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  1. SVV Scheveningen - Season 5 Regen update So I want to show you guys the improvement of three regens that I'm quite happy about. Overall nothing to brag about, but at level i'm playing these are great players. First is VAN DER MEULEN. Season 1: Season 5: So due to not having any decent midfielders, VAN DER MEULEN started from the bat at 15 years of age in the first team. And he has grown superbly. Especially his Physical stats. Funny to see that he has actually grown...from 175cm to 182cm. First time I noticed that players do that. His Passing is still only a
  2. SVV Scheveningen - Season 5 year 28/29 Competitions: Well that was a great succes and very unexpected. PROMOTION! and CHAMPIONSHIP! Yup with only 68 points! Lowest in histroy of KKD to win the title! And only 3 points more than last year! Players stats / Transfers Great season, but i'm worried, we won but we are not ready for Eredivisie. Our clash against Feyenoord in 2nd round of the cup has shown that, we lost 0-5 in Rotterdam. We will most likley go down right away. In pain. I would have liked another seaosn to prepere, to have more players wo
  3. Real Jaén Club de Fútbol Season 8 - 2028/29 LaLiga SmartBank (2nd Tier) - 1st place - CHAMPIONES Copa Del Rey - 3rd Round Squad - Transfers - Table Bit of a different update. Gonna show my squad and reflect upon the end of the first era of this save. I consider this Phase One of the Jaén Cinematic Universe (JCU) complete: promotion to La Liga. The squad has done well and some of them have the potential to take us towards the next step of top flight establishment and the churning out of wonderkids. However, there are some amongst the squad whose days are truly nu
  4. Introduction I really enjoy reading through the Tactics, Training & Strategies forum, the quality of some of the posts is exceptional and a visit to the site often inspires me to experiment in my own games. So, I thought I'd share some of my own tactical ideas, starting with the offensive approach I'm applying in my current save with RB Leipzig. I hope you find the topic interesting. I’d like to open with a quote about ‘tactics’ and ‘strategies’ taken from a popular podcast… That particular episode of the World Football Index Tactics Podcast (entitled Strategy & Tac
  5. Dorchester Town - Season 28/29 Transfers - League Table Took me some time to update because I played majority of the games, used instant result rarely. This was our first season in the Premier League, media prediction was 20th. We started the season nicely: Max Geddes scored 9 goals in the first 6 matches. We were 2nd! Then reality started slowly hit and we stabilised ourselves near the Euro Cup line at the turn of the year. We had two key players during the season: forward Geddes and GK Compan who became my first-choice keeper after good performances. We lost three tough games
  6. Season 1 - 2022 Brazil Divison 3 - promotion!!!! Season Summary I'd have been happy with a nice boring season for my first season in charge but it didn't quite work out like that. For a third division side Mirassol had really good facilities and the squad looked really good as well. The best three players were all angling for a move already and the board sold them out from under my feet in the first 3 or 4 weeks. I didn't mind too much though, it gave me 500k i could invest and the squad were big enough to absorb the loss. Brazil is weird - the first part of the seaso
  7. Hello hello. Ive been away for a good few months. I've been playing Eve Online, building up my own corp and building a YouTube channel while I do so. It's been great fun, but got me thinking, especially with footba about to break for summer, maybe I should start up a NEW total football save project, and this time document it both here and on my new youtube channel, adding some video logs and explanations to go alongside the posts. Thoughts, interested in seeing something like this? It's a fair bit of work to pull this stuff off, but it's also fun as long as people are partici
  8. Aachen FC Season 6 Youth Intake Another insane youth intake with basically every position strengthened. The future looks bright. Here are some of my top prospects. Jonas Muller(YP48) - German Central Defender Frederik Henkel(YP49) - German Central Midfielder Samuel Musah(YP50) - German Central Defender Mike Schafer(YP51) - German Right Winger Phil Burdenski(YP52) - German Defensive Midfielder
  9. Hi! I thought I would give this challenge a go, so I am currently on holiday, waiting for the 2024 promotion in Holland...
  10. I dont work for SI but based on what SO staff have said they take into account: - Their team needs (based on managers preferred formations, and strength and depth of each position) - Their transfer budget and how much they think the player will cost (transfer fee and wage) - Their scouts perceived CA of the player - Their scouts perceived PA of the player - The players form (current and long term) - Whether think think the player will want to join Their will be other criteria Im missing out too.
  11. Congrats on a great save! However tbh, I read this and all the other posts and I think "wow that's ridiculous, super unrealistic" I'm sure the 4231 gegenpress is overpowered but even so, all that success with Lens and an average team within 4 seasons means the game is too easy. Obviously not your fault though- i'm not being critical of you, just the game and how it is. I found myself making a Bournemouth save artificially harder/more challenging by only signing and then only fielding British players, no regens and not paying over a certain wage a week.
  12. My Deportivo La Coruna save was started along similar principles and has been a fun journey so I can definitely recommend doing something like that.
  13. There are many online forums and threads that discuss the 442 at length. Rather than analyse the first half of the season, I will instead take us through an analysis of the second half of the season, peaking with a title win and secured with the attacking impetus of a 3412 shape. The Libero and Enganche 3-4-1-2. As you can see, there are four very specialised roles Libero, Enganche, Mezzala and F9 and whilst it is essential that these players are the stars of your team, it is more important that the supporting cast have the required attributes and skills to f
  14. Looking into this further it looks like that phrase can be interpreted in both ways- negatively it can refer to physical punishment but there are instances of it being used positively. It is used in the game predominately as a positive statement implying a number of good goals, so perhaps it can be looked at both ways. As you say, however, not a lot to get too concerned about
  15. England it's coming home Looking back on when we first met I cannot escape and I cannot forget Southgate you’re the one You still turn me on Football’s coming home again
  16. Season Review 2025/26 First things first - we won the FA Trophy! Great team effort, got through twice via penalties.Hopefully a sign of better things to come. In the league i tried to experiment and "teach" new tactics to the squad. We now can play (beside our trusted 4-3-3) a flat 4-4-2 and a wingerless 4-1-3-2. I hope this flexibility will pay off next year. Even despite all those experiments we managed a nice 13th place. Since some young players are developing nicely (and we often lost while having an higher xp-rating) i have hopes that next season we will have a
  17. Not sure I agree with regards to the False Nine. Even with the hard coded dribble more, in conjunction with Runs With Ball Often/Runs With Ball Through Centre, a player will very rarely look to actually dribble in the attacking third. If I were to change anything with the role, it'd be to increase the mentality a notch because it's too conservative as is currently for my liking. If you've ticked the Counter transition instruction, then that's the sort of behaviour I'd expect to occur (and even hold shape or no setting, but less frequently) that you're describing and the role being hard coded t
  18. Hi all, Figured that I would start making predictions about the Euros and would update them after each round. Now seems like as good a time as any to start this, given we're about a month from the tournament. Group A 1. Italy- Italy are still a long way from being a perfect side. However, their improvement since the 2018 debacle has been noticeable and they have one of the better international managers around in Roberto Mancini. They also swept through qualifying extremely comfortably and their 2022 qualifying campaign has also started well. Overall, I don't think the Italians
  19. A Simple Build, Evolution Leading to Success, Back Three Special In this topic I plan to cover my tactical journey which seen me build some simple tactics to help me utilise the tools at my disposal. Squad building then took place allowing the systems to grow and the reap the rewards. Winning 4 domestic titles back-to-back and breaking record point totals. A flavour is overloads, Set Pieces and varied blocks. The First Build I usually take a real-life concept or specific teams tactics and translate it into FM, this takes time finding the right players but ultimately it really he
  20. This Thread’s Purpose Maybe it's just me, but I've seen a lot of 4-3-3 questions on the board in the last few months, and find many of them have the same/similar issues - lack of penetration/quality chances and losing games in surprising ways against lesser opposition. Okay, yes,4-3-3 one of the most popular formations and these things can be common with any formation as your team improves, but it’s still made me want to do a tactic write up on a 4-3-3 system that I’ve developed and have found to be very effective, and that doesn’t fall perfectly into categories like possession, g
  21. After a slight break and one month of youth challenge later...Im ready for a new challenge. Yes, my OFK Beograd save is paused, which I will finish, but I wanted something new. I really enjoy the first interation of the "Can You Buy A World Cup?", especially the national team part. So here we go, we are heading to Africa...North Africa...Maghreb. The focus will be on 3 nations..Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. We will start in Morocco, since it the lowest in the world ranking. In Saudi Arabia I spent money like a drunken sailor. This time I cant
  22. So I've doing a challenge from our discord server that involves only buying players that scouts find, ignoring manual search and I've found that scouting on mobile is incredibly limited. For example I needed a RB but I can't tell my scouts to look for one, only hoping they come across one. Are there any future plans to revamp scouting? For example sending them to a specific country/league we have loaded? Or scouting by position?
  23. Thats crazy, didnt think he played back in 80! Quality player looking back tbh Remember him fondly for this strike
  24. good luck just started mine a week ago with Scheveningen
  25. We were in the same group in the qualifiers and they beat us fair and square twice, they don't have any big names (ok, maybe Forsberg, but still not Zlatan like), but they're a really well drilled team who operate good as a unit, and I think they lose that with Zlatan. He'd have been good for the marketing.
  26. Proud Proud moment in Linfield. After 900 games, its a great thing for Linfield and me
  27. Robert Lewandowski equalled the German league record today scoring his 40th league goal of the season. Bayern have one Bundesliga game left where Lewandowski could break the record.
  28. Never found an answer to this but I always, where I can, try and get scouts from all over the world because it can't hurt (other than your finances if you're paying for lots of scouts in league two for example)
  29. He is coming back from injury just like many others, but just isn't scoring....he is often in the right places, but the ball does everything but go in the net. Also Khumalo is playing like Eduardo used to. Eduardo is also highest earner on team, He is also a Ligue 1 Top Scorer and European Golden Boot Winner.....I can't fathom how he has forgotten how to score. If I had gotten 3 goals from Eduardo we would probably be undefeated!
  30. They were all giving them away for free, had stands up where you could just grab one, no idea if they're still doing them
  31. Ooooh. Well the latter idea sounds even better to me and I'm sure countless others in here Nesslequist (potentially) continues! Reading this inspired me to play with a Scandinavian side (to start with) in a journeyman myself. 3 seasons in with Thisted at Denmark I am loving it!
  32. Grenoble Foot 38 September 2032 : Regular Season "Highway to Hell" Gerard was very happy with the team's start and he didn't see why the team couldn't keep it up.....all the matches in September were winnable with the trip to Nantes being the toughest. There were a total of Six Fixtures in September after a International Break. Four in the League and Two in the Europa Cup. As always Gerard was looking for 8 points and to do as well as possible in Europa League. Schedule Highlights The month started off with an International Break during which the rema
  33. Maybe look for Playing style, tactical style and Preferred formations of your HOYT?
  34. Aachen FC Season 5 Review I managed to finish a respectable 9th place in the league with me only being 10 points away from the play offs. I am aiming to get a higher position and close the gap next season. Dominik Schnitzler was my top goalscorer with 14 goals for the season. Overall Best 11 Transfers
  35. This looks fun, am going to join the challenge! Great work from everyone else and some really interesting saves going on. Edit - I have a save currently with Wigan which is on hold and two seasons in. I am wondering if that can be used for the challenge as they finished 23rd in the championship irl in the 2019-20 season so in a similar starting position to Leicester when I took over in the summer of 2020. Let me know @Mark_w
  36. SEASON 12 (2031-2032) Club de Fútbol Tigres UANL After a successful adventure with Kaizer Chiefs, I went to Mexico at the invitation of Tigres. For sure, the great news is that I found a team that does not stand out from other teams, so I will be able to fight for the national championship. But more important to me is that Tigres is in the CONCACAF Champions League, and that's what I'm here for. There is a whole season ahead of me, a short preparation period, but I think it will not be a problem when I have players with great skills.
  37. How well is pretty well? Are you meeting / exceeding expectations? Looks like you are playing as Juventus (sorry I mean Zebre ) so are you top of the league, doing well in Europe? The reason I ask is that the player in question may not actually be a "problem". If your team is consistently performing well it's unlikely that any single player is consistently playing poorly regardless of what some calculated rating is saying (which by the way we have no idea how it's actually calculated, just some educated guesses). Yes a team can carry a "bad" player for a game or two, but consistency i
  38. The ones off the top of head are: 1. Pressing forward (Defend) 2.Enganche 3. No-nonsense full back 4. Wide Advanced Playmaker
  39. Morroco: 2050 World Cup Whilst my club career has seen me go unemployed for the past two seasons I can’t help but apologise for inundating you all with my international exploits. My most recent time being with Morocco. The year 2050 began with a couple of African Cup of Nations qualifiers, that we navigated with real ease. Firstly we saw off Botswana 2-0 before thumping Equatorial Guinea 4-0 a few days later. This set us up nicely for the summer, and the World Cup in Brazil. I say that but our preparation for the competition really didn’t go well. We were beaten 2-3 by Sweden before figh
  40. I am a moderator on the forums, I moderate. And I don't care very much for anyone's apology. I am not an employee of SI and I do not speak for them. However I do take offence to remarks made my people who suggest "dishonesty" on the part of SI and then demand they respond. That is going to be the sum total of my response to your post
  41. Time to load a save game has rocketed after this update. Done all the usual clearing cache and preferences to no avail.
  42. York City, May 2024 With another promotion - and title - in the bag, here's a round-up of the second half of the season: After a perfect month in the league in January, I was hoping for steady progress for the remainder of the season. Things didn't go quite that smoothly. Home draws against Wigan and Wednesday were annoying. After a tough run of away games in January, thanks to the EFL's random fixture generator and a couple of matches moved for waterlogged pitches, I expected an easier time of it with 4 consecutive home games. We started well enough but then faltered, culminati
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