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  1. I know it's getting frustrating to hear "when is going to be fixed ?" on and on, but maybe I can share with you the yearly FM gaming experience of a 40+ yo. ( yours truly ). 1. Buy the game early November .. toy around - don't start a long save because bugs, wait for a decent skin from the community because the game has funky colors and minimal info panels .. Old man's eyes. Anyway I have 1 hour to play, hell maybe to 2 hours daily if I am not dead tired, cause you know: job, kid(s), wife -generally old man's life. Sooo.. 2. Start doing your own skin, cause the game is buggy and
  2. Hi fellow managers, I want to present you a new tool I'm working on that will enable us to use the data that FM provides us with at its full potential. Including attributes, diverse statistics, injuries data and many more, FM has more than 300 data points. Yet, I can bet any one of us doesn't even use the third of it to make decisions and manage our club. Maybe it's due to the fact that FM doesn't offer an easy way of presenting all those data points. Take the match statistics for example, like the assists, passes completed, cross completion ratio etc. Yes, we could create a view with al
  3. Football Manager 2021 Match Screens Mod Welcome to my Match Screens Mod for Football Manager 2021. A little delayed as it took a lot longer than expected and the recent patch didn't help either hopefully they should be stable but if you come across any issues let me know. Workshop versions will go up in the next few days (once it's stabilized from the Winter Sale). As you may have noticed FM21 has re-worked the match screens, so I have rebuild the Match Screens Mod from scratch keeping the functionality of the new FM21 screens whilst adding in some more customization options as
  4. I've been wanting to do a series like this since I started playing FM. My biggest issues that kept me from doing this until now were threefold. First, I'm still relatively new to even watching soccer and certainly playing FM. Second, I had never done a major thread before, but after my last two were received fairly well, I'm hopeful that I can get this going in a fun way, being interactive and hopefully informative. Third, the last two versions of FM were very stale for possession focused teams, especially those looking to exploit the middle areas of the pitch. I believe FM21 has finally taken
  5. Sorry for the long post, I hope someone from SI will read. This FM version is after 3 versions finally one that is fun to me, but there is something almost game breaking for me. ( not just in this version, this was in last couple of years) I think that player development makes no sense at all. 1.) Let's take Bastoni as an example. He has CA 147 and PA 169. That gives him room for very little development. So - he is in top 5 best young defenders in the game. So - SI think he will be one of the best defenders in the world after a couple of years. ( even now he is one of
  6. You would surely expect a hotfix this week to sort out the game breaking bugs. Shouldn't take that long to sort out considering most of them were fine in the previous patch. Also SI, please never release a big patch right before you go off on the christmas break.
  7. I actually think this is completely unacceptable as this issue has been flagged for 2 plus weeks now. It could have been addressed by simply rolling back the latest patch until it can be reviewed/revised to act correctly. Instead, many players have not been able to enjoy this game during this period of time because it does make it completely unplayable. You cannot progress in the game as the low ratings impact morale, your board approval, value, development of players...it is the reason probably 90% of people play the game. I haven't touched the game during a period I look forward to each year
  8. Not sure if I am going to get a chance to say this in the next couple of days, and this is the tactical forums, and we seem to frown hard on non tactical threads, but as I sit here I be thinking... Have a merry merry christmas everyone, this has been a hard year for everyone, don't let the game or anything in life frustrate you. Learn to step out into the sun and enjoy what you have and I hope that the universe and whatever greater power you believe in bestows on you each and every wonderful thing you wish for in this world.
  9. Intro I wanted to start this post by saying that I've been playing Football Manager since it was Championship Manager, so basically when I was a wee lad. I've bought pretty much every second edition of the game and in many ways it has completely changed my life. Firstly it transformed my interest in football, from being something I didn't get or like, to being almost an obesssion. Secondly, and just as importantly, it changed my career in some ways. My job these days is often designing User Interfaces in websites and applications, looking at not only the look and feel, but the usability
  10. Sacachispas FC Copa Libertadores Update 2030 CHALLENGE COMPLETED A very unexpected, but a truly great win in the Copa Libertadores! A 5-0 win in the final against league rivals River Plate, the team we have struggled the most against in the league!! The domestic league and the Copa Libertadores doesn't correlate with each other, so we started off the season with the first knock out stage of the Copa Libertadores. We faced Gremio in the first knockout stage and since we won our group stage the first game was away. 2-2 away and a 3-1 win at home saw us throug
  11. ORIGINALLY POSTED ON MY BLOG (FMDIRECT) ========================================= Welcome to the first part of this series of articles aimed at simplifying and explaining the process of creating Football Manager tactics, using the latest instalment of the hit series, Football Manager 2021. This first article will focus on demystifying the nebulous concept of Mentality, which is the single most important tactical decision you will make in the tactic creator. I feel that the concept of Mentality is commonly misunderstood, with further confusion arising due to the Menta
  12. I've never seen a goal like this before. It's my first match in charge of a new club and this is the first goal scored, by my team as well.
  13. PA is fine and definitely better than the occasional alternative that gets suggested here. The issue is player development. In the original database there's 4 21 or younger players with 160+ CA. These are all 20/21, 3 are in the 160 range and the fourth is Mbappé, who is absurdly good for his age. Increase this to 23 years or younger and it'll only add 2 more players, both exactly at 160 (And seeing how Frenkie plays at Barca, I question that 160 CA tbh, but that's another story). So, in real life players with CA high enough to be a regular starter at an absolute top club at young age are
  14. I write this post for show that full details leagues are getting very different and lower player ratings than no full detail leagues. Full detail league is always the league where your managed club is playing, and the user has the option to put other playables leagues at full detail to improve the simulation sacrificing the perfomance of your PC. This issue is relevant for ALL SAVES, because even if you dont care about put other leagues at full detail, in this case your managed league will be the only one simulated with full detail, and you league would be harmed in comparision with the r
  15. SI just loves more clicks - never mind the game, they've added more clicks just to get to this forum apparently.
  16. I'm sorry Neil, I don't buy this. Football manager has never had such huge discrepancies between leagues with different levels of detail. My league (League One). Another league... My league (Dribbles per game) Another league (dribbles per game) My League (crosses attempted) Another league (crosses attempted) My League (Key Passes) Another league Key Passes I could go on and on, check your own saved game. These are abnormal stats in human leagues, one would argue that the leagues with less detail look more realistic?! I wouldn't say I'm particular
  17. So you think that obvious bugs (like wrong fixtures or completely missing stats) as well as nearly game breaking issues (like low ratings) will all not be fixed before a major update because these are not technical issues? This would really be disappointing because as good the match engine is I think the game as a whole was never in such a bad condition in January...
  18. I've seen a number of topics highlighting individual stats that are not being registered correctly. I just wanted to makes sure that the SI Team is fully aware of the extent of this problem. Firstly, the following is occurring in EVERY save since the most recent update. The issue seems to be occurring in leagues that include a human player (are running at the highest detail). Key Tackles - Not being registered in leagues with a human player Key Passes - Much higher in leagues with a human player (huge discrepancy!!) Clear Cut Chances - Much lower in leagues with a human player (hug
  19. I do find it funny how people feel that they can tell others that their experiences are not true and they are not happening. The game is vast hence and people play it in very different ways meaning that for one person it's 'broken' and not for another. Maybe the true test of whether something is 'broken' is what happens next for that individual. For me, having played management simulators since being a child (don't judge), I don't ever recall stopping playing the game. But with FM21.2, I have. Instead I lurk these forums every day hoping that bugs have been acknowledged and praying for a hotfi
  20. I can't believe they would let the wrong ratings wait until a major patch release on their normal 'end-of-february window'... I can't start a new game or continue my current save before that's fixed... It also impacts more than they say, they say it's just a tiny bit player value, in their simple statement Like other people stated, it impacts awards, it impacts morale, it impacts how good you think your player did (very important!), it impacts how easy/fast you can play the game because you can just look at the stats... and the longer you play the more
  21. Since I discovered this bug I've run 3 tests with the same setup for 50 years. One in FM2020, one in FM2021 before the 21.2 update, and one after the 21.2 update. The setup is England loaded all the way down to National North/South, and a large database. There's no advanced options selected, and no database editing had taken place. The numbers are as follows: FM2020 / FM2021 before 21.2 / FM2021 after 21.2: Start: 17167 / 17286 / 17287 10 Years: 17724 / 12995 / 16530 20 Years: 16277 / 9048 / 15602 30 Years: 15208 / 7708 / 14879 40 Years: 14248 / 7603 / 150
  22. ORIGINALLY POSTED ON MY BLOG (FM DIRECT) ========================================= Welcome to the second part of this series of articles aimed at simplifying and explaining the process of creating Football Manager tactics, using the latest instalment of the hit series, Football Manager 2021. This second article will focus on creating a solid counter attacking style in the tactic creator. Before getting our hands dirty, I'd like to make a distinction between playing on the counter, and quick transitions/counter attacking. Playing on the counter generally means stayi
  23. I took this screenshot from some Rio Ferdinand video, I think 2D in FM could like like this and it would be much better. From goals, to grass etc
  24. We’ve just released Minor Update 21.2.2 which is now available to download via Epic and Steam and as always is save game compatible. Updates will be downloaded automatically, but if you find for whatever reason you’re having difficulties doing so, we’d recommend restarting Epic or Steam. Again, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank anyone who has taken the time to leave us feedback or raise issues to us via our forums and our support team. Minor Update 21.2.2 (includes but not limited to): ---------------------------------------------------------- Stability and Technical -
  25. Long story short. I've played with same team before and after update. Well... all fantoms of FM 20 have been back: wingers running into the defenders, to have a blocked cross that of course goes to corner because we all know, balls never get deflected elsewhere, strikers, that scored around 12-15 per season now can't even hit a wall, players ignore partners in good positions and run blindly into defenders (even though dribble less TI is on), defenders kick the ball forward with "play from defence" is on, etc. Everything that pissed me off before, what I though is finally gone is here back
  26. Season Review 2050/51 WHAT A SEASON! Promoted as Champions first season in League 1 (Champions with 8 games to go!) Scoring 121 goals and getting 111 points. Only lost 5 times Decent cup FA Cup run losing to PL Notts Forest in 4th round replay. Bought in some much needed money. Still -£1.8m Broke a couple of records along the way. Highest wins and highest goals Youth intake was average again Roll on The Championship
  27. Over the past couple of years Sports Interactive made me fall in love with their Football Manager series, resulting in many thousands of hours trying to manage my way to the top. The only thing I could imagine to expand the Football Manager experience even more was the idea of a playing-style without numeric attributes. Inspired by Cleon’s “The no attribute way”, wkdsouls bars- and attributeless-skin as well as Oliver Jensen’s article on “how to play without attributes” back in FM19, I finally decided to try myself in creating a non-numeric attributes-skin with the release of Football Manager
  28. Quite simply the game as a whole is too rigid. It never changes from the first year to 2200. The game world is static. it lacks so many things that make the OOTP baseball games amazing. Dynamic changeable potential is one. If a player has a ripper season they can improve their potential, a bad disappointing season and they can reduce their potential. Means the game world is alive. The same person in a different save game can be a flop or a new world beater, who knows. Different every time. The world changes, new rules or old rules changed every few years, teams fold, new teams get cr
  29. Excelsior Maassluis 2035/36 Season Review So yeah, this was a thing that happened. We got off to a great start and maintained it for the majority of the season, and we had a legitimate shot at winning the league until injuries and suspensions at the back end of the season killed us. Mulder was our top scorer despite missing the last 3 months of the season with a broken ankle. But besides that, everything just clicked. Our defence was the best in the league by far, only conceding 18 goals 6 less than the next best (Utrecht) and 15 less than 3rd best PS
  30. Let me show my last ingame experience At first thank you for all members who answered for me directly and for other members and I can use search to read this You are the best! Finally I play in my favourite style and this is looks exactly as I wanted Before we start a little feedback. Spartak Moscow (prediction is 5, board requires for Conf. League, players agreed for EL) has a very rich owner without any patience. Just few managers who was in Spartak in last 20 years - Nevio Scala, Michael Laudrup, Valery Karpin, Unai Emery, Murat Yakin, Dmitriy Alenichev, Massimo Carrera, D
  31. AFC Rushden & Diamonds Season 2036/37 review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Another solid season where we finished mid table. Slowly improving, I guess, but I hope to push for a spot in Europe soon. We did move into our new stadiun though, but we are already building an expansion. We are also improving the facilities and we finally have a youth rating of 1! The preview was promising as usual, and intake was pretty decent. Reiss Scally 37a is rated as the best one. In the FA Cup we lost to Chelsea in the 3rd round. In the EFL Cup we beat Havant & Wate
  32. Thanks again for all the info and data posted on this. It's likely that a lot of these issues were actually present in FM20, but something in FM21 has made them far more extreme in certain cases. We think it's possible it may be due to an increase in the number of dual and multi nationality newgens that generate in the game this year, which is having a knock-on effect to the player count for each nation. As has been established, different nations and different db setups all seem to be affected in different ways, so I want to assure you that we're trying to find a way to balance every
  33. It would be nice if the game AI could be quicker to recognize a promotion in the game. If you, for example, get promoted from the Championship to PL, everyone in the game seems to act like you still are a Championship team until you actually are in the PL table. Scouts will still recommend you championship players, mediocre PL players on the transfer list are'nt interested in joining your team, mediocre championship players wants contracts and playing time fitted for kings. This changes only when you are in the PL table, when everyone suddenly treats you like the PL team you are.
  34. Part 1: Zona Mista: When Calcio Met Totaalvoetbal Different football styles inspire many things in us. There is Brazilian Jogo Bonito with its almost sexual joie de vivre. Makes you want to dance samba just watching it. Then there is German Gegenpressing with its cold-blooded efficiency. And Italian Calcio which to me personifies romanticism of a simpler bygone era. Also it just made sense to me, even as teenager who knew little about football. Score goals and don't let the other team do it. Actually Calcio from 70s-90s is one of the best jump in points to learn about the complex sport. E
  35. Managed to get a late draw in the first leg. Then this happend in the return leg at home.... FM21 #005 - Lyn TF.mp4 FM21 #006 - Lyn TF.mp4 I go to bed, I cant do that today.
  36. Some more WIP screenshots; Match, Processing, Club Info and Club Vision Screens are now largely done; Hopefully if nothing goes wrong it will be ready for the weekend (or at least a version for testing will).
  37. Absolutely scunnered with the low ratings for fullbacks.....how can this still not have been sorted?
  38. I took a few weeks off due to annoyance at the game, but lockdown and the new patch led me to give it another chance. Unfortunately, nothing has changed. I'm not going to be your average FM player. I watch matches in full and am most interested in the tactical perspective, and like to play what you would call an ultra possession style of play. Ultra methodical and patient and absolute domination of the ball with short passes, and keeping the ball centrally as the 1st, 2nd, and 333333rd option/mindset. And I don't evaluate the game on nice moves and goals sporadically, My criteria i
  39. Still seeing some very disappointing ratings for players, especially my defensive midfielders. I think my honest feedback with this game having played it since the beta and closely monitoring threads here would be to scale back your ambitions for FM22. All the things you tried to add in this game only offered minor QOL improvements at best and major gameplay flaws at worst. Basic things like statistics, player ratings, passing networks, analyst reports, youth intakes, and more have all ended up suffering at the hands of change. It’s unfortunate that the long term viability of saves has b
  40. Season Review 2059/60 WE HAVE DONE IT! PREMIER LEAGUE HERE WE COME! 2nd spot, Bristol City runaway winners! After 9 years in the Championship! As you can see, didn't move out of top 4 all season Special mention to Niall Paton who got 35 goals in 40 games in his full first season Got to Premier League alot quicker than in FM20. Think it took 90 years to get to PL last time
  41. Season Review 2048/49 Another 4th place finish and another loss in Playoff FInal, 2-0 to Stockport Board sold another one of my players pre season, Another keeper to Hull Stadium get small extension to 6,452 seats x
  42. Hi all, happy new year. Aston Villa have been one of my favourite teams to watch in the league this season, partially due to Grealish's somewhat mesmerizing performances, but also that they just look good this season. And the numbers back them up on this. In the 15 league games they have played so far this season, they've earned 26 points. They've scored 29 goals and conceded 16 in those games as well, which makes them the 5th best attacking team and 3rd best defensive team in the league. What's remarkable about Villa this season is how they improved so rapidly from one of th
  43. End Of Season Review 2029 - Eliteserien (1st tier) Media Prediction One place up. With all that money, we finally could upgrade our trainings facilities. Transfers: Out Part 1 + Out Part 2 League Games: Part 1 + Part 2 Rosenburg is not that good anymore. Best attack! But maybe our defense is good too and the game doesnt reads it well. We dont play with counterpress, we let the oponent do their stuff. Supercup: Game Its only the Super Cup, but every trophy is a trophy
  44. I just took a look at the bug forum and it's honestly a grim picture. I have been registered in this forum for a year and I notice that the atmosphere is always negative. Consumers complaining about a product they sell as brilliant and when you try it you realize how out of order it is. We are not talking about a game that you can optimize over the years. We pay year after year for them to sell us a buggy product again. and honestly i'm tired of this
  45. Season Review 2045/46 FINALLY! ANOTHER 2nd place finish after spending 95% of the season in 1st position (see past positions screenshot) and the form dropping off the last few weeks This time we managed to win the playoffs! League 2 here we come!
  46. Excelsior Maassluis 2036/37 Season Review This is something I definitely wasn't expecting. We had an awful start, including a 4-0 loss to AZ and a 5-0 loss to NEC. But I changed the tactical mentality from Control to Attacking, and everything changed. We won 23 of our last 26 games, including great performances against PSV and Ajax. PSV's team on paper is still miles ahead of us, and Ajax probably would be too. But somehow we're Eredivisie champions, and we have a spot in the Champions League next season! We had another succe
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