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  1. I took this screenshot from some Rio Ferdinand video, I think 2D in FM could like like this and it would be much better. From goals, to grass etc
  2. Football Manager 2021 Match Screens Mod Welcome to my Match Screens Mod for Football Manager 2021. A little delayed as it took a lot longer than expected and the recent patch didn't help either hopefully they should be stable but if you come across any issues let me know. Workshop versions will go up in the next few days (once it's stabilized from the Winter Sale). As you may have noticed FM21 has re-worked the match screens, so I have rebuild the Match Screens Mod from scratch keeping the functionality of the new FM21 screens whilst adding in some more customization options as
  3. Hello my fellow OTFers. I've just put my automatic replies on my work emails and I'm off now until the 11th January. In my euphoric state I'm feeling overly generous and decided to do something nice for the good and great people of OTF. On Christmas Eve I'll choose FIVE lucky random OTF users to receive a £25 Amazon Voucher each and another, some might say even luckier, OTF user to win an Epic store FM21 code, which has been donated to me by a mysterious benefactor. If you would like to win the Amazon voucher all you have to do is post a link to something on Amazon that you would use
  4. FC United of Manchester ; season 2028/29 League Table ; Turning Professional in the off season has been a bit of a game changer, I finished in the playoff spots in 6th place in the VNL (+12 places). Unfortunately I didn't get promoted but the squad are coming on leaps and bounds thanks to full time training. In addition to that I won the FA Trophy to add my 2nd piece of silverware after the VNN title. Squad ; Getting stronger & stronger. Scott Graham is (was) my best player on paper but didn't actually perform that well as the starting 11 image below shows. That made it
  5. “I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT FRANCE HAS SHUT IT’S BORDERS! WHAT ABOUT OUR RIGHT TO TRADE?!?” ”They’re a sovereign nation defending their borders” ”NO, NOT LIKE THAT!”
  6. Gainsborough Trinity 4th season. 7th place Vanorama south - promotion through play-off - no cup success What a season - out tactical experiments succedded with our 3-5-2 Keegan style set-up. Started the season undefeated in 12 matches. Didnt win the next 9. Suddenly our partnerships started to work and we found the ideal start-11. Even when our star Dixon got a long term injury - other player stood up and took his chance. We were extremely lucky at times. Qualified to play-offs with smallest margin - were played out of the stadium in the semifinal by Halifax, reduced to 10 man b
  7. Aachen 2024/25 Normally I put most of my pictures in links, but I'm trying it out with with more just copy/pasted onto the post this time, let me know what you guys prefer. Another improvement this season, although only by 3 points and one place: We had a few youth prospects establish themselves as first team regulars this season: Thomas Ahrenhöfer (YI21a) He is our top scorer this season with 19 goals in the league. He's developed quite nicely, but at this rate, he'll probably leave us next season as a bigger club comes knocking. Hopefully we can hold onto
  8. FA Cup now setup with Preliminary, Qualifying rounds, dates, Prize money. FA Vase added.
  9. I'm seeing a lot of varied goals, and I really like the ME. I just had this beauty of a threaded ball through and a perfect slot into the corner.
  10. Season 27/28 Update Promotion! We carried on our form from the tail end of back year and absolutely stormed the league. It only took me 7 years and a god of a regen at centre back, but we finally found a winning formula that suited the players. We finished top comfortably by 12 points. We also finally managed to conceed on average less than a goal a game. A stat I think would be higher was it not for the ******** amount of goals that seem to be scored in this game after the 85th minute mark, now matter how defensive or if you just stay with the same tactic. I also won the Serie C cup, so
  11. To be fair, we weren't that far off in the past. But then SI scrapped the graphics engine for a new one and that's when 2D started going downhill. Your image would be an absolute dream, but I'm not holding my breath 2D will get that much attention any time soon. For some weird reason, SI seem to be obsessed with forcing everyone over to 3D.
  12. SEASON 24 - 2045 - ICELANDIC PREMIER DIVISION LEAGUE TABLE - FIXTURES - FIXTURES - FIXTURES - SQUAD 1 2 - COMPETITION REVIEW MANAGER PROFILE - CHARACTERISTICS - ATTRIBUTES CLUB PROFILE - GENERAL - FACILITIES - HONOURS - FINANCES - TRANSFERS 1 2 LEAGUE CUP 5 group wins, a semi-final victory over FH meant a final against Valur. A 2-1 victory saw us lift the trophy for the third time. CHAMPIONS CUP No matter how good we are, we still manage to mess this one up. This time a 4-3 defeat to Breidablik. LEAGUE Carried straig
  13. After failing again in The Netherlands this morning (I didn't post on here about it as I thought I would fail as that country is the hardest), it is back to Iceland. Club Introduction Íþróttafélag Reykjavíkur The Manager This is me. Personal Coaching Data Season Reputation Qualifications Att Def Fit GkD GkH GkS Tac Tec Men WWY Ada Det PlK YoK LoD MaM Mot ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. I simulated the test until 09.08.24 without the advanced db: 17.08.24 (191k players) England: 1250/6828 Spain: 847/8661 Switzerland: 390/2425 China: 654/3031 Iran: League NA/185 USA: 735/4494 Which continents are loosing the most players? 17.08.20 (204k) Africa: 4041 Asia: 19458 Europe: 137070 North America: 10092 Oceania: 3265 South America: 30238 17.08.24 (191k) Africa: 3684 (-9%) Asia: 16302 (-17%) Europe: 133838 (-3%) North America: 9904 (-2%) Oceania: 3210 (-2%) South America: 241
  15. Well, it could be, but it could also remove some nuances. I'll give an example; Speed/Pace/whatever you want to call it. Today it's two attributes, Pace and Acceleration. Why not just have "Speed"? Well, then it would be impossible to differentiate between a player that is quick to start, and a slower starter with higher top speed. Shorter player often have higher acceleration while taller player will often have a higher top speed (due to length of strides quite often). The same can be said for other stats, and some would argue that FM needs more attributes. Why not differentiate between
  16. So it seems. Brits can't chuck too much at them on this, not to go all lobbing stones in glasshouses and all that. ----------------------------------------- I switched off covid for a long while (the constant deluge of negative and scare headlines), but hope you guys are bearing up ok. I found this place a real help looking back in the spring/summer, not just for the humour in pretty uncertain sticky times and recounts of personal experiences from you guys on how bearing up, and also this thread was probably the best news source out there (thanks for all the links etc). This was my
  17. My dastardly plan worked. I managed to get 4 suckers, I mean OTFers, to send me money over the internet. Its been a long con but I feel the £100 was worth it. And Mrs Gizzy isn't even real
  18. Merthyr Town FC – Season 2021/22 Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Well, we survived. Not playing free flowing football exactly, scoring less than a goal per game. On the other hand we’re not letting in too many goals. Most wins were 1-0, nicking a goal on the counter, with some notable exceptions, e.g. a 4-5 win against South Shields where we had 9 shots to Shields’ 31. There was a short undefeated streak in January-February, which was a good thing since the season ended with seven losses in a row, mostly against top half sides. Best performer was the 2 m tall defender Stephen Cu
  19. Base Skins have been updated for Patch 21.2 - client object browser xml file updated. - couple of colour changes. Download links are in the opening post. Light Skin is still in progress no ETA (delayed due to it taking longer than expected to do the Match Screens Mod) but is next on my list.
  20. Love this little community we have here. That has weirdly sprouted out of an off-topic section of a football manager forum of all places. I'm doing alright myself but I know a lot of other people are really struggling this year and thought this was a great idea to spread some festive cheer by Gizzy. Which was why I decided to donate a voucher myself. Also more importantly I couldn't let the old man upstage me @SouthCoastRed! I'm coming for your awards next year .
  21. SEASON 25 - 2046 - ICELANDIC PREMIER DIVISION LEAGUE TABLE - FIXTURES - FIXTURES - FIXTURES - COMPETITION REVIEW MANAGER PROFILE - CHARACTERISTICS - ATTRIBUTES CLUB PROFILE - GENERAL - FACILITIES - HONOURS - FINANCES - TRANSFERS 1 2 EUROPA LEAGUE (carried over from previous season) So the Europa League journey continued into the new season. We finished the group stage with a 4-0 win at Astana and topped the gorup, which I didn't realise, put us into the second knockout stage. The Second Knockout Round saw us drawn against Benfica. We had already
  22. SEASON 23 - 2044 - ICELANDIC PREMIER DIVISION LEAGUE TABLE - FIXTURES - FIXTURES - SQUAD 1 2 - COMPETITION REVIEW MANAGER PROFILE - CHARACTERISTICS - ATTRIBUTES CLUB PROFILE - GENERAL - FACILITIES - HONOURS - FINANCES - TRANSFERS 1 2 LEAGUE CUP A similar story to most years. Through the groups with 5 straight wins, only to be beaten 3-0 in the semi-final by Valur. LEAGUE A fantastic season. We hit the ground running, beating one of the title favourites, Breidablik, away on the first day. We never look back really. The only real blip
  23. SEASON 22 - 2043 - ICELANDIC PREMIER DIVISION FIXTURES - FIXTURES - COMPETITION REVIEW MANAGER PROFILE - CHARACTERISTICS - ATTRIBUTES CLUB PROFILE - GENERAL - FACILITIES - HONOURS - FINANCES - TRANSFERS 1 2 LEAGUE CUP A good group stage, winning all 5 games. Out at the semi-final stage, after a 2-1 defeat by KR. CHAMPIONS CUP Same old story with this one. Beaten 4-1 by Breidoblik. LEAGUE Carried on from last season and qualified for Europe through league position. Some good signs, including a 2-0 win away at Breidablik and a good
  24. SEASON 21 - 2042 - ICELANDIC PREMIER DIVISION FIXTURES - FIXTURES - COMPETITION REVIEW MANAGER PROFILE - CHARACTERISTICS - ATTRIBUTES CLUB PROFILE - GENERAL - FACILITIES - HONOURS - FINANCES - TRANSFERS 1 2 LEAGUE CUP Out at the group stage. Valur was in our group and despite drawing 1-1 with them, they pipped us on goal difference. LEAGUE Similar to last season, inconsistent and despite a decent points total, we finish in 4th place. ICELANDIC CUP A good run saw us make it to the final again, where we came up against Iceland's dom
  25. On the Forth Day of Christmas Gizzy gave to OTF.... 4 Amazon Vouchers. That's right we now have 4 Amazon vouchers for you lovely OTFers to win. A big thanks to @G-Man11 and @Confused Clarity, along with @SouthCoastRed, who have decided to put their grumpy reputations on the line and help me spread some Christmas cheer this year.
  26. The truth is, these are not very bright guys, and things got out of hand.
  27. Or perhaps against more settled defence? Featuring good movement from the midfielder into space and notice how the striker pulls away from the DC towards the full back to get some space to receive the ball and turn.
  28. Let me preface it by saying that I am not new to the game and I remember how 20 years ago players had "shooting" attribute while finishing and long shots were hidden. Still, I believe that players currently have a bit too many attributes to the point that no one really knows what exactly they do. I read guides and seems like people are just making common sense assumptions about what a particular attribute means. Like what is "pressure"? Is it the ability to handle important game? No, there's a separate "important games" for this. Is it the ability to keep cool in important situations
  29. If she failed to wear a mask when she should have been, she deserves the flak. Doesn't matter if you like her politics or not.
  30. Terry's Chocolate Orange. Absolutely delicious but I seem to forget about them for 51 weeks a year.
  31. You'll have room to have gammon, veg and children?!
  32. The silent majority appreciates the generosity of @Gizzy @Confused Clarity @G-Man11 and @Deisler26
  33. Season Review 2041/42 Better season but should have made playoffs. Top 5 from October to April, then the fatigue issues got too much and when ever I make changes I lose and when I keep the unfit players in i lose. The form at the end of the season was a joke Got to hope for a better start next season and can try stay towards the top when the inevitable fitness issues happen My star striker from over the years is leaving this summer, Oluwasegun Awoniyi - 412 goals in 606 games Youth intake looks good again Yout
  34. Season 2024/25 - Championship Lets see how the next season goes. I hope we can stabilize us in League 1.
  35. Season 2024/25 - Championship Youth Intake 2025 OK. Not as bad as I expected. We got some great players, which are goin right into the first team next season. Not many fancy things. Nigeria and Northern Irland are making their debut. Also we got 2 Jamaican born players. Lets see how and if I can use those players in the next season, after we got relegated.
  36. Got fired Well deserved after a number of bad decisions by the manager. Was expecting a ability boost giving my prospects an early introduction to the first team, that didnt happen. Not giving up on Italy just yet, starting over in Taranto. GL ALL !!
  37. This is being the first version I'm playing in 3D, the improvement in ME is notorious. Only one thing has bothered me, the excess of long balls behind the defensive line
  38. Very nice goal and I'm seeing this sort of thing in my save too. F9 dropping deep, receiving the ball, turning and playing in the IF to finish the move off.
  39. On The Pitch - League Table Europa Conference Qualifying 1st Round - Lynx of Gibralter and an easy 13-2 aggregate win Europa Conference Qualifying 2nd Round - Tough draw and Rosenborg of Norway. A fantastic 4-2 home win was followed up by a great 0-0 away result! Our biggest scalp to date! Europa Conference Qualifying 3rd Round - AaB of Denmark, still bigger than us (who isn't at this point!) but not as big as Rosenborg. Away first and we held a 1-0 lead most of the game, until condeding in the 84th, but 1-1 away is good! Home and this one was a battle! We scored early on, but they
  40. Deep in his Glaswegian slum Gizzy sat staring at the blow up doll in the corner. “It’s not fair Mrs Gizzy”, he lamented, with tears in his eyes... “I give my soul to these ungrateful sassenach bastards year in, year out, and how many awards do I win....while that fat grumpy old **** sits on his arse and scoops three. I’ve gotta up my game this year.....I know! I’ll show them!!” As ever the loyal Mrs Gizzy said nothing, just quietly hissing from the slow puncture in her bottom that happened on a really passionate evening.
  41. Excelsior Maassluis 2036/37 Season Review This is something I definitely wasn't expecting. We had an awful start, including a 4-0 loss to AZ and a 5-0 loss to NEC. But I changed the tactical mentality from Control to Attacking, and everything changed. We won 23 of our last 26 games, including great performances against PSV and Ajax. PSV's team on paper is still miles ahead of us, and Ajax probably would be too. But somehow we're Eredivisie champions, and we have a spot in the Champions League next season! We had another succe
  42. Afraid I'm done with 21 for now. Will revisit it after the later patches, but this is once again Switch-play-to-the-flanks-and-wingplay Manager as the game stands. A massive amount of work - boosting certain attributes to god tier status, giving players certain PPM's to just keep the play simple, and a truckload of TI's and PI's to kill wide play - alleviates it a little, but you're fighting a losing battle against what is hardcoded. Playing proper patient considered methodical build up and football, with fairly realistic patterns and sequences of possession and play, is a nigh on impossible t
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