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  1. Whatever threads created, whether we agree or disagree on subjects, to all of you, your loved ones and those you care about, I wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas! It’s been a **** year, and you celebrate however you feel is safest, but make the most of it and I wish each and every one of you all the best. Peace and love OTF
  2. Always interested to know what people get for christmas - this year my family have wound me up because yet again they don't listen, so hopefully some of you have done better than me! My 'haul' Xbox Series X £200 Cash £500 Virgin Flight voucher NES Lego Set some clothes (Supreme Hoody, some Air Force Ones, etc) Call of Duty Cold War Typical aftershave, vouchers, etc, useful but boring stuff Bit annoying cos I really wanted a PS5. I know they're hard to get, but I hate Xbox and honestly I just think just don't get me anything then? What am I gonna play on it I wanna
  3. Happy Christmas you bunch of young heathens, thank you all for making a cluster**** bearable, have a fantastic time with parents, kids and siblings alike, and if you are on your own in this strangest of years, try and enjoy your own company at least. Have a brilliant day, or the squeaky ball gets it!!
  4. Operation move gifts from Attic to bedroom a success and then moved into the living room. PS5 stuff still upstairs but they will get all that later in the day, I got lucky getting those boxes out our bedroom, my daughter just kept opening her bedroom door! Merry Christmas everyone!
  5. @BigV, @Paul Bacon, @PMLF, @Jason the Yank, @buffalo, @Synthahols_for_Girls, @bestbrother, @Nordan, @johnhughthom, @EdL, @leftback in the changing room, @Snedhead, @Rafalution, @georginho_juventusygr Merry Christmas everyone on OTF, of course but especially to all our out of this world friends. A few thoughts to round off what was a pretty awful year on Earth. During 2020: The Moon moved 3.8 cm further away from the Earth The Sun lost 174 trillion tonnes of its mass As a result Earth's orbit increased by 1.5 cm 150 billion new stars were formed in the visible
  6. Merry Xmas from the boys and me
  7. Going quicker than I thought it would
  8. The true meaning of Christmas. 3 new squeaky Kong tennis balls
  9. Belenenses 3rd Season in the Primeira (2028-29). So last season we finished 6th and qualified for the Europa Conference League, somehow. We also lost our 2 best defenders at the end of the season. Unsurprisingly, our defense suffered immensely this season, with more goals allowed than our first season up (59 this season, 47 when we finished 13th in our first season here.. and 29 last season). Thankfully we have some better goal scorers now, 42 now vs 28 2 season ago. Our form at the start of the season ensured we were not worrying about relegation, but damn... Oh, an
  10. Youth Intake 2023 Wow. At this stage I dont expect such a good one. Only 2 Unambitious guys, the rest you can work with. Innavaer and Bekteshi are really looking great. We got one guy from Iceland out of a city with the beautiful name Hrunamannahreppur. Also Bulgaria, Kosovo and a 2nd player from Syria.
  11. Some lucky hooker is getting Paid!
  12. CLUB ESPORTIU EUROPA - SEASON 3 (23/24) League table - Best season so far! Started very well, with 4 wins and 1 draw in the first 5 games, and stayed on top until matchweek 8. After that we got some bad results, and went down to mid-table. The final 9th position wil allow us (if I'm not wrong) to play Copa del Rey next season. First team squad (1 and 2) - Georg Borchman 2a is the best prospect of the club, and had a promising first season with 11 goals and 3 assists. He ended up playing in the left wing, as Cesar 1h was scoring lots of goals, and ended up be
  13. Ok I wanted to wait, but I really like this one. The Berwick save is not dead yet, but... I lovin my time in Norway. End Of Season Review 2022 - PostNord Avdeling 1 The media prediction was a solid 8th. We got this guys as first rengens, when Lyn was still unplayable. All ready 3 great combinations. Then we got the first real intake and I was gettin better. Vietnam and Bolivia! Also one guy appeared all the way from England. And we got a pretty decent guy with Palestine roots. The best one ar
  14. (I'll delete if anyone is offended :D)
  15. Arzachena Academy Costa Smeralda - 2022/23 Season Review Promotion Playoff - Cups - Squad - Finances - Transfers I was expecting regression this season but my young lads stepped up and delivered an outstanding season. We were actually 4th going into game week 29 but fatigue took it's toll and we ended up sliding down to 9th, securing a play off place with a final day win against relegated Nocerina. The play off itself was a step too far and Teramo brushed us aside with ease, but on the whole this was an excellent season. The big appeal to Italy for me is the ability to have
  16. Unlucky fella, hopefully everything goes alright.
  17. Operation build Turtles Arcade machine has begun
  18. I write this post for show that full details leagues are getting very different and lower player ratings than no full detail leagues. Full detail league is always the league where your managed club is playing, and the user has the option to put other playables leagues at full detail to improve the simulation sacrificing the perfomance of your PC. This issue is relevant for ALL SAVES, because even if you dont care about put other leagues at full detail, in this case your managed league will be the only one simulated with full detail, and you league would be harmed in comparision with the r
  19. @pejocho Thanks for doing this mate, I really am getting tired of seeing my players get lower ratings than in previous FM's. I'm at the point now that I've stopped playing until this gets fixed.
  20. Not sure if I am going to get a chance to say this in the next couple of days, and this is the tactical forums, and we seem to frown hard on non tactical threads, but as I sit here I be thinking... Have a merry merry christmas everyone, this has been a hard year for everyone, don't let the game or anything in life frustrate you. Learn to step out into the sun and enjoy what you have and I hope that the universe and whatever greater power you believe in bestows on you each and every wonderful thing you wish for in this world.
  21. Can't believe he shut the poll down early for the final So rigged. Shame on you @Rob1981 Shakin Steve is the real winner. The pogues #notmyxmassongwinner
  22. This is my dessert - those who know my story, know this will have to be eaten all by myself...There's chocolate icecream and vanilla mixed with crushed maltesers inside...
  23. Who enjoys Christmas the most in your house, BC?
  24. Merry Christmas. Got woken up at 1am by a pussy. And not the sort you want to be woken up by. Sisters cat joined our bubble
  25. I think player ratings have NEVER been done properly in this game. Even after all this time! An average striker will still generally end the season with a better rating than a DM who was actually the best player on your team.
  26. Merry Christmas everyone! This has been one hell of a year, I've had some highs and I've had some lows. This place has always been a safe space and a great community which is one of the many reasons I put myself forward to be a mod for this place. But this year especially its been a really great place, so thank you all! Just want to wish you all a safe Christmas and hopefully there are more good times in 2021. Nadolig Llawen
  27. Added missing kits to 4 of the 20 Level 10 Leagues. Facilities done all the way down to Level 9 + Level 11. I might take a couple of days off from editing now lol.
  28. Merry Christmas, you mad bunch of b*stards. OTF has been like home this year and you are all the siblings I fight with all day, but couldn’t do it without. Even you, Bliss. Now to see in Christmas!
  29. Whatever you're doing, whoever you're with, whether you're with anyone at all, hope you have a good day. Make sure you do at least one nice thing for yourself.
  30. He’s getting lazy in his old age though, half 2 and only just listing
  31. Bliss arrived, are we surprised?
  32. You know how I feel, but you know, every year somebody gets something cheap and nasty from China on Christmas morning, and I did warn you a relationship would ruin your life Seriously look after yourself, even more than normal, and more love than you can possibly realise SuperMod
  33. The little **** looks all cute until she wants you to wake up
  34. I had to turn the fridge around and hide the arcade machine behind it, my son didn't notice all day he was getting drinks out of the fridge a different way
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