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  1. Another feedback and apologies if it is repeated. FM20 match teamtalk : Able to compare half time & full time ratings. Able to see information of who scored and who assisted. FM21 match teamtalk: No half time ratings to compare , no information of who scored and who assisted.
  2. Season 2030 - Eliteserien (tier 1) - 9th season A very good season! Seems like the extra season in OBOS-ligaen helped a lot, because the players are steadily playing better and better. We started very good, and were part of the top at the start, but when we had a bit of a drop in form around halfway I thought we'd drop steadily down the table. However, we bounced back some good wins and were part of the battle up top once again. In the end we finished in 4th place, only 5 points behind the winner. This means we are going into Europe next season! Transfers | Youth Preview |
  3. Brora Rangers - 2038/39 Absolutely fantastic season by us! We started really well and kept great form during the winter months aswell, eventually finishing 5th even though we lost all our games in Championship group. Our best players was obviously Gerard Fox who already has 25 caps for his national team at the age of 21 & James Miller whom I started playing upfront instead of CM and he delivered 31 goals and 11 assists. Finishing fifth means we will play in Europa Conference next season and I am very happy about it. Board also announced the plans for enlarging our current st
  4. While I'm enjoying FM21 very much still, it needs to be emphasized how much of a backward step it is so far compared to FM20. Yet another example: Basically, when my scouts complete an assignment, the "assignment completed" message I receive has no way for me to access the reports directly. The panel I posted below shows the "top recommendations" out of the 40 reports available, and the "Scouted Players" button on the bottom right links to all scouting reports from all previous/current assignments, which is not helpful at all. At the moment, I need to 1) click that Scouted Players button, 2) s
  5. SEASON 6 - 2026/27 - ICELANDIC PREMIER DIVISION LEAGUE TABLE - FIXTURES - FIXTURES- PLAYER STATS - TEAM STATS - COMPETITION REVIEW MANAGER PROFILE - CHARACTERISTICS - ATTRIBUTES CLUB PROFILE - GENERAL - FACILITIES - HONOURS - FINANCES - TRANSFERS LEAGUE CUP So back in the top flight, 3rd time lucky. Hopefully. I wanted to use the league cup to gauge how well we could cope back in the top league. The group stage went perfectly, with 5 wins from 5 and scoring 23 goals. Through to the semi-final were we met Fylkir. It was a poor performance and we barely created a chance
  6. End of Season Review Season 2024/25 FC United of Manchester League Table - We flirted with the play offs all season before dropping out of the top seven on the last day of the season. League Fixtures 1, 2 & 3 - We won our first three games before the familiar tale of inconsistency once again raised its head. F. A. Cup - For the third season in a row, we only made it as far as the fourth qualifying round. Chorley getting the better of us this season. F. A. Trophy - We made it through to the third round before losing rather disappointingly at Kings Lynn To
  7. GOAL FC - Season 2021/22 Half Season Update Pretty decent as promoted team. I think we can get into the playoffs. I dont expect much in the first season, but a good AM would be nice.
  8. It's because the residents of the forum in all their wisdom have decided the game is so easy even a toddler could play it, so they've hacked into the code of the game to make the AI a bit more challenging. For their next trick any striker who scores over 19 goals a season will suffer a leg break to stop their believed ''strikers are overpowered'' theory, and then for the next round in their mental gymnastics class they're making it compulsory for everyone to play with 3 strikers up top with every player including the keeper on an attack duty.
  9. FM21 for Dummies A simple approach to Football Manager 2021 Introduction As someone who's been addicted to this wonderful game for nearly a decade, I thought why not compile my knowledge and tips and tricks I've learned along the way into a somewhat readable thread (my personal scribbles can be a mess!) and share them with the community. Writing is something I enjoy doing and if a single person finds it useful, it's worth the effort. With the arrival of Football Manager 2021, there's sure to be plenty of new players who don't know exactly where to begin, or w
  10. I see 'too easy' is this year's trendy issue. I suppose it's a new one, and at least it's not 'too many injuries'.
  11. Any block is defined primarily by the Line of engagement, not by Defensive line. So a low block logically utilizes a lower or much lower LOE. So if you want to play with a low block, you potentially have a number of options available in terms of DL/LOE combo: - much lower DL / much lower LOE - lower DL / much lower LOE - standard DL / much lower LOE - standard DL / lower LOE - higher DL / much lower LOE - higher DL / lower LOE - much higher DL / much lower LOE - much higher DL / lower LOE All these combos nominally belong to the low-block cate
  12. I think FM is meant to be a simulation, so the short answer would be yes. Yes, I want managers with a high CA (think Guardiola, Klopp, etc) to use the features to their full extent in building a squad and being as strong as possible. That doesn't mean they will win everything year after year or not, but it surely means that they will mount a good challenge year after year. You can prevent your players from being taken away with strong contracts. Then, you can negociate your transfer price to make sure it's worth loosing the player. That already happens to some degree in the game and
  13. Something really has to be done with the 2D view, it's absolutely shameful as is. How can you expect people to play a game that 50% of the screen is just grey empty space? Some people don't have the capability or the desire to watch games in 3D and frankly I don't see how any 2D player can buy this game. As an example, what you're asking 2D players to deal with is the equivalent of if the 3D match engine looked like this: Would anyone be okay with this? Of course not. It absolutely needs to be fixed.
  14. As much as more effort is put in to improve 3D every year, the same priority should be given to 2D. Not every FM gamers prefers 3D or have good graphics card to watch 3D smoothly The next option is the 2D and in fact i find 2D is more easier on the eyes to tactically see the movements and positions of the player. My honest opinion is adding of the players, shouts and instructions at the bottom page was a great idea as changing instructions and giving shouts to individual players is much faster while the match is going on. What puts me off is the graphics quality of the 2D and the sizing
  15. April 2025: Match Week 46 A special day for Harvey Woods, and... A bad day for York (and I mean bad - they had 14 shots at an xG of 1.02 vs Nantwich's 4 shots at 0.18 xG). Which means... WE'RE UP!!!
  16. Or... Huddersfield - Sacked 35 games in to my first season. Next save, Halifax - Mid table first season, sacked 10 games into 2nd season. I've been playing since CM99. Just y'know, trying to give a balanced view.
  17. This is really concerning. All the positive feedback almost had me buying the game early but this is awful. I play 2D only and I can't play a game that 50% of the screen is dead grey space. I'm not bothered about the loss of widgets but something has to fill that space. Can you at least zoom in so the pitch takes up more of the screen like you could before?
  18. First: I absolutely love this game, this must be the best version ever by a mile (played fm since early 2000). So many positives about this game. My thoughts on "difficulty" level discussed earlier in this topic: I think that the morale might be too important on results (at least it was in FM20). I had multiple saves in FM20 where I think the first results at the start of season pretty much defines the whole season. Start badly -> very hard to rise, because with bad morale it's hard to win games. Start great -> you can't be beaten and results just keep on coming no matter who
  19. Okay so here's a preview of what the benchmarks will look like for FM21 I've standardised the benchmarking dates after a fair bit of confusion
  20. *** Coming Soon *** [FM21] Stuniverse's FM21 Adventure After much thought, I've decided what my main FM21 Save will be (although I haven't completely decided which Nations / Leagues to load yet) but more on that in a moment. First of all, I'd like to thank everybody who's read, followed, liked or commented on my previous Career Update saves for FM19 and FM20. I've said it before, and I won't apologise for saying it again, it really is the interaction with you guys that keeps me motivated and, without it, I wouldn't even be contemplating doing another Career Update Save for
  21. GOAL FC - Season 2021/22 End Of Season Review In February we had a rough time, but in the end we secured automatic promotion on the last day of the season.
  22. Watching some youtubers winning the league in their first and second seasons with teams like Everton and Newcastle is a joke and shouldn't be happening, abousutely I want the game to be harder. Its a simulation after all and winning the league with these teams should be a long term project not just pressing space bar.
  23. Season 1 - 2022 Started a save in the Primera B de Chile, after a few attempts to figure out the league systems in Mexico and South Korea. From what I can tell Concepcion were promoted after finishing second in the third tier. The Chilean league calendar starts in February and ends in November (I think). It seems like the league reset date for Chile is around January 10th. Here is the first team squad: And here is the U19 squad: Also, the club has a club culture of signing players under the age of 23 for the team...does anyone know if this will be a hu
  24. There's some irony in the fact that the complaints that the game is too easy will quickly turn into complaints that the difficulty is too hard if SI makes changes to the difficulty. Likely, the problem is still Pressing and Gegenpressing being too overpowered and counter attacking having the same effect. I personally play a possession style with less pressing and have found the challenge to be what would be standard for the club I'm managing, with my biggest complaint that any kind of possession style does not work as it should. The AI passing it sideways for 90 minutes doesn
  25. Youth Candidates Season 2024/25 FC United of Manchester It was always a big ask to live up to the intake we got last year but good grief, they tried their best. Another cracking group.
  26. Players like Lewandowski, Alaba, Muller, Neuer, Hummels, Reus, Brandt, L Bender, S Bender, Schmelzer. Shultz, Goretzka etc. These are some examples, but there are plenty more which in my opinion you should check, especially in top teams like Bayern, Dortmund and so on
  27. Decent start for us. I took over a pretty balanced squad, which can cover all positions atleast twice.
  28. I've just finished my first season with Barcelona. My feedback for the beta is as follows: - The main features announced, as suspected, were simply a rehash. The new body gestures are simply a renaming of the old voice tones, you can even see that in their description. - The match engine looks solid in the Beta. Probably best version I've seen in years. I would say there's still some issues with inside forward movement and tendency to not go inside that much but still a very good ME. - First time I've actually seen the AI do solid transfers. After the first season, most top team
  29. Because I have already played a full season, committed to developing my current tactic and am thoroughly enjoying the save
  30. Yep I've seen the incredibly vague and incredibly unhelpful rules list. My lack of understanding is purely because the game barely tells me anything about the weighting of reputation, appearances etc. How many points a player even has to get to get a work permit either. Or how it goes about calculating that... Also nope I'm not just going after anyone they were just 2 players I was tracking 1 could get a work permit ther other couldn't. If the game actually fleshed out the rules with some form of detail it wouldn't be pot luck. Thanks for the condescending reply it was full
  31. South Shields November-December 2022 Update Some good status quo and maintaining our position in the playoffs. Another solid intake but not a golden generation. Probably time for a new HoYD because our facilities are good for this level. Biggest draw/win in club history. We have drawn Everton at Goodison Park in the 4th round.
  32. 2024/25 Review What a season! From 7th last year, I didn't think we'd push on this much and was expected a playoff spot again. However, we've outperformed everyone and, now that I've got a Head of Performance Analysis, I can share with you what is probably my favourite new feature: When you've got a relatively quiet defence and a relatively clinical attack - things are always going to go well for you. I've mentioned a few times that I felt like we do squander a lot of chances and that is clear to see here, with Afoka being the main culprit. With 97 goals scored and 44 conce
  33. SI- just completed my first season- big fan of the season review screens- really nice touch that
  34. I would add I got taken over by tycoon, so I had very good money to spend in the window (about £90m after sales). I put together a really good team that I thought would finish top half, maybe push for Europe with a bit of luck and good management, but yeah, nearly winning the league was ridiculous - I actually lost to Man City in game 37, handing them the title (I'd have won it if I won that game) and instead of being disappointed I was relieved. This is an example of the type of team I was able to put out. So yeah, I shouldn't have been scrapping for survival but also shouldn't have b
  35. Brora Rangers - 2036/27 Great season by us as we managed to avoid relegation and never really had to battle for it. Our form towards the end of the season really dropped though so that might be a worrying trend. Best player surely has to be Gerard Fox who was just outstanding all season long. Iain McCall is no longer as good as he was in Champ so I moved him to the wing where we were lacking both quality and depth. Taylor Foulds is another fantastic player but he does not want to renew his contract so he probably leaves after next season. I do not have replacement yet so I will
  36. I know a lot has been commented on the UI but please please please bring back the old 2D UI. The FM21 2D just looks flimsy and its supposed to be enhanced, not going 10-15 years back.. FM19 FM20 FM21
  37. I think others have answered this but I found it funny I'll admit- real life football is favoured towards higher lines! Do you think it's purely coincidental that the best teams with the best players all tend to gravitate towards higher lines? Even Mourinho's Spurs (sometimes seen as a 'low line' coach, incorrectly imo) aren't playing like that. For example, Spurs this season rank in the PL: 4th for fewest allowed passes per defensive action (i.e. ~roughly press the 4th highest, Leeds and S'oton are 1 and 2 on this measure) (PPDA) 5th for passes they complete per opposition defensi
  38. I am aware of the implication of this point but be completely honest with yourself. Do you ever cheat? Ever? Not a single re-load when conceding a last min equaliser or if a brand new marquee signing gets injured for 9 months a few days after signing? Not many would blame you. The vast majority would do it, and maybe not even consider "just that one time" to be cheating. Maybe you justify it that it was just a wrong click of the mouse so it doesn't count etc. But it is cheating, and it is in those moments, those rage quitting moments, that the difficulty lies. Having an unhapy star striker, lo
  39. I must be the only person that seems to receive the 'harder' version every year...
  40. Welcome to the 2021 edition of The Stadiums of Football Manager. Often maligned, due to lack of variety and scale, the stadia in Football Manager are not to everyone’s taste. Regardless, the grounds, with their floodlights, banners and crowd play an important part in our match day experience. From lower league terraces surrounded by rural idyll, to modern cantilever stands dwarfed by inner city high rises - there are some great stadiums in the game. Look beyond the excessive tunnels and burger vans and you will see a place of pilgrimage – the one tangible constant in a game of spread
  41. Right let's go again Here I am, back in charge of Kingstonian's - they are my local club really, I live 3 minutes from what was their ground, Kingsmedow, before a dodgy owner with poor financial call, AFC Wimbledon and Chelsea moved in, they now play in Tolworth which is still only about 30 minutes from me so let's go!
  42. FM21 Picker added. Very basic for the moment but plans are afoot!
  43. I have several issues with the game so far. While the match engine seems to have improved, not much else has and I'm overall pretty disappointed mainly because I feel many features / useful things in the UI have actually been removed in the name of "realism" Widgets gone from the match view makes no sense - give me the choice to have as much information in front of me at any time, don’t take away a feature that’s been around for years in the name of “realism” Removing role suitability circles from the pitch on the tactics screen is removing a feature because it hasn't been replace
  44. Wow this is great! Finally the benchmarks simulate the entire database with all players! I'm looking forward to the results! Definetely makes my choice for a new CPU easier because I always wanted to play the FM with the entire DB.
  45. In Belgium - Berchem Sport - First youth intake preview : Let's hope that within a few months I will know why my youth setup costs so much.
  46. I take your point about uploading pkm, and I'll do it when I start a save. But there is the wider issue that the game has been too easy to overachieve in for 5+ years. I presume SI can see this already, so they should have all the data in the world to see how many people are overachieving and what formations/tactics seem to do it the most.
  47. I'm not asking for it to be a game language but rather it be a language in the database. Other examples from the game besides Welsh and Irish would be Quechua and Aymara which are indigenous languages in South American from the Peru, Chile and Bolivian region.
  48. Why? This is exactly how it was in the 90's before EU employment law forced the English league to change. The first Italian to play in England was in 1995, not long after the rules had changed. That was the last time England didn't operate in line with full EU employment law/free movement rules. I'm not sure it's as unrealistic as you think? If "Remain" had just gone with "Brexit will make it harder for your football club to sign decent foreign footballers", I reckon we would still be in the EU tbh
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