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    Sadly FM19 is the first version I have bought and - having trialled - decided not to play on with. Aspects of the game are undoubtedly improved (the ME is the best yet, for example), but think that SI need a strategy on where the game is going and what it's really all about... One aspect I would question in particular is that SI seem increasingly football industry-centric (i.e. "this is what the clubs really do, you know") rather than user-centric (i.e. "here's this thing you will really enjoy as part of your gaming experience") . A prime example of this is the evolved training function, which - while it slavishly follows apparently real-world operations - risks being tedious for the end user. This, of course, is an age-old dilemma for games purporting to be simulations...
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    I agree - there seems to be something fundamentally wrong with the ME in many situations. From strange positioning (both defending and attacking), weird choice of passes/crosses, poor/not working team instructions (e.g. work ball into box which never seems to have any effect), horrible finishing (e.g. one-on-one's and shooting from *very* narrow angles instead of passing to a team mate in a better position) to incredibly strange refereeing, including VAR. It's a bit of a mess.
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    Big Sam for me, responsible for me seeing some of the best times and best players ever to grace a Bolton shirt. Youri Djorkaeff , Jay Jay Okocha, Fernando Hierro ,Ivan Campo, Stelios Giannakopoulos, and Kevin Davies - 2 jaunts in Europe and brought in the sports science and stats used in American Football. Planned with meticulous detail to get the extra 1% from each player. Used to bloody the noses of the big boys regularly and wind the likes of Wenger up. The long ball tag came from when Bolton beat Newcastle 2-1 at the Reebok and Souness moaned about it post match and the tag stuck with him, unfairly. Hes seen as a short term option for struggling teams and hes played up to that in last few years but earned a few quid doing it. Will never be seen as glamorous but i do believe that if you put him in charge of a big club like a Manchester Untied or Real Madrid - he would win them a few trophies
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    Actually, I kind of expect them to catch these bugs before the game is released. This has been one of the most bug-ridden versions of FM in the last ten years. It's actually quite mind numbing how they have not caught onto these issues during QA. Waiting for the customers to discover bugs is a poor piece of business. Imagine if a car manufacturer did that. 'I'm not sure the brakes are functioning correctly, but let's hear what the customers say' ..
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    Totally agree every other goal is outside the area now or free kicks. The amount is crazy!
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    This file displays all 183 leagues that make up the dutch league pyramid. All teams should start in the right leagues, given the number of approximately 2600 teams I however cannot guarantee for that. FC Lienden and HVV Hollandia, who have withdrawn from their respective league midway through the season, start with a 25 point deduction. The defunct Oranje Zwart Helmond don't feature in this file. No Periodekampioenen and Nacompetities, as I could not find a way to create them using the basic editor only. Unlike in real life,there is promotion from the Tweede Divisie into the Keuken Kampioen Divisie. Hope you enjoy, http://www.mediafire.com/file/oeanuabolewq7tn/N+E+D+E+R+L+A+N+D+++C+O+M+P+L+E+T+E.fmf
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    It has under the hood behaviour, similar to how BBM is more than just CM-Su with "Roam From Position". Look at the attributes. He's accomplished in the position and has the right attributes. The contrast with him and Kanté works well in that Pogba excels in the more offensive aspects of the role and Kanté in the defensive, but neither are outright terrible at the parts they're not good at, if that makes sense.
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    Ok this thread has degenerated into one pile of .... . Its full of ridiculous sounding conspiracy theories. There was an update, my team was on a winning streak, and its still on a winning streak. The sample size some of you are pointing to does not prove, causality between the patch and results. If that was the case, it must happen to EVERYONE. I can also pick a save i just played from another user, where i showed him how his backline selection was the cause of his bad run. I changed it and he stopped losing. There are many factors that could have led to a bad run, and blaming the patch is a cop-out. But since this thread has degenerated into taking personal pot shots at each other and because i can't be bothered to issue warnings to people I am just gonna shut this thread down. If you lot want to take pot shots at each other, the next time you do that you could be issued a warning. So play nice, get with the Xmas spirit, have some eggnog, go have fun. But please stop with the pot shots. I am closing this thread.
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    The opposition is programmed to score the moment your partner enters the room you're playing FM in.
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