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  1. Ooh. Yeah. Um, I'm going to have to go ahead and sort of disagree with you there.
  2. We go back 32 years to 1988. The Soviet Union plays two large football finals that year. They lose the European Championships final against the Dutch team lead by Ruud Gullit and Marco van Basten. Two months later they beat Brazil to win Olympic Gold in Seoul. The next year Eastern Europe changes forever, altering the European football world as well. What if the Iron Curtain hadn't come down? Would Yugoslavia have won the 1992 European Championships? Would Czechoslovakia have won the 1996 European Championships? Would Yugoslavia have won the 1998 or 2018 World Championships? Would Soviet teams have won more European clubtitles? Based on the assumption that we can turn back time, I have rebuild Europe in 1988 style. The Iron Curtain has been RELEASED. Download here and be sure to read the installation notes in the second post! An update to version 1.2 (2 updated files) has been added in a separate zipfile Iron Curtain 2020 Version 1.0.zip Iron Curtain 2020 Update Version 1.1.zip Iron Curtain 2020 Update Version 1.2.zip Iron Curtain 2020 Update Version 1.3.zip Graphic updates (links to the post with the file). All files done by @Reiver Albania: https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/510953-wipfm20-iron-curtain-in-hindsight-everything-is-2020/?do=findComment&comment=13148968 Bulgaria: https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/510953-wipfm20-iron-curtain-in-hindsight-everything-is-2020/?do=findComment&comment=13155866 Czechoslovakia: https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/510953-wipfm20-iron-curtain-in-hindsight-everything-is-2020/?do=findComment&comment=13171526 Hungary: https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/510953-wipfm20-iron-curtain-in-hindsight-everything-is-2020/?do=findComment&comment=13179854 Poland: https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/510953-wipfm20-iron-curtain-in-hindsight-everything-is-2020/?do=findComment&comment=13189024 The Iron Curtain 2020 will only be made available on this forum. If you find a copy of the files on any other forum or website, it is not mine. I cannot support those files either as I don't know what extra changes have been made. Estimated buildtime: 2020 hours
  3. Unbelievable. NEVER expected this. Next round against Linfield!
  4. I’m in the camp of being delirious happy to be made to look silly. However…….
  5. So... this just happened in my Siena save... Got me a bit of money too...
  6. Lusitânia Açores - Season 2031/32 (Season 11) Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances So few matches compared to the latest seasons, so it no longer feels like a slog! It was a very hard season, though, the step up in quality is quite clear to me. We are facing a lot of great players, so we struggled to get much out of the matches. The good thing about this season was that Sporting B was so far off the rest that it was only one spot to avoid. One positive thing though is that Vitória de Setúbal, the team we got promoted along side last season, were competing for a promotion spot this season! So either they recruited amazingly, or we are not as far off as it felt. Even if we overperformed with our promotion last season, we might have a better shot at staying up next season that it looks like now. Well, the financial side didn't really improve, but I kind of feel we losing less money than before. We also had fewer investments, so I think we are heading in the right direction. In the Allianz Cup we lost to Estrela da Amadora in the 1st round. In the Taça de Portugal we beat Madalena before losing to Tirsense in the 3rd round. Youth Great intake for personalities, and not horrible for potential either. Rúben Inácio 32c is a striker unlike what I have. More strength and heading than the others, so a nice alternative striker there. Statistics: Records broken; Most league goals overall: Maxime Riviere 22f - 132 Fastest goal: Kevin Mendonça 30f - 13 seconds Trophy cabinet: Campeonato Nacional - 2025/26
  7. Albanian Teams Logos In this file you'll find logos for Albanian teams and competitions. - Whenever there was a record online, the logos are the ones teams would have used during the communist era, or the closest possible to that time - Whenever teams are newer they use their current logo - if the team during communist times had a different name, I edited the logo to have the old team name instead of the new one - Created teams and competitions don't have logos at the moment, as they will not be correct once the league files get expanded. - The folder needs to be put into folder: C:\Users\<Your Computername>\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\graphics Albania.zip
  8. Now, let's take a look at our LEAGUE CAMPAIGN for the first half of the season. A great start but some worrying results off late. The first derby of the season resulted in a very unjust home defeat to a highly contentious penalty. Looks like the mighty Ferencvaros are resorting to some underhand tactics to compete with us . It is now 5 derbies played for me, and just the 1 win. We really need to start correcting that soon. And so with that we have actually dropped off first place for the first time in a while. It is actually refreshing to see Ferencvaros fight back this season - we may actually have a proper title race on our hands. The proper is clear as day - it is typical FM second season syndrome. My team cannot score anymore. Our conversion rate is tied worst in the league, with the bottom side. We dominate game after game, yet conspire to drop points. There is no solution, but to keep plugging on. On the upside, I was very happy to see this. Our attendances have been steadily climbing, and we should hopefully soon be the best supported team in Hungary.
  9. Vikeologist's 32nd Folkestone Intake Report and 28th Intake Review Have cut down the length, because honestly, not much to say about either of these. Even what's left is not all that interesting. Still going to read it? Ok, but don't say I didn't warn you. With yet another golden generation promised, and improved facilities, I dreamed that this would be the one that actually deliver a wonderkid, or maybe just someone good from the go. Instead I got an absolute stinker. My worst ever? Well, some of the previous 31 weren’t great, and it will take a few years to be certain, but this looks like it’s certainly going to be down there. YP28 Review Here’s what I wrote at the time. Luke Charman 28a – Maybe the most disappointing regen ever. One reason was because my top prospect the following year was also a striker. Another was that as discussed, my 27e striker became the European Golden Boy. The main problem though is that after a couple of disappointing seasons, Charman’s personality crash-dived into ‘Casual’. Without the personality slump he may have been ok. Stewart Nixon 28b – I think I threw him straight into the team for 4 meaningless end of season fixtures. He never featured again, and has now left the club. Jon Bradshaw 28c – A promising right back, but is the backup to one of the best players at the club. When I say promising, has the potential to be a League 1 player. Unfortunately that’s what counts as potential in my squad. Graham Higgs 28h – My central midfield is not very good, so Higgs has managed to carve out a role as maybe my 3rd string in that position. There’s actually 6 players who are better central midfielders than him, but 4 of those play in different positions.
  10. Football is about entertainment. Southgate ball is about as entertaining as watching pain dry tbh.
  11. Just to give a bit more context to the above, I dug up both England and Germany's record v top ten nations since Southgate's appointment, neither look particularly impressive, though England do at least have 3 wins in their last 5 (after initially going 10 without one!)
  12. Cultural Durango – Season 3 (2023/22) Segunda Division B Grupo II Well, what a difference a good striker makes! We ended last season in relegation form but started this one brilliantly, with Syndou Diomande 02a scoring goals at about twice the rate of our old strikers. Even after the first few months, our form continued to be good and we kept bouncing around just outside the playoffs. With the season drawing to a close, we had a chance to enter the playoff spots but lost 2-0 at home to 3rd placed Amorebieta to leave them 5 points ahead of us with a game in hand. I thought we blew it but apparently it was Amerebieta who would, with them proceeding to get 4 defeats and 3 draws from their final 7 games. This meant that despite some dodgy results, we scraped into the playoffs where we would face Celta B, who finished the season 1st in Group I with an impressive 86 points from 34 games. We duly proceeded to self-destruct in the first (away) leg as our centre back got sent off after 29 minutes, and we lost 4-1. The second leg actually almost saw us mount an amazing comeback, only to go out on away goals after winning 5-2. Players: Our goalkeeper Lander Goikoetxea is still our best player, but Erik Pascual 01d has developed very well and is a close second, having been called up by France U19s. Urko Gomez 02b is developing impressively and I’ll expect him to become our best player unless he leaves for a bigger club (or maybe both), and Syndou Diomande 02a was our top (and more or less only) scorer with 21. Youth intake: The preview promised few good wingers, which means that our top prospect was… a winger. Anyway, not that excited about this group due to the all-round poor personalities but on the other hand Sergio Arconada 02b should provide good cover at full back where we are desperately short, and winger Imanol Angulo is almost first team ready despite his Unambitious personality with Det of 4. Facilities/Finances: I made the mistake of agreeing to form a B club which put us more than 300k in the red and listed as insecure; but at least we’re making a bit of money each month now - so unless the B club expenses come out every year we’ll make it back to ok finances eventually. Transfers: nothing of note, but adding the Portuguese leagues seems to have livened up the transfer market in the game in general Season | League | Pos. | Europe | Best player | Notes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2021/22 | Segunda B Grupo II | 9 | n/a | Juanma Iparragirre (MC) | 2022/23 | Segunda B Grupo II | 14 | n/a | Lander Goikoetxea (GK) | 2023/24 | Segunda B Grupo II | 3 | n/a | Lander Goikoetxea (GK) | Lost in playoff semi final Facilities ---------- Season | Coaching | Recruitment | Training Fac. | Youth Fac. | Stadium ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2021/22 | Excellent | Fairly basic | Adequate | Adequate | 3000 2022/23 | Excellent | Fairly basic | Adequate | Adequate | 3000 2023/24 | Excellent | Fairly basic | Adequate | Adequate | 3000
  13. Save Introduction Gosport Borough FC I was afraid to post the save start not knowing if I would be able to finish at least a season, but here I am with a season in the bag ready to introduce myself. I was signed by this beautiful club ( look at this amazing logo !!! ) , and there was me at the begging : Starting Attributes. Somehow I'm speaking French, but hey .. I'm not complaining. The club wanted to play attacking & possession football - well surprise, surprise mes amis (!) - it didn't happened. Board Expectations Season Review Season 2021/22 : Vanarama National League South - 14th Summary: We've managed to avoid relegation with a decent mid table position with 4 matches to go. Here is our lovely press officer Marie with the notice: League Table: end of season table Transfers : 20 something players from A LOT of trials. Some were good, some were just bodies to cover some positions. Key Players: GK : we managed to find a young GK that help us in the second part of the season. Lo-Tutala CD: a young towering central defender was already at the club : Matt Casey CM: another young player that was already at the club : Joe Lea ST: first part of the season was on the shoulders of the already established young poacher Pat Suraci , who was also at the club when I took over. Around mid season we've managed to find another good striker during a trial : Lewis Wilson Tactics: We've tried to play a counter attack 4-4-2 - with some success- but it was a struggle. We were waiting miracles from Pat Suraci every match and at some point during the season I've decided to go for 4-4-1-1 or 4-1-4-1. We've managed to lose less and secure our position in VNL South. We are still looking to find some goals with the free kicks and corners as our big center back should be a threat. Maybe next season. Notes: We've scouted some possible free signing from the relegated teams - we have a lot to improve. We should prepare to play a little more into the board expectations : attacking and possession. There is a new requirement from the board : to develop players using the youth system and to sign players under 23. Well, we'll try !
  14. I delegate all training ( apart from an odd specific area of concern for a particular player) the reserve and under 18 squads ( apart from team selection for very important games), all press conferences apart from before a CL game, tunnel chats and youth intake.
  15. Ujpest Academy Watch So as we have seen, Janos Dienes really is the shining light of the Ujpest academy. POTY for the division at the age of 16, also a full Hungarian international - he continues to make excellent progress. This is him now. With our 2022 intake, could we have found ourselves the next Janos? I realize it's a bit silly considering Janos Sr. is all of 17 years old, but I am a bit excited by the lad below. To make the comparison even better - his name is also Janos and he is also a center half. Go figure! He has been coming along well, and I think he could be quite good for us in the future! Continuing the Janos tradition, we also got a nice young keeper named, well, Janos. What is it about the name?! Basically if you come through the Ujpest academy and your name is Janos, odds are you could be pretty decent. I have already promoted the fellow to be the back-up GK for the senior side. He even had to play a few games due to Popovic being out injured. He has played 6 in all, and is yet to concede a goal. Finally another decent looking prospect for the defense - Csaba actually came through in the first year but recently has been really developing well, and has now been sent out on loan for 6 months. So that is a total of 4 good prospects in 2 seasons, not too shabby at all. And while we are here, let's take a look at the preview for this season. Another golden generation, and I am excited about having a Croatian player in the mix!
  16. FC Kosice August 2021: "The Worst of Times" Manager's Thoughts The Honeymoon in the Super League lasted all of 3 matches.....We were competitive in all the matches but the lack of quality shows....I think the tactics are fine it is just that I don't have the players to fully implement the plan. The sale of the GK Kira was probably a mistake....I am sure after playing that the tactics work and my genius will be vindicated in time. Every Revolution has its dark days! Schedule Highlights The next match saw us visit our short-lived Senior Affiliate MSK Zilina. They are one of the better teams in the league. That said I will always back us against anyone..... This match was a tale of two halves: First Half Zilina had scouted us well and carved us a part with Diagonal Balls from RB to AML. After a hair dryer and a Tactical Adjustment....(Man Marking the RB instead of Zonal Marking) the team played like the best team in the world and Boris Gall scored Two more goals, but it wasn't enough. Zilina scored another goal in stoppage time just to rub some salt in it. I will remember! The analysts probably don't agree with my assessment of our play, but the second half we gave them all they could handle! It was too little too late! The next match saw us return to the Cermel for a match against Dunajska Streda. Another of the favorites. I hoped for a showing more like the second half against Zilina. so we could possibly get a draw or a win.... It was dreadful.....They were just better and the team just seem to be going through the motions. Boris made an effort to get the team into the game.....but it was pointless they were just better and it showed! Analysis shows that the match was closer than the score line showed, but there was a definite gulf in quality. Men playing boys....which is somewhat of the case! Also our GK isn't Good enough....he made several mistakes... After the Debacle it was on to playing Nitra another Relegation Candidate....thus it made it imperative to win the match. After some negative press about my tactics and to arrest the slide I decided to switch formations.... I would try a 3-2-4-1 Wide formation....it is unorthordox because it has only ONE CB playing as a Sweeper! I also held a team meeting.... This was definitely a winnable match! The match started with the new formation keeping posssession, but stalling in front of goal. Nitra hit us with an over the top ball and scored....I then decided to revert to the 3-1-4-2 at halftime...then the team came out and ruthlessly carved them up! and we won in comeback fashion! The media get it wrong we started out in 3-2-4-1, but only won because we shape shifted at halftime! According to the Analyst we didn't play well.....but he must of have started his report at halftime and missed the comeback! The final match of the month saw us travel to Trencin for a match against a "Sleeping Giant" of Slovakian Football. I had put in an application for their job, but was laughed off. I am better off closer to home.....more of a challenge! I was really hoping that AS Trencin paid attention to the previous match and prepared for the 3-2-4-1! I reverted back to the 3-1-4-2 and hoped for a "Smash and Grab". It was a surprisingly even match with neither side scoring till after half. Trencin scored first on a Diagonal ball that was volleyed into the net. World Class! Luckily I made some adjustments and substitutions and Daniel Rapavy scored from the DLF-S position on another clinical counter attack. We were beginning to celebrate a job well done when Trencin scored another wonder goal! I am devastated that we didn't get a draw. The analyst thinks we were lucky to escape getting thrashed worse. I disagree! We played well and that is why Football is an Art not a science! League Table Analyst Report Our offense is fine soring goals for fun our defense s****! Major work will be necessary to improve it. Management Report The problem is the finances more than anything else we bring in about $55k/month but we spend more than that. The current model is unsustainable, but I can't cut spending on payroll much further. Hopefully the board can find some better sponsorship IF we don't get relegated. Thanks for Reading!
  17. I'm going to try and buy this guy just for the name
  18. Lusitânia Açores - Season 2030/31 (Season 10) Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Well, I have no idea where this season came from, but I'm more than happy! I'm using the exact same tactic as last season and mostly the same players, but this time we really just clicked. We just started great and kept it going from there. Though it should be said, we never felt it was done this season. The battle was tough, with Vitória de Setúbal leading the pack all season long, but with 2 games left the promotion was secured! I have no idea how much harder the 2nd tier are compared to this one, but I expect we will struggle to survive. At least it's not as many matches! I really hope the promotion will improve our financial standing since we are deep in the red now. In the Taça de Portugal we beat Fontinhas, São João de Ver, and Boavista before we lost to Rio Ave in the 4th round. Youth Some good players this intake, but the overall level is quite poor. Tiago Brito 31b is a very pacey striker. Some lacking attributes, but overall not bad. Statistics: Records broken; Most goals in a season: Maxime Riviere 22f - 27 Most league goals in a season: Maxime Riviere 22f - 25 Most goals in a match: Maxime Riviere 22f - 4 Most goals in a league match: Maxime Riviere 22f - 4 Most assists in a season: Basílio 22g - 20 Most clean sheets: Kevin Clemente 22m - 10 Most league goals overall: Maxime Riviere 22f - 122 Trophy cabinet: Campeonato Nacional - 2025/26
  19. Round of 16 Saturday 26 June Wales vs Denmark (17:00, Amsterdam) Italy vs Austria (20:00, London) Sunday 27 June Netherlands vs Czech Republic (17:00, Budapest) Belgium vs Portugal (20:00, Seville) Monday 28 June Croatia vs Spain (17:00, Copenhagen) France vs Switzerland (20:00, Bucharest) Tuesday 29 June England vs Germany (17:00, London) Sweden vs Ukraine (20:00, Glasgow) Scoring: As before - 1 point for a correct result, 3 points for a correct scoreline. Nap scores double points. Indicate your nap with a *, or other distinguishing feature. If you predict a match that is level after 120 minutes, there will be an additional 10 points if you correctly predict the penalties score. Additional rules: predict the score you think will apply at the end of the game. If the match lasts 90 minutes, your prediction will apply then. If the match lasts 120 minute due to extra time, your score will apply at the end of 120 minutes. Bonuses: In an attempt to maintain interest throughout the table and as a bit of fun, the following bonuses will apply: How many penalties will be scored in total (this includes those matches which got to penalties at the end of extra time) Correct answer - 40 points, 5 penalties each way - 5 points How many matches will go to extra time - 5 points How many matches will go to penalties - 5 points
  20. You've found the least mobile user friendly way of pasting those goals ffs.
  21. Hi all - long time lurker, but finally took the leap to join up this morning. I've been playing since CM93. However, I have finally realised this has been working against me, as you can no longer just play as an arcade game and keep picking a "3-2-5 + Run Forward + Attack" and playing every match the same! I've recently gone deeper-dive and have spent serious time reading up on creating a balanced formation, and furthermore appreciating the benefits of playing on 'Cautious' or 'Balanced', or sometimes on 'Positive'.... I have been playing for a season or so managing Leicester City and think we are doing pretty well overall. Lots of on the fly tweaking and learning on the job of course, but I've kept us in the top 4, so I think I'm over-performing (well, a little more so than Brendan Rodgers anyway!) I feel we're playing quite conservatively but are good at holding possesion, often pinching goals from long throws, corners, or a moment of magic from someone (although Corner goals have slowed recently, damn you AI!) But overall, we are winning a decent point of games, and are grinding out draws rather than losing - even when we're not having the best of performances. (First World Problems, eh!) Goals conceded is low (I changed Kasper out for Onana in goal, and he has been unreal), but we only ever score one or two. We never give anyone a good old fashioned pumping, even when we probably should. Consequently my player rating averages never seem great (as not as many goals/assists to bump the ratings up). Also my strikers don't seem to score too often from open play - often shots blocked, or the open play goals come from the wide men instead (Harvey Barnes in AML as a IFs, or Under/Chukweuze at AMR as an IWs). I don't like pushing the Mentality to 'Positive' or 'Attacking' too often, as it suddenly feels too open and uncoordinated! (I've been watching games on Extended Highlights now so have a greater appreciation of what is going on than before when I was on 'Key moment' only). I've gone full circle from CM93 here - all out attack seems too scary, and I now sit on cautious/balanced. (maybe that's just because I'm 28 years older and its gone the same way as my driving style has changed from being a 20 year old, to now pushing 50 and turning into "Driving Miss Daisy"... ) In terms of general housekeeping, I've got 2 corner tactics to mix it up and have adjusted all set pieces, which we also regularly train for. I've also got no PI's selected, and also train out any traits which clash with the selected Roles. Anyway, a lot to unpack there and I would really appreciate some feedback, questions and/or suggestions on my tactic please, and the key points as summarised here: - 1 - Team Mentality: any views on the above conundrum? Can I get more goals/spank the weaker teams just by pushing up Mentality, or should I do something else. (i tried it last night against relegated Sheff Utd in the FA Cup - made 35 chances, lost 1-0 to their only shot - ahhhh, welcome back CM93 I've missed you....!) 2 - Getting my strikers scoring: should I worry about it, can it be improved, or just leave as is? My existing players best roles are typically AF, P, & PF. (no DLF or CF). 3 - I'd like to get another Attack role into the wide men, but having read roles/partnerships I think it will leave me too open on whichever side I do it? (For example, could one flank have a Fullback/Attack and Winger/Support, then the opposite flank have a Fullback/Support and a Winger/Attack?) 4 - My DMC: Halfback or DMd? Both roles seem to balance ok, but are there benefits elsewhere? 5 - Fullbacks: FBa or WBs? Again, both roles seem to balance ok - FBa leaves a big gap behind which I don't like, but I feel a Wingback role should be played with no wide support in the attacking third. (Unless my IW & IF don't count as wide attacking support?) 6 - Team Instructions: Views in general please? - anything silly or incompatible here? My gut feel is to have as few as possible and just let clever players make good decisions wherever I can? I do tinker here a lot though as I feel its hard to gauge impact sometimes.... Work Ball Into Box causes me most mental dithering. I feel like its a good idea, but then wonder if removing it will 'take the handbrake' off, let the players make their own higher risk decisions and perhaps score more goals... or, will it just kill my possession and mean a lower goals/shots %. I keep flip-flopping on my mindset here. 7 - Tempo + Passing length? I'd love to play short and fast passes (wannabe Pep)... But selecting fast tempo + short passing seems to have horrific consequences in the FM world! Thanks guys, looking forward to being ripped a new one by you all, Dragons Den/X-Factor Style! Please Be Kind.
  22. Yes because you can't go to penalties without extra time. In your example you're right, it would be three games but you can predict the number of games going to penalties as a higher number than the number of games you predict going to extra time if you wish.
  23. NK TOŠK Tešanj, Bosnia. Apr 2025. M:tel Premijer Liga. We were a little unlucky not to get something out of the Zrinjski game, and other than that we came out on top in a tough month. We have 4 games left of the season and 3 of them are at home. 1 of the games is against Borac (BL) above us and if we beat them then I'm confident of finishing above them. Whether or not it will be enough to finish above Sarajevo in 3rd remains to be seen, They're unbeaten in the last 9, but 4 of them have been draws. Even if they draw 2 of their remaining games and we win all 4, we will still likely be behind them on goal difference.
  24. I guess it's hard to shoehorn him in, but Frenkie de Jong is missing here. I think a lot of people are missing how incredibly well he has played.
  25. Yes I agree. Our balance is up to almost 7 million now which is great for us. Most of the money has been pumped into constantly improving the facilities. And yes, I am about to play the 2nd derby of the season now!
  26. Yeah, Switzerland Nations League 3rd place playoff after the Colombia game.
  27. 6 absolutely world-class staff-members seems okay to me. No need of a mod. The size of players loaded doesn't have a direct influence on staff members. This is much more down to playable leagues. Only in playable leagues there will be a lot of staff members generated and actively hired by Clubs. To summarise: Even if I could create a mod, I wouldn't do it, because default is doing a decent job in this area. Any increase of worldclass staff-members would decrease realism.
  28. this will be one of the major reason why the best coaches don't sign for Fehervar. Interesting definition of horrible I think so too, but it's down to every individual to define whats "right". Even with VAR in Football, some decisions are still wrong IMO The good thing of being a modder is: I am always right, because it's my own creation
  29. I used to hate them! But they are beginning to grow on me now I think in a league like this, the revenues have to come from European football. Once you start qualifying, even if you don't make the group stages UEFA will probably give you enough funds to last the season. Diagonal balls are definitely a problem for me too, I think you just accept it as a part of this shape. Make sure you are not defending narrow though, especially with playing 3 CBs. Agree on the attack duties.
  30. Nice one. The CL rule changes definitely seem to be 100% confirmed and official to me with UEFA having a big statement about it and a load of the details, so I look forward to seeing it in the game. Why does November have to be so far away still?
  31. Midfield/forward positions not far off, you couldn't single one out and say they didn't deserve a spot. I'd have a few keepers ahead of Ward and Alaba seems like a weird choice but not the worst 11 ever.
  32. Enjoy for those who are early to the party. I am curious to your feedback!
  33. That’s a very very difficult run of fixtures!! What a spectacle the zenit game was incredible game for the neutral
  34. Well, this is a bit furthure on: +3 to his concentration whilst being trained as a Raudamentor. Current focus is on passing. Determination and work rate came up via poor perfornamce warnings. Meanwhile - Each UK youth intake period now takes me over a weekend to get though hunting for players. It's a simple look through each clubs youth intake looking at a specific attributes, especially any areas my U18s\youth preivew\intake might be weak on. This guy stood out, and to be this good at 16 with 5 star rating still is frightening.. Poached as soon as I saw him from Southampton Finally. THIS guy is why you go scouting the portugese giants. He's going to cost me a whopping £63M overall, but: Unsure whether to Train him as a winger to round him out, or as a Central defender. He'd be insane at both.
  35. probably goes here I guess? UK TV schedule for the last 16, BBC for England V Germany so no ITV curse in this round at least
  36. Because light hearted is potentially only 1 point away from model citizen. Light Hearted is a pretty wide personality spectrum, but generally it's still a very good personality, it is by no means an "average" personality like you claim it to be.
  37. He is quite lacking on the defensive end so I will probably put individual training on something like 'defensive positioning' for example. I will probably also put his role training as a full back or defensive full back so that he gets more attention at his defensive and mental attributes. One thing I have noticed is he has not played any senior games for your team so you might want to move him up to the first team and give him some minutes at full back position. For a player to be familiar in a new position he will need some game time. Keeping him in the reserves will not be good for his development as he definitely can slot into first team right away. The good news is he is still quite young and his attributes look impressive for a 18 year old. Coupled that with his professional personality, I think you have found a real gem and all the best to you.
  38. This really. People were calling the Hungary team "nazis" last night ffs, and on multiple occasions. And why? Because of a minority of idiots that create trouble everywhere they go. They're 26 players representing their country, not Orban, not the Hungarian governement. They didn't come out with shirts supporting Orban or the recently passed anti-LGBT law, to have people rip into them, they, I say again, represented ther country in a European Championship. And as someone that has spent his entire lifetime living together with Hungarian ethnics, I can tell you they were damn proud of doing that, and the behavior of their dickhead ultras and their joke of a governement shouldn't be held against them.
  39. You already have your PA thread. Please don't be one of those people that tries to hijack every random thread to force a PA discussion into them, it's horribly obnoxious and not helpful towards the OP in the slightest.
  40. He's basically the Turkish Paul Pogba then...I wouldn't go out of my way to sell him but if I got a ridiculous offer of say €125m+ for him I'd certainly be tempted
  41. Thank you, I made that change and in the last few games the team has been playing very well. I'm not sure why I had selected slow pace down either. Keeping an eye on the CM spots and if the BBM role should change
  42. Save Introduction The Club Formed in 1874, Grantham Town - nicknamed, rather wonderfully, The Gingerbreads - have been a perennial fixture in the lower leagues ever since. Having spent the last 20 years bouncing between the 7th and 8th tiers of English football, their promotion to tier 6 and the National League North presents a new challenge for the club. The squad is seriously lacking in quality for this level, and will require major surgery if the club is to avoid an immediate relegation back to more familiar surroundings, presenting a significant challenge to any manager. To this end the Gingerbreads board have turned to former Sunday league journeyman Harry Wilder, looking past his lack of managerial experience and tasking him with guiding the team to safety and beyond. The Manager Named in honour of my two favourite football managers (Dave 'Harry' Bassett and Chris Wilder), Harry Wilder will look to add some Sheffield steel to a lightweight and rudderless Grantham squad, focussing on the determination, work ethic and teamwork demanded by both his namesakes. He will also be looking to replicate their preference for players from Britain and Ireland, making sure that any foreign players are standout stars rather than journeyman squad fillers - this should also help dealing with the new restrictions imposed as a consequence of Brexit as Wilder (hopefully) guides the team through the leagues.
  43. (A shame he didn't sell for his buyout clause, but that is just me being greedy )
  44. So i thought i would be positive for one and show that what Herne is doing is no great tactical mystery or some hidden cheat. System: Stats: The Goals: All 3 goals follow my school of thought, pass and move pass and move, then play the incisive pass when space is created because of the pass and movement. The third goal you might say isn't a possession-based game goal, but to me it is. In this game Stevenage was playing a very high press and was hitting me on the counter, I made two tactical changes in this game, from attacking to positive and a role change in the DM position from a dlp-s to a DM-D to stop the countering. As I use very aggressive wingbacks to provide width as I use two inside forwards, I know I was playing a risky game but i am totally fine with that. For all of Stevenage shots, they only had 2 key highlights and their goal came from a fumble from my Goalie. Now when you look at the third goal, Stevenage are pressing very high, my Gk passes it out to my CB and he waits, Stevenage commits to press and he plays a risky pass across the 18-yard line, Alfi then spots the run of my striker and plays the ball into space, my Striker who for this match is a CF-A receives the pass out wide, no worries, I have an IF-A who is now making that run across the 18 yard box to occupy the space being left vacant by my striker pulling the defense wider, he picks up the pass and a smart finish into the bottom corner of the net. The ME has a lot of faults this year and i am very vocal about them, but it is possible to recreate certain styles albeit it's a bit harder this year than previous years, granted the only problem i have is getting my strikers to score goals.
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