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  1. Why? You should atleast offer reasons why. Saying the bolded parts are the most problematic without offering the 'why' its kind of pointless and not helpful. All the TI's you bolded, it is possible they contribute. But on the other hand, all the TI's you didn't bold could be just as problematic. With the shape he is playing and how aggressive he is with the mentality in the tactic you quoted I'd have suggested that is likely a huge factor above all the bolded ones you added. I also don't agree with the roles you bolded, all those roles will defend naturally when possession is lost and he
  2. 2027 Champions League Final Titikaveka are the 2027 OFC Champions League Winners!!!!!!
  3. April 2027 A big upset to beat Auckland and because they beat Team Wellington in the Quarter Final it means that there won't be a New Zealand side in the final! We'll be up against Kiwi who we beat 3-0 in the Preliminary Group!
  4. CD Mensajero 2027/2028 LaLiga 2 – 17th Fixtures (1) -- Fixtures (2) -- Stats -- Awards -- Season Review -- Transfer -- Overall Best XI -- Key Player -- Hot Prospect -- Finances League: Considering our form from the back end of last season I did hope we’d get off to a good start but we did not with us losing 4 of our first 5 games. We did start picking up a few results after that but never really found our rhythm and were on the wrong end of some heavy defeats. The second half of the season did see us improve defensively but all season goalscoring was a major issue with
  5. So with the new season almost underway, I got the "bug" to manage in England again. Something I usually start and end every FM edition with. However, I want to do things differently this time around. My recent saves have been a lot of racing through the seasons, long-term objectives, instant results, hunting for cheap new-gens all over the globe. While that has been a lot of fun, I'm keen to explore what else this game has to offer, and jump back into the actual day-to-day management of a football club. The club I have picked for my new journey is Aston Villa And a big part
  6. If you wondered what has happened to the updates...... CK3 is bloomin amazing.
  7. Are you going for the record for being wrong the most times in one thread?
  8. Season 43/44 Superliga Finish 8th Season Summary A really nice set of fixtures saw us start the season unbeaten and sit top f the league after 7 matches. As soo as we met the big boys though we got battered. We slowly slipped down the table but managed to sneak into the championship group due to that strong start. Once there we only won once and finished bottom of the group, with two teams in the relegation phase overtaking our points total, pushing us out of the european places and down to 8th overall the cup is such a waste of time for us. in 24 seasons I've only man
  9. Here is the tactical shape I seem to be now settling on. The first few games was played with a 3-4-1-2 formation but Grealish as an AM was absolutely non-existent. So now trying a flat midfield 3 instead. The fixtures so far - after a very rocky start we seem to be finding a bit of form. And here is what the current league table looks like, although it would be a minor miracle if we manage to stay in the European places.
  10. So how am I going to do things differently? A couple of things: Tactics - the save will focus a lot on tactical systems & frameworks. I will NOT be using my trusted 433 which has always delivered on every single save till date, purely because I am bored of it. Instead, I want to immerse myself into the world of the 3-5-2 and try my best to make that work. Getting the best out of club captain Jack Grealish will be crucial, and I would also like to use a Targetman in the front 2 (Villa have a good young one already in the shape of Wesley). Taking inspiration from the tactics
  11. How can I disagree? Man, I can think whatever I want, isn't that logical. Patch notes, copies sold and positive reviews MEAN NOTHING. Than does not mean this is FM is good. Let's for example take something popular. Some idiotic tik tok song for example. Some of those songs have a hundred of milions of views, millions of likes, does that mean that music is good? No, of course. In some cases, numbers/likes/positive reviews mean nothing. You must take in consideration that those positive reviews, may be writen by hardcore fans, who will defend the game no matter what, they may
  12. I have read this post three times now, and I still have no clue as to how any of that makes the game easier/harder.
  13. Originally posted on my blog I have been an avid follower of these forums since FM12 days, but never had the desire to chip in. However, I have lately started to blog about FM and my Hearts side, and I believe that this article about 5-3-2 formation is the least I could to these forums to repay what I have learned from all the people on these forums. (Special shoutout to @Experienced Defender, @Cleon, @Rashidi for sharing their knowledge for so many years, inspiring me to start writing myself!) PS. Excuse any poor grammar, English is my second language. ========================
  14. From discussing the matter in another thread, I did some testing and can see that (at least in FM18) reviving Bermuda Hogges and changing their nationalities, name, history etc can allow you to effectively create a new club, insert it in a country of your choosing, and have a team like Chivas in Mexico that can only sign domestic players. The transfer restriction is hard-coded, like Athletic Bilbao - although I can't find a way to do it with another nationality like that (i.e. Basques in Spain, instead of Mexicans in Mexico). I thought I'd throw it out to the editoratti and see if an
  15. FC Energie Cottbus - 2022/23 Season Review - 2. Bundesliga This season felt harder than last season. It didn't help that we lost Tobias Eisenhuth at the beginning of the season to Hamburger for just £1.3M, only for Hamburger to get relegated and for Eisenhuth to be playing in the 3. Liga division throughout the season. Still, I realise just how difficult this season was for us with the fact that we at one point went 9 games without a run and went 6 games without scoring a single goal either. The tactics I was using wasn't working, so decided to make some slight changes. I went from
  16. Yes. Buying regardless. £30 for hundreds of hours of gameplay is a bargain every year.
  17. Public betas are a thing in many games these days. It's a way for the developer to invite people on board to test updates to a game. Stop thinking in the past when a beta meant the game wasn't released. Gaming is changing in many ways. I know a number of other games that have beta programs to test future content, or games that have varying programs of community testing.
  18. There was a public beta throughout FM19's lifecycle too. It's got nothing to do with the quality of the game, but the access that SI can give the player base to live test potential updates. That's only really been a thing in the last two editions. I'd expect it to be the same in FM21 and beyond.
  19. UEFA Champions League - Season 2025/26 Well, it's been a big few months for the folks at Lynx FC. Our first ever trips to the San Siro and the Stadion Munchen have come and gone, and, at the end of the day, we didn't disgrace ourselves. We haven't moved on in the Continental Competitions at all, which is why I'm going to summarise the whole campaign in one post. We didn't start well at all, with a series of disappointing performances through the first half of the campaign, redeemed by our 0-0 draw at home to Milan in the third game. The nicest thing about the draw wa
  20. Editing a bunch of CA200s into the Conference.
  21. February 2022 I'm shocked! We beat Auckland City! They played a full strength side!!
  22. I am so excited that I won my first game - by a score of 4 - 0 no less. It has taken me watching a ton of soccer strategy videos, and to watch a bunch of football manager videos as well. I even adjusted my strategy during the game to take advantage of a weakness I spotted on their team. Then during the game, I was shouting instructions to my team too. I am really enjoying the game now that I understand it. Of course, there is still a lot more for me to learn about the game. For example, I am still trying to understand scouting and development and youth team management. I am also lea
  23. I know we've been asking for this to be implemented for several years now, but I wanted to re-post to provide a recent high-profile example of this happening in real life. As you can see, Weston McKennie's loan to Juventus was negotiated and confirmed before the transfer window opened, and then it went through on the first day: As you can see, loans are in fact negotiated and confirmed before the window opens, just like transfers, and the inability to do this in-game is unrealistic and hurts the immersion. This issue is seen in a few different areas: We need to be able t
  24. Thought it was something like that, but wasn't sure if it was a 2.5 or even 3 weighting. This could develop to a future challenge, going from bottom to top while claiming the discipline record permanently in every league - so if you get your L1 score beaten when in the Prem you need to try and claim it back - but with one club. So if you get fired you go back to the VNN/VNS again.
  25. nope, sat in their reserves for 3 seasons and released on a free! Happened to a lot of my early youth pulls, took nearly 15 seasons before i got a sell on clause windfall. that money can make all the difference in this challenge yep, the difference in quality was a real shock. even in Superliga, the gulf between the top 6 and the bottom 6 is huge. Anderson is great but a yet attracted no interest at all. Not sure why but at this stage i'm not complaining! I'm really enjoying it in Denmark even though there's such huge quality gaps.
  26. Post a screenshot of your current formation with the player roles and team instructions
  27. First game after these tweaks! While the scoreline flattered us, I was happy to see us having more than 50% possession for the first time this season, and my two best mids Grealish & McGinn both finally having a good game. Looks like flat midfield trio is the way to go, the AMC position is just such a let-down in this game.
  28. I'll see what the new things are and what if any fixes they make.
  29. A separate thing that just happened to me, I signed Barkley, Origi and Giroud in the same summer transfer window, all three requested a promise that I would improve my defence - as I had plans to do this anyway I was happy to grant it and help me get the contracts over the line. I signed a couple of CBs (including Holding as outlined in my post above) and I am generally pretty happy with my defence in terms of strength and depth, and Barkley is very happy the promise was fulfilled but Origi and Giroud are both unhappy that it wasn't...
  30. Season 2075 We arrived in Singapore some 13 months after we resigned our role at Central Coast Mariners in Australia. The club we would be leading are a bit unique in the country, in that although they play in Singapore, they only have Japanese players and cannot sign anyone who is not Japanese. This actually led a strange bug, where due to the registration requirements which must have two under 23 Singaporean players in the first 11, I was required to play two greyed out goalkeepers every game in the league, one in goal naturally and the other ostensibly at left back. So that made t
  31. Season 2073/74 FFA Cup To pass AFC10 this year we needed the A-League Grand Final crown, so the FFA Cup was less important, it would come in handy if we did not win the Grand Finals as we would then only need a cup somewhere else to progress from AFC10. The offseason was long and we had made the changes that we needed to the team and the results improved. In the first round we faced Wollongong Wolves and got a big morale boosting win 5-0 at their ground, before we faced our first real test in A-League side Macarthur, and we managed to get a narrow 1-0 win to advance to the
  32. I like it, I would keep an eye on the AMC roles. Most of the support roles are basically hooks, so as you at you might want to add more movement via instructions. Team instructions look good from the outside, make sure your deep sitting mids are either passing or carrying to your front 4
  33. We've gone through it earlier. PSG with their 4th penalty... and they must score it to keep the game alive. It's going to be Victor Manuel Flores, another one of PSG's Mexican players, he's of course a centre back by trade, not someone you'd particularly imagine would be a penalty taker but he will take this one. Christopher Frank mouthing obscenities at him trying to put him off. It's Flores... OHHHH AND FRANK SAVES IT!!!!! A HUGE SAVE FROM THE GERMAN AND HE'S WON IT FOR HIS SIDE!!! THIERRY RUNNING ONTO THE PITCH AS FAST AS A MAN IN HIS MID 70'S CAN RUN AND AL
  34. DAY 9 - GAME 1 It's day 9 and we start off with giants Germany against minnows United Arab Emirates. Second Round of Pool Play AT&T Stadium, Dallas, United States Lineups: United Arab Emirates (Defensive 4-4-1-1): Khaseif; Lashkri, Al-Kamali, Abbas, Hezam; Mubarak ( 67' Mabkhout), Al-Ali ( 74' Khalifa), A. Abdulrahman , Saleh ; O. Abdulrahman, Khalil ( 85' Caio) Germany (4-2-3-1 Wide): Neuer; Kimmich, Süle ( 85' Rüdiger), Tah, Gosens ; Kroos, Gündogan ( 85' Goretzka), Gnabry, Havertz, Reus; Werner Report: Germany's victory over the United Arab Em
  35. Good job, how much money approximately you've earned in Cl and EC campaign? As i played in Northern Ireland, Gibraltar, Andorra, San marino can say as faster you qualify to CL group then more easily will be going game, you've earn bunch of money qualifying to CL group.
  36. Season 2061/62 Hong Kong Community Cup As FA Cup winners we were involved in the Community Cup against last years league winners Wofoo Tai Po, and it was a very good start to our campaign to start things off. 30 points in the bag. Hong Kong First Division Our bread and butter has to be the league and we produced a fantastic display this season. We were unfancied at the start of the season with bookies thinking we would push for fourth place, but they were wrong as we romped home with the league title unbeaten. That is 100 points in the bag for us. Hong K
  37. One month left to vote guys, @spined_wurm, @LucMaugham, @OspreyJ, @Millerman, @neilhoskins77, @sherm, @fat Lion1, @Diego Imposta, @gavrenwick, @1magine, @he_2 and @tenthreeleader all need to vote if you want the chance to win....Anyone else you still can vote Cheers Mark
  38. Season 2059 I am not sure why but it appears that Mongolian clubs do not enter Asian competition or perhaps it is on some very long delay so it was pure domestic football again this season. Mongolian Super Cup The Mongolian Super Cup was not that important to me this season just because of the number of remaining points we needed the Super Cup was going to be immaterial to hitting the number we needed. Regardless of that I am happy that we got the win anyway 3-0 against Khangarid. 15 points on the board Niislel League The league was very important to us
  39. Season 2056/57 AFC Champions League Well to some degree it was good that we were good enough to qualify for the Champions League, but really it was means to leave Asian football competition a lot quicker as we were completely outclassed against seasoned top tier competition in the group stages. DPR Korea League I have never witnessed something so shoddy and inconsistent as our team this year. We were absolutely woeful, absolutely no backbone, no attacking guile, no defensive solidity. It was terrible. As defending champions you would have expected us to
  40. Season 2054/55 Martyr's Memorial A-Division Well it was a pretty amazing season, we lost a lot of players in the transfer window, which were poached by other clubs and we were predicted to finish in 13th place, which was worrying but we reacted superbly and we looked in the early season as if we would walk the league. Towards the end of the season things became a lot harder for the team and we Tribhuvan Army looked great and were catching us up and eventually went past us in the league. Our penultimate game was against Tribhuvan Army and we needed to win to go back above th
  41. 2052/53 Season President's Cup We started off the season in the best way possible as we beat Valencia in the President's Cup in an easy 6-2 win to capture another 15 points towards AFC14. Dhivehi League The league, which has quickly become our playground, was no issue again for us this season as we went unbeaten to claim another league title way before the end of the season. That is another 25 points in the bag for us towards AFC14. Milo Charity Sheild The Milo Charity Shield started off for us with a nice win over Eagles 3-0 in the 1st Ro
  42. UEFA Champions League - Season 2025/26 So there were some big developments in the off-season in regards to the club, with improved Youth Facilities on the way, and a new stadium being built! In addition to that, we made some big plays off the park in the transfer window. Importantly, we managed to keep hold of all of our big-name Gibraltarian players, (especially Tjay De Barr), and are working on training some young blood to get their "Trained In Gibraltar" certification in the next season or two. On the transfer front, we managed to secure the loan of Luca Wollacott for another season, a
  43. End of season awards: Fans player of the season- Kelvin Morgan (78%) Mac's player of the season- Kelvin Morgan Rising Star- Dougie Taylor Goal of the season- Paul Shields (vs Magpies) Signing of the season- Dragos Circur (Free Transfer from Arsenal) Young player of the season- Julian Del Rio The fans doubled down on their love for Kelvin Morgan this season, and I can sort of understand why. He just tended to show up at the right time, exactly when we needed him. Be it Europe, Gibraltar, or anywhere. If you look just below here to the stats from the season, I
  44. In every Football Manager save, there is always that frustrating mooment where your squad just completely forgets how to play. Multiple lobbed balls forwards straight to the opposition defence when they had time to look up and play a good pass, uncontested headers back to the opposition when it would be easier to control the ball, strange and unfortunate penalties given by VAR... All of these things came to a head in our first game against Sporting CP. Everyone in the team forgot how to play, except Serine Sanneh. The goalkeeper put in an astoundingly good performance, earning a 9.0
  45. Originally posted on my blog The 442 and 4231 Problem I have had great success with Hearts, both in the league and Europe. We dominate smaller teams, and hit the stronger teams on the break with the DLP, TM and the CWBs. However there are several issues with my 5-3-2 system. Most notably of these is the '442 and 4231 problem' as I call it. I recently gave away a 2-0 lead in the last 15 minutes against Dundee United after them changing to an attacking 442 with overlapping fullbacks. The issue is most obvious when the wide forwards pin my wingbacks and wait for a very easy overlap
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