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  1. Before we get to the winners. Would like to ask OTF to join me in thanking @SouthCoastRed @Confused Clarity @G-Man11 and @Deisler26 for coming together with myself and making OTF extra special at this time of year. I'm sure everyone will agree with me that we have an amazing community here.
  2. Whatever threads created, whether we agree or disagree on subjects, to all of you, your loved ones and those you care about, I wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas! It’s been a **** year, and you celebrate however you feel is safest, but make the most of it and I wish each and every one of you all the best. Peace and love OTF
  3. My ole nan had her jab yesterday. 93 years young, good news.
  4. As relieved as I am that a deal has been done all the time and treasure wasted on changing our arrangements so we are smaller, carrying less weight internationally, more insular in outlook and trading on worse terms than we already had is nothing to celebrate. Escaping with just a broken leg doesn’t mean crashing the car was a good idea.
  5. Congrats to all the winner @Haguey @Rafalution @metal_guitarist @Gazza D @merry_miller and @daylight. And thanks to @SouthCoastRed @Confused Clarity @Deisler26 and @Gizzy for donating. Merry Christmas guys. See I can be an upvote whore like Gizzy too.
  6. Merry Xmas from the boys and me
  7. We lost when we voted to leave. We're now negotiating on how badly we've self sabotaged. It's not even close to "status quo".
  8. Operation move gifts from Attic to bedroom a success and then moved into the living room. PS5 stuff still upstairs but they will get all that later in the day, I got lucky getting those boxes out our bedroom, my daughter just kept opening her bedroom door! Merry Christmas everyone!
  9. Not sure how much I will get to play over the next few days with kids, family etc Just a quick update that we are top with just under half the season left Hope you all have as good a Christmas as possible. Love this thread and page. Padders
  10. The big day has finally arrived. I’m sure there were some restless sleepers last night filled with anticipation and excitement. Don’t worry, you haven’t much longer to wait. Entrants close at 4pm and the winners will be announced around 6pm if not before. Good luck to everyone who has entered so far And Merry Christmas to everyone on OTF
  11. Why can you not dispute with a player when they say that you haven't fulfilled your promise when you have? Key examples being: You promised my match time wouldn't change when I returned from injury You promised me more match time. You play these players in pretty much every match, and when they come complaining that you have broken your promise your options are Sorry pal, I promise I'll play you more Tough luck, do you want to leave I'm the manager, suck it up Why is there no option that says 'I have played you in 90% of matches that you have been ava
  12. Gizzy very craftily looking to get all the rep points from people thanking other users here!
  13. Have really bounced back today. Think sitting and reflecting with the worlds saddest music last night really helped to clear my head. And writing things down on here and realising there was reasons I was feeling the way I was, was a massive help too. I mean at least this year I won’t be wondering if one of my friends is still here or wondering which one of my mates my ex is going to try get back at me with. Think that’s important for everyone actually, you don’t have to put a brave face on every minute around this time of year it’s okay to sit back and reflect on the bad things that have
  14. The in-game world disagrees with you. I’ve just take over at Norwich and one of their full backs has a 6.4 average for the season. This is low enough for ex players to start criticising them, fans having a go on social media and for constant questions about their ‘poor form’ in press conferences. So the game is absolutely classing a 6.4 average as poor. Problem is when I analyse previous games, I’m not seeing much in either the stats or analysis to justify his ratings. It doesn’t help that we’ve been denied these tools during live play, and the ones that do exist are flat out b
  15. Not sure if I am going to get a chance to say this in the next couple of days, and this is the tactical forums, and we seem to frown hard on non tactical threads, but as I sit here I be thinking... Have a merry merry christmas everyone, this has been a hard year for everyone, don't let the game or anything in life frustrate you. Learn to step out into the sun and enjoy what you have and I hope that the universe and whatever greater power you believe in bestows on you each and every wonderful thing you wish for in this world.
  16. highlight of the evening: https://clips.twitch.tv/ExpensiveAttractiveDeerBloodTrail lowlight of the evening: https://clips.twitch.tv/SucculentProductiveFalconRitzMitz
  17. It 100% won't be 'better' outside the EU. It's the start of signing continuity trade agreements (at best) before moving on to decades of discussion for new 'better' deals.
  18. £25 Amazon Voucher Winner #1 Here is it. The moment you've all been waiting for. Our first Voucher winner is..... @Rafalution Congrats to Rafalution. Send me a PM with your email address and I'll send the voucher over when all winners have done the same.
  19. It's wrong to be filled with this much hate the day before Christmas. Visceral hatred.
  20. Season Review 2044/45 Literally the unluckiest manager ever!!! 2nd place finish again (3rd time in a row!!!!), with 87 points, 2 points off top Won Semi Final Play Off 1-0 and yet again lose Final, 3-1 AET, after equalizing in the 91st minute to take it to ET, we then concede in the first minute of ET Then go on to lose FA Trophy Final (twice lost that now) , 3-2 after absolutely hammering them! Had to sell one of my best player, Jimmy Mayman, full back. Board accepted offer of £625k. I offered to clubs (had 23 interested) for £5m. Leicester offered the £5m and luckily
  21. The game starts and players are on 6.7 at kick-off which implies that is where they should finish if they do nothing. For many years now 6.6-6.7 has been a bang average player and anything below that suggests they are underperforming and the media modules, discussion modules and ME feedback all back this up. Fullbacks getting ratings between 6 and 6.5 are underperforming given the metrics used in Football Manager. Not sure why this is a point up for semantic debate when the in-game evidence is pretty clear.
  22. Whatever you're doing, whoever you're with, whether you're with anyone at all, hope you have a good day. Make sure you do at least one nice thing for yourself.
  23. Look at these guys @Rob1981 @Pompeyboyz stalking the thread like Trumps poll watchers. You can't stop good from triumphing, 'mon Shakin'
  24. £25 Amazon Voucher Winner #3 Three times a charm. Our next lucky OTFer is... @Haguey PM me your email address mate
  25. £25 Amazon Voucher Winner #2 Lets not stop while we're on a roll. The next winner is... @metal_guitarist Again, send me a PM with your email address and I'll get the voucher over to you asap.
  26. Teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda while boiling for ten minutes. Once soft, coat in olive oil that you've infused with garlic and rosemary. Fire in the over for 20. Turn, then another half hour. Result: perfection.
  27. Anyone else getting angry at elfs rather than elves?
  28. Ok so with the Christmas break for the first time I got some time to get really into it, and I must say it didn't disappoint. I'm having a lot of fun with FM21 right now. A couple of remarks from my side: - The ME is great, thanks for that SI. - I've said it before, but the UI in general and especially the match UI are very disappointing, if you compare it to FM19 or below for example, it's much worse now. I get that SI want the game to be like football in real life, but don't forget that it's just a game and almost everyone doesn't watch the full 90 minutes. I wish you could just le
  29. Just seen possibly one of the rawest out-pourings of grief/anger at Covid from someone I went to school with. I've put it in spoiler tags as I know some in here may be struggling or have gone through similar, and obviously not posted the photo of her in the hazmat suit in tears, but thought it was worth sharing.
  30. If this isn't the most Balkan thing ever, then I don't know what is.
  31. Sacachispas FC Season Summary 2028 - 2029 CHAMPIONS OF ARGENTINA *Note: the Copa Libertadores and the Argentinian domestic cup does not correlate with the league calendar, so the save summary box at the end is a bit off. A fantastic season for us as we won the title! In our 6 previous seasons we have never been outside the top 5, but I didn't expect us to win it already. The key for us was at both ends of the pitch. We have the best goalkeeper in the league i Nicolas Ferreira, who also signed a new contract, and our striker Leonardo Moustafa had a sensational season
  32. Shakin' is legitimately the better song. The Pogues is okay, but it never really struck me as a Christmas song... it almost stands out because it's unique but it doesn't have the magic for me or a lot of songs in the competition. It's a bit hipster.
  33. This has a knock on too with player development as poor performances cause poor morale and they in turn cause poor performances and players don't develop.
  34. Vikeologist's 8th Folkestone Intake Report A good crop of players. Personalities not great, but I can sort that. How do they fit into the formation I’ve been using. Well, they don’t, but I’m sick of being in the bottom half of the table every season and not getting anywhere, so I am changing things up formationally anyway. Danny Burke 8a – An attacking left winger. Not using that position at the moment, but I will train him up at his natural position for when I inevitably try a tactic that utilises it. He’ll probably get some first time football in the few matc
  35. End of Season Review Season 2021/22 SV Babberich League Table - So it seems that if everyone has only a handful of players, then the league is a lottery. League Fixtures 1 & 2 - We won more than we lost, so we won the league and secured promotion. Pre Season Friendlies - A decent enough set of results. Squad - Very young. Decent enough. Squad Dynamics - Very good, which you would expect. Transfers In - None. Transfers Out - None. Youth Candidates - A good group, with Camiel van Raalte being the best player among the new arrivals.
  36. So go to a website that wants me to provide my spotify login details ??
  37. Compared to some of you guys I always feel lucky (if that's the right word) when I pop in here. Luckily we have a great little community here so even if we have no one else we fell like we can talk to, like Dave says we have this merry little band of idiots and weirdos to chat absolute rubbish to.
  38. SEASON 26 - 2047 - ICELANDIC PREMIER DIVISION LEAGUE TABLE - FIXTURES 1 2 3 - SQUAD 1 2 - COMPETITION REVIEW MANAGER PROFILE - CHARACTERISTICS - ATTRIBUTES CLUB PROFILE - GENERAL - FACILITIES - HONOURS - FINANCES - TRANSFERS 1 2 EUROPA LEAGUE (Carried Over) Carrying on from the end of last season, we went to Athletic Bilbao in the group and was never really in the game, eventually losing 4-2. The last group game, we were at Young Boys. A 2-0 win meant that we had secured the knockout rounds, for the second season running. The first knockout round p
  39. Right, but the low ratings implies that he's done something wrong. If he does nothing wrong he should be sat at a 6.8-7 all game. Same with goalkeepers, which is improved this year but is still an issue and was a huge one over the past 4/5 versions
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