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  1. Regular Season: December 2021 December brought some winnable matches and Bernard was hopeful of breaking out of his teams poor form. The First Day of the Month saw Clermont host Nimes in Chateauroux, but first we will revisit the hype for the match. It was a winnable match... an early penalty led for a long day but the boys kept fighting...Grbic scored an equalizer. a tough fixture with OM awaited on the weekend so there was more work to do. The gamblers had their money on OM. We played well upfront but had a hard tim
  2. Dont see how its not his 2nd home if he owns it? No one lived there, it wasnt rented out. It was empty waiting for him whenever he needed it. What else would that be classed as? Its done now anyway, he got away with it, they have won. The only way back in is for us to mobilise and riot, so if someone wants to light up Currys, give me a nod as i fancy a new TV
  3. Intro Been playing FM since way back in the CM 00/01days, but I am by no means an expert on the game. I usually write in career updates but have a heavy emphasis on tactical updates. I usually use a certain managers tactics from real life to give me a base to build from, I started this about three years ago, it helps me in looking for what I actually wanted to see from a tactic on the game instead of getting overwhelmed with the tactical creator and turning to plug and play. So with being in lockdown I thought I would use my time and do a total in depth analysis of my tactical idea for my
  4. Majority of people here are English. They've all abandoned social distancing now. They are all too busy having barbecues to be here tonight.
  5. Something like Kenshi might be good for you? Very in-depth and fairly complex single player game where it's pretty much up to you what you decide to do. Graphically it's not great but it's definitely something you can immerse yourself in for long sessions.
  6. That's another one we won't be seeing at a daily briefing for a while.
  7. This is how the Hong Kong police lost the city, by brutal, thuggish attacks on people trying to peacefully demonstrate.
  8. Hmmm, brought it down to probably slightly under one. With zero scope for manoeuvre. Feel free to have this convo again in 2 months tops when it all goes to **** again due to the **** poor handling. To think its bought us much time before it goes tits up again is silly and wrong.
  9. No snake emoji's this time for Taylor Swift from weird Kardashian/West fans Also
  10. Hello, and welcome to - what is very likely to be - my last tactics thread for the Football Manager community. I am still very much enjoying Football Manager 2018 which means I am a few versions behind and left me in two-minds about whether to post this. A combination of wanting to say thank you and farewell to those who have contributed, pay tribute to my most enjoyable ever save and share a tactical system which I hope others may enjoy inspired me to give it a shot; so here goes. Enjoy! Coming Full Circle.. It seems very fitting to finish this journey with Total
  11. I've noticed that when playing against a weaker team, who comes out in a Cautious or Defensive mentality, they will sometimes be able to to dominate possession over the course of the match. Even if I play with: A much higher line of engagement A much higher defensive line Tight marking GK distribution prevention Extremely urgent pressing Stuck in tackling Relatively poor or average teams will still manage to pass the ball around for long spells in their own half, using what appears to be high tempo and less dribbling, resulting in +50% of the posses
  12. Surrey, England! It will be too light to see the craft after launch, we will only be able to see it on the second pass, at 10.15pm.
  13. Well this is how you start the season strong with a 5-0 win against Brest.
  14. Role Breakdown. This will be a shorter version than I usually do, I think most knows how I reason at this point. If anything is unclear do not hesitate to ask. •Goalkeeper. · Sweeper Keeper support. ‣ Helps with building from the back. Plays well with ball playing defenders. ‣ Leaves his area to sweep up overhit through balls from the opposition. ‣ Might launch quick counter attacks. · Mentality: Attacking. · Personal Instructions: - •Right and left Central Defender. · Ball playing defender defend. ‣ Helps with building from the back. Plays we
  15. If you want a pick up and play game, football manager is not the game for you I'm afraid. The fact that you decide that stumbling upon something with nerfs the bugs shows that you don't really know what you're talking about... I would watch at corners and set pieces to see where my team was conceding chances from, change who was stood where to counter this. Take off get stuck in and you should concede less free kicks to concede from. Just because you don't understand the tactics, it's not the games fault it's too advanced for you to adapt. Luckily for you it seems the lockdown r
  16. No Man's Sky might be your thing. You can do all those and I've found it immensely relaxing to kill a bit of time. No pressure to follow any set path, even though there are missions you can choose to do if you're inclined.
  17. Not a recently updated one as my team has now moved up the leagues and I no longer needed to keep it updated. But here's a list of the ones in here that I created a couple of months back maybe [let me just check it doesn't contain swearing or any personal info... no, good to go ] * = highly recommended although I didn't keep that up to date either. I added some info to the players but any comments were from whoever posted the player, not mine *Patrick Berg *Valakari CM/AM *Marco Kana CM *Brandon Cortes 18yo CF Argie Leonidas Stergiou, 17, centre back, Switzerland, St Gal
  18. Guys, as it can be seen at the screenshot above my played time for FM20 is "1895" hours. I tested all the ins and outs of FM20 long time ago. For me it requires about one month since the last M.E. changes to find out what works the most effective way under the current ME and it's been like 7 months since the game release and 3-4 months since the last M.E. changes so as I said I tested everything long time ago. Few years ago it required for me spending much more time on tactic testing to find out what works in the most effective way but with every year my skill in tactic testing
  19. Can someone enlighten me a bit, because I'm becoming incredibly frustrated with this country's public, the government and the "figures" (as I'm sure we all are) and admittedly I'm no political expert so lets give it a go anyway; I saw a tweet where yesterday's coronavirus deaths across Europe read something like: Spain 2 Italy 87 Germany 24 France 52 Belgium 42 Ireland 6 Turkey (Eurasia) 28 UK... 324. Why are our numbers still so high?! Brazil has just under 200k more cases than us, yet 10k fewer deaths. You would think the UK has a bett
  20. It's Jeff Hardy - there's a chance it was a real arrest and Vince just managed to get the police to agree to do it on film for them.
  21. Well, they're both roles with Dribble More instruction locked in, meaning the player needs to be capable of beating his man regularly. If you want a more team-oriented build-up, Wide Midfielder is a better choice. Besides that, roles shouldn't be looked at in isolation. Maybe he ends up dribbling himself into trouble because he has no passing options close by? Or his mentality is too high (e.g. Positive + IW-At = Very Attacking), meaning he's taking too much risks? You'll need to post your tactic and player's profile for more.
  22. Sign up has ended. 18 nations will compete in the first ever OTFSC. We have an announcement: CHANGE OF FORMAT. Due to the number of competitors, we will now enter all 18 countries into the grand finale. A host nation will still be picked, and they have the option to pick their song spot. All other entries will be placed randomly into order. Deadline for song entry/change: Wednesday June 3rd. A PM sent to me including a link to a Youtube clip of the song. Doesn't have to be an actual music video or a live performance.
  23. They really should charge the other officers as well for the death of George Floyd
  24. Has anyone else's youth academy branched out to Pandora and brought in a Na'vi regen?
  25. Quick update.. one game to go ( first i won 3-0 against Lorient, revenge !) How crazy is this ?
  26. Well of course Obama worsened race relations. By being president, he made black people believe that they could be anything. He gave them the audacity of hope and aspirations. Certain parts of white America were comfortable with the way society was and simply aren't ready for black people to have aspirations. So naturally, it set race relations back.
  27. This is how you get even old white ladies yelling **** Tha Police.
  28. Thanks everybody for the kind word and support . Changed a few of my squad and progress views / calculations. Included average age for youth intakes and all my numbers are now calculated on / 100. And change my highest and lowest colour scheme. First team : < 45 = red , > 55 = green B / youth team : < 40 = red, > 50 = green Youth intake : < 35=red, > 40 = green Split my squad calculation into the units , i'll use this screen to organise my squad. Players in red will probably leave (loan finished or won't sign a new deal).
  29. Nothing a surprise. This whole thing has been dealt with badly. But them are the times we are living in. **** poor initial lockdown, ambiguous rules from the outset to now, new shiny positive rules and re openings at a time that were/have been implemented to deflect attention away from the Cumming's affair etc etc etc. I wouldn't be surprised if some of the recently banded around things were to be scrapped. Like the track and trace, the mobile app, border control and so on. This government has been making **** up as they go along since day one. I mean, what world are we all living i
  30. You can hardly blame them when our own scientists think the community transmission is too high to be safe. Why would anyone want to risk us travelling to their countries?
  31. XaW - Putnok FC - 2030/31 Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances We didn't start the season great, but good enough. However, Videoton got away from the pack early on and looked like the most likely winner. A bit after the winter break though, they had a really poor patch and allowed the rest of us to catch up. This season was a bit of a let down and a really good one at the same time, tactically. We conceded a lot more goals this time around, but we also scored buckets more. After we caught up with Videoton, we had a great run and got a bit way from the rest and in the end we fina
  32. You know that the game is scripted and unfair when Juventus wins a European cup final
  33. He doesn't want the game to be easier. He wants it to represent football more realistically.
  34. When my team have a penalty I wiggle the mouse pointer in front of the keeper to put him off, you may call this gamesmanship but whatever it takes I say
  35. 2022 Youth Intake But first a look back. Good news: every player in this group improved their Leonesa DNA during the course of the year. The forwards showed the most improvement but they had two neutral personalities, one neutral-negative personality (fickle) and one negative personality (unambitious). The model citizen had great improvement both in his DNA and across the board. He will likely be with the first team next season. The negative groups are showing the largest percentage increase because they have the most room to grow. So they either grow and have a large perc
  36. In order to make any extinct nations turn up in the game you have to set a continent. Have a look at this post I made a while ago which will explain how you do it.
  37. At ~85:50 suprisingly decent pass from central defender with 5 passing, 7 vision to striker who ignores open net at far post for speedy winger. I have seen pass in similar situation only once after 4 seasons watching comprehensive (yeah it hurts! ;). It was pass between 2 strikers in 4-4-2. Radomiak Radom v Polonia Warszawa.pkm
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