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  1. @Neil BrockJust a quick note to say a very big Thank You to SI Games for all your hard work during these shi##y times. I along with most other FM players really do appreciate everything you have done to get these extremely complex games out roughly on time. It won't be long till you're all able to relax and have a beer or two and god knows you all deserve it. 👍👍👍👍
  2. One last (hopefully) reply on this issue from me. The thing is you are asking for a PA change for Saka so that he will become a world beater unless you are asking for a very marginal PA increase, which I'm sure you can't be, because otherwise I can't understand why it would be an issue, or an issue of the magnitude it appears to be for certain posters, in the first place. Because of Saka's already relatively high (though justified) CA for a player his age and a number of other factors such as the club he is at and some of his hidden attributes and so on, he will hit his maximum PA in a hig
  3. I must be the only person that seems to receive the 'harder' version every year...
  4. You've hit the nail on the head here. SI pride themselves on the statistical side of the game, with how those stats are presented, what they collate, and how they can help the player during their journey. But the reality is you can completely ignore all that work the devs put into the game, and end up dominating your save regardless, because certain factors - often ones we can't control - have far more influence on your gameworld as it develops. Stats, form tables, player personality etc... its all just 'fluff' because overpowered morale, flawed AI tactics, and woeful AI squad building mas
  5. I have to say I have not been so impressed with a game for nearly a decade, having played FM forever this one has me hooked. A lot has been said about the match engine and I agree with most this is one of the best for years; we're seeing great build up play, movement, and through balls which lead to glorious finishing...I particularly like the dink over the onrushing keeper. But what is even more impressive is the level of immersion. This game sucks you in. As an example I have just been knocked out of the Champions League by PSG in the round of 16 (I'm Man City) - clawing back a t
  6. Once again; not exactly true. For example I don't have to take any advantages of the limitations of the code or learn how to use the new features of the game to be way more successful than any manager should be. If I want things to be somewhat realistic, I will have to sabotage my own gameplay at every step and in every possible way. That is not how a simulation type of game should be.
  7. How exactly would people like it to be harder? What specific aspects? It's no good saying just make the ME harder or the AI smarter. That doesn't actually say anything. What specific aspects do you find too easy? So for example: 1) Match Engine. Lets assume for a moment that SI implement a way that the ME can determine which team is human controlled and which is AI controlled (it can't at present). This is important if you want the ME to have a difficulty setting. So, how to give the ME a difficulty setting? Reduce the human controlled player's Consistency? Make defenders less l
  8. I think it's a good point that the most enjoyable saves have been those where you've struggled a bit but managed to turn it around. Going from success to success to success forever is not that much fun. I just want to feel like my management makes a difference. If I can win everything with absolute zero effort it doesn't feel like an achievement.
  9. Brora Rangers - 2033/34 We had a great season, our best so far! We got eliminated in play-offs first round eventually but I hope for us to come stronger next year. We had a fabulous intake. Board sold my key played for 28k which stings a lot but there are some great prospects in latest intake ready to replace him. This might be the last season for Stephen as number one - Fox looks a great prospect and he may replace him next season. Ross Rae and Redfern want to leave but I have no intention of letting them, anyway the transfer fees are so low I can just stick to the contract an
  10. Orrrrrrrr, maybe SI improve the already goodME so that it is harder to exploit in simple ways. No changes to difficulty levels at all. (Yes I know its not that easy, but the point is valid). In response to your points - Start as a minnow - Doesnt matter, with current tactics bugs will win EPL within maybe league number + 1 years of start - Work your way to top job - This is already not possible, as high level job offers come in way too quickly even for sunday league. You can get a championship job offer and be rejected by Scotland 4th tier club in same day. S
  11. This is actually a great example and a lot about those things that I've been writing about. This type of save game is not a career, it's a total success story. And that is also something that I always face when I start a new game with Football Manager. This both kills my interest in playing long saves with multiple seasons and also my desire to study the new features of the game. I would say that most managerial careers should be something else than a success story and even if you happen to be successful at some point, that should not guarantee that things will remain that way. Look at M
  12. I think others have answered this but I found it funny I'll admit- real life football is favoured towards higher lines! Do you think it's purely coincidental that the best teams with the best players all tend to gravitate towards higher lines? Even Mourinho's Spurs (sometimes seen as a 'low line' coach, incorrectly imo) aren't playing like that. For example, Spurs this season rank in the PL: 4th for fewest allowed passes per defensive action (i.e. ~roughly press the 4th highest, Leeds and S'oton are 1 and 2 on this measure) (PPDA) 5th for passes they complete per opposition defensi
  13. Absolutely, I have no qualms about that at all. As a 42 year old married man with 3 kids, you must be delighted to be better than someone else at a computer game. Congrats!
  14. Completed my first season. ME is brilliant but my frustrations lies in the transfer window. Im finding it impossible to sell players. A bit of context im with Manchester United and i wanted to sell fred and Linderoff. Both had good seasons ( Avg 7.3 rating) and are valued around £40-£50m. I cant even sell them for half that. Understand wages are a factor but still struggling when offering to pay some it. Also find it frustrating seeing the AI make deals that would cost double if i attempted.
  15. BUt people have posted enough pictures where that they team that is designated for relegation to win their league. And that is case to much lower leagues also, not only bigger ones.
  16. So, the people that want the game harder. What if SI said, yeah, ok then, we'll make it harder. And you still massively overachieve. What then? Make it harder again? Where does it end? The tools are already in the game to make the experience more challenging. If you choose not to use them, then the game will ALWAYS be too easy for you if you really know what you're doing. If you want to make it more realistic and challenging, start your career with a minnow and try and work your way up to a top job instead of just starting there with everything already in place for quick
  17. I am thinking of joining you guys this year, somewhere in France, probably. Currently holidaying the first season and we'll see what teams get promoted into the bottom tier. It's happening:
  18. Anyone else seeing way too many chances coming just from a simple kick up the field from a goalkeeper. It's mot even like a proper driven searching throw ball, it's just a big looping kick where it goes over the defence, the striker runs in behind and stands and waits to control it before running through, but the cb's don't attack the ball, mark the man or indeed react at all until the attacker takes his touch to go through on goal
  19. Finished season 3 and managed to stay up. Preety calm season, finished mid table with Antonio Fernandez being again the top scorer of the league. Youth intake was decent, specially because i finally have some decent right backs, the position I had less quality in. Best youngster:
  20. Actually I think most people have been quite reasonable and open to what others have said for both sides. You seem to be dead set on your whole well I'm getting sacked and doing poorly so the match engine is perfectly fine schtick. Good luck with that
  21. There is a link at the top that describes what it does, with respect to the engine. I will also be releasing a video showing how it works and what it means for overloads. The video comes out today, and if you have further questions or want to see how this can be used as a tool you can pop in on my stream and I will show it to you. The links to my channel can be found in my forum id or you can go check the community links. Basically Focus play as an instruction tells your team to direct more of their passes in a specific area, while telling your players to support more of the play the
  22. Okay, this is going to get ugly. Post in the bug section of this forum if you genuinely think FM is somewhat easy or some kind of tactic is an exploit. There's absolutely no need for the sarcasm, name calling or the passive aggressive comments here at all whatsoever. We all play Football Manager, the very same game that brought us here, to develop the lovely community. Be nice.
  23. lol the real question is rather is there a 4231 that doesn't work with man city xD
  24. Brora Rangers - 2034/2035 Another pretty good season for us, this time we lost in play-offs second round. We had to sell our biggest talent Redfern for some pocket money (thanks board), with him I believe we could have been promoted. Another great intake. McCall came out of nowhere and became one of our best players this season and we also finally made the swap on goalie position where Fox replaced Stephen near the end of the season. Nathan Bell did not want to renew the contract with us so he will be let go for free. Board still does not want us to become professional so instea
  25. Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic - 2024/5 - 4th season Season League Finish Scottish Cup BetFred Cup SPFL Trophy Top Scorer Most Assists Highest Average TF YF JC YR Average Attendance 2021/22 Scottish League 2 9 Second Round Second Round George Hunter - 21 Dean Brett - 10 George Huner - 6.97 Poor Poor
  26. Folk wanting a harder game but the ME to stay as good as it is in an attacking sense are going to be sorely disappointed if they get their wish. The better attacking has clearly come at the expense of defending in the ME, you'll maybe get a slightly harder game, but it'll be with a ME closer to that of 20 than BETA '21 Edit: Given this is a yearly thread, lets look at some stats FM 20 - only 42% of players ever won a MOTM award - 49% of players went on a 10 match unbeaten run - 36% of players won a domestic cup - 27% of players won a domestic
  27. I think the game had made big steps forward in the last years. But mainly it's getting much too easy. In the past, we had a good database combined with a game wich makes it not to easy to be successful. Since haf an decade we have an outstanding good database (not that much high potencial players like in the past) but unfortunately an easy game. The point is, that there is absolutly no need to use all the beautiful stats etc. to find the right solutions for performance issues of the own team. I would love a game wich makes it necessary to use all the instruments F
  28. This is me making the game too easy: - Switch off transfer windows - Letting players leave if they want to - No manual scouting/only sign players found by my scouts/never look at or download wonderkid lists - Manager levels several levels below recommended - Not really signing superstar players - No manual training, so I can't just exploit days off to be super-fit for every game or give all my players amazing PPMs - Only ever use my own tactics, built from scratch, and even then don't use anything that I feel is too gamey (both WB on attack without pro
  29. Everything like what? Playing with eyes open It too "everything to make It Easy?" ? We should let cat/dog/parrot to play in our place?
  30. How to get a job in 10 days Step 1 - beat them (preferably on their own patch) Step 2 - declare interest publicly in the job to pile on the pressure Step 3 - get the fans & media on your side Step 4 - wait for the manager to get sacked Step 5 - tell them what they wanna hear at the interview Step 6 - negotiate a good offer! And there you have it!
  31. I mean this is supposed to be a management game, it's not realistic to qualify for CL with West Brom or Burnley two seasons in row without doing anything more than playing the preset gegenpress tactic and the same team talks every game. I am not doing any transfers, scouting, training, rotations (unless a player is injured) or analysing. Just playing with same starting 11 every game and winning every game 3 - 0 or 4 - 0, with the occassional draw here and there. And I'm watching only key highlights.
  32. I think people often underestimate the importance of actually having players that can defend, when trying to create low-block systems. Setting up an attacking tactic is one thing, if you're creating a lot of chances, even sub-par squad will manage to finish a few of them and you should generally do well. Intentionally inviting pressure onto yourself and limiting yourself to one or two chances per game, is another. If you don't have players with good Concentration, Positioning, Bravery and Tackling, your team will crumble, there's no way around it. I've done a save before where that w
  33. this happens due to players getting into the backline, waiting for a opposition player to come to mark him and then kicking the ball directly to his legs hit early crosses dont work, they still do it
  34. I think what would be a big help, and it’s something that’s not being done, but those stating it’s too easy could do with uploading their saves/screenshots/tactics etc. This thread is four pages in and there’s about three screenshots. In the bug forum there’s nothing uploaded despite on numerous occasions the mods in here asking for that to be done. what is the actual point of stressing these things and then not uploading stuff to back it up? And it’s been mentioned a few times but is there anyone out there smashing the Premier League with I dunno? Brighton? Leeds? who ca
  35. No I don't. I see what you're saying but I'll try to show you what I mean in a video tomorrow. The only reason I added the "less risk" instruction in the first place was because of this issue. I am also pretty sure this is something that never happened before. The opposition literally retreats to their defensive shape but my center back clears it. Also, in other FM's I would play with a BPD and he would never do such except it was a long ball actually aimed at someone. I do hear you though about the risks. Although I'm also sure the "take fewer risks" option literally says
  36. Didn't read past this mate. Assumed the rest of your post was just as patronising.
  37. Season 2022 / 2023 1st in Serie C Group A - Promotion Leauge Table Transfer History Youth Intake Following up a great first season with leauge win and promotion to Serie B. Had to win the last match of the season and secured the win after a early red card for my opponent I have been very hard to score against this season so keeping my fingers crossed I will bring that with me to Se
  38. EVIDENCE. All your posts are your opinion. You've given us absolutely nothing constructive and frankly have come across as just spamming this thread. We've tried to engage as best we can but you've shown little respect to others opinions so we've marked your account as post-moderation. You'll need approval before anyone can see any of your future posts. Thanks.
  39. I'm not answering this as an employee of SI, I'm answering this as a human who has just been told he needs to step down from a position by someone who is ranting and directing personal attacks based on an opinion that is not backed up by any evidence. Assistant researchers are not paid employees of SI. This is something I do on top of my paid role, which I do very professionally, thank you very much. I also have put hours of thought and reasoning based on evidence into my work as Arsenal researcher. If I'm coming across as arrogant, I'm sorry you feel this way. Please consider how you
  40. If SI are ever going in to the design process with the initial question "How do we make this easier/harder?" then they're looking at it from the wrong angle. There's no difficulty levels for a reason, and a good one at that. The "difficulty" is always going to be a byproduct of everything else in the game, rather than a particular objective. SI will always focus on delivering the most realistic experience possible, and the distance they miss that by will often feed into how difficult the game seems.
  41. Yea I agree some really nice goals. The ME this year is very good. Just a few adjustments to ai manager mentality and direct free kicks and we will have the best ME ever released.
  42. You will be able to select all leagues within the selected nations. You will be able to play online multiplayer with your friends within the Xbox ecosystem.
  43. Strikers are now scoring the chances that were nerfed in FM20; hence more goals from similar tactics. Defence and midfield now need to be improved to reduce the level of chance creation, but attacking play is the best it's been for years and shouldn't be touched.
  44. I'm going to summarise for us all, and then it's time to go to bed everyone: - Lots of players find the game far too easy (either to win nearly every trophy every year as a decent team, or fly through the leagues as a lower-league team) and would like the developers of the game to address it - Lots of players don't find the game too easy and don't want it addressed for the players that do find it easy because that will make them feel worse about their FM skills - Every team you choose should represent a challenge. Liverpool don't win every trophy every year in real life (it's
  45. People watching football have known that for years. Team with most possession loses is hardly news?
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