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  1. V 21.2 Major Update feedback. I have played about half a season on the latest major update and for the most part, it's a good update. By this I mean that certain things have improved without negative consequences in other areas. Normally I wouldn't praise any company for this, as this should be the standard, but in recent years SI just didn't get the balance right and that's just my opinion. This time, this patch, everything they have put in that changelog is working as expected The Match Engine For me is the vital and most important part of this game and it's exceptional after
  2. Frankly, yes. It is people's fault. That's not to absolve the Westminster or devolved governments of blame, but people are still responsible for their own actions. People can and are making the choices. You only have to look at this thread. Beyond those that are openly hostile to the guidances and laws who say they'll do what that want anyway, there are also those who are being liberal with their interpretation of them, or choosing to just ignore part of them because they've decided that's what works best for them. The advice has been a mess, but the information is available for al
  3. AFC Rushden & Diamonds Season 2028/29 review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Wow, seems like the vast amount of season in the lowest tier helps out now in the longer term. We actually steamrolled the league throughout the season! The only team that were anywhere close to us were Burton Albion, but even they couldn't keep up. It got a bit more hairy toward the end of the season when I also experienced the massive fatigue that @Padders have written about earlier. I tried to rotate, but it was still pretty hard to handle since I got a bit far in the cups as well. Anyway, I won'
  4. This is my biggest issue with the game and why I have given up on the last 3 editions except for the beta this year. In the beta, players did exactly what I wanted them to do. Then they changed something on launch and it was back FM 20 football with a sprinkle of centre play. Then everybody told people who complained that they were all crazy. Even the CB always playing the ball to the flanks. Then they come out with a patch for the ME now that tried to fix the CB thing. But people on here will still tell you that you were crazy to spot the issues. It's so disingenuous. It
  5. Hi all, just wanted to clarify a couple of points of discussion on this thread, and first to thank you for all the info provided. As you can imagine we're also very frustrated with these ongoing issues and they remain a priority. As a couple of earlier posts have pointed out, virtual (greyed out) players appearing in lots of AI youth teams is something that's been present in previous versions of FM, and not necessarily due to a lack of players in a youth intake, as a variety of things could lead to players being prematurely promoted to a higher squad, which take priority. We are always t
  6. Because education is more important than pubs and non essential retail.
  7. Right, I reckon I've got something here. Running my test until 2027, I Added myself as manager of Cove Rangers in March 2020 & holidayed. On intake day, I resigned. Here was my intake - 16 players. I then resigned & added the previous manager using the IGE & continued for 1 month. Cove singed NONE of the players from the intake & all are now free agents. Cove have only 4 youth players. Save just after I had resigned available, full intake visible in Cove reserves. Save also available from the day after the trial contracts ended with all pla
  8. Ok been playing matches all afternoon to test it out and the ME is still not quite right for me. I'm seeing some better combinations and variety in runs etc. to be available for a pass which is encouraging, but as someone who watches matches in full and wants to play short, patient, possession football at all times I still think the calibration is as it was in FM20 and there is far too much of a tendency to send the ball to the flanks. It simply doesn't matter what role, what instructions, quality of player/team, PPM's, tactical fluidity, number of passing options in their immediate vicin
  9. I decided to run a sim on a smaller database as and I'm guessing here the majority of people dont want to run all the leagues as playable. TLDR - if you like saves past a couple of seasons and use a custom database, you're going to be disappointed and going back to fm20 Here's the setup: Under custom database I have these options selected for UK & Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Russia, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Egypt, Turkey, Nigeria, Japan, USA & South Korea Here are the player count results per year
  10. So I am about 12 seasons deep into a pretty basic test. I am in May 2032. I am running ONLY the EPL on a small database, with no additional leagues on view only, and no advanced settings. Player base seems relatively stable so far at between 6-8k, however youth teams are a complete waste of time already. As @Andrew JamesJames said, the bigger clubs are getting 5-8 youth players per season. Smaller (relatively) clubs get 1-3. Newcastle currently have one youth player. Leicester have 3. Man United have 11 which is the highest. Assume this will be after the annual youth intake. I find
  11. I've just canceled the Bliss family Xmas, no one is coming over now. That's what we wanted anyway, keep the old people in the house safe. And that does mean I have nominated myself to do a super fun Xmas zoom family quiz which everyone will remember for the rest of time and will go down in Bliss family folklore
  12. After a few days with the new patch and a some weeks with FM21 in general, this is my experience: After last year's disappointment, I wanted to give it a new shot. I buy it through Steam, thinking: if the beta isn't fun/too many bugs/other annoying things, I'll return it. I start the game, before I'm into the first match, I've already spent 2h -> gone is the option to ask for a refund. But hey, the ME is fun, maybe a bit too easy, some bugs, but it's a beta, so they might be patched out. Full game gets released, suddenly the match experience feels different. I try to adapt, and g
  13. You couldn't make this stuff up! So many mistakes made by this awful government all in the name of trying to be popular! I've said before they made a huge mistake in announcing the massive national Christmas party so early (all governments were involved in that). Most people would have accepted lets just wait and see where we are nearer the time. It really is utter incompetence.
  14. People are never happy . If they didnt touch the ME and left it as the Beta people would still complain . There is a percentage that just cant be happy or maybe its now hearts I like the current ME and a lot do
  15. Initial Feedback on Patch I don't know if I'll go deeper to give greater feedback. I still can't get going on the long term save I want. Either the San Marino Challenge again or perhaps the Andorra challenge. Both have bugs with signing free agents - and indeed with my Sammarinese club, a player from my youth intake who wasn't in the recommended signings from the HOYD but I wanted to sign, I couldn't sign until 15 months later (I've already raised as a bug). My ME graphics all of a sudden were better - don't see anything in the changelist... Anyway, my PC's not handling it as wel
  16. FC United - Season 2022-2023 - Vanarama National League North Predicted: 17th Final position: 1th and Champions We had an incredible season. We were prety much the complete season in 1th position, and almost never threatened. We became champions with 2 games to go. We finished the season with an incredible 104 points. I'm sure this is 1 of the first time the I reached the 100 points mark. Our incredible ST Kingsley Chukwu (YP1a) from last years intake was crowed as best player of the league. He improved a lot this season and is too good for this level. He's already rated
  17. I can forgive the government for wanting to open schools and get that working. But the Unis is/was unforgivable.
  18. I really hope the loan promises to play a player in a certain role are scrapped. How is some other team's manager going to know if I play an AMC as an attacking midfielder, playmaker, or trequartista? It's a ridiculous demand, and loaned players should be all about getting on the pitch, not what specific tactical role is played. I just had a player get recalled from loan because I was pushed to promise he would play the wingback role as a fullback and I was playing him in the wingback role as a wingback. So silly.
  19. Didn't realise we'd started using the Moderna vaccine.
  20. I've always suspected arenaross to be BoroPhil's alias tbh
  21. SC Eendracht Aalst - Belgium - Eerste Nationale - 3th tier - Intro Database | Manager | Club info | Club vision | Facilities | Finances | Squad | Squad Calc. Intro After an attempt in Gibraltar (bugs prize money and registration players) and almost starting with Croatia Berlin I am back... back in Belgium after a failed attempt at Berchem Sport , I have now opted for the team with the largest following in the lower series, SC Eendracht Aalst. I also expect large expenses for youth setup but hope that this can be compensated by high income spectators. I also expect a lot
  22. Christ on a ****ing bike. And you wonder why we have a problem.
  23. I have a feeling the issue with playable leagues could be that the AI arent signing enough players from the intakes and those players become free agents. So the actual number of players being generated is fine and that's why the player count increases, but those players are just free agents and the clubs didnt sign them on intake day.
  24. @Andrew JamesI've loaded 6 leagues, 3 playable and 3 view only: Premier League, Serie A, Bundlesliga, La Liga, Liga NOS, Ligue 1 respectively. I'm only in 2024 and the highest number of players in the u18s of any Prem team is 8 and the rest of the players are greyed out, and for many of the teams in the Prem they only have grey players. The biggest teams in the Prem have about 8 players while the smaller ones have between 0 to about 6 players. I know you've been working hard on this and it's probably not an easy issue to fix but I cant hide my disappointment at this as this is a standard
  25. AFC Rushden & Diamonds Season 2029/30 review Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances Umm.... we are very good apparently. I expected us to fight for survival this season, but somehow we just....won. I think my tactic somehow got even better after the update, and we flew through the season having great fun. I'm still conceding way too much, but I just can't make defensively sound tactics apparently. The continued improvements are still paying off and we continue to make improvements both on and off the pitch. I got in another million from some clauses after the big sale we had a few
  26. Season Review 2037/38 Another season ravaged by the fatigue Not a lot to report BUT! Look at this guy in the Youth Intake, going to struggle to keep hold of him, Just the 15 clubs interested
  27. @majesticeternity & @Daveincid have lots of great mods like this one - better transfers, youth rating, awards, youth tournaments etc.
  28. Taranto 2022/23 Season Review Well again this was a real struggle, not real improvement in terms of points on last season, as we secured 14th place again in a virtually identical season in terms of results. No real in danger of relegation. Another terrible run of form into the end of the season, in what just feels inevitable so far in all of my FM saves on this version. A fairly decent youth intake, with a stand out centre back. However i would love for him to actually have some pace! Matteo Baggalini. The strongest teams in this division just play wingers up top and completely destr
  29. This is a total bloody shambles. It doesn’t matter if it is a new strain or an old strain it has been obvious for a few weeks that there has been a huge increase in infections in Essex, Kent and London. Why leave it until everyone has made plans and bought food (or not bought food like us as we are going to my Mums). I am completely fuming at this shambolic eleventh hour realisation that the Christmas relaxation was going to cause problems. It didn’t take Nostradamus to predict this ffs.
  30. Suggesting it’s too late because some have already gone is a bit silly. Sure earlier would have been better but announcing it now is better than not at all
  31. Maybe, after five seasons in charge, I can finally finish in the top half of the table and secure a play-off place for the very first time with Siena. We've put ourselves in a great position to do so.
  32. I'm in Shenzhen, we had a single case here a few weeks ago (trucker who came in from HK tested positive). Within a few hours of the positive test they'd sealed off and tested the whole community where he was staying (thousands of people), taken and analysed environmental samples from 30 locations around the area, and traced all of his possible contacts and isolated them for testing. Zero cases is probably a bit unrealistic, we've been told of a few areas we're not allowed to travel to over the Chrismas holidays as they're considered 'high risk' but those are almost all in Xinjiang
  33. Headset has arrived with my brother in law! Chuffed to have got one.
  34. Rather than clamouring for the 'click to win' Beta ME, people should be more concerned with the potentially game breaking Newgen Bug, right under everyone's noses.
  35. This mostly sums up where I am with FM21. When I played the beta it was amazing - they'd finally cracked it with an ME that delivered really good football, that captured that elusive quality that has you reacting like you are watching a live game on TV - the anticipation towards a goal, the joy at it going in or the let down of a miss that didn't feel like the ME nerfing the play in some way. It felt very natural. Why they didn't just leave well alone until they found a way to balance the allegedly too easy game with defensive enhancements in the midfield rather than screwing up attacking pl
  36. Be lucky if I buy it next year. Last few years I have played less and less. This year feels like the final nail in the coffin. Seeing youth squads in playable leagues with hardly any players drives me mad
  37. Jesus christ...... Who else is gunna wait for the Jan transfer patch to buy Fm next year? This feels like the longest beta period ever. I get COVID or whatever but im sure most people would have been fine waiting for a later release than throwing 70 NZD at something that wont function for 5 months.
  38. 5-8 a season is still miles too low. Man Utd's intake off the top of my head this year was 13 players for first year scholars + 1 second year with 27 players eligible to play U18s football this season. Of that 27, only 5 have been promoted early to the U23s full time early and at least 2 of those still play the bigger U18s games. A further 3 make the odd U23 appearance but are primarily with the U18s still. We usually average around 10-12 players a year for first year intake with a squad size of usually 22-25 players, whether that's players who have come through the younger age groups or whom
  39. Season 2 - 2023 - Mid Season Review Last year at the mid-season mark we were in 9th place after 15 games, winning 6. Unfortunately, the second season in Concepcion, Chile has been much rougher. Having won only 3 of the 15 before the summer month break, we will try and rebuild and retrain a new style of play. Ending the previous season in 6th and qualifying for the promotion playoffs has been replaced with desperately trying to win one more game over Rangers de Talca, who are also regressing from last season. Hopefully the new youth intake preview is soon and we are still in charge b
  40. Disagree, Having Mando struggle to put down one of them emphasised how bad ass they were, Mando putting one down tho meant that they needed to seriously outnumber our Hero's in order to make the point that there was no winning this fight, Having Luke just carve through them then just emphasises how OP a Jedi at the height of his powers is compared to even the best mere mortals
  41. Sample size of 3. And you clearly think something is wrong with the match engine because of 3 draws? Something is clearly wrong here and it isn't the match engine.
  42. I had it first, those twats can change theirs
  43. If your tactic relied on some dodgy ME coding that was patched, then yes. If your tactic stops working between patches, then this is the most likely thing that has happened. This is something that can be easily remedied. That or it is confirmation bias. You make a false connection between losing and the patch because that is what you expect to see.
  44. I'd be more embarrassed getting something by Ayn Rand from the library than Mein Kampf. Still convinced it was really a man writing that guff.
  45. Yeah my tactic went to....aswell. Finished 2nd in my league, new season and ME changes......Lucky if i don't get sacked.
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