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  1. Wits University - Season 2025/26 Transfers I + Transfers II + Released // Media Prediction Upgrades/Downgrades TF Good > Average CAF Super Cup Started the season with the victory of the CAF Super Cup again. League Cup & MNT Cup Results // KO Tree Next up was the MTN cup, which complete the set of silverware in RSA. Results // KO Tree Didnt really care about the league cup. National Cup Results // KO Tree Once again, didnt care. I played a rotated team.
  2. FC Novokuznetsk - Season 2034/35 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Finally! Every good things come after the 12th time! We are promoted to the 2nd tier of Russian football! This season was a very good one, and we needed that after being close for a few seasons now. I'm not sure we will be able to stay up, but I really hope this will help with the finances, since we are really in a pickle now! In the Kubok Rossii we beat Dnepr Smolensk and SKA Rostov to reach the 4th round. We finished 3rd behind Zvezda Perm and Akhmat and got knocked out. Youth Another good l
  3. ACN Siena 1904 - 2039/40 Youth Intake Our latest youth intake has arrived and things look rather promising to say the least, if only all of the personalities were better. Another Austrian, but this guy can play both full back positions and a right winger, which I am starting to use again. He has potential to do well. The best player in current ability, who has a very interesting look about him. Can play as a Shadow Striker in the attacking midfielder as well. He's really well rounded, but he wouldn't be in the first team at the moment. Another striker
  4. We done the double! (well the u20's did ) Season 7 review After a mammoth 71 games the season is finally over. A decent performance overall albeit with slightly fewer points than last year. We finished 10th and clinched our place in South America's second continental competition. Sao Paulo state championship Another quarter final exit. This isn't seen as that important, though I'd still like to win it, but with 5 of the best 7 teams in the first division competing, it's difficult. We also literally have 6 days to prepare for it after our players return from their end of sea
  5. Small update: Don't worry, I haven't gone underground. Haha. Africa is done and is already being tested extensively and the UEFA folder already contains 11 files. ^^
  6. Wits University - Youth Intake 2026 Decent intake, which is adding some depth in the midfield. Im a bit disappointed, that we got such a limited amout of nations. I expected atleast one dutch man... Intake Map - 2026: Intake Map - All Time:
  7. Having default tactics is absolutely required. Firstly for people who are new to the game and feel overwhelmed by choices, and secondly for players who have neither the time nor the motivation to do a lot tactically. People who post regularly on the tactics forums have long noted that the preset tactics are, quite frankly, really poorly made tactics that absolutely do not help people. They present a misleading representation of how you should build a tactic, and they are so chocked full of TIs that there is no way you could work out what is doing what. They need to be minimalized at the
  8. Offsides statistics drop because strikers do not play at the last line of defenders anymore. Runs are now made from wide areas and strikers are now more involved in build up play than ever. It has very little to do with teams playing low blocks. Low blocks are not invented recently in the last 10 years. Low blocks, mid blocks and high blocks differs in what area of the pitch do you plan to win the ball back because as you have said defensive lines continually adjust according to the position of the ball. One reason that was speculated is players at that time were not as fit as p
  9. I've been playing just too much monster hunter, so here's a tiny update: 2024/2025 Intake: And the Top Prospect: Yet another midfielder who cant cross or finish, just give me another striker or like, a wide midfielder please. Still, could be worse. Now here's the updated graphs:
  10. Catching up. Incredible work at zwolle and now onto a very different challenge. Not somewhere I’ve ever had the slightest hint to try. So intrigued to see how it plays out
  11. Odds Bk Chasing Glory September 2025 Bad start to the month as Rossbach takes a sore one but, gives a chance to Harvard Hetle to step up and show he is ready to fight the Odd icon for the jersey. Better news as Rosenberg drop points in their first game of the month! Aga draws closer to being Odds record league scorer. His consistency has dropped off in recent times, however he still offers Nesselquist a great option for playing on the last man. Nice to see two clinical finishes from deadly balls in behind a real feature throughout Nesselquist’s ten
  12. It’s easy to forget just how good Rooney was back then. Pretty much the complete footballer.
  13. I don't know why people seem to be obsessed with traits. I know they can be useful but if you change your style of play they could become a problem for you so I don't tend to train them or I train the basic ones
  14. 2024/25 - Yate Town - Conference South League Summary (1st, promoted as Champions) After being unable to get out of this league in umpteen attempts on FM20, we went and did it at the first time of asking this time around. In terms of recruitment, I opted for quality over quantity, only signing two first XI players and renewing two loans, preferring to trust the players that had gotten us promoted in the first place. This approach worked as it meant there was no time needed to gel, and we very quickly rose to the top few spots in the table (after an opening day draw, w
  15. I am so happy at my first club, we managed to win the European Conference League in our 2nd season and the Turkish Cup in the 3rd season eventually building enough reputation to become a top half side.
  16. Season Summary: Good Fortune, Defying expectations and Tactical Analysis What a finish. Based on mid-season review I was fairly confident of securing European football for next season, but a shot at getting into the CL is a phenomenal achievement. As can be expected the dominant three in the Bundesliga secured the three automatic places (see previous post league table). What really occurred was however, was huge misfortune to one of my main rivals for European qualification. At the half-way stage, I was in fifth and the big-guns were mis-firing whilst FC Freiburg were fl
  17. I'm playing as Schalke, creating a version of this system and I'm hoping Juventus send West McKennie back as I'm looking to use him in the Tevez role.
  18. Grenoble Foot 38 March 2031 : Regular Season "Take it on the Run" With the League positions slipping away due to uneven play....Gerard decided to change from his usual nice if it happens in the cups to prioritizing them. March would be busy with seven fixtures. Four in the League, Two in the Europa League and One Coupe de France Semi-Final versus PSG! Schedule Highlights The month began with the team again traveling to the "Death Star" this time for a Coupe de France Semi-Final against PSG. of course the hosts were everybody's favorites to
  19. So, it’s year 2053. Alexey Lebedev, the best ever goalscorer of international football, has retired from playing. He scored 642 goals during his career in all competitions (both club and international), won all the continental cups (even the Conference League with CSKA in 2052) and major tournaments with national team. Also he scored goals in five World Cups (16 overall, equal with Klose) and four Euros (25 overall) and became the only Russian player in 21st century to win the Golden Ball. Obviously one of the best players I have ever managed in any FM, and by far the best one who ca
  20. Panetolikos FC | Competitions | Team | Transfers | Season 2021/22 (2nd Season) Season Review: Again we had a very good season as we even surpassed the achievement from the last season with 3rd place in the league competition. We played in the Europa Conference League as well finishing 2nd in our Group with Leverkusen, Astana, and Lokomotivi Tbilisi. We beat Servette in the 1st knockout round before we were eliminated from the competition in the 2nd knockout round against Aberdeen. The cream of the crop was the Greek Cup final against Panathinaikos. We beat them comfortably with
  21. The Weird Man Who Conquered Europe Details Below I am someone who enjoys reading about managers and tactical styles from older eras. When reading about Total Football earlier in the year I ended up reading about an Austrian manager Ernst Happel. Ernst Happel: The 'Weird Man' Who Conquered European Football and Helped Shape the Modern Game | 90min He like a lot of great managers have been forgotten as time has moved on, his career has inspired me to start a challenge and I hope others think it would be good and get involved. Here is a look at at what Happel ach
  22. I have been playing FM for the best part of 2 decades now, and international management is a consistently overlooked part of the game. I still see a lot of people managing nations and enjoying it (I have done a lot of it too) and I am sure it would be far more popular if more thought was put into it. Some suggestions from my end below: - there needs to be more speculation & discussion about squad announcements - more direct interaction with players - for example I should be able to tell a player not getting games at his club that he needs to move in order to get back into th
  23. When I look at my Scouting assignments it's not clear what they are. I have to open every Single one to see what it is. It only shows the location. Maybe the assignment can be added to the overview? For example, it only shows Brasil, but I'm Scouting for young talent, but it doesn't show that.
  24. Following a comment I made on another Forum, and the response provided by a member of the SI staff, I am adding this post to this form as well. In the 2021 version of FM Touch (I play on iOS), I can no longer (among other things, this list is not exhaustive) do the following: offer competition bonuses to players during contract negotiations put in an expiry date for a release clause offer different types of release clause (e.g. for clubs in a higher division or those playing in a continental competition) offer players a sell on % of any profit made in their
  25. I guess the team wants to end it the right way. The rematch.
  26. My initial plan had been to try and turn Vaduz into a powerhouse with a bunch of incredible Liechtensteiners. In the base game, the Swiss Challenge League is the lowest available tier. My Reserve, U21, and U18 sides don't take part in the Swiss league system so they only play friendlies. We have an affiliation with Liechtenstein U18 which does participate in a Swiss U18 competition, but they have a no over 18 players in the match day squad rule and obviously I have no influence over their facilities, staff, or training. So after seeing some of Daljit's Weird Man Journeyman videos with Ka
  27. February 2024 - Standing On A Managerial Precipice Before I begin a recounting of the rolelrcoaster that was February there's the small matter of finishing a Transfer Window. Just one more new face came in in my efforts to replace the very influential Allan Hauguel. Please welcome Pétange's very only Brazilian regen, Eduardo Feijão. Eduardo is very a promising center back/midfield option that came to the club's attention via the efforts of his agent in trying to get Eduardo a move. I offered the young man a trial and he impressed me enough to earn his chance in Europe. He's on a good
  28. Grenoble Foot 38 April 2031 : Regular Season "The Agony of Defeat" After the good run in the cups in March, Gerard had contented himself that GF38 could salvage the season with trophy. There was a good chance in the Coupe de France and a much slimmer one in Europa League, but their were chances. In fact he took solace in knowing that GF38 on its day especially with Eduardo Pires was capable of beating anyone! The problem this season seemed to be complacency from both the players and the manager when playing "smaller" teams. The month ahead was another busy one with SEVEN fixtur
  29. I hate being reliant on one player for goals, but when one guy is so good it's so hard not to lean on them. I had Ings at Southampton be like that in fm19 - he was deadly when on form - but, well, he got injured a lot and it was a struggle without him.
  30. Maccabi Tel Aviv - April 2025 This title is ours to lose, and apparently these players want to do just that. Losing to Maccabi Haifa allowed them to close the gap further, and three players incurred a week's fine for their terrible performances. Juan Manuel Gutierrez hit back with a brace to win next time out, but since then we've been awful. There's no effort or commitment being shown, just weak, lazy showings. Five points from a possible 12 is nowhere near good enough. ------------------------------- Hapoel Be'er Sheva have fallen away, but Maccabi Haifa have overtaken th
  31. Hi Everyone, My online Platform is going Live tonight and i'll have an episode from each of the two saves I'm running on youtube. Feel free to PM me for a link as I'm still waiting to get an all clear from the Moderators to post a link and video in here. In one of the saves I'll be using the most up to date version of the tactic starting properly in the lower leagues. Have a great weekend everyone
  32. End Of The Road This is it. After spending 12 seasons at PEC Zwolle the time has finally come to say goodbye. I had a fantastic time here and made experiences most can only dream of in football. But now is not the time to be sad or melancholic, it is time to take a look at what we have achieved in the last 12 seasons: We won the Eredivisie 5 times We won the KNVB Beker 2 times Fiete Arp won the Top Scorer award 6 times We made it to the Europa League final but lost to Chelsea A look at the club in general and how much the setup has improved during t
  33. Season Summary Milovanovic and Arp did play every game of the season, thats also an achievement! Scoring 44 goals in as many games is, too. Gabrijelic finally won his first caps for Croatia, Rambert declared himself eligible to play for Holland and Arp still has not been invited to the national team of Germany. All in all, another great season for PEC Zwolle! More important news to follow soon.
  34. More losses than wins, but it was a bit bound to happen for a newly promoted teams. Bad aspect is that we scored only in to matches, and struggled a bit on it. We are out of the Cup after losing at bottom placed Sampdoria, and only won two matches against Cagliari and Sampdoria. We slipped down in the table but we are still not really threated by relegation.
  35. I had to wait all the way until the 15th of Jan for another job, but it was a job I had been looking at for a number of years. Torino. I love this club but for maybe the wrong reasons. I like the fact that they have always been in the shadow of the bigger team in the city. I also enjoy learning about the issues they have had throughout the years from Superga to the issues the players like Gigi Meroni have had. I find this club in a time of a few issues. They are still in Serie A but have done absolutely nothing of note finishing no higher than 13th. I would love to return them to Il Grande Tor
  36. Hi everyone, Latvian Virsliga governance Latvijas Futbola Virslīga made patch to make Virsliga playable. To be honest - they done good job with all real players, logos, player pictures, journalists, etc. Available to download via Virsliga official home page: https://optibetvirsliga.com/footballmanager At the moment they did only top tier. 2nd and 3rd divisions are playable but not 100% authentic. They said they will contact SI to try to make it official for next years FM but will see if it happens.
  37. Just starting this challenge after completing the *Ultimate Challenge*. I wanted somewhere I could stay for more than a couple seasons and build, which hopefully I can here! Not a bad start for a team predicted to finished 12th. (Possibly 11th, I can't remember). Either way, it was the bottom half! Two big losses already....6-1 vs Ajax & AZ. No wage budget available. I think the owner is retiring by the end of the season....I can only hope!
  38. So a rare occasion when a wide player isnt closed down and can get a cross in.....so shoots from an impossible angle despite 3 men available:
  39. 34:50 vs Arsenal Dier passes to Kane: Kane can either turn or pass short to midfielders Instead dawdles and passes it back to Dier (not a BPD) Dier hoofs it long to nobody and possession lost- what is the point of this passage of play when Dier may as well have done this in the first place? It feels that a lot of things on comprehensive highlights are just filler to fill time. Arsenal v Tottenham.pkm
  40. How does this translate to modern-day Man United? One of the core concepts of the United 2006-2009 side was how balanced it was in terms of player quality and flexibility. The current Manchester United side is imbalanced in both quality and ability, so changes are needed over the next few windows. Some aggressive moves in the market (creating enemies in the likes of Lindelof as a result) have allowed me to rebuild the centre back partnership with Skriniar and Gimenez , the latter will also train as a right back in order to add more flexibility and give me more of a Wes Brown type full bac
  41. This could be construed as a bug, but it effectively comes down to a lack of options in the editor. You can create a stadium set to be built in future, and set a % chance for a team to move there, but you can't actually set a % chance of it being built in the first place. This results in an issue that can be seen below, where St Pats are still planning a new stadium, but it has already been built and other teams are using it for their matches (whilst they build a stadium of their own). Although this particular example was constructed using the editor, it can occur naturally in
  42. I know that I am not the only that adds 'Current Ability', 'Potential Ability' to the default 'People View' every year, so to save us a little a bit of time I would like more views. Not only for the 'People' section, but for 'Nations', 'Clubs' etc
  43. The in game editor lets you change the stadium capacity but maybe it should have a box where you can tick the kind of stadium style you want it to generate. "4 side", "3 side", "2 side", "1 side", or "pitch and a parking lot". Right now the game see's "1000 seated" and assumes "stands in a stadium" and at the lower levels, where I mostly play, that's almost never the case. A stadium editor would be nice but maybe this add-on to the in game editor would be a simpler fix.
  44. Agree with this and to add further, a scouting pool view would also be helpful, since with the current view I have no way to see how many players are left for my scouts to observe. (e.g. when I scout 40 players at once)
  45. I just want to say that the "in between highlights" screen is the biggest waste of space I have seen in FM ever. The dugout feed was completly blank all game and just have a look at what information appeared on my screen and where. 1. Information should appear in the centre of the screen as much as possible since that is where the human eye tends to focus on 2. The in between highlights screen should provide all (or at least a lot) of information about the current match This edition is so much better that the previous one in every single regard, but the match day experience.
  46. I've noticed so many things that still havent been fixed i just don't get it i've reported these things along with many others about the bugs but not one of them apart from the training schedules as been fixed, what's the point in getting us to report them if they ain't going to get fixed there is still even a bug from FM20 the opposition tactics pitch the players positions are still out of position like the Attacking mid being in the center mid position, i'm giving up reporting things That bug is from 2020 in the pic i've posted is from 2020 and still in 21 that ain't good SI what's goi
  47. The aim of this challenge is to conquer the world with both FC Balzers and Liechtenstein by ultimately winning the Champions League with the club and the World Cup with the country. For those unfamiliar with the challenge, it is based on the old San Marino Challenge but rather than being based in Italy, it is based in the Swiss football league system as that is where all Liechtenstein clubs play their football. Most people try this challenge with Vaduz who are in the 2nd tier and already professional, FC Balzers are a semi-professional team in the 4th tier. 2 reasons why this is HARD
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