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  1. Last Tuesday I happened to post on the beta feedback thread, saying this: "Just caught up with this thread (yes, I have read every page over the space of five days) I don't yet have the game due to losing my business recently and my car spectacularly failing it's mot... So, when I can eventually afford it, I'm really looking forward to playing the game with the much improved match engine! I just really hope things haven't reverted back to FM20 by the time I get to play Please, SI. My year has been bad enough as it is, so please don't nerf strikers! Can't wai
  2. @RHKC, I'm sure you know this wasn't necessary, but thank you. I didn't intend for it to be a public thing as it wasn't about getting attention or (on the other side of things) receiving PMs begging for a copy. I saw your post and wanted to 'help' - though of course it doesn't help your business or car. We're in a pandemic and I knew of a way to make someone smile during a difficult time. Went through your previous posts too, just to get a feel for the kind of person you are. It's not something I've ever done. May not even do it again ever. I think it was the last line that got to me.
  3. Extremely proud and delighted to say that Football Manager 2021 is Out Now! As always this is the thread to raise all feedback, thoughts and general game discussion about the latest FM. This is now the full release so the game will have updated to the complete version. There are no changelists or notes - this is just FM21 in all its finest! If you encounter any game bugs, please raise them in our FM21 Bugs Forum. If you have any technical issues or crashes check out our FAQ - if you need direct support, please don't post on the forums, instead submit a support ticket so our dedicat
  4. So dark. This is the only gripe I have with the skin, these comically white boxes. SI must have shares in Boots opticians or Specsavers the rate our retinas are going to be burned away. The rest of the skin flows really well. Shame.
  5. Pretty sad that there is not single change in the match day UI.. Simple things like add player face to the goal scorer, and add the name of the player who assist
  6. Season 2031 - Eliteserien (tier 1) - 10th season We made it into Europe again next season, even if it looked hard at a point. Very up and down throughout the season, but we also had quite a lot of injuries this time around. The first 11 is good enough to fight at the top of the table, but once I get a few injuries, I'm having a hard time. Still, we had most back for the final games, and we had an easier route than a few others and we snatched that 4th place on the final day. The players also got their first taste of European football, but we didn't get very far. We beat Vardar Skopje
  7. This is perhaps one of the more interesting challenges on Football Manager, and it is a good exercise in using FM21’s overpowered Focus play instructions to create overloads. Hansi Flick’s Bayern side have great attacking output, averaging around 2.6xG per game, scoring on average 3.19 goals per game with an xGA of around 0.93. Under Flick Bayern lineup mostly as a 4231, it’s their most frequently used formation. This replication is based on their 20/21 side when they had Tiago Alacantara. This was a side that had Pavard, Alaba, Boateng and Alphonso Davies in defence. Bayern employ a
  8. The king is dead, long live the king - https://community.sigames.com/topic/538556-football-manager-2021-official-feedback-thread/
  9. The time has arrived… Football Manager 2021 is out now. PC and Mac users can download and play FM21 now from the Epic Games Store and Steam. Those who have been enjoying the FM21 Beta can find details below on how to update their game and continue their progress. We’re also delighted to say that FM21 Mobile can now be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. Those of you who pre-ordered on iOS devices will be able to play immediately. FM21 Xbox arrives on December 1st, with FM21 Touch (PC/Mac/iOS/Android) joining the squad on the same day. We’ll also be making a return to
  10. Gian Piero Gasperini Episode Six Intro The episode I have looked forward to writing the most and will likely be the last. I am afraid I have just run out of time with FM21 looming large. possibly do a quick glance over the strikers in this episode to round it off. Here I will cover all the fundamentals and wizardry of Papu Gomez’s game. I will look to compare him with our very own magician before showing you how I came to find his role then some highlights to round it off always. This time it will be more about in game than real life. Two reasons, it’s the role am private
  11. It is irrelevant as to why any user wishes to use the editor- it's their game and they can do what they want with it and it is no concern to others.
  12. Football Manager is life. I'd much rather spend a week on holiday from work playing FM than actually going on holiday haha.
  13. Thats objectively based on just a rudimentary understanding of UI design not true though. Its a cluttered mess. Lots of wasted space. Information that should be front and centre stuck off to the side etc. Some of it is an improvement. I actually like the Match Day UI, as this is actually simplified and gives me the info I personally use in a better format than last year. But team talks and press conferences are objectively terribly designed. So, so much waste space. Important information stuck everywhere jumping around the screen constantly plus its bloody tiny...
  14. Can't play 3D as find the animations awful to watch. 2D gives a much better view of the match, just wish they would return to the older version where we had a stadium around the pitch and generally better graphics overall. Made no sense to remove them other than try and push us to view in 3D.
  15. guy picks a team that won 32/38 league games last season IRL, and complains that it's "too easy" coming up in our bulletin, water is found to be wet
  16. Hello guys, after having read the entire thread, I think there ist a profound misunderstanding what FM is and, a different thing, has become over the last 10 years or so ... let me elaborate in three sections. At first smth about me and then the misunderstandings. 1. I am litterally the so called casual player. A 39 year old divorced dad of two, with a third newborn on my hands with my new wife. Luckily I have a homeoffice job (even without covid) which earns me decent money in a half days work and I can play games as a hobby, for one or two hours a day And I will say this ...
  17. This will probably be my last post on this wonderful forum. I would like to thank all the wonderful contributers whose advice, help and humour have helped me through both my FM Career and life itself. I sadly am a person affected by the Mac 2011 problems and have been unable to play the latest version of FM21. FM has helped me through two bouts of depression and a 'mental breakdown' in the past 20 years. I read the FM Guide, featuring Wycombe Wanderers during my wifes 18 hour labour with my soon to be 18 year old daughter. The Highlights of my FM Career were a Jamie Vardy inspired Fleetwo
  18. No alternative skin options, I am very surprised (and saddened there's no dark skin).
  19. Brora Rangers - 2039/40 Another great season finish as we secure Europa Conference this time. We play well against teams below us but struggle against the better teams. If it was not for absolutely crazy schedule in February and March I believe we could finish higher. Miller played with us for another season but he's surely gonna leave now. Still does not want to renew his contract and he agreed with me to stay with us unless someone pays 9mil for him (when his release clause is 150k). On the other hand I managed to sign Gerard Fox on another 5-year deal. Mike Fyffe s
  20. 2d forever The great thing about CM/FM from day one is a certain amount was left to the imagination. 2D allows me to do that along with seeing best how my team and tactics play out. If 2D was removed I think I'd have to walk away.
  21. Just give widgets back and people will be more happier. Hope modders are able to switch up some screens. For example team talk is horrible, having bigger screen the need to roll over the screen to see reactions from player was dumb, why not make it a list like it was or give us the option to have it like that. Some UI changes are huge eye strain and it is really taking down enjoyment of what could be best FM in long time.
  22. They don't even have to fix it themselves, just make the relevant bits of the game open to modders and they will, as always, make it infinitely better.
  23. I have issue with this, Brexit is not "bugged". I think it's working exactly as intended, the problem is the intended outcome has not been balanced against its longer term implications. That is not a bug issue, that's a balance issue. The scouting surrounding Brexit I believe is bugged and I have reported that in the bugs forum. This forum is for feedback, the feedback that I have is Brexit is not balanced well enough for longer term implications, not that its bugged. I'd love to put my balance issues in the bugs forum if I could, but I don't think that is the right place to be discussing
  24. Why? How can I compare the beta to the final version without knowing what's been change? What if something was rare and difficult to replicate? I've already reported both the bug of scouts only suggesting people who can't get work permits and the balance of brexit which lead to club visions that are impossible to meet due to the new restrictions. How do I know if the balance of a game has been addressed, if there's no notes telling us what they have done to address the balance? I can only assume no balance changes have been made, as such the problem still persists. It's pretty standa
  25. The one and only reason I want to use it is to disable Brexit, as that's not save game compatible.
  26. You can put the dummy away - they've never released a changelist and won't change now
  27. You paid £35 for the game. You just happened to get access to the beta with pre-purchase.
  28. Exactly - the rules for graphical and text based information are different - we absorb them differently. Text needs to be scanned in a limited number of ways for it to be comfortably read and understood. This is a solution for a 3D graphical world with actual player models talking to you (audio or speech bubbles). As text only it is a deeply flawed design decision. In a text based system ergonomics is everything. Apologies to whoever to tried to get visually creative with the text layout - it's a nice idea, but it just doesn't work very well. EDIT: However I'll forgive
  29. Well if you don't wanna be constructive about it, why would you expect them to listen to you and take account of your opinion?
  30. My main issue is that it seems that your tactics is a lot more important than the ability of your players. With a certain tactic (not any cheat, but high pressing, wide play etc) you can almost take any average top 5 league team to CL-title in a few years. Typical Hoffenheim, Sassuolo, Newcastle etc. To me it seems like the quality of the players is far from being as important as the tactic. Being a football manager myself (Im actually in this game) I can say that the quality of the players is by far the most important single factor in this game. Its of course more complex than
  31. SEASON 8 - 2028/29 - ICELANDIC PREMIER DIVISION LEAGUE TABLE - FIXTURES - FIXTURES - PLAYER STATS - TEAM STATS - COMPETITION REVIEW MANAGER PROFILE - CHARACTERISTICS - ATTRIBUTES CLUB PROFILE - GENERAL - FACILITIES - HONOURS - FINANCES - TRANSFERS LEAGUE CUP Through the group in a quite easy manner, with 4 wins and a draw. Easily beaten 2-0 by KR in the semi-final. LEAGUE Really slow start in the league, with just 1 win in the opening 7 games. The 7th game being a 6-0 defeat at Fylkir. Really dissapointing. I had worried that it was going to be another releg
  32. Just in relation to the Mac issue, it's listed in our Known Issues thread here - https://community.sigames.com/topic/532894-crash-and-tech-known-issues/. Likewise we updated affected users just today in relation to the problem here - https://community.sigames.com/topic/531505-freezing-on-manager-appearance-sxreen/?do=findComment&comment=12778580 When the full game is released we expect it to be able to process past the problems currently seen on manager creation for those affected users.
  33. This is where constructive criticism comes in. "Clear flaw" and "absolute shambles" but nothing specific about what you don't like and maybe even what could be done. "It looked better". Ok. What did? What is missing for you? Are there ideas to improve what we have? It's been 2 weeks and we either have meltdowns or 'bring widgets back'. There's nothing to take away from this. Widgets aren't coming back. I had my own issues with it and I made a feature request to have the touchline tablet being able to scale or add/remove panels. That way, I can zoom in a bit more, have match stats on the l
  34. Season 1- 2022 - Mid Season Review Very excited for the first youth intake, since the U19s I had taken over had only 6 players who were not greyed out. The squad I inherited also only had one centreback, so I am praying for some to be inducted so they can be fastracked into the team. We are in mid-table right now, without any consistency but the players have yet to thrown me out of the dressing room, which is nice.
  35. Excelsior Maassluis 2022/23 Season Review Kenny Lipman - Youri de Winter - Daan Blij We had a bit of a sophomore slump, but we still did well enough to comfortably avoid relegation by 11 points. None of our youth products from the first intake really featured, and given how the second one turned out they may be bypassed completely. But I still think we are progressing nicely, with another JC upgrade. The one frustrating thing is that the board are refusing me to go and get coaching badges, because they're afraid I'll get poached. Don't they know I'm in it for the
  36. Rather than add to the ground swell of opinion that the game in its current state is 'too easy', I thought I'd try to give some thoughts on why some have concluded this. The improvements to the ME are obvious in all departments. Having experimented with a range of setups, I can see clear differences between play-styles and build-ups on the pitch. Something that FM19 & 20 spectacularly failed to achieve. The problem is, we are the beneficiaries of these improvements, not the AI. In FM20, team instructions, roles and duties felt totally disconnected to the patterns of play in a match -
  37. Of course, but some concepts just don't work, or there is no obvious way to improve them. The only "constructive" feedback I have to offer for the team talks screen is that the one from FM20 was fine - could probably be improved itself, but there wasn't anything obviously wrong with it. FM21's team talk screen has the points of interaction on the far edges of the screen in the name of immersion, but all thats serves to do is make team talks more arduous and fiddly. There are many things that could be added or changed in the game in the name of immersion, but they're not always the
  38. There seems to be no consequence for extreme attacking formations in this year and the previous year MEs. This is one of the reasons players are finding it so easy. If you have 3 forwards,you should be getting killed on the wide areas because your strikers can't cover that space quick enough or not at all. It's just too easy to set everything to attacking with attacking roles and high tempos and win. More consequence for extremes please.
  39. You guys are clearly misunderstanding what he's saying. His suggestion is for it to go back to the way it was. There is nothing more to say about it than that. There is no way to be more constructive than that. He isn't suggesting a new idea, his idea is for it go to back to the FM20 way.
  40. Like I said, I wasnt feelin france and GOAL FC. I didnt really enjoyed it. We secured promotion and put the save straight in the bin. We are now heading to Luxembourg....eh Belgium! Wait its still Luxembourg! My manager will be my favorite newgen player from my Okinawa SV / Hamburger SV save in FM20.
  41. I play on both a 4k desktop pc and a small 13' laptop and i love the UI. I could not go back to previous FM. Well done SI.
  42. Mate, me and you have gone back and forth over this for a fair few days across a number of threads. We're in agreement that the AI needs improving to a level where it can give the user a challenge. What we don't agree on - and what I find quite insulting every time you bring it up - is that you take the game any more seriously than anyone else. I'm showing my age here, but when Championship Manager was released I was 11. I've owned every version in the series since. I've got thousands of hours on every version. This idea that you are in any way more serious about the game than others
  43. 13. Theory in Practice Assessing the squad and creating a tactic In this part, I'll assess my squad, figure out a fitting tactic and try detailing my thought process in as much detail as possible. Please feel free to comment, should something about my approach not be clear or you have a better way of doing things! VfB Stuttgart It's currently February, but for the sake of this thread let's imagine I just walked through the door; I'm not yet familiar with the squad and I don't have any ideas about what tactical system I'm going to use. Firstly, I'll identi
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