am sadly going back to FM 19 until it is fixed. Hey ho, these things happen and I am sure SI will get this sorted asap. Shame, because the rest of the game looks to be a significant improvement. As I mentioned elsewhere, versatility is equally affected (17k players) but there is some good news. if you start a new game with fake players, the game is fine in this respect. I just started such a game with the same leagues and number of players loaded as before and there are only 46 players with a determination attribute of 1, 19 with 1 for important matches, 5 with a consistency rating of 1 and 294 with versatility set at 1. So, if you don't mind starting with fake players, which may not be a big deal for long-term players, all is good.
  23. Hi, Back for Football Manager 2018 ! All leagues and cups will be redone with their format and rules 2017/2018 (then their new format if they change (ex Bolivia from 2018)), and there will be small improvements and adjustments in most my updates, compared to FM17 Year after year, it's better All my updates are made with the advanced editor, to give you the updates + realistic as possible in all competitions! All leagues are with initial tv money and final rankings money depending their initial reputation and continent! MEGAPACK 279 UPDATES: https://files.manageronline.fr/claassen/FM18/megapack-leagues-fm18-by-claassen.rar Changes to 20/08/2018: - 8 new competitions: International: ABCS Tournament, Commonwealth of Independent States Cup, Windward Islands Tournament Continental: Caribbean Club Shield, Copa ABC, Livonia Cup, Mapinduzi Cup, SAFF Club Championship - Suruga Bank Championship: remove from Japan and put in continental competition (it's more logical) - CFU Championship: divided into 2 parts as in reality: Caribbean Club Championship & Caribbean Club Shield - Bolivia: new format for Apertura Stage, from season 2018 - Colors more legible on certain competitions Changes to 13/07/2018: - 7 new competitions: International: Concacaf Nations Leagues A, B, C ; World Cup 2018 with real groups, South American Games, WAFU U-20 Championship, Baltic Cup U19 and Arabian Gulf Cup U19. Continental: Campeones Cup - Fix El Salvador for compatibility with new update - Fix AFF-U19: Australia don't participate Tested until 2038 without bugs or crash. AFRICA: 57 updates Algeria: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Angola: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Benin: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup (with 20 clubs, from season 2018) Botswana: 1st division, Top8 Cup, FA Challenge Cup Burkina Faso: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Burundi: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Cameroon: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Cape Verde: 1st division, Cup, Independence Cup, Super Cup Central African Republic: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Chad: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Comoros: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Congo: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Djibouti: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup DR Congo: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup (with new format, from season 2018/19) Egypt: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Equatorial Guinea: 1st division, President Cup, Super Cup Eritrea: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Ethiopia: 1st division, Cup, League Cup, Super Cup Gabon: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Gambia: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Ghana: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Guinea: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Guinea-Bissau: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup (with 14 clubs, from season 18/19) Ivory Coast: 1st division, Cup, League cup, Super Cup Kenya: 1st division, President Cup, Top 8 Cup, Super Cup Lesotho: 1st division, Cup (with 14 clubs, from season 18/19) Liberia: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Libya: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Madagascar: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Malawi: 1st division, Cup, League Cup, Super Cup Mali: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Mauritania: 1st division, Cup, League Cup, Super Cup Mauritius: 1st division, MFA Cup, Republic Cup, Super Cup Mayotte: 1st division, Cup, French Cup, League Cup Morocco: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Mozambique: 1st division, Cup, League Cup, Super Cup Namibia: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Niger: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Nigeria: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Reunion: 1st division, Cup, French Cup Rwanda: 1st division, Cup Sao Tome & Principe: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup (Sao Tomé Islands + Principe Islands) Senegal: 1st division, Cup, League Cup, Super Cup Seychelles: 1st division, FA Cup, Airtel Magic Cup, Super Cup Sierra Leone: 1st division, FA Cup, Super Cup (with 14 clubs, from season 2018) Somalia: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup South Sudan: 1st division, Cup South Africa: 3rd division activated Sudan: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Swaziland: 1st division, Bank Cup, Castle Premier Chalenge, Ingwenyama Cup, Super Cup Tanzania: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Togo: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Tunisia: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Uganda: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Zambia: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Zanzibar: 1st division, Cup Zimbabwe: 1st division, Cup, Independence Trophy, Super Cup ASIA: 47 updates Afghanistan: 1st division Australia: 2nd division activated (8 NPL leagues) Bahrain: 1st and 2nd division, King's Cup, FA Cup, Super Cup Bangladesh: 1st and 2nd division, Federation Cup, Independence Cup, Super Cup Bhutan: 1st divisions then National League Brunei: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup (with 10 teams by division, from 2018) Cambodia: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup (with 10 teams in 2nd division, from 2018) China: 3rd division activated (with 2 groups of 14 teams, from season 2018) DPR North Korea: 1st division, Cup East Timor: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup (with 14 teams in 2nd division, from season 2018) Guam: 1st division, Cup Hong-Kong: 2nd, 3rd and 4th division activated (with new formats, from season 18/19) India: Hero Indian Super League and 2nd division activated Indonesia: 3rd division activated (with new formats, from season 2018, for 2nd and 3rd division) Iran: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, Super Cup Iraq: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Japan: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th division, Emperor's Cup, League Cup, Super Cup Jordan: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Shield Cup, Super Cup Kuwait: 1st and 2nd division, Emir Cup, Crown Prince Cup, Federation Cup, Super Cup Kyrgyzstan: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup (with 8 clubs in 1st division, from 2018) Laos: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup (with 14 teams, from season 2018) Lebanon: 1st and 2nd division, FA Cup, Elite Cup, Super Cup Macau: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, FA Cup, President's Cup Malaysia: 3rd division activated (with 2 groups of 8 teams, from season 2018) Maldives: 1st division, Cup, President's Cup, Super Cup Mongolia: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Myanmar: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup (with 12 teams in 2nd division, from 2018) Nepal: 1st division, Aaha Gold Cup, Budha Subba Gold Cup, Birat Gold Cup Northern Marianas Islands: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Oman: 1st and 2nd division, Sultan Cup, Federation Cup, Super Cup Pakistan: 1st division, Cup Palestine: 1st and 2nd division (West Bank and Gaza), Palestine Cup, West Bank Cup, Gaza Cup, West Bank Super Cup, Gaza Super Cup Philippines: 1st division (PFL) Qatar: 1st and 2nd division, Emir Cup, Crown Prince Cup, Stars Cup, Sheikh Qassim Cup Saudi Arabia: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, King's Cup, Super Cup Singapore: 2nd and 3rd division activated South Korea: 3rd, 4th and 5th division activated Sri Lanka: 1st division, Cup Syria: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Taiwan: 1st division Tajikistan: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, FFT Cup, Super Cup Thailand: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, League cup, Super Cup (with 16 teams by group to 3rd division, from season 2018) Turkmenistan: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup (with 10 teams + 1 relegation, from season 2018) United Arab Emirates: 1st and 2nd division, President's cup, Emirates Cup, Super Cup Uzbekistan: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, Super Cup Vietnam: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup (with 10 teams in 2nd division, from season 2018) Yemen: 1st and 2nd division, Cup and Super Cup EUROPE: 48 updates Albania: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Andorra: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Armenia: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Azerbaijan: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup (with 14 teams in 2nd division, from 2018/19) Belarus: 3rd division activated + Points deductions Belgium: 4th and 5th division activated Bosnia-Herzegovina: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Bulgaria: 3rd division activated Crimea: 1st division, Cup Croatia: 3rd division activated Cyprus: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, Super Cup Czech Republic: 3rd and 4th division activated Denmark: 4th division activated Estonia: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, Super Cup Faroe Islands: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Finland: 3rd division activated France: 4th and 5th division activated FYROM: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Georgia: 1st , 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th division, Cup, Super Cup Gibraltar: 1st and 2nd division, Cups, Super Cup Greece: 3rd division activated (with new formats, from season 2018/19) Hungary: 3rd division activated Iceland: 3rd and 4th division activated + League Cup B Ireland: 3rd, 4th and 5th division activated Israel: 3rd, 4th and 5th division activated + Cups of 4th and 5th division Kazakhstan: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup (with 10 teams in 2nd division, from 2018) Kosovo: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Latvia: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, League Cup (with new formats, from season 2018) Lithuania: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Luxembourg: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Malta: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th division, Cup, Super Cup Moldova: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, Super Cup (with new formats and dates, from season 2018) Montenegro: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Netherlands: 3rd and 4th division activated Northern Ireland: 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th division activated Norway: 4th division activated Poland: 3rd and 4th division activated Romania: 3rd division activated (with new format, from season 2018/19) Russia: 3rd division activated San Marino: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Scotland: 5th and 6th division activated Serbia: 3rd division activated Slovenia: 3rd division activated Sweden: 5th division activated Switzerland: 3rd, 4th and 5th division activated Turkey: 4th and 5th division activated Ukraine: 3rd division activated (with 12 teams to GroupA, from season 2018/19) Wales: 2nd, 3rd and 4th division activated NORTH AMERICA: 42 updates Anguilla: 1st division, Cup, President's Cup Antigua and Barbuda: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Aruba: 1st division, Cup Bahamas: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Barbados: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Belize: 1st division Bermuda: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Friendship Trophy, Super Cup Bonaire: 1st division, Cup British Virgin Islands: 1st division, Williams Cup, Terry Evans Cup Canada: Canadian Soccer League, League1 Ontario, PLSQ, PCSL, Ontario Cup, PLSQ Cup Cayman Islands: 1st division, Cup, President's Cup, Super Cup Costa Rica: 1st and 2nd division Cuba: 1st division Curacao: 1st division Dominica: 1st division, Cup Dominican Republic: 1st division, Cup El Salvador: 1st and 2nd division, Cup French Guiana: 1st division, Cup, French Cup, UNAF Cup (with 12 clubs, from season 18/19) Grenada: 1st division, Cup (with 10 teams, from season 2018) Guadeloupe: 1st division, Cup, French Cup, Trophee des clubs champions Guatemala: 1st and 2nd division Guyana: 1st division, Mayors Cup, Kashif & Shanghai Knockout Tournament (with 12 clubs, from season 18/19) Haiti: 1st division, Trophee des Champions Honduras: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Jamaica: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Martinique: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, French Cup, Super Cup Mexico: 3rd and 4th division activated Montserrat: 1st division Nicaragua: 1st and 2nd division Panama: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Puerto Rico: 1st and 2nd division Saint Kitts and Nevis: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Saint Lucia: 1st division, Cup Saint-Martin (FR): 1st division, Cup Saint Pierre & Miquelon: 1st division, Cup Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: 1st division Sint-Maarten (NL): 1st division Suriname: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup (with 14 teams, from season 18/19) Trinidad & Tobago: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, FA Trophy, Pro Bowl, League Cup, Toyota Classic Cup, Goal Shield, Charity Shield Turks and Caicos Islands: 1st division, Cup USA: NASL & USL activated US Virgin Islands: 1st division (Saint Croix League & Saint Thomas League) OCEANIA: 15 updates American Samoa: 1st division, Cup Cook Islands: 1st division, Cup Fiji: 1st division, Battle of the Giants, FA Cup, Inter district championship, Champions vs Champions Kiribati: 1st division Micronesia: 1st divisions (Pohnpei & Yap), Cups (Pohnpei & Yap) New-Caledonia: 1st division, Cup New-Zealand: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, Charity Cup, Chatham Cup Papua New-Guinea: 1st division Samoa: 1st division, Cup Solomon Islands: 1st division (with 9 clubs, from season 2018) Tahiti: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super cup Tonga: 1st division Tuvalu: 1st and 2nd (B teams) division, Independance Cup, NBT Cup, Tuvalu Games, Christmas Cup Vanuatu: 1st and 2nd division, FA shield, PVFA Cup Wallis&Futuna: 1st division, Cup SOUTH AMERICA: 7 updates Bolivia: 1st and 2nd division (with new formats, from season 2018) Chile: 3rd and 4th division activated (with new formats, from season 2018) Ecuador: 1st and 2nd division Paraguay: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Peru: 2nd division activated (with 16 teams, from season 2018) Uruguay: 3rd division activated Venezuela: 1st and 2nd division, Cup CONTINENTAL COMPETITIONS: 21 updates - Arab Club Championship : Every year, between 22 champions of 22 leagues (12 of Asia + 10 of Africa) - Campeones Cup :Super Cup between MLS Cup winner and Campeón de Campeones from Liga MX - Canadian Championship : Format 2017 then New format, from season 2018, with the winners of Ligue1 Ontario and PLSQ which are qualifed for the 1st Qualifying round. - Caribbean Club Championship : Every year, between the 1st and 2nd of leagues of Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica and Trinidad, qualifying for the Concacaf Champions League and the Concacaf League - Caribbean Club Shield : Every year betwwen the 27 other champions of Carribean countries, qualifying for the Carribean club championship. - Concacaf League : New Competition for Central American countries, + 3 carribean teams (2nd, 3rd and 4th of the CFU Championship) - Concacaf Champion's League : Rebuilt identically, for correct continental qualification with my Central America's updates and the winners of the Concacaf League and CFU Championship are qualified for the competition, like IRL! - Copa ABC : Every year, between clubs of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao - Gulf Club Cup Champions League : Every year, between 12 clubs (2nd and 3rd of 6 Asian leagues) - Gulf Club Cup Winners Cup : Every year, between the winners of national cups of Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Yemen - Indian Ocean Champions Cup : Every year, between the champions of Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mayotte, Réunion and Seychelles 1st divisions. - Kagame Interclub Cup : Every year, beween the 12 champions of 12 East and Central African 1st leagues. - Ligue des Antilles : Every year between the Top 4 Guadeloupe 1st league and the Top 4 Martinique 1st league - Livonia Cup :Super Cup between Estonia and Latvia leagues winner - Mapinduzi Cup : Every year, between clubs of Tanzania, Zanzibar and Uganda - Mekong Club Championship : Every year, between the champions of Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar 1st leagues - Melanesian Super Cup: Competition between the 1st and 2nd of Vanuatu and Solomon Islands leagues - Oceania Champions League: Rebuilt identically, for correct continental qualification with my Oceania's updates. - Qualification Place in Africa: 2 clubs (League Winner and Cup Winner) of Malawi, Mauritania and South Sudan are qualified in Africa Champions League and in Africa Confederation Cup instead of Reunion, Djibouti and Cape Verde (these countries never enter teams in these competitions IRL) - SAFF Club Championship: Every 2 years, between the champions of 8 South Asian leagues - Suruga Bank Championship :Super Cup between Copa Sudamericana.winner and J.League Cup winner INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONS: 42 updates - ABCS Tournament : Every year, between Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao and Surinam - AFF U19 Youth Championship: Every years, between the 12 South East Asian Nations and Australia, for U19 players - African Games: Every 4 years, between the 16 best African countries, for U23 players - Arab Nations Cup: Every 4 years, between the 22 Arab countries - Arabian Gulf Cup: Every 2 years, between 8 Middle East countries - Arabian Gulf Cup U23: Every 2 years, between 6 Middle East countries, for U23 players - Arabian Gulf Cup U19: Every 2 years, between 6 Middle East countries, for U19 players - Baltic Cup: Every 2 years between Estonia, Lituania and Latvia - Baltic Cup U21: Every 2 years between Estonia, Lituania and Latvia, for U21 players - Baltic Cup U19: Every year between Estonia, Lituania, Latvia and Finland, for U19 players - CECAFA Cup: Every year, between the 12 East and Central African countries - CECAFA Cup U20: Every year, between the 12 East and Central African countries, for U20 players - Central American & Caribbean Games: Every 4 years, between 16 countries of North and South America, for U21 players - Central American Games: Every 4 years, between the 7 Central American countries, for U20 players - Central Asia Championship: Every 2 years, between the 6 Central Asian countries - Central Asia Championship U19: Every 2 years, between the 6 Central Asian countries, for U19 players - Commonwealth of Independent States Cup: Every year, between the 15 ex-USSR countries + 1 invitational country, for U21 players - CONCACAF Nations Leagues: The new Concacaf competition, with the same format than the UEFA Nations Leagues, from 2019 - COSAFA Cup: Every year, between the 14 Southern African countries - COSAFA Cup U20: Every year, between the 14 Southern African countries, for U20 players - East Asian Games: Every 4 years,, between the 9 East Asian countries, for U23 players - Francophony Games : Every 4 years, between 16 countries, for U20 players - Hong Kong-Macau Interport: Every year, between Hong Kong and Macao - Indian Ocean Islands Games Every 4 years, between 6 African Nations + Maldives - Islamic Solidarity Games: Every 4 years, between 16 countries, for U23 players - Lusophony Games: Every 4 years, between 10 countries, for U20 players - Mediterranean Games: Every 4 years between 16 countries, for U20 players - OFC U20 Championship: Every 2 years between 11 Oceania's countries, for U20 players - Pacific Mini Games : Every 4 years, between 16 islands Pacific countries (14 of Oceania + 2 of Asia) - PanAmerican Games: Every 4 years, between the 16 best countries of South and North America, for U22 players - Pan-Arab Games: Every 4 years, between 16 Arab countries, for U23 players - SAFF U-19 Championship: Every 2 years, between 7 South Asian countries, for U19 players - South American Games: Every 4 years, between the 16 South American countries, for U19 players - South Asian Games: Every 2 years, between 8 South Asian countries, for U23 players - Southeast Asian Games: Every 2 years, between the 11 South East Asian countries, for U23 players - UEMOA Tournament: Every year, between 8 West African countries, for B teams - UNAF U20 Tournament: Every year, between the 5 North African countries, for U20 players - West African Nations Cup: Every 2 years, between the 16 West African countries (B teams for the 6 best countries) - West African U-20 Championship: Every 2 years, between the 16 West African countries, for U20 players - West Asian U23 Championship: Every 2 years, between the 12 West Asian countries, for U23 players - Windward Islands Tournament : Every year, between Dominica, Grenada, St Lucia and St Vincent - World Cup 2018: World Cup 2018 with real groups
  24. I’ve been thinking about how I would like to see the fans represented in the game and I’ve created another mock screenshot to help me put across the idea. My suggestion involves a new tab on the sidebar which would be dedicated to the supporters. Two notes: 1. In the editor clubs already have values that define their supporters - these attributes are: Loyalty, Patience, Passion, Affluence, Temperament. 2. The database also already includes geographical data that divides a country into regions, with data for cities and towns (such as population and co-ordinates) also available. There are 9 regions in England, for example, such as London, East & West Midlands and the North-East. Hopefully these two things could be used (along with other already-existing data) to provide an interesting outlet for the clubs’ supporters and their hopes, dreams and experiences. So this is the screenshot; it’s the Overview page of my suggested Supporters tab. The top section on this screen is called “Fan Happiness Summary” The first bar is called “Overall Happiness.” This would be a general reflection of things like your achievement versus your expectations, your form, your transfers etc (in that order.) The fan attributes could come into play here, with an attribute like ‘Patience’ helping keep the fans happier for longer, or with an attribute like ‘Temperament’ dictating how they are likely to act when very unhappy (for example booing players who make costly mistakes, or demonstrating against the board.) The second bar is called “Match Atmosphere,” and in my example you can see that it is a special blue colour with the status of “Electric!” Other things you may see here could be descriptions such as “Buoyant,” “Tense,” “Subdued,” etc, depending on your specific situation and form. Of course the fan personality attributes would also affect the likely match atmosphere, particularly with attributes such as “Passion”and “Temperament.” The Match Atmosphere would obviously affect the pressure/motivation/confidence of the players during a match. Big Note!: For the “Match Atmosphere” thing to be as good as possible the match sounds would need to be seriously improved. It would be great to be able to hear and feel a different mood in my own stadium depending on whether things were going good or bad, and to be able to hear the electricity of the crowd in a fierce rival game. The last three bars represent the fans’ current happiness with the Board, Manager and Players, (as mentioned in previous suggestions.) The link at the bottom right goes to the Fan Confidence page. The next section is called “Biggest Rival.” In this situation Arsenal would be considered the biggest rival to Tottenham based on things like having similar reputations and playing in the same league. Next to Arsenal’s badge is the basic information about the rivalry. It’s a Local/Historic rivalry as opposed to a Competitive one, with a Rivalry level of “Intense,” partly due to the sharing of a region (London) and partly due to other factors such as frequency of derbies. The bar in the middle is called “Bragging Rights” and in this example you can see that Arsenal fans have the upper hand at the moment. One of the biggest factors in determining who has the bragging rights is the final result of the most recent derby, but there can be more long term factors at play too. The link in the bottom corner goes to the new “Rivalries” sub-tab which would have a variety of extra information such as a list of rivals, comparative league finishes, comparative trophy hauls, and maybe even some kind of map showing Regional/National/International Rivals. The bottom left section is called “Top Seller” and it relates to merchandise sales. This section would tell you who was currently the most popular shirt-seller and give you a rough breakdown of their popularity in terms of volume and regions. The full-list of shirt sellers could be seen at any time in the “Tickets & Merchandising” sub-tab. Also in the Tickets & Merchandising sub-tab you could see information such as estimated ticket demand, a ranking of merchandising income by country, and maybe even a list of countries in which you have some kind of club shop. The final section is my personal favourite and it is called “Recent Fan Opinions.” In here you would see a digest of 1 or 2 bits of information available in the “Fan Focus” sub-tab, which would be compiled by your Supporter Spokesman. This could be interesting in different ways depending on the size of your club, either getting feedback exclusively from locals or gradually gaining new fans in new territories. I created two fans. Lucy Lucy from Perth in Australia and Lesley Grubbs from Walthamstow. In this example you can see that Lucy Lucy is hoping Spurs come and play a game in Australia, whereas Lesley Grubbs is reminiscing about the good old days. Fans would be randomly generated and the towns and cities in the database could be used here - for instance Lesley is obviously quite local to Tottenham. You may notice Lesley has a lock icon next to his head. This is because I am imagining that I have locked him so that he will remain a choice even once the random fans have been regenerated, allowing me to follow his experiences specifically. There would be a few other pieces of information, such as the year they began supporting the club, the last match they attended, and their favourite player, in the “Fan Focus” sub-tab. It could also be fun to run a competition whereby the winners get to be immortalised in the game as a randomly generated fan! Thanks for reading!
  25. Intro Been playing FM since way back in the CM 00/01days, but I am by no means an expert on the game. I usually write in career updates but have a heavy emphasis on tactical updates. I usually use a certain managers tactics from real life to give me a base to build from, I started this about three years ago, it helps me in looking for what I actually wanted to see from a tactic on the game instead of getting overwhelmed with the tactical creator and turning to plug and play. So with being in lockdown I thought I would use my time and do a total in depth analysis of my tactical idea for my save. Its been a long journey about 30 games so far but its started to click in the last ten games now, however its not the finished article so therefore am open to advice, debate and of course criticism. I will first lay the foundations by going into detail about there system before then turning it into FM and how I built the tactic then we will have some in game analysis then ill follow this up with a few game updates. Should be plenty images and videos for people who don't like to read all my ramblings haha. The Task To recreate Gian Piero Gasperini's Atalanta side, now deemed one of the most exciting teams in Europe rising from mid table mediocrely to champions league football and all on a tight budget, a famed academy That GPG has used to no end has seen them reap the benefits. There high octane and complex attacking football is what drew me to them, some very difficult aspects of there game which is hard to tie down in the ME. Gasperini is know recognised as a innovator but it wasn't so long ago he was sacked by Inter Milan after just 5 games. In the challenge there is a twist I won't be playing as Atalanta, instead as someone who has similar features, Argentinos Juniors now a mid table team that's flirts with relegation, But a famed academy sited as the Ajax of Argentina, which is responsible for many Argentinian greats the list being headed by none other than Diego Armando Maradona who there stadium is named after. A few other key ones Cambiasso, Riquelme and Redondo. Been working on this for some weeks and just as if by magic Tifo put a video out yesterday which will be useful to set the tone. Resources I used a lot of total football analysis work problem is you only get 3 articles for 3 and the you have to pay so some people may not be able to access these. There should however be enough extracts in my post which will cover it. https://betweentheposts.net/atalanta-gian-piero-gasperini-tactics-divine-rise-serie-a-elite/ https://www.holdingmidfield.com/gian-piero-gasperinis-atalanta/ https://totalfootballanalysis.com/team-analysis/atalanta-201920-defensive-principles-action-scout-report-tactical-analysis- https://totalfootballanalysis.com/team-analysis/atalanta-201920-using-rotations-scout-report-tactical-analysis-tactics https://spielverlagerung.com/2020/03/28/video-analysis-atalantas-possession-system/?doing_wp_cron=1589479504.6754209995269775390625 The rest is all the players which we will use for extracts in the Role selection part https://statsbomb.com/2019/11/the-two-gianluigis-will-donnarumma-dominate-in-goal-for-the-next-20-years-like-buffon-did-for-the-last-20/ https://thelaziali.com/2018/12/20/atalanta-hateboer-lazio-serie-a-dutch/ https://footballbh.net/2020/04/01/robin-gosens-2019-20-scout-report-tactical-analysis-tactics/ https://totalfootballanalysis.com/article/marten-de-roon-2019-20-scout-report-tactical-analysis-tactics https://forzaitalianfootball.com/2017/10/remo-freuler-has-become-one-of-serie-as-most-complete-midfielders-at-atalanta/ https://serieaanalysis.com/analysis/player-analysis/alejandro-gomez-201920-scout-report-tactical-analysis-tactics https://totalfootballanalysis.com/player-analysis/josip-ilicic-201920-scout-report-tactical-analysis-tactics-2 GPG Philosophy Atalanta favour 3-4-1-2 formation, Although they occasionally field a 3-4-2-1 or 3-4-3. Either way, A back three is what head coach Gian Piero Gasperini favours. Deemed as rigid in the past, His formation is as flexible as it gets. The shape initiates from a solid base in the back three, dating back to Johan Cruyff's Barcelona's and Ajax rich history with three defenders. In the 3-4-1-2 he operates with three centre backs, two wings backs, two central midfielders and two forwards the number ten is filled by the instrumental Papu Gomez. In offence they like to build from the back with possession, he uses It to pull the opponents out of shape he masters this to develop overloads especially in the wide and half spaces. Rotations of positions are used in these overloads, which usually take up a diamond/rhombus shape to free up space for a player in the diamond the movement is fantastic to watch. The team’s movement is very fluid with every player involved in attacking and defending it’s not unusual to see a CB deep in the opponents half space on the ball. When they get to the final third, they tend to take lots of shots but clever ones and crossing and cutbacks from wing backs are also one of their mainstays. In defence he deploys a high pressing system with an extremely strict man marking policy, which when applied properly is designed to force the opposition into long balls or force them wide, they strive to prevent central play. Atalanta's attack is more famed, but their defensive strategy is by no means useless like attacking play it done with an intensity and purpose which translates into how intense their counter press is. We will see this later in more depth. Quick FM Translation Things we will want to see in game : Defending High Pressing system forcing long ball or play wide Strict man marking policy all over the pitch Aggressive defending in deep areas winning tackles and Arial duels Preventing central play Intense counter pressing Build Up Playing out from the back probing the opposition Overloading in wide and half spaces Diamond/Rhombus shape during build up Team keeping its width and stretching opponent Rotations of positions in particular CB's WB's And CM's (this has proved very difficult but have made its happen on occasions) Overloading and switching play to catch opponent out of position. Attacking Fluidity and movement especially strikers dropping off and playing in the channels and wide Lots of crosses and cutbacks Goals Goals Goals (which were hard to come by at first but feel we are getting there) Gomez pulling the strings and being the maverick that he is Trying to Recreate Ilicic's sensational season (again tough but now have someone who can play it) Formation Ignore the roles and duties for now we will cover that in much more detail later after we explore more of how Atalanta play. 5-2-1-2 WB in FM not a 3-4-1-2, due to the fact we want our wing backs dropping back as defenders not playing as midfielders, which the 3-4-1-2 does. Mentality For me one of the most important things you will set when creating a tactic, simply because it affects so much. It’s not just a case of we will take more risks, or we will attacking all the time. Tempo, DL, LOE, Width, passing length and right down to the individual player mentality this is even before you touch a role or duty or most of all a team instruction. For me Atalanta is attacking description gives us a good idea of what we want. Looks to dominate possession Aims to exploit space in the final third Will recycle the ball and retain possession Focuses on players getting forward into space Allows creative freedom It ticks so many boxes already just in the description which is a great starting point to build from and fine tune. At this stage of my building I would not add instructions I would play it out and add them as I see fit. Trial and error basically, but in the interest of this I have done this already so will add them now and explain my reasoning Team Instructions Disclaimer I would usually put my roles and duties into the tactic at this point and testing, before adding my team instructions am only doing it this way round for writing purposes. Out of Possession More urgent pressing Prevent short Gk distribution Tighter marking Defend Narrow Right away I know people will be thinking surely high defensive line and higher line of engagement are needed for a high press. But really its over kill, both are already set high enough with the mentality. By adding the pressing and prevent short we already have enough of a high press. Tighter marking gives us an aid in our quest for man to man marking. Originally, I had defend narrow but we were getting killed on the wings so it was removed Transition Counter-press Simple as that, we do not need to over complicate our distribution, or if we counter or hold shape. Again, it is overkill we do not want to restrict our play we want to encourage fluid play. The mentality has already done much of that along with in the next step. Counter pressing is key to the philosophy therefore we need it. In Possession Slightly short passing Play out of defence Focus play down left and right flank Underlap left and right Wide So here if am honest I probably have more instructions than a normally like, but it was necessary to try and achieve the complex style and movements. Short passing was the last to be added as I felt we were being just a little to direct at times. Play out of defence is a must as we looked to build from the back. In the wide areas is where it got complicating for me here there is too much going on, but I tried so many variations and this worked most to give us what we needed. We want to see lots of play in the wide area and lots of movement with underlapping centre forwards and midfielders. So, we know have something that looks like this, which I dare say would play some sort of Atalanta play but not in its purest form. Roles and Duties Now the fun begins, this is where I had so much difficulty nailing stuff down running into problems with a hybrid role’s especially the illic role and roles not really transforming from real life terms into Fm. First, I will explain each role individually then time them all in together with a conclusion. Every role has a quote from a scouting report. Defenders Goalkeeper Gollini SWK(A) What really stands out is his goalkeeping aggressive distance, which measures how far from the goal the keeper is coming to perform defensive actions. Only Donnarumma performs his actions further from goal than Gollini, emphasizing that not only is Gollini playing in a system that encourages the keeper to be aggressive, but that he is not scared of leaving the posts to perform sweeper keeper actions. Another number related to his modern interpretation of the role is his passing percentage under pressure, 71%, the highest among Italian goalkeepers in the league this season. For comparison, Meret completes just 52% of his pressured passes. Gollini is not simply focused on short distribution either as he attempts 6.13 long balls, while his average pass length is 39.49. 100% a sweeper keeper attack plays high risk passes and defends on the edge of the box. RCB Toloi BPD(S) Stay wider Dribble more is probably the weakest of the centre-backs, not quite as live to danger as the others and can be caught flat-footed, however he is still a good solid defender, comfortable in wide areas. Toloi could easily play as a full-back, often charging into the final third I have gone with a ball playing defender as you can see from the quote, he could easy play as a full back which is what we want advancing the ball up the line. Went for a stopper duty here to give us that pressing factor in deep areas. CB Djimsiti CD(D) is slower on the turn than Toloi and Palomino therefore The Albanian will push up to stop a player from turning if they have their back to goal, but otherwise prefers to give himself a bit of space to ensure the opposition can’t burst past him. This means he is the best-suited to the central position in the back three, as he is most often able to cover for the two either side of him. very self-explanatory he is the slower of the three and suited to the centre role as he drops off. I avoided the cover role which people may question but its suits more as the centre of the three does not sweep as such he does press when need be. LCB Palomino BPD(S) Stay wider Dribble more can also turn quickly and is aggressive in bursts, Palomino will steam out of the defensive line to stick his hand in a player’s back, letting him know he’s there before a pass is made – that way the passer will usually pass elsewhere, but if they do pass to Palomino’s man, he’s reluctant to turn with the Argentine on top of him. A tricky one here as he probably isn't a ball play defender in terms of FM with long passes but is capable on the ball and he does advance down that left-hand side. Using a stopper duty replicates what Is described The solid base that we spoke about earlier. The ball playing defenders both are instructed to stay wider and dribble more to give us that advancing up the wing almost into a full back like action when it is on. stopper defend stopper bit of a weird one but as I mentioned earlier cover isn't how the middle centre back acts, he still very much presses like the other two but just not as much. Keeper has been starting us off by either playing short or spraying balls into the Gomez role or the WB's. We will have examples of all this type of play probably in the next update. Wide Men Hans Hateboer WB(S) Stay Wider a dynamic right wing-back. The Dutchman has proved to an extremely effective player both defensively and going forward. has been raiding down the right side all season long. Defensibly he has been solid and going forward he has got involved too. In fact, he has been a highly effective attacking option creating numerous chances with his robust style. That winning goal against Inter was scored with Hans sliding in at the back post and it is a position we have seen him in all season. He always gets forward were possible to link up with Josip Ilicic. Complete wing back (S) Wing back (A) Now one of the tougher roles to nail down. Dynamic attacking wing back who gets in the box and gets the odd goal as well as doing is defensive duties. it screams complete wing back or at least wing back attack. But here is where the game catches people out because of my team instructions to focus on the flank and underlap his mentality is bumped up one therefore support is attacking enough. Complete wing back never dropped deep enough when defending we will cover that in the pressing section later. Robin Goosens WB(S) Stay Wider The German is a physically adept wing-back/wide midfielder who tends to link up with his teammates well, often performing one-twos with his forward teammates and finding himself in space to take shots of high quality. His aerial ability and defensive contribution are impressive, especially considering that many in the media (rightly so) focus on his attacking contributions, despite his ability to do both. Complete wing back (S) Wing Back (A) Wide Midfielder (S) Goosens left me much debate he scores more goals and shoots more than Hateboer but in the end I settled for the same role. He could easily be complete wing back with his goal tally and the fact he used to play as a midfielder. I toyed with the wide midfielder role for a while but again it never defended how I wanted. Both our flying wide men are set to stay wider to stretch the game even more just like Gasperini does. They also venture inside from time to time and both regularly find themselves in the box usually getting onto the end of the others cross. Not as many goals as I would like but as the squad improves, I feel it will come as they get chances. The Engine Room The trials and retributions to get this pair right do not think I have ever tried as many roles out trying to get a pair to work how Atalanta's two do. A lot of pain went into these pair and am sure it will spark a debate or two. The quotes do not do these guys justice as to how much work they do for the team I would recommend reading up on them if you take a keen interest to all of this. Marten De Roon Carrilero(S) Close down more Atalanta’s metronome! One of de Roon’s primary roles in the side is to drop into deeper positions when Atalanta have possession and facilitate attacks from these areas. This will often include him taking up a position as a right-back, or even dropping into the space between the right and central centre-halves. In this area, de Roon can move away from opposition’s pressing, Here, he has the ability to dictate play from deep positions and can get forward when the opportunity arises, making late runs from deep underlapping or overlapping the wing back and beyond the forwards arriving late in the penalty area. Box to box midfielder Ball winning midfielder Essentially, he is what keeps the team ticking. In possession Drops deep to start play or drifts wide or pushes on beyond wide players and forwards and gets on the end of things. Without the ball he breaks up play or sniffs out danger and covers players out of position. It’s an all action role box to box it says but it didn't work out that way, neither did BWM on support eventually the carrilero was decided it offers play wide and half space like De Roon it covers players out of position it does to an extent drop deep not into the back line like half back, however it does get on the end of things and get goals as well as the odd overlap of the centre forward. Remo Freuler Mezzala(S) He is a complete midfielder. His tireless work rate matched with his often-overlooked technical ability makes him perfectly suited to an energetic Atalanta side who rely on fight and persistent pressing as much as they do flair and creative spark. His positioning and reading of the game without possession allows him to break up opponents’ attacks. He averages 2.7 tackles per game 1.3 interceptions per game in possession, his distribution is accurate, and he consistently completes upwards of 88 percent of his passes. Clearly, he is a midfielder who can break up opposing attacks, distribute or carry the ball forward and create chances or score them himself. Box to box midfielder Segundo Volante Now it clearly states complete midfielder which again cries out pick box to box even more so than what Dr Roon did. But again, it would not work along with the Segundo volante on support it just never gave it half space movement. I know what you are thinking a mezzala is not very industrious, but you would be surprised because of the team’s way of playing he’s made and impressive 70 tackles in the league 3rd only behind the wing backs. This role does give us everything we want in half space. FM really does not do these pair justice there so complete and unique that I can understand how it would be hard for developers to get a role in the ME. Looking for a half mezzala half box to box. anyway, this pairing has come up with the goods and its as gave us a lot of how they play. Like I said, I would expect this to be an area of great debate. The carrilero has close down more that's the only instruction here on these two. Just as the centre two press and man mark high in the early press. The Magic Man Papu Gomez AMC(S) Take more risks Dribble more Shoot more Roam from position Move into channels Close down more Take more risks in passing as he unlocks defences with his eyes shut, Dribble more cause he could nutmeg a mermaid, Shoot more often was added later as he wasn't getting enough away often passing when he should have shot, Roam from position and move into channels because he is anywhere on the left on the right or deep or high he just jumps into overloads or brings his team up the park. close down much more as he is still a key cog in defence, he got a role in there and we will touch on it later in more depth. Has match-winning contributions nearly every game, with his ability to find space almost anywhere on the park he simply drifts around dictating what's happening. He has a real knack of knowing when to pass, dribble or shoot at the right time. But don't be fooled this guy works just as hard in defence in attack he does his job in the press but its more his dazzling skills he know for. With great movement off the ball he can create the angles and spaces that has made him so effective, along with being an incredible passer of the ball, he makes such purposeful passes. He passes knowing fully the possibilities that the pass could unlock a defence. His ability to go past players is phenomenal as well, this coupled with his outstanding movement, vision, shooting and passing range makes him a force to reckon with at the very top of the game. Enganche Trequartista Advanced playmaker On the surface it looks pure playmaker but if there was ever someone to investigate it is this man to think it took until this year to play in the UCL is beyond me. the role is a hybrid of , Shadow striker and Enganche. Therefore, I have went for the highly customable role of attacking mid. Front Two Both these roles are up for debate, as much as I have lots of analysis of them playing like the pair in real life, I can’t get them scoring as much but think its maybe down to player quality. Josip Ilicic DLF(A) Move into channels Roam from position Shoot more often has always had the versatility, and the flexibility to his game, which is shown in his ability to play multiple forward positions. That being said, this season, in particular, he has combined all the different assets that are needed for those different positions (positioning for a traditional winger, playmaking for an attacking midfielder, and shooting for a striker), and has improved in all of them, essentially making him a hybrid player. One of Iličić’s main strengths is playmaking. His ability to work in tight spaces and his vision allows him to see the best possible situation while playmaking. He can navigate in tight spaces, which is difficult to defend against. Iličić is left-footed, and unlike many other left-footed forwards, he is comfortable with both feet which makes it difficult for defenders to mark him. Iličić is also quite brave in where he shoots from, something we have seen as of late. Advanced forward Inside Forward Complete forward False 9 Well here comes my biggest challenge. Inside forward, nope, false 9, nope, advanced forward, nope. his movement is so hard to replicate yeah can get him wide but can get him on the last defender. Can get him dropping but can’t get wide. I think a lot came down to I didn't have the player capable and I did settle with DLF(A) and its worked to a extent but this is definitely the role am most likely to tinker with in the future. There is a lot Ilicic in this role now with right player which we will see later. Duvan Zapata Poacher(A) Move into Channels Roam from position Zapata is a big man, standing at 1.86m, he has a presence in the box. Due to this, he had been used mainly as a target man by most of his managers. Big and strong, he would play with his back to goal to hold up play. Recently though, this has changed. Now utilised as the top of the rhombus, Zapata can run at the defence with his pace. He is winning less aerials than before, only 2 per game as opposed to the 4 or 5 earlier in the season. He plays fewer long balls as well. He now moulded himself into a much more complete forward. Linking play as well as playing on the shoulder one thing is for sure he knows how to power them into the net Target man Complete forward Advanced forward Zapata tough one again. He links play, drifts wide, used as target man, Is lightening quick, Strong, and plays on the shoulder he sounds like a complete forward attack/Advanced forward but am not sure he is as creative but that's what role I see him as. Unfortunately, we had now one could play that role. I then watched a video on him, and a poacher made sense in a way as long as we could get him roaming and linking as well and that's just what we done. Not the ideal place in all of this as we were limited up top. link up is good and movement is good in the end we just really need more goals. Both players are instructed to Roam, move into channels, and close down much more as we look to get them moving wide and intiating the high press. I recently added shoots more often to the Ilicic role and we got a hatrick out of him so that’s a plus. This is what we are left with now. Sweeper keeper with a well drilled back 3 in front of him, with two aggressive ball playing stoppers, Looking to press hard and started off play in the half spaces and flanks To attacking wing backs getting forward and casing havoc with crosses and shots, who drop to make a 5 when defending unless required to press. Two hardworking midfielders with a desire to roam wide and into the half spaces, weather it be attacking or defending A magic number ten who drifts around from the centre making things happen with dribbles, passes and shots A front two that probably need a little more work but with investment goals will flow for them Key Analysis Defence Data When looking at their defensive statistics there are some key areas which make Atalanta worth focusing on. Atalanta’s PPDA is 8.31. This ranks them 11th overall in the “Top Five” European leagues for PPDA. They also have the best defensive duel win percentage in Serie A, with a highly impressive 60.9%. In the top five leagues, only Bayer Leverkusen, Bayern Munich, and Paris Saint-Germain rank above them for both PPDA and for having a better defensive duel win percentage. Here we have a table below of teams from the top 5 leagues. There are some expected names, but also some less so. RB Leipzig have the highest defensive duel win percentage out of anyone in Europe’s top five, and it’s unsurprising to see the defensive duel win percentages generally increase the higher a team’s PPDA is, however, if we look at those with similar PPDA’s to Atalanta – let’s say nine or lower, it is clear to see that along with Bayern Munich, PSG, and Leverkusen, Atalanta are one of Europe’s elite pressing sides, and that to have such a high defensive duel win percentage alongside these PPDA numbers is somewhat of an anomaly. Next we will explore in more detail how they achieve this. Pressing from the front Here we can see the centre-forwards positioning, we will generally see the Atalanta forwards operate in a space-oriented press, where they are close enough to the centre-backs to prevent the keeper from playing to them. However, they are directly in line with the keeper’s passing lane to the full backs. Right now, this is awfully hard to recreate with the current match engine, but I will try my best to recreate it. If anyone has some superior knowledge of how to do this, I would love to know. Gomez marks the pivot to stop him having time to break the press with everyone behind man marking. A couple of nice examples of the high pressing shape when the goalkeeper has the ball. In the top one you can see a 7 (ilicic) pressing the keeper while covering the passing option behind him. forcing him into a mistake. There is a nice show of how good the marking is as well with only number 30 in any real space with an easy pass. Second one the press isn't as high as the goalkeeper takes the goal kick, but there is a good mix of space-oriented press and man marking with no space for a pivot to drop as 10 (Gomez) is in the hole waiting. This is an example of what we might see from Atalanta should the goalkeeper play to one of his centre-backs. We can see that there is a mixture of space-oriented pressing and man-oriented pressing. The two forwards look to prevent the lateral pass to the left-sided centre-back, as well as the inside pass to the pivot. Gómez is close enough to the pivot where he can press should they receive the ball, yet deep enough to drop quickly and provide support centrally should the opposition play long. One constant we will see throughout is that Atalanta are man-marking the opposition all over the park. Here the left wing back has now pressed on to the full back with the back three shifting over. Here again we have two examples of pressing and marking once the ball comes down the side The top one is a right hand sided press from 18 (Zapata) has pressed the ball carrier but done it by using his run to cover the passing lane behind 66 (De Roon) has moved up passed 7 (Ilicic) to press the pivot as 7 is wide pressing the wing back. Below that we can see a left hand sided press with the 10 (Gomez) role pressing along with the poacher not allowing the pivot to receive the ball is key to Gomez defensive duties. The left hand side is marked so tight they will have to play a risky long ball. This time the RWB has dropped in to make it a 4 but not two deep that he wont be able to press if the ball is switched. Atalanta want to avoid having the opposition play through the middle. From these areas the opposition has more passing options, can specifically get the ball into the centre-forwards in better positions to set up attacks. To facilitate this process, we will see the pivot marked tightly, not just when the opposition keeper or centre-backs have possession in deep areas, but during most of the build-up play. This is to stop the pivot being used to break the first line of press. We saw earlier how Gómez occupies the pivot when the keeper has the ball. In a more developed build up phase, albeit still within the opposition half, one of the central-midfield pair will sit tight on the pivot to allow Gómez to press higher. if the keeper goes ahead with playing a lofted pass to the full-back then the forward line can press the opposition full-back along with the help of their wing-back (in this example Hateboer), and Gómez from the 10 position, as well as the central-midfielder (in this case de Roon). The image below demonstrates that further passes from this position are difficult to come by for the opposition and increases the likelihood of Atalanta winning the ball back in a high area. Here we have two examples of preventing central play one high and deep In the top one we can see the team has shifted over, number 5 (De Roon) has moved a head of 10 (Gomez) to press the pivot the rest of the team get close enough to there man again to force a hopeful long ball. Below we have an example of this in deeper areas the RWB(hateboer) has moved up to press but while covering the passing lane behind him,10 (Gomez) has dropped in too provide more central cover again only leaving a backwards pass or a switch Defending Deeper We see aggression and intensity in almost everything that Atalanta do defensively and there is always a desire to win the ball back as soon as possible that does not really change to much in deeper areas. In deeper areas Atalanta still have similar principles to when defending from the front. They want to make the pitch smaller. If the opposition bypasses the press and gets prolonged possession inside Atalanta’s own half, you are going to see certain tactics that are commonplace within most back three formations. However, still the principle of intense defending to force the opposition into making rushed decisions on the ball can be seen throughout also. . They work in tandem with one another, ensuring there is a balance as one presses, with teammates dropping into positions behind to protect that space from passes or dribbles. With them operating with a back five in deeper areas it means Atalanta’s defenders can be more aggressive in coming forward, as they still leave a solid back four behind them when doing so. Two great examples here of aggressive defending deep In the top picture the opposition has managed to get central but look how many players are back there protecting the central area of the goal even (Gomez role) number 9 this time is back defending. Below the (Freuler) role has stepped up to press the number 10 and behind you can see that intense man marking system behind now one has an inch of space to receive a pass. Build up and Attacking Play Here we can see the standard shape for build up. wing backs nice and high, RCB, LCB, RCM, LCM, RCF, LCF all overloading the half spaces. Gomez the CAM is the only person other than the ball carrier that's central. Not the greatest example here as my middle CB rarely gets on the ball. But you can see here how it starts with the width and a diamond in front of the goalkeeper here we see how it progresses as (gomez) starts to head towards the right half space we have RCF (ilicic) RCM (De Roon) RCB (Toloi) all in the right half space The LCF (zapata) has already shifted more centrally to allow (ilicic) to move wider. Here we can the triangle type overloads that we see on each side of the pitch. Now you can see illic drop and Zapata come more central. Fantastic example of a right hand side overload, (gomez) has picked up the ball and 9 and 5 (Ilicic, and De Roon) are in the half space and 4 and 14 (Toloi and hateboer) are providing the width. 18 (zapata) has moved centrally but what is crucial here is how 26, 6, and 11 (Palomino, Freuler and Goosens) have all kept there width and have there own triangle ready to go if switched. Nice example of the left hand side overload where the LWB(goosens) has the ball and the LCB(Palomino) and LCM( Freuler) are overloading 7 again number 4 (toloi) keeps his width at RCB ready for a switch along with 14(Hateboer) the RWB The diamond structures that are talked about so much in everything you read on atalanta. The diamonds usually consist off the sided centre back the wing back the sided centre mid and the striker, leaving only Gomez central again. The right hand side diamond is a thing of beauty. Its consists of the RCB, RWB,RCM and RCF 4,14,36 and 9 you can also see 8 (Gomez) ready to join to create even more off an overload. Again 18 (zapata) has moved centrally, while 3,6,and 11 all keep the bottom of the diamond ready for if the ball is switched. Here again we see the right hand sided diamond with the same players but this time 10(gomez) has space to move into to overload the diamond again the other side keeps it width and Zapata has moved centrally. watch as it advances 10 (gomez) now on the ball has the option to play in 12(hateboer) due to 9(ilicic) overloading the full back Hateboer can easlily be slipped in. Here is a left side example problem is 16 (De Roon) has not spread wide yet as its to early in build up as he is a carrilero not a mezzala. however you can see 9 (Ilicic) has shifted more centrally while 18 (Zapata) drifts wide. 10 (Gomez) and 6 (freuler) drop deep to make the diamond. Here is a good one makes a lot of this work worth while seeing this. Double diamond. right side (4,14,66,7) left side (3,26,6,18) its more or less perfect considering the ball is on the right as well and not centre am really impressed with the positioning. Its not a bad like for like am very happy with it considering it took 20 games trial and error to get there on a whole. Attacking the box on the right side. With 12(hateboer) ready to cross/cut back. We can see 10,16,6 (Gomez, De Roon and Freuler) all ready on the edge for a cutback 9(ilicic) has made his move towards the front post and 18 (zapata) has moved to the back and 13 (Goosens) is arriving late at the back post. Attacking the box from the left 18 (zapata) has drifted wide and is ready to cross cut back again we can see 6,10,16 on the edge for the cut back and 9(ilicic) central with 12(hateboer) ready to attack the back post. Summary I now feel after all lot of trials and work feel like am playing like Atalanta its been a long journey so far, but the last ten games since we set the tactic after the workings before it its paid dividends. I have so much more analysis to go through and share. Todays analysis just sets the tone for when we step it up a level and gives everyone a good idea of what to look for and what am talking about. I wanted to go on and do some video clips of goals but its a very long post as it is and am worried I might deleted it again. Thank god for copy and paste haha. Thanks for reading I hope you enjoy it and tune in for the next update.
  26. Been here for a long time now, longer than I've been using this current account as my old one got wiped when the boards where moved years back. It's taken me a lot longer to get here than other users have but I barely posted for the first few years and when I did stop lurking I only ever posted in the Sheffield Wednesday thread and very occasionally GD. Don't normally pay attention to my post count so I've missed all my other landmarks but happened to catch this one getting close last night. Got me thinking how much time I actually spend here. This is by a mile my most visited site on the internet, even if I go a few days without participating I still view the forum multiple times a day and every time I open my browser it's always the first site I navigate to. Probably spent months, if not years, of my life browsing these forums, scary when you think about it. Not going to get all emotional but basically you guys are all great, even the Arsenal fans, and so is this place. Even the trolls are harmless. I've probably interacted more with people on here than I've had genuine discussions with people irl over the years. It's a great community and such a useful tool for relieving boredom, reaching out to actual human beings for interaction at times where it hasn't been possible irl and it's also become pretty much my go to place for what's going on in the world, most of the major events in recent years I've realised were happening through threads being created here. It's also invaluable when I'm on my travels as a reminder of home and a place to follow and debate the football when I can't find anybody else that cares about the Championship when I'm skulking about some random small town in Moldova or Nicaragua. So anyway, it's not much but thought I'd give a little something back to a community that I've spent so much of my life being a part of by holding a small, simple prize draw. Nothing difficult, just anybody that participates in this thread (unless they specifically ask either in the post or via DM not to be considered) will be eligible for the random prize draw that I will complete before the end of the week. Or sooner if the thread dies a quick death Unfortunately I didn't get on the GME stonks in time so can't afford a 30K prize fund so £30 will have to do. Prizes will be in the form of Amazon vouchers. Only one question, not sure if it should be 3 prizes of £10 or 2 at £15?
  27. A ‘state of FM’ update from Studio Director, Miles Jacobson It’s a bit of an understatement to say that 2020 has been a difficult year so far, and although we at Sports Interactive have had it easier than many, it’s still been a tough time for the studio. We have enjoyed some advantages, though. Our revenue hasn’t disappeared entirely (as it has done for many businesses) and we’ve been able to do a number of things we otherwise may not have considered. For example, we allowed people to play FM20 for free for a fortnight back in March and took part in a bunch of charity initiatives including the UKIE-managed ‘Games for Carers’ programme and the Humble Black Lives Matter bundle. During this period, we’ve also provided free in-game advertising to a number of mental health charities around the world, which was particularly important to me as I believe that this disruption to everyone’s normal way of living could have serious mental health consequences if we’re not careful. Throughout all of this, though, record numbers of players have chosen to spend their own lockdown with one or more of our games… which is something we’re very grateful for. Something else I’m very grateful for is that, rather than finding ourselves having to lay people off during this crisis, we’ve actually accelerated our hiring programme over the past few months and I’m incredibly proud that we have introduced more than 20 new members to the SI team since lockdown began… and we’re not finished yet (check out the open roles on our recently-refreshed studio website). Most importantly of all, though, we have continued to work on our games throughout this troubled period – and we’ve managed to do this despite not being together in our office since early March. Having a ‘distributed’ workforce isn’t new to us, as some of the team have worked remotely for decades, but moving the entire team to work from home was a huge challenge. Everyone’s personal situation is different, and our main priority as a studio was to ensure that the whole team and their families remained safe, healthy and happy. After that, our priority was to ensure that every team member was able to continue to work effectively (while taking their home situation into account) so that we could continue to create and deliver great games. We’re now in a position where we’re set up to continue to work in this fashion for as long as it takes. None of us know when things will return to ‘normal’, but I would be very surprised if we’re all back in the studio working together until well into next year. It would be great to say that this whole process has been easy, but the truth is that we’ve learned over the course of this bizarre and unprecedented global crisis that it’s a lot easier to make games when the bulk of the team are working in close physical proximity. It’s not just been harder from a production perspective – it doesn’t help that the world of football that we aim to simulate in our games is also in such a world of flux. Some leagues have confirmed their plans, some are still up in the air (although we are very much ‘in the loop’ with many of the possible decisions), the transfer window has moved in England at least, there are new emergency rules that may, or may not, be present next season. And there’s a lot more besides. That all said, the team have done an absolutely incredible job in the circumstances and I couldn’t be prouder of them or prouder to be a part of the team. We’ve been very quiet about future plans throughout this period, but then I never like us to talk about our plans until everything is definitively settled. I know that frustrates some of our fans, but it’s a policy that’s worked well for us in the 25+ years we’ve been making games. What I can confirm today is that, despite all the problems going on in the world, there will be new Football Manager games released later this year. They will be delivered a little later than we’d originally planned, but they’ll have exceptionally strong feature sets… albeit different to those we thought we’d settled on back in January when I completed my ‘dream feature set’. It has taken a monumental effort to make this possible. The flexibility the team have shown through this period has been incredible; we’ve been changing scope, both upwards and downwards, on an almost weekly basis (and often as a result of changes in people’s personal circumstances). I firmly believe you’ll all appreciate the improvements and new features this year – and for us to have created the games that we’re going to deliver later this year during a global pandemic is something else I’m very proud of. Our games will be on more platforms and available on more stores than ever before when they’re released later this year but, with regards to features and release dates, it’s a little too early for us to talk about the specifics right now. Please cut us a little bit of slack and rest assured that we will once again deliver a set of games that provide hundreds of hours of entertainment and remain the best value for money on the market – and something to help you escape from the real world at the moment, at least for a while. We look forward to returning to something approaching normality in the (hopefully) near future, but, for now, we’re doing everything we can to continue keeping you entertained in the manner that only Football Manager can. Stay safe, Miles
  28. Ok this is going to sound harsh but please hear me out.. These new reskin "headline" features are a slap to the face to your fanbase. The audacity to claim these as an improvement is absolutely disgraceful. The constant excuses are so obvious, "oh it's because everyone still runs core 2 duos from 2004 so we have to support them", "oh it's not the final version mate, wait a bit longer", "oh we do listen to feedback, and this is what people want", "oh it's because corona", "oh just wait for another video to showcase 'new' stuff", "oh the winter patch will fix this issue". I could go on and on. If you're not ready to release an actually improved product then skip a year or two and do something like a normal database update, I'd much rather support that. What you are doing is calling these as an improvement but what you've done is repackage things slightly and called it new and great and charge full price. Where are actual showcases like: transfers have been fixed? Better interaction with the board and players (not reskin aggressive to throw bottle, couldn't even change the dialogue or add new options)? When will you fix the set piece set ups that constantly rearrange your positions or miss players completely? Fix absurd stadiums, plastic grass? Fix animations to look human? Give options to difficulty? Rework the interface to avoid excessive clicks, modernize the ui? Make regen faces look half human? Fix actual me issues like, lack of central play, creativity, marking, op gegen pressing, rework stamina to mean something? Make teams play differently? Rework CA/PA? Stop pretending the 3d engine looks amazing when ps2 graphics can look better and your own work from 2011 does too? When one dude can make improvements to the physics file and make the game actually somewhat playble something is wrong and you need to step up and put in some work. If you need a new engine then so be it, but don't try to pretend to fix or improve things on this platform if it no longer works. It's very obvious at this point. You say you need constructive criticism and you're afraid to show your new devs to this forum, this is what it looks like uncensored and you need to hear it. Until you make actual improvements and show them properly if they do exist I will no longer buy your games.
  29. I'm going to leave my one post of feedback and leave as I don't think it needs much more than that. These are my opinions. I've been playing the game for many years like many others and have bought every iteration since CM3. After 220 hours with FM2020 this is my opinion: Unfortunately Football Manager 2020 is one of my least enjoyed games in the series for many years. The way FM plays means there is a fine line between a chore and a game, this feels like a chore to play. I've never really been into a lot of the fluff added to the game and things like media conferences, shouts, tunnel interviews, opposition instructions, training schedules and many more are just seen as a nuisance to me. However these can be ignored or assigned to your assistant, which is great to have the option. The bits in FM that I do enjoy are the tactic creating, the transfer market, contracts, managing the squad, scouting and off course - the matchday. In my opinion three of these things aren't all that enjoyable in FM2020, which makes me want to turn it off and play something else. 1. Managing the squad - I can't stand this now, when a player has a complaint, for example wants a new contract it feels like roulette, hit the line of text and hope you don't make the player unhappy. There is no consistently and it's almost impossible to have a guess at what players want to hear and these interactions happen frequently. I hate hitting continue only to be interrupted by another player whinging at me out of the blue and I have to stress over which random option to pick this time. I despise this part of the game and often save before player interactions just in case half the squad kicks off at me clicking the wrong text box. The main issue in recent games is the sheer frequency of these events. 2. Tactic creation, to be honest this is kind of the same as point 3 as it all links in. It feels like tactical instructions are often ignored and the vision I selected for the players in is not reflected in the game. In FM2020 I feel like I'm battling the AI of a computer game instead of being a Football Manager, this is killing the immersion for me. 3. Most of all the match day experience, I know the match engine is a fine balancing act, but the current one for FM2020 is an abomination, it's not enjoyable to watch, it's not carrying my tactics out to what I personally feel is an acceptable level and the sight of Mbappe missing several one on ones a game is getting frustrating and tiresome. Same with penalties. Same with many other aspects covered all over the forum by other users. It feels like SI (and the consumers more so) have been victims of the annual release schedule, this match engine and the tweaks and changes it has had in the last year or so is clearly not working properly and surely isn't working as intended by SI. FM2020 should quite simply have not been released with a match engine in the head bangingly frustrating state it's in. This is the crux for me, games are just not fun to watch unfold. ‐-------------------------- Now I love Football Manager and this version has saddened me to be honest and will make me think twice about purchasing next year at launch. I could have gone into more detail above but feel like this has been covered so much that this is more my overview of the state of the game rather than a technical unpicking. I would love to see a year break where instead of just forcing out an iteration every November, it would give SI longer to get fundamental long running issues with key in game systems ironed out of the game, but we all know that won't happen as money talks. Well there it is, will probably achieve very little, but feel as though I needed to posting something. I will also caveat, I have had success. This isn't a post born out of frustration. I've done 4 seasons with Chelsea and have won the lot in season 2-4 less a few cups. In another save I have got Leeds promoted as champions and finished 9th in the Premier League the next season. So this isn't me doing badly and getting frustrated, this is me doing well but failing to get the enjoyment I usually get out of this great gaming series.
  30. Sorry but I can't stand this kind of 'blame-the-user' mentality. This is a game that has a new full price version out every season, with updated stats, so blaming buyers for not showing the patience to wait ~six months for the March ME update is a little absurd - the football season they want to simulate is nearly over at this point. Furthermore SI is not a little indie studio releasing a brand new title, where growing pains are to be expected. This is a major title in about its 35th iteration now, there is absolutely no legitimate reason that the match engine should be released with obvious problems, and yet it seems to be a regular occurrence. FM games at this point should be rock solid when they come out, and if they're not it's because development is being rushed to hit release deadlines that shouldn't be there. That is the bottom line - simple as that. The demo also isn't an excuse - I played FM20 a ton when it first came out, but the problems with the match engine have stopped me playing for the last month, possibly because for the first month or so I was playing in lower leagues where terrible defensive issues and crap strikers are more plausible. Now I'm in a major league though its completely immersion breaking. With a game this deep, and also still being revised by changes, a limited demo is not enough to wash the devs hands of responsibility for what they are releasing. The match engine isn't "broken", but it is totally unsatisfactory for a well resourced game this far into its release history.
  31. If they're Arsenal fans they're probably used to a bit of disappointment in their lives.
  32. There's a number of issues which have been raised by the community, but having spoken to the match team in more depth, there's a few things on the radar. With one-on-ones it's not as simple as say 'players are missing too many', first of all, why are they missing them? Are they ignoring players in better positions and taking on shots from worse angles? Sometimes yes. But then we can't always have the players making the right decisions every time as that isn't realistic either. It's a real balancing act. We can't just up their ability to score one on ones, it's not that simplistic. But yes, conversion and how these chances are taken is something we're looking at. We're also aware that defending longer balls through the middle requires attention and appreciate everyone who has raised examples. We've also seen a number of people raise issues with missed penalties. This is more of an odd one as our stats taken over thousands of seasons to get an average suggest that the overall number of penalties converted per season is about right - so we've got a bit more of a theory that perhaps there's an issue specifically with highly rated penalty takers. This is something under review, but as with everything else it's not always quite as obvious as it seems. We're also aware of an issue related to clear cut chances being record inaccurately - sometimes chances are being marked as CCC when if you watch them back they may be considered half chances or even less. This is giving an inflated view that lots of chances are being missed which should be scored. That's not to try and say that conversion rates are perfect and it's just the stats showing it wrong, but we do think this could do with some tweaking alongside the match AI. Just because I've not mentioned other specifics doesn't mean other issues are being ignored. There are hundreds of areas we'd like to try and improve, some of which are more realistic than others given our resources. What we always aim for is a balanced, fair match engine which outputs the kinds of results which the appropriate team strengths and tactical setups should be achieving. We do feel like we have that now, but of course we're aware of feedback and as said, are always striving to improve the game where we can. Realistically the match engine is not an easy area of the game to improve and given the amount of work and testing required to make sure any changes do as we expect and don't have any knock-ons, we're going to need time. Whilst the old adage of never say never, with the holidays approaching it's unlikely we'll be able to release any further changes to the match engine until the New Year. We really do appreciate anyone who takes the time to raise any issue or add additional examples via the match engine bug forums. We'll still be adding to and logging new issues into our bugs database to make sure everything is recorded and can be investigated by our match team. Appreciate those who take the time to read these types of messages from us. We are busy so don't always have the time to respond to every post, but we do try to make sure as much as possible is read. Also would appreciate at this time of year remember the Mods on these forums are volunteers. They're not paid for helping out, they do so as they just want people to try and enjoy the game and when on these forums, be able to engage with each other in the best way possible. Whilst you don't always have to agree with them (or us for that matter) please try to respect their opinions. Likewise everyone at SI and within the Mod team tries to respect your opinions, even if they're critical of us. All we'd ask is if you are criticising please try and keep it constructive. We don't want to be in a position where we're restricting anyone's access to these forums, but direct attacks on other users, moderators or the development team won't be tolerated. Cheers.
  33. Part of my job is absolutely to amplify your voice within our studio. I never want our community to feel like they're shouting into the wind and nothing gets through - that is absolutely not the case. Our feature request forums and bug forums both show plenty of examples of features which have been implemented and bugs which have been fixed. However at the same time, users on these forums have to remember they're only a part of our audience. An extremely important part (for me especially considering I interact with you almost every day ) but a part nevertheless. We don't publicly reveal all our sales figures, but know Miles said in May (long before the Epic giveaway) that 1.5 million people played FM20 - https://twitter.com/milessi/status/1267089578038566913 The January/February FM20 feedback thread had 416 different posters (including Mods and SI Staff) over eight months. So whilst this forum is extremely important for getting an idea of what certain elements of our core audience want, it's not the be all and end all. We have to hear sentiment and opinions across the board from multiple different avenues, from the 10,000 hours gamer who just hammers continue to the player who takes 8 months to finish a season and uses every single feature of the game. So remember whilst you may believe something from the bottom of your heart is absolutely the way FM needs to go in the future, it's impossible to speak for everyone. We listen to you all and engage where we can. But given sometimes even Miles and I don't personally agree on a specific direction or feature in game, please don't expect we're always going to be able to agree with you. And yes, before you ask. Miles definitely has more sway in the direction the game goes than me!
  34. Too many excuses You get paid to deliver, you fail u get criticised, just do a better job next time Stop going on about how its a difficult process and how it is hard to balance out the perfect match engine... blah blah blah You go to a restaurant, customer complains about the food do you hear the chef moaning about how they don't get the credit for all the hard work they put in a dish? How cooking the meat is a difficult process? You're treating us like we've been given the privilege to play a game that you made for us for free with bunch of volunteers.
  35. Just to illustrate some of the UI complaints with an example. In the screenshot, I've highlighted where my eye naturally falls in red; it's where it's led by the perspective of the scene. Meanwhile, things I will need to read or potentially interact with are in green. The yellow overlay is unused dead space. I'm playing on a 27" 1440p monitor, and my eye has to traverse all of the yellow to find the things in green, which are laid out in ways that defy reading order or any eye-tracking research I'm aware of. I have to go from the red to the green box to the green circles, read through the rote text, select one, then go back to continue in the top right (which, again, defies convention; most confirm prompts in most UI design sit in the bottom right because that's where readers finish). And that's a best-case scenario. If I want to do anything else, I have to go to the far corners of the screen or dig into other menus to find information not available on this screen, the overwhelming expanse of which is wasted. And why is it wasted? To fit in a 3D "backdrop" of the corner of a flatly lit office with a drop ceiling and some cabling on the wall. And a "Football Manager" step and repeat that reminds me I'm playing a videogame called Football Manager, in case I'd forgotten. I guess the idea here is that I, the manager, am standing in front of this and being interviewed by James Mitchell? But why is James Mitchell represented, in 2D space, as being in front of the step and repeat, while I, the manger, am at the bottom of the screen? There is a 2D schematic of our conversation that is completely at odds with the pointless, gamey 3D depiction of it. I had to leave other, useful information behind to get to this full-screen presentation. Now consider how this conversation is depicted (up and down) versus every single conversation you've ever seen represented in, say, a messaging app, or social media DMs, all of which acknowledge that people read from left to right and from top to bottom, and that real-life conversations happen in lateral space. The best user experience I can hope for here is that if I see this screen often enough—and I'll see it 50+ times a season!—I'll get good at clicking through it really fast by learning an algorithmic set of approaches to press questions, same as in previous years. But the act of reading and clicking on things is now harder and less intuitive than it was before, and I am far more conscious that I'm playing a videogame than I was in the past.
  36. Ah here, time to vent. This edition of FM is up there with the worst. I've played every edition since it launched and never have I been more frustrated with a game than this one. Tried numerous tactics only to see how flawed the ME is time and time again. At least 80% of goals scored are from set pieces or from mistakes from the AI. Tactics are meaningless in trying to break down defenses and score from good teamplay. Players are so slow and stupid in this game. Constant blocked crosses and shots after the attacker taking an age on deciding what to do. Player capable of using both feet? Nah. He'll cut inside on his weaker but still strong foot and then take a wayward shot with his good foot from the most stupid of angles. Free header from 5 yards? You better believe that's going over the bar or straight into the keepers arms. He doesn't even need to move. Freekick? Yea let's all stand 5 yards offside and still head it over the bar. Ball going wide from a wild pass? Better put it out for a corner even if there's no danger on hand. Don't even attempt to clear it for a throw in. Counter attack? All 11 players back in the box within seconds again making it incredibly hard to break teams down. How many times does the fullback get flagged for offside because he's too stupid to get onside?! Chance to pass or an early shot? Nah, keep running with the ball right into the defender or pausing before blasting the ball against his shins. Through balls or central play? Non existent. Might see the odd through ball once every 6 games. Take for instance my current season. Using TFF's tactics I'm 19 games into the season. I've won 8 of those games. And in each of the 11 where I've dropped points I've had more possession in each game bar one, more shots, more shots on target, essentially dominated in every single way. But here I am again scratching my head that maybe it's my fault. And maybe it is. Or maybe it's this damn game. How on earth after so many editions of this game does the gameplay seem to get worse every year?! If this was the first FM I bought there's not a hope I'd buy it again. But like most loyal players on here we buy it year after year in the hope we'll find the happiness and joy it once brought us.
  37. I'm getting too old for this ****, just give me a bunch of screens to look at instead of having to sit through ~4 minutes of youtube "experts" just to watch 10 seconds of game footage
  38. UPDATE - 04.08.2020 Hey guys, I've got a small update for the tactics but I'm lazy to update the tactics and re-upload everything(tactics, screenshots, videos and so on) so if you want apply the update you have to do it yourself. If you use Cerber V4, Cerber V4 - Overload, Cerber V4 - AML / AMR versions then I suggest removing "Short Passing" PI from the WBL/WBR positions. Also, no matter what tactic you use I suggest using a new attacking free-kick setup that can be found in the video below. It's much better than the current attacking free kick setup. Please, pay attention to the free kicks' aim and the players' positions. ******************* Hi everybody! If you can fit your team into Cerber V4 tactic then I suggest using this tactic as you main tactic for all matches with any team because I find it's the most effective tactic at the moment and if you can't fit your team into then you should try to fit your team into the Cerber V4 (AML/AMR) versions and if you also can't fit your team into the Cerber V4 (AML/AMR) versions then I you can use Fighter V2 tactic because you can fit any team into Fighter V2 tactic. There are also 2 support tactics that can be used during matches: Shield Wall tactic - this tactic can be used during matches when you need greatly boost your defense in cost of the attack Overload version - this tactic can be used during matches when you need to boost your attack in cost of the defense CERBER V4 Download - CERBER V4 IMPORTANT INFORMATION MR (Right Foot) – Very Strong ML (Left Foot) - Very Strong/Strong/Fairly Strong WBR (Right Foot) – Very Strong WBL (Left Foot) - Very Strong CDR (Right Foot) – Very Strong "Comes Deep To Get Ball" is a negative PPM for AMCR and MCL position INDIVIDUAL TRAINING FOCUS STC – Advanced Forward ( Attack ) AMC - Shadow Striker ( Attack ) ML / MR – Winger ( Attack ) MCL – Central Midfielder ( Attack ) DM – Deep Lying Playmaker ( Support ) WBL / WBR - Wing-Back ( Support ) DCL / DCR - Ball Playing Defender ( Defend ) GK – Sweeper Keeper ( Attack ) CERBER - OVERLOAD V1 Download - CERBER V4 - OVERLOAD This is an ultra attacking version of Cerber V3 tactic Changes: - the mentality changed to "Attacking" - the D-line changed to "Much Higher D-line" I suggest using this version only when you need greatly boost your attack but in cost of the defense CERBER - AML - V4 & CERBER - AMR - V4 Download - CERBER - AML - V4 Download - CERBER - AMR - V4 You can use the AML version of Cerber tactic if you don't have players for the ML position You can use the AMR version of Cerber tactic if you don't have players for the MR position FIGHTER V2 Download - FIGHTER V2 IMPORTANT INFORMATION AMR (Right Foot) – Very Strong AML (Left Foot) - Very Strong/Strong/Fairly Strong WBR (Right Foot) – Very Strong WBL (Left Foot) - Very Strong CDR (Right Foot) – Very Strong "Comes Deep To Get Ball" is a negative PPM for AMCR and MCL position INDIVIDUAL TRAINING FOCUS STC – Advanced Forward ( Attack ) AMC - Shadow Striker ( Attack ) AML / AMR – Winger ( Support ) MCL – Central Midfielder ( Attack ) DM – Deep Lying Playmaker ( Support ) WBL / WBR - Wing-Back ( Support ) DCL / DCR - Ball Playing Defender ( Defend ) GK – Sweeper Keeper ( Attack ) FIGHTER - OVERLOAD V1 Download - OVERLOAD - FIGHTER V2 This is an ultra attacking version of Fighter V1 tactic Changes: - the mentality changed to "Attacking" - the D-line changed to "Much Higher D-line" I suggest using this version only when you need greatly boost your attack but in cost of the defense SHIELD WALL V1 (Ultra Defensive Tactic) Download - SHIELD WALL V1 Use this tactic when you need to protect your lead and "kill" the game. Please notice that this tactic doesn't give you 100% guaranty that you don't concede it only greatly reduces the probability of it so if you start using this tactic too early, for example, when you've got a shaky lead by 1 goal then it might backfire and you might concede a fluke goal at the last minute and give away a win so you should use this tactic it wisely. ARCHIVED TACTICS: ANNIHILATOR V1 Download - ANNIHILATOR V1 IMPORTANT INFORMATION MR (Right Foot) – Very Strong ML (Left Foot) - Very Strong/Strong/Fairly Strong WBR (Right Foot) – Very Strong WBL (Left Foot) - Very Strong CDR (Right Foot) – Very Strong "Comes Deep To Get Ball" is a negative PPM for AMCR and AMCL position INDIVIDUAL TRAINING FOCUS STC – Advanced Forward ( Attack ) AMCL / AMCR - Attacking Midfielder ( Attack ) ML / MR – Winger ( Attack ) DM – Deep Lying Playmaker ( Support ) WBL / WBR - Wing-Back ( Support ) DCL / DCR - Ball Playing Defender ( Defend ) GK – Sweeper Keeper ( Attack ) ANNIHILATOR - OVERLOAD V1 Download - OVERLOAD - ANNIHILATOR V1 This is an ultra attacking version of Annihilator V1 tactic Changes: - the mentality changed to "Attacking" - the D-line changed to "Much Higher D-line" I suggest using this version only when you need greatly boost your attack but in cost of the defense EXECUTIONER V4 Download - EXECUTIONER V4 IMPORTANT INFORMATION: -- MR : Right Foot – Very Strong -- ML : Left Foot - Very Strong/Strong/Fairly Strong "Comes Deep To Get Ball" is a negative PPM for AMC position INDIVIDUAL TRAINING FOCUS STCL/STCR – Advanced Forward ( Attack ) AMC - Shadow Striker ( Attack ) ML / MR – Winger ( Support ) MC – Deep Lying Playmaker ( Support ) DL / DR - Inverted Wing-Back (Support ) DCL / DCR - Ball Playing Defender ( Defend ) GK – Sweeper Keeper ( Attack ) ASHBRINGER V4 Download - ASHBRINGER V4 IMPORTANT INFORMATION: -- MR : Right Foot – Very Strong -- ML : Left Foot - Very Strong/Strong/Fairly Strong "Comes Deep To Get Ball" is a negative PPM for MCL position INDIVIDUAL TRAINING FOCUS STC – Advanced Forward ( Attack ) ML / MR – Winger ( Support ) MCL/MCR – Central Midfielder ( Attack ) DM - Deep Lying Playmaker (Support) DL / DR - Inverted Wing-Back (Support ) DCL / DCR - Ball Playing Defender ( Defend ) GK – Sweeper Keeper ( Attack ) BLOODLUST V4 Download - BLOODLUST V5 IMPORTANT INFORMATION: -- MR : Right Foot – Very Strong -- ML : Left Foot - Very Strong/Strong/Fairly Strong "Comes Deep To Get Ball" is a negative PPM for MCL position INDIVIDUAL TRAINING FOCUS STC – Advanced Forward ( Attack ) AMC - Attacking Midfielder ( Attack ) ML / MR – Winger ( Support ) MCL – Box To Box Midfielder ( Support ) MCR - Deep Lying Playmaker ( Support ) DL / DR - Inverted Wing-Back (Support ) DCL / DCR - Ball Playing Defender ( Defend ) GK – Sweeper Keeper ( Attack ) Touchline Shouts ( Important ) : Read this ---> https://community.sigames.com/topic/507817-fm20-tactics-by-tff/?do=findComment&comment=12342562 Team Meeting ( Important ) : Read this ---> https://community.sigames.com/topic/507817-fm20-tactics-by-tff/?do=findComment&comment=12362502 Training Guide ( Important ) : Read this ---> https://community.sigames.com/topic/520077-training-and-development-guide-by-tff/ SET PIECES TAKERS: CORNERS : - AMR / MR should take the right corners - AML / ML should take the left corners THROW-INS: - WBL / DL should take the left throw-ins - WBR / DR should take the right throw-ins OPPOSITION INSTRUCTIONS I suggest not setting any Opposition Instructions and not letting your assistant manager to do that YELLOW AND RED CARDS Please notice that all positions in the tactic have “Tackle Harder” PI which means that you need to control your players’ tackling aggression during matches in order to avoid getting a man sent off so if during a match you see that someone of your players gets booked then go to the tactic menu and add "Easy Off Tackles" PI to this players or otherwise there’s a high risk that this player gets a second yellow card/red card. FILTERS DOWNLOAD - (FM20 - patch 20-3) FILTERS V3by TFF First of all, if you are going to use the filters then you should turn OFF the "Attributes Masking" setting when you start a new save otherwise the filters will be useless. Also, you need to understand that when starting a new save the more nations you load and the larger database you set, the more players appear in the filters. Here's a screenshot with an information how you can turn it OFF when you start a new: The more expensive "package" you have, the more players appear in “Player Search” menu. In order to have all players in game appearing in “Player Search” menu you need to have the best possible package “World”. Please notice that the default settings of the filters are very tough and it's supposed to show the best 10-30 players in the world for the positions in the tactic and only the top clubs from the major European football nation can afford such players and it's obvious if you manage a small club then you can't afford to have such player and you need to "easy" the matching condition one by one until you find someone that you can afford to buy but you need to be very careful when you "easy the matching conditions" because some important attributes might be missed by much and you always should check and see what attributes are missing and by how much amount: ATTRIBUTES STCL / STCR ( Mbappé | Anthony Martial | Suarez | Mo. Salah | Messi | Neymar) -- High Importance Attributes -- Acceleration, Agility, Pace Finishing, Dribbling, First Touch Technique, Anticipation, Off The Ball Composure, Decisions -- Moderate Importance Attributes -- Strength, Work Rate, Passing Vision, Teamwork, Stamina Heading, Long Shots, Determination AMC ( Dybala | Roberto Firmino | Griezmann | De Bruyne | David Silva ) -- High Importance Attributes -- Technique, Passing, First Touch Vision, Teamwork, Work Rate Decisions, Off The Ball, Dribbling Acceleration, Agility, Pace Anticipation, Composure, Flair -- Moderate Importance Attributes -- Finishing, Long Shots AML / AMR / ML / MR ( Raheem Sterling | Leroy Sané | Neymar | Mo. Salah | Mane ) -- High Importance Attributes -- Acceleration, Agility, Pace Flair, Dribbling, First Touch Technique, Off The Ball, Anticipation Decisions, Composure -- Moderate Importance Attributes -- Crossing, Finishing, Long Shots Passing, Vision, Teamwork Work Rate, Stamina, Determination MCL / MCR ( Sergio Busquets | Arturo Vidal | Fernandinho | Rakitic) -- High Importance Attributes -- Passing, Technique, First Touch Vision, Decisions, Composure Work Rate, Teamwork, Anticipation, Positioning, Off The Ball, Dribbling -- Moderate Importance Attributes -- Acceleration, Pace, Marking, Tackling DL / DR ( Alexander-Arnold | Robertson |Dani Carvajal | Alex Sandro | Mendy ) -- High Importance Attributes -- Acceleation, Pace, Work Rate Positioning, Tackling, Marking Anticipation, Stamina, Strength Determination, Aggression, Bravery -- Moderate Importance Attributes -- Dribbling, Technique, Passing, First Touch Vision, Composure, Off The Ball Decisions, Teamwork, Crossing DCL / DCR ( Virgil Van Dijk | Sergio Ramos ) -- High Importance Attributes -- Strength, Jumping Reach, Acceleration Pace, Anticipation, Positioning Concentration, Marking, Tackling Work Rate, Bravery, Determination Aggression -- Moderate Importance Attributes -- Composure, Technique, Passing First Touch, Vision GK ( Alisson Becker | Ederson ) -- High Importance Attributes -- Reflexes, Handling, One On Ones Aerial Reach, Command of Area, Communication, Agility, Concentration, Anticipation Determination -- Moderate Importance Attributes -- Positioning, Rushing Out, Acceleration Composure, Vision, Passing The previous versions/tactics can be found under the spoiler below : (FM20 - ME2039) SLAYER V1 by TFF.fmf (FM20 - ME2039) SLAYER V2 by TFF.fmf (FM20 - ME2039) SLAYER V3 by TFF.fmf
  39. More fun with UI/UX, this time in a match: There are four ways to meaningfully affect how the match engine screen displays. They are in ... four different corners of the screen. So I've pointed them out with arrows! In the top left, we can hide or unhide the Match Stats and Notable Events panel. This wasn't clear to me initially, because the blue icon is a little hard to parse at 1440p and uses no familiar interactable iconography. You cannot customize this Match Stats panel as you could in the past (more on that in a second!), and you cannot shrink or adjust the size of the Notable Events section, even though it takes up a huge chunk of dead space. Clicking on the team names or clock also controls this panel, rather than, say, taking you to a team screen or pausing the clock. In the bottom left, there's a (hugely important) expand button for Tactics & Subs that gives you access to in-detail stuff. It's kind of buried at the end of an eye scan, which is weird. Also, once you expand this panel, you have to close it by clicking cancel in the bottom right, which is another long journey for the eye and the mouse. Almost none of the other interactions use this sequence! You cannot click the button twice to collapse the expand, even if you didn't take any actions; likewise, you can't click in the open space above the expanded panel. This panel also re-animates every time you click a tab (Tactics, Player, Set Pieces, etc.), which is a bizarre and disorienting choice. The distance from the tabs in the top left to the cancel button in the bottom right is, again, a screen width. In the top right, you have your match speed, viewing options, play/pause stuff. There's actually a nearly hidden bar that allows you to record, rewind time, etc. ... though it's divorced from the game clock in the top left, and the absence of a timeline reduces player control overall. All of these options are uncoupled from all the information panels that would cause you to interact with them. In the bottom right, you can hide the Tactics & Subs panel, even though it uses the same coloration as the SUBS button below it, which actually flicks between substitutes and players on the pitch (unhelpfully labeled "PITCH" rather than "ON PITCH" or "PLAYING"). This may just be me, but I found the label inconsistent with what's being shown: at a glance, I thought it was showing subs when SUBS was the label; it's the reverse. You can also show/hide the Touchline Tablet here ... provided a highlight is playing. If a highlight is not playing, the icon stays there but no longer hides the window, which feels bad. In general, the game does a poor job of distinguishing between "in highlight" and "not in highlight" than it used to, though the motion graphic in the top left is appreciated. Some questions: Why are these four discrete interactable areas not combined as tabs or better arranged to minimize eye and mouse movement? Why are they so poorly labeled? Why do they all use different and internally contradictory interactions? Why does the interaction icon for "Tactics & Subs" work differently than the interaction icon for "Instructions" even though they're the same icon? Why, if I open a Shouts panel, am I able to click outside it to cancel, but can't do that with Instructions or Tactics & Subs, even if I haven't made any changes? Why do some of these icons lose functionality in different game states? Why are there no hover states or tooltips for these buttons? Why are there no keyboard shortcuts? If there are keyboard shortcuts I'm not aware of, why are they not shown to the player? Does a new user know to use spacebar to play/pause? How? Let's turn to that Touchline Tablet, which basically lets you blob some (not all) of the old widgets and rearrange them. It's on the far right of the screen, past a lot of dead space (highlighted in yellow), including the wasted notable events space and wasted "dugout" space that rarely populates (and sometimes vanishes before you can act on it). My eye frequently has to "read" past these blank spaces. Vitally, I cannot drag or rearrange these panels, which is a major step back from previous versions, and the panels pay no respect to higher resolutions; I cannot even resize Match Stats or The Dugout. Also, if I see something actionable on the Touchline Tablet, my eye and mouse now have to jerk all the way back to the bottom left to make adjustments. Some of what's in this screen is redundant or unhelpful. It duplicates player information shown in the bottom bar (albeit in a much more readable list format)! It duplicates match stats! Yes, it lets you customize them, but you won't see that customization reflected in the top left, because someone at SI has decreed that the customization and flexibility present in earlier versions has to go in favor of a "realistic" touchline tablet that is anything but realistic. So we're left with an active impediment to clarity that fights the user's eye and is uncoupled from the actions you might take in response to it, which are scattered in the corners of the screen. And because this is the defined vertical height and layout of the panel, you frequently have to scroll information within the panel because you can't pop out or resize the information as discrete panels. Again, you used to be able to do this! It was granular and great! Some bonus questions: Why are the team names shortened at higher resolutions? It seems unnecessary. Why is game speed set to max by default in FM21? Why do left clicks on the subs product menus similar to right-click menus throughout the rest of the game? Meanwhile, right clicks here do nothing? When I'm viewing my substitutes, why does clicking them do nothing? Shouldn't I at least be able to select "Substitute On"? Why is Notable Events not available in the Touchline Tablet? If I use the (superior) Match Stats panel available the tablet, I can't turn off the leftmost panel without losing the events.
  40. Finally finished my 10 seasons on comprehensive highlights: Lots I really like about FM20 on and off the pitch, few bits I don't like: The transfers negotiation screen, where you click to go into more detail with the arrow is so small compared to the space used, should really be completely clickable. Tiny thing that annoys me irrationally The False 9: plays way too high, and is on shoulder too much. Movement should be identical to the Shadow Striker in FM19, living very deep pocket and making surging runs and passes from there Final third camped play: Forwards/wide forwards, particularly those on support, need to be dropping deep off the defensive line towards their midfield to receive the ball, too easy to get cut off otherwise, incidentally this would help forward central passes by giving them options here, and create headaches for packed defenses with give and go 1-2 passes, meaning there's more negative trade-off for being static and deep, and you actually have to defend that pocket in front of the defence Long balls, less the long balls, and more the lack of defensive reaction. Long balls should be less accurate and a lot more meat and drinking aerial wins for defenders. That would do a real job on that issue, while still having them as a threat and force high line teams to work for that high line Finishing - needs to be more varied; shooting earlier, curling round the keeper, rounding the keeper. The more elite the finisher, the more we should see this. Top strikers are that not because they finish clear cut chances, but they also find ways to finish the tough ones and they do that through the above. Crosses and long balls in the final are well overhit; crosses usually going back post or beyond, long balls trapping the receiver against the line, which leads to other issues - Attacker overrunning the ball, leaving it behind and defender running off - buggy behaviour that needs squashing. ball being played off for corner, which exacerbates the number of set pieces On set pieces, as mentioned too many of them party because of the above, partly because players are too inclined to cross regardless off footedness, crossing instructions or support in the box. Inside forwards in particularly should be holding up to cut inside and drive into the box, or look to curl a shot in, or lay back for any onrushing support. Inverted wingers, should be looking to play in others or by time to curl in a cross off their stronger foot. You've also got too many set pieces because of an inclination for defensive players to clear for a corner, when in fact defensive players should be looking to avoid corners by means. Defensive headers need fixing again, wonder if this has re-occured off the back of tweaking headers in general.. Players running in space with the ball, especially when on the counter or with their weaker foot on the side, should be running a lot more directly at goal rather than down the wing, again this would cut down the number of set pieces occurring This one is more of a feature request: highlights should not start with the free kick. You absolutely need to see what leads to the free kick. it makes for much more seamless highlights and it shows the player much more tactical information. Offsides - too many of them where players make runs far too early and then don't come back, that needs tweaking. Also take them out of highlights, unless they lead to disallowed goals or great chances, its boring to watch
  41. Hi fellow managers, I want to present you a new tool I'm working on that will enable us to use the data that FM provides us with at its full potential. Including attributes, diverse statistics, injuries data and many more, FM has more than 300 data points. Yet, I can bet any one of us doesn't even use the third of it to make decisions and manage our club. Maybe it's due to the fact that FM doesn't offer an easy way of presenting all those data points. Take the match statistics for example, like the assists, passes completed, cross completion ratio etc. Yes, we could create a view with all those stats and compare them to decide which player on our shortlist will be the transfer target. But it is neither visually appealing to have a view full of numbers nor easy to make comparisons. The app is now released! (2020/01/09) The V2 Update is now released! (2020/01/15) Following is a quick guide to get started with the app. Install R You do not need to know anything about R, everything is programmed for you. However, you need to install the software. I will not go into too much details for this section as there are plenty of good guide, and as a quick Google search will yield the result. When you install R, remember in which directory it was installed as you will need it later. Install R: https://cran.r-project.org/ > Download R for Windows > "install R for the first time" hyper link > "Download R 4.0.3 for Windows" hyperlink > follow the installation wizard instructions ** It is preferable to install R in a folder you have created in the C:\ directory (instead of installing it in "C:\Program Files") to avoid errors when running the batch file that launches the app For example: (1) Create the MyPrograms folder in C:\ (2) Install R in the following directory: C:\MyPrograms Do I need RStudio? No Do I need to run something on R after installing it? No, patience is key, all what you need has been scripted by me I don't know how to program in R! You don't need to know! Install the app Go to my Github page: https://github.com/ybenadjal/FM-Data-Analytics > Repositories > FM-Data-Analytics Download the complete folder then unzip it in your computer: Unzip the zip folder you just downloaded (just copy the FM-Data-Analytics folder that is inside the .zip somewhere on your computer). Move the main folder(FM-Data-Analytics-main) wherever you want, but do not change the structure of the folder. Everything is now in the folder you just extracted: Walk-through & set up the app: data Contains the outputs you have exported from FM. (1) Do not delete shortlist.html or squad.html if you don't replace it. Later running the app without one of the files may cause errors. (2) Always name the outputs "shortlist" and "squad". * V3 UPDATE: Name the squad outputs as follows: "squad_yyyymmdd", where "yyyymmdd" is the in-game date. You can now store multiple squad outputs (3) When extracting the data from FM, be sure to scroll from top to bottom of the shortlist to get all the data when you use Ctrl+P to print and export. V2 UPDATE: The app now directly reads the FM outputs to extract the data, thus meaning the Excel tool is obsolete. It is no longer included in the download. Walk-through & set up the app: demo_videos Contains two video demos, one for the setup, and one for the data extract/use the app. V2 UPDATE: Update to reflect the new workflow Walk-through & set up the app: fmviews Contains the views you have to import in your FM game, then export the FM screen as a Web Page/html file (Ctrl+P in FM). completeview_shortlist_v4 is a view for the Shortlist in FM (Scouting > Shortlist). completeview_squad_v4 is a view for the Squad in FM (Squad). ** Do not change anything to avoid errors! V2 UPDATE: FFP Contribution and future time playing removed (5 columns) as they are user-specific Walk-through & set up the app: help Contains a data dictionary. All the data points exported from FM are described here. V2 UPDATE: The app now dynamically install required packages if needed. First thing the code does is check if there are missing required packages and installs them. This means the installpackages.bat batch file is now obsolete. It is no longer included in the download. Walk-through & set up the app: main Go back to the main file, there is the app: app.R, and another batch file to run the app: FMapp.bat **IMPORTANT STEP (ONE-TIME ONLY)** (1) Find your Rscript.exe file. It should be in the file you installed R > R-<version> > bin (2) copy the path (in yellow) (3) open FMapp.bat and replace your path in r_path1 (only replace the highlighted code in blue). That is the only adjustment you need to to! (4) Save FMapp.bat and close it. You're set to use the app. The instructions are repeated in the setupdemo video in \demo_videos **** V2 UPDATE: FMapp.bat now detects its current directory and uses it to launch the app. It is very important that you don't modify the file's structure! Instead of replacing 3 paths in the last version, you only need to replace 1, and it's a one-time process. V2 UPDATE: DNA Model subsection was added in the Squad Analysis section. This enables you to select key attributes for your playing style and calculate a "DNA rating". Similarly to the Scouting section, the color code is used in the tables and the plots. V2 UPDATE: dynamic package installation. V2 UPDATE: App reads html FM outputs instead of the Excel tool. V2 UPDATE: Added status messages to show the user what's going on before the app is launched in their browser. V2 UPDATE: Points in the plots have now a subtle black outline to make them more visible. You're now all set! Launch the app by double-clicking on the FMapp batch file, the app will open in your browser! The app will open in your browser. It is strongly recommended to set the zoom size as 90% and to maximize the browser's window ** When you close the app on your browser, also close the Command Prompt window that was opened by the batch file TIPS: (1) App interface The app will launch in your browser. Set the zoom at 90% to get an optimal view. Use the 3 bars at the top to hide/show the sidebar, thus leaving more space for the content. (2) Interacting with the plots Some plots have trend lines, some do not. Hovering on the points will show you more info about the player. You can zoom in, navigate on the plot. Double click on the plot to get back to the default view. Quick demo: Dots size: the more a player has games played (calculated by the total number of minutes ÷ 90), the bigger is the dot. Dots color: depends on the scouting recommendation. Makes it easier to notice badly rated players that are in fact performing and vice-versa. Non scouted players are assigned -1, as well as squad players. V2 UPDATE: The DNA ratings have the same color code. If the user doesn't specify a DNA model then players are assigned a rating of -1. (3) Shortlist builder In the scouting section, you have a shortlist builder. This enables you to select some players you notice in each subsection (general/passing/shooting/etc). Then in the last subsection, Shortlist, you'll have the intersection of all the players you selected. Let's say you want a goalscorer AM. You noticed: Player A, Player B, Player C, Player D as good playmakers in the passing subsection and selected these players in the bottom shortlist builder. In the shooting subsection, you selected Player B, Player D, Player E and Player F. You'll see that in the Shortlist subsection, you'll have a table with Player B, Player D, thus your shortlist have been built. ** Leave all other Shortlist builders with all players selected if you don't use them. If you want to begin a new analysis and create a new Shortlist, make sure that all the shortlist builders have all players selected before beginning. (4) Filters Want to analyze your loaned players? Squad Analysis > Filters > Clubs: deselect your club (should be the first entry) Want to analyze your players at the club? Squad Analysis > Filters > Clubs: deselect all then select your club (should be the first entry)
  42. I must be the only person that seems to receive the 'harder' version every year...
  43. Not every person who is unsatisfied with the game will visit these forums, in fact most will not. It doesn't mean those people aren't frustrated or think it's unsatisfactory either. It could be in the Steam top 1, it wouldn't make an iota of difference of how poor this game is in it's current state. The whole situation has to be looked contextually (in terms of this is a long-running franchise, not a standalone game), and this includes you saying 'individuals posting the same 2-3 issues'. I mean, it's the dedicated feedback thread. Are we just not supposed to post here now as people are reporting the same issue? With all due respect, I find bringing up the total number of players quite disingenuous. I won't use the word 'majority', but there is definitely a silent portion who people on here seem to be disregarding. Using your logic, look at the posts constructively criticising the game in this thread are highly upvoted, those defending it have few to no upvotes. Does that not count for anything now? I've been buying FM most years since 2009, and there are still some problems that were present back then that still have not been fixed. The Oceana Champions League has been broken for lord knows how many years, the Asian Games are broken, weather hasn't changed in years despite frequently being reported as being incorrect. Player interaction for at least two editions was broken and was only finally fixed to an acceptable standard last year. Mac support is absolutely woeful. Regens genuinely looked better on FM12. That's not even touching on the ME. After ten years of play it is unsatisfactory. It may have been said hundreds of times before but that is because it seems to be falling on deaf ears. At this point in the franchise, it is totally unfathomable to most as to how the game can be released in the state it was (especially the ME). Every year now the ME is only really widely viewed as satisfactory by forum users (the hardcore players) by the March patch. How is this acceptable? I understand that it's a coding nightmare but this happens every year now, and as someone else has suggested, the oversight of obvious bugs points to the use of aggregate testing, which in FM now just doesn't cut the mustard. Woodwork hits, CCCs, 'getting FM'd' - they may look fine in aggregate testing, but the reality is that it's broken. Woodwork in particular - I've personally done tests myself and reported back on these forums, but is anything ever done? No. That's why people post about the same issues over and over again - because to me it seems like they're falling on deaf ears. It is a management simulator, so when the ME isn't up to scratch the entire game is compromised. I just think suggesting ways to exploit the ME in it's current state is a bit tone deaf, I don't want to come off as personally attacking anyone. No doubt the same people will come back and argue the price, but for a game with an RRP of £40, I will double down and say it is unsatisfactory - especially given that SI now is not some bedroom studio, has years of expertise and we are 35 (?) years into the franchise. To release a game this far in with an ME that sometimes barely resembles football, and worse, barely runs on my laptop despite meeting all system requirements and then receiving little help, is unacceptable. I am not personally attacking anyone who works or volunteers for the company, I am just trying to explain the frustration. In my humble opinion, SI would greatly diffuse the frustration by looking at some of their methods both in testing and user communication. Keeping users up to date on release of a patch would do wonders, I feel and placate some of the - admittedly occasionally vitriolic - criticism.
  44. Quick shout out to those guys from the beta speculation thread, all 40 pages and 2 days banter was worth the wait. Probably not going to be on the forums the next few days, been nice knowing ya
  45. Over the last few weeks there seems to have been a lot of discussion about the limitations of the game when it comes to realism. Some players have said they find the game too simple, whilst others are trying to play realistically but can't due to the limitations of the game. As a serial lurker, it's resulted in me suddenly being far more active on the forums because it's something that is close to my heart. I try to play as realistically as possible at all times. When I load my save, I am no longer a bloke sat in his pants surrounded by three day old takeaway and empty beer cans. I am a football manager. In the dugout. In the dressing room. Sat opposite a chairman who cannot quite believe he has made the mistake of hiring me. Because I am awful. I've been playing the game since the very first Championship Manager and have owned almost all versions, but I'm still rubbish. Part of the reason for that is because my main aim in the game is to play realistically instead of winning at all costs. I have no doubt that this seems crazy to some, however for me it really is the taking part that counts, not just the winning. There used to be an area of the forums for lower league managers that was quite strict on realism, and that is where I first really thought about how I played. I adopted most of those rules, and still use them to this day. I know some of the regular users of that area of the forum are still about, but most no longer post. Having been contacted by a couple of people on DM about "realistic" play, I decided to log this thread so that it can be discussed. My hope is that the thread is visited by people who play in a similar way to me, people who play the LLaMa way, those who are interested in giving it a go, and those who aren't sure what is realistic or not. It's all fine. It isn't for everyone though, and if it isn't for you and you visit, then that's fine too - just say hi and move on The Rules My main concern is that people have fun with their game. It's not my job to set rules for the forum or thread, and for me this thread is about bringing people together. I will not tell you that you are not welcome to come and post here if you do certain things. That has been done on these forums before and it didn't end well. I do have some requests, however; 1- Player naming - if you find a cracking player or hidden gem then feel free to share it in the Good Player & Team area of the forum. But please try to avoid player naming here if possible. If you update us on your saves, just saying "tall striker" is enough so that those who want to know his name can work it out. Maybe they will DM you. However some of us like to find these hidden gems ourselves, so would prefer you didn't share names. 2- General tipping - there are lots of areas of the forum where you can get help on tactics and players, etc. We are interested in your progress, your mistakes, your saves and your thoughts. If you need help from someone as bad as me you're struggling. The point of playing realistically is to learn as you go. Please don't tell someone who is struggling how to resolve it within the thread. Offer to help in DM. They might be grateful but some of us want to work out way around things ourselves. 3- Bugs/overpowered stuff/glitches - as realistically as we want to play, this is a game. Sometimes it will do things which remind us of that. If you get a job offer which you believe isn't realistic, please let the developer know in the bugs forum and make your own decision on if to take it or not and carry on with your save. I wouldn't take it, but it's up to you. And that's it. I am fully prepared for this thread to disappear forever with zero responses, but I hope it doesn't. I hope some of you will find that playing like this reignites your passion for the game, and I'm looking forward to hearing about people's successes and failures as we go 👍👍
  46. I want to start with a positive about the game. The ME is the best its been in years. From my perspective, the success of an iteration depends almost entirely on the football we are presented with on the pitch. If I feel that my tactical decisions and tweaks make a tangible and visible impact on the outcome of a match - for better or worse - then that makes me feel like a manager. Variety and unpredictability are key to achieving this, which I have to say has been achieved this year. Well done SI! Now the criticism. I genuinely lack the vocabulary to communicate how much I despise the match day UI. For me, the design choices taken here have me in a state of bafflement and bewilderment in every match. FM is a decisions-based experience. We absorb huge amounts of information, and use it make informed decisions. We rely on this information to plug the gaps in the simulation that we miss due to not watching the entire 90 minutes. I have never felt less able to be in a position to make sound and timely decisions during a match. I've lost count of how many times I've missed a player picking up a booking or slight injury in a match. If there are genuine justifications for any of the below, or I am missing something very obvious, please do let me know: Why have the yellow and orange booking / injury indicators been removed from the central panels? Why can't I customise the match stats panel underneath the timer? (and instead, am forced to duplicate it to my liking in the tablet, taking up precious panel space) Why can't I customise the information we receive from our staff via the disastrous dugout panel? Why does ALL match information disappear from view like a Tinder swipe when a 3D highlight begins? Why were widgets removed? ('realism' is a fundamentally flawed argument, as there needs to be some common sense applied to what we need to function properly in a simulated world) Why are my eyes always forced to the extreme edges of my monitor to scan for critical information in tiny text? (when it should be displayed clearly in a central location) Why arrange players both vertically and horizontally on the team talk screen? (I've been teaching people to read for years, and its been empirically proven that this takes longer to scan and decode) Why can't I access full player stats during a half? (I see a player's rating dip to around 6.3, but now I can't quickly establish why. The statistical tools have been taken away and they are now fed back to me one column at a time through laborious singular drop down menus) Why don't the analytical tools work? (I assume they are bugged and weren't fixed for release) The ME has undergone the equivalent of open heart surgery, and survived. What I find incredulous is that having achieved the most difficult feat, the game has voluntarily given itself a metaphorical skin disease.
  47. I have recently skimmed through Lines and Diamonds and there was one section about attacking patterns that really got me thinking. Basically, it listed all of the complex patterns of attacking play that can be used to create chances. In this thread, I want to give examples of how I would recreate each of these patterns using the player roles, team/player instructions, player attributes and ppms. I also want to use this thread to show how important player selection, and PPMs are when building a tactic. It's not all about roles and duties. An effective tactic will have multiple ways of producing different complex attacking patterns. Overloads This is a fairly common method, basically when you have a certain area of the pitch where you have more players than the opposition, meaning there will always be a free man to pass to. Here we are looking at the left side of a 442 and the use of roles here has deliberately moved 3 players into a similar position. These three players may find themselves in the same area of the pitch as the opposition right back and centre back. Creating a free man. The use of a playmaker on the left side was also deliberate, playmakers attract the ball, so in this case, we will be looking to exploit the left side overload as much as possible as the ball will be attracted here. Another team instruction we could use to exaggurate this could be Exploit the left flank. Some useful ppm's in this case could be for the DLF to Come deep to get the ball and for the IW to Cut inside from the left wing. 1 v 1s This is a way to give your players the best oppertunity to beat there man by using dribbling or tricks. Taking a defender out the game by dribbling past him can lead to a free shot on goal, or even overloads. Here we are trying to give our winger as much space as possible to isolate himself against an opposition full back. The use of an AF on the left side will pin back the opposition CB and make them think twice about covering for there full back. The FBs stays out of the way of the winger and offers an outlet pass to recirculate possession if the dribble isn't on, he also offers cover so the winger as more freedom. Also, if your FB tries to overlap, not only will you lose an outlet pass, you will likely end up creating a 2v2, should the opposition winger track back, which is much harder to dribble through. Useful PPMs and attributes For the winger: Runs with ball often, Tries tricks, Hugs the touchline; Good Dribbling, Flair, Agility For the AF: Moves into channels Useful TIs Play wider, Exploit the flanks Through ball This one is very simple, you are basically penetrating the defence with a pass into space. I'm not going to produce an image, as this one is mostly self explanatory, but the most common example would be through the use of an AP either in midfield or AMC, and a Poacher It's not always this simple though, to give a better chance of a through ball working, it's important to stretch the defence, this can either be done just by holding width, with WBS or Ws, or by dragging players out of position - this can be done using a 1v1, as a a defender should have to leave his position to cover. This can also be done using Switch Runs, which I will cover later. Useful PPms and attributes For the AP: Tries killer balls often, Good passing, vision For the P: Looks to beat offside trap, Good Off the ball, agility You could look for more through balls by ticking Pass into space, but if your player supplying the through balls has the correct traits and attributes, then he should be able to make these through balls regardless. Overloading run the use of sending players forward in an attempt to overload This can be reguarly seen just by increasing your team mentality, as this naturally sends more players forward. But it can also be done using roles on lower mentalities. The TM will naturally try to occupy defenders with his physicality, this can mean that a late run into the box by a deeper player can easily be left unmarked if he isn't tracked. Useful PPMs and attributes for the TM: Teamwork, Strength, Plays with back to goal For the BBM: good Off the ball, Pace. Arrives late in the opposition area, Gets into opposition box Break Basically just a counter attack You can increase your frequency of counter attacks by using the TIs: Counter, Pass into space, More direct passing, Lower Line of engagement You need to set your duties and mentailtiy so that you have at least a couple players staying up the pitch ready for a turnover when possession is lost. Eg. a 433 with a front 3 of IFa Afa and Ws would normally leave 2 players up top ready for the turnover Usefull PPms and attributes spread around your team Runs With ball often, Tries long range passes Pace, Dribbling, Flair. A defence and midifeld that is comfortable when being put under pressure PPMs to avoid Dwells on ball, Stops Play Switch of play My favourite, and a staple for any tactic I make that looks to camp in the other team's half Involves having the ball on one side of the pitch, and then producing long pass to the other side of the pitch, finding a wide player in acres of space. Commonly used by Alexander Arnold, who switches to Robertson for Liverpool If the ball is on the right, a central DLP will normally gravitate towards that side and demand the ball, he then plays a long pass to the opposite wingback. Usefull PPMs and attributes For the DLP: Switches ball to other flank, Tries long range passes. Good Passing, Vision, Desicions For the Wingbacks: Hugs Touchline Cutbacks These tend to be produced as a result of another pattern. But a cutback is almost like a very high percentage cross. The player performing the cutback tends to be from a normal crossing position, but he would normally: have more space, be closer to the goal line, be closer to the goal. A player who has gotten into a position for a cutback tends to have just performed a different type of complex pattern, such as a 1v1 or a overload or a through ball on the wing. To have the best chance of finishing a cutback, you'll need more than 1 player attacking the box. This can be done in multiple ways, such as an Overloading run There aren't really any particular traits needed for cutbacks, as once you have the players in position, it is fairly easy to make the cutback and then to finish. But I guess it would be useful for the players in the box to have good Off the ball, Finshing, anticipation. *EDIT I was actaully mistaken here for the cutback pattern. Although this is an example of a cutback, a cutback is actualy much more general and can happen anywhere on the pitch. It's also commonly used to create longshot oppertunities and involves pushing defenders back a bit, which creates space for a player to who can recieve a short pass and then take a shot from outside the box. An example could be an IFa dribbling at the defence and pushing them back , before laying the ball off to an AMs who can take a longshot seeing as the defence has been pushed too far back to close him down. Combination Play Happens when 2 players who are close to each other combine. Usefull PPMs and attributes Likes to play one twos. High Teamwork, agility, Off the ball, Flair Useful TIs Work ball into box, Shorter Passing, Higher Tempo Overlapping Run This one is quite self explanatory, so I won't post an image The most common example of this is a wingback overlapping an inside forward. However, with the added underlap instruction, you can also look to create this patterns more centrally. Maybe with an AMs looking for the overalapping run of a BBM Third Man Combination This one can almost be the combination of the Overlapping run and the Combination play. It's the result of defenders focusing on the interplay between 2 players that they fail to track the run of a player from deep. Most likely a Wing back. Useful PPMs and TIs: same as the Combination play, but add in Look for overlap. *EDIT I didn't think to put this in before as I have never used the role, but having thought about it, a segundo volante would be perfect for this pattern. As he has come from so deep that it will be easy to not notice him making the forward run. Switch Run This is another common pattern, it involves 2 players 'swapping positions'. An example of this can be from a forward dropping deep, and an AMC moving into the forwards vacated position. This can confuse, or draw out defenders. Useful PPms and attributes For the DLF: Comes deep to get ball. Good Teamwork, Off the ball. For the AM: Gets into Opposition box. Good Off the ball. These are all the patterns that I read from Lines and Diamonds. It has really forced me to take into account player atributes and PPMs more when making tactics. And I'm sure that reading it has made me a better manager. If you guys have any other ways of creating any of these patterns, or can think of a new one altogether, then feel free to post below. When creating a tactic, try to reproduce as many of these as you can while keeping your tactics balanced. It makes your team much more unpredictable. Although, try not to go overboard, trying to produce as many different patterns as possible. If you are a team that has 1 'star' player, then it would be best to focus on creating patterns that suit that star player. For example, If I am Crystal Palace, I will try to get the best out of Zaha by creating as many 1v1s for him as possible, and I will only look to diversify my attacks if what I am playing clearly isn't working.
  48. Thank you for taking the time to respond. Everything you said is common sense and "politically correct" from a company employee's perspective, so no hard feelings. Last year, with FM19 I have gone through a similar experience, almost identical. The lack of central play and a ME which was only chasing real life satistics, but with 0 consideration about how it should get to those "statistics" and in the end someone (might have been you, but I am not sure) came and said the exact same thing: " Reality of FM is that eventually our development team will have to stop working on FM20 and move onto the next version else new improvements and major overhauls simply can't happen. " And you are right, at some point, resources need to be moved on to the next project. And this is why I pre-ordered FM20 with actual confidence. I was thinking " they can't get it wrong for a 2nd year in a row" or " no way will FM20 keep having no central play", stuff like this. To my shock ... here we are. I am not going to complain about money because it is not an enormous sum and I still have a blast with FM17 and FM18, but I will not be pre-ordering any product from SI from now on, simply on principle. Pre-order should be a reward from the customers for a company that listens and acts. SI did just this for so many years, that is untiil last year. I personally ended up with 2 editions, FM19 and FM20 that I can't bring myself to play for even 5 minutes, given how their respective MEs are. Good luck to developers with FM21. I play this franchise for so long, it's actually easy to spot bad trends / habbits and I could read right through FM19, even though the majority of the people only started complaining in FM20. TLDR: That's my opinion: the root of all this s**t lies in FM19, it hasn't started in FM20, just became more obvious. Just my 2 cents.
  49. Hi there, excited for my first post here on the forum! I'm afraid it might be awfully long and don't want to bore people, so feel free to skip a little introduction I give and focus upon my new approach to creating a successful tactic with my side predicted to finish bottom of Serie A. I hope you enjoy! Before I get started I wanted to acknowledge that this is my first forum post here. I have dipped in and out of reading threads and articles over the years but I feel inspired to share my recent approach that I formed from reading, watching and trying out a lot of ideas to find something that worked for me. I'm not sure exactly where this will take me, but I've recently learned a lot about the game and have always struggled making my own successful tactics and system. I usually stumble upon a successful save by copying popular user tactics and just gathering a good squad. I felt the quality of the team was what was working, mixed with tactics created by other people, and not me being involved that much in a strange way. I felt as though I understood the game at an okay level, but I didn't feel as though I had really accomplished anything. Whenever I tried to create my own tactic it usually ended in disaster, with no aims, ideas or inspiration behind my systems, they almost always failed. I then decided to get back into FM19 after the winter update, previously having a fairly casual save with Doncaster that never went anywhere. This time I wanted to make my own tactics, and play like an actual manager, rather than sitting back and using someone else's work. I wanted a fairly challenging save, so I picked Catania in Serie C, to try and re-establish the club in Italy's top flight after a few years out. It wasn't until we reached our second season back in Serie A that I can say I fully implemented my ideas into the team and created my first tactic, but the results speak for themselves. I coasted through Serie C and Serie B, as my squad had enough quality, but again as I tried to give the club an identity, something would fail and I would throw everything out the window and try again. I started using an Atalanta influenced 343 system and wanted to utilise Alessandro Cortinovis in the Alejandro Gomez role, but it didn't work that well so I panicked and copied a tactic to coast through the rest of Serie C. I then wanted to use a Simeone influenced style, as he was a former manager of Catania and this saw us through Serie B fairly comfortably but again I didn't see the tactic as my own. 1st year in Serie A I changed again and decided I wanted to try a Total Football influenced game, which failed miserably. I then tried a possession tactic that saw us get some good results but I wasn't happy with certain games only creating 1 or 2 chances and not having a shot on target. This was again mostly taken from other user's tactics and I still didn't feel the work was fully my own and we had a moderately successful 1st season back in Serie A, finish 12th after being predicted 20th. I was reading and watching a lot of content but I couldn't translate what I thought I learned into the game. I then re-read everything with a different mindset. I thought I should give some sort of background but I digress and don't want to bore in my first post. Cleon's thread regarding a step by step guide to creating a tactic gave me a lot of ideas and things to try. I also took a lot of inspiration and idea's from Herne's thread on his Tiki-Taka based system. tLdR: Struggled finding an identity for the club and constantly changed ideas and direction when things went wrong, resorting to using community tactics, when I wanted to make my own. However, the one thing that didn't change during my tactical identity crisis was my transfer policy and squad building. I had gathered a fairly decent side, focusing on attributes influenced by a post I read on total football, the attributes I targeted were: Good on the ball/Technical - (Technique, Passing and First Touch) Intelligent players - (Vision, Anticipation, Composure, Concentration, Decisions, Off the Ball and Teamwork) Fit and hard working players - (Determination, Work Rate, Stamina, Natural Fitness) Specialised positional attributes - (e.g Jumping Reach for a defender, dribbling for a wide man, Flair for attackers etc.) My inspiration for this policy was taken from Ozil to the Arsenal's Total Football series of threads. Over the seasons I gathered players (with very limited funds) who fit these attributes and only signed those with a majority of those attributes that I wanted, there were some exceptions but I have reasoning for choosing these players. I will go into more detail on each player I brought into the club maybe not in this post though depending on it's length. But I do think it's important to show the team I assembled which lead to decision making when it came to the tactic itself. I just wanted to state the consolidation over several years of my transfer policy which left me with players that could play a lot of different systems and tactics. Inspired by articles and threads, and really wanting to improve my understanding and skill at the game, I made the decision to stick to only making my own tactics and if they fail, they fail. This was my process into creating my first successful tactic for my Catania side. I wanted to pick a few ideas on how I wanted to play and base the rest of the tactic off of that, keeping it as simple as I could. Looking at my squad, it lacked depth and quality, as we used a lot of loans to make enough money to work in our second Serie A campaign. One of those loans was Adrien Bongiovanni, a young Belgian (how is that name not Italian???) winger and midfielder from Monaco. He played well for us and he was available to buy for a cheap £4.3mil so I decided I wanted to build the team around him. He was quick, had a great mind, excellent passing ability and worked hard. Deciding to build the side around Bongiovanni was my first step in creating my tactic. Aim One: Build the side around young Adrien Bongiovanni in the play-maker role. With my first idea in place, I then came up with a second idea/target that I wanted to accomplish playing in Italy; Having the fewest goals conceded over a season. Known for it's defending, I took influence from the Italian league and wanted my side to be the meanest defence in the land. There were two ways I came up with to accomplish this: -Play a very defensive style of football, which might limit creativity from the player I wanted to build the side around. -Play a possession style of football to keep teams off the ball and away from my goal. I went with the latter but I didn't want to stifle my final third with having too much useless possession and not doing anything with it. I would use it when I needed it, not going overkill and picking a couple of TI's to help us keep the ball away from our goal. but still having a threat in the final third. Reading about a possession philosophy, I was inspired to try a high press/block to keep the opposition pinned back and win the ball high up the pitch, thus seeing more possession of the ball but in better areas. This meant using a Much Higher Defensive Line and Line of Engagement, counter-pressing and closing down like animals. So that was another thing already decided for me which became the second step in my creation. Just by setting myself an in game target, and the aim of building a team around a creative threat in midfield, things were decided for me and made logical sense. We obviously needed the players required to play such a risky high line who were always switched on and quick enough to react to fast striker/ ball over the top. Aim Two: Try to conceded the fewest goals in the Serie A by employing possession tactics with a high press. With these elements in place the tactic began coming together like a puzzle, it was quite surprising to me. I finally understood how being simple and having a few ideas can make decisions for you in the tactical creator as things came together logically. For example, playing a high press game, it made sense to try a Pressing Forward. We already had Bongiovanni selected as an advanced play-maker, and to allow him to get up the pitch I needed a man to screen the back. This lead me to a Defensive Midfielder/Anchor Man/Half Back at DM. The role ended up changing depending on in game situations but usually started as a DM-Su. To be more solid at the back and to allow a DM, I opted for a 4-1-4-1 formation. Since I had a very high line, it made sense to add a Sweeper Keeper. The inspiration to use a 4-1-4-1 came from reading posts from this thread: I liked the idea of players making space for our to CM's to operate as it essentially fit will with my idea to get the most out of Bongiovanni and build the side around him, specifically this post with in the thread: (originally from the Pep Guardiola thread but was also quoted in this one.) This is what the tactic looked like at this point:` PF(s) WM(a) CM(s) AP(a) WM(a) DM(s) FB(s) CD(d) CD(d) FB(s) SK(s) Play out of Defence (for possession) Distribute to CB's, Counter-Press, Counter Much Higher Defensive Line, Much Higher Line of Engagement, Extremely Urgent Closing Down, Use Tighter Marking (High Press) I then began looking at the players I had that could fit into this system. I then had an epiphany about a player I had bought in January. Vlad Dragomir, a young Romanian Midfielder and Winger reminded me a lot of one of my favourite players of all time, Steven Gerrard. Dragomir had all good to great attributes that I wanted, but it was his traits that led me to the comparison. Il Drago -Gets forward whenever possible -Tries Killer Balls often -Shoots from distance -Places shots -Likes to switch ball to other flank He possessed great energy and work rate to get up and down the pitch, and had the ability to pull off a trademark long pass or long shot just like Gerrard. So I thought it would be interesting to add a Gerrard-esque role to my system, next to my play-maker. I didn't want to use a Box to Box Midfielder, as I had established I wanted to play far away from my goal line so why would he need to run up and down? (even though he could) I wanted something with more attacking flair, so I tried the Mezzala on support and it worked well. He would drift wide like Gerrard tended to do and burst through to the box to finish off moves, unlock a defence or blast a shot into the net. After this decision, I was afraid I could become exposed in the middle, so I added an Inverted Wing-Back on the left to in theory compensate for the two CM's to cause havoc. I also thought about changing the DM to Defend but I thought that it could be a change I would make in game. Aim 3: Create a Gerrard-influenced role for Vlad Dragomir. The roles and duties now formed this: PF(s) WM(a) MEZ(s) AP(a) WM(a) A(d) IWB(s) CD(d) CD(d) FB(s) SK(s) Suddenly I had found that my roles and duties chose themselves logically, as my idea developed. It made sense to me that one thing influenced another decision and so on. I was left with the two WM roles and the RB to decide on. I kept it fairly simple and took influence from Guardiola's use of wide men staying wide, with players either playing with their strong foot towards the touch-line or the middle. This would change based on opposition and game plan, but usually defaulted at a right footed player on the right, and a left footed player on the left. I looked at my wide-men's attributes and found one of them lacked good enough work rate, which is why I didn't choose the winger or inverted winger roles. I was afraid that they wouldn't put the work in that the role of a Wide Midfielder would. The WM also allowed me to click stay wider, and depending on personnel, run wide or cut inside with the ball. I then decided to switch the DM to an anchor man, to compensate for some fairly aggressive roles in-front of him and to his sides. I still wanted him to support attacks though and be an option in build up but it was something that I could tweak depending on the game. I had this inspiration from reading the Pep Guardiola thread - Aim 4: Use the idea of Guardiola's wingers staying wide tLdR; I came up with four aims/ideas of how I wanted my side to play; 1-Build around Bongiovanni, 2-Concede the fewest goals in the Serie A, 3-Use a Gerrard-esque role in midfield & 4-Use idea of Guardiola's wingers staying wide. It now became an almost complete system and I had a good idea on how it would work in theory, but in practice is another story. This is essentially what I wanted/expected from each position. (Changed depending on game-plan and opposition.) GK- Mop up behind our defensive line if a long ball comes over or our offside trap is broken. Become a passing option in possession with the ability to start attacking moves. If we were getting pressed high up the pitch I asked him to kick the ball wide to our WM's. RB)- Work hard to support attacking moves and in transition to keep our defensive shape at the back. He could support a wide player by being a deeper option to deliver a cross or overlap when playing with a left-footer at RM. Good positional awareness and concentration required to play our high defensive line. Would sometimes add get further forward PI in certain situations. eg. to overlap RM or to add further support to be an extra man in attack. CBs- Very basic and standard. No PIs but players who are quick enough and smart enough to play a High Line and offside trap were needed. Ability to jump is also important to nullify aerial threats and keep our sheets clean. LB- A player to in theory take up the position of the MCL who has more attacking freedom. Would be in line with the DM in possession but I was afraid we could be taken advantage of on our left flank. He should recycle possession and be an extra man available for a pass. DM- Very good positional awareness needed here. To be able to cover holes left by our midfield and LB, whilst being solid defensively and being another passing option in midfield. MCR- Our key player and the initial muse for our system. He would start attacks with his excellent passing, or could dribble through the middle, drawing markers and unleashing a runner into space. Should contribute a lot of goals and assists. Work hard in our high press to win the ball high up the pitch. MCL- Gerrard inspired role. Be able to carry the ball through the middle and half spaces, switch the play and hit accurate passes to advance us up the pitch.Link with the ML to create overloads on the left wing and arrive in the box to finish off attacks. Utilise hard working player in the high press to hassle opponents high up the pitch. Be a threat from long shots. MR/L- Players that should stay wide and offer a switch of play to stretch a side to allow our CM's to play. Possess enough dribbling and flair to cause trouble in a 1v1 and be on the end of crosses from the opposite wing. Work hard in our high press and drop into a 4 when defending. PI's are Stay Wider and depending on the foot, run wide or cut inside. ST- Hassle defenders and lead our press. Work hard for the team and link up play between midfielders, whilst being a goal threat himself. Score, create, press. I added roam from position to allow him to easily receive the ball and pull around markers, making space for the midfield to attack. Sounds and looks good in theory, I tested it out in pre-season and the first three games of the season, watching in 10 minute intervals to see what was happening. This was the first time I had ever done some on field analysis so I'm not sure on all the things to look out for but here are some examples of my ideas being translated onto the pitch. Please give feedback on how to be more informative with this, as sometimes it's hard to see what is happening or choose good examples of what I want to show. On The Ball- Here is an image of one of the first games of the season vs our rivals Palermo. They set up in a 4-4-2 and this is early in the game. I am pausing the game at random points to see if what I want to happen is happening. Not an amazing example but this was my first attempt. You can see my CD Demiral on the ball after receiving it from a goal kick. This is where I want to see us build from the back. Demiral has 3 passing options, being 1 which is our IWB, 2 our DM and 3 our MEZ. 2 would be a safe option if he got closed down, allowing an easy pass into our AP in the middle of the pitch, although he is marked he has some space to receive the ball. A pass to our MEZ(3) might be risky as the striker is cutting off the lane, but he is facing square so could play a great pass to 4 our WM who has a lot of space to his left and behind him. The final option is number 1, our IWB. This is a risk free pass as he is completely unmarked, and the easiest option for Demiral, but notice the amount of space our IWB has to move into if he receives the ball. Yes he could be closed down by the RM, but a quick ball to number 4 and we are behind their midfield with a pacey winger carrying the ball forward. Either of these options is a good one, but he opts for 1, who ends up being closed down and we recycle around the back. This is the same move but further advanced, our WB started at the red dot and played a ball into Castrovilli. I switched the WM's so Castrovilli was cutting inside, and our LB acted more like a WB rather than an IWB. Castrovilli plays an easy ball into Dragomir who is on the ball. We managed to move Palermo around, bringing their RB high and their CM across which allowed a one touch pass into our AP in the centre circle followed by another one touch pass into the space where our WB is making a run. We are in behind their RB and essentially have a 3v3 on their back line with our WB, ST and MR vs 2 CB's and LB. Patient play leading to an opening which we exploited. The move continued and ended with a blocked cross from our WB. We swapped wings later again turning LB back to IWB. I was a bit worried here, after popping the ball around the back I noticed how close my IWB was to my MEZ. They are practically holding hands. A bit too deep for my liking here but Palermo's strikers were pressing us high. I wasn't sure how to separate the IWB and MEZ here, however a long ball over the top from Owusu on the ball led to our ST being clean through and winning a penalty to put us 1-0. Not my preferred way to goal but having the ability to do this is nice. Here is a more advanced move. We played our way nicely into midfield and found Owusu in a great area after switching him to a DM on support. After thinking about changing the IWB role my thoughts were consolidated here. 1 is our IWB on support, very high in our attack and tucked in, being an extra man in midfield. We could easily give him the ball and recycle, or do what actually happens and play in 2. Dragomir receives the ball and draws 3 players toward him, opening up a great opportunity for our IWB to drive into the box or shoot. Ends up getting to him and he curls one in from range to put us 2-0 against our rivals. The IWB is acting more aggressive than intended, but he does have 'Gets further forward' so it might become a balancing act or a risk factor allowing him to travel far or asking him to stay deeper. This image is from a 5-0 thrashing of Sassuolo away. This the build up to our second goal and let me know my plan to unleash Bongiovanni was working here. We moved the ball around nicely, dragging Sassuolo's midfield to the left, leaving acres of space for Bongiovanni to explode into and pick his pass. Another key pass from Owusu here, getting the initial ball into Bongiovanni, informing my decision to let him play with a support duty. As you can see 4 players numbered being our other four attacking players, 1 is our WM, 2 our PF, 3 our MEZ and 4 our other WM, all bursting into the area to get on the end of the pass. Bongiovanni dribbled forward before choosing our Striker as his pass and assisting our second goal with a perfect through ball. Our other goals came from a set piece, a great utilisation of the high press to catch a defender in possession leaving our ST 1on1 with the keeper, an own goal and a great shot from our DM outside the box. This came from a big game at home vs Lazio. Bongiovanni again receives the ball from our DM and enough space has been opened for him to dribble through the middle toward the box. He chose to attack the space, and unleashed a shot outside the box scoring a huge goal in a 1-0 win. This is enough to show me he is operating exactly how I want. Probably our best performance of the season was away at Roma. We absolutely dominated the heavy favourites at their own ground in a 3-0 win for Catania. This is our second goal. I noticed how narrow Roma were playing, again we used patient build up to move their midfield across. Our LM is on the ball a has a good amount of space in front to dribble and our RM is in so much space on the wide right. Our LM ends up dribbling and crossing the ball into our RM for an easy second goal. Demolished in Rome- 3-0 and 3pts to Catania. These are two screenshots of a game against Juventus at home. Bongiovanni receives the ball initially from our IWB(1) and begins his dribble into space and beginning to play-make. He passes to our MEZ who dwells on the ball before playing to our LM who is right footed cutting inside. Notice where our IWB starts and where he ends up when our LM Castrovilli gets the ball. The movement of our striker is key here, as he has opened the space for our IWB (1) and Bongiovanni (2) to attack. An excellent curled pass into our on-running IWB saw us score the opening goal against Juve. Some great team understanding here, I absolutely love this move as it began with Juve clearing the ball and us pinning them in their half. The move started with our IWB allowing our play-maker to dribble, linking up with our Mezzala who played an easy ball to our winger, whilst our Striker pulled away the CB's, we had two runners surging onto the through ball. An excellent team move here. Another top side dominated, as Juve never threatened us at all and their only goal came from a penalty. A 3-1 win for us at home with our two other goals being started by the high press, both ending in through balls to our surging midfielders. This comes from our final game of the season vs Juventus away. Bongiovanni had been moved upfront in the dying minutes as our striker wasn't effective. He ran onto a ball over the top from our centre back and controlled the ball here. This goal highlights how I wanted my Gerrard-role to work, as you can see him in the D bursting into the box. An easy cutback here and we score our second goal in the 90th minute to win 2-1 away at Juve. Beautiful! I think I have provided some okay examples on how my CM's played, both scoring and creating in the manner I wanted them too. Bongiovanni being our play-maker and making daring runs and splitting open backlines, whilst our Gerrard role linked play up and got on the end of moves to smash them home. I could show many more examples of this but I would be here all night. The goal against Juventus at home is one of my favourite goals and highlights perfectly how the tactic can create space for our forward running midfielders to attack, and shows a great sense of teamwork as many parts were key in this move. So I managed to achieve (atleast I myself believe it) what I wanted from my midfielders, allowing to drive my side forward and be the prime suppliers and scorers. I also utilised possession when needed to move teams around and create space for our midfield to operate. One image also shows how we implemented the idea of Peps wide players staying wide, being able to allow more space inside and become narrower in the penalty area to get on the end of crosses or through balls. My LM ended up contributing 15 assists whilst scoring 5, and my RM scoring 8 and assisting 10. It let me know we had more than one route to goal and more than one player who could finish off a chance. But how did I do defensively? Did we reach our target of conceding the fewest goals in a season? 22 goals conceded in 38 matches, with 24 clean sheets. Extremely happy we managed to achieve this, especially with my very average side which lacked great quality in depth. Our high line and high press has been greatly effective, only occasionally falling asleep to a ball over the top. I felt a great sense of achievement, outperforming big European clubs with an average and very young squad. We were tipped for relegation and predicted to finish rock bottom of the table, so how did we do in the league? A very successful overachieving campaign with a cup final defeat to Juventus on pens (We got our revenge in the end) and I finally felt like I have understood the game better from trying things from simple ideas I wanted to see play out, with help from other ideas that people had suggested in other threads and bringing together aspects to make it work for me. The knowledge I gained from reading threads and watching videos massively helped and it has really given me a good sense of accomplishment finally in this game that I had been looking for. Don't get me wrong, I still learned and recognised where to change things and make tweaks to counter teams or to get back into a game or close a game out, and I also acknowledge that this is definitely not a revolutionary tactic and is fairly similar to ones I took inspiration from, but this is more about my process getting there, trying different things and choosing things that fitted my idea and what I liked. Now finally it's time for the tactic. What I will present is more of a baseline that allows me to make changes when required, however with the chosen roles and duties, allows the team to play how I wanted them to play as outlined above and backed up by examples. A few things changed during the season so this was our final tactic going into face Juventus away to secure the title. The whole point of this post was to explain what I wanted to do, how I did it and the results with examples, but the initial idea for what I wanted to create could of been entirely different I would be here with a very different tactic for it. This post is aiming to present how I finally had a light-bulb moment and how I allowed myself to learn, adapt and understand the game better after years of stumbling around. Not too many changes, but the attack duties became support if we ever went positive/attacking. The changes I made most often were asking my wide-midfielders to either cut inside or run wide, alter mentality, tempo and passing range to the circumstances. I used be more expressive when faced with a hard defence to break down, which sometimes came with play wider. My DLine dropped to higher but often moved around as we gradually shifted pressing styles throughout the match. My MEZ could also become a DLP and my AP could also become a CM(a). My DM also moved between an Anchor-Man, a Half-Back and a Defensive Midfielder. I chose balanced on this occasion as we were up against Juventus on the final day of the season, and I didn't want to be too cautious or too aggressive. Shorter Passing and play out of defence is there too help with keeping the ball away from the other team, but our passing length and tempo was something I changed a lot depending on how the game was going. I picked pass into space as the tactic basically aims to make space by moving teams around, allowing space for my CM's to attack, so passing the ball into that space would help with that. It was also useful to hit balls over the top for my striker which usually led to goals. Distribute to CB was used to help build from the back, and whilst we start with Counter & Counter-Press these would often get switched on and off throughout games depending on the circumstances. Higher Defensive Line and Much Higher Line of Engagement, mixed with Extremely Urgent Closing Down and Tighter Marking was there for my high press, but again we weren't afraid to drop to mid or low blocks when we needed too. Offside Trap is there to help with our high line and use the intelligence of our back line effectively. Final PI's WM- Stay Wider and Run Wide with Ball or Cut Inside AP- Roam from Position PF- Roam from Position Situational PI's - FB- Get Further Forward, Take Fewer Risks, Sit Narrower CD's- Take Fewer Risks IWB- Take Fewer Risks AP- Remove Roam from Position Like I said, this is not any revolutionary tactic and definitely took loads of inspiration from others. I'm not claiming it to be a fully self thought out tactic but it's my first one that I haven't directly taken from one source like for like, but added loads of ideas together to fit me and what I wanted to do, which started with a few basic ideas that I came up with, and as it moved on took inspiration from other ideas I had seen and wanted to try. It has been a real enjoyable learning process. I tried everything and kept aspects of things I liked, things that worked and things that fit my ideas. I would be very grateful for peoples feedback on how they view this tactic and how it can be improved, but I will add another post after this one highlighting my squad building process and picking certain players for certain scenarios, which informed my tactic heavily. Could this work with another team? Maybe, it's definitely one where you need to assess the game and make correct changes when necessary, and one that demands a certain type of player. I think my next post will explain how I built my squad, the reason for choosing those players and how they worked within the system. Alongside this would be how the players, especially the front 5, could all inter-change and offer something different to each role. I know it's a long one and I may of bored a lot, but showing my process is what this is all about. I felt the next logical step would be to get feedback from others and see how we can become better and adapt it. My target for next season is to concede the fewest goals again and also to remain unbeaten at home. I would also love feedback on the style and format of the post and how I can improve, considering this being my very first attempt. Thanks for reading and I hope to see some discussion and feedback below!
  50. Beta comes out, feedback thread full of people demanding the German Third Division sayings it's a disgrace it's been taken out. SI involved in a huge, costly, legal battle to get the Third Division available but unlicensed. Full game comes out with German Third Division in it. Thread full of people complaining they've worked so hard to get it in. They can't win, can they. I wouldn't be stunned at all if the Stadium Editor is in the works, I doubt it's something they can hand over to the public without major testing though, so it'll take more than a year for them to develop it then release it. Some features have taken five years to go from request to reality. Maybe best to just forget about how unrealistic the stadium looks when you're managing Man City as a 27yo with no managerial experience..
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