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  1. Intro Been playing FM since way back in the CM 00/01days, but I am by no means an expert on the game. I usually write in career updates but have a heavy emphasis on tactical updates. I usually use a certain managers tactics from real life to give me a base to build from, I started this about three years ago, it helps me in looking for what I actually wanted to see from a tactic on the game instead of getting overwhelmed with the tactical creator and turning to plug and play. So with being in lockdown I thought I would use my time and do a total in depth analysis of my tactical idea for my
  2. With lots of ME bugs not being fixed in FM20 as S.I have announced they’re not doing anymore updates this version will anyone be buying FM21? I personally think it’s scandalous that they can leave a knowingly buggy game broken and then expect us all to pay for it again next year in hope that they’ve finally fixed what we paid for last year. I feel they’re exploiting the loyalty of their customers as it is a game a lot of us love. When people raise the issues of the game not being good enough in its current state the forums threads seem to get closed for replies or moved into the
  3. Certainly would simplify things if Mentality was removed, or at least calculated like Team Shape is. Anyway, I finished the calculator, I'm just running some final tests before I put it live. Obvs only applicable for FM19 and 20. Seems you've gone back rather than forwards so probably little use to you.
  4. Title And with five games left to play, too...
  5. FM 20.4.1 HOLY GHOST FIRE VOL 2 4411 P108 EC FA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FM20.4.1HOLYGHOSTFIREKnapCrushoVOL24411P108ECFA.fmf
  6. Just one fan decided to make the 5000km round trip journey for a 2-1 defeat
  7. Seeing as the video never worked, here is the goal vs Bayern: Notice here how playing out the back has given time for the wingbacks to advance higher up the pitch, while the short passes have drawn Bayern's forwards to press our centrebacks. The use of 2 forwards also pins back Bayern's full backs, as if they leave to mark our wingbacks, they will be left with a 2v2 at the back. The sequence in the previous picture allows our wingback to be found in acres of space to drive at the opposition back line. Play out the back Ge
  8. Haven't played a lot of this years game because I really don't enjoy the match engine so I can wait on the next one. Probably the first FM I don't intend buying on launch. What's really disappointing is the game gets written off less than 6 months after launch when there's clearly a lot more work left to be done and I felt the same happened with 19. I'd rather buy a quality product I enjoy than get rinsed for easy money year after year when the game is dropping in standard and potentially left unfinished
  9. another test for upper mid table team in Argentina. Need to test with a worst team in a division and see how it stacks up against the IWB tactic in comparison but looks pretty solid so far.
  10. That's 3 continents crossed off the bucket list guys. Remember who crossed off Oceania too, all the way back then. This was a tougher match than it looks, they had lots of chances at the beginning of the match. Nevertheless, a 6-1 aggregate win is pretty expressive. Michael Galvan has been amazing with 8 goals just in the CONCACAF Champions League alone, great signing you've left me @Rikulec ! Now whilst I speed-play the rest of the MLS season, attention turns to FIFA World Cup with Mexico. I need to study the team a bit, quite honestly I haven't been paying
  11. Update about my story with Maisons-Alfort at the half-season: * 1st of my league (tier 7) but only 2 points above the 2nd, so I will have to be competitive till the end * eliminated of the French Cup by a tier 3 (only 2-1 and I dominated the game) * 1/16 final of the Paris Cup (it really exists??) So I should achieve my goals if I continue like this.
  12. You want upgrades,we've got your upgrades! I got our request for Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment approves.We are now saw at Exceptional for Junior Coaching and Excellent for Youth Recruitment.We actually have better Junior Coaching than PSG now!We have the joint best Junior Coaching with Lyon.PSG,Monaco and Lyon have better Recruitment than us and five other teams have the same Youth Recruitment level as us.
  13. Hitchin 2035/2036 season: What could top last seasons promotion with an under-strength team? A result so good that my 3 star players all agreed to drop their transfer requests, sign 3 year deals and remove their release clauses! Next season is going to be a real struggle but fingers crossed a couple of profitable years which will help re-build finances to improve the facilities (unless they decide a stadium is more important again!). First team: Best positions (first image) - Current formation score (second image) -
  14. Liked what you wrote, but as I wrote in a previous thread, I would use the Ilicic as a trquartista and the Zapata as complete forward on supoort
  15. Having a blast once again with FM20.3.0TeaforOne4222VOL2P100ALLCUPS. Mentality: balanced away and positive at home. Thanks @knap for this lovely 442. 381250300_!!FM20.3.0TeaforOne4222VOL2P100ALLCUPS.fmf !!FM20.3.0Teafor One4222VOL2P100ALLCUPSSUS.fmf
  16. VENEZIA FC- 2020/21 - Pre-season Transfers In my previous post I gave an overview of what positions I would need to strengthen to have a chance of staying up, which were: Key Upgrades: Right back, Centre back (at least one), Left Attacking Mid, Striker. If we have money left: Goalkeeper & Left back We were given £10m to spend which is much better than I expected so let's see how we got on. Incoming: GK - Sonny Laiton (Auxerre) - Expiring contract £0 (Back up 'keeper with room to improve) CB - Valerio Mantovani (Salernitana) - Expiring contract £0 (Back u
  17. 2041/42 Youth Intake I got so excited when I saw another 'Samaniego' but, sadly, he's no relation to myself or my son - I wish 'cousin' or even just 'relation' was listed, but, to be fair, he's not born in the same place. This intake was classed as 'good.' Pedro Luis Hernando. Moustapha Diallo. This will be an interesting test of personality as my top rated player has the 21st (out of 24 that I've encountered) personality in terms of amount of progress across the first year in the game. --- Here is my analysis of this intake (just a reminder - this is all automati
  18. I'd like to come back to this topic now that I finally have a good example of something. Now, a couple of year ago (in game) I had a youth intake: Note the two strikers I've highlighted in red. The top one 23a seems WAY better than the lower one 23k. I signed both, mostly because I didn't have many youth players, and his determination was high if nothing else. But still, 23a was far better, and I had decided to let him play a lot early on since he was a good talent for me. Now, here is 23a two years later: . He has played 82 matches for my team, and scored a few goals.
  19. It does, but I also think a lot of people have a wrong idea about what the stats mean. 1 does not mean you cannot do it, in the same way 20 doesn't mean you can do it perfectly every time. It's a scale and a 1 is something along the lines of "the minimum you would expect a professional footballer to do". I think I read that somewhere. So a 1 in long shots still is far more than any of us can do (unless you are a professional footballer that is). And a 1 in long shots can belt it into the top corner, it's just very unlikely to happen. But if he had 20 in long shots, that doesn't mean he will do
  20. The narrow version is really good The AI is too stupid, doesn`t know how to handle so many players attacking the central area of the pitch For those who use this tactic and have problems in defence, switch the DLP To Defend and he`ll drop between the mid and defence, more like a holding mid Works with the wide versions also.
  21. In-game description of HB is correct, but there is a slight mistake in the Pairs & Combinations guide, as noted here. To summarize, he drops between central defenders when in possession and acts like a classic DM when out of possession.
  22. If you're lucky. From my experience, it's more likely to go something like this: "Hi there, I'm John, and right now I'm investigating why this recursive function call never reaches the base case. After that, I'll be looking into why the root of my min heap isn't the smallest node in the tree."
  23. Tonight I have finished building the last international competition. So what is next? First is reviewing all competition to see if they work well and pick out those little errors. Next is moving players and balancing teams and competitions. And finally is releasing this beast, but you have to wait another week before I reveal the release date In the meantime I will release some more Foreign Players rules and post lists of the competitions I have done. Am I done after that? No, I have several upgrades in mind because I had to leave some stuff out because of time and calender co
  24. Perhaps a behind the scenes type video could go a long way to addressing some of these and other concerns? Seeing people at work, particularly programmers, or whatever else you felt like.
  25. And thats ok. Its not ok to encourage us to raise same issues in bugs forum year by year and not to fix them or to give us any proper feedback. "Reviewed" and "Under review" is not good enough for me. Of course that "feedback" will stay there until bugs forum is deleted because new game is out. And same again. Its simply disrespect of my time. If they cat fix them they should give us some proper answer. Simple - "our coders dont know how to fix this" or "this is low on our priority list" so we can know and not to raise this issue again. Financial part of the game is in chao
  26. I was literally about to make a post about Atalanta! This is what I've gone with, and although there is room for imrpovement, i've seen some nice stuff so far. TIs: AP-Roam, AF-stay wider Looks like we weren't too different. Here is a goal I scored against top of the table Roma, that I thought was typical of Atalanta: Typical diamond on the flank, with Gomez making his way over to support the overload. With a pretty empty midfield and an option for the switch of play The ball switches to the opposite wing back who now has acres of space to drive
  27. Can I win Yes...can I score Yes...do I see different goals Yes. So what is my problem with the game and ME. 1. 1v1 are still really bad. 2. Keepers even at very lower league level are all D Gea's making wonder saves and shot blocking that would see them playing in the top world leagues. 3. Players with high speed/dribbling/game intelligence just run at the defender and not around him, straight at him and loses the ball all too often. 4.Ball goes to the by line and the player runs for it, stops the ball and then carries on moving till he's 6ft past the ball and allows
  28. Youre very good at the game, but i think you overplay the "one dimensional" aspect in tactics too much. You can have identical roles on both sides of the pitch and next to each other, and create a successful tactic based on team instructions, player instructions and traits no problem. Ive done this quite a few times. I agree variety in your play is good, but if i had two really good attacking wingers for example, i would play to that strength, i wouldnt just give them different roles for the sake of being different for example.
  29. This guy is incredibly well named considering the amount of chances he missed in the last match against me. Why mark indeed, you may as well leave him alone and free.
  30. Call me a fanboy or whatever the term is with the youngsters these days but i'll be buying it again next year like I do every year. I've played it flat out during lockdown and have really enjoyed it. Are there issues? Sure, but overall it's the greatest football management game there has ever been. One thing to note is that it's the only game I play, I wonder if people who are "gamers" are more likely to find fault? The other thing I have noticed is that people who don't frequent internet forums are far less likely to moan about the match engine. You can see a complaint on here and t
  31. Moneyball in the North-East: Taking Sunderland back to the Premier League What's going wrong at Sunderland? The big question. From starting up and having a quick browse I can see some mismanagement already. Looking at my first XI, only three of them are in the top 10 earners at the club. The club is healthy financially however the £10m annual wage bill will quickly eat into the £15m bank balance. I'm happy with the squad size as the focus will be on promotion. Cup competitions will be for back-up and youth players due to the demands of a 46 game league season. The squad sh
  32. Seeing as I see lots of people on these forums that need help getting there strikers to score, I thought I'd make a thread about poachers and advanced forwards in order to help a little. The Poacher We're going to be using Piatek, firstly because he's a very classic poacher, he has: Excellent finishing Good heading Good off the ball, anticipation Good all round physicals Fairly poor ratings for other attributes I've also chosen Piatek due to AC Milan having a like-for-like replacement in Cutrone, as well as lots of attacking midfiedlers to offe
  33. Wonderful thread. Really enjoyed reading! Nagelmann's flexibility makes it a bit of a headache to recreate in Football Manager. I have loved watching his sides for the last few years and it's fascinating to see him alternate between a 3-man or 4-man defence, double or single pivot in midfield and lone striker or striker partnership up front.
  34. I've just finished my most memorable FM 20 season to date, having won the Serie A in front of Lazio, Inter, and Juventus. With four games to go, I was in second place, but Juventus slipped against Parma, and eventually crashed all the way to fourth place. Quite extraordinary, and obviously very nice for the people of Reggio Calabria to stick it to all the northerners. League table / Team of the year As I expected, Fausto Vera is starting to draw serious interest from bigger clubs, and Benfica have bid €44M, which I have rejected after some consideration. I just can't get a deep-lyi
  35. Task: Horizontal Sidebar Introduction: Whilst experimenting, has anyone ever managed to get a functioning horizontal sidebar? I created a mock up recently and I've been experimenting with it since. I am halfway there though I've hit a snag. The first image I have attached is the mock up and the second is what I have achieved so far. What I did initially: I created a 36x36 container and put the sidebar widget from 'client object browser' into it. I used the inset method to adjust which portion of the sidebar is visible so as to get a different icon
  36. Henan Jianye FC – 2023 This didn’t take long, I left Indonesia on the 27thApril 2023 and 5 weeks later I was appointed the Henan Jianye FC manager. A club that found themselves in the relegation zone, but with a healthy bank balance and budget. It may have seemed like a risk with them being in the relegation zone, but I took the job at the start of the summer transfer window, giving me around a month to make changes to my squad before the league started again. Getting used to the foreign player limits was my first goal, something when you’re used to managing in England you do
  37. Saturday, 23rd May. The day there should be a team in Wembley lifting a trophy. In the current climate, there’s little real-world football going on, which means there’s no cup finals. No magic, no build-up, no ‘suiting up’. In-fact all virtual bosses across the world have turned into tracksuit managers. Jeans have become a thing of the past, let alone suits. So, we’re introducing #FMCupFinalDay on Twitter and Instagram Stories @FootballManager. We urge you to play FM20, whether it be a league, cup or friendly match, in your finest attire. We’re encouraging you to ‘suit u
  38. Gutted Was expecting to get hammered.
  39. Oct 2045. Domestic games. We're doing ok, but we are not quite hitting our stride at the moment, (despite the results). We're conceding too many goals and not scoring enough. European games. It's actually quite hard to lose these games. I fielding the weakest teams I can, but still couldn't lose the home leg against Porto. Goal-scoring keepers. What an awful period for Pavjot (CRO) in terms of scoring goals, (and not much better with assists). He missed 3 consecutive penalties this month, (2 were saved and a 3rd hit the post). Something that is
  40. Everything you wrote about the Registra made me want to try it again! I used it for a while, but then went back to DLPd cause I wanted more for the DM to be a quarterback and be more often a bit deeper and central to help the defense. Been playing with it for about 6-6 matches now and looking very good, so my setup is the Registra and above him a BBM and RPM.
  41. First Team Evolving - Aug 2035 I want to take the time and show you what will be my first choice team for the next season. GK - Richard Mbock (YP30b) - he has really developed well since coming through the intake 5 years ago. Capped 5 times for Belgium U21's, been watched by Belgium boss Inzaghi numerous times. CB - Thomas Djomo - an elder statesman of the squad but a solid option still, quite the goalscoring CB with 51 career goals to his name. CB - Joel Kom (YP33b) - promoted to first choice along side Djomo after we sold the other Djomo to China. Has had an impressive s
  42. Level 14 link and playable divisions now on the second post 👍
  43. I think that tactic is very dependant upon your full backs or in that case they probably must play wing back. So two good wing backs is a solid start. Then maybe. Oh well, I will screen an example. I tried to keep some of the roles you already used in the 4-1-2-3. The style itself you can either keep or change. Hopefully this is balanced enough for more than one style.
  44. Why do you like the preferred foot to be the outside foot? I thought conventional wisdom was to have the inside foot to be the preferred foot.
  45. September 2019 Recap The good news from the month of September: our defense was rock solid with just two goals allowed in eight matches. The bad news: our offense was as impotent as a 60-year old whose Viagra prescription can't get refilled. Just six goals in eight matches. It's this lack of offense that has us down in 6th place. We had an injury crisis to start the month with all three of our starting midfielders out due to injury. Two of them have returned but the loss of all three really held our offensive back this month. Record Breaker Nothing speaks t
  46. That just happened in my game. I am playing in Spain, so I am less concerned with what happens in England. But it will be a little weird if leaving the EU makes it easier for players of all countries to come to England, due to relaxed work permit rules.
  47. Scouting, but done better! Following the tougher than expected summer window, whereby I felt utterly unprepared, I set out a few plans of which I'll fully implement over the course of the season. The first thing that I did was to recruit a couple of new scouts - Flavio Araujo and Leandro Valenti. They aren't amazing but they increase the knowledge that we have in South America, a key place for recruitment for me. -- The first thing I did was to send them out to South America, knowing that a lot of contracts end at the end of the calendar year, rather than the end of the European
  48. Thanks for providing us with such a high-quality read. I don't play FM20 yet, but you're pushing me to do so every time I click on your thread!
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