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  1. May 2042: Playoff Final Derby's star man is left back Imanol Diez and, as they were predicted to line up like this, I chose my IF to play on the right, pegging him back, hopefully. A little harsh on right footed Mason Stokes, in his best season from us, but he doesn't offer the playmaking I need from the other side against the more defensive full back. Here are the full line ups: --- 15 mins: Nothing to note. We've had a shot with 0.09xG whilst they've recorded 0.12xG but 74% of their attacking is down my right hand side and we've had a little heart in mouth moment as Glasscoe had to make a last ditch tackle. 19 mins: First blood, Redditch! A ball over the top from Ejza sets Ferencik free who does what Ferencik does best! 26 mins: Another chance. We work the ball well out wide to Glasscoe, who whips it in but Farrar nods just wide. 29 mins: Nearly again from Farrar! A strong take from a Derby corner allows Weaver to distribute to Farrar on the half way line. His mazy run beats all of the Derby defence but Kilbane in goal keeps it at bay. 31 mins: Big chance for Derby as Ingram finds space at the edge of the box. Weaver parries his shot wide for a corner. 38 mins: We've been out of the game for the last ten minutes so a slight drop in mentality and some words to the lads sees us with ten men behind the ball. 39 mins: Bartlam this time with a good effort from the edge of the area, again, well saved. We are living dangerously as Derby overtake us on xG. HALF TIME: Derby have grown into this, massively. However, we've pushed back left back Diez and only allowed him 15 passes. I feel a half of defending coming on... 49 mins: Derby's first attack of the half sees Ingram force a new post save from Weaver as he attacks a cross from the left hand side. 51 mins: Do we dare dream?! A cutting ball from Maddison finds Vlad and he knows what to do! 64 mins: A quick break from Derby sees Cespedes hit the side netting after a long run. A big wake up call for us. 67 mins: Cespedes again, this time from wide left, forcing another good save. We need some fresh legs to keep us going. 70 mins: Double change. Ejza comes off for Stokes who becomes the advanced player on the left. Abrahamsson replaced Farrar as Derby's success has been down the left and I can count on Niklas to track back a lot more. 72 mins: GAME OVER! Vlad pops up again, this time from a through ball from Stokes who makes an instant impact. Vlad isn't missing those and has, bar a catastrophe, fired us to the Premier League! 74 mins: We make our last change as Anthoneil Chance comes on for Nwadike. Chance is usually a full back but can play as a CM and his physicality and engine will help us as Derby will be throwing everything at us and our shape does allow them to play through the middle. 77 mins: Some wonderful football finds Haywood on the right flank. His cut back is met by Abrahamsson but the shot is cleared off the line. Literally, ten Derby players try and execute a counter attack. 80 mins: Stokes with a golden chance! He fires a volley from 10 yards way over the bar! 81 mins: Derby go straight down the other end and force another good save from Weaver. Surely it shouldn't be this nerve wracking! 83 mins: Goal, Derby. It was coming. Ingram slots it away after a quick move down our right hand side. 85 mins: We've moved to a more cautious style and will be wasting time at any given opportunity. 86 mins: Chance with a chance! A good through ball from Ferencik leads to a rare opportunity. Sadly, it's hit straight at the keeper. 88 mins: PENALTY! Stokes is brought down in the area. Vlad makes no mistake! 4-1 and we are going up! 89 mins: Goal, Derby. Ingram again. This is turning into quite the game. 91 mins: Tired, tired legs and Derby are still coming at us. Into the 4 minutes of added on time 93 mins: MASSIVE error by Glasscoe but Weaver saves us as he gets down low to stop Ingram getting a hattrick and a nervy 60 seconds. 93 mins: Another save from the corner! FULL TIME: We are going up! Redditch United in the Premier League!
  2. So following on from my last post here we go; I am in a hotel with shocking wi-fi for the next few weeks for work away from home, so can't load up 21. I had 20 from the Epic thing a while ago so booted it up, this will be the first FM since 17 I have put any time into so might take a while to recalibrate from the deep deep statistical base of OOTP but I have well over 15 years of experience. I decided to take the easy route and boot up the Czech second division, I have fond memories of the country in FM, in 10-12 when doing a non league save you could sign some of the older Czech players from the amateur leagues, ie I still remember Petr Vladkya, Radum Holub and Edvard Lasvota in my Gloucester teams, but also since those days Czech football has fallen a long way, so i'm sure a 19 year old kid with no experience is the ideal choice to restore some glory. I will when I get home do a South West England save on 21, but should be a fun stopgap. The team, well..... I have 11 players, 4 of them are over 30 and half of them are on non contract and wanted. If you WIN the league you get 33k. The aim stay up this year and the next 2 to blood some players in, hopefully in 4-5 years find one that can be sold. I'm a masochist clearly. gulp. I'm under no illusion I will complete this, but lets give it a go! ps. My graphics card on my gaming laptop died before xmas and I can't afford a laptop atm (my car clutch broke the same week, eating most of my new gaming laptop fund) so 2d it is!
  3. After failing miserably in FM 20 and being inspired by you lot, i'm back and even more determined to get into that hall of fame. I chose Belgium again beacause I really enjoyed it there last time out, and they have a good mix of excellent youth players and a not too long and demanding league structure (i'm looking at you England!). K.Lyra-Lierse popped up with an already solid base and a large ish squad. I also liked their badge which is really important to me. I'm posting early for accountability, ive had the game for a week now and still haven't started a save and analysis paralysis was starting to kick in. The manager Hopefully i'll be back in a day or 2 with a season 1 update, providing I don't get sacked first.
  4. Cottbus Manager - Silvio Adzic Season 2021-2022 Squad Overview The overall team has a huge amount of players to choose from which seems to be a rare thing on this challenge and most look like they could have a future at the club. There are a few players who stand out such as The 6"2 15 year old Serbian CB, Miroslav Orlovic & Tobias Eisenhuth who stand out at the first look. The seasons target will be to stay up and aim for mid table which I believe should be doable with the quality in the squad but as the team is large so I can see a number of players leaving throughout the season.
  5. Everyone, let me introduce to you Ignacio Pena. He may not look like much, but let me elaborate. This warrior of the Basque Country has been playing for my C team for 9 years (screenshots are from 2030), on a youth contract at 25 years old (he turns 26 in two weeks time). No one has picked him up on a free, he's just cracked on, happy with his lot in life earning a sturdy 90GBP per week for his full time footballing career. He's wanted at the moment, so I'm hoping he gets a great move. He's never asked to leave, never asked for a new deal, he's just a happy man and lives everyday for representing Athletic Club C Team. Hero.
  6. Season Review 2082/83 Managed to get promoted via the play offs. Lost 1st leg to Middlesbrough 2-3 then won 2nd leg 3-0. Won Final against 4-2 vs Bournemouth Not a great start but turned the form around back end of the season A potentially decent intake, with a couple of good players
  7. Im getting genuinely really annoyed and fed up of my goalkeeper repeatedly kicking the ball long despite having instructions to do otherwise. No matter what, he kicks it long. Never seen him play it short and I concede SO many goals from this.
  8. Season 5 Energie Cottbus Season Review ~ 2025/26 Not the season we had hoped for, but to be honest, it would have been unrealistic to ask for more. Pre season odds were 1000-1, and 17th was 200-1. We struggled greatly in the beginning, getting only 8 points in the first 23 games. I finally found a variant of 4411 that I liked, and we got 16 points last 11. Unfortunately, it was not enough, and we were relegated. It could have been different too, we were 2-0 up in our 2nd to last game against Eintracht Frankfurt, but we ended up losing 5-2. Julius Kuhl 05b is exactly the player that we need; a two footed winger! He will be trained to play on the other side, and that is where he will be played most often. Our RW is average at best, and both our LW and RW have no real backups. He will play quite a bit when he is old enough. Mike Proietti looks good too, but probably won’t get as much game time. Expectations for next Season Promotion? Our team is better than when we came up, so why not? 60 points should do it.
  9. No, we should have a normal game for a normal fee. All of the things you include, should be in the game at no extra fee as it is supposed to be a football simulator. However they are pretty far from a complete Simulation yet.
  10. I just wanted to show you the corner routine I was talking about. There are a few slight variations on this, but I'm loving it at the moment.
  11. European coefficients. Jun 2048. This is big news. Finland are up to 10th in the rankings now and as a result the Champions of the Veikkausliiga auto-qualify for the Group stages of the Champions League. Now I just have to make sure this is us because that's a ridiculous amount of guaranteed income.
  12. Season Review 2083/84 We managed to stay up but the form at the end of the season was nothing short of embarrassing! Played 12, Won 0, Drew 2 and lost 10 -awful If that continues next season we are in big trouble!
  13. Fair enough Although I personally would then consider a different type of formation as well (e.g. 4-2DM-3-1 or 4213 DM Wide).
  14. Off topic but we share the same fierce rival.. i'm Antwerp supporter
  15. You're ignoring the charges for the FA work permit process. https://www.thefa.com/news/2020/dec/01/gbe-points-based-system-launched-011220 If it goes to the exception panel (which at the low level of the National League is almost guaranteed) it's £5000 plus VAT (so £6000, since VAT is 20%) to the FA to convene the panel, plus your own legal costs, etc, which would easily for most clubs run over £10k.
  16. Contractual clauses like that are generally unenforceable as it's a restriction of the ability to earn a living. In the context of the game it would also spoil the fun a bit! Your point about earnings is a general gripe that's been around for a while; doesn't really give me too much incentive to negotiate my own contract when it's limiting the funds of the club I'm managing!
  17. I don't think it's a good exercise to compare a whole season's average rating (40+ appearances) with the average rating of up to 5 games. A bit like claiming the game is broken if Leao doesn't score over 60 goals in 40 appearances because he has 8 in 5 for you at the moment.
  18. @Brentmeister Good luck! Worst club choice ever tho, they are a remainder of the former fierce rival of my favourite club (KV Mechelen). Lierse SK went bankrupt, more than half of their supporters chose Oosterzonen (now named Lierse Kempenzonen, Division 2 club). The others went to Lyra, now named Lyra-Lierse. The badge is actually a tribute to Lyra, as the red part are their formers colours. Very different approach from Lierse Kempenzonen, who just erased everything that had to do with Oosterzonen. At least you're in for some sweet games against them in the future!
  19. Jakub Słota's Management Career - August 2031 - Unia Janikowo PKO BP Ekstraklasa Six wins from six to kick off the campaign and a disappointing defeat at Legia. We've now built up a proper rivalry, I'd say. Champions League YES! We've reached the promised land and we've done it in style! Yes, there was a bit of luck involved - Strømsgodset eliminated Viitorul in the second round and Ferencváros knocked out Slavia Prague, giving us easier ties on paper than I had expected. It doesn't matter though, what matters is the result. Absolutely huge news for the club, we're also the first Polish side to make the Champions League group stage since 2016.
  20. try this link: https://breakingthelines.com/tactical-analysis/tactical-analysis-roger-schmidts-psv-eindhoven/
  21. The way I see this fullback-midfielder covering combination, from my limited experience, is that those are different scenarios with yield different results but both can work. When is the fullback the one that runs forward and the midfielder covers its a mroe direct cover, as the mifielder seems eager to quicky open wider and follow/press the wide attacker as he advances without need of extra steps. You don't even need the defender to be a purely defensive/holding oriented one. I have noticed several roles in support already do this great (include some considered runners like BBM), just have higher risk or been caught further up the pitch if the opposition transition is quick so you have to look at your whole defence to see if that can be a problem. When the runner is the midfielder, the full back is unlikely to "cover" his space, as in come forward and start pressing the opposition from before they enter your half, unless you maybe give some specific instructions to make him very agressive in defence. But the thing in this case is that there isnt really a hole in your defence for the opposition to run through. Ddue to the fullback retaining position with the rest of the line it is covered by default. The space is in front of the defence, so it represents a more stand offish approach to your defensive transition. I personally like it less, but I wouldn't call it "a problem" on its own. Would depend on the whole tactic and how I see it playing in practice. And a high line or stopper CDs may easily negate the issue. To be honest, after having achieved great defensive solidity in transitions without a dedicated holding midfielder Im much more sceptical to any must haves. You really need to look at the full picture and what its happening on the pitch instead of getting fixated on I need "X" role for this. Having in account that different players will behave different for the same role/instructions. My current save has been an eye opener.
  22. I'm not sure I follow much of what you've been saying in this thread, @Experienced Defender. A lot of is it really ambiguous, especially the "when the fullback is left to his own devices" comment. What do you mean by this?
  23. Cherno More (Black Sea) is a good choice - they seem to produce a decent number of talented players in my saves - although I'd probably have gone with the Dominican Republic or Surinamer teams, because how cool would it be to get a good youth player from either of those nations?
  24. January 2022 Part 2 @Jogo Bonito @flix909 IT JUST TOOK SOME TIME!!!! YES YES YES!
  25. Might want to work on your marking, Mark King
  26. Τough and unfair defeat against Brann.I'm pretty sure much better results will come in the next games.
  27. Schedule Update 2022 - World Cup 2022 Draw Uff... The goal is 1 point! I think this is possible. I went for "the smashing small teams for moral" route.
  28. Teams normally go all out attacking last 10 minutes to try for a goal which makes Conceding more likely try to see the game out maybe change to a 451or something like that last 10 minutes
  29. @Michael_Myers There are png files, so you can delete/edit them to revert back to default. Here is the folders: Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\skins\SSD 21 V1.2\graphics\icons\custom\star rating In this folder you will find 3 sub-folders scouting, senior and youth. Keep the one you want or delete all three.
  30. Antalyaspor FC: Takeover Report I've found this edition of the game quite hard to get really stuck into, despite numerous hours of game play. For that reason and a string of failures I decided my best option may be to opt for something completely different to my normal go to save. I decided I would try and manage a team in a league and country that has never crossed my mind to try before. After debating the possibility of Romania or even South America of some sort I settled on Turkey as my chosen nation. Club wise my decision was easy as I am hoping to make this very much a long term save. That therefore ruled out the big clubs and I decided it was too early to be contemplating a lower league save within Turkey also. I decided to opt for Antalyaspor for two specific reasons. -I visited the ground on holiday with the missus a couple of years ago (see profile pic) -They have Lukas Podolski in their ranks. As an Arsenal fan I am a big fan of him. The club also have a pretty good base of which to work upon. They are a solid mid-table side, and play at the pretty decent Antalya Stadium (The new Antalyaspor FC manager visits the Stadium on holiday years before his appointment as manager) Having arrived at the club the first thing I did was set about looking at the squad and deciding how I can fit my intended system around them. For me Lukas Podolski looks like the best option up front, and in midfield I was surprised to find Nuri Sahin within the ranks. Defensively the options look solid enough, and in goal there is an impressive option in Ruud Boffin. The options on the wings also look decent enough, and there is plenty of young talent dotted throughout the first team squad. I'm going to play a 4-5-1 formation with a holding midfielder sitting in front of my back four. My plan is to play a deep lying counter attacking style. Being strong defensively will be really important to me. We have a really good winger at the club in Serdar Gurler. He joined from Goztepe (within our league) and has significant quality. Unfortunately he is out for up to seven months with torn knee ligaments though. We probably won't see much of him during my opening campaign here which is a little disappointing. There is also 18-year old Gokdeniz Bayrakdar to offer a glimmer of promise though. The youngster signed from a club in the third tier of Turkish football, but definitely looks to possess enough talent to feature during my tenure. (Suggested best eleven for the club from assistant manager Volkan Kazak) The transfer market will be used, although there isn't too much to play with. Up top Lukas Podolski is now 35, and the best backup for him is Macedonian Adis Jahovic who is 33. Finding a decent younger option will be a priority. We also don't have an out and out defensive midfield player really. Nuri Sahin is apparently our best option, but his creativity will be needed higher up the pitch. I can see him being our best player, and don't want to minimalize his impact by making him too defensively orientated. (The goals of German legend Lukas Podolski will prove vital if Antalyaspor are to match any pre-season hopes and predictions) For my first season in charge I am pretty pleased with the board expectations. The media predict this team to finish in 9th place, and the board want a top-half finish. The inherited squad looks good enough to do that, although we lack quality compared to the big sides. I expect Istanbul, Galatasaray, Fenerbache and Besiktas to run away towards the top, but it would be nice to end up as one of the best of the rest. I am worried about the expectations to challenge for the league title next season though. I am not entirely sure that twelve months is enough time for me to improve the squad that much if I am honest. My first task is to try and get my staff and transfer activity sorted out though. There is some dead wood in the squad, and I will look to shift some of it on in order to raise funds. Our wage budget is pretty bloated, and I have a transfer budget of £800,000 to play with. I don't expect a lot of activity, but I will definitely be looking to add one or two new faces to the squad. ------------------------------------------------ Antalyaspor FC Honours: none
  31. 2024/25 Pre-Season Our new President immediately made an impact this pre-season by moving the club! A minor upgrade to our stadium (adding a new 1200 terrace) saw us have to play most of our campaign on the road, using the 26000 Diego Armando Maradona Stadium owned by Argentinos Jrs. Recruitment was a little more clean cut, we signed 3 foreign players, the most exciting would be Emanuel (not because of the film) but because the Brazilian had 7 Yellows and 6 Reds last season playing in some sort of Brazilian competition. Another Brazilian 'Renato' would cost us $1.5m as we hope his temperament will be akin to the great Edmundo of old. We had to sell a few players this time round to raise funds, the club is beginning to lose money as the backing of Claudio Tapia is no longer there. However we do have the excitement of Copa Sudamericana football to look forward to. First Half Our opener set the tone as 'Perro Rabioso' would see red, as both us and Defensa finished with 10 men as we collected a 2-0 win. Another red followed the week after and at this stage we are rubbing our hands together, racking up an average 30 fouls per game and leaving our mark in more ways than one on the opposition. Our results then picked up, 4 straight wins had us in amongst the Libertadores race, but our card collection slowed a little, seeing more leniency from the referees, as it wouldnt be until mid-September when a Pavoni lunge saw him see 'Rojo' after 5 minutes in a loss to our season hosts. Coming up to the half way stage and we looked well on course to break the 1000 foul mark across a shorter 38 game season. Our form wobbled, good wins over Racing Club and Banfield were muffled by sloppy losses to Godoy Cruz and Dep. Moron as we found our feet firmly as a mid-table team. Yet the exciting part would be the red card for Bruno Zuculini... the first of a few for our journeyman midfielder. Second Half The 2nd half of the season started well, a point against Boca and then a 5 goal spree at Defensa gave us cause for optimism. Yet we still lacked the cutting edge in the referees notebook, as the season suffered from a mid-season lag. Zuculini would be the next red card, his 2nd came at NOB in a 1-4 beating, a turning point in our aggressive approach as a few of those failing to live up to our standards were put out to pasture for a hungrier dirtier bunch. We began to average 5 cards per game and easily beat 30 fouls on many occasions, combining the fouls with the results, shown by our hard fought draw at Campeon-Elect River Plate. Then it happened again, Zuculini collected his 3rd red of the league campaign. This time a nice 2-footed lunge saw him get his marching orders at Dep. Moron, sadly his last of the season but not the clubs! Our final 3 games saw us end with 10 men each time. Perro Rabioso got in on the act at home to Talleres, the Colombian Julian Pretel found his nasty side at Union, whilst Alberione celebrated his first red card for the club in our finale at Velez. It helped boost our numbers as although we failed to hit that magical 1000 foul mark, the 148 yellows and 9 reds proved to be a club high over a 38 game season. Lost to Godoy Cruz in the 6th Round, our first season run to the Final seems to be an outlier to our Copa efforts. No reds either which is annoying. A first foray into the delights of Continental competition and as we are Argentine a bye into the Group Phase. It isnt all that great though as its top or nothing and as you can see, it proved to be nothing for us. We started well winning against the Ecuadorians, but then blew up at Audax Italiano. There was no way back after that, however a proud moment came when CONMEBOL informed us that our disciplinary record from these 6 games was the worst they have seen in the competitions short history. Things may start looking up! Discipline Achievements Most Fouls - Alberto 'Perro Rabioso' Paolorosso 110 Most Red Cards - Bruno Zuculini 3 Most Yellow Cards - Wilson Altamirano 22 Other Achievements Fans Player of the Year - Fernando Valenzuela Top Goalscorer - Hugo Martinez 18 (15 in lge) Avg Rating - Cafezinho (6.98) Liga Profesional de Futbol Campeon - River Plate Primera Nacional Campeon - Huracan Copa Argentina Campeon - Independiente Supercopa Argentina Campeon - Boca Juniors Conmebol Competitions Copa Libertadores - Argentinos Jrs (lost in 2Q), Velez Sarsfield (lost in Groups), River Plate & Racing Club (lost in 2nd Rd), Boca Juniors (lost in S/Final), Independiente (Runners Up) Copa Sudamericana - Defensa y Justicia, Atlanta, Rosario Central, Talleres & Banfield (lost in Groups), Newells Old Boys & Velez Sarsfield (lost in Q/Final)
  32. No worries, I see this as more of a "testing the waters" approach, rather than letting everyone know I want him gone. So by offering him out without putting him on the list, I sort of say "he is available for something around this fee, but I'm not desperate to get rid. So if there are no takers, I'm happy to keep him". If I had put him on my list, even with an asking price, I would be saying "I want him gone, this is my wanted fee, but I'll entertain any takers for whatever". So by putting a player on the transfer list, you devalue the player, so to say. I especially do this for backups or rotational options when I have younger (or more talented) replacements lined up. I tend to only use the transfer list as a last resort to get rid of troublemakers or the like. Also, I play without a DoF because I like the control, and he would only do the same job, but worse than me and I'd have to clean up his mess!
  33. Really nice thread and ideas here... My love of Dutch Total football and German Gegenpressing combined to my stubbornness to use 4-4-2 actually led me to try form this 3-3-1-3 shape from...a 4-4-2. So here's my idea: First draft of the tactic would be: F9-su AM-at IW-su DLP-de CAR-su W-su FB-su BDP-de BPD-co IWB-de It may yield to an asymmetrical diamond, but I think this could be attenuated by having different type of players in each sides...anyway for now it's just a seed of an idea... I'm actually curious if any have tried to get the 3-3-1-3 from another formation...
  34. March 2022 With the victory against Al-Nassr, this should be the title for us.
  35. Craving a new football manager challenge and after reading through the journeys of other managers, I have decided to take over Brazilian side Ferroviária in São Paulo. I've always wanted to do a save in Brazil but could never get one started, now I've already done 3 seasons! Season 1 Manager Profile / Transfers before I joined Before we even started the league campaign, the board sold my best LB, RB and CM for a total of 100k. Ferroviária were one of the favourites to get promoted from Série C, and we did just that! The promotion rules are nothing like I have ever seen before - the league starts in two groups, then the top 4 from each group go into two groups of four, and the top two from each get promoted, and the winners of each group play each other over two legs for the title. Confusing, right? Luckily we played well the entire season and finished top of both sets of groups, beating América de Natal over two legs to claim the title. In terms of the São Paulo state championsip, the board wanted us to avoid a relegation battle which wasn't surprising considering the league includes São Paulo, Santos, Corinthians and Palmerias. We somehowe made the final after beating Palmerias 1-0 in the semi-final before getting demolished by Santos 7-3 on aggregate. We were also knocked out of the cup in the first round by a Série A side. Carlos Renato was the best player to come through the 2022 youth intake, however his attributes are a bit all over the place. Season 2 Season 2 transfers After promotion to Série B, we were heavy favourites to go straight back down again. We managed to get a solid mid table finish, finishing 10th - 10 points above relegation and 10 points below promotion places. I didn't focus as heavy on the São Paulo state championsip, using it to rotate squad players and give some playing time to the youth players. We ended up 8th, which the board were more than happy with. We progressed a bit further in the cup, before being narrowly eleminated in the 3rd round over two legs to Sport Recife. Best of the season 2023 intake was Valkenedy, already 6'5" at 16, just hope the unambitius personality doesn't effect his development too much. Season 3 Season 3 transfers - The board once again sold my best CM and then my star goalkeeper wanted to leave and was sold to Palmerias half way through the season. Luckily we had a couple of prospects that came through in the first season before Ferroviária was a playable team, including Felipe José and Jefferson. However, one of the star performers was a regen that came though in 2022 - Caio Vinícius. He is by far the best player at the club now at just 18 - and with a perfecionist personality. I just hope the board don't sell him. We improved a lot in our league campaign, finishing 5th and just one point off promotion. It might have been a good thing we didn't get promoted as I think we would of got destroyed in the Série A this early. We got to the quater finals of the São Paulo state championsip and we were once again knocked out in the first round of the cup. I have been requesting improvements in all of our youth infrastructure, but the board keep declining due to financial reasons despite us having £1.2m in the bank. It might be due to the fact our finances are classed as okay and not secure, just hoping they eventually cave in and say yes. Our best youth candidate in 2024 was Richard, however its another player with an unambitious personality.
  36. Excellent stuff. Thought it was interesting last night after Laporte came on, it looked quite like this in possession: Sterling------Mahrez------Torres Zinchenko--Bernardo--Cancelo Rodri Laporte-----------------------Stones Dias Cancelo would have been the one to fall back into line but uh... he never really needed to... This interests me because the reserves have played like this throughout Pep's time here, making me think he wanted to play like this all along. For example on Monday, in possession, they looked like this: Nmecha--McAtee--Edozie Knight-----------------Palmer Lavia--E-Riley C.Doyle---Gomes---Burns With CJ Egan-Riley being the RB in the defensive phase. None of those players up top are strikers either, so watching the pattern last night felt very familiar. I'm glad to hear you say that its generally a bit of a struggle to perform the role & duty based switch to the back 3, as I've struggled myself
  37. haha, the good outweighs the bad i guess pal.
  38. Teie IF Season 2037 review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances No Europe for us this season (other than the knockout rounds that started in our pre-season), so we could focus on the domestic matches. And things went really well as we finished in a very good 3rd place and are qualified for the Europa League next season. We started quite poorly, but in the end things went better and better as the season went on. I think the reason is that I got rid of a lot of the older regulars since the young up and coming players are now equal or better now. So a lot went out, either loan or sold, so we finally got in some money for sales, even if it weren't that big. Got some sell-on fees and such for the long run in case they have success elsewhere. In Norgesmesterskapet we beat Fana, Runar, Mjøndalen and Aalesund before losing to Viking in the quarter final. Players of note: Came through last season and went straight into the first team. Has had an amazing development and assists a lot from his winger role. Our hero has started to become a bit outdated, but he is still a main choice for striker. Not as many goals as before, and I think his term as first choice and best player are going towards an end. Still, this was his 13th season as a main choice and has 286 goals and 142 assists in 408 games for us. Quite a stat!
  39. Welcome! More than happy to see new people here. It's a tough challenge, but it's oh so rewarding even coming close to anything resembling trophies playing this way. If you love to dive deep, then come on in, set up a spreadsheet and dig away!
  40. I think this has been managed very, very poorly by SI from a comms perspective. FM20 was released on Stadia, so logically there are many users who expect to buy FM21 there again, or be explicitly told if it's delayed or discarded. We're way past the 'delayed' part, but it's OK if the game can't come to Stadia in the end. These things can happen. It's also OK if work is still ongoing (e.g.: negotiations, technical issues, etc.) and can't be confirmed just yet. I think everybody can understand that. But I think SI could've done a lot better than just saying "no news" in an obscure tweet months ago, then just radio silence. Is it that difficult to write an official (maybe montly) update saying "We're still working with Google to bring the game to Stadia, but we can't guarantee it will make it yet. If it's finally cancelled, we'll let you know."? That alone would've made a WORLD of difference to me, and I'm sure many others. At least we would know there's still a chance, and so there's something to wait for (even if it's a cancellation message!). Bonus points if they also explained whether it's about technical issues, commercial negotiations, whatever. But the complete and total silence for months just makes it look like they don't care if customers are left wondering and confused, not knowing if they should wait or not. And of course some will give up and buy it on Steam... which they may regret if it ends up coming to Stadia. A 50€ mistake no less. But how could they know? For all we know, the Stadia version could've been cancelled since December! Hell, we don't even know if SI plans to issue any statement at all in case it's cancelled. Maybe they'll just remain silent until FM2022 is released? The fact that they accidentally published the Stadia logo in the launch announcement, and then quietly removed it after people pointed it out, was just the icing on the cake. Like, "Yeah, we're actually reading all your messages and we know how angry and confused you all are about our lack of communication. Now let's just remove the logo without saying a word, confirming we're just ignoring you". I respect SI immensely, I love their work and I know we're not entitled to anything. They don't owe us any explanations if they don't want to give them. I'm also aware that they're probably stuck between NDAs with Google and other parties, and it's sometimes better to err on the side of caution (been there too). But I honestly think this could've been handled better. I hope you don't take this as some random angry rant, but for what it actually is: some constructive criticism from a customer who actually thinks you're an awesome company 😉
  41. why does oppostition report always say that the opponent will play 4-4-2?
  42. Yeah I find the silence on this a little deafening. Lots of responses to other issues and threads on here but nothing regarding average ratings since the hot-fix. Think it would go along way to ease peoples concerns if they just came out and acknowledged that there is still an issue. Personally I'm concerned they don't believe it's an issue anymore and aren't planning on fixing it. Exactly why a response would go a long way.
  43. Is there really going to be no response from SI on the bug regarding player ratings? It's been weeks since the hotfix has failed to fix this major bug with a large number of the community voicing their concerns over how this is affecting their game experience. I even created an account here for the first time as an experienced FM player to voice my complaint.
  44. At the end of the day, rating is still broken. And we are in January.
  45. No. I think no is the correct answer: For me it is the most annoying/impactful bug right now - can mitigate ME behaviour with tactic tweaks, but when you cannot investigate the data accurate;y it makes mitigation difficult.
  46. Overview One thing that separates Brendon Rodgers from many other British managers is his tactical flexibility. Unafraid to use different systems of play from the 4-2-3-1 at Swansea which drew comparisons to Barcelona, to the diamond that had his Liverpool team running over teams in attack akin to Klopp’s Dortmund. However, his principles of play are clear and have a been put to the test across various leagues like the championship, premier league and the SPL with Celtic. It’s all about the ball. Dominating it, looking to win it back quickly, owning it, this is especially true of his Swansea and Celtic sides with Liverpool being the outlier and Leicester being something of a hybrid between the two styles capable of playing a possession style or sitting deep and hitting teams with fast counters as evident against City and Leeds this season. “I like to control the games. I like to be responsible for our own destiny. If you are better than your opponent with the ball you have a 79 per cent chance of winning the game for me it is quite logical. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are if you don’t have the ball you can’t score.” (Rodgers 2012) Rodgers outlined his vision for Swansea from the get-go incorporating the whole club from the first team right through to the academy. His aim was ambitious he wanted Swansea to be an attacking and attractive team to watch, whilst also establishing them as a Premier League club using players brought through the club’s academy. To achieve his vision Rodgers outlined a number of principles to create a philosophy and club culture based around possession-based football. He believed the perfect style of play revolved around the circulation of the ball. To do this his team had to have good positional play, with players moving to create plenty of passing lines through the formation of triangles all over the pitch allowing them to dictate the play. As with all of Rodgers teams, the transitions were hugely important Swansea were no different and they pressed high, used cover shadows and defended in zones across the pitch. The aim was to make the pitch as big as possible when in possession and as small as possible without the ball. Swansea arrived in the top flight with a clear philosophy from which they had no intention of deviating. Dominating games through possession and winning admirers for their bold, proactive style of play. Swansea survived comfortably, achieving their pre-season goal finishing 11th and 11 points clear of the drop zone. Funnily enough, they ended 2011/12 third in the possession table, with only Arsenal and Manchester City averaging a higher share of the ball over 38 games. Tactic As stated above the shape Rodgers used was primarily the 4-2-3-1 to enable him to get the best out of Gylfi Sigurdsson. Britton would dictate from deep whilst Allen would fulfil more of the Xavi role hence his nickname the Welsh Xavi. Rodgers talks about four phases that underpin Swansea's approach when they have the ball. There is the building and constructing from behind, the preparation through midfield, the creativity to arrive in the areas and then the taking of the goals.. As with Barcelona Swansea built from the back, their centre backs were comfortable receiving the ball before distributing it to a midfielder usually Leon Britton. He would come deeper to form the triangle with the centrebacks outlined in Rodgers philosophy. Swansea make the pitch as big as possible by players coming deeper such as Britton, they also stretch the pitch wid with their fullbacks hugging the touchline, this combined with their triangular formations makes it easy to keep the ball whilst playing through the gaps left by the opponents who need to cover a larger area. An area in which did differ a lot to that of Barcelona is that they played with an out and out striker in Danny Graham rather than the false 9 of Messi, in this aspect, you can see the combination of two influences on Rodgers that of the Spanish and Barcelona sides full of small technical players which he admired. The other is the physical and focal point that is able to occupy defenders of Mourinho who he worked under at Chelsea blending these two styles together to create side able to play beautiful football but also put the ball in the net. One criticism thrown at Swansea is that they often keep the ball in their own half or in areas where they are not hurting the opposition. Rodgers pointed out that, while the primary reason for possession will always be to create and exploit space, the simple fact is that, while Swansea have the ball, the opposition are unable to score. He also said that by keeping the ball for long periods his team are able to recover. The only time we rest is when we have the ball, "When we haven't got the ball is the moment for intense pressure to get the ball back. But you can't go for 90 minutes, so in order to recuperate and conserve energy, we'll do that sometimes by building our way through the game — our tiki-taka football, our small lending games to keep the ball. Swansea likes to press high and use a high line to make the pitch smaller, once they win the ball back if they can counter quickly they will do so otherwise they will set about building patiently again. Swansea do counter-press but it's not as aggressive as the Dortmund press under Klopp, instead, they use more cover shadows to prevent the opposition from playing into open receivers. Swansea like Barcelona defended zonally, they split the pitch into equal zones with each player responsible for their own zones. The aim was to suffocate the opposition whilst remaining an organised and structured defensive shape, rather than the chaotic nature of man-marking and intense pressing as we see with Bielsa's Leeds. Rarely would you see Swansea players going to ground in the challenge instead they would look to make interceptions rather than outright tackles to win the ball back. Results Rodgers Swansealona.fmf
  47. Has this been acknowledged as an issue by SI and is it being worked on? It’s a game breaking bug and includes the fact that every game there are no key tackles by any player which is clearly contributing to the issue.
  48. Guess it depends what level you are managing at. If youre a semi pro club then its probs not realistic to find stats that detailed for other players at that level, but if youre a bigger club then it could be realistic. Regardless I think making sure you scout the player after searching is more important
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