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  1. Sections Prologue How teams in real life defend using 442 Implementing the compact 442 in FM 1. Prologue A mid-block 442 is my favourite defensive shape. I have had great successes in FM using 442 formations, most of the time using an Advanced Forward. But despite the good results, I was never fully satisfied, because our defensive shape was not as compact and as organized as I imagined, it was not how teams using 442 defended in real life. Diego Simeone and Marcelino are the masters of 442, but sometimes even Guardiola’s Man City uses a 442 defensive shape, more ofte
  2. Introduction I really enjoy reading through the Tactics, Training & Strategies forum, the quality of some of the posts is exceptional and a visit to the site often inspires me to experiment in my own games. So, I thought I'd share some of my own tactical ideas, starting with the offensive approach I'm applying in my current save with RB Leipzig. I hope you find the topic interesting. I’d like to open with a quote about ‘tactics’ and ‘strategies’ taken from a popular podcast… That particular episode of the World Football Index Tactics Podcast (entitled Strategy & Tac
  3. SVV Scheveningen - Season 6 - 29/30 As mentioned before I present you in our Eredivisie debut our custom made kits: The shirts def helped as we didn't relagate! Player Stats / Transfers 13th spot! 4 points clear from relagation play offs. But we are here to stay baby! What a difficult season, against Feyenoord and Ajax we just got slaughtered with the horrific 1-10 in Amsterdam. We did manage to sneak a win against PSV at home. We had a great run in November and December getting two away wins that might have saved our season. The away win at ADO
  4. Arões Sport Club Season Review 2024/2025 Transfers | Finance | Squad Campeonato de Portugal Another relatively safe leaggue campaign, poor Melgacense though Taça de Portugal Once again, lost to a team in the top tier in the 3rd round, it's becoming the thing now. Most Valuable Players 1 - Gustavo Gomes Another season where our best player is our goalkeeper, no surprises there 2 - Jack Lester This one came out of nowhere, 12 league goals is not bad at all 3 - Miguel Peralvas
  5. Arões Sport Club Youth Intake 2024/2025 A much better preview than the last couple of years A good CB and a lot of good options, the only thing that we needed was a better striker, but it was not meant to be Day 1 starter. Probably our best CB right out of the bat because he can actually head a ball A GK to contend with our current #1, he already bests him in reflexes Once again, I don't play with wingers, but he is a solid choice for both CAM and CM at the moment Probably a 4th choice C
  6. Exciting Prospect I am really excited by Samuel Adekoya(YP28) who might be that star striker I have been missing. He made his debut in the German Cup game and scored 2 goals.
  7. I can't seem to stay away from England. Club Introduction Worthing The Manager This is me. Personal Coaching Data Season Reputation Qualifications Att Def Fit GkD GkH GkS Tac Tec Men WWY Ada Det PlK YoK LoD MaM Mot ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At start Minimal (0.25*) None 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 4 1 1
  8. Aachen FC Season 6 Review This season feels like a disappoint like we have gone one step back with Aachen only finishing just above the relegation spots with 13th place finish. My top scorer had 6 goals so that says it all. We lacked the firepower to get into the play offs. I do think in a season or 2 the top quality players I have will start dominating the league but until then I just got to keep building with the prospects and just hope I don't get relegated in the mean time. Transfers Season Review Best Overal Starting 11 On
  9. Little teaser for upcoming episode... So due to promotion to Eredivisie and as i'm happy as my Real World team I support has made the euro play offs (Sparta)....I present you the kits I made dor the Debut season of SVV Scheveningen in Eredivisie. I asked if someone can make them on sortitoutsi...but got bored waiting so I made them myself...first kits i made so please be gentle :P
  10. ACN Siena 1904 - 2042/43 Youth Intake So our latest intake arrived and it might actually be our best intake so far in our 22 years at the club, which for me is the most remarkable thing so far. Our new head of youth development has done really well with his first intake. The first of the players that I want to highlight is Luca Biasi, who is already wanted by the likes of Ajax of all teams, which is really promising. Still, he is really exciting and I have high hopes for him. Another player that I'm excited about is Francesco Carella who I know I can make into a
  11. Player: I need a new challenge Me: Okay, I'll sell you *Five clubs make a bid, including club X* Player: Club X is my preferred destination *Player rejects all contracts* Me: *offers player out, no interest* Me: Mutual termination? Player: No Player: You broke your promise to sell me.
  12. Aachen FC Season 6 Youth Intake Another insane youth intake with basically every position strengthened. The future looks bright. Here are some of my top prospects. Jonas Muller(YP48) - German Central Defender Frederik Henkel(YP49) - German Central Midfielder Samuel Musah(YP50) - German Central Defender Mike Schafer(YP51) - German Right Winger Phil Burdenski(YP52) - German Defensive Midfielder
  13. Thanks! Against teams that park the bus my team can totally dominate the game, tbh it works better against those teams than I expected. Of course sometimes it is harder to break them down or need a set piece to break the ice, but so far more often than not I was able to beat them. When playing against extra defensive teams, I change the roles to something like this: I change my left back to a Complete Wingback-support, it can add an extra body and extra width on the left side of the pitch in the opposition's half. Now that my wingback provides the width on the left side, I
  14. Since craig bottled it, we have 29 players so far. Marius_R MaxeyN17 adhikapp Darius1998 managerdude_66 Haguey Yuko Harryseaess Sano sjg11 Butts Barry Cartman PaulHartman71 Citizen Kane Weezer SRL88 bestbrother trueblue.85 Scott1892 Crispypaul XuluBak Kawee Hazzaj Baptista_8 Jorg The Golden Boy grff SouthCoastRed Muzzza I'm going to start the draft tomorrow afternoon when I'm done for the day. Will clarify the rules once more and will find a format so everyone can play.
  15. Ungmennafélag Njarðvíkur - Season 2027 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Before the new season even started we played our final matches in the Europa Conference League from last season. We beat AIK, but lost to Vitória de Guimarães and finished 3rd in our group. Finally we won the title! It was a tough fight though, and both Valur and Keflavík followed us to the door. In the end, though, we only needed a single point in the last game, and we could even take it with a loss, but we finished the season on a high as we beat KR 6-1 to really take the title in style. We are
  16. Another Awesome Prospect Up Front Thomas Ganz(YP25) 4 goals in 4 games so far.
  17. Yeah, it seems easier to understand the MLS salary/draft/transfer rules.
  18. got quite lucky with newgens. promoted in 5th season. now playing in Eredivisie. I will probably end that season today or tomorrow.
  19. I have been playing FM for the best part of 2 decades now, and international management is a consistently overlooked part of the game. I still see a lot of people managing nations and enjoying it (I have done a lot of it too) and I am sure it would be far more popular if more thought was put into it. Some suggestions from my end below: - there needs to be more speculation & discussion about squad announcements - more direct interaction with players - for example I should be able to tell a player not getting games at his club that he needs to move in order to get back into th
  20. Hi all, Figured that I would start making predictions about the Euros and would update them after each round. Now seems like as good a time as any to start this, given we're about a month from the tournament. Group A 1. Italy- Italy are still a long way from being a perfect side. However, their improvement since the 2018 debacle has been noticeable and they have one of the better international managers around in Roberto Mancini. They also swept through qualifying extremely comfortably and their 2022 qualifying campaign has also started well. Overall, I don't think the Italians
  21. Ofcause. Its still WIP, but unchanged for the past 10 games. Fullbacks got both Run Wide and Stay Wider. They act like Wingbacks but a bit more defensiv. Also I got a short corner routine.
  22. It seems so complicated I’ve not even got a shortlist or anything Just going to wing it as would take an age to work out who’s won it, got to a Semi etc just going to double check before I make each pick
  23. It’s taking me longer than today to get the final post written up. Here’s hoping it’s done midweek! It’s a sizeable piece compared to the others. Sorry for the delay.
  24. Top class mate! That’s the one I was looking at but I was already stretching the budget going to £500, cheers pal
  25. I decided to end my time at Hannover. I leave them in a good status: The club staff felt like Im playing a different save. So what does this mean? I will just managed Morocco and let other people do the work for me. Like the intension of this save. But I will post updates only every two days. I will start a 2nd save, with an idee I got over the past few days. Another save focused on Africa.
  26. There is a tax on high wages, and there is a transfer tax, but I don't know if that is ingoing or outgoing transfers.
  27. I think you'll struggle to get a laptop that runs the graphics higher than medium for £500. £650+ is where the systems with decent dedicated graphics start That said i've found this for £550 but if you use the code DASINSP10 at the checkout it brings it down to £494.10 https://www.dell.com/en-uk/shop/laptops/inspiron-15/spd/inspiron-15-5505-laptop/cn55003?cjevent=a6c8ade1b65611eb802c00e70a180510&dgc=CJ&publisherid=3743973&cjdata=MXxOfDB8WXww&gacd=9684977-24628710-5750457-280362152-136708306&dgc=af&VEN1=14311761-7988612-0p009g79gkc1&dclid=CO-p28K6zvACFQjJu
  28. When it comes to roles and duties, only your third setup (4411) makes sense. However, when it comes to instructions, they look like a complete mess in all the 3 tactics. There is absolutely no need for using so many instructions, especially if you are new to the game and with little or no experience. FM and FIFA are totally different games. FM is far more serious and realistic than FIFA and therefore requires a considerably higher level of tactical knowledge and understanding.
  29. To quote you exactly, you said that the "AI perceive player's PA more accurate than we (the players) can.". That is simply not true, and if it did you would be seeing different transfers. Part of why the AI is bad at transfers is to keep a realistic game world. If all EPL clubs only went out and bought 160+ PA players the game would get very stale. The AI probably has about the same success rate as managers IRL when buying players. The problem isn't really the AI, it's that the user has access to way too much, way too detailed information and is better at using it. In your specific c
  30. Resolved! By removing the leagues, confirming, processing a day and then re-adding them has seemed to work for USA, Brazil, China and Colombia. What is more, the 3-letter names have gone (although colours are still off, but whatever!) so I can now get on with playing again. When we get to June/July - whereby most of the remaining leagues are added, I may end up slowing down again to ensure it works, but this looks to have saved the game for me.
  31. I'm not Turkish but my educated guess would be either Mert Gunok/Ugurcan Cakir to start in goal. Gunok is the older & more experienced option playing for Basaksehir, and Cakir is the younger & promising option playing for Trabzonspor.
  32. Since you posted three different tactics, I'll comment just on your main 4-4-2. Potential issues: Poor defensive solidity in central midfield; both BBM (Roam From Position) and MEZ (Roam From Position + Get Further Forward) could be caught high up the pitch regularly, leaving your CBs left to their own devices. I suggest pairing your BBM with a holding role (e.g. DLP/CMde + BBM). MEZ tends to be overly adventurous for two-CM pairings. Overly conservative defence; with as many as four Defend Duties across the backline, your midfield could struggle for support. In addition to th
  33. I recommend submitting these issues to the FM21 feedback thread or wish list thread. I feel the manager contract negotiations are in need of work, it feels poorly designed but it's been like this for a while now so I guess you can either grin and bear it and accept the limitations of the game or choose to do something about it. In my case if I feel certain aspects of the game feel broken I'd consider using a save game editor, unfortunately that's something you have to pay for. But at least in this way you can setup imaginary negotiations yourself where you can make certain demands and per
  34. Quick transitions are completely fine. However, doing it in a more direct manner (in terms of passing) can be quite challanging in a 4123 formation, as you kinda have to pick your poison wether your striker ends up isolated or has to drop deep. A formation using an AM + ST or using 2x ST is quite more favourable. So at first i would change my formation, or rely on a more balanced passing style. i would remove play out of defense. It can work, but most likely it will slow down your play. In terms of roles, i would make the DLP a RPM which is a more dynamic playmaker role and theref
  35. York City, September 2024 It's been a long summer preparing for life in the Championship. To start with outgoing transfers there were only two of note. First out was an unwanted departure as young CM Jenson Learoyd - who was poised to make the breakthrough into the first team - suddenly drew the attention of a number of Championship clubs. We signed him on a free from Arsenal and he eventually departed for £575k to Sunderland after a bidding war quickly surpassed his £450k release clause. The second major departure came on transfer deadline day as Dundee Utd paid £725k for our troublesome
  36. Not the perfect ending to the season we were hoping for to guarantee the league title and we should have at least drawn with Sampdoria It didn't matter though. We went into the final day needing a favour from Spezia, and we got one Inter's 3-2 defeat at Spezia meant that we finished top of the table and are Champions
  37. Season 1 - 2022 Brazil Divison 3 - promotion!!!! Season Summary I'd have been happy with a nice boring season for my first season in charge but it didn't quite work out like that. For a third division side Mirassol had really good facilities and the squad looked really good as well. The best three players were all angling for a move already and the board sold them out from under my feet in the first 3 or 4 weeks. I didn't mind too much though, it gave me 500k i could invest and the squad were big enough to absorb the loss. Brazil is weird - the first part of the seaso
  38. Robert Lewandowski equalled the German league record today scoring his 40th league goal of the season. Bayern have one Bundesliga game left where Lewandowski could break the record.
  39. Real Jaén Club de Fútbol Season 8 - 2028/29 LaLiga SmartBank (2nd Tier) - 1st place - CHAMPIONES Copa Del Rey - 3rd Round Squad - Transfers - Table Bit of a different update. Gonna show my squad and reflect upon the end of the first era of this save. I consider this Phase One of the Jaén Cinematic Universe (JCU) complete: promotion to La Liga. The squad has done well and some of them have the potential to take us towards the next step of top flight establishment and the churning out of wonderkids. However, there are some amongst the squad whose days are truly nu
  40. 90p for 5 stickers I remember buying 5-6 packs for about 20p each with USA 94 and of course lets not forget the coins you'd get from Esso for the Italia 90 World Cup
  41. Same with me, still takes less than 10 seconds to load and save.
  42. I had this happen at FC Koln, was chugging along, winning all things for them, contract negotiation pops up. I was earning $24K/week, they come at me with a 5-year deal at $56K/week. They wouldn't let me negotiate anything (like a yearly salary raise, bonus for winning league or cups) so I adjusted it to a 4-year deal...and they immediately dropped the salary offer from $56K/week to $42K/week. I tried to bump it to $48K/week and 4 years and they cancelled negotiations with me. The entire season, they never approached me again, and with a year left in the contract I applied for the Stoke City j
  43. This is a video game. Don't bring the extremes of realism in here because most certainly you will lose this argument. The decision to remove it was stupid and there is no defence for it. Throw your mouse out the window because the manager doesn't use a mouse on the touchline, as he uses his hands. I really struggle to understand how some of you people think. The timeline was a feature that existed for more than a decade and nobody asked for it to be removed and there was no reason to get rid of it. If you want to bring this poor argument of realism in this, fine: give us the option to keep the
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