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  1. I find MIles very aggressive and rude on Twitter. Not a good spokesperson for the company. @Neil Brock @Miles Jacobson
  2. I feel like this is a bit of an over-the-top reaction from a moderator... Your only contribution to the thread was a screenshot (when we all know screenshots mean nothing as everything is so dependant on players/tactics/opponent and even when exactly you press Print Screen) and a comment that yours behaves differently. You may have gone out of your way to explain Libero's elsewhere (you mention your stream for instance) but the obvious thing to do would be to link to the streams or just ignore the thread if you are fed up going over old ground. Not to complain that OP isn't paying attentio
  3. Damn. So not only has the 3D gone backwards, but 2D too? It really put it into perspective. I’ve not really noticed just how far backwards we’ve gone until I’ve seen these screenshot comparisons.
  4. I can honestly say that I'd be totally fine if, for the next 10 years, the graphics only had minor incremental improvements BUT during that time, the match engine underwent radical improvements. Graphics don't bother me. For me, realistic player positioning, movements and decision making within the match engine is much more important. (I should point out that I play in 2D and only use 3D for goal replays.)
  5. I can imagine when the whole champ manager split happened years and years back that the staff were very worried and worked their ass off to make sure they had the best product on the market. Since the competition is zero there is no doubt that the game has very very slowly progressed. It’s a great game. But we demand more when it is essentially an unglorified database upgrade. Everybody would be happy with a match engine that looks better (not everybody cares about it) but they would be happy with it. 2020 deserves it for Christ sake. It’s a visual disaster that should be ashamed of itself.
  6. There are games with similar minimum requirements that boast a lot better graphics. To keep things close to home, FIFA and PES had better graphics a decade ago with similar minimal requirements. Heck, even FIFA 07 or Pes 2007 looked better. That's 14 years ago with even worse minimal requirements. What's holding FM back in 2020?
  7. And that reaction from Rashidi is why I don't go into the tactics and training forum ... the place doesn't seem very welcoming.
  8. Exactly! It baffles me that people look at these graphics of a high selling game and are ok with it. Yes some people don't care and yes it's not the core of the game. But it's 2020 and you can upgrade these graphics without having to up minimal specs that much. SI isn't an indie company. This is a game where they have a monopoly and sell millions every year. Topping steam charts over and over even with older versions of the game. They are also popular on phone. Triple AAA games released every few years can't even hit the numbers SI does and it's a yearly release even. Th
  9. Been away from FM20 for 10 months following a bitter divorce. I cited 'irreconcilable differences with the developer' on the final papers. FM20 was the final straw for me. Matches were a torturous experience consisting of robotic and repetitive highlights, which were completely disconnected from the inherent tactical strengths and weaknesses of the teams playing. I won't pass judgement on a game yet to be completed or even in Beta - with one exception - we need to have a discussion about the art design of this game's stadium interiors. As a Kidderminster Harriers fan and ground-hopper who
  10. Guys.. They.. They just don't care. I have no idea how many times I posted how even 2D looked much better before. I took screenshots of just 4 times when I mentioned that here. NOT A SINGLE TIME I got a reply from them, any sort of reply like "hey, we took one minute of our time to reply to you - 2D match engine looks worse because of performance issues". Or something like that. ------—------------------------------- SCREENSHOTS: —----------------------- ---------------------------- --------------------- ----------------------
  11. It's about what is being said, not the way it is said. Imagine ignoring someone just because you didn't really like the way he said it.
  12. This topic is on fire! 😂 and what is the most funny thing here is that all this conversation / arguing about graphics is useless, we all know that they will not improve it anyways 😂😂😂
  13. Hugging a player a managers role? I manage the team. Win matches. Primary role of the manager. For these to be headline features, improved interactions - that is really lame. Where's the attend training days, or arrange a friendly between your teams to try new roles, tactics. Practicing set pieces, testing them out - yes you can set your tactics, and set your set pieces, but don't see them in action until match days. My main gripe is that the 'headline features' don't add anything to being a football manager. Can't just throw glitter on something and say look how
  14. I hate to be that guy, but all the new features will be for nothing if ME isn't a big improvement over 20. 20 was a perfect game for me, I'd never ask for anything else in a FM game...if actual ME wasn't horrible. So no matter how good the new features are, and they all look great, it will all be for nothing until we see if ME is improved.
  15. That's like saying role playing features weren't really part of the original Assassin's Creed, so it's not relevant to add it in future iterations like they have. It's part of the evolution of video games, it's not something to be commended when it does evolve in that way (3D graphics happened much later than a lot of fans wanted it to). Your assessment of how FM has evolved over the years is not untrue, but certainly somewhat disingenuous. It's the type of language I was talking about that I would probably expect SI executives within the company to release validating themselves doing the mini
  16. Wow just saw this. The shift in quality from 17>18 is huge. Lighting and pitch textures look much worse.
  17. I don't think that's correct. When it was removed, there was tons and tons of posts complaining about it. We had two 2D options back then and I'm pretty sure 2D Classic was far from "barely used". If I remember correctly, SI removed it because it wasn't compatible with the new 3D graphics engine they switched to. Back then they said it gives them a huge room for improvement going forward, so naturally people understood the first year wasn't going to be perfect, but here we are now. Two or three iterations later, graphics seem to be even regressing. And frankly, it's getting pretty tiresom
  18. The transition from a solely 2d match engine to one that accommodates a 3d visual simulation has been anything but smooth, the animations and physics it runs on have looked clunky and nowhere near realistic for a very long time, posing a detrimental effect on the overall immersion. Back when only 2d was available, we could merely speculate about what was actually happening under the surface as those dots moved around the screen, it gave our imagination a blank card to fill in with specific details concerning the on going pitch action. But as 3d got introduced, the player could now see things f
  19. For me its not only a graphic thing, but also how the players move and this isnt smooth either. Everything at the Match Presentation looks like early 2000 and instead of working at this aspect we get a few more questions at pressconferences. hell yeah. Im at a point were i would be already happy when players stop ice skating on the pitch. How can they be happy with this? I dont get it.
  20. Where is this balance? There is no balance, they build the game to run on a toaster. Balance would acknowledge the vast GPU/CPU improvements over the last decade and make the game scalable so those with the latest tech can actually use it. It's cheaper and easier to trot out the same graphics engine year after year using the ready made excuse that they have to respect their user base has crap laptops, even though FM lends itself extremely well to game streaming which would offer them a far better experience.
  21. If you interpret the acronym "IMO" as me stating something as fact, you you either don't know what the acronym means, or you have a serious problem with basic comprehension of language. It's not a fact, but if you have any common sense whatsoever, the idea that a quality, modern 3D graphical engine is not gonna open the game up to a bunch of new fans.... I guess your just one of those people who think like that then... it's the epitomy of backwards management of any company. "Well let's not try and do something to genuinely improve the product, cause there's this chance that it's not gonn
  22. I may have not played FM11 in ages now but I do vividly remember nonetheless how the match engine looked more vibrant and detailed back then, both on the 2d and 3d simulation aspects in comparison to FM 20 for example which seems massively counterintuitive and difficult to rationalise. The AI itself didn't seemed any less sophisticated than that from the 2019 iteration, in fact, I dare to say FM11's match engine actually had fewer simulation bugs than FM20's, at least I don't remember seeing back then goalkeepers kicking the ball against a player right in front of them once in a wh
  23. Absolutelly false. Everybody wants better graphics. And whoever say that they would not like FM to look better is lying. It is Just some people don't want the game to became more demanding.
  24. Surely it’s about time they address the graphics conundrum then? They are releasing a product that is arguably looking worse and worse with every year that passes. If they addressed the situation and didn’t completely ignore this criticism every year then there would be no need for so many people to talk about it...
  25. For every person that wants better graphics, there is another person that doesn't. For everyone that wants them to work on something different, there's someone that doesn't want them wasting time on that feature, but on the feature that they want to be implemented. Truth is, graphics were never a part of FM in the past, it used to be just commentary popping up on the screen, and you'd follow the text commentary. Adding dots to the pitch was a breakthrough, seeing your players running around was an amazing feat. Then they added 3D graphics. They aren't trying to em
  26. I can't say I care much about the quality of the graphics per se (I knew the introduction of 3D graphics would be a slippery slope leading to disgrunt by the way), but some more sexy dribbling and unexpected move animations would be nice. Can't say I see much difference between - say - Adama Traore and some mediocre lower league bloke on the pitch in that regard.
  27. i just can't understand the logic that the 'vast majority are playing in Potato computers. So we have to design a game with the Potato PCs in mind' Other developers : Microsoft flight simulator "we mapped the entire earth" ; Crysis ; RayTracing; Occlusion ; New unreal 5 physics engine etc "to play the game with decent framerates, you need to go and get the latest Graphics card." Some beloved company : Vast majority using Potato PC. sorry. this is the standard of graphics you will get in 2020. Really? Perhaps SI leaves the graphical aspects of the game like Stadium designs to
  28. Not sure if this is the place to post this or if it's just going to get lost. But SciSports have announced a partnership with Football Manager and posted a couple of new xG screenshots on their website. Same type of thing from the trailer, just more of the screen. Screen 1: "We didn't put out a good performance according to xG, as our total xG was noticeably lower than our opponent's. We had a similar number of chances to Sheff Utd; however, disappointingly we converted them at a worse rate than our opponent. We had fewer individual high quality chances than our opposition, which is
  29. - Speech mentality (aggresive ,passionate, etc) switched to the new terms. Some new dialog options written for them. Probably the same mechanics as before, once you figure out the best reactions you just go with that 95% of time. - Backroom advice presented under another GUI. - Useless Twitter reactions after matches that no one really cares about. - Scouting requirements presented under different names. - Different celebration at end of the season. It is beyond me how these are presented as the main features of a new installment while asking for full retail price.
  30. This is the problem of this way of marketing has been done for years, for this game. The, telling us the features, rather than showing. Why not show us these changes in a for example a whole 10 minute video or more. Too long do a 5 minute video. I don't mean the screen capture of the match engine footage, with the word Working in Progress. That every studio can do. be different. Do something different that others haven't done before. Show us what changed, how these changes are for the betterment of the game and the gameplay? Don't do it, through an actor or glorify Youtuber, who are readi
  31. Good. It's not like the playerbase have PCs good enough to get on that level of detail amirite
  32. Absolutely shocking that the minimum requirement, is a processor that is 18 years old. says it all really about why we are where we are.
  33. You do realise that a big reason why a large percentage of the audience is playing on crappy laptops is literally because the game caters to being able to play on a crappy computer? If you could play Fifa on a crappy laptop, absolutely loads of people would play it on that too. Actually creating a high quality 3D gameplay representation would actually open the game up to a whole new audience who don't play the game because they don't wanna play with a glorified spreadsheet, they want quality up to date graphical representations of a football game, which would give the game a level of life that
  34. Clearly you, like all users, are entitled to your opinion but frankly some of your statements are hard to take seriously. The ME is hilarious and that is intentional and by design?. You know what SEGA's plans for the ME are despite SEGA having nothing to do with it as they are the distributors? Somebody is up to charlatanry? ( I did have to look at up and it is disrespectful ). The whole community has been crying for a new ME for 10 years? Fairly sure that there has been a complete ME revamp in that time. Nobody on here has ever said the ME is perfect and of course there will al
  35. And there's no need to ignore someone just because you didn't like the way he said it.
  36. A picture is worth a thousand words. Come on SI, 10 years on and your game looks nowhere near as good as it once did!
  37. Something more than Twitter reactions which no one cares about? Something more than a different UI for the same user interactions that no one cares about and people just click through once they found what works mechanics-wise? Something more than the same backroom advice under a different form? How about a revamped CA/PA system to more accurately reflect real life? How about a better international management experience? How about a training system that has more meaning, given it's one of the most crucial parts in real football? How about a more accurate representa
  38. Fully expecting this to be another non-feature. Maybe something like Instagram integration or the ability to help your players blow their nose after you've given them a hug.
  39. Same here. I guess it's that tale of the boiling frog: if you put a frog in a pot of boiling water it will instantly leap out. But if you put it in a pot filled with pleasantly tepid water and gradually heat it, the frog will remain in the water until it boils to death. FM didn't went that backwards (graphically) from one edition to the next, but over the course of various editions.
  40. How can you say that as if it's a true quote? You need to add things like "this is my opinion" or simply "I think". It's not actually a trend that crossing gets easier to tougher with each iteration of the game. Crossing has been one of my FM bugbears for a number of years. Not to mention no one has seen FM20 in action. Maybe you are being tongue in cheek. As for the original post: Everyone is welcome to an opinion, but this isn't constructive in any way. It is rude. "Intentionally bad", "absolutely horrible"? As I suggested above, I have bugbears with FM, but I am
  41. If I remember rightly, 2D was a specific engine that was used until FM18 which was removed because barely anyone used it for the development it took up. I think someone had the post to hand previously
  42. In this page the discussion comes down to graphics, which means it's an area where SI should focus. Personally, as long as the 3D graphics look the way they do I'll stick with 2D, it looks better and it's easier to analyse the match. If they do a significant (like FIFA 2002 graphics) 3D upgrade I will consider switching. Regarding the announced features, I would be one of many that would be more excited if, just for once, SI said "we keep the core of the interface and secondary aspects like chats, media, tutoring, and we have focused on rebuilding the ME as best as we could".
  43. At this moment in time we don’t even want FIFA or PES graphics. Just give us LMA manager graphics 🤦🏻‍♂️ That was from 15 years ago, but most would take it compared to what football manager provide currently.
  44. So basically you want to play a Football Manager game but not do any of the Manager bits
  45. Ok this is going to sound harsh but please hear me out.. These new reskin "headline" features are a slap to the face to your fanbase. The audacity to claim these as an improvement is absolutely disgraceful. The constant excuses are so obvious, "oh it's because everyone still runs core 2 duos from 2004 so we have to support them", "oh it's not the final version mate, wait a bit longer", "oh we do listen to feedback, and this is what people want", "oh it's because corona", "oh just wait for another video to showcase 'new' stuff", "oh the winter patch will fix this issue". I could go o
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