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  1. Why focus on the rating above what he actually offers the team? Mezzala's are great but they have to fit and have a purpose in the side to bring the best out of them. I've used a Mez for 13 seasons on my Crewe save since League Two. But my system is set up to utilise his running from deep. He scores a lot and creates a lot. And currently this season he's again the heartbeat and driving force of our attacks. He doesn't take set pieces apart from the odd penalty if striker is out injured which you can see. The reason he is so involved is because the team as
  2. I'd probably wait for Bale's attributes to actually be mediocre in FM21 (they probably won't be) and for Bale to actually perform like a great athlete (tbc) before using it as an 'attributes are flawed' argument...
  3. A Legend Retires I knew this day would come, the retirement of one of the most legendary players I've ever had in FM. He had been on my radar before i got him but we had such a small budget that I couldn't afford him. It was brilliant to be able to get him on a free though at the time we already had a long queue of forwards behind an established front pair I didn't want to discard too soon. He was actually a relatively rare example of a player who I agreed to give more playing time to on request and I'm glad I did. It was actually on the wing (where there was more of a vacancy for a top q
  4. Yeah, this highlights one of the most glaring flaws in FM in my opinion. Without exception, at 32 EVERY last player in FM will start to decline. Agility, acceleration and speed are typically the first to go. And it's a very rapid decline as well. An injury will turn it into a right free fall. In the FM world, you can't have players performing at 34-35. Forget having an Ibrahimovic at 39 playing regularly for a top side in Serie A. FM cannot replicate a scenario like that with the current model where every player more or less becomes useless a year or two after the decline. It's just not realis
  5. Welcome to Slovenia. Land of mountains and beautiful lakes, where 1 in 20 people keep bees and the capital has a lower population than the city of Coventry. ~~~~~ Now meet Niko Rikič, Slovenian born and German raised. Niko was born in the small town of Ilirska Bistrica (above), but moved with his parents to Frankfurt at the age of 12. Niko found his way in to the youth teams of local club Eintracht Frankfurt, but never made a first team appearance for Die Adler. Switching his allegiance to local rivals FSV Frankfurt, Rikič became an important component of the FSV
  6. Hi, Since the 20.4.2 update my fm is not loading it will open to the initial advertising pages then close off with no errors. Im using MacBook Air, MacOS catalina 10.15.6, intel HD graphics 500. Previous to this I have had no issues opening FM 2020 but since the hot fix it will not open. I have deleted cache, preferences and reinstalled the game as well as steam. I have tried running in windowed mode nothing seems to fix the issue. I have had no crash dump errors it just closes with no errors. The rest of my games are fine and can open even 2019 fm. Thanks
  7. I really should have commented on this earlier, but this is a great save. An amazing achievement to get promoted this many times, let alone with the youth only restrictions. All the details you highlight and pay attention to were a key part in inspiring me to finally update to the newest version, and I dare say a lot of the ways you play the game have influenced most people on this forum. I'm on my first proper FM20 save after having played FM07 for so long, and on that version players didn't tend to accumulate anywhere near as much fatigue. Copying your rotation policy and playing t
  8. Yeah exactly, only started happening after the update
  9. ♦️ Version 4.8 of my #FM20 update packs is up! Info about what's included in each file: Updatesbypr0 Transfers included from: FMTransferUpdate Changelog: [4.8] Changelog Next release date: 1 October
  10. 2023/24 (Season 4) National League North Finish: 3rd Season Summary Our best season yet. At times we were superb but our inconsistencies came back to haunt us at times. In the end we couldn't put together a strong enough run to challenge for the title but we comfortably finished in the play offs in our highest position yet. Going into the play-offs with our high finish meant we went straight into the semi-final with a home game against Gateshead. We won, just, 1-0 to go into our fourth successive play-off final, but our first at home. Curzon Ashton had beaten Telford,
  11. @knap Errrrrmmmmmm This just happened after a first game plug and play!
  12. When every single team you go up against can play superbly organized and disciplined defensive football, the game just becomes an absolute grind, a tedious slog to play. So no, I won't be buying the next installment unfortunately. I feel for SI, it can't be easy trying to get the balance right on a game as complex as this, but it's just got to the point where for me personally it's not really that enjoyable anymore.
  13. Champions League final ... Take 5... El Ejido v Chelsea Let's get it on! FIRST HALF 6: Vega centers the ball and Bruneau hits the post. 37: Bruneau is clear on goal but his finish is weak. HALF TIME An even first half ends. We have had the most chances but it's an even game. SECOND HALF 48: Vega dribbles past two players and one-twos with Alysson. He finds Camara in the seam.... 1-0! Great goal! 60: Vega is controlling the game completely. He sets up Camara once again but he finishes right on the keeper. 85: We're so close.... Are we
  14. I'd say FM19 ME is better. 20 has this annoying bug where the striker (99% of the times) presses the keeper and moves out of place when defending, and your whole team does not move up the field to press if there is a backpass. It is unbearable. You could find it in the bug section. But FM 20 is maybe more fun to me? Weird. There are more goals, quicker gameplay and 19 is just very tedious, so now I just don't play any of it, waiting for 21.
  15. Honestly might as well rename this game "morale manager" because inexplicably players lose their ability to play football or do anything productive on the pitch, and it just snowballs. It's so predictable and boring.
  16. I´ve made the nike premier league ball . I just don´t know how to put the file for people to dowload please help white_ball_[al].dds
  17. I can go through it at a later time, but there are a few modifications that could be made based upon American history that would have driven the teams to be more in your industrial cities rather than their suburbs (ex Elkhart United would have been situated in South Bend when they were founded) Overall top notch work though.
  18. APOEL - Season 2022/23 I concluded my last APOEL report at the end of October 2022, and had forgotten about the month-long World Cup in Qatar that would disturb the calendar After a month off, the Cypriot league resumed at the end of November - and as you can see the break seemed to have allowed my squad to refresh nicely In fact, both November and December saw 100% win ratios delivered as my record-signing striker Alerrandro burst in to form The transfer month of January continued in much the same vein, although my first league points were finally dropped at newly-promot
  19. New suggestion. I’ve been taking over lower league clubs in trouble and trying to rebuild them and give them some success. But I’ve noticed that when you take over a disgruntled squad, you seem to inherit the lack of faith in the previous manager before you get a chance to do anything at the club. I’m guessing that those player thoughts are about you but there isn’t enough variety in the messages for them to express themselves clearly. So you just see ‘Has no faith in the manager’ or ‘Feels his manager has lost the dressing room’ when in reality they might express other feelings. So perha
  20. All CA/PA changes can be found here: https://updatesbypr0.freeforums.net/board/23/current-potential-ability-changes I am releasing files every 10 days. So the next update is coming on the 1st of October and after that, on the 10th of October. I will create him for my next pack. Will keep an eye on him, if he joins Rangers, let me know. I will check the Polish leagues for my next pack on the 1st of October. Yes they are.
  21. We’re having the same problem, network game isn’t even showing as an option nor can players be invited to it or join through steam. Awful, awful update this late into the game.
  22. It's been the same game the last four years. It's just got a lot more fluff to it, which you eventually ignore anyway.
  23. County 2 Isle of Wight - Cowes FC Offseason 2020/21/Preseason 2021/22 This save is very much alive, I just, at the moment, don't have as much time as I want to play it. Hopefully things change in the next few weeks. I rejoin literally spamming space as we have nothing on the agenda at the moment. My task is simple. Do my best to improve the side. Honestly if we have the same season and the teams coming down and up aren't brill then I think we should finish top! Interesting to see Oakham United won promotion again so they will be in Tier 9 meaning they survive the cull.
  24. Ö-zil to the Arsenal - thank you for this, you are a genius. I have been playing these wretched games since early 90s, your advice after 2-3 years of struggle on 2016 was immense, and I’ve just spent the week reading this thread, started with Napoli, P8 W7 D1, and just one goal conceded, thank you brother!
  25. UEFA Champions League - First Knockout Round (vs Real Madrid) - Season 2027/28 Looking at the two squads, we were lucky to even be on the same pitch as Real. Zidane (their manager) had written us off before the game, and I knew that we would be under the pump, so opted for a Cautious mentality. Yes, not the best start. Mbappe scores a penalty that Sanneh almost got his hands to, but it wasn't to be. I asked the boys for more, and changed our approach to Positive, to try and hold onto the ball or get some shots off or something. Ah. That didn't work, clearly. Well
  26. I have no idea how much this competition actually matters, or if it is even simulated like the rest of them, but it's still a positive for the relatively trashy youth team that we have...
  27. The same problem. Can`t find "Get More" button. Game is from EGStore, ver. 20.4.2, Win10 64 bit.
  28. Tavriya Simferopol May 2021 We picked up a good win against Pharma, and really should have beaten Nikopol too. We lead for so long against ten men, but gave up a late equaliser. Makarchenko and Zhukov put everyone else to shame. A poor finish to a really poor season. Nowhere near the midtable placing we should have managed. Six goals and eight points worse off than last year, despite playing three more games. At the bottom Energiya get a reprieve, MFK Mykolaiv are being relegated into this division so Myko-2 have to drop out to make room for them. More cash inject
  29. It is something we've been made aware of and are currently investigating. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  30. I only have a few simple rules: sell when over the top offers come in, and only buy a replacement when you have no youngster almost ready to replace internaly. Also keep Jong Ajax and under 19s competitive and winning, so try and get the best youth system possible, and buy youngsters only when those teams hare lacking in new promising youth players. Also try and keep really small squads, with really big talents
  31. We have finally splashed some cash on some big-name young players, again trying to get them as close to their 18th birthday as possible in order to have them naturalised and get "trained in club" status so they can dominate for us into the future. The players have been excellent after coming into the league (which you will see with the next update of the first half of the league season), and it's a very exciting time going forwards as we probably have too many capable players - it's going to be time for us to recoup some of the money on the transfer market, I think. I see Zola as a
  32. Ciao ragazzi! Historically, one of the most enjoyable and memorable saves in fm for me were in Italy. Hellas Verona in fm10 (or fm11), Inter in fm14, Milan in fm19. In fm20 i had very promising save with Brescia but after two and half seasons of struggling (didn't cope with 3-def systems) decided two resign. And after a little break with fm at the same time with searching for new inspiration in virtual management i returned to the club which i'm really interested in last years. But i wanted some fresh idea for the save and decided that i could add a little more fantasy in the game
  33. I think my board need to give their heads a bit of a wobble. I think Euro qualification is a great acheivement as a tiny club like Bournemough, and being 3rd in the league after 3 games doesn't count as looking like qualifying for the Champions Cup...
  34. Pepe Reyes Cup - Season 2027/28 We've had an interesting relationship with the Pepe Reyes Cup in our career. This match probably has to top them all though. Yes, you are reading that right. Against Lincoln Red Imps, one of the best teams in the league, we racked up 58 shots to their 4, and kept 66% possession. However, we needed to wait until the last 10 minutes of extra time before we actually found a breakthrough. I think part of the issue was the 36 long shots that we took, but in the end it was a Kegs Chauke Cannon that sealed the win in the 119th minute. Anothe
  35. We've released a hotfix for Football Manager 2020 update 20.4.2 to address some of the issues mentioned in the changelist below. This hotfix will be downloaded automatically across both Epic and Steam. If you have any issues updating we'd suggest restarting Steam or the Epic Launcher. 20.4.2 Hotfix Changelist ------------------------------------- - Addressed issues related to save games seemingly not appearing (if 'load last game' is blank they can be found via the Load Game option on the main menu) - Number of fixes related to network games allowing users to connect via lobby (user
  36. I ended up 11th in the league. A disappointing season where I just couldn't get any consistency. I can't even be bothered to do a season review. Irvin Cardona was top scorer with 19 goals.
  37. I skipped FM20, the first FM I didn't buy since 2006 or 2007. Why did I finally say no? The features list for FM20 was very disappointing in my opinion. The game is priced like a AAA game, yet there are aspects of it that have needed an overhaul for years, yet they see no reason to do so. If you are just doing yearly database updates, then don't try to price it like a new game. I personally think that FM series suffers from the luxury of having no real competition on this genre, so there is no motive to really push things to the next level when you can just charge people $50 for the on
  38. That screen near the end of a season when a few teams are in the running for the league and it shows who each has in the run-in.
  39. I'm managing Vfb Stuttgart in Germany. We're not (yet) currently in any kind of European competition. So why do the plug sockets in my changing rooms have UK style three pin sockets???!!! Immersion ruined, sort it out SI!
  40. 1) The fact that you can see player preferred foot without opening his page - just hovering over small i next to his name will suffice. It helps a lot with opposition instructions if you don't need to click through their whole squad (like in FM16) 2) Manager name not visible in top bar, so I don't have to manually hide it when I post screenshots. That was a thing that bothered me a lot in FM13
  41. After signing a five year contract, playing eight matches and scoring two goals, my backup striker is "starting to feel he deserves a new contract."
  42. Which player in the world would not attempt this pass? Oh yeah my player with 16 vision and 15 decisions of course, he will just try to reach the number seven and his pass obviously gets intercepted.
  43. Results Benchmarks at a glance Benchmark A - 20 leagues/10 nations/medium database/51,330 players - 7 day test Benchmark B - 117 leagues/51 nations/large database/162,590 players - 11 day test Benchmark C - 117 leagues/51 nations/large database/162,590 players/5 nations Full Detail - 6 day test Combined Benchmark A results Combined Benchmark B results Combined Benchmark C results Laptop Benchmark A Results Laptop Benchmark B Results Laptop Benchmark C Results Desktop Benchmark A Results
  44. This thing of that defence in middle was rubbish was the reason for central play giving impression of realistic skill or decision making is nonsense. basically fm17 had decision making coded better. if you create a dodgy set up to give even more space through the middle in fm19 and fm20 that defence won't be exposed properly the way it was in fm17...essentially pass decision making and movement to expose that was vastly superior in fm17 to the last two years...any other suggestion is factually incorrect. in fm17 weakness was attacked and exposed with better fundamental passing and movement tha
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