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  1. "The Andorran First Division, where anyone can get qualified for Europe. Even relegated teams!"
  2. Zero frustration, zero regret and zero disappointment from playing thousands of hours worth over the 20 or so years. Are some years better than others? Ofcourse but it still doesn't take away from that year's experience. Every year is different, for better or worse, which is far better than playing the exact same game for the past 5 or 6 years like FIFA. SI have never let me down with an edition so much that I would even think about walking away for a year or two. This years one I can't see being any different.
  3. One of the feature requests I like to propose are attacking centerbacks or overlapping centerbacks. Atalanta usually have wide centerbacks help out in the attack and provide numerical superiority in the wings https://breakingthelines.com/tactical-analysis/how-atalanta-use-their-center-backs-in-possession/ Also overlapping centerbacks should be an option too. That could really bring some width in a 352 formation https://medium.com/@Mase159/sheffield-uniteds-3-5-2-the-art-of-the-overlapping-centre-back-aed8c1110fe0. The developers needs to bring more realism into tactics as
  4. Update on my Lazio save, slow progress due to life in general but going well so far 11 games into Serie A. So far we are undefeated but we've struggled against "weaker" teams while beating Inter and Napoli with ease so 2nd in the league so far, behind Juve. And our 12th game is against Juventus, who's been unstoppable so far, with Ronaldo getting 21 goals in 11 games. 4pts behind Juve before the game, and even tough I knew we'd keep our 2nd place even if we lost I'd didn't want them to run away with the league already in november. So was hoping for a draw, but went for a positive approach
  5. Port Talbot Season 2024/25 Well this was in some ways an interesting season, with two wins in the league in the opening seven games. Fortunately we then stabilized and finished in 3rd. The Cups were more successful with us winning both the Welsh Cup and the Nathanial MG Cup, winning the Welsh Cup ensured a spot in Europe again next season, which was handy as I got knocked out in the Semi-Final stage of the European slot play-off. I again got to the 2nd Qual Rnd of the Europa Conference where I went out on away goals to Maccabi Tel-Aviv, rather frustratingly their only goal
  6. In the last three versions of the games, the central midfielders are mainly needed to pass the ball to the flanks. I can't play it
  7. Kabilio Jaffa - 2020/21 Competitions - We began in the Toto Cup which seems just to be for teams in the National League. I was not expecting too much and we finished 3rd in our group with 2 losses and a win. It seems this was enough to put us into a strange playoff system, we won that game and apparently that made us winners of Playoff 2. I am not sure to be honest. In the League we had great fun. For most of the year we were in the top three and really looked like we could have challenged for promotion, in the end we did not. We struggled for the two months before the split and th
  8. Darlington, November 2022 Having taken Forest to the Premiership in my parallel save I decided it was time to return to Darlington for our third attempt at winning a return to the EFL. Quite a bit of transfer business was done in the summer as we looked to replace players who had been with us in the VNN but hadn't progressed as much as we hoped. I also decided this was make or break season. In the famous words of WC Fields, if at first you don't succeed try, try again. Then quit - there's no use being a damn fool about it. I was happy with the squad I was able to assemble, altho
  9. A very unbalanced tactic in terms of roles and duties and needlessly aggressive in terms of defensive instructions. An excessive number of attack duties and/or attacking mentality does not make your team more potent and dangerous. It just makes the tactic disjointed and messy. The first thing you need to decide is what style of football you want to play and why. Once you answer that question, we can more specifically discuss potential changes you need to make to the tactic
  10. The problem seems to be at first glance that the issue is that you're playing a slow system very heavily oriented toward possession, which makes it easier for defensive teams to stay in front of the ball, and as Summatsupeer points out, your out of possession instructions are then set up to pin them around their penalty area as much as possible. I think my advice would depend on how you want to score goals. Probably the easiest way is to take off Work Ball into Box, and then try slightly more Direct passing -- crosses and long shots are great scoring options in this ME and you should have
  11. Have a look at your setup for a second, all of the front 3 are on attack duties trying to play on the shoulder of the defenders to make runs in behind. Then the MEZ-At is joining them. Your contributing to them "sitting back" by being very aggressive with Out of Possession instructions, pinning opponents in when the press is effective. That then gives no space for the forwards runs. Then your In Possession instructions slow the attack down, whilst giving all of the forwards instructions to attack quickly (roles+duties). Lots of options but depends how you want to play, hopefull
  12. We finally did it! We won Serie A 11 years after the club was reformed post-bankruptcy. Not bad! We were 1 goal short of 100, won the coppa as well, and the mighty Juve sacked Guardiola. Finally the stranglehold has broken, and the tide of the nation has changed. You can see the trajectory of my/our career: Amazingly, we're now even in the top 10 clubs in the world!
  13. AI teams demanding silly money for their players yet offering you peanuts for yours.
  14. We finally moved into the new stadium 5 months late, which is a relief. The fact that the stadium could eventually be expanded to another 18,000 seats is a rather delightful realization, though I wish I knew why it wasn't 36,000 exactly and there was an extra 4 seats added to the full potential capacity. As for the future, we apparently have a golden generation on its way. I'll believe it when I see it, but given the past few intakes, this is still rather exciting regardless.
  15. Well, if you want a possession-oriented style, that's all the more reason to reduce attack duties in favor of support ones - because more support duties mean smoother transitions and players helping each other both in attack and defense - as well as toning the mentality down (positive and balanced work best for attack-minded possession styles). However, this does not mean that you should only have support duties and no attack. A degree of penetration always needs to be there, but without compromising overall tactical balance. So you basically need less attack and more support duties. But
  16. You missing a file, most like the person snapshot. have a look in the staff overview file for FILE="xxx" the xxx will be the name/location of the fiel you are missing
  17. Personally, so far I have experimented with a Defensive mentality, support duties at AML\R, and then applying 'Look for the Underlap' to further decrease the player mentality even further. Seems to work pretty well in general for getting the AML\R to track back and be wary of runs from opposition players in the FB, WB or ML\R slots, still need to test against formations that use AML\R though. Certainly not faultless when facing formations that have two wide players, because sometimes the AML\R will pass the more advanced opposition wide player onto our wide centreback to go press the seco
  18. Are you looking for a plug and play tactic? Or actually looking for advise on developing your own winning tactic? Because those are two questions for two different parts of this forum. And neither has an easy one paragraph answer. If there was a simple answer to this I expect many of us wouldn't even frequent this forum. You do know that some of us, myself included, have not even won a Champions League in FM20, much less with a small club. So basically what you are asking is something that there is no real answer to. It can be done with any tactic provided it fits your players well and it coun
  19. No one seems to use WARPIGS 41212 P106 EC CC MU P100 Euro tactic in their tests but for me its been my most successful and consistent tactic - recommend it to anyone WARPIGS 41212 P106 EC CC MU P100 Euro 131177402_FM20.4.1WARPIGSKnapRober41212P106ECCCMUP100Euro.fmf
  20. You would think it would get better but the polls tell a different story though . FM17 seems to be the players choice
  21. This is more amusing than annoying but it does involve press conferences which I'm sure are a source of a lot of these. I only tend to do them when arriving at a new team, but having moved into international management I decided to do one after the World Cup draw. The very first question was about how well we'd be able to cope with the very different climate, bearing in mind I'm managing France and the tournament is in Germany . Yep, I'm not sure how we could possibly cope with temperatures and humidity levels that will pretty much be the same as back home, in a country that's right next door!
  22. Ok, time for another go. Meet the new manager of Geel in the Belgian First Amateur division We have a squad of nine players. Things could be rough until the first youth intake. The good news is that the facilities are at a pretty good starting point for a team of this level and for this challenge.
  23. & seconds later, this! 32064d14b040fe00a01c6413c32ac632.mp4
  24. I'm also a bit bitter about the way we went out of the Sapling Cup. In the dying seconds, we had this glorious chance go begging (not just us hitting the post): Sorry for the terrible quality 6f7969b06a7ce616a7654cd9077b6f92.mp4
  25. Season 2095/96 Syrian Super Cup We opened up the season with the Super Cup and it was a rare site in football nowadays as we won on a golden goal in extra time to over Hutteen to claim our first 30 points of the season. Syrian Premier League I think this may be the most complete league performance that any of my teams have ever managed in my long career. We absolutely obliterated the league this season. To put it in perspective of how destructive we were this season in the two league games we scored 16 goals past Jableh, 14 past Al Ittihad, 14 past Tishreen,
  26. Season 2094/95 In the off season we left Ahli Khalil behind and went into the job market and it was not long before we had another job this time in Syrian capital Damascus as the manager of Al-Shorta. The had finished 5th the season before and the manager had left part of the way through the season to manage at Hutteen another top division Syrian side. Al-Shorta are a pretty decent side in Syria but not expected to win the league and at best perhaps put up a title challenge as a dark horse. In Syria they have three main competitions the Syrian Premier League worth 100 points, th
  27. Another restart for me, as I wasn't able to play my Witton Albion save for a while and @XaW has since flown through the seasons with them and done brilliantly, and there's no way that I was going to match what he did. So I'm going back once more to Whitby Town:
  28. Pretty much spot on . This has been my starting point (in a different save), just for some inspiration: Which I've (rightly or wrongly) interpreted into (it's not a recreation, just some inspiration): For this challenge I've then morphed that into: (I may change Mentality from time to time). The main issue (pretty much the only issue) is defending down the flanks. So the steps I've taken to address this are: 1) Support duties at AML/R in combination with an unaggressive Mentality and players with decent levels of work rate. This helps encoura
  29. So with us just over a third of the way in to our opening season, it's time for an update. It's not been great. I've struggled to really nail down a style and philosophy I want to play with this Derby squad and that has shown in the results. Part of me wants to ingrain a young, hungry, high-pressing side using the excellent youth prospects I have at my disposal and part of me wants to play a more controlling, possession style, with the likes of Rooney and Huddlestone controlling games. I've since spent the first 16 games trying to find something in between: A very poor start saw
  30. I'm sure I speak on behalf of all the users who have read your advice in the past @Smurf that we very much appreciate the time and effort you put into advising people here. Has been an extremely valuable resource for the community. Whilst of course we're sorry to see you go we'll continue to keep this thread open, as there are plenty of knowledgeable people on these forums who can potentially advise anyone who requires assistance when choosing what type of system to get. Thanks again.
  31. At last, after one hell of a year i managed to pick up my first save on fm2020. As usual straight to Udinese, and it's been fun these past years, because of the slow decline of the squad. As we have only one big star, Rodrigo de Paul, i decided to build play and tactics around him, with a 3 man defensive line, and with a high press ball to the feet system, which will make good use of the great physical players we have The squad has some nice talent in the starting 11, but terribly lacks depth with lots of good but aging backups. Will start with no trans
  32. This has been going on for 9 months now with no way for some to get a refund, I'd really hope there's some way to at least get a discount for the new version when it's released as I've paid full price for a game I haven't been able to enjoy this year, which is disappointing as I've been playing it since it was championship manager. Is it even going to be fixed in the new version?
  33. The ability to place adverts even when you have existing staff in the position. Annoying that they changed this with the final patch for FM 20. I don't like manually searching for staff and since all staff are on rolling contracts there's no chance to see if there's a decent upgrade willing to join.
  34. WHen searching on attributes, I'd like a way to group attributes together so that those attributes values HAVE to be met by players in the search, but the rest of the attributes can have only a number of them matched. I.e. instead of all 10 attributes searched for being subject to the "Match 9/10" I'd like to say - All four of these attributes must be >= 12 (e.g. Determination, Teamwork, Work Rate and Natural Fitness) - AND 5 out of the other 6 must be >= 12 (e.g. Finishing, First Touch, Technique, Off The Ball, Off The Ball, Acceleration) So a player with >= 1
  35. After 48 seasons the file is getting a bit too big and pages are loading a bit too slow for my liking so since I've now been sacked by Middlesbrough I will be bringing the save to an end. Thank you everyone for following! My next save will be back to Youth Only, probably in a small country so full fat FM may be needed.
  36. "Disgusting"? I don't know, I think a lot of things in the world are "disgusting", and I don't even want to mention one of them. But finding "disgusting" some post in a forum (most of them in the "feedback" forum) about a software you haven't created or contributed to create either... I think you're taking it too personally and I can't see why.
  37. The issues have been gone over time and time again and are well known in the bug forum and feedback thread, you can't expect everyone to come in this thread and repeat it all. Posters have paid good money for the game and are perfectly entitled to their opinion, what you personally think of it is irrelevant.
  38. Have you not read the feedback thread, hundreds of people giving multiple examples of bugs and problems and most are saying the same thing. Strikers still missing far too many 1v1, wingers/wingbacks/IF's all head for the byeline and shoot at ridiculous angles instead of cutting it back, far too many goals from corners/crosses and far too many from strikes from 25 yd +, players unable to control the ball without dribbling it over the line for a through in/byeline, small 5'6" midfileders outjumping 6'2" defenders, players just randomly standing in a daze while the game goes on around them,
  39. I'm a long time reader on here, but now this subject came up again and again even MODERATORS try to make their customers look like silly people. Is it so hard to admit that pressing just isn't replicated good enough in the game and you'll have to work on it? There's multiple issues in the game that need to be fixed to make this realistic and there's no ifs or buts about this, so please just admit it and stop acting as if your customers are silly by making suggestions like putting a lower LOE or something against tactics like this. First of all it needs to be changed how mentality works, o
  40. The player history page - after years of seemingly poor care and attention to data entry and the decision to only include league appearances the whole screen is a dogs dinner and really frustrates me - it's an area I would desperately like SI to remedy through better data visualisation (move away from just a page with rows of data on)
  41. When clubs will not budge an inch on the price on their players. Especially if that player is already transfer listed and wants to leave. Worse when you're a giant from (say) Germany and you're bidding on a teen in (say) Africa, and the club is demanding 10M for him when his value is 100k. And it's like: "Mate, for 10M I could buy your entire club." (Not that I'm referencing a particular career or example or anything lol)
  42. Not within the CM/FM era, but personally, I'd love to play starting in the 1966 or 1986 seasons.
  43. I’m interested to know more about why some of us are enjoying FM20, are scoring all types of goals, are even seeing some good centralised build up play, are not conceding set piece, or scoring set piece after set piece and why some of us are. I understand the frustrations you must be feeling @ajw10 but why is it that you’re having this experience, when I for instance, am not? I’m no tactical genius. I posted up a tactic on the feedback thread, that incidentally got zero comments on, even though everything else I seemed to put up there got jumped on almost as quickly as I wrote it, an
  44. New skin I've had a very busy week but I spent yesterday evening doing something I've never done before - and that is fiddling with the skinning files. I am so incredibly inexperienced with this but really like what I've started to make. Firstly - I've taken the TCS skin and adapted the profile page but I have plans to work through a lot more before maybe even making my own skin for next year and beyond. Here are the main changes: TCS player information - this is great and I love the pro's and con's Resized top bar so that I can fit in an overview of career stats (without
  45. Another one?! Carlos Sabena is the next major signing and will hopefully complete the defensive line now, with himself, Ropero, Benjamin and Angel (now reverting back to left back until Marlon is ready to take over). I tracked Carlos when we were in LaLiga 123 when he was at Elche but could never afford him. He moved back to Argentina and has been playing well, but not outstandingly, but I felt that he was a risk worth taking. Another one past those formative years whereby he might be a little inconsistent, he's, again, remarkably well rounded and and excellent decision maker with a super
  46. Main starting strikers for top clubs. Showing difference from the older Beta ME in 23/24 to combination of the newer Beta and release date ME in 24/25.
  47. I am definitely experiencing this as well, and I'm pretty sure that a big part of the reason is the issue where wide players never passes when they get into the penalty area. I see my striker in a very good position when my skilled inside forwards break though on the flank. He should get at least one tap in goal every game if the IF's would just pas the ball instead of taking shorts from impossible angles.
  48. Actually reading it over again, i think there is one more aspect you might touch on, and i think its a very important and often missed aspect of management, both in real life and more often in FM. Staff building - Every manager, especially at the higher levels of the game, needs to build a strong support network of staff around themselves. Guardiola, for all that he is likely the best in the world at his profession, relies heavily on his staff. Manel Estiarte and Domenec Torrente are vitally important to Bayern, as they were at Barca. Lorenzo Buenaventura likewise is key. Could any Pep team
  49. 1.1 MANAGERIAL RESPONSIBILITIES The job of a modern football manager encompasses six basic areas of responsibility: 1. Match Tactics: This involves deciding how to use principles, systems and styles of play to meet the club’s performance objectives. At a well managed club, this area of responsibility provides a foundation for all of the others. 2. Player Development: This involves developing a training programme and organising the club’s coaches to improve the individual abilities of players. A sufficiently comprehensive player development programme will improve player performance in terms
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