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  1. Last Tuesday I happened to post on the beta feedback thread, saying this: "Just caught up with this thread (yes, I have read every page over the space of five days) I don't yet have the game due to losing my business recently and my car spectacularly failing it's mot... So, when I can eventually afford it, I'm really looking forward to playing the game with the much improved match engine! I just really hope things haven't reverted back to FM20 by the time I get to play Please, SI. My year has been bad enough as it is, so please don't nerf strikers! Can't wai
  2. @RHKC, I'm sure you know this wasn't necessary, but thank you. I didn't intend for it to be a public thing as it wasn't about getting attention or (on the other side of things) receiving PMs begging for a copy. I saw your post and wanted to 'help' - though of course it doesn't help your business or car. We're in a pandemic and I knew of a way to make someone smile during a difficult time. Went through your previous posts too, just to get a feel for the kind of person you are. It's not something I've ever done. May not even do it again ever. I think it was the last line that got to me.
  3. This version, as you're all aware, is a beta which means it is unfinished. We've very much appreciated all the feedback we've received across the entire game and due to this on full release there will be some changes, fixes and tweaks. Whilst I'm not in a position to go into specifics (and can confirm there 100% is not an AI difficulty dial we can turn up or down) we'll be interested to see how people find the game post full release. Thanks.
  4. Posted this on a thread of its own, but I don't know if SI will ever look at that, it may get buried here but it deserves mentioning... Brexit is broken, wait wait wait, stop, hold the pitchforks! I agree it's a thing that will definitely happen, I agree it's something we all have to live with, I agree signing foreign players should be difficult or almost impossible. However, this years issues are not the same as previous years issues. 1. Scouting/recruitment meetings are dominated by reports and recommendations for players you literally can not sign due to work permit issues. I'd ar
  5. Rather than add to the ground swell of opinion that the game in its current state is 'too easy', I thought I'd try to give some thoughts on why some have concluded this. The improvements to the ME are obvious in all departments. Having experimented with a range of setups, I can see clear differences between play-styles and build-ups on the pitch. Something that FM19 & 20 spectacularly failed to achieve. The problem is, we are the beneficiaries of these improvements, not the AI. In FM20, team instructions, roles and duties felt totally disconnected to the patterns of play in a match -
  6. 2030 & 2031 Season Updates Overview We're still in the Eliteserien! It was tight in 2030 as we scraped our way to a 13th place finish. Thankfully the 3 teams below us were absolutely woeful! In 2031 we managed a much-improved 8th place, despite the fact that our cushion to the relegated sides was only 3 points better than in 2030. Players Departures and past players Key Graduates Top Performers The talking points for these two seasons are really about the players we've lost. Gronlien was such a solid player at the back, but as I noted last time
  7. End of Season Review Season 2025/26 FC United of Manchester League Table - We were more consistent than in recent years and comfortably qualified for the promotion play offs. Play Offs - A comfortable win over Darlington in the first round saw the club travel to Chorley in the semi final, who proved far too strong and ended our season. League Fixtures 1, 2 & 3 - We were threatening top spot until a poor run of form in November and December meant we were only ever going to obtain a play off place. F. A. Cup - Again, for the fourth season running, we couldn
  8. Excelsior Maassluis 2021/22 Season Review Kenny Lipman - Marius van Mil - Daan Blij We survived, and pretty comfortably eventually! We held our own pretty well, and we weren't too far off a playoff spot, but realistically we never stood a chance of getting there. But still, I think we did really well, given the fact that the general consensus seems to be that the Netherlands is really difficult. Next season will probably be a struggle, but the positives are that we have a training upgrade on the way and have upgraded JC and YR. We're also pretty str
  9. South Shields 2022-23 Season Review Fixtures 1, 2, 3, 4: We started out strong but faded down the stretch as the large number of games wrecked our small squad League Table: A solid 9th place finish. We scored 94 league goals (3rd best) but allowed 87 league goals (4th worst). It's obvious what needs to be improved here Playoff Tree: Notts County won the league and will be joined in League Two by Wrexham who beat Bolton 1-0 in the Playoff Final. FA Cup: A great run into the 4th round where we finally lost to Everton. But we had the leading goalscorer and we were the
  10. Club Atletico Los Andes Season 02 (2022/23) On The Pitch - League Table I was naturally nervous starting out in our first season in the top flight, but we were handed the perfect start. 2 home games to start with, the first of which against fellow newly promoted Estudiantes (LP). We recorded two wins and two clean sheets, so perfect. Next up away at powerhouse Boca Juniors.... And a 0-6 whooping! We then notched 5 straights wins, the first 4 of those with cleans sheets as the cautious approach paid off! We unbelievably hit top spot at this point. Then, things fell apart when
  11. This patently isn't true. Over a quarter of players have yet to keep a clean sheet according to Steam stats, whereas only 11.3% have won a domestic cup. There MAY be some issues with difficulty, indeed SI appear to have indicated that this is the case in the bugs forum, but it is nothing like is being made out in places on the forum where we have silly exaggerations from people - such as saying "All players win with ease". If you have evidence of it being too easy, head over to the bugs forum & upload some pkms or saves to help the Devs out
  12. I see 'too easy' is this year's trendy issue. I suppose it's a new one, and at least it's not 'too many injuries'.
  13. Season 2030 - Eliteserien (tier 1) - 9th season A very good season! Seems like the extra season in OBOS-ligaen helped a lot, because the players are steadily playing better and better. We started very good, and were part of the top at the start, but when we had a bit of a drop in form around halfway I thought we'd drop steadily down the table. However, we bounced back some good wins and were part of the battle up top once again. In the end we finished in 4th place, only 5 points behind the winner. This means we are going into Europe next season! Transfers | Youth Preview |
  14. I think FM is meant to be a simulation, so the short answer would be yes. Yes, I want managers with a high CA (think Guardiola, Klopp, etc) to use the features to their full extent in building a squad and being as strong as possible. That doesn't mean they will win everything year after year or not, but it surely means that they will mount a good challenge year after year. You can prevent your players from being taken away with strong contracts. Then, you can negociate your transfer price to make sure it's worth loosing the player. That already happens to some degree in the game and
  15. So here's a suggestion: The human is always having an advantage over the AI because the human is generally more creative. Let's identify some ways. 1. Does the AI use match preparation the way the human does? I know I use it like some super bonus cookie and will swallow the maximum number I can. So why is the AI not doing the same? Shouldn't it? Whenever the AI manages my training it does appear that it fails to do that, forcing me to add them myself. So it follows that if the BEST tactical manager i can find as assistant manager doesn't do it, then perhaps the AI is also failing to
  16. SEASON 7 - 2027/28 - ICELANDIC PREMIER DIVISION LEAGUE TABLE - FIXTURES - FIXTURES- PLAYER STATS - TEAM STATS - COMPETITION REVIEW MANAGER PROFILE - CHARACTERISTICS - ATTRIBUTES CLUB PROFILE - GENERAL - FACILITIES - HONOURS - FINANCES - TRANSFERS So, before this season started we get the news that we will no longer be run proffesionally and will be reverting to semi-proffesional, due to the financial issues.. I must admit, I was gutted by this. Last season we put a title challenge in and end up in 2nd place, with a cup win as well. Now we will struggle to keep hold of our m
  17. Season 3 - 2022/23 The league Third season is a charm. We startet of terrible with a lot of unstable results. Mid season it turned around after pushing one striker down to the AMC position as a shadow striker and pushed a central midfielder down in the DM strata. After the change we didn't lose for 10 games. When the preliminary phase was over, we were sitting at top of the table. Unfortunately we couldn't hold on to the top spot, but we manage come in second and we got promoted to the 2. division (3. tier). We used a lot of different players this year and got to intoduced
  18. A few years ago there were many complaints about how wingers did not track back enough. Perhaps there may be scope to add a new player Trait along the lines of "always stays forward" or some such. Maybe that would then help encourage specific players (such as Messi) to do this, rather than changing the game code again which would impact all players.
  19. Second season finished: u19 in first team: Top prospect: My personal choice:
  20. So instead of improving the AI logic to bring it as close to that of the player, you suggest that we skip that & just give the AI advantages which the human would never have, such as squad unhappiness not affecting them at all? Feels a bit like the easy way out to me, but each to their own.
  21. GOAL FC - Season 2021/22 End Of Season Review In February we had a rough time, but in the end we secured automatic promotion on the last day of the season.
  22. FM21 for Dummies A simple approach to Football Manager 2021 Introduction As someone who's been addicted to this wonderful game for nearly a decade, I thought why not compile my knowledge and tips and tricks I've learned along the way into a somewhat readable thread (my personal scribbles can be a mess!) and share them with the community. Writing is something I enjoy doing and if a single person finds it useful, it's worth the effort. With the arrival of Football Manager 2021, there's sure to be plenty of new players who don't know exactly where to begin, or w
  23. Hello all, So one of the issues that's been frequently raised over the years is the difficulty of the game and how it's too easy or rather becomes too easy at a certain point, especially for experienced managers. In order to get the difficulty to a realist level, I think one of the first things to be done is have an actual look at what experienced human managers do to gain the edge and then clarify how many of these the AI does itself? Granted the AI is obviously not human, but we should expect an AI manager with high CA to be able to do all of this stuff. For instance, I woul
  24. End of the fourth season in second division pro A, another mid table finish. Got a golden generation this time and the board sold my first player in an awful deal.... Best youngster:
  25. I doubt it, 2D has been going straight downhill for years they obviously don't care about it at all. Asking people to play a game where 50% of the screen is empty grey space.
  26. That last line kinda takes the wind out of your sails Sounds like we are pinning our hopes on the striker being decent for season 3's intake and that's it?
  27. After being more active than ever in this topic (addictive) I have not started a third attempt after two failed attempts. Since it is almost the 24th, I am going to wait. I hesitate between a beautiful club from Iceland (last year I did in this challenge , 8 seasons with IR and that went pretty well, but now I can and would go for another club). Or starting in Germany (prize money , good youth ) or England (extreme challenge at the beginning in the lowest series). Tomorrow I will decide, the next day I hope to start. Will the full game come out tomorrow after 00h or only Tuesday evening
  28. I can't promise no hate mail from my wife, but the rest I will endeavour to do Once again, thank you so much. You made my year mate!
  29. Two points re the season I have just completed: 1) Six home defeats cost the club the league title. If two of those losses were wins we would of comfortably won the league. 2) I hate Chorley. That is all.
  30. GOAL FC - Season 2022/23 Half Season Update Tough start, but once we sattled we started to play some football. We got a nice 11 points gap to the relegation spots. Lets bring it! Also the first two youth players turned 16, so they are in the team. Manafa is pretty ba.....fit! Gerber could maybe a player for the feature, atleast as rotation option.
  31. I wish there was an option to turn attribute numbers into the stars ⭐️ or maybe off altogether without having to find a skin that you don’t really like that does it.
  32. Racing Mechelen - Season 2024-2025 - 1st Amateur (3th division) Predicted: 12th Final position: 10th We started the season with 4 points after 2 games, but could only win once in the next 10 games. We were never in the relegation postions, but were always in a relegation battle. We survived in our second last game of the season. To summarize our season with only 1 word: inconsistancy. WIth only 13 players it was a very hard season. Best player of the season was Dean Doncos, and in real life he is a good friend of me. Will be hard to kick him out of the team, when somebody
  33. Youth Candidates Season 2025/26 FC United of Manchester After two fabulous youth intakes, it was always going to be a big ask for this year's to follow suit, but once again, our Head of Youth Development has come through for the club. Some great potential here.
  34. In real life, Southampton 5th, Liverpool 4th, Man City are 11th. Real Sociedad is on top in the Spanish League, Villareal and Granada are 3rd and 5th respectively, Barcelona is down in 10th. How is this unrealistic? Would be boring if the same teams won it every year
  35. It’s good information! However good to see they share the same concerns in the last 2 paragraphs: The restriction of EU players is also likely to have a detrimental affect on the English Premier League from a commercial standpoint. With a more restrictive approach to European talent, we’re likely to see a decline in the standard of football in the Premier League. It is therefore likely that there will be considerable pressure from UK clubs on the Home Office and the FA to make the necessary concessions to allow for such recruitment to be as unfettered as possible.
  36. Nations with 3+ Tiers Based on the FM21 Beta, there are 15 Nations with 3+ tier leagues that can be loaded: My laptop isn't powerful enough to cope with all these Nations and Leagues being loaded so I'd be grateful for your help in narrowing it down to the Nations / Leagues I'm going to load at the start of the save. Apart from England and Scotland, which I know about and have FM experience managing in, I haven't really got any experience managing in the other Nations other than one season in Serie A with Sampdoria. I would welcome your thoughts, comments, suggestions on th
  37. If it's not solved by release I'll just go with the no Brexit mod or make a version of Brexit that wont break the game
  38. Totally this. If Brexit is going to be cobbled into the game, then for Pete's sake straighten the scouting out.
  39. Is it therefore a "not great design choice" that the scouts cannot be told to only look for players who qualify for UK work permits?
  40. 1. Backroom Team Importance of signing optimal staff members Let's start with the most tedious part, shall we?! The very first thing I do when starting a new save, is replace any pre-existing staff. I swiftly offer Mutual Terminations and start assembling the backroom team I can rely on. Club finances might take a slight hit initially, but setting up good foundations can be hugely beneficial long-term. How am I to identify good signings, if I can't trust my Scout's judgement? What use is there in signing Hot Prospects, if they won't develop under suboptimal Co
  41. Regroup has implications depending on the formation used. If I play a low block then I prefer playing a counter attacking style of football with a regroup, I want my players to drop back when we lose the ball. In some cases this may not be needed. Some may consider it a defensive overkill and that can be for some kind of formations. Take the 532, if i were to regroup for that formation, that is overkill, but if i were playing a 442 it wouldn't be. The rationale is simple. the 532 is already a more defensive formation, while the 442 may not be depending on the roles. In some format
  42. Another feedback and apologies if it is repeated. FM20 match teamtalk : Able to compare half time & full time ratings. Able to see information of who scored and who assisted. FM21 match teamtalk: No half time ratings to compare , no information of who scored and who assisted.
  43. I'm glad this is being brought up more and more of late. Been a long time player of FM and I've felt the game get a whole lot more easy over the past 2 years. I brought this years one and played the beta and am cruising in the Premier League with Fulham playing a fluid 433 counter, no crazy custom tactic, just the one in game. Making the game harder will put the majority of FM players off, which is why a hard mode is the only logical step. Playing with Man Utd should not be an easy job, saying manage lower leagues doesn't change anything, it's not harder, just takes longer to get to
  44. That's not how time zones work. The date changes at Midnight. So if it's midnight on the 24th, then 8 hours after that would be 8am on the 24th. Midnight is the start of the day, not the end.
  45. Thank you, Neil. I very much hope that the change will be good and will make our game difficult. We need a challenge, not easy wins.
  46. South Shields 2023 Youth Intake Statistically a better intake than last year. Personalities are still garbage on the whole. New HoYD coming for next season. Kris Kamara 23A Mike Neiland 23B Abu Wilson 23C Robbie Newton 23D Justin Bernard 23E
  47. for the love of god don't change the difficulty - we'll end up with a worse fm20 on our hands
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