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  1. I'll answer my own question: yes. The AI clubs seem to make decisions only based on players' PA and CA, and completely ignore their career history and form. For example, I have a 22-year old striker now in Vanarama National who has scored 20, 39, and 47 league goals in the previous 3 seasons in the Vanarama North. Absolutely nobody has paid interest to him, because he obviously doesn't have a very high PA at all. This feels quite unrealistic, if it happened IRL, I'm pretty sure Leicester would be knocking on my door hoping to catch the next Jamie Vardy. Moreover, it should not be possible to c
  2. Aachen Season 5 Youth Intake Look at this for a youth intake. Literally every player could be first team regulars in a few seasons. Here are my 5 of the best prospects. Stefan Feldmuller(YP34) - German Right Winger Finn Propheter(YP35) - German Left Winger Michael Baumgartner(YP36) - German Central Defender Hans-Peter Czok(YP37) - German Left Back Jan Sieber(YP38) - German Central Midfielder
  3. Real Jaén Club de Fútbol Season 7 - 2027/28 LaLiga SmartBank (2nd Tier) - 8th place - lost in Play-off Semi Final Copa Del Rey - 2nd Round Squad - Transfers - Table We managed to sneak into the play-offs on the final day of the season but lost main striker Eloy 22g to a torn hamstring in the penultimate game. We drew the first leg 3-3, coming back from 1-3 down. However, the 2nd leg was lost 0-1 due to a weak set-piece goal. We didn't deserve promotion and we are NOT ready for La Liga. Not going to talk about individual pl
  4. Hi all, Figured that I would start making predictions about the Euros and would update them after each round. Now seems like as good a time as any to start this, given we're about a month from the tournament. Group A 1. Italy- Italy are still a long way from being a perfect side. However, their improvement since the 2018 debacle has been noticeable and they have one of the better international managers around in Roberto Mancini. They also swept through qualifying extremely comfortably and their 2022 qualifying campaign has also started well. Overall, I don't think the Italians
  5. SVV Scheveningen - Season 4 (27/28) Player Stats / Transfers 6th spot! and 65 points...only 4 behind promotion!. Great run and finally a season where we didn't lose the last 4 games. We finally also won the first round in the playoffs beating Almere City. Sadly we lost against the Eredivisie club Willem II in penalties...I needed 2 days to cool off after that loss. We got knocked out in 2nd round in the Cup again, this time by Groningen. The amazing season is mostly thanks to A-KUM who scored amazing 34 league goals! and had an average score of 7,22. And ofcourse t
  6. Youth Candidates Season 2027/28 Unió Esportiva Extremenya The preview was the best yet: The intake did not disappoint, though it hasn't topped last year. Two players are already among our best:
  7. Er, what? Uruguay v Ghana chaos Tshabalalalala!! England being absolutely hopeless Spain finally winning it after Howard Webb's horrific refereeing of the final The Jabulani ball going all over the place North Korea calling up an outfield player instead of a third choice keeper, then only being able to play him in goal Paraguay making the quarter finals for the first time Brazil losing their heads against the Dutch Rooney getting booked against the Platinum Stars XI New Zealand being the only unbeaten team but still going out in the g
  8. So I had a couple of goes on this challenge last year and got close with FC United. A couple of Champions League Semi-finals close in the end. I tried the ultimate challenge this year but it beat me so badly I disappeared to play Assassins Creed instead. But now I'm back with another crack at the youth challenge! I decided to go to Brazil, because why not? (i guess there's probably lots of reasons why not but I'm here now) Mirassol look pretty good. nice size stadium and already average recruitment and youth set up. So here goes getting the sack before the fi
  9. For an optimally compact mid block - higher D-line & standard LOE (especially for formations with no DM).
  10. Ungmennafélag Njarðvíkur - Season 2024 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Well, the seasons here are really short, so another got finished quite fast. This was a really strange season. We were amazing the first half, but from around half way we started to have issues with fatigue and I had to rest the best players regularly the rest of the season. That really hampered our results, and we had a horrible end to the season. I mean, look at this position graph: We were in contention for the tile before we imploded. Not a good end to the season, and it's something we ne
  11. Indeed I can, they are quite big, because I can't be bothered by compressing them, so allow for some loading if you are on a slow line. Just had this lovely move. Did have to score on the rebound, but still a good example of central play. But this other goal was so much better. The opponent were sitting back a bit, so this was very satisfying to have. It's all about creating movement between the lines!
  12. Group A (Rome/Baku): Turkey, Italy, Wales, Switzerland Group B (Copenhagen/St Petersburg): Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Russia Group C (Amsterdam/Bucharest): Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria, North Macedonia Group D (London/Glasgow): England, Croatia, Scotland, Czech Republic Group E (Seville/St Petersburg): Spain, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia Group F (Munich/Budapest): Hungary, Portugal, France, Germany GROUP STAGE Friday 11 June Group A: Turkey vs Italy (20:00, Rome) Saturday 12 June Group A: Wales vs Switzerland (14:00, Baku) Group B: Denmark vs Finland (17:00, Copenhagen)
  13. International football is fantastic, plus we can forget all about those disgusting scumbag clubs for a few weeks.
  14. Following on from my comment on the previous page, where I uploaded various pkms of my beloved Schalke carrying out Guardiolae-esque principles of play (see here) I felt it was time for a new challenge. A new environment in a new country. A country where there existed a heavyweight which needed to be toppled, whose financial strength could never be matched. It was time of course, to head to the so-called farmer's league to dethrone the mighty PSG. The year was 2022. The team, Lyon. I wasted no time in applying my tactics and buying a couple of players who could carry out my vision for th
  15. Yeah, not looking forward to an international tournament is a sign of misery It's got nothing to do with Arsenal. I've enjoyed plenty of tournaments in the past irrespective of what Arsenal were doing. I just think I'm burnt out with football due to it being on for pretty much an entire year non stop and I think the quality will be the lowest it's been for ages, which in some ways is good preparation for the next World Cup which is going to be a disaster
  16. Vikeologist's 27th Folkestone Intake Report and 23rd Intake Review When I saw the intake, I wanted to quit the challenge. It’s not so much that it’s bad, but that with vastly improved facilities, I’ve now had 3 bad intakes in a row. Since ratings are based on a comparison to the quality of your squad, I’m not sure if intakes really do go in cycles, or it just seems that way, but this is a crushing blow. I can’t even. Really I can’t. YP23 Review Alan Bradley 23a – Was supposed to be a promising centre back but whenever I played him he stank the team
  17. Can confirm, save game loading time now takes more than twice as long as it did previously.
  18. Without knowing exactly how the AI work these things out (because it's not just a decision based on PA/CA, clearly), it's probably the opposite. The AI should be MORE focused on CA and PA in the decisions it makes, and especially helping players reach their PA. This isn't for the sake of realism, but because the AI is gimped enough compared to the average FM player, that if it started buying more players based on form, the long term squad building would be even worse than it is right now. Also, to all the people saying the AI should do this, how many players do you buy based on form?
  19. I think this is it. Both combinations can work.. i've used an IW-S (with take more risks) on the same side as a Poacher and he scored for fun, but i've also played with a WP-S on the opposite to the AF and he hit some sweet diagonal balls.
  20. Central play is definitely improved compared to FM 20. Maybe @XaW can bless you with one of his glorious GIFs. Anyway, there's a free Demo available, so you can see for yourself.
  21. Time to load a save game has rocketed after this update. Done all the usual clearing cache and preferences to no avail.
  22. 2025/26 Season - CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL v PSG HERE WE GO!! We've gone with our successful 4231 formation and have most players fit, the one exception is Winger Pino who can only make the bench. 10 mins: The first major chance goes to us, a corner is cleared and it's picked up by Camara, he lays it into Koch who turns and shoots and hits the post. 33 mins: The first real chance for PSG, again it's from a corner, it's drops to Curtis Jones on the edge of the box who's shot is wonderfully saved by Camesecchi. 39 mins: Another chance for Koch, it's really nicely play
  23. I use Comprehensive, as I can respond to anything happen on the pitch. Then change to Extended if leading 2 goals and Key if leading 3 goals or more. As not many changes have to be made if leading 2 goals or more.
  24. SMALL UPDATE, PART 7C: Trying It Out In FM21 Firstly, I am going to make a disclosure that the following is by no means meant to be an exact recreation of a specific Mourinho tactic. So please don't go after me if you believe that a role I used does not replicate how Xabi Alonso played, ect. Rather I took my inspiration from a lot of Mourinho's tactics over the years. As a tactical amalgam I took little bits from various teams that the Special One managed. The primary inspiration were Chelsea and Real Madrid but there is some Porto in there too. In general, I liked how Mourinho put the pr
  25. November 2021 Part 1 Great performance from El-Arabi! Sadly Ziyech got injured....
  26. Haha, the "Capello Index" as well When he put his name to a commercial sports data product that basically said half of the England players were terrible
  27. I'm not hyped for this at all. I think I'm burnt out and I think more importantly the players will be too Lack of fans will hamper this as well I think.
  28. Please find attached details of a number of enhancements I would like to see in FM22. The document contains the following items: Captains Role Tablet View Filter Lock Media Reaction Yellow Ball In Snow Appearance and Goal Milestone Post Match Screen Repetitive Questions Recruitment Meetings and DOF Reason for Loan Training Invites Pre Season Competitions County Cups Reserve Team Squad Unrealistic Stadiums Takeover Rumours VAR Reality Player Shouts Timing Seasonal Kit Changes
  29. @Mitja To me tempo is a very much contextual instruction in any possession-focused formation like 4-3-3. That is I will always start the match with tempo at default and then adjust according to opposition. So if I am playing a superior or equal side that is pressing me hard then I will increase tempo one notch to reduce the chance of them stealing the ball. Simply because my players will spend less time with it before passing. On the other hand if opposition is sitting back and not closing down my ball-carriers aggressively then I will lower the tempo one notch in hopes of getting that perfec
  30. Two remarks to make so you are forewarned I am getting my first Covid-vaccination this afternoon, which might mean I am offline for a few days. No idea whether it will hit me. At one moment this thread will disappear for a few days. Don't worry, it will only mean I am preparing the thread for the Release.
  31. THE CONFIG FILE, OR HOW TO ADD YOUR OWN IMAGES/CLUBS/LEAGUES Many of you may want to tweak this file and make it your own, by adding your own images, adding even more to your favorite club/league, or adding in a club or league that isn't in the file. Some of you may know how to do this, but here's a little intro for those who may not have done this before.... 1. Open the config file, which of course is the fm.xml file in the ads folder. Please make sure that you're opening it in a text editor that can handle xml files properly; some basic ones may not be able to and may render the sa
  32. Thanks for bringing this up, if you upload your save file using the instructions below, we'll take a look into this. Thanks.
  33. I am currently working on some edits to 'fix' the money flows. Taxation will be a thing.... Also, I am checking all teams for the amount of players. Should have done that earlier, but didn't realise how big some teams had become. Still, the default game has several teams starting at 80-100 players So the fixing seems to be less of a problem than I feared.
  34. Good luck in Germany with a very historical club and many many many goals for our "Killer"!
  35. July 2021 Part 1 @Sheriff7 For a newly promoted side, you need some experience right?
  36. In my experience the WP and AF work really well together on the same side of the pitch, I had great successes with multiple teams with similar (altough not the same) tactics - I won La Liga and Seriea A in my first season with Valencia and Milan, without any signings. I often use a 442 with an Advanced Forward and a WP on the same side of the pitch. The AF pushes forward, leaving space behind him, and the WP can exploit that space really well. But there is a downside to using a central midfielder on defend duty behing the AF: when your team are out of possession, there can be a huge unoccu
  37. When developing a new tactic or playing a tricky opponent I watch the first 10-15 mins of each match in full. This allows me to see if my players are playing as expected. If not I'll make an adjustment. Once happy I'll switch to key highlights. imo those first 10-15 mins of a match are the most important, yet any other highlight mode won't show them. Better to see your fullback getting repeatedly skinned at the start rather than 30 mins in when they score a goal from it because you haven't been shown it happening.
  38. Depends on how good you are at identifying issues the match engine is showing you. Some people may spot issues immediately even on Key, others may struggle to understand what they're watching even on Comprehensive. Personally, I'd recommend watching the first 15-20 minutes on Full (w/ increased speed). That way you can see your transitions in full and spot issues before they even become highlights. If you're happy with how things are going, you can then safely change to Extended or Key, since things are unlikely to change much in terms of tactics.
  39. The more you watch, the more you can change and that may effect the end result. Personally I watch unimportant/easy matches in "key" and more important ones in "extended"
  40. I have actually seen a case where hidden attributes(personality) along with low club reputation affected the perceived potential ability of a player. I was scouting the Spanish U19 Division( A lot of cheap high potential newgens can be found here) and I saw a player from Bansander U19. He had a scout recommendation score of 30 and a very bad personality (Unambitious). That rating was actually an outlier because most of his peers were rated between 10 and 19. I thought it was strange so I decided to take a punt at him. When he arrived at my club his CA was 1 star and his
  41. The Third Amendment In this section I would like to cover my in-game tweaks and game plans that vary from opponent to opponent. Ill discuss how I analyse opponents to devise plans, the season is however over and silly me has lost the screenshots of scouting reports so ill try my best without them. I will centre in on the bigger results of the season where small changes helped turn the game. I will keep it all nice and trim leading it on nicely to the final episode. The Results Final League table 2024 Third league title in a row. Rosenborg matched us as we broke the le
  42. I'm seeing a lot of varied goals, and I really like the ME. I just had this beauty of a threaded ball through and a perfect slot into the corner.
  43. This is a video game. Don't bring the extremes of realism in here because most certainly you will lose this argument. The decision to remove it was stupid and there is no defence for it. Throw your mouse out the window because the manager doesn't use a mouse on the touchline, as he uses his hands. I really struggle to understand how some of you people think. The timeline was a feature that existed for more than a decade and nobody asked for it to be removed and there was no reason to get rid of it. If you want to bring this poor argument of realism in this, fine: give us the option to keep the
  44. I suppose it is part of today's manager responsibility to get involved with the press, but there is no doubt that this module needs some work to make it more re realistic. The coding required may well be such that it may never be good, but it undoubtedly could be better. I agree wholeheartedly about the whole war of words nonsense. I just had a question after a game against Inter about my feud with their manager and I checked my save and I had never played against them!
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