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  1. I'm semi-retired these days but thought I'd share this as it may give others an idea or two. This is how Wycombe lined up against me recently: So a "defensive" 4411 with 2 defensive midfielders. Enough to make some people roll their eyes and say "oh no, here we go again" by all accounts. I'm not going to share my complete tactic, but for context I'm still following the same principles I outlined last year in my tiki taka thread and my attacking with intent thread from the year before, both of which go all the way back to Cleon's original possession thread from a few years
  2. I am not sure if Im offending anyone here, especially the mods. Thats lower league which you are talking about. I am very sure most of us who is having this problem is that we are managing a "superclub". I did read your thread before, which is insightful, but you are managing West Ham. To me, thats not a big club in the start of the game unless you are very deep into your save. I know your purpose of opening this thread, because of recent threads/posts complaining about the possession. I, myself face this issue. I did complain once or twice and I chose to adapt, to a lit
  3. After failed spells with two clubs ( Fc Romania and NK Pajde) with foreign regens playing in different country, I got a golden tip from @Winski. I knew the club but because they changed names I thought they wouldn't produce foreign regens anymore . After research it turned out that it still was possible... A new club where fans decide on name, logo, stadium name and in the future a lot more. A club where they train foreign players to learn the local language and football.. Brave Calling! Caledonian Braves is my new club. Caledonian Braves | Intro 20-21 | Scottish League tw
  4. this is the problem when a game has no competition. SI can just slack off because what else are we going to play? there's no alternative to FM...
  5. Fine- there is no issue with you expressing your opinion. I would suggest that if you cannot be successful with Real Madrid, there may be some tactical issues that you could change and so if you want help, go to the Tactics forum and open a thread there with as much detail as possible and the experts in there can have a look for you.
  6. I have recently skimmed through Lines and Diamonds and there was one section about attacking patterns that really got me thinking. Basically, it listed all of the complex patterns of attacking play that can be used to create chances. In this thread, I want to give examples of how I would recreate each of these patterns using the player roles, team/player instructions, player attributes and ppms. I also want to use this thread to show how important player selection, and PPMs are when building a tactic. It's not all about roles and duties. An effective tactic will have multiple ways of
  7. Playing the same ****ing team three games in a row due to league fixtures, cup draws, replays etc
  8. Follo FK Season 2024 (Season 5) Review - OBOS-ligaen - Norway League | Squad | Transfers | Finances This season were one of the hardest I've had in FM20 for a long time. I posted above, but we went 7 matches without scoring a single goal. A really tough patch, so naturally we couldn't follow up the great season last year. During that run we were down flirting with relegation, but once we got back into it we started to climb the table. While we were never in contention for the playoff spots, we still only finished slightly behind it. So I'm pretty happy all things considered
  9. I understand what you're saying however that is completely irrelevant to both this thread and indeed this entire forum. Whether or not this type of opponent should or shouldn't be in the game is a complete non-issue here. The issue is that these opponents are (rightly or wrongly) in the game and thus we as managers need to find ways to deal with them. If people want to debate (or complain) about their existence in game that has absolutely nothing to do with the tactics forum .
  10. It's after 1:00 am here, but I really wouldn't have been able to go to bed with just this match standing in the way of my season. But we will get to the Rock Cup shortly. How did the rest of the league go? It doesn't get much better than that. In fact, if we take a look at the league table, this really was our breakout season. We were two goals away from a perfect season, and next year will possibly be the last season we have the opportunity to do that. It's sometimes hard to tell what might happen in the league, and when the other teams will start to get good and go
  11. Thought I'd try to roughly translate some of the interesting parts of this at least, as I don't expect many people here speak portuguese. It's hard because Gerson doesn't name the positions so I might even get some bits wrong (he says a lot of 'here' or 'there' referring to positions as if we could see where he was pointing or read his mind lol) Gerson is very adamant that Rivelino played in the midfield 3 though. He says Zagallo told Rivelino the following: "I don't want you in the wings, I have exceptional wingers, Paulo Cézar Caju, Edu.. I don't want you here, ok? I want you here (mid
  12. !!!!!!!!FM20.4.1KnapKashmir41221VOL6P103ECCTHP94 Knap do you test this tactic? I remember that in my test was good result Quick test this tactic with Parma Werder Bremen quick test Krylya Sovetov med pred last !!!!!!!!FM20.4.1KnapKashmir41221VOL6P103ECCTHP94.fmf
  13. I was not alive in the 1970s so cannot claim to be much of an expert, but the following might help you http://otaviopinto.com/index.php/2016/07/14/pele-10-formation/ https://spielverlagerung.de/2011/11/15/pele-der-mann-der-den-fusball-schuf/
  14. Witton Albion FC - Season 2020/21 Review Vanarama National League North League Performance - I was really surprised with how much of a good first season I was able to achieve with a very limited squad! After the first third of the games played it looked like we would be in a relegation battle of sorts but probably have just enough to stay up, but we went from strength to strength and narrowly missed out on the playoffs. We don't have a big squad nor do we have strength in depth but our four best players - Chris Renshaw (GK), Liam Goulding (CB), Danny McKenna (CM) and Will Jones (ST
  15. My personal opinion: I'm not a fan of unlimited potential, as I don't think it is realistic - bionic implants and some kind of matrix data dump aside, no matter what I do, I'll never be as fast as Usain Bolt or as smart as Albert Einstein. What I am in favour of is raising the PA ceiling a bit, but making it much harder for a player to reach that limit. This would avoid the issue of users that inspect the PA and CA values thinking that a player has peaked early. (Although, in my opinion those values aren't really meant to be known to the user in absolute terms anyway, even if they are ab
  16. been buying FM yearly since the CM days but after the FM20 mess at launch I'll be waiting to see the demo first.
  17. Have posted this a couple of other places but feel it's appropriate in the 'scripted' discussion and why that isn't true at all. Remember with the match engine it's a representation of football. Each chance that happens is calculated based on all the many many factors which happen within the FM gameworld and match situation at that time. There is no difference between what can happen for the player or the AI - if there's such a thing as 'superkeepers' (which for the record we've seen nothing in the code to suggest this) then the AI would encounter it just as often as the player. The p
  18. At this moment in time, NO. FM20 has been the worst one so far for me since I started playing, no enjoyment and it's the least played version for me as I struggle to get into it due to it's many discussed issues re ME etc. I think I'll wait to see what happens with the ME before I decide.
  19. Well... It's useless at best and misleading at worst... If you can happily ignore all the red circles and zones, with a bit of luck and a few tweaks, what's the point of having such "guides"? And while a FM veteran can just think "yeah, I'll do things my way", a newcomer or a less experienced user may simply be thrown off by the inconsistencies and logically think Green=Best, Red=Terrible and end up with a completely screwed up formation, DESPITE his setup being, on paper, the best possible. To me it IS a major issue because it underlines once more how arbitrary and counterintuitive
  20. A ‘state of FM’ update from Studio Director, Miles Jacobson It’s a bit of an understatement to say that 2020 has been a difficult year so far, and although we at Sports Interactive have had it easier than many, it’s still been a tough time for the studio. We have enjoyed some advantages, though. Our revenue hasn’t disappeared entirely (as it has done for many businesses) and we’ve been able to do a number of things we otherwise may not have considered. For example, we allowed people to play FM20 for free for a fortnight back in March and took part in a bunch of charity initiatives in
  21. Thought I'd start a thread to see if anybody has taken a punt on a player, who turned out to be a world beater? For example: Whilst managing AC Milan, my striker got poached by Chelsea in summer - so I needed a replacement. I made a decision, before even looking at who it was, that I'd try to sign who ever finished the season as leading goalscorer in Serie B - regardless of age, and wasn't going to scout them. Turned out to be a 20 Year Old Advanced Forward called Allessandro Gillardino - got him for £21.5m. In the remaining 2 and a half years I remained AC Milan manager he le
  22. I've had a few requests on Twitch and on YouTube to answer some questions from the forums. The nature of the forums is such that these kind of questions can get lost in threads and sometimes we keep on asking the same questions. With that in mind, I am starting a thread here in the hopes that I can help as many of you as I can. If you want your questions answered, please be as descriptive as possible, and I will do my best to answer these questions, where possible. Once the video is done I will link it back to my thread in the Community Section, oh yeah and ask away in this thread -), for
  23. The build up to that goal is enough to send me to sleep (I'm 100% a get the ball, get it forward, score guy). But it is nice to see this sort of thing being demonstrated, and dealing nicely with the low block play keep ball defensive teams. This is essentially the opposite of what I do with these teams. I just let them have the ball but do not let them have it in my half, so they can never actually create chances. I really enjoy how you have players in the correct areas of the pitch to allow your wide players to sensibly recycle the ball when there is not a good crossing chance as well.
  24. ım ın second season 33 games playedım fırst by 7 poınts but they have game ın hand.quarter finals at champıons league fırst game 1-0 down but manage a comeback agaınst psg:)difference is ı score less goals this season.ım tryıng to be lıke sır alex ferguson buıltıng a team few sıgnıngs only make use of academy
  25. "<PLAYER> isn't interested in joining Paris SG"
  26. Good thread My issue is: Defensive possession heavy sides don’t exist in real life (or at least not in the manner portrayed in this game). So people rightfully complain that the ai plays in such a manner
  27. Am chasing this up for you Adam and will update you when I have further info. Thanks.
  28. Very small squad + lots and lots of youngsters .
  29. You'd pretty much have to set the entire nation into recession in order to fail FFP regulations.
  30. My feeling after reading this thread is that people make the game harder via self-imposed restrictions. As a result, the game itself is easy because we have to make it harder by making up extra rules. Expressions like "there is always a way to make it harder" just highlight that the game itself is easy.
  31. I see where you're coming from, however headers are or can be just as dangerous as using your feet if the player is in the correct position. The reason I've added these examples is I feel there is almost contempt for people who come on the forum to complain about this when there really shouldn't be. The AI really doesn't have to do too much to score in many games. The deep cross to the far post, the long range howitzer, the long goal kick from the opposition keeper that your defenders watch while the opposition striker takes down perfectly with his his first touch, Bergkamp-esq and fires
  32. Glad you are doing well with Bournemouth. I am looking forward to seeing how January goes for you and the players that leave and come into the club.
  33. 4th December 2019 - Premier League - Matchday 16 Starting XI: Ramsdale, Mepham, Ake, S Cook*; Billing; H Wilson**, Surman, Lerma***, King; Solanke; C Wilson. Subs: Boruc, Kelly*, Stacey, Francis, Ibe, L Cook**, Fraser*** What a performance against one of the best teams in the league. We went behind early on but Solanke bagged against his former side to get us level. Kante then put Chelsea ahead before Joshua King scored a wonderful solo goal to get us a draw. King hit the post in the last minute too that could of won the game for us. Bournemouth MOTM: Joshua King (8.4)
  34. I'm a 2 year cycle purchaser. FM20 was a revelation on FM18 and playing LLM style & full matches, it takes me three months to play one season anyway so my career saves tend to last 2 years. Surely the ME will be changed for 2022
  35. Season 2034 Good start, though Haukar caused some problems again. Korte was called up to the World Cup, hopefully our defense depth will be enough in June. A 95th minute free kick equalizer from Fjolnir was a big disappointment but we finished the month on top, three points over Breiðablik. Croatian youngster Marin Grubisic made his goalscoring debut in the cup. Perfect month, we won all the games without conceding a single goal! Our advantage in the league increased to ten points, we also advanced to the cup semi-final and got a good result at home against Slavia
  36. Follo FK Season 2023 (Season 4) Review - OBOS-ligaen - Norway League | Squad | Transfers | Finances A really good season for us and the increase skill at this tier was not that noticeable for me. Some teams were really good, but those are usually recently relegated teams from the top tier that are also professional sides. For the rest though, we were more than equal for most. I'm still constantly tweaking the tactic to suit the players, but the team seems to be very well suited for my usual lopsided 4-5-1/4-3-3 so I'm sticking with it, I think. Going into the final part of
  37. 28th September 2019 - Premier League - Matchday 8 Starting XI: Ramsdale, Mepham, Ake, S Cook; Billing; Fraser*, Surman, L Cook**, King; Solanke; C Wilson. Subs: Boruc, Kelly, Stacey*, Francis, Ibe, H Wilson**, Surridge Now that's more like it. It was a massive game for us because we hadn't won since the Arsenal game and especially after the United drubbing. We went down early on but scored four goals in only three minutes to give us the win. Bournemouth MOTM: Ryan Fraser (8.7) League Position: 12th Next Opponent: Everton (H)
  38. Great write up mate! Good to see people are still passionate with this game at this point in its lifecycle.
  39. I really think the franchise could benefit from SI taking a year out from doing a new release and instead making sure that the current release is as good as it can be. There are still so many little bugs that get carried over from version to version --like auto-sizing columns not working properly, ongoing since FM16 or so-- and the game would be so much less frustrating if they could squash all those bugs properly before they worry about adding new features. Like the new skin we get every year - save yourselves some time, SI, and don't bother with it! Everyone just uses community skins anyw
  40. I agree. On this, I disagree. Basically: So, what we need in my opinion is not a second tactical screen, but a view screen. A screen that will show you how the team will dispose itself in attacking formation. You still set that up in the normal tactical screen we have, but in the other screen you see the results of your decisions. They already implemented something similar recently (the colour of the boxes of the field, depending on how well covered it is) but I think this second screen would be pretty easy to make and would give the player more infos on what his ta
  41. Hey I just started a new save and play with the CerberV5 tactic which uses the new Freekickstrat from TFF. (posted by a user here) Completely dominate the league (so far). 9 matches, 8 wins. 28 goals. Here a few standards for me, ty 2 own experience + community tipps from this thread/TFF: I use the mentioned Training "balanced" all the time RVs-RMs, LVs-LMs, .. usw. in the Mentoring-Groups (to get good player chemistry) from TFF mentioned individual Training (startpost) Touchline Shouts, Team Meeting (from TFF`s startpost) is the leftf
  42. For a beginner - no. For experienced players - yes. But what makes FM so good is that you can always start a new save with a new challenge. Youth only, lower leagues etc. What makes FM easy, at least in the long run (career save): manager reputation + team talks + man management. If you get good enough reputation for your current club/division, so that players respect you, and you know what to say in the dressing room (even clueless beginners figure that out eventually) and you know how to keep your players happy, it gets easier as the game progresses. Winning breeds confidenc
  43. with the absolute shambles the ME is its a massive no from me.
  44. Nope. Bought 19 after the last patch. wasn't impressed. Skipped 20. Reading the comments they are almost exactly similar to 19. Shows the problems in 19 is still carried over to 20. and looking at the ME in youtube by popular players, i'm so glad i skipped it. this series is definitely stagnating or even going backwards to the hardcore fanbase. in my opinion the game is now more for the larger casual fanbase. the hardcore fanbase who have high expectation and are used to having a great ME are going to be disappointed in the upcoming versions as well. unless i see a drastic ME ch
  45. Let's have a go I haven't actually played a save since starting this thread, so now it's time to see if what I researched has actually improved my game at all, or if it was just a waste of time I already mentioned that I always seem to have a hard time as a team that dominates the ball, so I'm going to pick a team that is one of the better sides in the division, but I don't want to play as the best as I don't want to rely too much on purely indiviudal brilliance to skew the results. The team I'm going to go with, because of this, is Chelsea. Chelsea also have the beneift of being a b
  46. Hmmm, who to believe....the company that have coded this game for years, or a random poster on the internet. It's a toughie.
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