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  1. Aachen FC Season 3 Review I managed to get promotion through the play offs beating SV Sandhausen 5-0 on agg with a 3-0 home win and a 2-0 away win. Final League Table Squad Overview We done much better on the goal front with 2 players getting 10 goals or more with Muja Arifi getting 14 goals and being my top goalscorer. Muja Arifi Transfers
  2. SEASON 34 - 2055 - ICELANDIC PREMIER DIVISION LEAGUE TABLE - FIXTURES - FIXTURES - FIXTURES - PLAYER STATS - TEAM STATS - COMPETITION REVIEW - SQUAD 1 2 MANAGER PROFILE - CHARACTERISTICS - ATTRIBUTES CLUB PROFILE - GENERAL - FACILITIES - HONOURS - FINANCES - TRANSFERS LEAGUE CUP When we are still in Europe, the players aren't on pre-season for this (which helps :-))! As a result, we steamrolled our way through, winning every game and beating FH in the final 4-2. Our 6th triumph in the competition. EUROPA CONFERENCE (CARRIED OVER) Beating SJK 4-0 meant we were through with a game to spare and so the 2-1 home defeat to Genoa didn't matter too much. Euro cup II 1st Knockout Into the first knockout stage and we were drawn against Ferencvaros. A 2-1 away defeat was turned around back in Iceland with a 3-1 home win. Euro cup II 2nd Knockout The second knockout stage saw us pitted against Teplice. The tie was won in the 1st leg with a 6-0 win. A second string team held out for a 0-0 in the 2nd leg. Euro cup II Quarter Final AGF of Denmark was next. Despite conceding 4 over the 2 legs, a 4-2 win away, followed by a 7-2 home win, meant they were brushed aside. Euro cup II Semi-final We were now at the thick end of it. Real Sociedad of Spain our opponents. A 4-2 home win had us in the driving seat and this was followed up with a 3-3 away draw, to put us through to our first ever European final. Euro Cup II FINAL Marseille of France was the opponent. The tie was to be played at the Signal Iduna Park, Dortmund, in front of over 60,000 people. After just 3 minutes we were in the lead with a dream start. A second was added after 29 minutes. Marseille pulled one back on 49 mins, but we re-established our 2 goal lead just 4 mins later. With 11 minutes left Marseille narrowed it to one goal again and then just 2 minutes later they equalised. It felt like we had thrown it away. Not these boys!!! On 88 minutes Helgason popped up with what surely had to be the winner and deep in injury time Gunnleifsson added the cherry on top to make it 5-3 and give us (and Iceland) our first ever European trophy. LEAGUE We also got back to winning ways in the league, pipping Briedablik to the title by 1 point. ICELANDIC CUP It could of been a clean sweep, but it wasn't to be. A 3-1 defeat in the quarter-final put paid to that. EUROPE As winners of the Europa Conference, we went straight into the Europa group stage. We were uo against PAOK, Lille and FC Vilitorul. After 4 games we are played 4 won 4, including an impressive 8-2 home win over Lille followed by a 5-0 away victory. THE PLAYERS Oliver Gudmonsson has more than established himself in goal now and is progressing well. Heimar Mason and Asmundsson carried on their fine form as did Garry Reaney. In midfield Olafson is maturing and Finley Barrett and Danielson carried on their good form. Atli Laruson was once again in the goals with 27 in a more bit part season, but it was the new front 3 of Einarsson (31 goals), Helgason (44 goals) and Gunnleifsson (54 goals) who stole the show. THE YOUTH INTAKE Another decent intake and 16 year old centre back Arason already got an appearance in the first team.
  3. Damnit, thanks to @Shankly84 I now have an unstoppable urge to play in Iceland again. So I will, with Njarðvík. They actually have a pretty great youth setup (but a horribly small stadium!), so I hope I can traverse the Icelandic leagues rather quickly and have focus on Europe now.
  4. Sorry for taking over today. I really do need to post when the season finishes, I just can't wait to get on with the next one. I've got a couple more seasons to update, then I can get back to the game :-)
  5. Marchamalo - End of Season - June 2027 Our form cooled off a bit after the 8-0-0 start, but we finished the year in the playoff spots and eventually secured promotion despite an injury to star winger Abel Limón (24c) during the final match of the regular season. Glad to have earned promotion in our first appearance in the playoffs and the goal for next season is to avoid relegation. Had a core first team this year, but we are struggling with depth. Luckily our schedule rarely involved midweek matches, so the players can handle the load. Finances took a turn for the worst this year as we began to give youth prospects professional deals in order to keep them at the club. Will have a detailed report of the first team XI in an upcoming post, but note that Abel Limón (24c) had an incredible year, setting the division record for assists.
  6. Aachen Season 3 Youth Intake Another intake without a good striker. Is there anyway of rectifying this ? This is my current Head Of Youth Recruitment so maybe its something that he is doing that is causing me to have a lot of defensively good players but not many good strikers. Anyway here are some of the best prospects this year. Herbert Weigelt(YP17) - German Defensive Midfielder John Omolade(YP18) - German Central Midfielder Christopher Kickermann(YP19) - German Defensive Midfielder Karsten Coenen(YP20) - German Central Defender Kevin Epstein(YP21) - German Central Midfielder
  7. SEASON 31 - 2052 - ICELANDIC PREMIER DIVISION LEAGUE TABLE - FIXTURES - FIXTURES - FIXTURES - PLAYER STATS - TEAM STATS - COMPETITION REVIEW - SQUAD 1 2 MANAGER PROFILE - CHARACTERISTICS - ATTRIBUTES CLUB PROFILE - GENERAL - FACILITIES - HONOURS - FINANCES - TRANSFERS LEAGUE CUP Back to winning ways in the League Cup. This was our 5th win, beating Briedablik 5-2 in the final. EUROPE CARRIED OVER We came into the season with a chance of progressing from the Champions League group stage for the first time in opur history. A 7-0 defeat at Real Madrid put an end to that. We closed out with a 1-0 home defeat to City. Finishing 3rd, we dropped into the Europa again. In the first knockout stage we met Stuttgart. A fantastic 4-0 home win, followed by a 3-3 away draw meant that we were through comfortably. Next up was Eintracht Frankfurt. A dissapointing 3-1 home defeat, followed up by a 0-0 away, meant we were out. I was quite dissapionted at this as I thought we had what it takes to beat them over 2 legs. LEAGUE After 4 league wins in a row, the party was over. Not only did we give the title up, we fell away to 3rd place. Our worst league finish in 9 years. ICELANDIC CUP Awful in the cup as well. Out at the first hurdle to a lower league team who's name I cant even type out! EUROPE A tricky run in the qualifying rounds saw us defeat RB Salzburg and FSB along the way. The group stage drew us alongside Genk, Dortmund and Real Madrid again. We started out with a home win against Genk, followed by a 3-1 home defeat to Real Madrid. A credible 2-2 away draw in Dortmund was overshadowed by losing 4-3 at home to the same opponents. As with the previous season, we go into the new season with a chance of progressing from the group stage. We now find ourselves in 30th place in the co-effiecents. THE PLAYERS Not too much to write home about this year. Prainn Arason broke into the first team and managed 9 goals in 37 with an average rating of 7.66. Atli Laruson did what he does and bagged 49 in 34 starts. THE YOUTH INTAKE Pretty standard intake this year. Things seem to be settling down with the intakes at the moment. OFF THE FIELD We moved back into our stadium after the expansion works. The Icelandic league is now the 16th most reputable in the world.
  8. @Experienced Defender this where the PI in question is not an absolute condition, like eases of tackles and tackle harder. That PI only has two states. Other PIs, notably those that have an intensity which usually are described with "sometimes" then the PI has an effect on it the counterbalancing instruction, though, "evenly counterbalances" makes it seem like there is a specific value, where it should be more " a tendency to". So say you use the TI Run at defence, which increases dribbling and a player has dribble less on it. Then the Run at defence still affects the player with the dribble less, so he will dribble more but not as much as someone who may not have been given the PI. Here the thing we want to be careful about is spending so much time asking "how much" which over the years has proven pointless. Mentality affects them, plus there are some roles that are inclined to dribble more by virtue of the role. Then you have the roles and duties that are next to the role, say a player has good dribbling and you told him to dribble less, but he has no options and he has the trait brings the ball out of defence, that player will still dribble because he has a trait that influences him and he has no passing options. So he brings the ball forward. If you played on a lower mentality he may opt not to pass it. IMHO, player instructions are not a magic button to make a tactic play better. No amount of player instruction tweaking can make a bad tactic good. If the wrong roles and duties were set up, PIs can't help it. In fact in most cases I prefer playing with less Tis and PIs
  9. Marchamalo - Squad Update - June 2027 Goalkeepers Defenders Midfielders Forwards
  10. I have actually seen a case where hidden attributes(personality) along with low club reputation affected the perceived potential ability of a player. I was scouting the Spanish U19 Division( A lot of cheap high potential newgens can be found here) and I saw a player from Bansander U19. He had a scout recommendation score of 30 and a very bad personality (Unambitious). That rating was actually an outlier because most of his peers were rated between 10 and 19. I thought it was strange so I decided to take a punt at him. When he arrived at my club his CA was 1 star and his PA was 1.5 stars +1 black star.I had a lot of time with this save, so he was immediately put in a mentoring group to improve his personality and with him making use of state of the art training facilities, I expected him to grow even if it was minimal. A year later, I see that his personality has changed to a more beneficial one and his potential star rating has moved up to 5 stars(4 normal stars +1 black star). The jump was to drastic for me to ignore, so I took a sneak peek at his hidden PA and found that he had a potential ability of 182(Which is world class in my opinion).
  11. Both of these things are "cheating" in the context of this thread so you'd hope that would go without saying
  12. I would wait until FM22 to do that, because there is no real information about the "Southern League", for example. Besides, everyone is starting to feel pissed off when I keep bringing updates and they already have a save. ^^ But it is definitely noted down. Thanks. Oh, I thought the only problem with the OFC Champions League was that the Wellington Phoenix were taking part? Then that will be adjusted in FM22 as well, of course.
  13. England 30 Year Special Update As I've now gone through 30 seasons,I thought I'd give a brief update on what has been happening in England and more specifically the Premier League,who has been it and if they have won anything else. There has only been four winners of the Premier League in 30 years which is disappointing but the number of teams who have been in the Premier League has been quite impressive with 31 teams having competed in the Premier League.As you can see Leeds have managed to finish in 2nd place and that happened twice in successive seasons,it's just a shame that they couldn't take the title.The biggest surprise for me is that Tottenham have been relegated twice as it normally takes a bit longer for one of the bigger teams to fall like that. In Europe the biggest winners were definitely Man City as they picked up 10 Champions League titles as well as a Europa League title while Bournemouth are the biggest surprise winners as they won the Champions League against Real Madrid in 2049.Interestingly only Arsenal and Chelsea have managed to do a clean sweep when it comes to Europes three titles but Man City and Man Utd have been that dominant that they have never been in the ECL. Outside of the top flight,the biggest fairy tail story has to be Chester FC,they start FM21 in the 6th tier of English football and this season they finished in 9th place in the Championship!Despite all of these promotions they have actually only won one league title which was the league one title in 2048. Hopefully the next ten years will see someone else who isn't called Chelsea,Liverpool,Man City or Man Utd win the Premier League and hopefully a team who starts in non-league will make it to the promised land of Premier League football.
  14. The Steves are promoted! In our third season we have won the Vanarama North after a tight race with Boston Utd for the title, and next season we'll be trying to survive in the Vanarama National. For a side with an expectation to avoid relegation, it was quite decent. Also, I didn't think it'd be possible, but Tommy Stevens was in even crazier goal-scoring form than last season, and bagged an incredible Messi-esque 47(!) goals in the league.
  15. Finally got out of the Championship hell! Crazy crazy season! Last day on the summer transfer window and Atalanta stole my best player beating the release clause, luckily in the winter one i got a great bargain in Gutierrez. Lets see how the Premier League treat us.
  16. Season 2023/24 Review Well an amazing season it was. I am not sure what was causing it - the change towards a more attacking 4-3-3, more quickness training, key players entering their prime years or using many more youths in order to let older one get more rest - probably all of it and quite some luck. Anyway, in the end we reached 7th place and the playoffs. There we lost to Wrexham 0-1, we played not well and Wrexham was anyway a team we always lose against. Despite this I was very pleased with this season, encouraging signs everywhere. Will be hard to repeat it, but at least I know now its possible. Despite all this i will brace myself for a fight against relegation - morale can drop quickly and the struggle could start sooner then later. . Our key players havent changed again. Its the same i wrote last two seasons. This year although the younger players really stated to make good impressions in the first team: Regan Linney - versatile and the only striker consistent at scoring Luke Griffiths - consistent, good eye for building up the attack. Dan Lavercomb - A reliant keepe Finance (looking good, maybe i can get an improvement somewhere) Squad: Analysis: Transfers: Overview:
  17. Arões Sport Club Season Review 2021/2022 Campeonato de Portugal Fairly safe league campaign, shows some good signs for the future Taça de Portugal Eliminated on the 2nd round to a team on the same tier, hopefully we get a little bit more of a run next year Squad Top 3 Performers 1: Paulo Freitas You look at his stats and that should tell you the whole story. He came up clutch is several important games and should still be the starter for the next couple of years 2: Gil Rodrigues A veteran of the Portuguese lower tiers, he was our main attacking focus this year and will be missed next season 3: Nuno Vieira He came through our academy last year and was a feature in the midfield all season long. Probably not the best in terms of ratings, but the fact that he is already playing so much tells us all about his quality Transfers Stats Club General Stats Youth Product Stats Seasonal Stats Manager Stats
  18. Second season update. League: Players stats / Transfers So we did much better in league than I expected. 8th spot and again in Playoffs. This time we lost to Sittard, who eventually promoted. We had a really bad run at the end..with 7 games in a row without a win and only 2 draws. We lost again in second round in the Cup, This time to our local rivals ADO. Overal two changes compared to last years first 11. VAN BERKEL started losing ability quite fast and was replaced at LB by VAN KOESVELD. And one of our regens from last year VAN DER MEULEN took his chance and at 16 year old won a starting spot that he has not yet lost. He plays ok but needs to be more influential, with only 4 assists this year. The rookie and the three rocks in the back have improved significally this season. SKOGEN and KLUITERS are close to being ok at Eredivisie level and sadly KLUITERS wants to leave to a bigger club. Hopefully I can keep him atleast 2...3 seasons. We improved the Youth Coaching significally up to Excellent and Youth Recruitment to Averege. Hopefully we will see even better youth intake in the future! Stats so far: Youth intake: Predicted Youth intake Actual: Interesting intake. Three players with 4,5 start in potential. Also very diverse. I signed all except van Belzen and Jansen. I'm quite happy with it. VAN SON looks like he can replace our star goaly VAN DER MAATEN in the future. And EVERS and VAN DER SANDE are really needed in the attack. Hopefully next year brings in 2 Central Midfielders and a wing back and we might build a team worthy of promotion or atleast fighting for it. The best three players: The DJ! (has the same name as a famous Radio DJ in Netherlands) And for those who like extra stats: the youth intake based on city of birth so far: Three younglings from Breda this year. Interesting that we still have to see a youth player from Den Haag!. Foreign additions this year: Denmark, Germany, Portugal and Morocco. Let's see what next year will bring.
  19. SEASON 33 - 2054 - ICELANDIC PREMIER DIVISION LEAGUE TABLE - FIXTURES - FIXTURES - FIXTURES - PLAYER STATS - TEAM STATS - COMPETITION REVIEW - SQUAD 1 2 MANAGER PROFILE - CHARACTERISTICS - ATTRIBUTES CLUB PROFILE - GENERAL - FACILITIES - HONOURS - FINANCES - TRANSFERS LEAGUE CUP Same as previous. Although we went out at the group stage, we put up a better fight. EUROPE CARRIED OVER A 5-3 away win at Sporting followed by a 3-0 home win to Plzen meant we progressed to the Europa Knockout stages, finishing top. Unfortunately we met Arsenal again and went down 2-1 away and 3-1 at home. LEAGUE A change of formation saw an improvement on the previous two seasons. It still wasn't enough though as we finished 2nd, getting pipped by Briedablik. ICELANDIC CUP We managed to get past the first stage this year. In fact we did much better than that, we won it for the 10th time, beating Briedablik 3-2 in the final. EUROPE A couple of tricky ties in the qualifiers of the Europa Conference saw us get past Basaksehir and Angers of France. We had lost the Angers away game 2-1, but bounced back with a 6-0 home rout. In the group stage we faced SJK, Genoa and LASK. A 7-0 home win against SJK was followed up with an amazing 5-1 away win in Genoa. 4 points from the 2 LASK games has us sat top on 10 points with 2 games left to go. THE PLAYERS A much better season for the players, with a new crop forcing their way through. Heimar Mason has been consistant for years now and managed an impressive 7.51 av rating at centre back. Garry Reaney made the left back spot his own and Runar Olafson broke through in the newly needed DM role. Finley Barrett had his best season yet in midfield and Johan Bergmann competed for a starting place. Arason moved on to Liverpool for £4m making a spot available again for Atli Laruson, in a new CAM role. He still managed 30 goals in 29 starts. Asgeir Helgason found more game time, scoring 25 in 18 and Einarsson carried on with another 24 goals. Arnaldur Gunnleifsson had featured regulary in previous seasons, but this was his breakthrough season with 19 in 28 games. Einarsson was named World under 21 player of the year and Gunnleifsson won the European Golden Boy award. THE YOUTH INTAKE A decent intake. I have learnt that it is difficult to judge some of the lower rated players as a lot of my best players weren't necessarily the best players coming through according to their ratings. OFF THE FIELD Off the field and we were expanding the stadium yet again. This time by 2,875 seats.
  20. Gerard stays at GF38.....till end of season. Gerard will resign at the end of the season....depending on what teams approach he may unretire!
  21. Arões Sport Club Youth Intake 2021/2022 Being the genius that I am, I completely forgot to take a screenshot of the intake preview, but here they are Got two players with the exact same name, that is always fun. Also, random American! By far the best of the bunch, he is probably a starter next season. Needs to really grow physically, but does not look bad at all. Solid fullback depth right out of the bat. Depth down the middle, altough those defensive stats are atrocious Backup Goalie for the next couple of seasons, I think Going to be retrained as a LB option Can play all across the back, not bad at all. Too bad that he's mediocre in every single spot, but depth!
  22. SEASON 32 - 2053 - ICELANDIC PREMIER DIVISION LEAGUE TABLE - FIXTURES - FIXTURES - PLAYER STATS - TEAM STATS - COMPETITION REVIEW - SQUAD 1 2 MANAGER PROFILE - CHARACTERISTICS - ATTRIBUTES CLUB PROFILE - GENERAL - FACILITIES - HONOURS - FINANCES - TRANSFERS LEAGUE CUP Awful performance again, with the bug of no players being available again taking hold. Meant we lost 4 and drew 1, going out at the group stage. EUROPE CARRIED OVER Came into the season with the chance to qualify for the Champions League knockout stage. Blew our chance, losing 3-2 at Genk and the 1-0 at Real Madrid. We managed to finish 4th as well, so no Europa to fall back onto this year. LEAGUE Carried straight on from last year and slumped to a 3rd place finish again. Feels like a changing of the old guard at the moment with the squad. ICELANDIC CUP Out again at the first hurdle to lower league oppostion, to cap a really dissapointing season. EUROPE A decent set of draws saw us make the Europa group stage, where we were up against Sporting Lisbon, V. Plzen and Real Valladolid. A good 3-0 win over Sporting got the ball rolling but this was followed by a dissapointing defeat at Plzen. A 1-1 draw in Spain has been followed up with a good 3-1 win at home to have us sat in a handy position going into next season. THE PLAYERS Oliver Gudmunsson has established himself as the number 1 now, with the previous keeper moving on to CSKA Moscow for £3m. Asmundsson has now made the right back slot his own and Einarsson had another decent season. Atli Laruson played far less games as the new players come through. Prain Arason, alongside Einarsson managed 23 in 27. Einarsson also claimed the European Golden boy award. THE YOUTH INTAKE Pretty similar to normal. A good striker coming through but the rest look like they will just make up the numbers.
  23. SEASON 30 - 2051 - ICELANDIC PREMIER DIVISION LEAGUE TABLE - FIXTURES - FIXTURES - FIXTURES - PLAYER STATS - TEAM STATS - COMPETITION REVIEW - SQUAD 1 2 MANAGER PROFILE - CHARACTERISTICS - ATTRIBUTES CLUB PROFILE - GENERAL - FACILITIES - HONOURS - FINANCES - TRANSFERS LEAGUE CUP A much better performance this year, making it to the final, only to be beat on pens by Valur. EUROPE CARRIED OVER So we played the final Champions League game against Lazio and ran out 5-0 winners. This meant we were into the Europa League. In the first knockout round we met Udinese. A good 2-1 home win was followed up with a 3-2 win in Italy. Next up Arsenal. A narrow 3-2 defeat at home follwed by a respectable 2-2 away draw meant that we were out, JUST! A great effort though and definite improvement. LEAGUE Similar to last season, winners again with a similar points haul. ICELANDIC CUP A dissapointing defence of the cup going out on penalties to Keflavik at the quarter final stage. EUROPE 2051 Progressed to the Champions League group stage again. This time we met Real Madrid, Man City and Rangers. An unlucky 3-2 home defeat to Real Madrid was followed up with a 4-0 tonking at Man City. 3-0 home and 4-1 away wins against Rangers meant that we were still handily placed as the season finished. THE PLAYERS Danielsson has worked his way into the team and Olafsson continued his good form. Einarsson went from strength to strength and Laruson was his usual self, bagging 51 in 36. THE YOUTH INTAKE Not quite as good as recent intakes, but hopefully a few will get through. OFF THE FIELD Another stadium expansion!! This time to 30,739. 14 months of groundsharing with Valur though, whilst the works are carried out.
  24. SEASON 29 - 2050 - ICELANDIC PREMIER DIVISION LEAGUE TABLE - FIXTURES - FIXTURES - FIXTURES - PLAYER STATS - TEAM STATS - COMPETITION REVIEW - SQUAD 1 2 MANAGER PROFILE - CHARACTERISTICS - ATTRIBUTES CLUB PROFILE - GENERAL - FACILITIES - HONOURS - FINANCES - TRANSFERS LEAGUE CUP Awful League Cup this year. Out at the group stage, losing 3 out of 5 games. The squad didn't return till the last game and so I had to use grey players again. Very frustrating! LEAGUE Another league win. 7 times we have now won the title. ICELANDIC CUP A 9th cup meant that we had won the league and cup double. A great domestic season. EUROPE A really difficult group consisting of Man Utd, Lazio and Ajax. A 2-0 loss to Ajax was followed up with a 4-1 away win in Rome. One of our best ever performances. It proved to be our only points after 5 games though and as the season finished we were sat in 3rd place in the group with 1 game to play. THE PLAYERS Goalkeeper Gunnarsson has gone from strength to strength and is now established as the number 1. Benedikstsson also established himself a place in the first team, scoring 12 in 31 from the right. Einarsson had his breakthrough season and manged an impressive 22 goals in 26 starts at the age of 17 and Atli Laruson carried on as usual with 47 goals in just 30 games. He is a goal machine! THE YOUTH INTAKE Another decent intake producing yet another good goalkeeper. Some good squad players in this one that shopuld help bolster. OFF THE FIELD The stadium is to be expanded again. This time to 23,267.
  25. A Simple Build, Evolution Leading to Success, Back Three Special In this topic I plan to cover my tactical journey which seen me build some simple tactics to help me utilise the tools at my disposal. Squad building then took place allowing the systems to grow and the reap the rewards. Winning 4 domestic titles back-to-back and breaking record point totals. A flavour is overloads, Set Pieces and varied blocks. The First Build I usually take a real-life concept or specific teams tactics and translate it into FM, this takes time finding the right players but ultimately it really helped me get my head round the tactic creator many years ago. This time however I tried this and failed to recreate my plan. So, in the third season I turned to the other method and evaluated the squad and played to our strengths. Defenders attributes compared to the league average Midfields defensive attributes compared to the league average First thing that became clear was that defensively the players at the club were strong and particularly great in the air. This ran through into midfield as well which instantly led me to thinking about being able to soak up heavy pressure and being able to defend crosses. The downside was the defence lacked some serious pace which ruled out a high pressing system, so it all matched nicely. So already its looking like a middle to low block. Strikers attacking attributes compared to the league average The strike force is very nicely balanced attributes wise, which in turn allows me to be creative and a fluid in how I plan to attack. I’m not restricted to long balls or a lack of pace so its gives much needed freedom when using a solid base behind. Its key to make multiple ways of attacking in order to become less predictable. Defensive setup A back three as suggested in the title, after my Atalanta recreation I really fell in love with the balance the back three gave me and how it allowed me to more creative in front of it. In this case it gives us the solid base to give us our medium block. The Wing backs provide width and a Sweeper keeper to help start counter attacks. One ball playing defender added to provide passes that will break the lines from deep. Force opposition outside our aerial presence allows us to give up space on the flank as we can defend crosses More urgent pressing with in the block we need to be aggressive and rush the opponent into mistakes. Get stuck in again we need to be aggressive with in the block or it will become to passive and easy to breakthrough Attacking setup The midfield two is classic pairing of worker and creator. CM(d) helping provide balance for the attacking RWB the roaming playmaker is tasked with being the creative hub of the team, A role that needs a special player at Odd in Norway I had this young man... This young man is the perfect foil for this role, capable in all aspects of the game. A true creative player with great technique with the ability to read the game and physically capable of a demanding role. He finished the season on 12 assists his first real productive season. Player instruction of plays more direct passes helped him become a creative genius with immense through balls. The Norwegian KDB. Play out of defence, Helps the back three spread out and creates space for the WB's and RPM to get on the ball. Focus play down the right, The playmaking side with the DLF(S) dropping in and the WB(S) creates a great overload. Overlap left, The attacking wing back is now amplified and will along with the poacher look to exploit 1v1 or 2v1 situations. Counter & Higher Tempo, is ticked to help us transition quickly from our medium block as we look to catch the opponent of guard as they walk into our trap. The front three is where things get interesting. A poacher designed to stretch and pin his centre back, the DLF for opposite is used to drag his CB out of the defensive line therefore splitting the centre back pairing Both are asked to move into channels to drag them further apart as well. A shadow striker is conveniently placed to attack the space created by the front twos movement. This will be covered in greater depth later with highlights. The Analysts Report Goalscoring Analysis Naturally, a high proportion of goals scored from the golden zone in the centre. Placed shots account for more than half the goals scored. highlighted are the two areas to either side of the golden zone, the exploit side has more goals than the overload side a key indication that it’s working. Goalscoring locations analysis The spread of goals is shared nicely, two key areas highlighted the AMC slot with high number seeing the movement talked about earlier paying off. The space being created nicely by the front pairing. The red diamond is one of my favourite stats from this first build. The exploit side really prolific for any wing back. The 1v1 is a real asset and I have some nice highlights to walk through coming up shortly. Centre backs with 8 already hint some nice set play goals. Assist analysis The final analysis brings the biggest statistical proof that the overload is effective. The output from the overloaded side is far greater in fact it’s so high it matches the 25 from the centre. 12 goals from conventional set plays but that doesn’t include from well worked throw ins which come mostly under crosses. Very few long balls its more about those killer balls and crosses. In Game Analysis Odd vs Rosenborg Above you can see how narrow and compact the team is with only the poacher lurking high up. Conceding the flanks to Rosenborg was definitely a risk but it paid off, as here you will see. Odd vs Rosenborg Maeland wins the header from the cross and knocks down into Aas, The shadow striker now has space to begin the transition from defence into attack. if you look closely you'll see the DLF (9) instantly begin to peel wide and the Poacher (19) begin to attack the space in behind. Odd vs Rosenborg Aas uses the CM(D) who with a simple pass sends the LWB bursting forward, He slips in the Poacher whose movement has allowed him in behind and with a lovely strike the ball is in the back of the net. from defence to attack in a blink of an eye. Defending narrow allowed us to win the ball back and having players positioned properly allowed us to transition quickly and take advantage. Odd vs Shkëndija This time you can see the narrow mid-block in all its glory, In the defence shape of 5-2-3. The block has forced the opponents ball carrier into having no options, other than a big switch which would allow us time to shuffle over. Odd vs Shkëndija A far simpler transition from defence to attack, Aas steals in and breaks forward before picking out Rasmussen the DLF to power home. It’s a great example of how having a good defensive shape can become a weapon in itself. Odd vs Stabaek Laurtisten the DLF has dropped off dragging his man with him to win the ball form the goalkeeper. This has opened up acres of space in behind the back line. The poacher has moved into the channel and is ready to run on the blindside in behind. The shadow striker is ready to break the lines and attack the space. This is exactly what I wanted from my front three the CB's are split and on different lines. Odd vs Stabaek The ball is knock down into the RPM feet who slides the shadow striker in on goal, and the rest they say is history. A simple construction of roles and duties that complement each other well create space and thus lead to goals. A defence pulled apart in 3 passes. Odd vs Bodo/Glimt A simple example of overloading the right-hand side. Again, the Focus Down The Right instructions especially year helps with overloads, as it now sees players pass and move into the area you focus. Its massive improvement from SI. Notice the LWB keeps his width allowing him to eye up a nice 1v1. Odd vs Bodo/Glimt The ball is worked nicely between the RPM & Shadow striker, the LWB then makes his move to the back post Gronli picks him out sweetly and he smashes home. Again, it’s nothing complicated or complex. just quite simple roles, duties, and some added team instructions. First Build Summary The first league title in the clubs history. only 16 goals conceded and 54 scored, Blowing away the competition. A simple system proving to be effective. You really don’t need a million team instructions as mostly it becomes overkill a then you don’t actually know what’s working. Here I struggled to get my plan working in the first two seasons so simply evaluated and played to our strengthens. Now I have a base to build my squad I already know I need to get some quicker centre backs because I need to move the block slightly higher as teams will now defend deeper against us.
  26. Ungmennafélag Njarðvíkur - Season 2022 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances I had forgotten how fast the seasons in Iceland go, but this was a good one! I think this club start out with a very good squad, and also great facilities, so it should be easier initially than many of the other clubs I've chosen before. And it was, actually. We were fighting in the top the whole season through, and in the end we won it ahead of Fjölnir. So we are going up and will compete in the top tier next season already. We are losing money quite rapidly though, so we do need to bring in more money to keep the club at this level. In the Deildabikar we won our group ahead of Akraness, Leiknir R., FH, Akureyrar, and Vestri to go through. Then we lost to Víkingur R. in the semi final. In the Bikarkeppni we beat Afturelding, Magni, ÍBV, and Vestri before losing to KR in the semi final. Youth A pretty good intake preview. And the intake was also quite good, and we can finally fill out the bench if we have injuries! This kid looks like the best of them, and should be a very nice defender for us. Statistics: U19s: They won the Icelandic U19 Division C and got promoted. Record Breakers: Most goals in a season: Helgi Þór Jónsson - 25 Most league goals in a season: Helgi Þór Jónsson - 19 Most goals in a match: Helgi Þór Jónsson - 4 Most goals in a league match: Helgi Þór Jónsson - 4 Most assists in a season: Sean de Silva - 18 Most clean sheets in a season: Hrannar Hlíðdal - 10 Most player of the match awards: Tómas Óskarsson - 5 Worst discipline: Einar Orri Einarsson - 12 yellow, 0 red Most league apps overall: Andri Fannar Freysson - 178 Most league goals overall: Andri Fannar Freysson - 43 Youngest player: Magnús Steingrímsson 22d - 15 years, 274 days Oldest player: Rúnar Gissurarson - 35 years, 213 days Fastest goal: Helgi Þór Jónsson - 2 minutes, 4 seconds Youngest goalscorer: Ólafur Bjarni Hákonarson - 22 years, 11 days Oldest goalscorer: Einar Orri Einarsson - 32 years, 269 days Trophy cabinet: Inkasso-deild karla - 1 (2022) Icelandic U19 Division C - 1 (2022)
  27. January 2021 Part 1 Finally Malcuit said yes. We are stacked on the RB position now. Mazraoui and Malcuit will battle for the spot. And if one get inhured, Hakimi is always there.
  28. All weekend I've been starting saves, messing around with datebase and leagues loaded for a journeyman save and not hardly played because couldnt settle on anything. This looks like something I could get my teeth into. 2 teams I was considering are in the leagues above . I just need to check media prediction if I can be them. Will post up tonight once I set up and decided who to start with.
  29. Alba gu Bràth The draw for the World Cup, China '62, has been made... Should be smooth sailing into the knock-out rounds
  30. Panetelikos Season 3 Update I feel like I have stagnated slightly this season, only getting to the quarters of the cup, had a collapse in league form towards the end of the season which resulted in me losing the league which I was very much in the race for. My youngsters are developing very well though so hopefully they will kick on next season, had to bring in mainly Greek players this season as I was short for the registration rules for Europe but they have surprised me
  31. International duty March 2023 New record ( 39 ) . A new face called up for GIB U19 : And GIB U21 :
  32. Development update - Class of 2022 March 2022: March 2023 (one year development): DNA average: increased 1.8 Technical average: increased 1.2 Mental average: increased 1.4 Physical average: increased 3.5 Total average: increased 2.1 This class improved in comparison with the class of 21 a lot. Details: No determination changes yet. Everybody inproved overall with 'Professional' Lake and 'Fickle' Salah as best students of this class at the moment. Lake: Conclusion : If i compare this with my first development update from Class 21, this is a big step to the right direction. I have to take a look why the determination attribute didn't change .
  33. Surprising they are up there with the big guys
  34. @bakben I don't, but there is no reason reasons not to have options eg Control tactic SUS Tactic Away tactic Plan B Plan C
  35. This has been discussed a million times before. No, the ME does not do this.
  36. Yes, without PIs like 'stay wider', a CM(a) will attack more straight up the pitch. But also, as you recognize, it's not the same as an IF(a), or a second striker, because the CM(a) comes from deeper, has more defensive responsibilities in the midfield and has linking responsibilities. Trequartista can attack the middle but is more a playmaker role, not really a solo-scorer role, and which is hard-coded to roam from position. It is a creative, ball magnet role - teammates are instructed to play the ball to him - that plays no defense. Kinda like an AP but who plays much less defense and when out of possession, roams around looking for space. A T can work in conjunction with another playmaker role, like a DLP, in a possession based system, but it can be complicated. The F9 system, with ED's edits, looks pretty good. Of course, any system relies upon the talents of your players. A striker with great acceleration, agility and finishing, but low vision and decision making will not be a great F9. Try it and see if it works.
  37. Paços de Ferreira Season 2 Hi so after completing the first part of the challenge in season 1 the Porto and Braga jobs both came up and i applied for both, but they went with more experienced managers so it was another season at Pacos. We got to the sixth round of the cup we won the season before and suffered an embarrassing exit to a team in the division below With us winning the Taca de Portugal in Season 1 we qualified for the Europa League Group Stages with our group containing Fenerbache, Villarreal and Ludogrets. we had some good wins (Beating Fenerbache 4-0 away, Villarreal 3-1 Home) but unfortunately never made it out of the group as we had 2 poor results v Ludogrets. We the went into the Europa Conference and beat Qarabag and Wolfsburg before A.Bilbao knocked us out us in the qtrs. I could off left for Sporting in around late March but wanted to finish season with Pacos as we was still in Europe so agreed a deal to join at the end of the season. As fate had it we ended the season 3rd beating myself and my new employers to the Champions League i was happy with the 2 seasons at Pacos, but was really gutted to leave this club behind as i grew attached to them. We also signed Ronning in January on a free who has been a great keeper suggest you check him out. Below are also finances (more transfer profit) and my manager profile on around time i was leaving Pacos. Season 3 Update to follow
  38. The Third Amendment In this section I would like to cover my in-game tweaks and game plans that vary from opponent to opponent. Ill discuss how I analyse opponents to devise plans, the season is however over and silly me has lost the screenshots of scouting reports so ill try my best without them. I will centre in on the bigger results of the season where small changes helped turn the game. I will keep it all nice and trim leading it on nicely to the final episode. The Results Final League table 2024 Third league title in a row. Rosenborg matched us as we broke the league points total. A phenomenal title race which seen the league won on goal difference. Only one league defeats all season was impressive and had it not be for a tendency to lose silly late goals at the end of each half it would have been more emphatic. Champions league group 2024 Qualification to the champions league was secured, after two big wins in eastern Europe we negotiated a tricky Salzburg tie the away goal getting the job done. Then I went on to qualify from the group with some inspired performances mainly at home which has become somewhat of a fortress. Tweaks Mentality switch First tweak is simple but effective but must be done correctly in order to work. 523 on attacking it sounds wild. The reason for the switch is in order for us to transition even quicker than before. This was employed against teams I knew I would lose the battle for position. When changing mentally its key to remember that it’s the biggest single change you can make due to the fact that it effects so much. This is why in the out of possession box certain things have changed. While we want the quicker transition, we don't want everything that comes with the more aggressive mentality this is when you have to use TI's to tailor it to what you do want. lower line of engagement is now in effect. higher defensive line is dropped. The reason being for this is yes, we want the higher tempo, more aggressive passing, and quicker transition, but I want our block to remain the same, so we still have space to attack. The mentality shift would have moved the block higher so through the use of the team instructions ive brought it back down a notch to match our block like the positive mentality. Odd 2-0 Dortmund 2024 Great example here in the home game against Dortmund at home, showing how quick the transition from defence to attack is. The press in the middle of the park works the LWB steals the ball find the RPM, He then slots the poacher through on goal who narrowly misses. The pace of the attack is frightening at catches the Dortmund back line out that has left space to exploit. Man Marking Plans Fullback MM 2024 I am afraid without my scouting screenshots this is the best I can do. I have placed the assumed roles under each fullback. On the scout report it was clear that the right-hand side was a natural overlap (WBA & IW). We are already outnumbered on the flanks so this poses a big problem for my LWB. My simple solution to this was applying a tight man marking scheme to the RB without weakening our full system. DLF Man mark specific player Bushiri on the player instruction screen Mark tighter ticked on the DLF in his player instruction screen Tight man marking always ticked on the full backs opponent instructions These three things allowed the DLF to mark a dangerous overlapping wingback out of the game completely leaving him with a rating of 5.7. The fact that the DLF drops deep already helps the matter but these instructions make it a proper job on the RB. DLF Man marking 2024 Man marking DLF 2024 Man marking DLF2 2024 Examples of Rasmussen tracking his man down as he looks overlap and head to the byline to cross. Now am not saying this purely won us the game but it blunted Rosenborg’s exploit side of their own overload massively. The man marking can however become a weapon as well...... Man marking PF 2024 This time around against Bodo/Glimt both the DLF & PF were giving man marking jobs. Due to the fact they played similar to Liverpool with attacking wing backs and a sitting centre mid. As you can see above the LWB didn’t break forward as much probably as he had to deal with the PF however, he has sold himself short in the turnover above. Another layer added here was the stay wider instruction given to the PF. Something that becomes much more useful in the final episode that follows this. Man marking goal 2024 The man marking role coupled with the stay wider becomes a weapon. The CB steps into midfield cuts the ball out lays to the RPM who with a launching killer ball finds the PF wrong side of his man and he fires into the far corner. The speed of attack again catches our opponent out. Final tweak Tweaked 343 2024 This system tweak was created for a few reasons but the main one was two stop teams that played down the flanks or have an incredible CMD so the DLF can help occupy him. It also gave us another option for overloading a different area. This is an in-game tweak I would never start like this, but I save it, so it is easy to switch to it. Every game I start with my base idea and watch on comprehensive to get a feel of things before changing, unless ive noted something from a scout report like the RB of Rosenborg earlier or a specific team shape. Front three changes to allow the DLF to be used for central overloads, PF's either side are designed as exploits but also workmen to shut down wing play. Focus play through middle and overlap each side to aid the overload (notice WB's on support to balance the defensive idea on flanks) The back three switches for the same reason the stoppers designed to help wing backs and the centre man becomes sweeper like. Focus play inside as it often used against teams who attack down the flanks and try force them inside to our overloaded area Tweaked attacking shape Salzburg 2024 DLF drops deep to overload with the two CMS in the black box The PF's and WB's in yellow are ready to exploit and burst into the space highlighted in green No major changes just a slight shift in focus and out now looks more promising after being over ran by Salzburg in the first 30 minutes. The change pays off.... Goal against Salzburg 2024 The centre back steals in to win the ball from the pass from Salzburg LB who has cut inside and tried to find the striker. The CB lays into the DLF who had dropped back to help out the midfield two. quick pass into the RPM and that signature switch is on to the unmarked PF on the right who is in acres of space due to the overcommitted left back. He takes his chance and ultimately, it’s the goal that sends us into the champions’ league group. Fake Scout report Milan 2024 Sorry its resorted to this to make up my fake scout reports. Looking at the shape of Milan it was clear that it would suit us much more to start with the tweaked shape. Due to the fact we could outnumber them with the central overload, where the middle centre back would either be dragged out or allow us to outnumber them. Another reason was the power they had on the wings, the stoppers could help press the wide forwards. However, the fact they had very attacking wing backs meant our pressing forwards and wing backs could get at them in the space they would leave, and if we transition quickly, it could be devastating. Defensive shape Milan 2024 Our shape as AC Milan attack down our right hand side ive highlight a few key areas ill bullet point each one. Green zone the space left exploit if we can turnover Yellow players both PF's left 1v1 ready to attack the green zone White zone the DLF tracking back but isn't followed by the Milan number 4 so has space to get on ball if won back Red zones the defensive cover on the front three of Milan Blue the cover centre back who can either help the RWB if there is a switch or can drop behind to sweep the space Transition from defence to attack Milan 2024 As you can see in the clip above, the RPM wins the ball back and finds the DLF who is now pressed by number 4, he offloads to the CM(D) who works the ball forward and link with the PF and who then lays back to the RPM unfortunately he is fouled, and the move is stopped. But a clear indication of how the altered shape transitions and shows its strengths and weakness especially against a system its suits. First goal Milan 2024 The last of the positive points. I clear example of how the fast counter in the tweaked shape can pay off as the pressing forwards combine well on their last men and make it 1-0 to the Norwegian side. Downsides I can’t show all their great positives of the system without showing of some of its faults. It of course a risky strategy even if I deem it as being a counter attacking type tactic. You have to balance risk and reward. This shows there isn’t a perfect system out there, I often think people are searching for that. A miracle system that works in every situation. It simply doesn’t exist and neither it should cause it doesn’t in real life. Every system has strengths and weaknesses and its key to identify them so you can look out for problems if you don’t you het hammered like I did on these occasions. Summary Again, thanks for reading and supporting the thread its appreciated. I am by no means a guru just trying to show people how I see the game. I hope this gives people some idea how to tweak a system for certain occasions to help get them much desired results. I have one more episode where I pull all three ideas together and go back closer to the original system with all the things that I learned from the first three league title wins.
  39. Decided to try out a save in Denmark, went for FC Nordsjaelland, disabled the first transfer window.. They have an insane number of prospects, really difficult to fend off the attentions of bigger clubs. Just finished the first season:- The transfer business first season - The sale of Kofod to Lyon was a blow. This man is a beast Atanga is a class act at this level, great stats despite stropping for the 2nd half of the season after I turned down bids for him Onto the 2nd season, just played first two league games, here's the summer business, got Richards on a 2 year loan The squad
  40. I understand that FM definitions will not align exactly with their real world equivalents but they should be at least broadly in line for both the FME and QME. It is important that FME and QME give similar results so that scouting/search comparisons are not rendered useless. I created a new save following the release of 21.4 and ran a full season Premier League using Full Match Engine and again using the Quick Match Engine. I then extracted full season stats for each team and compared the FME results with the QME and 19/20 Premier League "equivalent" stats when available: The game is not broken and unplayable but for players who like the immersion and use stats when comparing/scouting players etc there are clearly still issues between the FME and QME; some of which, no doubt, feed in to players ratings too.
  41. It's not about 'handling a game with issues' it is the massive amount of regressions they introduce, plus unfortunate new ones. They broke a shedload of fully functional features (listed above by another user and that's only partial) and did not fix them and will leave them broken for an entire calendar year or more. I guess I don't play enough games to know if this is the norm or not, but no piece of software I've used or been part of making could get away with that. A feature isn't accepted and released to the public if you introduce obvious behavioral changing regressions: FM21 is chock full of them. I can assume the only evaluation of a successful FM version is units sold, so as long as we keep buying - as you point out - we're going to get what we pay for. With FM22 possibly coinciding with a return to our vaccinated new-normal world, maybe they'll see a big enough hit in sales to do something about it, or maybe another beta-level quality version will get rolled out as GA.
  42. In the next update I'm going to look even more deeply into how well the AI 'manages' resources. I've put together a couple of additional measures to do this: The first takes each club's reputation each season and compares this to their Genie Scout team rating in order to provide a reputation/quality correlation; basically a figure that demonstrates the relationship between these two numbers: are clubs building teams that are commensurate with their reputation? Are they using their reputation effectively to become better? The second is a 'return on assets' calculation which takes the total playing squad value of each club each season and divides this by their 'return' (i.e., the amount of league points the team accrues); this figure presents the basic yield that each club is getting out of the assets available to them. Alongside the 'cost per point' calculations, the total expenditure figures and the individual 'return on investment' analysis of signings, we can start to develop a broad picture of which clubs are performing 'well' and which aren't. I hope that people who are dipping into this are finding it interesting... I did warn it would be one for the stats nerds!!
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