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  1. Pretty sad that there is not single change in the match day UI.. Simple things like add player face to the goal scorer, and add the name of the player who assist
  2. Just had three bids come in for a player, and all three were radically different in terms of money up front, clauses and add ons. Nice change from receiving identical bids and just clicking accept or reject for them all, I actually had to look at all three and carefully consider which was best.
  3. So dark. This is the only gripe I have with the skin, these comically white boxes. SI must have shares in Boots opticians or Specsavers the rate our retinas are going to be burned away. The rest of the skin flows really well. Shame.
  4. That's not what they mean. The beta is not an official release, it is a public test by those who pre-ordered. So when the official release comes out it is presented as a new starting point - which it is for the bulk of those buying the game. There are changes from beta to full release (as is obvious as soon as you start playing), but that is not for public consumption, Had it been a closed beta then the beta testers would probably have been given a changelist (which could remain private between SI and the testers), but it's irrelevant to the wider public buying the official release
  5. All of you at SI should be really proud of yourselves for producing this in trying circumstances. I loved FM20, but what a great improvement this is - hats off and hope you all get a well deserved rest!
  6. You remember that beast I had come through my academy a few years ago? Well, he is officially a Wonderkid now and has quite the value. I still have a 50% sell on clause. He has a £91,000,000 release clause too.
  7. This screen, the press conference screen, team talk screen, all follow this new style. I can see what they are trying to achieve with this, I really can. But I have to agree that they are all just really bad, doesn't add any immersion, if anything it takes you out of it as they seem out of place.
  8. Been seeing a few negative comments here and there but credit where it’s due - I think FM21 is a great version of the game!
  9. As a tech writer, that literally spends eight hours a day at the moment writing release notes for a living, the repeated calls for release notes in this thread brings me much joy.
  10. Basically everyone here participated in beta. It’s only fair to let us know, who provided SI with a free service BTW, if anything major was changed/fixed. There is a change list. It’s just being held back. I just want to know if there was any changes other than database that I need to create a new game to fix
  11. I've not bought the game this year. The match engine improvements are encouraging but I also saw the amount of bugs reported in the beta and decided against pre-ordering. If I could see what had been fixed for the full release it could sway me to purchase it but instead I'll hold on to my cash. It's baffling how paying customers give up their time to report bugs (often in some detail) only for Si not to even bother to say if it has been fixed.
  12. End of Season Review Season 2026/27 FC United of Manchester League Table - An excellent campaign from start to finish where we finished on top of the pile and promotion, finally, to the Vanarama National League. In the end, we won the league by ten points. League Fixtures 1, 2 & 3 - We went off like a train again, winning our first five matches. This time we maintained the pace and won the league title quite comfortably. F. A. Cup - We made it to the first round proper for the first time in five years before being well beaten by a strong Oxford United side,
  13. It is not that. It is transparenty and communication between SI(MIles) and client that is ultimatly flawed. SI is not comparable to other games in similar category who give out exactly what is happening, how things change and effects the game. In the end it is customer happines that should be top priority and community who is so dedicated with your product. These fans have ideas, they worry, they hope the best for the company and game(Thing that makes it wors is that some things are brought up year after year after year, with no fixes or info). I know yes that they are not changing it and th
  14. O.M.G. My striker, through on goal, just stopped the ball and waited for the GK rush and going to ground to get the ball. As soon as he did, he chipped it over him with incredible composure. This is in the top league in Romania, btw.
  15. I have to applaud you for keeping up with continuing to answer the same questions with the same answers in such a calm fashion.
  16. This is needlessly rude. For reference, not all of the mods here are SI employees so data issues with the game are not their job.
  17. Why? How can I compare the beta to the final version without knowing what's been change? What if something was rare and difficult to replicate? I've already reported both the bug of scouts only suggesting people who can't get work permits and the balance of brexit which lead to club visions that are impossible to meet due to the new restrictions. How do I know if the balance of a game has been addressed, if there's no notes telling us what they have done to address the balance? I can only assume no balance changes have been made, as such the problem still persists. It's pretty standa
  18. Well, I've been critical of the matchday UI all through the beta, and I still don't particularly like it, but the difference the changes to lighting, contrast, colour and ball brightness since the beta have blown me away to the point I don't actually care about the matchday UI anymore, it's finally a joy to watch the game on the 3D engine. Coupled with the big improvement in the ME itself, and all the cool additions that have been thrown in, and considering all this was put together in the most trying of circumstances, I doff my cap to the lads and lassies at SI, you have absolutely knocked it
  19. Then it should be a closed beta stage. In 2020 it should be unacceptable to have a user/customer to test a product, provide specific detailed feedback on it and not get any info on that bug/issue being fixed or not during a patch/release. Pure disrespect for the end consumer. This is just my opinion tho from customer standpoint. I did not do any beta testing and feedback as I saw that most of them already reported/flagged/investigated, but I would have done so would be extremely upset if my additional contribution to make the game better (or just actually playable in some cases e.g. leagu
  20. You paid £35 for the game. You just happened to get access to the beta with pre-purchase.
  21. No alternative skin options, I am very surprised (and saddened there's no dark skin).
  22. This is perhaps one of the more interesting challenges on Football Manager, and it is a good exercise in using FM21’s overpowered Focus play instructions to create overloads. Hansi Flick’s Bayern side have great attacking output, averaging around 2.6xG per game, scoring on average 3.19 goals per game with an xGA of around 0.93. Under Flick Bayern lineup mostly as a 4231, it’s their most frequently used formation. This replication is based on their 20/21 side when they had Tiago Alacantara. This was a side that had Pavard, Alaba, Boateng and Alphonso Davies in defence. Bayern employ a
  23. U.E. Sant Andreu - 4th tier - Segunda División - Intro Database | Manager | Club info | Club vision | Facilities | Finances | Squad | Youth 21 Intro I doubted between Njarvik (Iceland - great facilities) and several other countries / teams. I did Iceland last year so now I will start in Spain. At the beta they always started with few or no real players. Now it wasn't that bad so I gave it a chance. Why Sant Andreu? I am in love with the city of Barcelona and I have been there many times on a city trip. I have seen this stadium a few years ago (outside) and it seems fun
  24. Sacachispas FC Season Summary 2022 - 2023 Great first season in the top tier! After our promotion last season the media tipped us for relegation with a 901,00 odds to win the league (the second "worst" team had 401,00). We ended up surprising everybody, building on last seasons good form and finished 4th! That means we are already qualified for the Copa Libertadores after two seasons in charge! The relegation system in Argentina is based on average points over the last three seasons. Combined with this the league is also going through a re-structuering process, red
  25. one change that i noticed with 21.1.0 is that my high intensity full pressing tactic, killed the fitness of my starters, after 8 or 10 matches, i had 6-7 players jaded, in the beta i rarely had jaded players or when i did it was easy to get them back to fresh fitness with a few days of rest, now it was definitely harder...this is better
  26. I rested the team for the last two matches, hence the back-to-back losses. 2-0 up at half time after Leeds miss a penalty! Brondby are Europa League Champions!!!
  27. Just to confirm, FrazT is correct. The ME does not treat the human and AI player any different (in fact it doesn't know which team is human-managed at all), so the changes in regard to difficulty were to external factors we identified that filtered through to the matchday. In terms of ME AI changes, there was nothing major, but there were changes to fix various bloopers/refereeing issues and some minor balancing (but nothing that would drastically affect how the ME plays yet).
  28. This will probably be my last post on this wonderful forum. I would like to thank all the wonderful contributers whose advice, help and humour have helped me through both my FM Career and life itself. I sadly am a person affected by the Mac 2011 problems and have been unable to play the latest version of FM21. FM has helped me through two bouts of depression and a 'mental breakdown' in the past 20 years. I read the FM Guide, featuring Wycombe Wanderers during my wifes 18 hour labour with my soon to be 18 year old daughter. The Highlights of my FM Career were a Jamie Vardy inspired Fleetwo
  29. Mass edit every <large id="db_unique_id" value="-1"/> line in your config to <large id="db_unique_id" value="4294967297"/> and reimport make backups but worked for me.
  30. Football Manager 2021 Base Skins As with most recent Football Managers for you to make certain changes in Football Manager 2021 you need to create a new skin. Thankfully over the last few years some more stuff has been moved out of the skins folder so you only really need the Base skin if you are wanting to edit the skin graphics, fonts or colours. If you want to edit the match graphics or most of the panel xml files you no longer really need the base skins. So to make things easier for people I've put up some base skins that are identical to the default skins that come with the
  31. 현재 저희 내부 개발팀 내 리소스와 한국 FM 커뮤니티 내에서 베타 이후 정식 버전에서 발생하는 크래시가 나는 이슈를 발견했습니다. 현재 저희 개발팀은 해당 이슈에 대해 조사 중에 있으며, 원인과 해결법에 대해서 공유드리기 위해 논의 중에 있습니다. 빠른 시일 내에 업데이트 드릴 수 있도록 하겠습니다. 감사합니다.
  32. Really not happy with what should have been some very necessary changes to the match UI and the match process in FM21. I know it has been a hard year for SI but there are some major omissions. 1. As I said above, you can not switch between the team talk screen and the tactics screen. There is a massive need for this. I want to be able to adjust tactics and then speak to players about it. I want to be able tos ee stats before I talk to players, not just their rating. 2. There is no notification of fitness on the team talk screen. 3. The match UI has no information concerning the
  33. A little tip for those who are as perplexed as me at only being able to review the player and analytical stats during the 'backroom HT advice' as soon as the first half ends, and not being able to review at any point during HT. When you get to the HT backroom advice where you can review the data (the page as soon as the half finishes), and you want to make tactical changes based on these, press the 'Tactics & Subs' option bottom left. This will bring up your tactics, make some changes, and if you decide you want to review the data again (as I believe we should be inclined to do), then
  34. So after last years attempt getting through 11 seasons I managed to finally topple TNS off top spot with Port Talbot in the Welsh league the two seasons i spent in Europe I managed to reach the group stages of the Euro Conference League and that was as far as I got before real life got in the way and I had less time to play. So moving in to FM21 I have decided to take the challenge of getting the 1986 European Champions back to their former glory. Steaua Bucharest
  35. Or we could actually do what the game is intended for, play it and have a bit of fun. If you run in to a bug, report it. If not, keep playing and enjoying it. Pretty simple concept. I don't know why people on the internet feel the need to create so much drama over such trivial things.
  36. Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls... Now, this is a story all about how My life got flipped, turned upside down And I´d like to take a minute Just sit right there I´ll tell you how I became the boss of Chemnitzer FC Manager Profile So who´s the new kid on the block, I hear you ask? Well I´m Dan, a Scottish guy who is currently lost in a sleepy corner of mainland Europe. I haven´t picked up an FM since 2016 so this could be fun. I´ll try to keep updates yearly unless there´s something I feel needs to be updated immediately. Bel
  37. Pretty sure the game wants you to change that shirt and shoes combo before letting you play.
  38. Ten minutes in and I've already made two UI bug reports. Bodes well..... Seriously, why do we not get rolling beta updates to try and iron some of this crap out?
  39. A bit disappointed with the match day ui, for those like me who still play on 2D it could be better.
  40. For me it’s incomprehensible that there’s no dark skin. Just can’t get my head ‘round it. No match UI changes as well? What the...
  41. I'm going to give it a try in my own country! Let's see if I can get AFC promoted to the Eredivisie. Although Amsterdam is by far the biggest city in Holland, the only professional football club from Amsterdam is ofcourse Ajax. But now AFC is promoted to the Keuken Kampioen Divisie, Amsterdam finally get their second professional football club. Let's make AFC the biggest club from Amsterdam! This is my profile. Let's have some fun!
  42. The development system was overhauled a few years back now and it has been possible for players to continue improving through their careers, up until the point at least age related decline begins to kick in. This also negates the need for dynamic potential as if a player doesn't achieve it early on its still there as potential for the tail end of his career, or he may never fulfil it. I'm sure an awful lot of posters have to live with the fact they've not lived up to the potential they had in their parents eyes.
  43. OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit in-game zoom: 100% (Is blurry on any percentage) I don't think blurry is the best word for it i kinda looks like this type of text and makes it very hard to read especially because its everywhere, the only text that doesn't have this bug its the opening before main menu DxDiag.txt
  44. Stourbridge FC I've decided to go for a bit different to the other vanarama saves. I've gone with a relatively local team of Stourbridge FC. An area I drive through to my other halves parents. It was a toss up between these and Redditch united, or two town centres that consist of having a massive ring road around them. However I've opted to go for the "Glass Boys" due to the nickname being much better than "The Reds". Heres my Profile. Transfer In/Out The team is a shambles really. I have 2 AI generated players in a goalkeeper and left back. One first team centre half, a centre mid
  45. The game is amazing however It is awfully a struggle using the Set Pieces Creator. it lacks positional structure and editing simplicity. I have different positions taking set pieces (CB taking corners, CM taking throw ins etc), however this disrupts the structure of my set piece attacking positions. When taking corners against opposition I always want 3 people at SB Position, 2 people outside the box and the rest inside the box. however this structure is always disrupted when a person assigned at SB Position is taking corner as this results in 2 people are SB Position
  46. The update passes a few of my basic tests. Beta save loaded fine. There are some clear improvements to aspects of the UI (team selection change list pre-match, post match summary, cluttered pass map is gone, the positioning on panel pop-ups in match is improved), improved cameras, camera settings retained between matches, ME still seems fine and it felt after one game like my defenders are actually a bit more assertive and through balls are perhaps less OTT compared to Beta. Positive early impressions but I was already very happy with the Beta to be fair. The UI is growing on me. Plus I
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