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  1. As this is the last update, I guess it means that things like dribbling stats, heat maps, stats vs analytical data (for example stats showing 5 key passes for a player but analytical data shows 2) are left broken? Combined to things like player ratings this is extremely disapointing.
  2. Boom! 4,096 travelling non-League FC United of Manchester fans celebrate a last minute winner over League 1 Coventry at the Ricoh Arena, coming from a goal behind in the 4th Round of the FA Cup. This unassuming goal set up the biggest mismatch I have ever been involved with. The story so far.. Enjoying underdog status, FC United of Manchester are comfortably out performing their predicted 19th place finish and expectation to avoid relegation in the Vanarama National League North. I think I may be using a dodgy update as Yeovil are suspiciusly in the Vanara
  3. The end of our fairy tale - La fin de notre conte de fée S14 - Ligue 1 (1st) - Champions League (Winners) - Coupe de France (Qtr Final) Squad - U19 - Out on loan - Transfers Transfers An important change in goal. Vincent was sold after 7 seasons as first goalkeeper to our big rival AS Monaco, where he would keep the bench warm. Jabnoun started banging on the door, and after two excellent seasons at FC Lorient, he was labelled a 'wonderkid'. He and Abu-Badu, also a wonderkid, would eventually alternate throughout the year. Ligue 1 After several seasons of narrow
  4. Unfortunately set pieces ( FT, FK, Corners ) are a disappointment year after year, and SI should be embarrassed by this. I remember playing an NFL game in the 90s , you could design your own plays : drawing lines , setting passing options and runs .. IN THE 90s!!!! Free Throws are a total disgrace .. I have a panic attack every time I see a throw in in my own half ! and the mess of offside play from the throw in near the corner flag it would be funny if it wasnt just sad. I have 2-3 per game , mine or AI. And it's a comprehensive highlight ! We need to be able to set free throws a
  5. The Final Winter Update for Football Manager 2021 is now complete, with this second part covering transfers from windows that closed during February, database updates and a few outstanding gameplay fixes. This Update is now live on FM21 (PC/Mac/Xbox Game Pass for PC), FM21 Xbox Edition (Console/PC/Game Pass), FM21 Touch (PC/Mac/iOS/Android) and FM21 Mobile (iOS/Android). Deals that happened in China, Russia, MLS, as well as free transfers in the EFL are included in this Update. You’ll need to begin a new career for them to take effect, so there’s never been a better time to take your
  6. Introduction The earth is round, just like the ball. If Corona deprives us of the opportunity to spend our well-deserved holidays around the world, then we have no choice but to satisfy this desire in Football Manager. There are hardly any countries in the world that do not have a breathtaking football league to invite you to put a team on the throne of football. So now it's time to get to the computer/laptop. ______________________________________________________________ Content AFRICA WIP - (32/54) ASIA (AFC) Version 21.4
  7. I understand that FM definitions will not align exactly with their real world equivalents but they should be at least broadly in line for both the FME and QME. It is important that FME and QME give similar results so that scouting/search comparisons are not rendered useless. I created a new save following the release of 21.4 and ran a full season Premier League using Full Match Engine and again using the Quick Match Engine. I then extracted full season stats for each team and compared the FME results with the QME and 19/20 Premier League "equivalent" stats when available: The game i
  8. They honestly need to ditch the terms for mentality & just label it risk, very low risk to very high risk & everything in between Going Cautious doesn't mean your team will park the bus & become impenetrable the same going Very attacking doesn't mean you'll go & score 3 in the final 10 minutes of a game, TI's & roles are way more important In fact, I'd sod it all off together & let us choose the exact TIs & player mentalities we want than have mentalities
  9. It's not about 'handling a game with issues' it is the massive amount of regressions they introduce, plus unfortunate new ones. They broke a shedload of fully functional features (listed above by another user and that's only partial) and did not fix them and will leave them broken for an entire calendar year or more. I guess I don't play enough games to know if this is the norm or not, but no piece of software I've used or been part of making could get away with that. A feature isn't accepted and released to the public if you introduce obvious behavioral changing regressions: FM21 is choc
  10. To give some balance for anyone that may be reading this thread and deciding whether to buy the game.... for me, this is the best version for a very long time. The ME is excellent, the AI feels far more legitimate and the immersion levels are fantastic.
  11. I'm going to put this in my thread, but I need to say that this isn't my work, but looks impressive all the same. We've known for a while that the best info was no longer up to date, so this should be really beneficial to lots of us. @_Ben_ @Rikulec @metallimuse @abulezz @Koetzer @Makoto Nakamura @Ronaldo Beckham @Maw74 @Cheez3y @dafuge @rodesire @DaneBramage @B.W.G @deez0r @mattyjames_ @PaulHartman71 @ToMexico!! @MarcxD @Wavelberry @Pompeyboyz @Thebaker @turnip @iamnobody @Jtomsett11 @tyler16 @Hootieleece @Sonic Youth @karanhsingh @Sheriff7 Apologies for linking you in if you don't
  12. Long time lurker. I'm going to have a go at this challenge. Starting in Italy
  13. Pleased that 21.4 now released and had hoped that is would have fixed the Stats/90 issue with custom views that I flagged in bugs forum ages ago, uploaded save game file (as requested), provided screen shots and instructions to replicate for.... 21.4 update now installed and seems to be absolutely zero change to my Custom View with /90 stats still showing as a "-" or "0" (see below...)....... Please, please can SI ensure this is fixed for FM22 as, presumably, FM21 fixes are now closed.... To say I am disappointed is an understatement..... Current screen looks as follows after 32 Premier L
  14. Season Review 2124/25 Poor season in reality, finishing 3rd, with only 84 points and 10 loses! Carl Howe then gets injured in the final league game of the season so miss the all the play offs Luckily we managed to win the play offs, beating Palace in the final Liam Archer retired at 37 years old, with 233 assists in 631 games. Managed to bring him back as an Under 18s coach (stats are poor)
  15. Promises Is there any chance in the next game more emphasis can be placed on to the player's agent and less on the manager. Two examples: Player unhappy at playing time wants to go out on loan. Why does the manager have to promise to actively get them a loan? Why is the option to simply promise to sanction a loan under certain circumstances (e.g. wage contribution, playing time etc) available with either the explicit or implicit indication that the player's agent needs to encourage teams who might be interested in them to approach the club Player wants to leave and one option
  16. Having just completed the 2031/32 season, I think I'm at a decent point to sum up my thoughts on certain elements of the game. Match engine On the whole I'm a fan, it's not as dreadful as last years version and you can see actual progress from what we had last year. Players on attack duty will happily attempt risky through balls in order to break down a defence, and I've seen some cracking passes played that we absent from the previous games. I'm seeing a lot more of variety in my own attacking play, whereas last year especially it felt as though no matter what you did you had to suf
  17. That's the thing about this game; it accesses every conceivable emotion in a matter of minutes. I just ground out a 0-0 draw away at Man City with a disgusting low block. It was a thing of beauty. I imagine AI Pep is ranting about it on a virtual forum somewhere.
  18. Sannois SG 2030-2031 We floated around the playoff spots pretty much all year and found a sixth gear around March which took us into the top two places and we managed to hold on to gain promotion to Ligue 1. In the French Cup, we had our best ever finish by getting to the Eleventh Round before losing to Ligue 1 FC Nantes. A penalty shootout win against AS Monaco in the Tenth Round was the highlight. Julien Sere 22b now has 127 goals in 243 appearances and is the club record holder in both. Yaya Toure 26e provided the crosses from the right and Braham Amari 22d was onc
  19. Sannois SG 2021-22 After a season of complete failure in Italy, I started the challenge again, this time in France with Sannois SG. Predicted to finish rock bottom, we completely over achieved and managed a 3rd place finish in the league and earnt ourselves a playoff match against SC Lyon. A 5-1 win at home set us up nicely for the second leg where we lost 3-2 but gained promotion with a 7-4 aggregate score. Ligue 2 here we come! We reached the 7th round of the French Cup, losing at Dunkerque 3-1 We relied heavily on the goals of veteran striker William Sea (voted French N
  20. Absolutely no difference to the throw-ins that have been broken since November.
  21. So the update are out and I'm back here. Going to have a go in Spain, for what I think is the first time I've managed there. I selected a club called S.D. Beasain K.E, from the town Beasain. The town is not far away from San Sebastian up in the northern Spain. Why did I pick it? Because Basque, that's why! Wish me luck! I have 13 players, so I need some to survive!
  22. Hey all, just to confirm since we always get some confusion: The only changes to the ME were to CCC recognition and to throw in distances. We did not make any other changes, it'd be far too risky for us to do so for an update of this kind. Since the only real ME change was to throw ins, it's unlikely that open play would be affected in any noticeable way. Thanks!
  23. What a great post. Yeah I am good, got quite a strong mentality (I guess the sheer will to continue the saves shows that), just so gutting that it happened.
  24. [FM21][SKIN] FMEnhanced v3.0 Several months ago during the release of the BETA, I released a skin called FME (Football Manager Enhanced) which was intended to be an extension of what Sports Interactive provide as opposed to a complete overhaul. I intended to keep everything in keeping with the default look and feel of the game for a more seamless integration and ease of use. Upon release of FME, I received some wonderful feedback from users and fellow modders, though with limited time I was unable to keep up with demand for extra features/bug fixes etc. Having gained more time over the pa
  25. I'm sorry for the amount of posts, guys. But I just can't keep this season to myself: Not only did we beat P$G for the first time ever, leading us to a potential first Ligue 1 win, we also reached the CL final after some impressive games of the boys. Really didn't think we'd get past City, but Gaspar opening the score so early was the ideal scenario for us to lean back for the rest of the game. Bayern München lost 3-0 to Juve in Italy, but managed to do the impossible scoring 5 goals at home. This makes them our opponent in the CL final... We do have fond memories of them:
  26. In my experience the main issue with people using the Defensive (or Cautious) mentality is their additional use of "defensive" related Team Instructions and "defensive" related roles / duties. Combining all of that can make your team overly passive resulting in your team getting swamped at the back with no outlet or respite. If using such a passive mentality there is simply no need to layer on other additional passive tactical settings. Case in point - that third tactic linked above: Defensive mentality + 3 defenders + 2 WBs and a DM all with a defend duty + lower def line + lower LoE +
  27. Youth Preview 2025-26 Youth Intake 2025-26 Starting to see some real good prospects coming through now. The future is bright!
  28. Belfast Celtic - Season 2029/30 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Our first season in the top tier went rather well, if a bit unspectacular. We conceded loads this season, but we also scored quite a bit, mostly because of my usual tactical knowledge that is more focused on scoring rather than defending. After the initial round we did not go into the Championship group, but rather into the Relegation group. There we finished 2nd, but in an overall 8th. So we avoided relegation and even the relegation playoff, so I'm more than happy with what we did. Now we have to continue s
  29. Regardless of the subject; I want to share my thoughts about 3D match experience. Because I didn't see anybody write about this. I expected that SI could give us more realistic and aesthetically better 3D match engine with more realistic pitch textures and weather effects. Other than this there could be some adaptive pitch effects depending on the weather. What I mean is when a player runs with ball with a wet weather, there can be some water/snow effects on the pitch/ball. Look at the picture below. This is from FM11. Ten years before. This is great. I tried to c
  30. End of season review 32/33 What a fantastic Season for the club resulting in being Super League champions !! At one point in the season I was 15 points clear, it was just the shear amount of goals the team scored good performances all round only concern is Dere who struggled after coming back from injury. He's not only rated as a fringe player by the coaches, really torn if I should drop him or not. He's done really well but some of the players ready to take his place ' Euro Cup I went out in the first knockout st
  31. JS Hercules 2026 Youth Intake I normaly do the Intake in the season report but I got very excited by this one. A good amount of talent all around but the jewel of my Youth setup is Teemu Kolehmainen pictured above. He can slot right into the team and be the best one on the field. Easily.
  32. Belfast Celtic - Season 2028/29 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances We are promoted! Surprisingly short stop here in the 2nd tier, but after we had a solid season last time around I thought we had a chance if we could continue improving. It wasn't as easy as winning the whole league though, Coleraine were the best side in the league by a distance, and also won it by quite a margin. We did hover around in a pack following them though, along Ballyclare Comrades, Newry City AFC and Ballymena United. In the end we finished in a very decent 3rd place to go into the playoffs. Here
  33. Wuhan Three Towns - Season Review 2034 Manager Profile - Transfers - Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 China Super League - 12th Another season of difficulty but ultimately survival, the first half of the season we played relatively well but we had a four week break in the league for the World Cup and after that we completely fell apart, losing 11 of 14 games. The three games we didn't lose were fortunate because the opposition had early red cards and then last game of the season we had already assured survival and Shenhua had been relegated. At times we really bad and it's pretty
  34. Belfast Celtic - Season 2026/27 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Finally! We are going up! And in what for a long time seemed like a poor season for us. We started quite bad and struggled for a bit and didn't looked like a team who could fight for promotion. We did have a resurgence after Christmas though, and that helped us up the table, and in the end we got the 2nd place we have had our eye on for a while. In the playoffs we continued the good form and beat Carrick Rangers over two legs to get promoted. In the Irish Cup we beat Dungannon Tigers and Coleraine before
  35. Well he's just been given 24 hours of space every Thursday for the rest of the season.
  36. Sannois SG 2035-2036 We started well and finished well. The middle stage was a bit patchy in places but relegation was staved off again. We fell to FC Lorient in the French Cup Tenth Round. Mouhamed Keita 32b was our best performer by far. 30 goals is incredible for an 18 year old. Unfortunately, he wouldn't sign a new contract and we had no option but to sell him. Brendan Bertin 29i had eleven assists on the year with our most talented guys being Mael Renaud 31b, Lenny Compper-Miath 29a and Matteo Lux 26a. On the transfer fron
  37. Wuhan Three Towns - Season Review 2035 Manager Profile - Transfers - Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 China Super League - 13th Another season where we secured safety, and we managed to do it with one game to go. Our defence was pretty abject for most of the season but we did relatively well on the scoring front in comparison to other bottom half sides and somehow Shanghai SIPG conspired to get themselves relegated quite convincingly despite having the third highest wage bill in the league. The biggest achievement in my eyes was beating our local rivals Wuhan for the first time i
  38. FC Novokuznetsk - Season 2026/27 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances We stayed in Group 1 this season, and it helped us greatly, I think. For the first time in this tier, we were not involved in a major battle to avoid relegation. We still finished quite low, but we had a really good margin down to the relegation zone, and were never in any danger. So things are really looking good, however, there is some issues with a few players not wanting to extend their contracts, so we might lose some of the better ones this summer. That could set us back a step or two, but I'll try to
  39. hi thought i would give this a go. gonna start in england with here is my profile
  40. ACN Siena 1904 - 2037/38 Season Review It was on the last day of the season that I found myself with the opportunity to get Siena into Europe for the very first time in the club's history. We went into our last game of the season where we were facing Sassuolo, while Lazio were facing Fiorentina. Lazio won their game 2-0, easily enough, but we had taken the lead thanks to Carlo Musu's first ever goal for the club, with the goal surely enough to ensure that were playing in Europe next season. No, it wasn't to be. Sassuolo managed to score a last-gasp equaliser in the 91st minute of the
  41. £210 was "too good". The very next article: So my moronic chairman blocks his own "too good" to refuse offer. What a melt.
  42. Merthyr Town FC - Season 2043/44 Table | Squad | Finances | Transfers What on earth happened? We were top 3 all season, but Aldershot Town were just utterly solid near the end of the season. But then on the last day, Aldershot blew it and lost to Hereford, while we (just) managed to beat Crawley Town away, and sneak past. If we'd drawn the match we would've finished second because we had less goals scored than Aldershot! Our defense was just unbelievable throughout the season. Only 33 goals conceded. We also had the 3rd most possession, highest pass completion, 3rd most total passes,
  43. Youth Candidates Season 2027/28 Friar Lane & Epworth Er, yes. Oh. My. Word. What an intake. The best yet by some distance. No less than seven players are already among the best players at the club. What an extraordinary intake.
  44. I put this up on the shelf and am prepared to write this year's version off as "they did the best they could, given the pandemic." And they've provided a near-perfect product for many other years running. But will wait to make sure this is fixed in next year's version before buying, because if players in my league aren't developing like they are in other leagues, due to statistical differences, that's game breaking for me.
  45. Player: "Sir, I want to leave for Real Madrid, they offer higher wages!" Me: "Sure, their transfer offer is fine, I can let you go." Player: "Sir, I require a pay off for the transfer to Real Madrid to compensate for them paying me a lower salary than I have here!" Me: Flawless player logic as always.
  46. End Of season Review 31/32 season A fantastic season ends in euro cup II success !! These wins definitely feel more satisfying knowing I have made no transfers and all the players are home grown Star of the season was Dere with a unbelievable 57 goals this season 4th place in the league, the biggest problem was balancing the team in terms of fitness I was resting players to save them for the European games so dropped a few points Fenerbache surprisingly bad this season and sacked the manager after I beat them 4-1 Youth i
  47. i know how si games works, i been buying the game since 2009, but my ride ends on this one, the decline in quality every year keeps going and the refusal to change on their way of development is not only disappointing but annoying. they just try to keep a schedule with patches like this: beta -> release -> big patch december -> early transfer patch feb -> final transfer patch march -> oops we cant fix everything, but we will gladly receive your money in the next version of fm and maybe small chance we will fix the current problems, but dont get your hopes up because probab
  48. My favourite thing about this FM is watching my fullback take a throw in to their winger with none of my players within 10 yards of him, for that winger to then run the length of the pitch and square it across the box for a last min winner for the other side. Wouldn't mind if it was a one off, but these throw-ins happen 10 times a game and result in a goal like this every now and then.
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