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  1. I know a lot has been commented on the UI but please please please bring back the old 2D UI. The FM21 2D just looks flimsy and its supposed to be enhanced, not going 10-15 years back.. FM19 FM20 FM21
  2. Season 2029 - Eliteserien (tier 1) - 8th season We managed to stay up! That was all I wanted from the team, and we did it. Even a bit of a gap down to Lillestrøm in the playoff spot. Earlier in the season it looked like we could stay well clear of the bottom part of the league, but we hit a rough patch just after the middle of the season and lost 6 matches in a row to put us back into a relegation scrap for a while. We did manage to pick up a few wins to move clear though, so we were safe with 2 games to go. Now it's just a matter of stabilising ourselves in this league and hopefully
  3. Brora Rangers - 2036/27 Great season by us as we managed to avoid relegation and never really had to battle for it. Our form towards the end of the season really dropped though so that might be a worrying trend. Best player surely has to be Gerard Fox who was just outstanding all season long. Iain McCall is no longer as good as he was in Champ so I moved him to the wing where we were lacking both quality and depth. Taylor Foulds is another fantastic player but he does not want to renew his contract so he probably leaves after next season. I do not have replacement yet so I will
  4. 100%. 2D is getting treated like a grandfather that SI have now put in home for the rest of its days. Totally abandoned and a total mess.
  5. SEASON 1 - ICELANDIC FIRST DIVISION LEAGUE TABLE - FIXTURES - FIXTURES - PLAYER STATS - TEAM STATS - COMPETITION REVIEW MANAGER PROFILE - CHARACTERISTICS - ATTRIBUTES CLUB PROFILE - GENERAL - FACILITIES - HONOURS - FINANCES - TRANSFERS Starting profile Characteristics Attributes LEAGUE CUP So I decided to give this challenge a go, starting in Iceland, with Haukar. The season gets underway with the League Cup and considering we were in a group with Premier League teams, I was quite pleased with 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss. Out at the group stage, but nothing
  6. First: I absolutely love this game, this must be the best version ever by a mile (played fm since early 2000). So many positives about this game. My thoughts on "difficulty" level discussed earlier in this topic: I think that the morale might be too important on results (at least it was in FM20). I had multiple saves in FM20 where I think the first results at the start of season pretty much defines the whole season. Start badly -> very hard to rise, because with bad morale it's hard to win games. Start great -> you can't be beaten and results just keep on coming no matter who
  7. This is literally nobody's line of thought. However every time anyone on this thread tries to have a conversation with people about it, it descends into this. You 100% should be able to play in any way you like. 100%. However, as has been repeatedly pointed out throughout this thread, there appears to be some ways of playing that the simulation is struggling to handle. I think we all agree on that. The disconnect occurs at this point, and it looks like it's happening again here. If you can't play in the way you describe - which again you 100% should be able to do - then uploa
  8. I don't like to play in Spain, but with a new division available, I'm starting with Gernika Club in the Segunda División B Grupo II. I hope to make the city known not only for the Nazi bombings and for the Pablo Picasso famous painting. The first season is going to be super tough, we only have 12 players in the squad - and no goalkeepers at all! I'll be more than happy to survive in the league, despite our media prediction of 8th (of 18 teams). Squad | Staff (or lack of) | Finances | Manager Profile
  9. Time to learn new things my friend. Whether a player prefers to play on the left,centre or middle does not matter as long as it is a suitable position in a suitable tactic. Start learning how to look at attributes. I have played plenty of players in positions where they have less than half circle and yet they perform great. As your saves goes longer, you will also need to retrain players as certain roles becomes quite rare.
  10. And this layout right here: Now on every previous FM game all I had to do to gauge player reaction to teamtalk was to do a quick scan through the colors in a list. Now you practically have to examine the whole page because you've spread the players all over the place. I realize these things might seem small and nitpicky, but really they are not. They are a huge part of the experience of playing a game and the fact that they've messed this up as badly as this is baffling to me. I mean this is quite basic things for anyone with any knowledge of UX/UI.
  11. SEASON 5 - ICELANDIC FIRST DIVISION LEAGUE TABLE - FIXTURES - FIXTURES - COMPETITION REVIEW CLUB PROFILE - GENERAL - FACILITIES - HONOURS - FINANCES - TRANSFERS LEAGUE CUP Once again, we don't progress past the group stage. 3 wins, inculding impressive 7-1 win at KF, but the Premier Division opposition had too much. LEAGUE With pre-season odds of 7-2, this was the most expectation we had ever had on us. We didn't dissapoint! We opened the season with 4 straight wins. A 3-0 battering at Magni might of suggested our start was too good to be true, but we bounced back
  12. SEASON 4 - ICELANDIC PREMIER DIVISION LEAGUE TABLE - FIXTURES - FIXTURES - PLAYER STATS - TEAM STATS - COMPETITION REVIEW MANAGER PROFILE - CHARACTERISTICS - ATTRIBUTES CLUB PROFILE - GENERAL - FACILITIES - HONOURS - FINANCES - TRANSFERS LEAGUE CUP Not as good as previous seasons, with only one win from five games and two defeats. This meant for a dissaponting League Cup campaign, crashing out at the group stage. LEAGUE So 2nd time lucky with the Premier Division? Lets see. Pre-season odds of 900-1, suggest we have a major task on our hands. We start the se
  13. Some awesome progress in here! I'll still do my 2-season update but wanted to share this image cos I'm buzzing haha
  14. SEASON 3 - ICELANDIC FIRST DIVISION LEAGUE TABLE - FIXTURES - FIXTURES - PLAYER STATS - TEAM STATS - COMPETITION REVIEW MANAGER PROFILE - CHARACTERISTICS - ATTRIBUTES CLUB PROFILE - GENERAL - FACILITIES - HONOURS - FINANCES - TRANSFERS LEAGUE CUP 3 wins, 1 loss and 1 draw see's us progress to the sem-final again. This time we come up against HK who are too strong for us as we crash out 4-1. A semi-final defeat for the second season running. LEAGUE So back to the first division to see if we can do it all again. We start the season away to Prottur R. and thing
  15. Hi everyone, I've just started my BETA game, and it appears that WIDTH WIDTH WIDTH is the mantra for FM21 so far. There tends to be big tactical changes between the BETA and the full release and I doubt I'll even finish my first season before the full game is out, but will aim to get something out quickly there after. FuSS.
  16. Club Atletico Los Andes Season 01 (2021/22) On The Pitch - League Table A fantastic season, culminating (eventually) in promotion at the first time of asking. We started off playing an attacking 442 and we managed to just about come out on top of most games, conceding a bunch but often scoring more (just). We then switched to a cautious 4411 and things tightened up immediately! 12 games unbeaten (9 wins, 3 draws) with 8 clean sheets put us firmly in the driving seat with Estudiantes (LP) also in form and creating a 2 way scrap for top spot. We were very similar to the 2015/16 L
  17. Ok, so I just wanted to show some examples of what I was talking about here to make it a bit more clear. Take player talks: First of all, this whole page is a mess. Why do I have to scroll through my reply options when half the page is taken up by a picture of Phillips and his agent? Why is Michael Edwards there? What does his expression have to do with anything? Now about the hand gestures, I mean just.. why? 'Wave hand' tells me precisely nothing. So now I have to hover each hand gesture a bunch of times to see what they mean before I can use them regularly for it's intended use
  18. It's because the residents of the forum in all their wisdom have decided the game is so easy even a toddler could play it, so they've hacked into the code of the game to make the AI a bit more challenging. For their next trick any striker who scores over 19 goals a season will suffer a leg break to stop their believed ''strikers are overpowered'' theory, and then for the next round in their mental gymnastics class they're making it compulsory for everyone to play with 3 strikers up top with every player including the keeper on an attack duty.
  19. Brora Rangers - 2037/38 Fantastic season by us! We were never even near relegation zone except the first two rounds. Gerard Fox continued being absolutely fantastic. Now there are two not that great things, firstly Taylor Foulds would not renew his contract so I sold him to Hibernian for 800k. Funnily enough, they accepted the departure date to be on the end of the season so we stuck with Taylor for whole season. Second thing is that we are currently in takeover talks (for two months already) so I could not upgrade anything as I was waiting for the prize money to come our way. B
  20. Canet Roussilon FC 2021/22 Season Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 Squad Youth Intake (2021/22) Youth Team (involves 20/21 Intake) In what started out as a fairly average season, we actually nearly stumbled our way into the playoff spot, but couldn't keep up the pace towards the end of the season. After our first 17 games, we hadn't lost at home or won away and was sitting pretty comfortably in the middle of the table. Then I lost at home and all hell break loose, losing only 1 of our last 16 games. Funnily enough, that loss was at home. Against Creteil.... Whilst we've got a couple of dec
  21. End of Season Review Season 2023/24 FC United of Manchester League Table - Overall, a better season than last year and a good run in saw the club finish sixth and qualify for the play offs. Play Offs - A tough draw away to Gateshead in the first round put paid to our promotion hopes as we were well beaten 3-1. League Fixtures 1, 2 & 3 - We had more maddening inconsistency, but we were always in and around the play off hunt. F. A. Cup - A tough draw away to National League side Harrogate Town saw the club eliminated at the fourth qualifying round stage for
  22. The new UI reminds me of something we would see in a console game... Oh wait.
  23. I guess it really depends on what the issue is. Based on what I have read in this thread, the following are some issues and solutions that have been suggested. a) if Gegenpress is too effective, then condition and injuries should have a greater effect both during and after a game. In the long run, it may also be necessary to look at how player attributes and gegenpress interact (i.e. gegenpress could work at lower levels, but only if you have relatively intelligent, and fit, players), but I doubt whether this could be done in the short term without screwing other things up. b) If it
  24. Ahh, I knew this ol' fable would pop up again eventually. If, over the 15 years I have been a member of this forum, I had a quid for everytime someone had posted a study of replayed matches, and their conclusion that the game must be programmed to record certain results, then I'd probably have enough cash to buy FM21. The game is not fixed. It is not pre-ordained. How it does work is that certain events happen in the lead up to a match. Say a person was to reload their save the morning of a game and then run that game 100 times. Those events that happened in the lead up to that
  25. RBL has pretty much done that in real life. FYI, gone are the days when teams lower down the leagues only play primitive football. A lot of them at least try to play good football, with high pressing and quick passing, etc. Also, FYI. Gegenpressing is over-powered in real life. And that is reflected in the game. This is the reason why most of the top teams have reverted to some or the other form of it - Liverpool, Bayern, Man City, Real Madrid, etc. Because it works. Gegenpressing has been the death of top players like Ozil and Gotze, because they cannot fit into a high pressing syst
  26. I really don't know why I've decided to inflict this challenge on myself but I've only played a handful of games and I'm addicted already.
  27. This is an amazing example. If the stadiums of non major teams like this are done in more detail like this it would persuade me to play as a certain team just because of the stadium. As it is I play a lot of lower level Ligue 1, Serie A teams, or Serie B teams in FM and if the stadium has basic features of the real one it goes a long way for me. Really helps imagining the atmosphere and feeling like a home game is home. Also it makes it even more exciting when you are able to get a new stadium built for the anticipation to see the shiny new thing physically. Had a really emotional final g
  28. except we kinda do have context.. vs Gijon Gijon created the best chance of the game (which they scored from), and you created a bunch of small-xG chances vs Espanyol arguably a fairly even game, probably a bit unlucky to lose, but these happen over the course of the season vs Rhisp OP created the best chance (arguably late on), and they went up the other end and scored I'd potentially flag a "leaving yourself too exposed", given that both of their shots on target went in vs Villar again... a fair result here, could probably argue that you're slightly unlucky, but
  29. OH! And one thing I forgot about the player talk I posted two posts up - after I've said my peace to the player, I have to click through two reaction pages to get back to the game. Everywhere we go in this game, there's just more and more clicks that are so freaking unnecessary. I do not get it. At all. Anyway, here's from the matchday: First of all, look at that red box. What am I supposed to use that information for? It's completely unusable and pointless to even include. At least let me decide if I want to remove it in favor of some other information page I could use that space for i
  30. This is pretty sweet, at least I think it's new. If you get multiple offers for a player and accept the highest one first, you can ask the rest to match that offer with one click.
  31. Brora Rangers - 2035/36 So most importantly.. We win the league! And it was not even close! We were first from the first match of the league and never really let anyone else take the spot. And another, perhaps even a bit more important thing - WE ARE TURNING PROFESSIONAL! Fantastic season all in all although we played pretty bad in cups. We were really lacking a right midfielder (and we still are) so that will be the huge issue in Premiership. Lets see if we can keep the team the same. No upgrades because I wanna see the impact of us turning pro on finances first and also becaus
  32. I honestly can't understand why SI have decided to flog the Brexit dead horse again this year and attempt to predict various possible outcomes. Especially considering it is less than 2 months to the real decision. They have deliberately (and rightfully) left out Covid19 to provide us with a bit of escapism from real life. Yet, they have decided to play politics and include a Russian roulette of game changing rules that have yet to be decided. Surely a minor patch could be implemented once the outcome has been determined that kicks in when you start a new game? After all, why come up
  33. I must be the only person that seems to receive the 'harder' version every year...
  34. Hello all, So one of the issues that's been frequently raised over the years is the difficulty of the game and how it's too easy or rather becomes too easy at a certain point, especially for experienced managers. In order to get the difficulty to a realist level, I think one of the first things to be done is have an actual look at what experienced human managers do to gain the edge and then clarify how many of these the AI does itself? Granted the AI is obviously not human, but we should expect an AI manager with high CA to be able to do all of this stuff. For instance, I woul
  35. I would add I got taken over by tycoon, so I had very good money to spend in the window (about £90m after sales). I put together a really good team that I thought would finish top half, maybe push for Europe with a bit of luck and good management, but yeah, nearly winning the league was ridiculous - I actually lost to Man City in game 37, handing them the title (I'd have won it if I won that game) and instead of being disappointed I was relieved. This is an example of the type of team I was able to put out. So yeah, I shouldn't have been scrapping for survival but also shouldn't have b
  36. There is absolutely no way to assume all lag reports on the forums are the exact same issue for everyone involved. Last year we fixed various reports of lag being fixed in patches, with others saying there was no change at all. All lag reports should be in a separate thread, if people are not going to do that, their posts will be hidden. All it does is make it harder for us to investigate.
  37. SEASON 2 - ICELANDIC PREMIER DIVISION LEAGUE TABLE - FIXTURES - FIXTURES - PLAYER STATS - TEAM STATS - COMPETITION REVIEW MANAGER PROFILE - CHARACTERISTICS - ATTRIBUTES CLUB PROFILE - GENERAL - FACILITIES - HONOURS - FINANCES - TRANSFERS LEAGUE CUP After winning the cup last season and getting ourselves into Iceland's highest division, I was hoping we could have a real go at this trophy this year. We (just) got through the group stage on goal difference after 3 wins, 1 draw and a loss. The semi-final though was our last stop with a 3-1 defeat to Valur. Not bad though a
  38. I have finally completed my testing, comparing FM20 game processing speed (excluding the impact of auto save speed improvements) to the recently released FM21 Beta by going on holiday for a whole year. 17 Nations and 30 playable leagues with a small database were selected with both FM20 and the FM21 Beta indicating circa 65k players when the game was set up with a 2 star estimated game speed. This is the size of set up and estimated game speed that I usually have for my long term career save. Chelsea was selected in the English Premier League and when going on holiday I set "Reject all offers"
  39. You remind me of the thick kids at school that laughed at me because I was in the top class #winningatlife
  40. I've been following this thread for a few days now. I used to play CM/FM a lot, but have not for about ten years (I used to post a little bit here, but it seems the forums been upgraded and now all my old posts have gone ). For whatever reason, I'm back into it again this year, and have already purchased FM21. I'd really like to be able to enjoy this game again, so to any of you that are finding the game too easy, please upload the PKMs and saves so we can get the issue sorted: nothing will change if you don't!
  41. what are you on about? people should be able to play attacking football and have a simulation that can handle that, like I said i just select the generic tactic and dominate any league with any team, surely you see a problem with that, is a simulation truly functional if the player has to avoid various ways of playing? not even avoiding exploitative tactics or features, but simply playing the game at a basic level people are expected to avoid core part of the game? so it's the players fault it doesn't work, that's such a bizarre line of thought.
  42. What I still can't get my head around is how the people saying it's too easy still continue to play in the same manner that makes it easy. Take that Watford save for instance, granted he maybe shouldn't be leading the Prem yet, but when you look at the players he has there is it that much of a surprise? Himself and others say that signing such players/wonderkids shouldn't be as easy as it is for a side like Watford so early in the game, this I'll kinda agree with but you're offering them first team football and a good wage is that unbelievable? But again if you still believe it shouldn't
  43. I want the circles back so much. Now I just never know if I'm putting players in their best positions and I hate it.
  44. Finished the 4th season. After finishing 13th last season on the spainish thierd tier, i finished 13th this season. Once again a decent youth intake but my finances are really out of shape. Best youngster:
  45. As always I am quite surprised over the amount of issues reported during this two week beta period. Sure it's good that the forum users help with finding issues, but two weeks before release... It shouldn't be so many in the first place? Game is nearly ready for release! Think I'll sit tight and wait for a patch or three before I commit. I don't really believe the team will be able to fix all this in just a few weeks.
  46. I am aware of the implication of this point but be completely honest with yourself. Do you ever cheat? Ever? Not a single re-load when conceding a last min equaliser or if a brand new marquee signing gets injured for 9 months a few days after signing? Not many would blame you. The vast majority would do it, and maybe not even consider "just that one time" to be cheating. Maybe you justify it that it was just a wrong click of the mouse so it doesn't count etc. But it is cheating, and it is in those moments, those rage quitting moments, that the difficulty lies. Having an unhapy star striker, lo
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