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  1. Real Jaén Club de Fútbol Season 6 - 2026/27 LaLiga SmartBank (2nd Tier) - 5th place - lost in Play-off Semi Final Copa Del Rey - 1st Round Squad - Transfers - Table At the end of the day, a really successful season. Considering our full-backs can't tackle, the centre-backs can't head, the wingers can't cross and the midfielders can't shoot, we did pretty well. We started off pretty poorly, hovering just above the relegation zone but a winter run of 13 games unbeaten (9 of which were wins) propelled us into the play-offs. We looked good for it, p
  2. Season Three! Player Stats / Transfers Decent season, no real improvement. 7th spot but with same amount of points as last year. We scored 12 goals less and our defence failed a few more times so that is worrying. This year in Playoffs we lost to NEC Nijmegen. VAN DER MAATEN still very solid in the goal with avg. rating of 7,21. A-KUM had also a great season with 22 goals and avg. rating of 7,08. We ware a but too dependent of him. our first year regen VAN DER MEULEN is progressing very well. Went up from 2 stars to 3,5 this year! He's now our best midfielder. Also he
  3. Aachen Season 4 Youth Intake A lot better then last season's intake with some excellent wingers/strikers.
  4. I've somewhat belatedly started an attempt at this, and decided to take Worthing as I used to live there and they were done out of a first promotion to Tier 6 by Covid. The problem I have is that there's only one GK in the entire squad, and he was in the U23s, so what's the rule if he gets injured or sold? The OP says no loans or grey players, so would I have to retrain an outfield player? Also, my entire squad size is only 22, and 7 of those are on Non-Contract terms but are transfer-listed (not by me) and I can't seem to change their transfer status, and they won't sign terms because of bein
  5. I'll answer my own question: yes. The AI clubs seem to make decisions only based on players' PA and CA, and completely ignore their career history and form. For example, I have a 22-year old striker now in Vanarama National who has scored 20, 39, and 47 league goals in the previous 3 seasons in the Vanarama North. Absolutely nobody has paid interest to him, because he obviously doesn't have a very high PA at all. This feels quite unrealistic, if it happened IRL, I'm pretty sure Leicester would be knocking on my door hoping to catch the next Jamie Vardy. Moreover, it should not be possible to c
  6. Youth Candidates Season 2025/26 Unió Esportiva Extremenya The preview was terrific: When the players arrived, I was delighted. Some absolute gems here:
  7. Arões Sport Club Season Review 2022/2023 Transfers | Squad | Finances Campeonato de Portugal 2 less points than last year, but we did improve when it came to goals scored. Taça de Portugal Made it to the 3rd round, got eliminated by a team on the 1st tier. Not a bad run Top Performers 1: Paulo Freitas Once again our best player is our goalie, but we do have some bad news. He will be retiring at the end of the season. 2: Francisco Costa Winger turned striker, he did his best job to mak
  8. Arões Sport Club Youth Intake 2022/2023 Well, that certaintly looks promising... Not as bad as I was expecting, to be honest. But still not great Solid, not great, will provide some depth in the midfield Given that I am not using wingers, probably going to be retraining as a Right Back Solid CB, needs to improve in the air Were it not for the pace and driblling, he would probably be a starter next year Out of the two GKs, he is the one that looks the best
  9. Ungmennafélag Njarðvíkur - Season 2022 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances I had forgotten how fast the seasons in Iceland go, but this was a good one! I think this club start out with a very good squad, and also great facilities, so it should be easier initially than many of the other clubs I've chosen before. And it was, actually. We were fighting in the top the whole season through, and in the end we won it ahead of Fjölnir. So we are going up and will compete in the top tier next season already. We are losing money quite rapidly though, so we do need to bring in more mone
  10. Aachen FC Season 4 Review All I got to say is phew.... A hard season played with us making the step up to a very competitive Bundesliga 2. We managed to stay up on the last game of the season but we need to improve next season. The Best Overall Starting 11 Transfers
  11. The Impossible Dream (Offseason/Summer 2022) Their domination of Serie B gave Verdi some confidence heading up to the top level, but there were no teams that could compare with the powerhouses that awaited Livorno in Serie A. Verdi knew that Livorno would struggle against the top teams and might not get many points at all against the top half, but he thought they might be able to hold their own against the bottom half, and at least and had a good chance of doing better than three other teams. Verdi was nervous but not overawed. He was simply determined to do everything in his power to ke
  12. Yes and it lives in the best recreation of Iron Curtain ever recreated!
  13. End of Season Review Season 2025/26 Unió Esportiva Extremenya Season Summary A very disappointing season where our inconsistent performances resulted in no title challenge this year. Season Details Europa Conference League - We once again made it through to the second qualifying round though this time we were hammered by Danish side Brondby, 8-2 on aggregate. League Table - A third place finish represents a step back from last season. League Fixtures 1 & 2 - An eight game winless run from November through to February ended any hopes we had of a
  14. I *think* I read somewhere that the "wonderkid" tag is actually based on CA (not PA!) and (world?) reputation, in addition to age of course.
  15. ACN Siena 1904 - 2042/43 Season Preview In what is going to be my last season with Siena before I take a break and start another Youth Academy Challenge save in another country, we are predicted to finish in 17th place when the 1st of July 2042 arrived. Since then we have dropped to 19th place. It's a shame that's a thing, but what can you do? In other words, I think we've maxed out the number of affiliates we can have, for the board is no longer accepting affiliates for the club. At least I have plenty of countries to send my players to and to pinch players for my youth in
  16. So green turtle expects me to not use the transfer market and only sign players from the youth academy to make the game more challenging. How ridiculous does that sound? You want a user to pretty much not use an important aspect of the game because the game makes it pretty easy to get good players. I don’t compute how that is the user’s fault.
  17. As far as I’m aware 3 is the max at any given time. I’ve never seen/had more than 3 anyway.
  18. This Thread’s Purpose Maybe it's just me, but I've seen a lot of 4-3-3 questions on the board in the last few months, and find many of them have the same/similar issues - lack of penetration/quality chances and losing games in surprising ways against lesser opposition. Okay, yes,4-3-3 one of the most popular formations and these things can be common with any formation as your team improves, but it’s still made me want to do a tactic write up on a 4-3-3 system that I’ve developed and have found to be very effective, and that doesn’t fall perfectly into categories like possession, g
  19. Hi Wondering if you can help. I am wanting a more evidence based approach to scouting. I've started a little bit of this already but wondered if anyone is way ahead of me. Let me give some examples of what I have found so far in my game (I'm 1 year in) 1. 20-21 Regens - only 1 of the 91 players under 21 with PA>164 had Determination <10. Hence, if your scouts have a 4 1/2 - 5* potential player, and Determination <10, best to ignore them. 2. All those with PA >154 had Professionalism >9. Therefore if 4 1/2 - 5* potential, and professionalism is character trait
  20. 1. Other teams don't learn your tactics. They may adapt their approach to you based on your performance in the league or even during each match, but that is not the same thing as understanding your tactic and countering it. 2. See above.
  21. https://sortitoutsi.net/graphics/style/1/cut-out-player-faces https://www.fmscout.com/a-heffem-skin-fm21.html
  22. 1st points on the board with a win in the Kiribati National Championship after the 2nd season.
  23. I'm into the season now - played 2 lost 2. Just checking schedule > friendly and the venue choices are just home and away. The 'type' box which I've never opened before has 'tour' so it might be there. I'll know for next time anyway, thanks.
  24. While they are having a rough season, this is my best win so far in the save:
  25. No-one can say you didn't give it good go . Best of luck with the new venture.
  26. Thanks, we've looked into this and it seems that the rules and league structure were not fully announced at the point at which were to fully implement the league. At the time we could only implement it based on our best interpretation of how the league will work.
  27. Achraf Dari was a suprise buy on my ADO game...picked him up for 1mln from Casablanca after my scouts recommended him and around when he was 24 he was really a class defender.
  28. Youth Candidates Season 2025/26 Unió Esportiva Extremenya The preview was terrific: When the players arrived, I was delighted. Some absolute gems here:
  29. Good suggestions- Parma and St Etienne are a probably bigger clubs than I like (although I have to say, Montpellier have a cracking squad with some fun players...absolutely love the kits too) but Paris FC and Bari are great options. I'm also seriously considering Le Havre as they are chock full of interesting youth players and fulfil some of the criteria I'm after
  30. Nice ! thanks I think 4 or 5 foreigners maximum should be perfect. I wonder how the team will do for sell their extra players and adapt to the new rules though. Im using the UEFA Revival 49 because it is this format that respects the oldest formula I like the idea of having a nostalgic save with less business/international football and the CONCACAF-CONMEBOL 2B
  31. @Tyburnsaid that Well, its a rhetorical question, as you obviously cant do anything about how someone plays the game anyway. But still, why cant someone complain about the game being too easy, just because he is using the features of the game in a non-exploit way? Of course you dont have to, but why cant the game be challenging when playing with your favourite mbappe? Does PSG IRL win the CL every year just because they bought Neymar and Mbappe years ago? no - they obviously dont. What about scouting? Many people love scouting and like to explore new players. All this, transfe
  32. SEASON 35 - 2056 - ICELANDIC PREMIER DIVISION LEAGUE TABLE - FIXTURES - FIXTURES - FIXTURES - PLAYER STATS - TEAM STATS - COMPETITION REVIEW - SQUAD 1 2 MANAGER PROFILE - CHARACTERISTICS - ATTRIBUTES CLUB PROFILE - GENERAL - FACILITIES - HONOURS - FINANCES - TRANSFERS LEAGUE CUP All the way to the final again only to be beaten on pens by Briedablik. EUROPE CARRIED OVER After winning Euro Cup II and easing through the Europa group stage, I was hoping we'd be able to have a good go at that as well. A favourable draw against Sparta Pr
  33. Well, I properbly would agree on downloading exploit tactics and reloading (which is obviously a fraud to yourself). But buying 5 star potentials or using any other ingame feature should be totally fine and should not denie one from claiming the game to be too easy. Why are there so many Wonderkids? Why is there no mechanic to stop them to move to a low potential club? Why is there a scouting database, including all players? Why can you even see their attributes when scouted, shouldnt they always be hidden like "hidden attributes"? - Because SI wants the game to be (easy) that way.
  34. Both are cheating" in the context of any thread and any game. However, some people may forget this because human memory may have some gaps, so it is necessary to remember this aspect from time to time.
  35. Yes you should? Balotelli had world class potential. Never really made use of it, but he definitely had the potential. Why do you think clubs kept trying with him? Because he showed that in potential he could be one of the best strikers in the world. Plenty of other examples that showed massive potential, but simply never had the mentality to make it in in top sport and yet plenty clubs gave them a shot in the hope that one day they'd learn their lesson and change their attitude. There's also plenty of players that got pretty far, even despite being unambitious, that always gave you
  36. Well they are called hidden as they are not numerical, but you can still see them on the scouting report, which actually is even more realistic. the Report tells you for example, that the player is very consistent No scout would tell you that player has 18/20 consistency ;-)
  37. With that being said,here is my new and updated take on this system I applied all of the points and understanding and used it to make this tactic. The only difference is that the system is flipped to match my team as, my team is better down the left. Also, the Rodri role is supposed to be on DLP(D), but you can switch it around The Gundogan role is instructed to move further forwards and move into channels, if i need a goal, i tend to change from support to attack. The striker on the opposite side to the gundogan role has been told to play wider so that it can mimic that 5
  38. I just wanted to say a huge thanks to the team at SI. Having skipped an FM version for the first time in my life since playing FM, I decided to test FM21 out via demo. Now I have the full product. I have to say that FM21 is a huge step in the right direction. The ME is a million times better. I cannot even put into words how happy it makes me to play a Football Management game again. I had long criticisms of the previous match engines that I detailed in the FM20 feedback thread, but this is a massive improvement. Thank you for listening to the fans. At the end of the day, the ME is
  39. Apr 2014 We did it, though it could so easly have gone differently. We seemed to have one hand on promotion after the Exmouth game, one I felt we needed to win and buy some breathing space. It couldn't have gone better as we snatched a win while gaining a 4-point margin to 3rd and even found ourselves 3 points ahead of Alphington. That probably would have been enough if we hadn't been playing our direct rivals in the final couple of games so 'results elsewhere' couldn't help us. Essentially it had become a zero-sum game between us and them. It didn't help that against Alphingto
  40. The last thing you want to see whenever you are watching in any of the highlights mode, is a throw-in near the opponents 18yd box.
  41. Next on the hit list was AFC Bournemouth. By the time we faced Bournemouth, they had hit bottom of the Premier League and fired Eddie Howe. They line up in a 4-4-1-1 which meant our defensive strategy tweaked slightly, but overall remained similar. Our 4-1-4-1 naturally picks up Bournemouth's MC-MC-AM triangle but not longer has the man advantage we had at Manchester City. Logan and Donohue were again asked to stay tight on Bournemouth's fullbacks. Edwards didn't have an opposition DM to press so we actually asked him to close down less and ease of
  42. I have spent a lot of hours this year trying to replicate how city plays under pep. From what i have seen lower mentality + aggressive roles is a much better replication than attacking + conservative roles In the above image i tried to replicate the team when walker plays in and his role is something like a 3rd centerback, if the winger has opposite foot i will use him as inverted winger with stay wider(this year works a lot better) i will write later with more info but in general i was very happy with how we looked
  43. Conversely, if you're on a losing streak and you don't have a great dressing room atmosphere, the game seems impossible! I'm on a losing streak right now and nothing works. I think the social dynamics system is OP and that's why people are finding the game too easy (or too hard, like myself). SI should tone down its importance in a future patch and that should make the difficulty more balanced overall.
  44. Been playing the series for 12 or so years now and feels like managing in leagues outside of the big money is getting more and more tedious and less and less rewarding. It feels like we haven't gotten a feature for 15-20+ season saves in forever. All longevity in saves are from domestic club growth, say taking your side from Vanarama to Premier League. Continental club growth, like taking a club from Norway, Iceland or other similar nation to Champions League success, isn't given attention to at all. Here are some of the main issues currently: There is no dynamic income. Domestic prize p
  45. I'm suggesting the exact opposite. 50 years into the save I'll still only receive a slight increase in sponsorship money, barely any change in kit sales and no increase in domestic TV and Prize pool income. The only significant change of income will be match day as you likely have a new bigger stadium and player sales if your league reputation has increased to where it would make a difference. That's only if league reputation still affects this. So when managers with a little luck and a decent amount of skill can reach this hard coded ceiling within 5 years, then you're looking at decades of f
  46. All I know is if I put as much hours into say practicing guitar I’d be a virtuoso by now
  47. You probably will dislike this answer, but the fault is on your poor team building. If you have a squad full of players who are not going to have a positive impact on young players, then you are not going to see these players improving. The choice of players you sign is entirely down to you. You are clearly aware of the mechanic, so you know how to avoid it. I generally get very positive responses from my young players, usually seeing their determination increase. Why? I have a squad full of players who will have a positive impact on the squad. I do not even consider signing players who h
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