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  1. Yes player animation is so bland and generic we can't see any differences between a sunday league player and Messi. It was better in the old FM. How could it deteriorated into such state it's so sad. I feel like the guy who lead FM development and direction is now like a manager who has lost his passion and mojo.
  2. Most of the under-the-hood stuff can be argued an generally the SI people here make som great points, but man, this is just unbelievable. It's not even a matter of taste, or style or anything, they are not even texturing the field, what the actual ****.
  3. The M.E is what makes the game. If it's broken then there's no point in getting the latest iteration. Everything else besides that is great, just fix the core of the game that people enjoy the most.
  4. I’m bored of the what about the players who play on a 15 year old laptop etc. If we continue on this path then the game will never improve in the area that matters the most THE MATCH. There are many things to care about, players with stone age computers is not one of them. We are suggesting you upgrade your pc every 7 or 8 years not every 5 bloody minutes.
  5. Sorry, but, every year we have "a lot of changes" in the ME. Do you remember blogs for FM20 where they said they improve a lot centrale play and striker movement?
  6. I am becoming increasingly worried and disturbed that there will be no new tactical features in FM21. Will the game AI version of Guardiola’s Man City play like they do in real life on FM21? Will the game AI version of Bielsa’s Leeds play like they do in real life in FM21? Will the game AI version of Gasperini’s Atalanta play like they do in real life in FM21? So many unanswered questions and huge concerns about how realistic and how replicable real life tactics will be in FM21. These are the Number One and only issues that will convince me to buy FM21. But so far I ha
  7. When I see things like this I think I have arrived on another planet. This is not something to feel proud of. Its one of the most basic features in modern day gaming. I’m not suggesting these things are easy to code etc. But modern day expectations are not unrealistic. I mean no disrespect. I mean this for all match engine features that need improving dramatically. 2D designed engine visualised in 3D does not work.
  8. Extremely hopeful the next headline feature will be titled 'The death of gegenpressing.' Absolutely cannot be arsed for another FM where players with 12 workrate run around like they're Arturo Vidal and the ball is an alcoholic beverage.
  9. I've been reading on some of the earlier posts in this thread and the degradation of the pitch and stadium after FM 17 in particular is frankly saddening. Pretty much makes me want to go play FM 14 to 17 rather. The marketing team are really going to have a tough time if their headline feature is extra button clicks to show emotions.. I wonder how many things in the Feature Requests forum actually get added in the game.
  10. They have to call back 3D artist who work on FM17 and 16 , don't tell me "he still work on Sport Interactive " i can't accept that 😰
  11. Personally, I think the developers made a rod for their own back when they introduced language like Gegenpress and Tiki-Taka into the core of the tactical creator. These are very distinctive play styles originating from highly influential and admired coaches. I can completely understand why fans of the sport would want to replicate their ideas in a simulation. The problem is, if you're going to go with these labels, the ME better be able to pull it off. Sadly (again, a personal opinion) the football shown to us on match days has failed spectacularly to accomplish this. I remember expectat
  12. I've never understood the hysteria around the match engine not truly replicating real life. Like, I get that's obviously the aim, but are people really expecting this match engine - or any that a developer produces - to do so? Seems like just building yourself up for disappointment with unattainable goals. It's always going to be an approximation at best. And that doesn't have to be a bad thing.
  13. Hi Tyler_s, allow me to explain a few things. First of all we have thousands of researchers around the world who take the time to watch, scout and research all the players you see in game. We do not attempt to discriminate against anyone at all for any reason whatsoever and strive to make our database as realistic as possible. All players are rated in relation to our Current Ability and Potential Ability (CA/PA) system as well as the attributes you see on screen in game. There is a 'weighting system' with attributes whereby players in certain positions have certain attributes weighted mo
  14. In FM11 there were step overs. I ve no idea why they removed them and have not managed to replace them in 10 years....10 years.
  15. Every year. and there is still no animation for dribbling. In 2020. In a football game
  16. What hysteria? If you have the head of SI saying years ago that their goal is to simulate real life football match, the people are simply demanding what they promise.
  17. Please name me a football management sim with more tactical depth than what FM gives you. I'll wait. The AI needs to be improved exponentially before tactics can go as in-depth as some people seem to crave.
  18. Compared to any other football management game. they're right tbf
  19. So I decided to have a look at who else in my save has finishing of 16, that puts him on a par with: Kevin de Bruyne Sergio Aguero Callum Wilson Teemu Pukki Neymar Tammy Abraham Gabriel Barbosa (a.k.a Gabigol) Alex Lacazette Riyad Mahrez Andrea Belotti Bernardo Silva Chicarito Timo Werner Marco Reus and, somewhat ironically, this guy @Neil Brock For what it's worth, I'm managing Wolves, and Raul Jimenez has a "measly" 15 for finishing, yet he won the golden boot with 27 goals. If you're not getting him to per
  20. It has been five years with better and better performance, but seriously, comparing his contributions and performance, you guys giving him so low rate? Why? Finishing is 16 pts, and first touch is only 12 pts, I don't thinks his first touch is so low as 12 pts, you know that.
  21. sending your best scout (19/19) to scout Denmark (or similar country) for few months with 100% of knowledge of this country to receive report with just Christensen who play for Chelsea
  22. Also Miles said in an interview in November 2015 that "in five years time if viewed from a similar camera angle you would not be able to tell the difference between a real match and the game". That has nowhere near been achieved
  23. Match engine isn’t that game either. it’s free for a reason. Goes to show that graphics only matter if the core of the game is good. as much criticism that FM gets, it’s the best sports simulation on the market. A lot of the stuff people are expecting from FM is unprecedented in the genre.
  24. Interesting reading the reviews of that game. A lot of people saying the only transfers that happen are domestic, and a couple of folk saw Ederson leave Man City for Liverpool in the first season. Most also suffered a cup shock defeat in the first season aswell, as if it was hard coded. Don't think people understand the mammoth amount of effort it takes to make FM, as someone who's just started doing basic coding in Python, I'd hate having to construct an entire game out of it. Changing a 1 to a 2 can cause everything to change aswell. I'd like better graphics/regen faces, but I
  25. I get what you're saying, but it's not like these don't exist in stadiums. They're probably a bit too wide, but just looking at a couple of stadiums (one Prem and one lower league) and it is something that does appear:
  26. I think after the European Competition draws the presidents (chairman) should express in the media. , IRL they are present during (its not an important things its just a détail )
  27. Player won't sign a new contract because he's unhappy at the club. Why is he unhappy? He wants a new contract.
  28. The Waffle I've used the editor for a number of years now. Mainly to create Legendary players and managers. I really enjoy the research part watching videos, reading articles, forum post etc on the players I’m creating. Sometimes posting them here but mainly on Steam. Every FM that comes out I've bought on Pre-order and dived straight in on release. Trying to transfer last year’s work over to the new game. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Mainly due to UID's for individuals have been removed completely or the player becoming a retired person, then their UID changes every new relea
  29. but it seems like a loot of people excited about "throwing a bottle", like this is the most interesting thing that could be in football manager game
  30. Key Positions So the best player on the team IMO should be your RPM. He is the heartbeat of the team. With this set of tactical instructions, there is a wide stable team shape, and then opportunities to roam around in the middle looking to set tempo. make quick 1/2 touch passing, but also to seek out the switch or through ball pass which is often available due to the space created by the team shape. How to find a good RPM I always seek to identify either a player on the squad who will nail this position, OR I will sell whatever star player doesn't perfectly fit the mold of one
  31. Think Jose must have been browsing the forums - https://www.skysports.com/football/news/12040/12111894/heung-min-son-jose-mourinho-says-tottenham-forward-has-already-proven-himself-to-be-world-class
  32. You know, if software would be build for the fans, or at developers' whims or simply for the betterment of the software itself we'd be living in a different world. A make-believe world where pigs fly, no one ages and everybody that wants a 10-inch shlong gets a 10-inch shlong. In REALITY we live in a world where software is designed by R&D, built by developers but mandated by whatever makes more money or can be sold quicker. Simply put, someone from SEGA has decided that re-working the match engine, adding dribbling animation, making better AI, etc. is not going to influence sales at
  33. Good point. I get why you want to use those terms, it makes it instantly recognisable what it's trying to replicate. But, emphasis on the "trying" part. Did I say that? I'm saying that having a match engine truly replicate real life is never going to happen. Expecting it to is unattainable. I'd go as far as saying "play like x manager does in real life" is bordering on unattainable too, for the same reasons. You're always going to be playing a game, any comparison to real life within that won't take long to crumble.
  34. No, you're paying prices to companies that do not steal game codes from developers and/or credit card information from people with which the buy proper game codes that they buy at discounted prices and/or getting codes from poverty-ridden regions where prices are cheaper than what they sell at. CDKeys and similar sites are grey market where similar situations have already happened and are happening consistently. Shopto has the game for 26 pounds. It's legit website. Use that.
  35. I really hope they unveil some more new features. I'm somewhat underwhelmed so far. Don't get me wrong, interactions improvements are great. Better transfers - good. But so far that's just not enough for me. I'll probably end buying it anyways as I do every year, but I really hope they have more stuff to announce.
  36. FYI- in a penalty situation, the player taking the penalty cannot touch the ball again after taking the penalty until it is touched by another player- so rebounds off the woodwork will require another player to touch it, hence why they stand still. Those are the laws of the game.
  37. As far as I am aware the matches are already calculated in 3D (from what I remember that was one of the reasons the old 2D view was got rid of as it was causing issues with the match engine going forward) - the matches are calculated in code (where it crunches the number with no care as to how the result then gets translated to the screen, though there may be some limitations on how detailed the calculations are for performance reasons whilst other limitations would be on the programmers ability to translate real world physics into computer code, for example ball physics can get incredibly com
  38. People constantly relating things to FIFA and the like is pointless. Just a match engine designed for 3D would be a start so when we watch it the players move smoothly, no phantom ball touches, player collisions. The list is very long on what an actual 3D match engine would improve.
  39. Real talk, cos I've been a bit facetious on here in my previous posts, but I am very disappointed thus far with the new feature reveals. Personally I can do without press conference or the "gesture" system which looks to just be reskinning the "tones" we can use anyway. I skip press conferences (boring, repetitive) and team talks are ok I guess. A lot of other stuff I find boring can be automated and if you're into it and I'm not that's fine, that's why we let the staff do it. Anyway, things I would actually like looked at:- 1. International management is bad and has been for ages. I woul
  40. but maybe there's an higher chance that those who write here are a little bit more interested in game development than someone who downloaded FM20 buying it for 4.99 on some steam key retailer and played it just during christmas vacation. Someone wrote about Euro Truck Simulator or Cities Skylines in the previous pages: that's such a perfect example of a community that helped a small developer to grow and grow. Actually I can't see how "casual users" shouldn't appreciate that there's someone a bit more involved in the process; conversely, wider is the official community and more people w
  41. For those who are advocating new FM graphics I made new comparison with FM 2011 using the same screenshots you've provided here. Do you really see no difference? Pitch was worn out more badly (near the goal and in local areas of the pitch) the grass had much more details, the lightning and the shadows was much better. P.S. Frankly speaking, don't look at the text labels. Just look at the graphics and tell - what game looks like a new one and what is an old one - the left or the right one?
  42. Feeling disappointed... It seems, I'll skip this one like I skipped FM 2020. I hope the day will come when they announce a massively improved ME as a major headline feature, not these minor things nobody cares about. Every year I see a lot of cool ideas in feature suggestion threads and it seems that they choose the least interesting and important ones. PS Can someone explain me, how does it happen that even in FM 2021 the pitch looks worse than in a 10-year old (!) FM 2011? Is this something so difficult to fix?
  43. Ya OK just got stuck in that stupid loop of (hopefully that is rightly seen as the bug it is (player getting annoyed and then no adequate answer to give)... player won't enter contract negotiations because Barca/PSG are interested fine, transfer listed hey! why did you transfer list me no response available for this situation, so pick something I'm angry now, this isn't the last you've heard of this! Teammates complain about his shabby treatment Player's morale tanks and a few others drop with him Spend a week or two trying to max out transfer fe
  44. not until the match engine is sorted out. Any goal you score and any goal against you is a cross or set piece then header. Rinse repeat. Surely the dullest match engine so far
  45. Should make it a slogan "Football Manager 2021: Give Tom Cleverley a hug!" Absolutely nothing in that video that I'm interested in. Let's hope for more coming.
  46. When you get a press conference asking you why you didn't substitute a certain player despite taking off players with a worse rating or injured etc. I wish there was an option to say something like "The rules limit me to 3 subs, I wish I could have substituted them all" or something.
  47. Nowadays, FM is 64-bit, and so is able to use more RAM. However, 8-16GB is more than enough for FM, it doesn't use a lot of RAM, and CPU processor speed is much more important for saves staying quick as they become long-term.
  48. updated Left to complete for phase one Relationships Playing History Non Playing History Achievements Cities Competitions
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