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  1. Football Manager 2021 Match Screens Mod Welcome to my Match Screens Mod for Football Manager 2021. A little delayed as it took a lot longer than expected and the recent patch didn't help either hopefully they should be stable but if you come across any issues let me know. Workshop versions will go up in the next few days (once it's stabilized from the Winter Sale). As you may have noticed FM21 has re-worked the match screens, so I have rebuild the Match Screens Mod from scratch keeping the functionality of the new FM21 screens whilst adding in some more customization options as
  2. Not sure if I am going to get a chance to say this in the next couple of days, and this is the tactical forums, and we seem to frown hard on non tactical threads, but as I sit here I be thinking... Have a merry merry christmas everyone, this has been a hard year for everyone, don't let the game or anything in life frustrate you. Learn to step out into the sun and enjoy what you have and I hope that the universe and whatever greater power you believe in bestows on you each and every wonderful thing you wish for in this world.
  3. Since I discovered this bug I've run 3 tests with the same setup for 50 years. One in FM2020, one in FM2021 before the 21.2 update, and one after the 21.2 update. The setup is England loaded all the way down to National North/South, and a large database. There's no advanced options selected, and no database editing had taken place. The numbers are as follows: FM2020 / FM2021 before 21.2 / FM2021 after 21.2: Start: 17167 / 17286 / 17287 10 Years: 17724 / 12995 / 16530 20 Years: 16277 / 9048 / 15602 30 Years: 15208 / 7708 / 14879 40 Years: 14248 / 7603 / 150
  4. Thanks again for all the info and data posted on this. It's likely that a lot of these issues were actually present in FM20, but something in FM21 has made them far more extreme in certain cases. We think it's possible it may be due to an increase in the number of dual and multi nationality newgens that generate in the game this year, which is having a knock-on effect to the player count for each nation. As has been established, different nations and different db setups all seem to be affected in different ways, so I want to assure you that we're trying to find a way to balance every
  5. Just put everyone in Tier 4 and get on with it FFS
  6. We're here because they have got it wrong at just about every single turn, right from early March
  7. My dastardly plan worked. I managed to get 4 suckers, I mean OTFers, to send me money over the internet. Its been a long con but I feel the £100 was worth it. And Mrs Gizzy isn't even real
  8. I'm hopeful once we get a fix it's something that could be included in a minor update, but there are too many factors in play to make any promises or put a time frame on that unfortunately. I'll try to keep you all updated with any developments on this front.
  9. Just sold my best goalkeeper, but even if the board didn't intervene, I just couldn't turn this bid down. He is going to the US, so I have hopes to get more when he is sold.
  10. Excelsior Maassluis 2037/38 Season Review We couldn't repeat our title success this season, even though we had the chance, several times. We didn't know how to lose, but we also didn't know how to win very winnable games which was frustrating. We had a nightmare run home in the last three games, with the first two against Utrecht and PSV. Luckily, they were at home and we won both, but we couldn't beat lowly Heerenveen which cost us the title. The top 3 were inseparable, which would've been great to watch for the neutral. Performance wise I was pretty happy,
  11. Widzew Lodz (FM20) Season 1 (2020-21) - Review On the pitch Starting 11 for 2020/21 season Fortuna Liga I - Winners. We were predicted to finish ninth, but this felt a little too low. We had a sluggish start, probably in part due to the team getting to know my tactic and not respecting their unqualified former sunday league manager, but once things picked up they never really stopped. It was a great league campaign, bettered only by our shock performance in the cup... Polish Cup - Winners. WOW, this looks very impressive and it is tempting to just leave
  12. AFC Rushden & Diamonds Season 2031/32 review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances I really expected us to do worse than we did, but I'm very happy about it. I should note that we had an excellent start of the season, and we fell a bit back towards the end of the season. For a long time we looked to reach the playoffs, but in the end a few too many draws dropped us down. Even with a drop in results towards the end it was still a great season for us. As long as we are nowhere near relegation, I'm really happy. I've gotten approved an expansion of the stadium, so when it's done we w
  13. Nuneaton Borough 2028/29 Season review Competitions Vanarama National League North- 5th position - League table FA Cup - lost in 2nd round (1-4 vs. Charlton) FA Trophy - lost in 1st round A season very similar to last year, but this time with a happy ending! We started the season with the same tactical approach, the opening two losses didn't worry me too much, and after 10 games we were comfortably in the hunt for promotion. Our form was not as consistent as you would like in a team chasing for a title and eventually, I resigned myself to the realisti
  14. Brexit was the great equaliser in turning the traditional Labour towns and areas against Labour. Very difficult to see how even post-Brexit that goes back. If Brexit is a disaster they just blame it on Macron, Merkel and the rest of the EU. But what Brexit also did, and which is probably the only thing you could really say Dominic Cummings has ever done that was anything close to Machiavellian genius, was getting in loads of people who never voted before or didn't bother voting because they didn't care about politics or felt all politicians were the same and didn't stand for them. But wit
  15. On The Pitch - League Table Europa Conference Qualifying 1st Round - Beitar Jerusalem of Israel and an easy 11-2 aggregate win Europa Conference Qualifying 2nd Round - Tougher draw with APOEL of Cyprus, but navigated well enough 6-2 on aggregate. Europa Conference Qualifying 3rd Round - FC Nordsjaelland of Norway and we played very well against them, 7-2 aggregate win Europa Conference Qualifying 4th Round - CSKA Moscow of Russia and we fall at the same hurdle as last year, 4-6 on aggregate after winning the home first leg 3-2 This image says it all! What is really
  16. Anyone else noticed people inside the box who shoot at the goal most of the time hit a defender? or just straight to the goalkeeper? Or when a striker as a clear cut-chance aka standing free they head instead of taking the ball on the chest and then shoot.
  17. highlight of the evening: https://clips.twitch.tv/ExpensiveAttractiveDeerBloodTrail lowlight of the evening: https://clips.twitch.tv/SucculentProductiveFalconRitzMitz
  18. Also, we get what we vote for. So please stop voting for these ****ing idiots. It's not like we didnt know they were ****ing idiots
  19. Afternoon all, The spreadsheet is fully updated, 60 systems tested, will update the screenshots in post 2 tonight We're only 3 systems shy of the amount we tested in the entirety of last year so a massive thanks to all. Have a cracking Christmas
  20. Great! Thanks for the update, Andrew. Can we expect a patch before 21.3? or shall we wait until march for a fix? Thanks again.
  21. Another day and another failure. So one of my favourite countries this time, The Netherlands and the eighth tier. I holidayed for a season and have taken over at the club with the worst record in this tier (as there are forty four divisions down this low) and away we go! Oh and I have four players. So this will be interesting until youth intake day! Club Introduction SV Babberich The Manager This is me. Personal Coaching Data Season Reputation Qualifications Att Def Fit GkD GkH GkS Tac Tec Men WWY Ada Det
  22. https://www.coachesvoice.com/arrigo-sacchi-ac-milan-italy-coach-tactics/ My posts don't seem to embed from South Sudan for some reason but this is a good read for anybody interested
  23. Season Review 2042/43 How unlucky. Gutting! Missed out on automatic promotion by 1 point. I drew 4 of the last 10 games Including conceding in the 96th minute against relegated Dulwich Halmet. Gutted as if I held on I would have gone up automatic Lost in the playoffs Semi Final 1-0 with another late goal Youth intake was average Reached 1,000 games in charge
  24. Not sure this post is that wise given we know there are people who are struggling mentally with the situation, but I don't even think its rooted in reality that much. If you compare where we were 9 months ago we're in so much of a better situation. We now know how to defeat this virus, it's just (heh) a matter of getting the manufacturing and distribution sorted out. But given how this is wrecking the global economy, I think its just a matter of time before we brute force our way through this.
  25. Season 27/28 Update Promotion! We carried on our form from the tail end of back year and absolutely stormed the league. It only took me 7 years and a god of a regen at centre back, but we finally found a winning formula that suited the players. We finished top comfortably by 12 points. We also finally managed to conceed on average less than a goal a game. A stat I think would be higher was it not for the ******** amount of goals that seem to be scored in this game after the 85th minute mark, now matter how defensive or if you just stay with the same tactic. I also won the Serie C cup, so
  26. Hohoho, merry christmas everyone! Santa's come down the chimney, bringing bundles of joy and free Steam Keys. Voidship: The Long Journey Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver Smoke and Sacrifice Tower 57 Nightmares from the Deep 2: The Siren`s Call Realpolitiks Tomb Raider V: Chronicles Cubicle Quest Rescue Team 8 I am going to bed now, so I will answer in the morning. First come, first serve if anyone wants any of these
  27. A.C.N. Siena 1904 - 2025/26 Season Review Any other season, I know for a fact that I would have been finishing in 10th place. The one season I am level on points with a side that has beaten me twice, is the year that it'll determine who finishes in 10th place. Had we won, we would have finished in 9th place due to results between teams with Sambenendettese. It's an improvement from last season for sure, but to have gotten 58 points and miss out on results between teams on a chance to get promoted is very disappointing, especially after the strong start we had to the beginning of the
  28. China, Taiwan, Singapore , South Korea. All been back to normal since April. They had a testing that worked. They isolated cases far quicker than us. They closed their borders quick too. When you landed in places like China you were physically lead to a hotel to isolate for 14 days. None of this just tick a box to say you are going to do it. I mean they managed to contain Wuhan in matter of months build a hospital in 10 days and pretty much stopped it spreading to 3.6 billion people or how many they have. We can't even stop 2nd strain leaving London. As soon as we announc
  29. My web browser isn’t ready for the things I’d search for to buy @Bliss Seeker.
  30. Well done Boris. You didn't lockdown when SAGE told you to back in September. You didn't listen when Keir Starmer told you to in October. You ploughed on into November when you thought a lockdown would save Christmas. You gave a little in December only to **** up Christmas. And in January, February and March we'll be in lockdown with the hope to chill in April.
  31. No. You have fresh ones, or you don't bother. Fresh Yorkshire puddings >>>>>>>>>>>> No Yorkshire Puddings > syphilis >>>>> auntie Bessie's.
  32. I think xG could be divided into two sub stats. Set piece xG and Non-Set piece xG. That would show much more how well set pieces vs open play creates chances.
  33. Half way through the season, only lost 3 games but 8 points off top
  34. I really don't see any appeal to the pogues song. Driving home for Christmas to surge from behind
  35. You know, what all your complaining I feel like a complete moron for working so hard to get back to health. Because it is all work done for nothing. Nah.... Well worth the efoort and it is the mentality needed that will get things back on the rails again.
  36. To add to that, it's incredibly important that people don't buy into the Government's spiel that there were no alternatives or other ways of dealing with this other than the way they did.
  37. I mean New Zealand is pretty much entirely back to normal and I assume we're not going be accusing them of hiding things. Until very recently all my pals in Australia were having an absolutely glorious time. There are many Asian nations having a lovely time. Don't mistake the West's utter mishandling of everything related to the pandemic to suggest that there isn't a route out of this.
  38. Just lost on my best talents. The board took over, but at least it was partially into a negotiation from me (he had a release clause), so I got in the 50% of next sale before they accepted.
  39. Season 2 Energie Cottbus Season Review ~ 2022/23 Into the playoffs for the first time! An improvement of 11 points on last season exceeded my expectations and prediction of +7. I really could have gone up automatically, and I thought that I had done so. Going into the final day, I was only behind Magdeburg on GD. Magdeburg was away against top of the table Hansa Rostock, who were already champions. At home to a lower mid table team, I was up 4-0 after 20 minutes. I went on to win the game. Anyways, I had begun to celebrate after the game, because I didn’t see any updates for th
  40. This is unbelievable work mate, these are the sort of screens that should come with the default game skin and I hope SI take note. I'm sure I speak for many to say this will improve the match experience of many FM players this year - thank you
  41. Yep. It appears even if your full back has defended his life out, cleared 5 balls off the line, won 20 of his 20 headers... if he is in a tactic that plays hoofball and his pass completion isn't over 90% he's down to a 5.8! The player rating system doesn't seem to reward defending, only attacking. Loving the game this year, and the ME and I'm very picky. Just a shame it seems it's hard to give any value to player ratings which makes scouting and assessment very difficult. Especially combined with the UI changes which make stats a lot less accessible and heavily bugged at the moment,
  42. Just got word from the Mrs that she's somehow managed to spend £140 in Marks & Spencer which, for a household of 2 and with what I would describe as an adequate amount of food already in the house, is some going
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