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  1. Hello Ladies, Gentlemen and Others This is something I've been thinking about for a while, as a mix of a support and discussion thread. I know these issues and the community can be hard to understand, even if you're a part of it with all the different identities and experiences that people might have. I thought it might be useful to share thoughts, experiences and news, and interesting and educational for everyone else as well. Even with all the progress in recent years there is still much further to go than people realise. Transgender rights (and acceptance of crossdressing) probably lag
  2. Whilst there is a majority of blokes in the community, I've spotted more than a few different minority groups, whether it's orientation, gender identity, race, etc. I myself am bisexual, and it took a long time for me to come to terms with that as I'd been brought up in a relatively traditional conservative working-class household. This still means that, despite my friends knowing my orientation, I'm still in the closet to my family, as whilst they'd likely be fine with it (particularly my mum, who became a lot more openminded once she went to university as a mature student after me and my sis
  3. South Shields January 1, 2035 Update We are playing really well. Taking all 12 points in November was huge and help move us up the table. Form becoming a little choppy as some injuries stack up along with the matches. Still in the playoffs. Hopefully, we are there when it counts come May. More wingers and goalkeepers into the system which is just adding to our strength. No mention of center backs at all in the preview so I'm taking as a good thing since they aren't being brought up as a weakness. Alya Bangoura 31F has closed in on Kevin Irving 28B as our top
  4. Teie IF Season 2029 review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances We bounced back! I really rate how we played this season, and the defence looks better than it did last time we won promotion. The whole season it was 3 teams fighting for the top, Hønefoss, Hødd and us. And throughout the season we shifted places, but in the end we won the damn thing! So we are off to our 2nd attempt at survival in OBOS-ligaen, hopefully we can stay up this time around. A lot of the new youngsters have had an impact this season, so we are clearly improving the quality of the squad, most likely due to th
  5. Rimini Calcio FC Season Summary 2023 - 2024 Narrowly avoided relegation Our first season in Serie B after our unexpected play off promotion last season. We managed to survive, but the season felt like a long battle. We had 451-1 in odds to win the title, by far the worst in the league. Feralpisalo, the team tipped to finish second last in the league had 34-1 in odds... I spent more time tweaking the tactic this season than I've ever done I think. I usually have two tactics, one positive and one counter, but this season we never managed to control any single game. I c
  6. Having had a week of the worst, most crippling anxiety I can remember, maybe even as bad as it was before I started taking propranolol, that ****wit abusing mental health issues for his attention seeking crusade sickens me. Obviously we aren't allowed to wish violence on anyone, but if he dies drowning in his own lung fluids I will crack open a bottle of champagne to celebrate.
  7. @knap was using dark side of the moon 4132 all season and while it was very high scoring i was still dropping the occasional silly points. mainly in the big away games but also at home to teams like norwich and derby. i was still flying in the league but still wanted more. just noticed you updated the spreadsheet so switched to the hgf pts105 which is currently in the lead (still early days of course as you've only tested 3!) but it is doing absolutely amazing so far. and you made it way back in november! almost at the end of the season so no point posting any screenshots as i've used sev
  8. This. I always have the same question: why is only "scripting" when people can't win, not when they're on a hot streak?
  9. Game 1 - Leicester City v WBA Ok so the way i dealt with this, is that i took verbatim notes as the game progressed and i will just paste these here......to try and show a bit of the changes i made, i will stick some screenshots of things i looked at as well: One thing - Specifically set our CAM to man mark the Leicester CDM - the formation clash allows for this (Leicester will play 433 CDM) First 10 - started ok, couple of chances on the break forced a couple of corners. not letting them play too much. Under looks dangerous against Townsend. - No tweaks 12mins - goal ki
  10. Gizzy slid into my DMs a few weeks back and said he wanted to send me something through the post. I was intrigued, and I really hoped it'd be a box of Mrs Gizzy nudes. Alas no, not nudes this time but he did send me some awesome Back To The Future artwork to show how much he cares. All the way from Scotland Thanks @Gizzy😘 p.s. But the nudes are on their way right?
  11. Padroense FC Season 1 review First season is done and we kind of breezed through the league with only 2 defeats in 25 games. We didn't have a great start with a simple 433 while I was trying to know the squad. We had no left backs, no u19s players and no more than 2 capable CM's so we naturally changed to a 343 system (5-2-3 Wide) to reinforce the central defence and make use of our attacking trio. Overall we weren't spectacular all the time but I thought we were quite balanced. In the play offs we drew away with Setubal and then beat them 3-1 at home with an attacki
  12. Just realised that I created this thread but haven't uploaded a photo of my own (family dogs). They're 7 now. The one on the bottom right is my cousin's dog that we had for a year until she got her own place, all from the same litter.
  13. Posted this a while back in relation to superkeepers and being 'FM'd' with some elements referencing towards scripting so will throw it in here. Short answer to is the game scripted is "no".
  14. I'm 11 seasons in now and I have to say that overall I find it's harder to deliberately sell players than it was on 19 or 20. Even 4-star players with a 7+ season behind them and one year left on contract are difficult to shift for reasonable money. Anyone else finding this too?
  15. You will get a moderator explaining that it isnt scripted but i think it is in a small way and they generally say its what you do during the game that determines the outcome .
  16. Another storming night for Real Sociedad. We had a tough start to the 2nd season narrowly losing to both Real Madrid and Barca. And then we had hearthbreak when we tied Man City after leading the match 2-0 for the first half. Should have really won that game. Then, this happened against Atletico Pamplona. Pamplona tried to sit deep against us with 4 men backline and 2 DMs but our boys would have none of it. For all the troubles with possession tactics against parked buses in FM20, this has definitely been a breath of fresh air. I don't think I ever had a tactic like this. One that domina
  17. Loving the production of evidence that we get from people these days, really have to hand it to Port for taking Hags under his wing and teaching him the ropes.
  18. Just for the avoidance of any doubt, here's how little me being in 5th gear actually affected the situation. Here I'm at 50 mph like on my race footage and you notice as soon as I press the accelerator the throttle indicator goes full green and the speed climbs quickly and immediately. Not as quickly as it would in 3rd/4th out of that corner, but there is no lag at all. I was held manually by the game because it can't do SC restarts, that's why it didn't go - and there was no green on the throttle incidcator. It's unfortunate but that's all it is. That's ignoring the fact I was wondering why i
  19. In FM21, getting a Golden Generation is like unwrapping clothes at Christmas when you’re 9: the exciting feeling of unwrapping the gift soon changes to deception when you look what’s inside the box.
  20. Stress tested results I made one change to the tactic for the subsequent games after the 5-1 Manchester Derby: The left back has been switched to a FB on defend. With the positive mentality this gives him a cautious mentality, so he kind of ends up sitting wide and slightly deeper than the DM, but occasionally gets forward to support if necessary. It makes the line of three better for sure, but also, results are very good: Some great goals in there, and a very healthy number of clean sheets. Puts us 1st in the league going into 2021. Conveniently, in real lif
  21. Football Manager 2021 - Light Skin With no Default Light Skin this year, I have after a fair bit of work created one that is based on the Light Skin Colour Scheme from FM20 blending a Light Grey background with Cyan and Purple Accents, with a layout based on the Default FM21 skin with a few tweaks; Player Attributes screen increased the size of the player face and logo, removed the scrollbars from the Attributes and added the Report option to the Small Selector panels. Embedded Tactics Screens reduced the padding around the sides to maximise the content area for most resolutio
  22. Hello everybody. Seeing as my Dean Smith's Villa tactical recreation thread seemed to go down well and generated some interesting discussion, I thought it would be a nice idea to try and do some of the other more unique tactical systems that are on display in the premier league this season. Here's the link to that thread if you haven't seen it. In the FM21 beta I also tried to do a recreation of Southampton's system under Hassenhuttl with Udinese. I definitely want to revisit this as I think the changes from the Beta match engine to the current one (especially changes to centre of
  23. Oh yes of course, sorry about that! For myself I'm not planning to (at least for now) to accept equivalent names in other languages. So no Estebans, Stefans, or Stepjans.
  24. Dude you just put 3 milions into old one in last 3 seasons....
  25. I imagine people already know about the all time great TV shows, but I read about The Bureau only about a month ago. Half way through the 5th and final season. It's French, which is probably why I hadn't heard of it. When I finish, I will give Spiral a proper go, but I'd definitely recommend this. Definitely the greatest spy drama I've seen, and it's what I imagine Security Services to be like.
  26. Long time since i posted anything in here of substance, last years game most passed me by and this year ive barely dabled, but its still a game that draws me in, and the tactical side of FM is always something i feel i want to invest more time into. I started to dable recently with creating some wild, asymetric, strikerless madness at RBL, which was designed to embrace JDP principles. All good fun, but also things lots of other people are doing, i guess. Instead, i decided to look at a slightly different scenario. One more common in real world football than in FM saves, granted, but some
  27. July/August/September 2039 A really strong start to the season. I'm not able to say whether we've fixed our goalscoring and goal creating issues with a slightly tweaked tactical approach or simply that we no have better players in those creative and goalscoring positions. For once, we are now 'aggressive' going forward There has been some really top quality performances this season - starting with a big win over Brighton, who have the quality to be in and around the automatic promotion spots before a performance away at Barnet where my youngsters did me proud. We foll
  28. New record! You break this ME. Main striker have a goal ~ every game
  29. If you want some hope: Over 80's population = 3.3 million Vaccinations so far = 3.2 million Over 80's seem to account for 50% of covid deaths so far. It's likely we won't have many deaths in this age group two weeks from now so that could be a halving of the daily death rate soon. At least that's may back of a fag packet calculation.
  30. So the first question, who benefits from the game being scripted against you? Second question, how do you think its being done? What criteria have triggered it in this one particular game that you have to lose but you've been able to win other games in the past? Just throwing out "scripted" is bilge. It's very difficult to provide any meaningful commentary because there's a dramatic lack of details. It does lend itself to being able to make your point since no one can meaningfully argue whether what you've done is effective or not. However, based upon the fact you're gett
  31. Predictably not too chuffed with the stewarding decision. A double punishment is a tad bizarre and 5 seconds feels like a time plucked right out of an arse - the people I overtake are about a second behind me after it. There's a point where Stefarno looks as though he's about to pass DP - you can hear from my engine that I'm easing off again till the point he looks as though he's accelerating past/round DP. There's also the likely contentious issue of whether it's all cause by Hags' higher than usual gear. You could also consider the alternative of us all continuing to crawl, where
  32. Teie IF - Youth intake 2029 Another golden generation, lets hope it's real this time. Oh, it's on! A massive intake for us! Loads of good players, and there will be a lot of changes to the main squad this season already! A really good midfielder with some very nice attributes. Also, he likes to try tricks, so that should be entertaining as well! The first goalkeeper I have gotten through that I think could be our new number 1. A bit on the short side, but other than that he looks tasty! Statistics:
  33. Teie IF Season 2028 review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances So...uhh... that didn't go as planned. Relegated after finishing bottom of the table, not my proudest achievement in FM ever. But I hope we can bounce back next season as we are going back down to the 3rd tier. Honestly though, I'm not surprised we went down, we got promoted too fast and the teams here are clearly too good for us at the moment. So a season or two a tier down is not a big problem for us, I think. At least I signed up all the best players on as long deals as I could, so hopefully I can keep them the next s
  34. Season Review 2066/67 Very up and down but we survived. Long losing runs, change tactics, win a few and repeat! Youth intake slightly better with new HOYD and change of responsibilities thanks to @DazRTaylor
  35. Salisbury Season 2: 2022 - 2023 League / Comps / Intake / Transfers Another positive season in which we once again finished in a playoff spot, with slightly fewer points than last season. However, in the first leg of the playoffs our main right winger was injured so we had to throw in a youth teamer for his first team debut. What a chance to make himself a hero.... two yellow cards in the first half later and he was sent off . Needless to say we went on to lose. The intake was once again poor with no players able to go straight into the first team. We were able to upgrade the c
  36. Gainsborough Trinity 9th season. 7th place Vanorama National(promoted trhough play-off) - FA cup 1st round - FA-trophy WINNER The penalty team. 6 times during season we won close matches in penalties. 3 times in play offs - 3 times in FA trophy. We are extremely hard to score on - but still make very few goals. But we got promoted! Our new rivalry must be Chroley. In FA Trophy, we lead 3-1 away to 89th, they equalised to 3-3 in 92. 2 red cards in 1st half of extra time. Rematch was 0-0, before we took them in penalties. In Play off final we played 1-1 - before we again beat them in s
  37. Hello! This is my first save of this type, I'm not sure if everything is done correctly but this is the team I chose, recently got into Tier 9 in England, here's an explanation... I will try to follow all the rules! See you later. MANAGER | SQUAD | TEAM REPORT | YOUTH Founded in 2018, Jersey Bulls are a semi-professional English club currently playing in the Cherry Red Records Combined Counties Premier. The Bulls famously lifted both the Cherry Red Records Combined Counties Division One title and the Combined Counties Cup in a double success in 2021. They are the most succe
  38. Ah, interesting. I have been interested in a similar idea. I have managed to get the 3-1-6 working pretty well, playing probably the best attacking football I have seen. We use the back 4 with a double pivot including a half back to create the '3-1' build up shape. ..and then wingbacks and narrow attacking roles to create my 6. This was the set up. Since these screenshots I have since decided that I prefer a DLP(S) to a RPM(S) in order to hold the shape more effectively. I also found the same issue with Inverted Wingbacks not h
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