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  1. Teie IF Season 2026 review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Finally! 5 seasons and finally we are up into the 3rd tier. After being close to the top the last 3 seasons I knew we had a chance, and this time we took it. I've started to notice other teams trying to poach a few of my players and that is in some way encouraging since it means we have started to produce actual talent. And since I can only sign players on non-contracts, I keep having to renew them, but so far I don't think I've lost anyone I really wanted to keep. Going to be exciting to see how we do faced with a tier
  2. Merthyr Town FC - Season 2028/29 Table | Squad | Finances | Transfers Absolute shambles of a season. Started fairly brightly, and then completely crashed. Worst league position yet, equal worst points total. One positive, the finances are sort of healthy. Thinking of trimming down the squad again. Got a few unambitious players I was hoping would develop despite the personality, but some are 22-23 years old, and not really matured or developed more. Wondering if we're better off cutting them loose. Centre back Callum Vaughan 25a (typo in table below) best performer, but mostly
  3. Found my new adventure. Welcome to the AaaBbbCcc FC! And I picked the player, which impressed my the most. My keeper, which I went full Donnarumma on.
  4. Kecskeméti 2025/26 Season Review A very dominant season, and we are promoted as champions Changed to a strikerless formation during away games, and it worked wonders, only losing 1 and conceding 9 all season. We now have the players to do well in Hungary, but it should be tough going in the top division against established teams like Debrecen and Ferencvaros. Dan-Marius Constantinescu - Dávid Acsádi 3E - Lukács Gábor Constantinescu was once again our best player by far, but our best player on the team (in my opinion) is Dav
  5. Thanks for the reply @Jack Joyce, I hope you had a nice Christmas break. 1. Fair enough, I have noticed an improvement to player ratings since the recent update. However, are you saying key tackles do not impact a players match ratings? 2. Oh c'mon...have you looked at any of the screenshots on this forum, on twitter or YouTube? Even on your own saves? Key tackles are broken, I haven't seen a single key tackle in two seasons. How much evidence do people need to provide? 3. I appreciate that there will always be some discrepancies between FME and QME but once again, these are not mi
  6. Salisbury Season 1: 2021 - 2022 League / Comps / Intake / Transfers Very happy with this for a first season, as we ended up defying expectations and finishing 5th! We started with a decent first eleven but pretty much no depth, luckily we avoided any major injuries and things clicked very early on so we were able to carry the momentum through the season and finish in an excellent position. Unfortunately I think we ran out of steam by the playoffs and we lost in the first leg to Chippenham. Our intake seems to have a lot of potential, but these's only really one player who will
  7. Season Review 2064/65 Poor season, ending losing in the Play Off Final to Portsmouth 4-1 Poor start, losing 6 of the first 12 games! Turn it round in middle part of the season, with only 2 losses in 24 games! In with a shout of finishing 2nd and some absolutely awful results out of nowhere, losing 6 out of the last 10 games!!! SHOCKING! No green lines on Youth Intake for the 2nd year running. It's a new HOYD as original one from very beginning retired. He has got one more year to sort it otherwise he is sacked!!!!
  8. Garbarnia Kraków - Intake 2024/25 Berry nice intake with some good quality players and personalities Random half Polish half Sweden guy idk how I should count them in statistics GK looks promising and Im looking as well for DC with Proffesional character. I'm wondering becouse I've got in this intake a lot of players for my old tactic (im using new one in ekstraklasa). Should i back to it?
  9. Season Review 2063/64 Absolutely terrible season, relegated with 27 points Had to win last game to stay up and lost 4-2 Won 6 games all season, just awful Managed to get Jamie Bateson to sign a new 5 year contract
  10. Taranto 31/32 Season Review We survived! I knew before the season that over 35 points should be enough for survival. We hit my target with 3 games to go, in style with a 1-0 away win at 2nd place Ac Milan! We were 2000-1 to win the league before the season started predicted 20th with 19th on odds of 350-1. This was by far my hardest season with the club. We really struggled and only scored 28 goals. This was offset by our relatively solid defence which kept us in most matches. I really had no idea of what games we would win/draw/or lose. Half of my wins came against teams in th
  11. South Shields 2034 Youth Intake Posting the intake preview to see how well the HOYD performed. Lots of wingers and a very good goalkeeper. Weak spots are the back line, central midfield and forwards. Here's the intake DNA He was spot on with the wingers and goalkeeper as they are three of the top five players in the class. He missed on the right-back who is the top player in the class AND a professional personality with 20 determination (more on him later) and on the defensive midfielder who is one of the top five players in the class. On the whole, this is my
  12. Don't expect a fix for this. Every FM version has been the same. A lot of players prefer short games, one or two years before starting a new one. Now, with the increase in FM addicts population, the world simulation has been further tested. This has arisen all the thread's questions. So, to simplify the matter I will try to write what to expect based on my own experience of the game. 1. All (non-custom) playable leagues will hire managers and will have a full line-up. But, if you load a very low level custom league, like division 6 in any given country, you ma
  13. Garbarnia Kraków - 2024/25 Squad - League - Finances - Transfers First season in Ekstraklasa. At the start our Chairman decided invest next big money (around 1ml in loan) to upgreat stadium to the rules of the league. This was hard season but we managed to get points with all teams with which we fight for survival and we grab some extra points with others. Wierd thing my team didn't play this season in Polish Cup WTF? Anyway I was so down that I let play some of my young guns in Ekstraklasa so at the end we get around 650k euros for first place in table for playing young players. Tha
  14. Start | S1 (2024/2025) | S2 (2025/2026) | S3 (2025/2026) | S4 (2026/2027) | S5 (2027/2028) Despite multiple efforts this year I had to let my two most talented players go. Goodbye to Arthur Zijm & Ali Zorlu, but a big welcome to a golden generation. For the fifth time in a row we escape from relegation on the last matchday. I'm wondering when we'll ever really compete in this league. Stats: Position: 19th (Keuken Kampioen Divisie) Cup: Knocked out in 1st round by VVV Venlo Player of the year: Stef Brummel (6.87 average rating) Topscorer: Joey Lieshout (10 goa
  15. Yep. The same here. My WBs got a little better, but my CBs is just horrible now. What the hell is SI doing?!?!?
  16. Season Review 2062/63 Another poor season and another 16th place finish. New stadium getting built, 34,432, named after my striker from very early on in the game. Jamie Bateson has filled the void of Niall Patton, Jamie is now a wonderkid
  17. Not planning on releasing any more updates for TCS anytime soon due to the resolution bug making it basically impossible to do anything, so i decided to have some fun and came up with a brand new panel inspired by YACS, Tad, FME and bits of Heffem. Just simply for how much stuff it borrows from other peoples skins, don't ask for a download cause its not gonna happen.
  18. I've never seen a goal like this before. It's my first match in charge of a new club and this is the first goal scored, by my team as well.
  19. I've seen a number of topics highlighting individual stats that are not being registered correctly. I just wanted to makes sure that the SI Team is fully aware of the extent of this problem. Firstly, the following is occurring in EVERY save since the most recent update. The issue seems to be occurring in leagues that include a human player (are running at the highest detail). Key Tackles - Not being registered in leagues with a human player Key Passes - Much higher in leagues with a human player (huge discrepancy!!) Clear Cut Chances - Much lower in leagues with a human player (hug
  20. South Shields 2024 Season Review Fixtures 1, 2, 3 - A microcosm of most of our seasons - really good if we only have to play one game per game, when the fixtures stack up....our form dips. League Table - That said, we almost made the playoffs with a 7th place finish. Brentford ran away with the league. Burnley survived and finished 2nd to go up automatically. You could throw a blanket over 3rd through 6th and any one of them could win the playoffs. Stoke, Hull and Bristol Rovers go down to League One. Next season: Leicester, Brighton and Bournemouth drop down from the Prem
  21. Are there currently any plans to look at throw-ins? Frustrating the hell out of me right now. Players throwing it straight to opponents with not a teammate near, and long throw-in instructions completely ignored.
  22. Season 2021/22 Review Vanarama National League North League - Not the worst season, we were always up there and even hit top spot at the end of Feb with 10 games to go, from there though we only won 4 games as our title push fell away. We just drew too many games in the first half of the season and ironically not enough in the 2nd half. In the end we finished 5th. Playoffs - playing a Chester side we had beaten twice in the league so of course this is the one we lose. Typical. We just didn't turn up (as happened a few times this season) on the day, had lots of the ball but jus
  23. Teie IF - Youth intake 2027 Another golden generation, and some full backs would be nice. Really good that and the right wing back looks tasty! I think he is talented, but I wasn't really taken when looking at his stats I'm not amazed. Will most likely play a lot anyway though, since he pretty much is the best right back at the club already. Statistics:
  24. From Russia with Love; ten years to get a Champions League win is the time to beat, let's give it a whirl!
  25. Its hard to fight for survival this season but first NT u18 call for Drągowski
  26. I hope so! YP34B135 would mean the following: YP - Youth Player. 34 - They came through in 2034. B - The coaches rate them the second best prospect that season. C is third, D fourth etc. 135 - The 135th total player to come through since the save began.
  27. Thanks for this. Surely as the host, it is his responsibility to do this, therefore, I win the argument 😂
  28. Teie IF - Youth intake 2026 Looks promising, and central midfield is not the worst position to get in more players. Not bad, and there is one clear standout. A really talented allrounder in midfield. Thinking about using him as a B2B-midfielder, since he really doesn't have any weak points. Statistics:
  29. This mod is part of the FM Expansion Packs Megapack. Check out the complete set here: Click to get all 5 Packs Real Life Transfermarkt Data Applied to 30 Nations ***NOTE: This mod changes the way you build a squad, buy/sell players, how you approach competitions, manage money, etc. Please read everything below so you understand fully.** Also, it does NOT add COVID effects/changes in the future Intro: This project was made as an attempt to provide a "better" experience in buying/selling, and a more realistic league landscape in the transfer market.
  30. @Schume Your wish has been granted. I wish you lots of fun in Sint-Maarten. 1714042664_SintMaarten-FM21BySchumeV2.fmf
  31. Hey guys, Here is my attempt at Bielsa's Leeds in FM21. Some key aspects of my tactic that I feel are representative of the way he plays are: extremely wide, extremely high tempo, and extremely urgent pressing. I have chosen to have the passing range as "standard", in combination with PI's to certain players to pass short. These instructions help to create a range of passing, and "verticality", passing short, but mostly moving forward. The final detail to add is that I have not gone full man for man, for the sake of producing a tactic that doesn't descend into total chaos, but I ha
  32. Is it just me, or do headed goals, never happen? Most of my goals (and the opposition for that matter) seem to be 20-30 yard stunners. I just beat Derby 3-1 and 3 of those goals (2 from me, 1 from Derby) was screamers. Rarely do I see a striker go through one on one and score a simple tap in. Crosses go in and 9 times out of 10 it is either blocked or straight at the keeper. And as I say, I am 2 years into a save and genuinely do not think my team have scored a header from open play. Is there a known issue logged with finishing?
  33. Hey guys - Sorry, this wasn't scheduled for last night's update, there were some performance tweaks baked in but this issue itself is still open We are working on it, my apologies, we know it's still an issue
  34. Having played Football Manager games since way back in the days of Championship Manager 2, I must say I'm enjoying FM21 Xbox Edition. Sure, it's a learning curve using a controller instead of a mouse but, once past the initial culture shock, it's pretty simple to use. Had never played FMT before so was a little surprise to see a lack of team talks, but that's considerably negated by touchline shouts being readily available and ultimately serving the same purpose. Can't say I miss press conferences too much and all the tactical goodness is still there. Plus online play, which I'm very much
  35. These 2 came from periods of build up play after winning the ball in my own third. The next 2 came from build up after playing out from the back / GK It's 20 - I'd actually forgotten 21 was out but i'd assume SI haven't changed how the ME / CM's act...?
  36. I believe that there are some fairly major flaws with the ratings of several Tottenham Hotspur players. These flaws have led to Spurs hugely underperforming across many people's saves - see this thread, where many people have observed Spurs finishing in midtable, and relegation battles are more common than title challenges. Some people have put that down to Mourinho's preferred tactical style, but that seems implausible to me, as the style suits the Spurs squad well, and surely the match engine isn't so flawed as to render something so common as 'fluid counter-attack' unviable. In this po
  37. South Shields January 1, 2024 Update It's been a successful first half of the season. We are helping our defense by spending more time on offense which has been a trend with this save. We push for promotion when our offense is up to the league standard and we hold on for dear life on the defensive side. Not my ideal way for playing but it's working for us. Our struggle is, as always, a lack of depth. We get a congested run of fixtures and our play becomes disjointed as I have to rotate players in and out of the lineup. As a result, our form fades. I need depth in defe
  38. Very impressive. Champion's League next season Another great achievement. Not sure I can emulate that with Exeter but inspirational
  39. Been trying to replicate the 4-4-2 (or 4-2-2-2) of Nagelsmann with my Deportivo side (second season, first one on La Liga 2) and it has been really beautiful football to watch. I'll put here a link of 4 goals of my last game (a 5-0 win at Las Palmas): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbgVzDWOpFs The basis of my tactic has been a mix of the tactic and principles of @AceAvengeron his gegenpress thread and RDFTactics on FM20. Link for AceAvenger topic: Link for RDF:
  40. Monday 15th March 2021 Undrid Fotboltsfelag v Boltfelagid Royn
  41. Something is really weird with how youth teams are set up in Iceland in the game. So the idea is that you loan out your youth players to your youth team. However, the youth teams doesn't have staff. And you can't control their club - so you can't hire staff for the U19's. Some of the youth clubs have a manager and nothing else. Others have nothing. You would never want to loan a prospect out to a team with no coaches - even though they share your training facilities. The teams that has "integrated" U19-teams (like FH and Vikingur) have a huge advantage - since they can then actually
  42. I see a lot of debate about the use of DoF's sometimes and whether they're worth it, however I always let mine try and find players as however many rubbish deals I have to veto, occasionally they come up with a valuable gem I'd have otherwise missed which makes it all worthwhile. My first window at Lokomotiv Moscow provides a prime example as I was looking for a new forward, the stand out young Russian (as you need all the good Russians you can get) being too expensive, and the DoF pops up with this guy for just 1.1M from his native Colombia...
  43. Here it is The panel should be in your panels/match and also extract graphics to your skin/graphics folder. match score area panel.xml graphics.rar
  44. What we're aiming for with FMT isn't 'simple' its streamlined - the game should still be challenging and realistic, however we've tried to remove some of the aspects of the main game which slow it down and might be frustrating for users (because the effects from them aren't always obviously) - so Press Conferences, Team Talks etc. are absent ... this doesn't remove the challenge of building a team and setting up your tactics to be successful imho.
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