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  1. I have a few seasons to update again, but just wanted to share that I've got a Europa Conference final to look forward to tomorrow!!
  2. I thought we had thrown it away. We were 3-1 up with 12 to go when they pulled two back. But we went straight down the other end and bagged two more. Our greatest achievement so far this one!!
  3. ACN Siena 1904 - 2028/29 Season Review Another season has come and gone. We managed to finish in 8th place, our best finish so far. We tried out some new tactics and while we were really good for goals, having scored the most amount of goals in the in our eight seasons at the club, we also had our worse defensive record too. With Perugia winning the Coppa Italia Lega Pro as well, we were never in any danger of dropping out of the promotion playoffs once we found ourselves building a bit of a gap to 11th place, which became a promotion playoff spot too. The aim is to eventually find ourselves getting promoted to Serie B, but with the shock relegation of Virtus Entella still a stark reminder that anyone could go down if they have a bad season, even if they are predicted to be in a promotion fight. We did fall to Cesena in the first playoff round to Cesena, the team we overtook in the last day of the season, but I with the team not being good enough to play in Serie B right now, this comes across as a blessing in disguise more than anything else right now. Still, it's only the second time we've finished in the top half in eight seasons, so I know that there is still more work for us to do, especially if we are not consistent enough against the teams around us in the league. Missing some of the stats as I forgot to take a screenshot before I started the new season in advance. I'm releasing these posts as my YouTube series based on this save goes live now. Allows me to pace this out nicely too.
  4. Season Review 2077/78 Another 12th place finish Bateson with 21 goals in only 28 games (injuries), still going at 33
  5. Safe, and comfortably so. We had no business being this clear of relegation, but we did it anyway. Did pretty well in the cups too, just unfortunate to get a bad draw in the Irish Cup. Also pretty funny to note that our best player in recent memory who thought we weren't good enough for him finished below us this season Karolis Romanov 3E - Coist Hughes 3L - Tommy Magee 4E I said Romanov was going to be our most important player in the last review, and he proved his worth, being extremely solid at the back when the situation called for it. Our overall has jumped up by nearly 3 points, as the players are getting older and playing more games against better competition. We are in a pretty decent position to stay up next year with this XI if this season is anything to go by. Youth Intake Nigel Beresford 6N* - Stephen Webb 6B* - Radosław Gwiazda 6C* An excellent intake on paper, but we don't really need a keeper and a few of these guys need retraining. But that's the reason we have an U18s team and a Reserves team that play in their own leagues. Our reserves team also participates in cups our senior team competed in when we were in lower divisions. Record Breakers Transfers Another one of our strong CBs departs for a better club. They won't be better for long. Progress
  6. Season Review 2076/77 Nothing to report, more mid table mediocrity, except, Jamie Bateson is now the clubs all time leading scorer
  7. Below are two videos from my save showing the individual player detailed stats (couldn't be bothered for individual screenshots): 1. Half a season on no detail (QME) 2. Half a season on full detail (FME) Belgian Pro League 23/24: 1 - 18 games no detail, qme Belgian Pro League - 23/24: 19-36 games full detail, fme The stats I mentioned potentially being an issue in my previous post also seem to be highlighted here as well, e.g.: - Players getting 1 or 2 clear cut chances attributed to them in the second half of the season compared to 35+ in the first half - Players attempting 200% more passes in the second half of the season - Not a single key tackle happened in the second half of the season - Clearances through the roof second half of season - Key passes up up up on the fme.
  8. Tbh we need a dirtiness slider for this to happen. Otherwise you just need to find players who have the competitiveness streak. The issue then becomes whether this guys get sent off for being overly aggressive. I know that years ago i raised this with SI but I doubt they are going to allow players to intentionally go around breaking legs.
  9. Farnborough January 1, 2022 Update Our little squad of 14 players is doing a great job this season handling all the matches. A trip to the 4th qualifying round of the FA Cup. A quick out in the FA Trophy. Doing a good job in the league currently sitting in 9th as the calendar turns to 2022. Pretty average across the board. Finances looking good but not great. Same with the youth intake. Excellent group highlighted by a goalkeeper.
  10. lol, opinions: Lewandoski, my player: First of all: - A season like the 2010/11 Messi's Ballon d'Or winning one is just worth 7.61. - A season like the 2012/2013 Ronaldo's Ballon d'Or winning one is just worth 7.61. Then I go to non loaded leagues: Firmino Agüero: Harry Kane: Icardi: Luis Suarez: Benzema: Griezmann: Messi: And finally let's go back to Erling Haaland in my league: So yeah, full match engine ratings for attackings are perfectly fine, and people is just giving an opinion. lol
  11. Just another example of match day UI having gone from one of the most customizable and informative screens in the game to completely rigid and unchangeable.
  12. SC Freamunde Season 6 - 2026/2027 Transfers - Past Positions - Best XI - Youth Intake - Finances Season Summary - 3rd - Promoted! To explain just how I got promoted, let me start by explaining how the Portuguese Fourth Division works. Made up of 5 groups of 12 teams each, the top team in each group qualifies for the end of season promotion play-offs. Then, the three teams with the highest point totals not already qualified qualify. Then, the 8 teams play a knock-out tournament where the two to reach the final get promoted. The season was amazing, no other way to say it, with our away form the key to our success as we went unbeaten away from home all season. The team was playing at a much higher level, with defensive solidity matched by a strong attack but we still found ourselves drawing a few too many games we should have won. In the end we were comfortably in the play-offs, 4 points ahead of the cut-off, but I was nervous as we had failed to beat Felgeuiras and At. Arcos all season. In particular, both our games against Felgeuiras had finished 0-0. But the team showed up: We did lose the final to Felgeuiras on penalties after another 0-0 draw, which put a small caveat to an otherwise incredibly succesful season. We are going up! In the cup, we made the 3rd round again (beating a 2nd division side in the process) before falling on penalties to 3rd division Beira Mar. Off the Field Finances look ok, but promotion does seem to be crucial right now. I did get the board to improve our Youth Recruitment again at the end of the season to Excellent. Additionally, our U19 side stormed the Second U19 division (losing in the final as well on penalties) and getting promoted to the First U-19 division. Prospects worth Noting I almost feel like mentioning the entire first team squad! But let's talk about the true difference makers. Nuno Casaca - YP0d (D(LCR),DM) - Played all but two games again this season at right back, making 3 assists and even got his first ever career goal through a penalty. Gustavo Teles - YP0f (DC, DM, MC) - Our new captain settled into the defence very well, managing to go up the other side and get 7 goals as well. Gustavo Campos - YP1b (AML/ML) - Crucial as always on the left wing, he finishing the season with 2 goals and 7 assists. Ailton Lopes - YP1d (GK) - Finally became the starter this season, benching our original keeper, and did exceptionally well, getting 10 shutouts, 2 POM appearances, and even an assist! Gustavo Gomes - YP1k (ST/AML/AMR) - Incedible again, leading the line every game to finish with 23 goals in 30 macthes, adding in 3 assists for good measure. His 7.31 Avg. Rating shows just how good he was. Player of the season without a doubt. Luis Cristo - YP2c (D(LCR)) - Joining Teles in defence, Cristo was imperial again, playing all but three matches he missed through injury. No goals for him though. Vitor Valente - YP2f (MC/AMC/ST) - Playing as a BBM, Valente became a goalscorer of amazing goals with all 5 of his strikes coming from outside the box. Fabio Luiz - YP3c (DM/MC) - Next to Valente as an AP, Luiz finally shined, getting himself 6 assists and one goal before his season was disrupted by an injury. Came back in time for the play-off final, were he missed one of the penalties. Alexandre Cande - YP3d (AMR/MR) - 7 goals, 5 assists, and a hat-trick in the play-off semi final that sent us up. Amazing. Bismark Danso - YP5a (DC/DM) - The now 16 year old may have been our missing peace. Playing as BWM most of the season, the team became quite good at getting cleansheets. Made 2 assists, both amazing throughballs for Cande in the play-off semifinal. Hoping it continues next season. Youth Intake Can't really complain, seeing as I got a 3 star CA and a 2 star CA player, but after the past few intakes have given me ridicolous numbers of 4.5+ star potential players, only getting three is a bit dissapointing. However, I assume it has much more to do with our squad's ability growing than an actual change in the quality of the intake. Next Season Well after 6 22 game league seasons, next year will be something else as the Third Division has 46 (gulp). The depth of quality in the squad will likely become a lot more important, and hopefully the higher number of games helps more players develop. Avoiding relegation is the name of the game.
  13. Yes the legendary Abdulrahman. He is back "home", he is played at Al-Ahli He wanted 30k per week. If not he would be playing for Al-Fateh.
  14. Got Donnarumma on free transfer, sent my DoF for Szoboszlai and brought Haaland for whatever it takes. Now I'm going for the Premiership. Update on Haaland:
  15. I would quite like my assistant to stop recommending substitutions when i have non left to make
  16. New update on 2nd post. Missing or incorrect data added in which people provided further up the post. Also i think i have got club league history working proper at all levels apart from Level 7 & 11. These 2 levels have got extra stages in them after the regular season (points per game) so i think it might have something to do with that, im trying to fix it though.
  17. I have just released a short explanation video of my megapack. In part #1 I will show you the differences in terms of wages when you play with my megapack vs default.
  18. I found a way to stop english teams dominating the champions league. Yes, i will restart the game until they are all out of the competition. It's just ridiculous at this stage. I just had to reload because bloody Liverpool and Arsenal both qualified to the final in extra time. It would have been Liverpool's 5th!!! final in the last 6 years and probably would have won it again. Sorry but it doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Yeah go make Liverpool the BESTEST EVAAAAR team in the world because they won 1 title in the last 30 years and a champions league.
  19. Here's screenshots of my statistical discrepancies @Jack Joyce, you mean to tell me you're satisfied with this end product? The first are the key passes in my league, Vanarama South. As you can see, Jacob Mendy lead the league with 193 key passes. Pretty decent work by Mendy I say, especially compared with the Vanarama North leader's 144. Looking at how he compared with the Premier League, Mendy even bests Kevin de Bruyne! I am truly blown away by his performance, but how does he compare to league leaders elsewhere? Jacob Mendy scorched the league leaders of La Liga, Bundesliga, and Ligue 1 combined! I wonder how much these results mirror reality... KDB had 131 key passes last season. While 182 vastly eclipses it, its not that far off. Thomas Muller last season crafted 82 key passes, but digital Thomas Muller was shackled by the match sim engine and could only muster a dull 28. Yikes. Not only do the stats look awful when compared to other leagues in the game, they look even worse here. I'm sorry, but to dismissively consider these differences as mere "statistic discrepancies" is an insult to your customer base. These are HUGE flaws with BASIC features in the game. While none of us expect you to talk-down SI or the developers, acknowledging the severity of this issue would at least buy you some good-will with us. It is infuriating that you at SI decided incorporating xG in FM21 was more important than some other "legacy" features which have remained broken since the beta release. Things like analyst reports, player heat maps, passing networks, player-count dropoff, the youth intake bug, and now this have all had some explanation related to the introduction of xG. Clearly, SI had ambitious visions for FM21 that included successfully incorporating it in the game, but unfortunately you all failed at implementing them bug free due to COVID or otherwise. Honestly, that's quite alright, however, you send people on here to explain away all these legitimate issues as if there's something we the players are doing wrong (" If you want stats that are 100% directly comparable you can use the detail level menu from within your save game to set your desired leagues to be played in full detail (obviously this does use extra processing so be aware of that). This will ensure that the selected matches are fully played as opposed to being simulated.") rather than acknowledging that there have been many unforeseen consequences implementing xG into the statistical system that has ultimately caused you to release a product which your customer base has bore the brunt of finding major flaws (some of which are obvious within an hour of playing and some, like this, that come later). I half-expect this critique to be removed for its honesty, but I am not going to treat you all with a light touch since that apparently gets met with disingenuous replies that do not sufficiently address the concerns of the posters and instead seek to place the blame on us for having expectations that the FME and QME produce similar results.
  20. When you, as a selling team, set an asking price, particularly for a happy player who you don't want to sell, it appears to have absolutely no impact on the AI teams who continue to offer ridiculous offers way below even the in-game value. Even allowing for the fact that the AI teams are trying to unsettle the player, I am sure that this is working how the code is intended but I will give you an example: 25 year old current international with just under 2 years left on his contract, happy with his playing time etc and I don't want to sell him. In game value ( set by the game ) is 9.75M. After rejecting bids of around 4 and 5m for him, my AM suggests setting an asking price at a level where I might be prepared to consider a bid. I set the asking price to 20M and I may be willing to negotiate down to say 18M if and when offers come in. Since setting that price, I have received 5 offers and not one of them have even met his in game value, far less the asking price. My point therefore is that setting an asking price is completely pointless as the AI managers are not even considering this before offering. If teams were offering bids around 80-90% of the asking price in order to negotiate, I could understand that. When they offer 40-50%, then it is not working as intended.
  21. This may have been asked before, but I can't find any info on it. I'm pretty sure, when looking at a player that's been/being scouted, in previous FM's, the scout mentioned as being the last to scout, or currently being scouted by, used to have a link on his name to take you to his profile. This now seems to be missing in FM21. I'm mainly talking about in the report tab of a player not at the club. Either the overview page or the scout report page. Where the last scout is named. What is the code needed to add a link to the scout in question? Thanks.
  22. Odds Bk Chasing Glory Season Summary On the whole it was a good solid season with some good progression from last year into Europe now but, The manner of losing the title was a tough one to take ive only just managed to get myself motivated to go again. Here ill just briefly round up my season before setting off on next year. Good few records broke from young Oscar Aga and Sondre Rossbach takes another big record, Both being named player and young player is no surprise. Nice personal award for club captain Steffen Hagen Kristiansund Bk take the cup home! They had a great season as a club! Tromso go close who also had a good overall season. Only a few things in terms of us here. Signing of the season Oscar Aga!! The two worst signings were players we sold which is nice especially making profit on both sales. Its very evident that too many draws have cost us joint 2nd in the league. Lowest for defeats is nice but we really need to sort out the draws. Another key area is goals scored, the lowest scored in all of the top 6 but, lowest conceded so balance I suppose. Home form was incredible only 1 defeat all year at the Skagerak Arena, Only conceding 7 as well, Pure fortress. By stark contrast our away performance was shocking, 19 goals conceded!! only 3 wins! simply not good enough. Considering we played a brand of counter attacking am very surprised how we toiled so much on the road which has turned me to the tactics in the summer and has effected my recruitment as well which will be revealed in the next update! XG Table tells its own story as we out perform in every aspect! face slightly more shots than average but due to the fact we have a great keeper helps! We don't go shooting for the sake of it, and what shots we did take we did convert them well! Possession expected to be low when playing on the counter side of things, but I would still prefer to slightly higher, Tactically next season we will look to be more of a transition attacking team rather than pure counter, we sort of shifted to that a little more already this season. 4th for clear cut chances created is high, Showing that when we did counter we did make good chances. The conversion rate shows our strikers take these chances as well! We however don't shoot very often at all. possibly down to us waiting to create the perfect chance! We rarely lose possession which is pleasing in a sense. but as a counter attacking team you'd expect it to be higher with more risk passing something again to be addressed. Most tackles in the league was essential if our low block was to be effective! But looking closer shows that we also our ratio of winning them could be a far better! more work to be done. The area I knew we a really had to excel at in the low block. coming up against so many crosses all CB's played there part. One of my favourite areas 1 goal conceded all season from a corner which delights me as I take a lot of care and attention setting up my defence corner. Player Stats Both strikers share the goal scoring responsibility equally! 28 league goals between them. But its Oscar Aga who is the more clinical of the two! Our left wing back who was originally a back up option is the only man to get on the assists table. Only 6 assists from our main two creative midfielders. Worrying creation wise I would have liked one at least two have bossed it but they do a lot of dirty work. Neither made the key passes as well! But, a plus is Gronli who is our player out on loan topped it. So we could bring him into the fold next year. He gets about the park as well, could be drafted into the number 10 role! Like he played for Haugensund who battled relegation. A big set of stats that probably allude to why there creation was vastly lower than expected. club legend still dominating in the air well into his mid 30's Rossy tops the table in save ration and clean sheets! Stellar season and really staking a claim to be Norway no1. Next Season After looking at the stats away form is a big area we need to work on. I think tactically its time to evolve a little from the deep block as well. I have a speedy CB lined up to help push us up the park. Hagen is sublime as a defender but pace is now a real worry. I want to also break into a more attacking style which is making me reach for my Atalanta tactic that I covered extensively on Fm20 in the tactic section. Which will aid the attacking numbers. but finding the balance is key as I don't want to loose all our great defensive work. Next update will be a tactical one with transfers and pre season. After getting a few players in today before writing ive got a bit of a buzz back after throwing away the league.
  23. Forgot to mention this but your question isn't off topic really, in the absence of anywhere else on the forum (except the realism thread) to discuss LLM then this seems as good a place as any. It would be nice to get the LLM discussion going again
  24. I took over Chelsea 4 years ago and changed the squad so i have the right players since i value technical players but i never went that deep about tactics and formation so i used to make it simple and it worked but it got boring so i'm trying more complex stuff now. I thaugt pass into space was balanced and for short passing i was wrong anyway i'm looking forward to see your results nex season
  25. 1996 is the only time I can think of. Back then there was a difference how Ajax paid the Surinamese and Dutch players which then erupted in the Dutch team. The reason why that didn't fester in 1998 anymore was because most of those players moved to other teams by then. Obviously there will be things that we don't know of, but right now I am pretty sure that Virgil van Dijk and Gini Wijnaldum are such strong presences in the dressing room that any issue will be handled by the team. Also, based on the respons from the team after a racist incident in a Dutch First Division game, I would say the current team is in a good shape. But it is true, Suriname could have had great teams and alternative history is such a fun thing
  26. Here's another example of the 3-1-6 shape working nicely (coming from a 4-2-2-2), this time in Paris.
  27. That’s great to hear, @Luke6. If you enjoy the youth development element of managing Derby County, then I think the Rams will be even more enjoyable to manage on FM21 than they were on FM20. That’s great going by Lee Buchanan. Maybe I should’ve stuck with him on my save but I’ve been rotating him with Craig Forsyth. It is possible to raise funds in the first transfer window so good luck 🍀 with that. Yes. The injury list at the start of the season is quite long with some key players missing. If you look on Page 1 of this thread, I’ve posted a Transfer Targets update with players people have signed in a hidden spoiler. Thank you. You too, @Luke6. Thanks for the update and good 🍀 luck with your save.
  28. I’ve just been promoted from the championship with Didcot Town. Predicted to finish near the bottom by the media, used many of the ideas from this thread, used a CM(D) instead of the BWM and upped the LoE against weaker teams! As above, the IW and AP were key to my success!!
  29. That trait works usually best in wingers with good acceleration. It means they will tap the ball forward and use their speed to overtake the opponent. TBH I don't see many advantages of that in a CM of a possession tactic.
  30. Season Review 2075/76 An okay season after such a poor start, winning 1 in the first 9 games. Changed formation to 4-2-3-1 which I didn't want to do, wanted to play 2 up front with Bateson, Gumbs and Foley but with form so bad, I had to do something. There is a Brazilian kid in the latest intake that I am hoping with a bit of luck turns out ok. His stats aren't great but fingers crossed
  31. so ive been mucking about with save a little as this has annoyed me a little so as AI Controlled teams get 2/3 youth players a year 2033 (my current game year being no different) i then reloaded to the week before the intake added managers to all prem clubs with human controls ever club brought in 18 new youth players? also seems if i add a manager but retire them before the actuall intake day the intake is again approx 18 players not sure if this is any use or just pointless i have a save from the week before the intake if needed
  32. Gainsborough Trinity 11th season. 21st League Two - FA cup 1st round - Other cups 1st round Relegation threat all season as bottom teams did better than last season. Our defensive was not good - so i developed another defensive approach which worked for many matches. But in general 38-58 in goalscore - it is the defence that are keeping us up. I used the season to make a generation change in the start eleven. So we changed 5 starters to younger and with more potential. Still i cant make anyone except Dillon make goals!!!! It is horrible - he is just 1 star and have gone from 10 to 8 in finishing the last seasons. Next season i believe again will be about not getting relegated. Our finances is a compelete catastrophe - we need cup success in the FA - but we get extremely hard opponents away the last seasons. Youth intake was medicore - bad personalities and 5 players for left midfield! Why - WHY?
  33. Please try again when you understood what I was talking about. "lol".
  34. thanks to you for this new jewel ! you are one of the most interesting managers of the moment with jtaylor
  35. There has generally been an agreement (in the UK at least) that the FA's would get to set their own work permit rules with the government would honour. While I'm unsure of the situation with the current work permit rules at government level, historically almost any player would've qualified for a work permit on the salary condition easily. It would be the standard rules that apply to managers/backroom staff and its likely there would be no issues on this front in most instances at the higher levels of the game.
  36. Is there a particular reason why many of my key players, despite being first team regulars, aged between 19-24, with a highly rated coaching team, and good training facilities - are seeing wholesale attribute drops?
  37. Some transparency would be nice. Rather frustrating when you take your time to send bug reports and you don't get a response. At least give people an update, it would maybe prevent the same topics being brought up over and over again.
  38. None. It always ends up upsetting the players even when it's completely illogical to do so. So I don't use any
  39. Lovely that this time we could celebrate in our own stadium. I can only imagine the joy of the people watching it from across the street!
  40. I've had 5 loans with Marseille in the first season and now after everyone of these players is gone and I'm in the transfer window 2021 I cant make loan offers to anybody because it says I already have the maximum of 5 even though no loan player is in the squad. This has to be a bug?
  41. Quite simply the game as a whole is too rigid. It never changes from the first year to 2200. The game world is static. it lacks so many things that make the OOTP baseball games amazing. Dynamic changeable potential is one. If a player has a ripper season they can improve their potential, a bad disappointing season and they can reduce their potential. Means the game world is alive. The same person in a different save game can be a flop or a new world beater, who knows. Different every time. The world changes, new rules or old rules changed every few years, teams fold, new teams get created and leagues expanded. It’s a real dynamic simulation of the world of baseball into the future. FM is the exact same game every year of your save besides seeing different teams rise and fall now and then. Dull.
  42. Quick update on this one: This issue is a priority and we are still working hard to get it fixed ASAP. Changes will be save game compatible when they’re ready and will be rolled out at the earliest opportunity. It has required some fundamental changes to how newgen generation is approached in inactive leagues, and we hope the result will be a better and more consistent spread of youth intakes across the globe than we’ve ever had in previous versions of FM. Youth Intake numbers are a very complex and delicate balancing act, and your patience is still greatly appreciated while we try to get this right.
  43. Well I don't know, you could create space for an IF by using a DLF for example who dropped deep and attracted a CB onto him. Some stuff like that, combination of roles and duties that would work with each other. I don't doubt that overloads is also combinations of roles and duties working with each other to create superiority on a flank and attract opponent players then switch to the other flank for 1v1 but I feel it's more complicated to implement than the basic space creation/attack I wrote above. If this game has became all about stuff like overloads and having to prepare meticulously every match then it's not for me anymore, I'm not trying to become bloody Guardiola, I'm only looking to get some football going, buy players, develop where it's possible and watch the AI burn. Or if things go wrong in the process, watch me get sacked. You say the game has became very simple but you say it's not enough to just put some roles together (considering you don't mean any random roles & duties). Well then it's not simple. If you can't win games by combinations of logical roles and duties then I don't see how it's simple.
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