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  1. AFC Rushden & Diamonds Season 2036/37 review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Another solid season where we finished mid table. Slowly improving, I guess, but I hope to push for a spot in Europe soon. We did move into our new stadiun though, but we are already building an expansion. We are also improving the facilities and we finally have a youth rating of 1! The preview was promising as usual, and intake was pretty decent. Reiss Scally 37a is rated as the best one. In the FA Cup we lost to Chelsea in the 3rd round. In the EFL Cup we beat Havant & Wate
  2. Widzew Lodz (FM20) Season 2 (2021-22) - Review On the pitch Starting 11 PKO Ekstraklasa – 1st. The polish top division features 16 teams with a regular season of 30 games, before the top and bottom 8 teams split into championship and relegation groups. We managed to secure a fifth national title for Widzew, the first since 1997. Our league form was patchy, starting extremely well before crashing in the second half of the season. However, we did manage to pick up for our last 10 or so games and went into the championship group with a 4 point lead, eventually winning
  3. Season Review 2049/50 Promoted as Champions, with 90 points and 118 goals BUT we limped over the line, NOT winning any of the last 5 games with 4 loses! Awful Youth Intake Board agreed to sell two of my best players (Paul WIlson and Jonathan Gray) but luckily both players rejected the move Over -£1.5m in debt. Assume costs of Youth setup is costing a bomb HAPPY NEW YEAR
  4. Let me show my last ingame experience At first thank you for all members who answered for me directly and for other members and I can use search to read this You are the best! Finally I play in my favourite style and this is looks exactly as I wanted Before we start a little feedback. Spartak Moscow (prediction is 5, board requires for Conf. League, players agreed for EL) has a very rich owner without any patience. Just few managers who was in Spartak in last 20 years - Nevio Scala, Michael Laudrup, Valery Karpin, Unai Emery, Murat Yakin, Dmitriy Alenichev, Massimo Carrera, D
  5. 2nd year running that we have made the groups. This one is no easier though!! Last year we got Monaco as the 4th seeds, this year Lazio.
  6. Shocked that this thread hasn't gained more traction. Apart from the few pointers from Herne, this is a fantastic guide for beginners and exactly the sort of writing people need in order to get into the game. I'm really not a fan of the seemingly constant bombardment of users with complete tactics and role combinations on the forum, as it promotes confusion and gives the impression that there are discrete solutions rather than the set of options that you outline here. Starting by assessing your squad and building something that maximises their strengths is the tried and tested method when
  7. Couple of requests for this, so dragged over the basic parts and screens from last year. Not touched the match day yet as still snowed under at work. LINK - > https://www.mediafire.com/file/nd1c1r6edm2b45y/Gemini+'21.rar/file I'll update fixes and take requests as and when i can so bear with me
  8. Intro I wanted to start this post by saying that I've been playing Football Manager since it was Championship Manager, so basically when I was a wee lad. I've bought pretty much every second edition of the game and in many ways it has completely changed my life. Firstly it transformed my interest in football, from being something I didn't get or like, to being almost an obesssion. Secondly, and just as importantly, it changed my career in some ways. My job these days is often designing User Interfaces in websites and applications, looking at not only the look and feel, but the usability
  9. So been away for a few weeks finishing up stuff with work but now I'm off until the 11th so hopefully get a few seasons in before heading back to work finished my first season with the Kids ACS Kids Tâmpa Braşov - Season 2021/22 Youth intake - Cristi Tita YP22A Ciprian Rus YP22B Marius Burlacu YP22C League - Predicted to finish rock bottom we had a okay start picking up a 4 wins in the first 5 games. However the joy was short lived losing the next 4 in a row and only picking up 3 wins in the remaining 14 games we dropped down the league finishing 14th. Drawn in the Liga II
  10. La Roda CF Season 2 (22/23) Spanish Segunda Division Pro B Facilities | Transfers | Season Preview | Board Expectations As you can see from the season preview and board expectations, we are fully expected to go down again this season and to be honest I am inclined to agree. Our squad is not particularly great in comparison to the rest of the league. Hopefully we are able to pull of remaining in the league though. I do worry about the longevity viability of this save though. We are burning through cash something awful and with no regular income and very low attendances I am worri
  11. Chilean coach Manuel Pellegrini employs a 4-2-2-2 system that grants his attacking players the freedom to roam anywhere in the attacking third, something the ex-Milan midfielder favors. "I love the 4-2-2-2 formation of Pellegrini because the players have the freedom of getting around where ever we want. When we have the ball at our feet the coach gives us the freedom to move and that is very positive for everyone," Kaka explained. Currently I'm in the process of a Villarreal CF save, I'm currently half way through the season and am enjoying very much - the plan to get them playing in the
  12. I've been wanting to do a series like this since I started playing FM. My biggest issues that kept me from doing this until now were threefold. First, I'm still relatively new to even watching soccer and certainly playing FM. Second, I had never done a major thread before, but after my last two were received fairly well, I'm hopeful that I can get this going in a fun way, being interactive and hopefully informative. Third, the last two versions of FM were very stale for possession focused teams, especially those looking to exploit the middle areas of the pitch. I believe FM21 has finally taken
  13. Man its so important to have a great captain for this challenge. If you pick the right one, he can talk every player to stay or drop their concernes. Thank you Stian, you even rejected Lazio.
  14. So I'm having a go in Andorra now, and it's fun so far, even if I took over a really poor team. The team FS Massana finshed bottom of the 2nd tier, so I think I have big job ahead of me!
  15. I have got the file verified down to vanarama north/south so far with proper promotion & relegation places. 24 teams in vanarama north/south after the 1st season, 24 teams in the vanarama national too. all rules done for Level 7. start to work on the rules for level 8 now.
  16. It's just gone September and we are sitting in 3rd position in the league, but more importantly we just beat Real Madrid 4-0. After rewatching the game, I decided to take a few screen shot of how my player position themselves within the system. This shows that without possession, the team is lining up in a verycompact 4-4-2 This screen shot is taken during a more attacking phase of the game. The defensive block is in dark green, the attacking midfielders drifting in and out central areas are blue, the fullbacks cyan and the two forward in dark red.
  17. There are plenty of stats not being recorded in this version, that's why player ratings are so off... I hope they fix it, and soon.
  18. FM21 for Dummies A simple approach to Football Manager 2021 Introduction As someone who's been addicted to this wonderful game for nearly a decade, I thought why not compile my knowledge and tips and tricks I've learned along the way into a somewhat readable thread (my personal scribbles can be a mess!) and share them with the community. Writing is something I enjoy doing and if a single person finds it useful, it's worth the effort. With the arrival of Football Manager 2021, there's sure to be plenty of new players who don't know exactly where to begin, or w
  19. We got our first player, which won a international trophy! And yes, its bloody Iceland!
  20. End of Season Review Season 2021/22 Jersey Bulls League Table - We led from start to finish. League Fixtures 1 & 2 - We lost just the one game, quite late in the season, which is very annoying as it isn't often you can go undefeated. F. A. Vase - We reached the third round before going out away to ninth tier side Walsall Wood. Combined Counties Cup - We made it all the way to the final before losing to Cobham. Pre Season Friendlies - Mostly defeats as we hosted quite a few league clubs. Squad - Decent enough squad, though we lack depth. Squ
  21. To give an example. This is how my Cruyff-style Crazy 3-4-3 does against some parked buses. Note that 3 cental midfielders on Defensive team mentality that Pamplona used basically played as if they were 3 DMs. In addition to 3 CBs. But in the end we had majority of possession through the middle and they couldnt handle our midfield with its superior numbers.
  22. FS Massana Season 2021/22 review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Well, that went fast! And it went great! It was just a really fun season. Turns out the squad is quite good for this level, and suddenly we were rated as favourite for winning the league, and well, we delivered. I just fielded what I though was our best team in a pretty basic 4-4-2 with focus on wingers, and turns out that was enough to almost go perfect. So we are promoted as champions and next season we will fight in the Andorran top tier! In the Protecvall Constitució Cup we lost to Atlètic Amèrica in the 1
  23. Well then, my youth intake turned out to be rather promising. The amount of players that are already 1/5 stars in current ability, which for some of my weaker positions in the team is already the same amount of ability in the best players in their roles. James Barbini is the most exciting player in terms of current ability, even if his personality leaves me with work to do. In regards to current ability, he's already my best right-back in the side at the end of just 15, which is rather concerning in itself. We seem to love left-backs it seems. Sarnelli might not be the best
  24. Sibley was great for me as mezzalla and developed well too. Good number of goals and assists each season. Yes it takes a while to settle down with all the issues at the start of the game. Good to see the club bouncing back a bit IRL too under rooney. I've decided to hold on my derby save having had 3 very enjoyable seasons and lifting the fa cup, been tinkering with another idea for a while which I'm going to have a go at.
  26. It's well worth mentioning that in years gone by, the FM series will have reduced the PA of Adu over time as a reflection of the chances of him ever living up to it got smaller and smaller - but the development of players in the game was not nuanced enough to prevent him from reaching it if it remained high. Now, we would leave the potential high because we have more room for doing so without the player being as likely to attain it. Yet the right manager, at the right time of his career could have potentially still seen him making it.
  27. I don't mean to hijack this post but there seems to be several issues when it comes to analytics and 'chalkboard stats' not being reported properly. This is not limited only to Key Tackles (which shows 0 on all games btw). The game is also not registering Dribbles correctly, which is why leagues with a human player always have low stats for dribbles per game and total dribbles. I've searched through the forum and have found this issue reported on several occasions, evidence supplied but seemingly ignored. Clear cut chances are the same as dribbles. They're not being registered correctl
  28. Got a few names this time, apologize in advance for so many screenshots, but oh well... RANDY SCHNEIDER - I've seen him around on FM20, still a good prospect on 21, shouldn't cost much. ZELJKO GAVRIC - Cheap serbian winger, should help small-mid clubs CARLOS ALCARAZ - Amazing gem. Dont know if he came this good only on my save, worth to check. This year's version of "Zaracho", who got a transfer IRL and now is mad expensive. ELIAS MESONERO - Good and young ball-playing defender, they are asking for 4M here. I see a lot of potential
  29. Season Review 2048/49 Another 4th place finish and another loss in Playoff FInal, 2-0 to Stockport Board sold another one of my players pre season, Another keeper to Hull Stadium get small extension to 6,452 seats x
  30. Basically, the season is half over, and FM remains unplayable in many, many ways. This being just another example.
  31. Absolutely scunnered with the low ratings for fullbacks.....how can this still not have been sorted?
  32. Ive found that the shot map is very uninformative and could be a lot better by adding simple colours to the actions instead of tiny logos that dont even match the colouring you have set, please see the picture i have attached to the post, you can clearly see that a (Shot -Saved) has a white dot in the middle, yet below its black? The (shot-blocked) is white but below its black. For me this isn't clear enough what each action was, instead why not add the same colours so that a manager can quickly look it up and be done with it. Also, on the right side its saying we had 24 att
  33. Yes. On tactics screen click on player tab on top, then select the position u want to swap from and on the bottom will be swap position with option. Don't need to do it on both players just one, it will auto swap both.
  34. FM21.4DARKSIDEOFTHEMOONKnap41320P105ECFA First season easy test with FC Barcelona. Won everything and Messi was on fire (no transfers). Now I'll rebuild the complete team, want to minimize the depts and bring in some fresh guys. Already saw some nice talents in "la masia". Amazing tactic as always knap! Happy new year guys
  35. Merthyr Town FC - Season 2025/26 Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Safely in mid table position again, but struggling to find any positive development. Have a feeling a sturdier base tactic might help, but lacking central midfielders to increase the numbers in that area. Again gone a bit more possession oriented, and seemed to work alright for parts of the season. Set both undefeated streak record, and defeats in a row record this season. Our main man Joel Harvey was injured for 3 months this season, which didn't help. Scored 20 less goals this season, but conceded 20 less as well
  36. If you physically can't install things on a work device, it's probably not the greatest career move to try and circumvent that.
  37. It's progressing along; The main box graphic colours are placeholders at the moment (light teal, blue, indigo and blue grey boxes) as it makes it easier to find the white text. Main things that are left are the Competition, Processing & Match screens, plus the inbox items and various interaction panels - those last two are the problem as they will be time consuming to check. So no ETA as it all depends on how difficult the remaining stuff is to find and change, but at this point the initial release will likely concentrate on the broken unreadable stuff - so the tactics
  38. I'm feeling a bit tired of playing in England, so I'm going to put that on wait for a while. I've just started something new, but I'm going to play a season before I post about it, just to see if I like it.
  39. Update 31/12/20 (last in 2020) Belgium(D6) NEW I added Belgium (D6) which I did again this morning. For P1, I put 16 clubs per province and repecting the real divisions as well as possible but they lack a LOT of club (there are only 630 teams for Belgium).This is the last update of the year so in advance I wish you a better year 2021. Thank you again to all those who pay me coffee, who say thank you who exchange with me and to all those who use my creations. Hoping to save yourself some distractions during these difficult times. Remember this is just a game so enjoy lif
  40. Youth Intake 2026 With all the changes thats goin on, I take this mediocre intake. We got better personalities, but the quality is not that good. Sadly the better our recruitment gets, the less nations pop in. We got our 2nd player from Africa with Morocco. North America get of the checklist with USA (sadly born in Oslo), now we need some from Australia. Also we got our 2nd Icelandic player, which is also good.
  41. Where is the match "film" or highlights bar from the top gone? How can I quickly watch a specific event during a match, i.e. a clear cut chance that I know happened in e.g. the 25th minute? Counter-intuitive match UI in which I cant simply drag two positions in the default match screen to switch players, but rather need to enter the tactics menu to do that. The removal of heat map and analysis menus during the match (especially heat map) and enabling them only at HT and FT is also an abysmal decision. While we need a balance between realism and simulation, re
  42. I was curious, so I decided to spoil the fog of war effect and track CA over 3-4 months in FM for one team. The team was in the second tier in Scotland and had 22 players receiving similar match time and training and no serious injuries (the two long-term injuries were removed from the analysis). The changes in the team's CA over this time span were: 18-19 year olds (includes a goalkeeper who turned 20 during the experiment): 12 players 36 total CA point increase 8 of 12 players increased 4 of 12 players did not change 0 of 12 player
  43. End Of Season Review 2025 - Eliteserien (1st tier) Media Prediction A solid 2000-1. Coaching Badges: Cont. B Licence -> Cont. A Licence Youth Recruitment: Good -> Excellent + Excellent -> Exceptional Junior Coaching: Excellent -> Exceptional Transfers: Part 1 + Part 2 Cleaned up the reserves and U19. Only one regen retired so far, the rest is still active. 2025 Part 1 + 2025 Part 2 A lot of players got their debuts. Games: Braathens Cup We made it into the quarte
  44. Has the 'Mistakes' stat been removed from the game? I feel like FM20 had Mistake and Mistakes leading to goals but I can only see Mistakes leading to goals in FM21.
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