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  1. With your permission, a little background I always loved defensive football. My favourite manager is Jose Mourinho and I like defensive coaches in general. IRL I played as deep playmaker since school times (and yes my icon is Pirlo). Its a big deal to beat Barca 8-2, but I still remember Juve in middle of 2000th which won 6 games of Group Stage by 1-0. It made a big impression on me. When I started to play in FM some people told me that this game is not good for defensive/counter football. I started to play as most, but for now I realized two things - a) I dont feel possession styles,
  2. Final update: Champions League Final 2034 - Midtjylland make their first appearance in the final, facing Barcelona. Dupuis scores early to make it 1-0 and has a penalty to make it 2-0. He misses and Midtjylland concede 3 late goals to lose. World Cup Final 2034: Dupuis gets sent off 5 minutes into the World Cup Final and France lose. Champions League Final 2035: Dupuis gets his redemption!
  3. I'm a Barnet fan so my opinions are very much "Lower league". I'm really surprised that the League Cup gives a European spot. (I'm astonished!) That completely changes my opinion on it. It's a trophy that does have a real "prize" at the end but if only it dropped to the Runner Up when the winner was already qualified for Europe. In fact, now you mention it, I remember Birmingham qualifying for Europe the same year they were relegated, (but my memory wrongly told me it was the FA Cup), and of course Swansea played in Europe on the back of winning it too. I think what might
  4. The winners do qualify (although it the place doesn't pass onto the runners-up like I think it used to when they had UEFA Cup) ... As a lower league fan (very lower league) your spot on about the "Leasing Trophy" - its a joke of a competition. But I work with quite a few Forest & Derby fans and they'd love a run in the Carabao Cup. There's a lifetime Leicester City season ticket holder here, and he said that when Rogers fielded a weakened side in last seasons Semi-Final - and lost to Aston Villa - the fans where mutinous.😊
  5. Whoa, puh!...I just finished my 2nd season with Hertha BSC and CerberV5. This tactic is a blast and gets better with every season. After 1st season 1st place@league and cupfinal won, this year was "ez" in the Bundesliga with 9 points difference to Bayern Munich (2nd). + my last topscorer K. Piatek scored 27x goals@Bundesliga. 83 goals in 34 matches is awesome. The first half of the season was like a dream. The second i kinda struggled because of injuries and idk, it was difficult to score + Champions Leagie, German Cup, National Teams was hard to manage my players. Overall still an s
  6. lol, red is playing without a keeper and an extremely advanced forward? You totaly misinterpreted that white board
  7. This is really disappointing to read. We felt that introducing an opt-in public beta after the game was released allows our players to contribute and feedback in advance of us putting out an update. For us it was seen as a step forward in the process of amplifying our communities voice within the studio. What we didn't necessarily expect was that people would conclude that we're only doing it because we believe the game is in such a bad state. To be clear we see the public beta as a positive thing. If the general consensus is that it's not, we just won't do it any more, which for me would
  8. I like the approach and I do realize how hard it is to make somerhing like this work currently. But.. having four of your players to close down more and using a BWM who's hard-coded to max pressing and using an attack duty WB who'll press more even without the hard-coding .. all of that kinda takes away from the "no pressing" part, don't you think? Please take no offence, it's an interesting read, and I love some of the movement of your players.
  9. This. I have tried fm20 multiple times but just can’t get past the issue of central play. I loaded up fm18 with a similar tactic I used on fm20 and it is night and day. More movement from the lone striker, 10 yard passes from edge of the box for a goal opportunity etc. The long shot issue is annoying but I can take that! i just hope that fm21 manages the ultra defensive tactics from AI and lack of central play and movement.
  10. FC Energie Cottbus - 2023/24 Season Review - 2. Bundesliga For the first time in our spell in the 2. Bundesliga, we found ourselves in a relegation battle. At no point were we ever higher than 11th place in the league, which says a lot considering that we've finished in 9th place in the last team seasons. So this could be considered a step backwards in regards to performances, even though we didn't lose a single player to transfers for the first time in a few seasons. If anything, the reason we didn't do as well as we have done in recent seasons is more due to my attempts to bring
  11. imo the naming of each Mentality can be misleading. You can play defensively using the Attacking mentality, just as you can be attacking using the Defensive mentality - it comes down to the rest of your set up. I appreciate the game leads us down that path - and it's perfectly valid to follow that path (the AI does after all) - we just need to understand how all settings fit together and not just focus on one aspect (in this case Mentality). Mentality essentially sets a whole bunch of Team Instructions and alters your player's individual mentalities (which can be seen in their Player In
  12. what does mentality actually do? it seems counter-intuitive to me that you can play "cautious" and yet dominate possession as long as you press and play with a high line. if you are "cautious" or "defensive" then playing like that makes no sense intuitively. So that means playing "attacking" mentality should be done with a low line and little pressing? it's crazy design. Just remove the mentality option to mean "risk", if that would be more correct?.
  13. So this unheard of person has just taken charge of Eintracht Frankfurt and the fans are questioning his appointment.
  14. Ah I see! I used to like the Parma colours.
  15. No, back then, in CM days, Parma was my favourite team
  16. I never want to win a major cup final by more than 1 goal.
  17. Season Summary. Apr 2049. Championship. FA Cup. We set new club records for progress in the FA Cup, before Brighton gave us a lesson at the Qtr Finals stage. Carabao Cup. Who cares. Premier League Cup (U23's). We did really well in our 1st season at this level, but unfortunately lost in the Playoffs. This is the 2nd Tier at U23 level. FA Youth Cup. Not a great campaign, but we are entering the competition at a later stage now and Boro have a good Academy set-up. If we played players in this competition rather than for the Seniors we w
  18. Zero frustration, zero regret and zero disappointment from playing thousands of hours worth over the 20 or so years. Are some years better than others? Ofcourse but it still doesn't take away from that year's experience. Every year is different, for better or worse, which is far better than playing the exact same game for the past 5 or 6 years like FIFA. SI have never let me down with an edition so much that I would even think about walking away for a year or two. This years one I can't see being any different.
  19. We finally did it! We won Serie A 11 years after the club was reformed post-bankruptcy. Not bad! We were 1 goal short of 100, won the coppa as well, and the mighty Juve sacked Guardiola. Finally the stranglehold has broken, and the tide of the nation has changed. You can see the trajectory of my/our career: Amazingly, we're now even in the top 10 clubs in the world!
  20. Really sorry but CK3 completely sucked me in over the weekend. Amazing game.
  21. I have some mild version of OCD for whole my life. I remember when I was younger, for example in FM 2005 I hated when I had injured players, because that red "inj" square annoyed me, so I would put my injured players to the reserve squad until they recover because I liket my "team screen" clean. When I was a 10y old kid, it was the strangest, I played only Serie A. ( I am not Italian) And I wanted only Italians players in my team, so then for example I would take Parma, then I take Lazio and transfer Alessandro Nesta to Parma, then I take Juve and transfer Inzaghi to me for example
  22. I think that is an excellent representation of real world football.
  23. It often is, yes. Sadly, they just can't cross when they do so. They pause, wait for the defender to catch up and then hit the ball against his legs. I can criticise too, @Marko1989 I just don't think that means the worst FM ever. But, for those maybe fewer beautiful times when my winger picks the ball up wide, cuts inside a first defender, nutmegs the second, drives for the byeline and cuts back a peach of a ball to my onrushing BTB MF... ...for those moments I love this game. And my neighbours probably know it when I shout "you $*%$ing beauty!" at the top of my voice. That is
  24. Aye, that was Soria alright. Gleefully made the run up the middle to offer himself as a passing option for my AML (David Doe) that was driving through midfield and then played the final ball right down the middle for Tomi Ameobi (STCR) to finish in the box.
  25. Season 2045/46 Superliga Finish: 3rd Season Summary A really great season for us which feels like a huge step forward. The Europa Conference definitely helped as it allowed us to build up some early season form. Good wins against Cork City and then Waterford put us in the 4th qualifying round where, as long as we avoided Monaco, I fancied our chances. So obviously we got Monaco. A brilliant performance in the first leg saw us go 4-3 up with 5 minutes left. sadly, they scored two in injury time to win 5-4. We went to Monaco the next week and with nothing to lose I went attac
  26. Exactly . A bit meh tbh. The Libero didn't really step up and the HB didn't really sit back. If I could have been bothered I'd have changed it to maybe a CD cover + Defensive Midfielder or something but I was getting results so didn't bother changing things. If it ain't broke don't fix it.
  27. I changed the mezzala's duty into attack to get better interplay between him and the IW. Because in my experience, a mezzala and wide fwd (regardless of the role) work better together when they are on different duties.
  28. First, check the roles and formation. You can often have an idea on how they are going to play just with the roles and formation. As an example, a left side with a WB(A) and an IF(S) will see two players on the wing (well, one on the wing and the other in the half space) and you must take care of it, be it with a midfielder tracking their wingback, or a more cautious combination of roles and duties on your wing. Or you can also decide to ignore it and play a W(At) in order to get behind their WB(A). It's up to you to choose, there's no rule of thumb saying "when they play like this, I mus
  29. Pretty much spot on . This has been my starting point (in a different save), just for some inspiration: Which I've (rightly or wrongly) interpreted into (it's not a recreation, just some inspiration): For this challenge I've then morphed that into: (I may change Mentality from time to time). The main issue (pretty much the only issue) is defending down the flanks. So the steps I've taken to address this are: 1) Support duties at AML/R in combination with an unaggressive Mentality and players with decent levels of work rate. This helps encoura
  30. April 2031 We obliterated FC Gaitcha but only just scraped past Auckland City.
  31. How frustrating can be a match? My team is clearly the worst of the league, we were holding them and doing our job perfectly, but they found two goals in stoppage time. What a kick in the teeth. We are playing better than I expected, but this is extremely disappointing.
  32. Season 2091/92 We were out of job for 8 or so months before we finally got a job in the Palestinian league with Al Ahli Al-Khalil Hebron or Ahli Khalil as they are better known. They are decent side in Palestine and things were not going to the boards satisfaction so they dispensed with the manager which allowed us to apply and get the job. The club were sitting in 7th place when we arrived to the club. Palestine is reasonably unique in that it has two top tier leagues, the West Bank Premier League and the Gaza Strip Premier League, they are both worth 100 points, but are not mu
  33. Damn those unlucky draws you get in the final, eh? Definitely one ball warmer than the other...
  34. New record, we have all but 4 of the U20's, all but 1 of the U23's and all but 5 of the senior team!
  35. Ajax 2018/19 The 4-2-3-1 The way they played and how I created my interpretation of it in FM20 Ofcourse alot of you have seen the young successful side of Ajax in the champions league, but how did they get there and how did they set up? And how does it translate into FM? In this thread I will try to answer those questions as well as I can with my knowledge of the game and logical thinking. Given I have only played FM since the 2015 version you might have other ideas of how things function or you might know better than me how things function, but after spending hours of
  36. This has been going on for 9 months now with no way for some to get a refund, I'd really hope there's some way to at least get a discount for the new version when it's released as I've paid full price for a game I haven't been able to enjoy this year, which is disappointing as I've been playing it since it was championship manager. Is it even going to be fixed in the new version?
  37. I'm here to finally release my Elizabeth Islands database (at last) This database consists of 3 divisions and 52 teams! Ranging from the busy streets of Sudsbury, to the oil rig island of Mauden! This database also includes an FA cup and a super cup. (this db moves Kazakhstan to Asia and reactivates the Pre-1922 Ireland) Lore: Elizabeth Islands is an archipelago east of Scotland, they have a rich footballing history, yet they had no official national leagues before the 2019/20 season. Football was only played regionally, from island to island basis. 52
  38. If you wondered what has happened to the updates...... CK3 is bloomin amazing.
  39. Will be doing monthly updates from here on it. Thanks for reading!!
  40. International Management is an area of FM where lots of improvements can be made, I've always done at least one international save per year and rather than it being enjoyable it seems very passive and uninteresting. There are several reasons for this which need addressing: You cannot train the players when away on international duty. The whole FA structure is under your control; hiring and firing staff - while this can be nice at your club, it really doesn't make sense when it's outside the First Team on the international level. No I don't want to take over the U23's squad for the
  41. Good thread My issue is: Defensive possession heavy sides don’t exist in real life (or at least not in the manner portrayed in this game). So people rightfully complain that the ai plays in such a manner
  42. July 21st was the last communication from SI regarding this issue "just ignore them, hopefully they will go away....."
  43. Don't do it, it will only end in heartbreak.
  44. I was thinking about getting FM on Stadia but this issue put big question mark over the purchase. Seems like the issue exist since January and it hasn't been fixed yet... It's only been 7 months there's no rush. I highly doubt that it'll ever get fixed. The problem is not SI but Google as they rushed the lunch of not finished product and now got no intention to fix bugs and issues on thier end and that's the reason why a lot of reviews stating that Stadia is crap. SI should think again about releasing FM21 on Stadia platform but probably desire to increase revenue will prevail while hopin
  45. IMO, a 17 year old should never have a 'model professional' status anyway, regardless of who he is. I can't see how you can possibly be a model professional at that age. You're still learning your trade after all. A 'model professional' should be someone older who's been in a game a good few years. On another note, I don't think I've ever looked at any of my players' statuses regarding this. What tangible difference will it make if someone is 'fairly professional' as opposed to 'model professional'?
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