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  1. Sannois SG 2029-2030 Great season for the young guns. Just three league defeats after the turn of the year and we were rewarded with our best ever Ligue 2 placing. In the Ligue 2 Promotion Playoff Semi-Final, we overcame an early goal from EA Guingamp and won comfortably 4-1, thanks to a brace from captain Julien Sere 22b. We met SM Caen in the Ligue 1 / Ligue 2 Playoff. The first leg at home and we came away with a 2-0 victory. Julien Sere 22b again with a brace of goals. Witnessed by a record attendance of 8,000. In the return leg, SM Caen are by far the better team. They level the scores and take the tie into extra-time before scoring the winner. Heartbreak. In the French Cup, we had a comfortable win in the eighth round before falling to Troyes in the ninth round. Julien Sere 22b, Yaya Toure 26e and Brahim Amari 22d take most of the plaudits once again. Our most talented guys in terms of ability would have to be Youssoufa Mbock 26c, Matteo Lux 26a and Mohamed Fernandez 23c. Huge over achievement this year and would love to predict a similar finish but it will take a lot to get over the last gasp disappointment. Hopefully we can push on and make the big leagues.
  2. £210 was "too good". The very next article: So my moronic chairman blocks his own "too good" to refuse offer. What a melt.
  3. Widzew Lodz (FM20) Season 12 (2031-32) - Review The Widzew Invincibles On the pitch Starting 11 Domestic: PKO Eksrtaklasa - 1st, Cup - 1st Round. Finished the league season unbeaten (first time I have achieved this in FM for a few years) and with a higher goal difference than points. Knocked out of the cup by our fierce local rivals after fielding a rotated team. Big spending Legia continue to spend (£46m this season) and sack their managers (they appointed a former Germany national coach this time). We were a bit fortunate this season because Legia made the final of the Europe Conference League and fielded players at 70-80% condition in our couple of games against them at the end of the season, the scheduling in Poland is crazy in the last few weeks of the season - you need a deep squad. Europe: UEFA Champions League - 1st Knockout Round. Still some way off being able to compete in Europe but happy to have scraped through the group stage again. Game of the season Off the pitch Youth intake A fairly poor intake this year and over the last three seasons. I don't think it will make much difference but Kuyt will probably be replaced as HoYD when my replacement (a reserve team coach at the club) has finished his latest coaching course. Players 2031 Intake Top players SUMMARY
  4. ACN Siena 1904 Season 2036/37 Review So I'm writing this a few days after the season has ended so I feel completely disconnected from it, however I know it was a struggle. We got relegated which was expected and is fine, but it was tough getting hammered on almost a weekly basis. I feel like the squad are two years away from being able to compete in Serie A so hopefully we can bounce back and finally solidify in Serie A The youth intake looks good not quite labelled golden generation but an excellent group of players nonetheless. We have an exciting attacking midfielder who might prompt a change in formation when the time comes to bleed him in. Our training facilities are on the way to State of the Art. Beautiful. Still waiting on the youth facilities but the board are dragging their feet/the option isn't available to select yet No job offers thrown my way this year. I believe in my sauce though so I know they'll be back 'another quaalude and they will love me in the morning' - Scarface reference Hoping with Easter upon us to have time to push forward a few years and really get into the business end of this challenge soon Challenge: Squad League Table Transfers Key Players: Lino Melzi 26A Ernesto Tartaglia 23D Yari Colombini 25B Youth Intake: Preview Actual Manager: Profile Attributes Jobs: None Extra: Finances Moments
  5. I'm realising that the possibility of losing Landi to the Premier League is a very real deal now. I've finished my 17th season at the club and this is the offer I get given. What a time to be alive. Makes me wonder if Man City will keep an eye on my club for more players like Landi in the future...
  6. South Shields Season 2035/36 Review - Championship League - What to say? On paper another solid season. Top 10 again, 70+ points again but my god am I frustrated here. We should have been top 6 easily I think, we finally have the goal scorers to fire us but our defence was awful this year but we did have a 17 game unbeaten run taking us to 4th spot just 3 points off of 2nd place with 9 games to go. We then lost 8 of those (7 in a row to end the season) as we fell apart. Goals dried up and defenders just stood there and waved players past them. Didn't matter if we played a top side or a bottom side they smashed us. No matter what I did we just did nothing, bunch of mentally weak dickheads, I hate them all. League Cup - A nice little early season run here against lower league sides before Forest smashed us FA Cup - Forest knocked us out of this as well. Smashed us again. Transfers - No sales this year but lots of loans Squad - I shouldn't be too harsh really as we're punching well above our weight and have by far the youngest squad in the league but can't help but be annoyed by them at times. Our front 3 scored over 50 goals this year but our defence just offered very little. The big problem (aside from a midfield that is so inconsistent I have no idea from game to game what they're going to offer - either great or get a 6.2 rating) is at left back, we have produced 1 good one in 15 seasons and we were forced to sell him a few years back, since then we've been making do but it's really hurting us, only players we have got to play there are national level players at best, I just want 1 player able to play there, is that really too much to ask for? We have like 9 right backs 22 and under, trained a couple to play left back so maybe I'll give one of them a try next season Finances - pretty bad, we lost 9m this season, will likely have to sell someone this summer if we can though we do move to a new ground this summer so hoping the extra income (it's nearly 15K compared to our current 5k ground) might help a little Youth Intake - Probably the only bright spot this season, could actually be a real golden generation from my new HYOD with 6 players tagged Charlie Pearce 36A - a decent looking two footed CB, we need someone to break through at CB as our captain has peaked and hoping Charlie will be the guy Padraig Lynch 36B - Quite like him as a ball winner in our midfield Mubarak Idowu 36C - my coaches think he's a playmaker but not with that passing and vision for me, think he'll be a decent box to box for us Ney 36D - our 1st ever Brazilian! Nice little playmaker in waiting Rick Lyons 36E - really like this guy, probably should have got a higher tagging looking at it now but think he's going to be a class playmaker Kris Boagey 36F - our coaches rate him highly and I see why, just doesn't suit our setup right now though Career Overview Season League Position Youth Recruitment Youth Coaching Notes & Achievements 2021/22 VNLN 5th Adequate Adequate First coaching badge 2022/23 VNLN 2nd Adequate Good Promoted via playoffs, FA Trophy runners up 2023/24 VNL 16th Average Excellent 2nd coaching badge 2024/25 VNL 12th Average Excellent 3rd coaching badge 2025/26 VNL 6th Average Excellent Promotion via playoffs 2026/27 League Two 1st Good Exceptional Promotion as champions 2027/28 League One 11th Good Exceptional 2028/29 League One 14th Good Exceptional 2029/30 League One 7th Good Exceptional 2030/31 League One 1st Good Exceptional Promoted as champions. Completed all coaching badges 2031/32 Championship 18th Excellent Exceptional 2032/33 Championship 8th Excellent Exceptional 2033/34 Championship 7th Excellent Exceptional Training ground upgrade, Academy up level 3, new ground announced 2034/35 Championship 6th Excellent Exceptional Lost in playoff semi finals 2035/36 Championship 9th Excellent Exceptional
  7. Boom! 4,096 travelling non-League FC United of Manchester fans celebrate a last minute winner over League 1 Coventry at the Ricoh Arena, coming from a goal behind in the 4th Round of the FA Cup. This unassuming goal set up the biggest mismatch I have ever been involved with. The story so far.. Enjoying underdog status, FC United of Manchester are comfortably out performing their predicted 19th place finish and expectation to avoid relegation in the Vanarama National League North. I think I may be using a dodgy update as Yeovil are suspiciusly in the Vanarama National League North In the cup, we have enjoyed emphatic wins against other non-league sides and then edged past Coventry. The squad is a motley crew of football league academy outcasts with a couple of non-league journeymen comprised entirely of free transfers and with a total wage of £9,258 per week. The long-term objective for this save is to implement a high-intensity press with very quick transitions, however - as you can see - we certainly don't even have the basic building blocks in place. So instead we play a balanced, well-organised style of play aimed at playing to our strengths and counter-acts some of our weaknesses. Right now, the squad does not have the work rate or fitness to press aggressively nor does it have the concentration, anticipation or overall defensive quality to play a low block and withstand a constant barrage. As a result, we play an organised medium block and a solid defensive shape. The number of players assigned Support duties creates compactness and makes the team defend collectively as a unit, which you can see from the mentality distribution: 10 10 10 10 10 4 10 4 4 10 4 The biggest difference I notice between non-league squads and the world class sides I normally play as the capability of the fullbacks/wingbacks and the effect this has on our tactics. It's well documented that the fullback positions is one of the most important in the modern game, and that has seen the most evolution. In many cases top level fullbacks are given responsibility for an entire flank, creating width and freeing more advanced players to come inside. This is simply too much for our fullbacks. I played one friendly where I asked them to get forward with Logan and Donohue on opposite wings and it was a disaster. They couldn't get forward quick enough so attacks lacked width, then they couldn't get back which left gaping holes in defence, then they nearly died of exhaustion. My solution has been to split these responsibilities between the winger and fullback. The winger stays wide and creates width whilst the fullbacks cover the space behind them. This flat back 4 plus Anchor Man gives us the the freedom to allow Dyson and Wallen to get forward and support attacks. The most elaborate tactical element of this side is that we ask the wingbacks to play narrow and come inside so our attacking shape is actually a 2-3-5. Rather than relying on individual quality, our strength is a compact and organised defence and then a quick transition to a direct attack when the ball is won. Preparing for Manchester City We know how a Pep Guardiola Manchester City are going to play. They're going to play a 4-3-3, they're going to dominate possession and they're going to press aggressively. I've never actually seen an AI Guardiola pull off wingers and inverted wingbacks so most likely the wingbacks are going forward and the inside forwards coming in. As a minimum, we have to be prepared to defend against a 2-3-5 attacking shape. Time to disregard my earlier comment about playing a low block - we're going to play with our backs to the wall for the full 90 minutes The first - and most obvious - change is that we now play Highly Structured, Defensive football. Not how I want to play long term, but horses for courses. The knock on effect of this is that our wingers must play with an Attack duty, in order to maintain any sort of attacking threat. In turn, we balance this by adding Look for Overlap (increases mentality of fullbacks and decreases mentality of wingers) and Exploit the Flanks (further increases mentality of fullbacks). Preferred this over Attacking fullbacks as we really don't want them going too far forward. The mentality structure is now: 10 11 8 8 11 1 11 1 1 11 1 Our defensive strategy is to let Otamendi and San Jose have the ball. This gives us a 2-man advantage over the rest of the team. From the top down: Edwards tightly man marks Rodri to disrupt their build up play and make it more difficult for him to recycle possession. Logan and Donohue tightly man mark Walker and Mendy. It's important that I want them to track them all the way back to prevent our fullbacks being overloaded. Dyson and Wallen no longer get forward they're on De Bruyne and Gundogan but zonally marking the space in front of the defence rather than being pulled around by their undoubted movement. Adu-Peprah and Egan stay narrow and hold position to occupy the space Bernardo Silva and Aguero are going to be trying to get into. O'Halloran, Graham and Barkworth create a tight DC-DC-DM triangle playing 3 vs 1 against Gabriel Jesus leaving him no space to drop deep or get in behind and leaving spare men to guard against movement from the rest of Man City's attack. In attack, our only real hope is to get Logan and Donohue into space Walker or Mendy might leave and catch Man City with a quick transition or - of course - sneaking a set piece. The 6-3-1 Defensive Shape First thing's first: When the ball is higher up the field, our main objective is to create enough pressure to prevent a quick break allowing our defence to get into position. As the Mancester City build up advances, we take up a compact 2 banks of 4 with Barkworth occupying the space between the lines and Edwards occupying Rodri. Many who have followed my previous threads will have read a lot about attacking shapes. Particularly the well-documented 2-3-5 shapes of Liverpool and Manchester City and the recent emergence of the 3-1-6 which I enjoyed using with Benfica. This time, as Manchester City advance further, we take up almost an inversion of that shape in something of a 6-3-1. ..even sometimes a 6-1-3-0 Can you guess I came up with this watching Atleti play Chelsea? We forced Manchester City wide by shutting down the centre, crossing into a crowded box. ..or even resorting to uncharacteristically long balls. Otherwise however, we prevented them from creating a key chance through the middle. After a heart-stopping 96 minutes of football.. The Replay In a stroke of good fortune, the replay was scheduled amid a hectic run of important Premier League and Champions League games for Manchester City which stretched their squad thinly. As a result, we faced a weakened Manchester City team. The only defensive weakness I noticed in the last match was the mis-match between the defensive ability of Logan and Donohue and the attacking ability of Mendy and Walker meaning sometimes they either beat or escaped their marker to get dangerous balls into the box. In response to this we reinforced the flanks by dropping Barkworth back into defence. This meant we had 3 centrebacks which meant the fullbacks had extra cover should they need to support the winger in defence. The knock on effect of this was that we no longer had our Anchor Man in midfield, so Wallen and Dyson dropped deeper to play as a double pivot. The mentality structure becomes: 10 11 3 3 11 11 3 1 3 11 1 Tactically, the game played out in much the same way. However this time, the game unfolded into an absolute epic. Firstly, the unthinkable happened. We scored. Even from our goal you can see we only have 3 men forward, keeping 7 back. Then, Kyle Walker got a red card for a tackle from behind. THEN, Manchester City got a penalty in the 80th minute and this happened. THEN - just as I started to think we'd done it, THIS happened. After camping in our box through extra time, the game went to penalties. More heroics from Allinson. Finally, Michael Donohue - with his 4 in Penalty Taking and 2 in Bravery - had the chance to step up and become a hero. Thank you for reading. Hopefully you enjoyed this different style of thread. In particular, this is one for those who have been asking to showcase a more defensive style of football, making tweaks for specific opponents, playing in England and not playing as one of the Benfica's, Barcelona's or Ajax's of the world. Finally, hopefully someone at SI reads this and understands an element which has been taken away with the removal of team shape and can hopefully get the tactics creator back into better shape for future versions
  8. End Of Season Review 2023 Transfers // Released // Media Prediction Upgrades: Nat B Badge YR Good > Excellent YC Good > Excellent State Championship Did our homeworks and won the SC again. Results Groups // Semi Final // Final Copa Do Nordeste We did not survived the group....we had a really rediculous bad draw... We had four Serie A team in our group...in group B non. Results // Groups // KO Tree Copa Do Brasil We managed to get into the 4th round of the cup. This gave us a lot of prize money. Sao Paulo won the cup this year. Results // KO Tree Sèrie B We lost the last game of the season, but so did Bahia. Results I // Results II Back to Back promotions. The youth setup cost us 180k a months...Idk if we can stay on that. We make roughly 150-160k a month from gates and TV money and we lose roughly 150k in wages etc. I think we can barely survive next season, but it will be hard. Alex Murici will retiring...so no perfect free kicks and corners... Also Guilherme Lobo leaves us on a free to Potugal. I could've sold him for 70k or he secures us promotion. Murici and Lobo Top 5 Regens:
  9. Vikeologist's 23rd Folkestone Intake Report (and 19th Intake Review) I was worried from the preview that this would be a bad intake (possibly with a fantastic goalie that I’d never utilise), but actually this isn’t too bad. However it doesn’t have the one position I need which is a new left winger. I turned down a huge offer for my starter in that position this season because I don’t have a plan (or player) B. Alan Bradley 23a – It was a toss up who to make my ‘a’, but Bradley appears on top when I sort by potential (according to my HoYD who has no potential spotting ability). He’s a bit short. Graham Cattell 23b – A right winger, but alternatively I could use him as a right back. Unlikely to feature in the first team in either role soon, but who knows? Unflappable media handling, which maybe suggests a high pressure attribute. YP19 Review Shaun Clarke 19a – Talking of right wingers, Shaun is currently my 3rd choice in that role. He does get some sub appearances, and I probably should start regarding it as a 3 way battle and give him more starts. My coach with the highest JPP rates him more highly than consensus. These reviews can really focus the mind. Andy Blackwell 19b – I’d assumed Blackwell was the ‘a’. He is a really good central defender who I sold because his contract was running out this summer and he didn’t want to re-up. It’s quite rare for me to lose players this way. I generally have my top players locked up for many seasons in advance, but Andy got up himself too early. Russell Dalling 19c – Took over as starting goalie last season. By far our best goalie, and still improving, but I haven’t forgotten how horrible his first couple of appearances were, and when I watch matches I’m not always entirely convinced by him. No chance of my dropping him though. Victor Suleiman 19d - Left back currently on loan. It could go either way, but apart from a couple of sub appearances, I’ve hardly noticed him. Louis Heathcote 19e – I consider him my starter right winger, though I rotate a lot, but perhaps I should be giving Shaun Clarke 19a above more chances. Adrian Brockway 19h – A striker who’s still with us, but probably should sell him if I can get anything for him, because I can’t see him becoming a starter for us. Jason Bevan YP – remarkable because at the age of 20, he’s already stopped playing and become an unemployed Assistant Manager. Was never offered a playing contract by us anyway. Poor coaching stats, but he is a Model Citizen. Having only just spotted him as staff for this review, I’ve offered him a job as Assistant U18 Manager to replace a Perfectionist who is also fairly useless at coaching (albeit a lot better than Bevan). (Interesting that he became a Model Citizen. He was my second lowest ranked player for potential at intake with 'Unambitious' personality and a determination of 16. It goes to show how misleading these initial labels can be. He did play football for a couple of years at Hereford, whose manager is an ex-coach of ours - with Model Citizen personality!)
  10. Farnborough 2033-34 Season Review Fixtures 1, 2, 3 - A difficult middle of the season due to a lot of matches and squad rotation. In the beginning and the end of the season, when we were playing one match per week, allowed me to play my strongest XI and we started to play some good football and solidify our position in the table. League Table - As a season wound down, Tranmere, Swindon and Farnborough solidified themselves as the top three teams in the league and earned the automatic promotion berths to League One. Accrington improved on the poor first half of the season to could not avoid the drop. Plymouth will be joining them in non-league football next season. Playoff Tree - They didn't finalized their spot in the playoffs until the last day of the season. York City caught fire in the playoffs and will make the leap into League One along with Tranmere, Swindon and Farnborough. FA Cup - An easy run to the third round where a road trip to Liverpool awaited us. This was our best performance in the third round as Liverpool needed an stoppage time goal to beat us 1-0. League Cup - Battled hard against Bristol Rovers before losing 2-1 in the first round. Papa John's Trophy - A trophy that I didn't have a lot of time for this season. We put up a good fight but exited the competition with three losses. xG General Performance - As a former goalkeeper, this is the type of football that I enjoy playing. Solid defense paired with an offense that does enough to win games. We will continue the brand of highly disciplined football to League One next season. xG Expected vs Actual xG Attacking Efficiency xG Defensive Efficiency Stats 1 Stats 2 Transfers - One big sale as we shipped attacking right-back Cameron Robertson 30G to Huddersfield for a club record 3.1 million pounds. Newcomer and Player of the Year Reece Dukic 33A : A rock in the back line who started to get terrible low-ball offers from MLS clubs which he has a slight interest in but doesn't complain when I refuse to talk to the MLS clubs. Already a mainstay on the USA U20 team and should be getting a senior side callup soon. Youth Intake Youth Intake DNA Steve Simpson 34A Connor Hodgson 34B George McJannet 34C Conor Duffy 34D Louis Bevan 34E Moments to Remember Best XI Accolades Almanac A good showing by our U18 team. They slipped to 5th place after last year's runner-up finish. But they made up for it by winning the U18 Youth Alliance Cup after finishing runner-up last season. Soufaine Dghoughi 25A given the lack of midfield options now has the inside track to become the first academy player with 400+ appearances. Baitup 23D just didn't play this season now that better options have come into the club. Gavin Allen 27I will join Dghoughi 25A and Baitup 23D in the 300+ appearance club next season. Armando 27F will threaten Loft 26F's 70 goals by an academy player but makes most of his appearances now as a "super sub" to Austin Power 31G who is started to march up the goal scoring chart. Mutasa 31A has made a couple more appearances with the Zimbabwe National Team but we still have very few senior internationals at the club. Now, we have a full list of 10 players who have made an U20 or U21 appearance for their nation but still only have three goalscorers. Two years ago, the board started the process to construction a new stadium. They are still looking for a building site and no progress has been made on this front.
  11. I'm not quite sure when this trend started to happen, personally i have noticed it already on FM20 but i'm pretty sure it has been going on for more years. This is especially true for top teams that use attacking / high-pressure systems, wether its the player or AI. For example on this year season I've just ended playing. Home games Away games As you can see the discrepancy is nowhere near IRL levels. IRL Serie A 2018/19 for example https://www.flashscore.com/football/italy/serie-a-2018-2019/standings/ . We see clearly teams are scoring more and conceding less in Home games, but it's really not at those levels. There is outliers (Juventus this season for example, which won them the title), but if you look at Inter, Lazio, Milan performance home and away, it's really not realistic. Before losing this season, Juventus in my save had a 90 game run unbeaten at home. Quite ludicrous. If you focus on Goals scored and Goals conceded, the difference between home and away is HUGE. It becomes even more apparent (and frustrating) when you play in Champions League games. In a League, you can accept a few losses away, knowing the other teams will have trouble away too, and hopefully they will struggle more than you. But in Champions league, it becomes a matter of exploiting home advantage enough to score more than the opponent. I also feel like Home advantage is applied evenly wether i'm playing at Anfield or in Venezia. IRL I understand that 80k people screaming at you at Camp Nou will impact your performance. But the crowd from a small stadium recently promoted, not so much. My main gripe about this, it's that Away games feels like a chore and vs big teams, a coinflip. If i'm lucky i'll get a draw or even win, but my team will play bad, miss easy passes or shots, and it would just feel like a chore. I'm okay with losing, i'm not okay with my team playing like Pep's Barca at home and next week they play like Burnley. Kinda ruins immersion and the fun of it after a while. Anyways, not too sure of the point of this post, guess i'm curious about what others think about this.
  12. End of Season Review 33/34 A very frustrating season after winning the league last year, I started the season terribly and was briefly worried about my job Recovered in the 2nd half of the season to finish 3rd I lost one of my wonderkids because of his 21m release clause. Gutted as he had just started to play well hanging on to these players seems to be very difficult my other two wonderkids are talking about moving 5 full turkey internationals in the squad now and several players involved in the u18/19/21s First season in the champions league I went out in the group stage in a very tough group of Man City Bayern Munich Napoli Needed a draw in the last game but city thrashed me 5-2 went in to euro cup but went straight out to lille Hopefully I can start better and claim the league title this year
  13. August 2030: Slowww down I accidentally deleted all of the skin files I'd spent ages creating so progress has been slow as I've been rebuilding the skin over the past day or so. On one hand, it's allowed me to play with some things I no longer like (and I still am - in particular, the player information section) as well as feel pretty confident in how quickly I could get it back. The base of it was transferred over from my old FM20 skin and i just worked on a few extra tweaks. Still got plenty more to work on though. EDIT: And also the below 'Reset to Default' button, which removes all imported views and returns all preferences to normal, just as I was putting the finishing touches and clearing the skin cache for the last time, adding another 30+ mins of time to my issue!
  14. Youth Intake 2023 Boom. I guess, I got my set of CBs for the next years. The holy trinity with 16 already. Nogueira almost too. I can see the Mezzala in him, already 11 long shots. No new nationality, but I dont complain after this intake. But we gettin players from many places in Paraiba. Also on player all the way from Bahia showed up. Intake Map - 2023: Intake Map - All Time:
  15. Well season three is intense, the extra games in the Champions League have left me players on holiday almost every week trying to recover, thought I was out at the semi-final stage, but what a comeback! The league is far from over, tired players left right and centre.... nail biting but again, amazing for 3rd season! Disraeli Gears is game changing for me!
  16. May/June 2026 Fixtures League Table Not only did we win the league title but we also won the Promotion Playoff which means we will be playing in the second tier of Czech football next season!For the league section,we actually had the title wrapped up after beating Sparta Prague B and smashing Admira Praha so that was fantastic to see us having won the title with two games to spare.The match against Slavia Praha was a joke and the ref might as well have been wearing a Slavia Prague shirt as he gave everything their way and this defeat is the one that has annoyed me the most this season,the last game saw us easily beat Hostouň and they can consider themselves lucky to having conceded three as Bartos had two goals disallowed!This brings us to the playoffs against Slovan Liberec B,despite both score lines being the same,we actually played better in the away leg than we did at home.We out performed them and full deserved in the win in the away match whereas we scored three goals from six shots in the second leg as we clinched promotion witha 6-2 aggregate victory. End of Season update to follow then life in the second tier begins!
  17. Youth Preview 2029-2030 Youth Intake 2029-2030 Not the most talented guys we have had but some much better personalities.
  18. So it seems like I'm getting a lot of central midfielders this season. That's nice of them.
  19. Didn't know they had this in the game waiting for it to pop up on mine now!
  20. I recently learned a lesson about going all Route One and defensive when on the back foot or down to ten.....especially like you I don't train my players to play that way.....EVER!
  21. Many thanks to @SpiderJu. As I noticed last night. There is a big problem with the CONCACAF_Continental_Cub_Cups_by_Dave file. The game crashes on 12 July 2021. I thought I had it fixed as it only worked with CONCACAF and there were no problems when the file didn't work but activated with all countries. But apparently not... You won't believe how much this file sucks.... THEREFORE. All those who already have a running save in which the file has been activated (if you have only activated the countries of CONCACAF, there will be no problems), please contact me by PM. Those will get Africa first as a small compensation. I am incredibly sorry, but this file is a horror. And please be so polite and only contact me if you already have a save.
  22. Definitely! I would rather get beat by sticking to my philosophy than change it and then get thrashed trying to park the bus etc. End of the day i recruit players, I train the players, I build the team to play a certain way. So if I then say oh btw were now playing ten men behind the ball and long ball for this game they aren’t going to have a clue how too.
  23. the first intake is in with the technical director experiment and I have to say it doesn't seem to have made any ill effects on the intake in fact Yener looks top notch to me
  24. Belfast Celtic - Season 2033/34 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Much as last season, we finished 3rd and qualified for Europe again. We did not have to fight for it against Glentoran this time tough, as we were closer to the top 2 than them. So we are improving a lot, but we still need to save money for going to professional. In the Irish Cup we beat Cliftonville, Glentoran, Institute and Crusaders before losing to Linfield in the final. In the NIFL Cup we beat Bangor before losing to Annagh United in the 3rd round. In the County Antrim Shield we beat Bangor and Ards before losing to Linfield in the semi final. In Europe we played in the Europa Conference League and started in the 2nd qualifying round. We beat Sutjeska Nikšić of Montenegro and Gorica of Croatia before losing to Scots Dundee United in the 4th qualifying round. Youth I've started to question how real this preview is... A bit better now, but seeing as my HoYD is a Perfectionist, I've started to question if he manages to transfer his personality to the youngsters. Philip Lowry 34d is a really promising goalkeeper and will take over as first choice soon enough. Reserves: In the Development League they retained the title. In the Steel & Sons Cup they beat Enniskillen Rangers, Larne Olympic, Moyola Park, Cliftonville Oly, Malachians and QUB to get another title. In the Intermediate Cup they beat Cookstown RBL, Banbridge Town, Drumaness Mills, Glenavon Reserves, Ards Rangers and Crusaders Reserves before losing to Cliftonville Oly in the final. U18: In the Academy League the u18s retained the title. Statistics: Record Breakers: Most goals in a match: Noel Kelly 28g - 4 Most goals in a league match: Noel Kelly 28g - 4 Most league apps overall: Ronan Allen 28n - 221 Most league goals overall: Noel Kelly 28g - 154 Trophy cabinet: Irish Intermediate Cup - 3 (24/25, 25/26, 26/27) Steel & Sons Cup - 1 (25/26) Irish Cup - 1 (32/33) Steel & Sons Cup (Reserves) - 4 (29/30, 31/32, 32/33, 33/34) Development League (Reserves) - 2 (32/33, 33/34) Academy League (u18s) - 5 (29/30, 30/31, 31/32, 32/33, 33/34)
  25. This has been a game changer, so far this season Grealish is taking all set pieces and so far 3 assists off corners in 5 games, not great but not bad either. His total numbers might be wild end of season
  26. Love the little geography tidbits. Especially so since travel is pretty much out of the question during these times. Keep it up mate.
  27. @Cheez3y - Is it strange than I'm more interested in your spreadsheets and maps than your actual players?
  28. Not sure about what happens here, but I'll move it to the forum issues subforum.
  29. Preset. New to this so lingo can be wrong. Everyone been helpful and understood my question.
  30. IMO the counter presets are broken. The reasons why I think this are both to do with the team instructions, and the formations + roles. For example, if you look at the direct counter 433 preset: Firstly, using a higher tempo and quick GK distribution doesn't make a counter attack any more likely. What it does do is ask your players to move the ball quickly throughout the game. your probably playing on the counter because your team isn't great, or you're holding on to a lead. This means that teams are probably going to be pressing you high, the last thing you want in this situation is your defenders and GK playing quick, one touch passing before losing the ball. Even if you don't lose the ball, defending for most of the game takes a toll on your concentration. your players are going to tire out if you don't allow your defence to take a quick break by holding onto the ball when there isn't much of a counter opportunity. What does control how often you counter is your mentality. VA means that you're pretty much gonna play the ball directly and quickly whether a counter is on or off, whereas VD means you're probably not going to counter even if you have an attacking overload. As well as whether you select the counter TI, and how many players you leave forward. Secondly, if your defending deep, it hardly makes any sense to play with three forwards, your central midfielders and fullbacks are likely going to get overloaded. IMO the best shapes for counter / defending is any tactic with two or fewer players in AM / ST positions. As well as this, the best defensive teams are almost always compact. A 433 does not give you as much compactness as, say, a 4141 or 442, no matter where your LOE and DLine are. And even if you do select the lowest possible LOE to improve your compactness, you have to be aware that any striker on attack duty isn't going to track back at all. You might want this so that he stays up for a counter attack, but it's worth being aware as you might not be anywhere near as compact as you think you are. Because of this, when I'm playing defensively, I almost never play my strikers on attack duty, as this is the only way you're going to be able to get all your players behind the ball to see out a win.
  31. When a player is performing above the level of his current club there should definitely be more instances where the player pushes for a move more
  32. Odds Bk Chasing Glory End Of Season Awards Very impressive first season for Abu Francis a clean sweep of top player awards along with the record number of assists in the league and highest average rating record. Here was me worrying about Rønningen and Gronli leaving. Francis has been a step up in class. Three years in a row now that the young man from Moss has won the coach of the year! The obsessive manager who is known for being tactically astute is starting to draw attention to himself now on the continent as well as his domination of Norway. The best young Norwegian in world football! Following in the footsteps of his older cousin! I standout season from the young man who is looking like a real goal machine! must be a family thing! speaking off that.... Really nice front two if I don’t say so myself! The cousin makes the team of the year strike partnership. Tonnessen and Rossbach keep their places yet again its basically guaranteed. Young Moen who was bought last season but loaned back to start had another ingressive season in the second tier but also won top goalscorer in the Cupen! Talented boy and will add to and already immense frontline. I decided it was time to really shuffle the pack and move on some of the more average players, I had been sentimental and it was getting in the way now it was time to let the loyalty go a little. A fair number of players moved on. The only player I didn’t really want to sell was Arvidsson who wanted to go as soon as Milan showed interest. Big shock deal is Laurtisten who arguably had his best season last year moves to China, he deserves a big pay day, and it was time for Moen and Richardson to shine. Most others were youth players or players that had become back up options that were now being replaced by better signings or younger players with more potential. 3 players arrive and they are all wingbacks! all three are full internationals which is a step up in class. The young Lithuanian isn’t the finished article but has a lot of the tools already to become a superb RWB. Mentally he if far better than anything we had technically also better physically better but could do with beefing up his passing, strength, and concentration. Great personality as well! A man I have admired for a long time, tried to get him from Valerenga a few seasons back, he opted for Molde but now he has seen the light. Will battle for the first choice slot. More rounded than the young Lithuanian. Does everything well but no major stand out stuff. Mentally very equipped and proven at our level! Much like Borchgrevink I have chased this man for a long time! Ironically like Tonnessen the man he will fight for the LWB role I had both these players when I played as Aalesund a few years back. In that save Tonnessen ended up at Ajax and Bjorkan became my first choice. I wonder if the same could happen here. Bjorkan has kept the excellent Tonnessen out the Norway side he has now come to take him out the champions side he better be up for a challenge. The young Dutchman made waves when he left PEC Zwolle for Liverpool as a highly rated ball playing centre back. He now finds himself at the Norwegian champions as he looks to get first team football and kick on and realise his potential. He will challenge Daland for the BPD slot at the left of the back 3. Moen returns from his loan spell and will now challenge to be a member of the famous front three. a player in a remarkably similar mould to Aga and will challenge for the poacher slot. Proven goalscorer in the second tier just like Aga and Sannes hopefully he can follow suit. Another clever bit of business from Nesselquist. Svendsmark returns after a productive loan spell last season at Ranheim and now will challenge Moi for the midfield destroyer role. This is the reason Innocent was moved on to allow this guy who is incredible mentally and physically wise have a chance to progress and challenge. We now have two wonderful young players for the role and the battle is on! Academy product Vindfjell now becomes a full time first team member after a few appearances last season. He now needs to show he can step up to the mark and do a job in the back three when Required still very raw, but he needs game time to take him to the next level! Stale Richardson the hottest tipped player to come through the academy during Nesselquist’s reign is now also a full made-up member of the first team. At just 16 he has been learning to play the Pressing forward role and has been immense for the youth team and showed promise as a 15-year-old in the first team last season in his handful of games. He now gets to mix with the big boys full time! The Academy While we are at it another golden generation is on its way here we will take a look again at it. As it stands it doesn’t look to promising a couple of talented boys but nothing at this stage to go crazy about. But as ive learned these players can progress very quickly and outgrow there potential so it’s about keeping eyes on. Freddy Wagtskjold is definitely the pick of the bunch. Really has something and could fit either of the playmaking or destroyer roles depending on his development. Shipped him off on loan to try beef him up with some first team action at an incredibly young age. Ilja Skrebels half Norwegian half Latvian who also has decent potential, He has a few good stands out stats but will need major work if he is to become a prime creator! Sent on loan to Skied a club famous for producing great talents in Norway the Oslo based club play lower leagues but have a fantastic youth structure in which am sure he will thrive. End of an era as Asle Andersen departs, A long term servant off Nesselquist who no doubt will be remembered for bringing through Vindjfell and Richardson. But it’s now time to take it up a level with Swedish international Jonas Thern. He has better attributes and suits our formation and has the same personality so it’s a good upgrade and should match our increase in youth setup. As the youth comes in a legend departs. He now joins them as their coach. 482 league appearances over an 18-year period where he led the oldest team in Norway into battle on so many occasions. Record appearances an incredible servant and a true legend that I don’t think will be surpassed anytime soon. Season Preview Favourites to go on and get our 4th title in a row! Three players in the mix to end up top goalscorer! Tjåland could really kick on and destroy the league if he hits the ground running early! Interesting that they think the wonderkid will lead the way. He wasn’t very inspiring in living up to his attributes last season and I even considered a loan deal but hopefully they are correct, and he proves me wrong! No surprises that both the wonderkids are expected to be in the mix for this award! Looking to make it three in a row in the Mesterfinalen the traditional curtain raiser. The draw am sure everyone has been waiting to see. At this stage there isn't easy ties but considering they just spent 119 million pound on Jude Bellingham I think it shows the gulf in size! Home leg first could be our only hope. Thanks For Reading!
  33. There's no proper fence behind the goal to prevent ball fly to market square. Of course it has to go in.. also look out kiosk worker.. I hope ball doesn't fly to the deep frier
  34. yeah happens the same to me, when i bring to the club free 15 or 16yo players to make the b team better the board complains like they are bad first team signings
  35. As I mentioned, it's not perfect. It's a lot better than previous version for FM14-FM20 though and the match engine isn't build for audio commentary being added in (like in FIFA and PES). So it's technologically challenging to get this work for 100%. I edited the file (not sure when you downloaded it) but I fixed the "offsides" being called as a "foul" and I re-uploaded the improved version.
  36. On course for promotion but just knocked out of the FA Vase in the 2nd round.
  37. Yes it does and whoever gave the answer that I initially disagreed with, had it right and I was wrong. There are 5 silver stars and 5 gold stars, (or 10 half silver stars and 10 half gold stars). We know that the max PA for a player is 200, (or possibly 199), but I think 200. 200 divided by 20 levels for grading would suggest the following. When I was playing in Wales and then England in FM20, I think this is what I came up with a rough guess based on theory and very general player info. 1-10. 0.5 silver stars. 11-20 1.0 silver stars. 21-30 1.5 silver stars. 31-40 2.0 silver stars. 41-50 2.5 silver stars. 51-60 3.0 silver stars. 61-70 3.5 silver stars. 71-80 4.0 silver stars. 81-90 4.5 silver stars. 91-100 5.0 silver stars. 101-110 0.5 gold stars. 111-120 1.0 gold stars. 121-130 1.5 gold stars. 131-140 2.0 gold stars. 141-150 2.5 gold stars. 151-160 3.0 gold stars. 161-170 3.5 gold stars. 171-180 4.0 gold stars. 181-190 4.5 gold stars. 191-200 5.0 gold stars. What someone found, (can't remember who it was though sorry, but it might have been @Rikulec), was that I always seemed to be 1 level out so if I had a 0.5 gold stars player, while I expected him to be 101-110 PA, he was actually going to be the next level in terms of PA, (so 11-120). WI can't remember if we worked out how we thought this worked, but the fact remained that there seemed to be a divergence between what the "theory" was, and how it worked in practice. I can't tell you why, but I can tell you that using the above chart and then moving up to the next level, (or downwards on the actual chart physically), seemed to be accurate in 100% of cases that we checked. In answer to your original question, this is very different to how players are judged on Youth Intake Day which is against the CA of the best players currently at your club. Hope that helps.
  38. True, the worst thing about any League 1 or 2 club is having to play that competition. It wouldn't be so bad if the big clubs under-age teams weren't in it. But once you get to the latter stages, it's well worth winning. Your run of form kept getting stronger, promotion is the most important but trophies are nice. You two just have to take turns in polishing it each week... I'm confident in the pair of you avoiding relegation, good luck with the summer transfer window. Not sure the FA Cup Final dress code will be an issue just yet
  39. Hi If multiple teams make an offer for one of my players, I lose the ability to add a “% of next sale” clause to the transfer. The “% of next sale” clause is available if only one team makes an offer. Is there a way to add this clause to a multi team transfer negotiation? I am playing on iPad Multi Team Transfer Negotiations Single Team Transfer Negotiation
  40. Belfast Celtic - Season 2032/33 Review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances First things first. I finally got an upgrade to the training facilities, so now we have a decent level of both types of facilities as well as exception academy coaching and youth recruitment. So the base of the club is now at a good level, with one key part missing; we are still semi-pro. So, my sole goal going forward is to save money to go professional, since that's the only way I can ever see us fighting to win the league here. Larne and Linfield are just too far ahead, and with both being professional clubs, we have a great disadvantage compared to them before anything else is accounted for. We did improve this season as well, and we finished in a spot higher than last season, so we didn't have to go into the European playoffs this time. The four highest teams are in a league of our own currently, and the 17 point gap down from Glentoran to Cliftonville clearly shows that this season. While we are 20 points behind our nemesis Larne this season, we are one of the few teams who keep giving them a fight in individual matches, even if we lost most... In the Irish Cup we beat Dollingstown, Portadown, Dungannon Swifts and Larne () to reach the final. Here we beat Linfield to claim our first ever trophy in this cup! In the NIFL Cup we beat Coagh United, Carrick Rangers and Dundela before losing to Linfield in the semi final. In the County Antrim Shield we beat PSNI and Newington Youth before losing to Larne () in the semi final. In Europe we played in the Europa Conference League and started in the 1st qualifying round. We beat Alashkert of Armenia and Milsami Orhei of Moldova before losing to my fellow Norwegians from Kristiansund in the 3rd qualifying round. Youth More green than last season, so we can only hope. A much better intake than last season, but still quite a lot of poor personalities. Johnny McConnell 32b is a good player, but I'm thinking of making him into a central defender, since I have a clear lack of good players there. He is not bad for it, but a bit short and poor in the air. Jack O'Connor 32c is already pushing for a spot in the first team, and I hope his personality will slowly improve to something better. Reserves: In the Development League they finally won it! After coming close a few times, they finally got the title. In the Steel & Sons Cup they beat Ballynure O.B., Glentoran II, Shankill United, PSNI, Donegal Celtic and Dundela Reserves to clinch another cup title. In the Intermediate Cup they beat St. Pat's Y.M., Coagh United, Lisburn Distillery, Dromara, Ballyclare Comrades and Linfield Swifts before losing to Larne Olympic in the final. U18: In the Academy League the u18s retained the title. Statistics: Record Breakers: Most player of the match awards in a season: Noel Kelly 28g - 12 Most league goals overall: Noel Kelly 28g - 122 Trophy cabinet: Irish Intermediate Cup - 3 (24/25, 25/26, 26/27) Steel & Sons Cup - 1 (25/26) Irish Cup - 1 (32/33) Steel & Sons Cup (Reserve team) - 3 (29/30, 31/32, 32/33) Academy League (u18s) - 3 (29/30, 30/31, 31/32)
  41. The discrepancy between home and away matches is pretty absurd in the latest versions of FM. The home side looks like a world class side, regardless of what team it is and the away team looks like they have no clue what they're doing on the field, even if they're a world class team. There should be some difference between home and away, but the current state where the away team just seems to play with seemingly 0 decisions and pressure equal to playing a CL final is definitely not the way to go. I think home teams should generally play with a bit more risk, as they have their home support behind them and most fans don't want to see their team park the bus at home. That would still result in the occasional shock result as the favorites get surprised by a smaller team being more aggressive as expected, would help with the far too passive AI that just goes full park the bus whenever a bigger team comes along and then you could look at how big of an effect playing in front of a hostile crowd should really have. We have supporter profiles that should help there, but I have no idea if they're relevant at all in FM currently, as your team seems unable to handle the away pressure regardless if you're playing in front of a massive 20 passion crowd or playing in a basically empty stadium.
  42. Hi, I’m still facing this issue even after the update. im managing in Scotland with the English and Welsh leagues also loaded. Barely any new players come through around the world, only in the loaded leagues.
  43. Ive already tried to play it till 9 june..im uploaded the game save before the problem occur in case u need to test it.
  44. They honestly need to ditch the terms for mentality & just label it risk, very low risk to very high risk & everything in between Going Cautious doesn't mean your team will park the bus & become impenetrable the same going Very attacking doesn't mean you'll go & score 3 in the final 10 minutes of a game, TI's & roles are way more important In fact, I'd sod it all off together & let us choose the exact TIs & player mentalities we want than have mentalities
  45. Next on the hit list was AFC Bournemouth. By the time we faced Bournemouth, they had hit bottom of the Premier League and fired Eddie Howe. They line up in a 4-4-1-1 which meant our defensive strategy tweaked slightly, but overall remained similar. Our 4-1-4-1 naturally picks up Bournemouth's MC-MC-AM triangle but not longer has the man advantage we had at Manchester City. Logan and Donohue were again asked to stay tight on Bournemouth's fullbacks. Edwards didn't have an opposition DM to press so we actually asked him to close down less and ease off tackles. His mentality relative to the rest of the team means that he's going to drop deep and support the defensive effort but we want him to protect the space ahead of the midfield, rather than try to press the Bournemouth build up play on his own. In attack, we're simply hoping to play a direct pass forward and pinch a goal on the break. Again, saw a lot of the 6-3-1 defensive shape sitting on the edge of our 18-yard box. Quite simply, we shut out the first leg. A demoralised and managerless Bournemouth couldn't break down the block. In the return to a packed-out Broadhurst Park, Bournemouth played a 4-3-3. I was quite happy about this as it meant we could revert to forgoing pressure on the Bournemouth centre backs in order to create a 2-man advantage further up the field. Again we sat deep in an extremely well-organised and disciplined defence. Waiting for a chance to break.. The Return to Manchester Off the back of a poor season, Manchester United sent out a strong side in an attacking 4-4-2. We responded with our low block 5-4-1, unfortunately without key-man Edwards. The idea was simply to create: 3v2 against Rashford and Sanchez 2v2 against Fred and Pogba Man to man on the wide players Once again, we parked the team bus squarely across our own 18 yard box Sadly, this is where the fairy tale cup run ends. But what a run it was Building the Foundations of a Club The legacy of the cup run has the potential to completely revolutionise the future of club. The strategy now is to re-invest all of this back into the club. We won promotion through the play-offs into the Vanarama National League. In the league we actually play much nicer football, contrary to what you might thing based on the cup run we are actually one of the higher scorers. Next year we are going to look to build on that, play a little more expansive football but still be ready to bolt down when necessary. My long-term plan is to play a very intense, aggressive press and very quick transitions. Some way off that yet though. Ended up offering 9 out of the starting 11 professional contracts and the rest of the prize money will be invested in re-enforcing the squad.
  46. ? What is your reasoning for False9 not being ideal for a Possession system like 4-1-4-1? The role was created with a Possession tactics like 4-3-3 or 4-1-4-1 in mind where it drops and two wide attackers run into space created. So I'm bit confused with the advise you are giving here. The choice of False9 or DLF would be more dependent on the player he has. A more physical player might excell in DLF role. While a more agile, attacking playmaker who can also dribble would be a great False 9. Both will however depend on the movement of attackers around them, running into the channels. But both can be very good single central strikers in any Possession tactic. Again, provided you have an appropriate player to fill the role.
  47. User Club Country Year Completed Version toshimitzou1 AO Aigaleo Greece 2041 FM21 darren1983 South Shields England 2046 FM21 TerminalPortugal Portalegrense Portugal 2043 FM21 scarp Bora Rangers Scotland 2049 FM21 libbyshuss FC Mirassol Brazil 2045 FM21 holidaysong FC United England 2048 FM21 Slipky Ashton United England 2036 FM21 steve.rush Sannois SG France 2046 FM21 Cheez3y Wits South Africa 2026 FM21 Armeniar Sedan France 2035 FM21 Cheez3y Lyn TF Norway 2031 FM21 thomas_e Sacachispas Argentina 2030 FM21 JAwtunes Widzew Lodz Poland 2038 FM20 vikeologist Palermo Italy 2041 FM20 thomas_e South Shields England 2040 FM20 dkouv Scarborough England 2045 FM20 Miek Nuneaton Boro England 2049 FM20 Padders Scarborough England 2277 (not a typo) FM20 thomas_e Energie Cottbus Germany 2033 FM20 XaW Kettering Town England 2036 FM19 thomas_e Real Jean Spain 2038 FM19 b101 Sampedrense Portugal 2031 FM18
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