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  1. I think SI have acknowledged the ME flaws in this edition, without spelling it out word for word. There's enough people on here giving the same gripes - and SI themselves must surely be seeing it playing it day by day. It's been said to death on here, but it's such a shame how this game turned out as outside the ME it is the best it has ever been (IMO anyway) - but I can still go back 2/3 editions and find more enjoyment there because the matches are most important to me, they are the result of all the work I put into the game - all the training, tactical and player development, motivation, signings.etc - all my work plays out on the pitch; but when that is depicted in the most limited way possible (FM20), it's one big safety pin to a balloon of excitement.
  2. So what you're saying is that a lack of goals from strikers, which I too have struggled with, means he doesn't understand the game? Are you certain it is that and not a problem with strikers consistently fluffing fantastic opportunities, because I can guarantee you that in my saves strikers have done exactly that. They have been put into awesome scoring positions only to squander chance after chance.
  3. I know - but the personalities of all players in my squad doesn't look too bad either (and this is including all of the youth candidates, as I'm taking on the ones with bad personalities too)
  4. As to the points made -- this "topic" hasn't actually been going on since FM 19. It has been going on for as long as this game has existed. There may be issues. There pretty much certainly are. However. The next time somebody suggests that: - A Team was "dominating" a match because it had x more shots chances on some spreadsheet to show come the final whistle - Football were a sports about having x more chances than the opposition on a spreadsheet I'm going to shoot myself.
  5. Holy Grail Of 'squad personalities' - one for you @Jimbokav1971:
  6. Interesting idea. This is actually one of the few areas I think the post-FM18 changes to the Tactics Creator would actually help. By that I am referring to being able to use a Libero in a defensive line. Unfortunately in FM2018 the Libero still suffers from the 'invisible wall' so - as far as I am aware, at least - it's not possible to get him to join midfield. I'd imagine it's like an inverted wingback in that you have to vacate enough space for him to move into, but I certainly am not sure what that is and am unlikely prepared a sacrifice enough of my midfield to make it work. I do like the Ball Playing Defender role, with Dribble More - particularly for a Stopper within a 3-man defence. I have experimented with Pinto as a Covering defender flanked by two Stoppers, creating a 1-2 triangle and I do like it. Luis can play the Stopper role very well. I'd be less likely to move Dantas mainly due to the lower influence on the game. These wide defenders get the ball 50-60 times per game, in comparison to 100-150 times as a playmaker in midfield. He's also very short.. At the moment, I am enjoying a few experimental games in other saves. There are a few things I want to experiment with and potentially integrate into this save, but very much early days. I am almost paralysed by options at the moment, we could play almost anything so I need to be careful to keep it simple and not wind up playing some kind of 3-2-2-1-2 asymmetric, Libero, treble False 9 system Very minimal. My approach - for some years now - has been to develop players to be as well-rounded and versatile as possible. As such I will often train either: A player's weakest role. Training a flamboyant playmaker as a ball-winning midfielder, for example, to round out their game. Most commonly this would be a specialist playmaking role, aimed at improving their technical ability and intelligence or a defensive role. Sometimes simply a weak attribute which I see as important or isn't covered in a broader training program. The most well-rounded role available. Ball playing defenders, Complete Wingbacks, Deep Lying Playmakers, Roaming Playmakers, Complete Forwards etc. More often than not, training a player in a new position. Regarding staff I am not sure if there is any magic, I take the best coaches available and will have 4-5 stars in every area without much trouble. You can see a few earlier posts about João Tralhão who started as my U-19 Manager and progressed to Head of Youth Development, combined with Rui Costa as Director of Football I have two options to bring through Professional youngsters. Elsewhere I will look for either an Assistant or Coaches to be good at motivating and man management - because I have no time for team talks or press conferences, and another with good Tactical Knowledge for the tactics preparation meeting and opposition instructions. At PSG I spent a lot of money on Vitor Frade as Assistant Manager but he has great man management, motivating and tactical knowledge as well as being a world-class coach.
  7. The defending free kicks really is embarrassingly bad and really does constitute to a broken ME, yet somehow it got looked past by the people who work on it. It really is incredible. I have suffered with this in two saved games now where I was advised it was my defenders' attributes. Nope, it's another ME problem. It's a game-breaker, without a doubt.
  8. It's been acknowledged by SI and you would assume it will be a priority fix for future versions. Not much more you can do at this point - maybe play an older version?
  9. I’m giving the AMC role until the January transfer window as I’m also struggling with it.
  10. always a big fan of the beowulf 4-4-2's so gave this a go, its completely turned my season around, gone from 13th to fighting for a european spot thanks again as always Knap
  11. Heir(s) to the throne(s) Before I launch into my own squad analysis, I'm going to determine a new metric and that comes from comparing my squad to what is arguably the best version of total-football/tika-tika/whatever you want to call it combined with squad and youth development in the modern age - and that is the Barcelona squad of 2011/12. The one where they won everything other than, annoyingly for my comparison, the league and Champions League and Lionel Messi scored just 73 times. Here is that squad, taken from my trusty source, Wikipedia: What I am interested in taking from this is their dependence on the youth system and I make this at 12, or 50% of their first team squad originally came from the academy - this includes Pique and Fabregas who were produced at La Masia. That 50% is important as I push on with what I want to achieve. --- Back to my own save. I currently have eight players in my first team squad who came through the academy out of 22 that are registered - which gives me a total of 36%. They can quite easily be split into two groups, although I may be stretching the meaning of 'regular' starter for my midfielders and I'll want to review the 'squad player' for my two centre backs. Never the less, here they are: N.B: Once again, showing star ratings so that you can picture this a little easier. Three important players, four rotational players and one complete backup (that makes me sad as Samaniego was once a key player!) Now, on to the B-team and Under 19 team players who are promising: With the likes of Dani Barreda, Almansour, Mejia etc, I have a feeling that they were going to be good and there was something special about them - but, sadly, there isn't really anyone here who stands out at becoming a key member of the first team. Shame. But we've had our golden generations and, interestingly, nobody that has developed really well in their first season has actually kicked on, Martelli aside - although he's far from established. --- Therefore, the way I will be able to get my youth % up is to see how many of these lot could replace the non-homegrown players in my first team. Here are the ones who are indispensable/world class: Nobody at the club looks likely to usurp these - that's why the first four cost me a combined €117m! The rest, however: I'm not planning on giving up on new €25m signing Janderson but there are several players in here who I would certainly say could be replaced by my own players. Eduardo Ibero needs to work on his decisions but he could well be the heir to the Carlos Alberto throne in two to three years. Alberto Gonzalez is an interesting prospect and, once he's improved his finishing, could well come for Ronaldo. He lacks the pace to be an out and out winger but could potentially be a Raumdeuter type player in the area that Neyveson plays. Juan Jose Frances looks like he could be another option for the left back slot, certainly as a backup behind Janderson and a replacement for Celsinho. Jesus Espinosa could make me rethink my full back line up if he continues growing and gets ever stronger mentally. --- So, whilst I don't really feel that our current youth products necessarily have the ability to be the next Balon D'or winners (and it is correct in being harder now we are a better squad), I do think that there are some that could be squad players. I'd need to keep my entire crop of HG youngsters and add another three to reach the 50% marker that Barcelona had in their 2011/12 season. I'm blessed with no real time frame to complete this and may get a fantastic intake this year but the seeds are there, even if they aren't promising record breaking sunflowers (I think that analogy that I just made up works...)
  12. Go to the top of the page and read my post. I didn't say it was impossible to win playing different styles, I am talking about conversion rate and what tactical style is most efficient. I'm pretty sure there is a consensus in this thread that one on ones need to be improved and some statistical analysis was done a few pages back showing that indeed, strikers miss WAY too many chances compared to real life in this game. It's not the most efficient way to play, the most efficient was is to play against the glaringly obvious problems the ME has. This starts with wing play Half the posts aren't mine, I think you're going bash mode for no reason.
  13. Using a similar approach here Ignore the defend narrow, it's not a standard thing. When I use the RB as a WB, the AMR will be a RMD. If not, it's like this. The RB cuts inside to help the midfield with possession, and can also provide a goal scoring threat when the Winger goes wide. He is actually naturally a Mezzala or CM (bought him initially as a stand-in for Henrique). Also using a HB in the DM spot to have him as deep as possible when in possession, providing an outlet for a pass backwards. But also here, you can see Alena has 13 assists but also mostly from corners and free kicks. Also still struggling with the role for the MCL, trying him as a CM at the moment. He has been a Carrilero but since I removed that, my LB really became a great creator probably because of having more space. So I tried him as a BBM then, which was good for the LB but less so for the BBM.
  14. I'm sorry, but you're talking nonsense. Counter-attacking style that has a team predicted to finish mid-table, sitting on top after 20 games: Both starting strikers are currently league's top scorers: Plenty of action coming from all areas of the pitch, with almost as many assists from through balls, as from crosses: Perhaps I'm playing a different version of the game, who knows. All I know is if I'd put as much time into whining in this thread as you do (no offense, but half of the posts are yours), I'd probably struggle understanding the game too.
  15. There’s quite a lot you could do to be fair. At the moment you have Kane as a PF so his focus, apart from scoring, is to pressure and push back the opponents defence and he isn’t going to get too involved in any build up play as such. You could experiment here by changing him to something like a DLF so that he drops deep to link with the midfield but will also look to play balls through to your IFs. Your midfielders are very basic - perhaps set one of your CMs to be a B2B so they support the attack a bit more and link up with Kane. You could also set Winks as a DLP with a defend duty so that he still protects the back four but looks to play passes out wide or to your new B2B. Just a couple of small suggestions - you’ve got plenty of options with that Spurs team.
  16. 2022/2023 - End of Season Update - CHAMPIONS!!!! So, 10 years ago I lead the mighty Dinamo to the National League Championship... The League And at the end of 2023 we became Premier League Champions for the first time in the Club's history. It has been a marvelous journey, but not only that with 4 games to go we had the possibility to do the Invincible season (as per the last update). The results went well, although in the end it was a crawl rather than a run... It was the win, at home to Nizhniy Novgorod sealing the title in the end (beating Khimki would have done it but a late equaliser stopped us). This is the first time since FM14 I have won a top league in Football Manager... The Europa League After coming second in the group meant we returned from the winter break early to play in the First Knock-out Round where we were drawn against FC København. Brushing them aside easily, lead to a Second Knock-out Round tie with SS Lazio. Despite the comfortable win at home, we actually nearly through it away in Rome. Couldn't believe what we were watching. But we made it through, and our prize for it was another trip to Italy, this time to face Juventus. This did not go so well with two close defeats... So once again, a quarter final exit. Some bad news was had about future Europe though, we lost a Champions League place. The Youth Arsen Giraev (33a), 17 - A young striker, who could lead the line in a few years time. Denis Semenov (33b), 16 - Young attacking midfielder who is being re-trained into a centre midfielder (Only one of my formations use an AMC) Alexandr Shishkin(33c), 16 - Young Right Back, who will likely spend most of the first few years in the 2nd Team. Vitaly Rubstov (33d), 16 - Young left winger who could be ready to be back-up already (we're that short on the left). Although will likely be a season in the 2nd. Vasily Ivanov (33e), 17 - Young Centre Back, who although far from the quality of the starters, he is right in line with the backups. At a Glance As you will see our Youth Facilities have dropped due to "technology" but Recruitment and Coaching are "Excellent". We have the board upgrading the Youth Facilities again
  17. Meet my new Head of Youth Development. The best personality too!
  18. End of Season Review Season 2029/30 FC United of Manchester League Table - We were in the top two, mainly top, for virtually the entire season and were eleven points clear of third at one point, but to no avail. We dropped to third and the play offs. Play Offs - Playing Newcastle in the semi finals, a 2-2 in the north east set up a winner takes all second leg, which we won in a very tight game, 2-1 for a 4-3 aggregate victory. In the final, we met Cardiff City, a side we beat twice in the regular season. A goalless first half made for a very tense second half. Another forty five minutes of nerves followed until a game winning goal in injury time, the 93rd minute to be exact, by Anthony Connolly YP23F38, who else?, secured a famous promotion for FC United of Manchester. League Fixtures 1, 2 & 3 - From February onwards, we dropped too many points and the amount of losses against teams in the bottom half was ridiculous. F. A. Cup - We made it through to the fifth round before being outclassed by Liverpool, who soundly beat us 3-1 on our own patch. Carabao Cup - Narrowly losing away to top flight Brighton in the third round ended our interest in this cup for another season. Pre Season Friendlies - Just the one defeat, to Everton, though the 5-0 hammering of West Ham and narrow win over Chelsea were pleasing. Squad - The improvements continue, albeit slowly. Squad Dynamics - Excellent, as you would expect. Transfers In - None. Transfers Out 1 & 2 - Several youngsters were sold, those I don't think will make it at this level, together with a teenage goalkeeper for £500,000 who is a good prospect. We have quite a few goalkeepers so I felt we could afford to cash in. Youth Candidates - No "Golden Generation" as promised, though Craig Fitzsimons YP31A161 looks like he could develop into a gem. Finances - We are very much in the red, though this will not last, now that the Premier League TV money will come rolling in. Key Players Anthony Connolly YP23F38 - Not as prolific as last season, though 24 goals in 50 appearances is still an excellent return by most peoples standards. Lewis Thomas YP26A81 - The right winger is one of the best players in the Championship. Ryan Jackson YP23E37 - The best season yet from the centre back or holding midfielder. Kieran McKay YP24C51 - Central midfielder who can also play upfront, he became a full Scottish international this season. Joseph O'Connell YP25B66 - The right back had a terrific season. Next Season Survive. Somehow. Personal Coaching Data Season Reputation Qualifications Att Def Fit GkD GkH GkS Tac Tec Men WWY Ada Det PlK YoK LoD MaM Mot ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ At start Minimal (0.25*) None 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 2020/21 Minimal = (0.75*) ↑ National B ↑↑ 7 ↑ 6 ↑ 3 ↑ 2 ↑ 2 ↑ 2 ↑ 6 ↑ 7 ↑ 7 ↑ 4 = 1 = 5 ↑ 5 ↑ 6 ↑ 10 ↑ 6 ↑ 6 ↑ 2021/22 Nominal ↑ (1.50*) ↑ Continental B ↑↑↑ 12 ↑ 10 ↑ 4 ↑ 5 ↑ 3 ↑ 4 ↑ 10 ↑ 10 ↑ 10 ↑ 4 = 1 = 9 ↑ 8 ↑ 9 ↑ 18 ↑ 11 ↑ 10 ↑ 2022/23 Nominal = (1.50*) = Continental A ↑ 13 ↑ 12 ↑ 5 ↑ 6 ↑ 4 ↑ 4 = 11 ↑ 12 ↑ 11 ↑ 4 = 1 = 10 ↑ 10 ↑ 11 ↑ 20 ↑ 12 ↑ 12 ↑ 2023/24 Decent ↑ (2.00*) ↑ Continental Pro ↑ 13 = 13 ↑ 6 ↑ 7 ↑ 5 ↑ 5 ↑ 12 ↑ 12 = 13 ↑ 4 = 1 = 11 ↑ 10 = 11 ↑ 20 = 13 ↑ 13 ↑ 2024/25 Decent = (2.00*) = Continental Pro = 13 = 13 = 6 = 7 = 5 = 5 = 12 = 12 = 13 = 4 = 1 = 11 = 10 = 11 = 20 = 14 ↑ 14 ↑ 2025/26 Okay ↑ (2.25*) ↑ Continental Pro = 13 = 13 = 6 = 7 = 5 = 5 = 12 = 12 = 13 = 6 ↑ 1 = 11 = 10 = 13 ↑ 21 ↑ 14 = 15 ↑ 2026/27 Fairly Good ↑ (2.75*) ↑ Continental Pro = 13 = 13 = 6 = 7 = 5 = 5 = 12 = 12 = 13 = 11 ↑ 1 = 11 = 11 ↑ 13 = 21 = 16 ↑ 16 ↑ 2027/28 Fairly Good = (3.00*) ↑ Continental Pro = 13 = 13 = 6 = 7 = 5 = 6 ↑ 13 ↑ 13 ↑ 13 = 11 = 1 = 11 = 11 = 13 = 21 = 16 = 17 ↑ 2028/29 Fairly Good = (3.00*) = Continental Pro = 13 = 13 = 6 = 7 = 5 = 6 = 13 = 13 = 12 ↓ 11 = 1 = 11 = 11 = 12 ↓ 20 ↓ 17 ↑ 16 ↓ 2029/30 Fairly Good = (3.00*) = Continental Pro = 13 = 13 = 6 = 7 = 5 = 6 = 13 = 13 = 13 ↑ 11 = 1 = 11 = 11 = 12 = 20 = 18 ↑ 18 ↑ 2030/31 Good ↑ (3.25*) ↑ Continental Pro = 13 = 13 = 6 = 8 ↑ 6 ↑ 6 = 13 = 14 ↑ 13 = 12 ↑ 1 = 11 = 11 = 12 = 20 = 18 = 19 ↑ Club Facilities Season Training Facilities Youth Facilities Data Analysis Facilities Corporate Facilities Junior Coaching Youth Recruitment Club Reputation ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At Start Basic Basic Poor Adequate Average Fairly Basic Local (1.00*) 2020/21 Basic = Basic = Poor = Adequate = Excellent ↑↑↑ Good ↑↑↑ Local = (1.00*) = 2021/22 Basic = Basic = Poor = Adequate = Exceptional ↑ Good ↑ Local = (1.00*) = 2022/23 Basic = Below Average ↑ Poor = Adequate = Exceptional = Excellent ↑ Local = (1.00*) = 2023/24 Basic = Below Average = Poor = Adequate = Exceptional = Excellent = Local = (1.00*) = 2024/25 Basic = Below Average = Poor = Adequate = Exceptional = Exceptional ↑ Local = (1.00*) = 2025/26 Basic = Adequate ↑ Average ↑↑↑ Adequate = Exceptional = Exceptional = Regional ↑ (1.50*) ↑ 2026/27 Basic = Average ↑ Average = Adequate = Exceptional = Exceptional = Regional = (1.50*) = 2027/28 Basic = Average = Average = Adequate = Exceptional = Exceptional = Regional = (2.00*) ↑ 2028/29 Below Average ↑ Good ↑ Excellent ↑↑ Adequate = Exceptional = Exceptional = Regional = (2.00*) = 2029/30 Adequate ↑ Great ↑ Excellent = Adequate = Exceptional = Exceptional = National ↑ (2.50*) ↑ 2030/31 Adequate = Excellent ↑ Excellent = Adequate = Exceptional = Exceptional = National = (3.00*) ↑ Season Record Season Played Won Drawn Lost Goals For Goals Against Goal Difference ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2020/21 57 30 12 15 111 67 +44 2021/22 61 27 14 20 103 76 +27 2022/23 53 24 13 16 84 53 +31 2023/24 50 30 10 10 89 49 +40 2024/25 52 25 7 20 87 74 +13 2025/26 62 38 10 14 121 71 +50 2026/27 57 33 12 12 96 52 +44 2027/28 57 27 18 12 96 69 +27 2028/29 56 29 13 14 106 71 +35 2029/30 51 23 8 20 90 69 +21 2030/31 56 31 10 15 93 63 +30 Overall Career Record After Season Played Won Drawn Lost Goals For Goals Against Goal Difference Time At Club --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020/21 57 30 12 15 111 67 +44 325 days 2021/22 118 57 26 35 214 143 +71 689 days 2022/23 171 81 39 51 298 196 +102 1,053 days 2023/24 221 111 49 61 387 245 +142 1,424 days 2024/25 273 136 56 81 474 319 +155 1,777 days 2025/26 335 174 66 95 595 390 +205 2,163 days 2026/27 392 207 78 107 691 442 +249 2,520 days 2027/28 449 234 96 119 787 511 +276 2,894 days 2028/29 505 263 109 133 893 582 +311 3,253 days 2029/30 556 286 117 153 983 651 +332 3,624 days 2030/31 612 317 127 168 1,076 714 +362 3,989 days Trophy Haul Season Competition Won -------------------------- 2023/24 Vanarama National League North. 2025/26 Vanarama National League. Trophy Cabinet League Titles ------------- Vanarama National League x 1 (2025/26). Vanarama National League North x 1 (2023/24). Cup Competition Victories ------------------------- Career Overview Season Champions League Europa League League Position F.A. Cup League Cup Achievements ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020/21 N/a N/a Vanarama National League North 4th First round N/a Lost on penalties in the playoff final. Third round of the F. A. Trophy. 2021/22 N/a N/a Vanarama National League North 12th ↓ Second round ↑ N/a Mid table mediocrity. Semi finals of the F. A. Trophy. 2022/23 N/a N/a Vanarama National League North 6th ↑ First round ↓ N/a Lost in the first round of the playoffs. First round of the F. A. Trophy. 2023/24 N/a N/a Vanarama National League North 1st ↑ Fourth qualifying round ↓ N/a Promoted as champions. Third qualifying round of the F. A. Trophy. 2024/25 N/a N/a Vanarama National League 6th ↑ First round ↑ N/a Lost in first round of the play offs. First round of the F. A. Trophy. 2025/26 N/a N/a Vanarama National League 1st ↑ Fifth round ↑ N/a Promoted as champions. Semi finals of the F. A. Trophy. 2026/27 N/a N/a Sky Bet League Two 2nd ↑ Fourth round ↓ Fourth round Promoted. Group stage of leasing.com Trophy. 2027/28 N/a N/a Sky Bet League One 3rd ↑ Second round ↓ First round ↓ Promoted via play offs. Second round of leasing.com Trophy. 2028/29 N/a N/a Sky Bet Championship 5th ↑ Fifth round ↑ Fourth round ↑ Lost in play off final. 2029/30 N/a N/a Sky Bet Championship 8th ↓ Fourth round ↓ Third round ↓ Mid table mediocrity. 2030/31 N/a N/a Sky Bet Championship 3rd ↑ Fifth round ↑ Third round = Promoted via play offs. Record Number of Appearances (Players From The Academy Only) Season Player Cumulative Number of Appearances --------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020/21 Nick Ryder YP21D4 4 2021/22 Nick Ryder YP21D4 53 2022/23 Nick Ryder YP21D4 99 2023/24 Dean Curran YP21C3 144 2024/25 Dean Curran YP21C3 184 2025/26 Dean Curran YP21C3 234 2026/27 Dean Curran YP21C3 281 2027/28 Dean Curran YP21C3 329 2028/29 Ronnie Browning YP22G23 375 2029/30 Ronnie Browning YP22G23 420 2030/31 Ronnie Browning YP22G23 473 Record Goal Scorer (Players From The Academy Only) Season Player Cumulative Number of Goals --------------------------------------------------------------- 2020/21 No one! 0 2021/22 Dean Curran YP21C3 2 Nick Ryder YP21D4 2 2022/23 Dean Curran YP21C3 9 2023/24 Özer Demir YP22C19 27 2024/25 Özer Demir YP22C19 42 2025/26 Anthony Connolly YP23F38 59 2026/27 Anthony Connolly YP23F38 83 2027/28 Anthony Connolly YP23F38 131 2028/29 Anthony Connolly YP23F38 166 2029/30 Anthony Connolly YP23F38 202 2030/31 Anthony Connolly YP23F38 226 Record Number of Assists (Players From The Academy Only) Season Player Cumulative Number of Assists ----------------------------------------------------------------- 2020/21 Nick Ryder YP21D4 1 2021/22 Nick Ryder YP21D4 14 2022/23 Nick Ryder YP21D4 24 2023/24 Nick Ryder YP21D4 31 2024/25 Nick Ryder YP21D4 40 2025/26 Nick Ryder YP21D4 53 2026/27 Nick Ryder YP21D4 55 2027/28 Nick Ryder YP21D4 61 2028/29 Nick Ryder YP21D4 62 2029/30 Nick Ryder YP21D4 63 Özer Demir YP22C19 63 2030/31 Özer Demir YP22C19 69
  19. It depends if the player wants to take up a second nationality. Not all of them do and just want to have their birth nationality. Players also often take it for league registration rules rather than to play for the country, especially if they feel they have a better chance with their birth nation (or they just really want to play for their birth nation). Also, some nations don't allow dual nationality (Turkey being the only one I know about for definite).
  20. The point is that the more you play the game, the more certain things become obvious. You aren't playing Football, you're playing the ME. The best conversion rate comes from wing players who are fast, can cut inside and score. I find it pointless to try and implement a counter attacking style because if you get a quick through ball to your striker who is one on one with the keeper he'll miss most of the time. Defensively you're at the mercy of AI set pieces and long shots. My point is, why bother playing when I am limited to specific tactical styles and methods of scoring? Sure it's possible to implement different styles but the conversion rate makes you far less successful. For me, if one on one's had a better success rate and AI set pieces were massively toned back then I'd say the ME would be in acceptable condition. But how SI let this ME, the AI Set pieces get through them is beyond me.
  21. And now onto my save. We've just hit January S3 and remain top of the league, 5 or so clear of Brentford in second (they're still unbeaten too, not jealous at all) then 10ish of Sheffield United in 3rd. We've lost twice now, Barnsley undeserved beating us due to Shinnie playing at left back due complaints about playing time. He's not been seen in the match day squad since... We've got about £15 million or so to spend, but I dont envisage spending too much. I'm saving £5 million for Matt Clarke to take up the day after the window shuts to save on wages (I expect he'll want a pay rise, signing him outside a window I won't have to pay his new wages until the next one, summer S4). I'm in the market for a new striker to back up Marriott and Munteanu to replace Köpke, who's had a poor season (his 10 dribbling as an AF doesn't help) and should be sold on. I'm leaning towards a DLF type as Brown and Munteanu are both suited to AF. I'd also like to replace Cameron Dawson as our back up keeper, simply because I don't trust him and should anything happen to Marco Sportiello we could slip away from the automatic promotion places. This is likely to be a loan deal from a bigger club I think as when we go up I may look to improve on Sportiello. I'm also considering bringing in a high quality W-A for the MR slot to compete with Duane Holmes. Felipe Cruz's form has dropped off recently, so his loan likely won't be made permanent like Clarke's. So to summarise I'm hoping for three ins: • DLF-S, backup, loan or transfer • W-A (MR), competition, loan or transfer • SK-S, backup, loan And the two outs I'll actively try to make happen: • Cameron Dawson, transfer • Pascal Köpke, transfer Theres also interest in the following, all of whom I'm not against selling for the right fee but I won't actively try to sell them: • Archie Brown • Graeme Shinnie (out of contract at the end of the season) • Lee Buchanan Theres also been interesting developments surrounding Archie Brown too. He's valued at £400k and still has room to grow into a steady Premier League player, although isn't having as good a season this year. A bid came in from Southampton, which I negotiated up to £10 million, plus 50% of his next fee. This 25 times his market value and hes not a starter for us, so obviously I said yes despite not wanting to sell. However Mel blocked the deal, stating he'd only allow £16.25 million, which he'd still consider "on the low side"! I won't lie I'm not sure I agree with him, but as I don't particularly want to sell Brown it suits me really. Oh and Bielsa's Everton are after Jayden Bogle yet again, however new contract number 5678 should kill off the interest!
  22. Gladly nobody else was in for either of the Scotts so I had a free run at them. I'm not sure really on my tactics. I know I want to change to something with either fullbacks or wingbacks because Lowe and Bogle look like players who can stay with me as I progress, but I'm reluctant to leave them as the only players on the flanks as Bogle in particular really needs to improve offensively for that. I'm half way tempted to try and get James Garner off United (loan to buy) to play him as a libero in a formation like this - the only thing really holding me back there is that I've just done a save like that in Italy so I might prefer to make something new, maybe interesting to see if it's as effective in England though. Honestly the amount of daft formations I've done in Italy it might be more interesting to try something "boring" like a 4-3-3. In other news I've got to January (thanks lockdown) and Marriot has continued to impress. Burnley and Spurs sniffing around him briefly, although Spurs seem to have given up. Not sure what I'll do if offers come in, he has been amazing but I'm really suspicious of him and his attributes in general. Had an offer of £4.3m straight cash for Florian Jozefzoon from Inter Miami and he rejected them, grr. Also the league has turned in my favour so I'm less pessimistic about that in general. Fulham's form totally spiralled after I beat them away and they dropped right off, then Bielsa left Leeds to take the job at Wolves - their caretaker did a poor job and they've just appointed Gordon Strachan (for some reason) so we'll see how he does.
  23. Hi mate. Sorry for the delay Yeah Batista Meier's a really solid player. I really like him. I'm only aware of him through FM, I signed him the other year on a lower league German save. He's been pretty consistent for me too, playing slightly deeper in my 4-4-2 as an IW-S from the ML position. He's got 15 for corners and free kicks in my save so that comes in handy too! Hes originally at Bayern, which is where we signed him from, and hes still pretty young (late teens/early 20s) with room to grow and at only a few million (£3.75 for me I believe) hes worth a punt if his attributes are good in your save. Looks like your doing well too, @Stackalee! Some interesting signings, McKenna and Souttar I both went in for for before being rejected in favour of Spurs (McKenna) and then optiong to go for Ricardo Ferreira on a free, and some even more interesting formations too! Any idea how your going to play when you settle on a style? I've seen plenty of 4-3-3s and 4-2-3-1s and I play a 4-4-2 (with a twist - it loosely morphs into a midfield diamond on the ball) so it'd be interesting to hear your plans! And @Stuniverse, looks like your going well too, as expected, specially the result against Arsenal in the cup - you've beat me to a giant killing already! I'm particularly liking your use of Knight, a player who I really like in real life but have yet again neglected in this save, the transition to the 4-4-2 and Rooney's arrival pushed him out a bit. I'm trying to give him minutes this season, but I fear its too late for him to really star.
  24. Thank you, @Stackalee. I couldn't quite believe it. 1-0 down to a 11th minute own goal by Jayden Bogle but, other than that, Arsenal weren't really troubling us despite their superior number of attempts and possession was pretty even, although they were edging it. I held on with our normal low tempo, play out from the back, control possession tactic until the 72nd minute when we went more attacking. Jack Marriott equalised on 79, then gave us the lead on 83, at which point I went very defensive, pulled everybody except Marriott back, and shut-up-shop. Then on 90, we had a break, won a corner, and Curtis Davies, of all people, grabbed our 3rd. Jason Knight is doing well thank you. Knight's joint for Most Assists with Wayne Rooney on five. In all competitions, Knight has scored two goals, with five assists, with an average rating of 7.01 (6.94 in Championship) from 15 (3) appearances. I have him playing as AP - At in the #10 role in a 4-2-3-1. I'm not sure that's his best position, but it's the only place I can accommodate him as a regular starter right now. This is the 4-2-3-1 system I'm currently playing. It's not how I normally play because I like a high tempo, high pressing, attacking formation, usually 4-4-2 or 4-1-2-3 but on this save, I'm trying as much as possible to replicate the style Phillip Cocu has been using in real life and, I must say, it's really suiting the players, particularly Tom Huddlestone who leads the club for average rating with 7.47. I started the season with 'Work Ball Into The Box' and without 'Use Tighter Marking'. I found that despite dominating possession in almost every game, we weren't creating enough chances or scoring enough goals. This changed when I removed 'Work Ball Into The Box'. My preference would be to play with two CBs on BPD - De and that's how I started the season with Kystian Bielik on the right and Matt Clarke on the left. Clarke got an early suspension for five yellow cards, Curtis Davies came in, and his form has been that good and instrumental in us conceding less goals that Clarke hasn't been able to get back into the team. I added 'Use Tighter Marking' around the time Davies established himself in the heart of defence. Tom Lawrence is currently out injured otherwise he would start either as a W - Su on the right or an IW - Su on the left.
  25. Opened up my mind how Ajax played with this video. https://community.sigames.com/topic/372887-johan-cruyffs-3-4-3-diamond-very-fluid/?do=findComment&comment=11952748
  26. If he was my player I would probably start training him to be a complete wing back given he has relatively strong defensive attributes and I would like to put them to use. Put his defensive attributes with his strong mental and technical attributes and you could have a very complete player in the future. I wouldn't like to use him as a winger until his speed improves.
  27. First signing for the 2021/22 season in the Premier League confirmed, Joining for an overall fee of £6,5m over 4 years, attacking full back Domagoj Bradaric is an upgrade on Heritier Deyonge, and at 21, has plenty of development potential. Having only made 2 appearances for Lille and spent a season on loan at Oostende in Belgium since moving to France for £5.5m in 2019, its a safe move. We also concluded 2 deals for young Scottish full backs, Scott McKenna and Ryan McGregor, who will join from Bristol City and Hibernian respectively. At 17 and 15, they are both talents for the future, and will go into Michel Troins U18 squad to develop. Next signing, a player returning to England, after a not all that successful spell in Germany, young Welsh winger, Rabbi Matondo. He needs some work technically, but, presents a lot of the right attributes for where we want him to play, on the right side of midfield. For £3.8m, he is a low risk option. Another 'returnee', this time coming back from Scotland, is 24 year old Jordan Rossiter. The Liverpudlian hasn't played any minutes at Ibrox in 2020/21, and moves for £77000 on a 2 year deal. He'll be on the fringes of the first team setup, and maybe get some cup time. 23 year old Spanish midfielder, Genaro, joins, from Sevilla. He needs plenty of work to make it, however, he will probably go out on loan for the season. In need of some depth alongside Matondo on the flank, another former Premier League starlet, whose experience in Germany went slightly different to Matondo. Having seen his Hamburg side relegated, Xavier Amaechi returns to English football for a fee of £2.1m. The next signing required the fee for an incoming transfer to be broken, but, I feel the player involved is worth it. Another South American, Lúcio has been on my scouts radar all season, and was the one player that was earmarked as being something special, especially if we could sneak under the big clubs and get him. For £15m, he has a hell of a lot of potential, but, he may also create a hell of a lot of goals. For the second time in as many days, the club saw its record transfer fee broken, this time paying KRC Genk a fee that would go up to £25m for their young Swedish #10, Benjamin Nygren. Well rounded at a young age, and a key part of the team that qualified for Europa League football, he can play many positions across the attacking line. The next deal was a continuation of a loan, we couldn't get Braganca or Curtis Jones for another season, but Bayern were willing to let us have Oliver Batista Meier for another year. Normally, I don't buy players over the age of 25 for my teams, but, we need some experience in the middle of the team to guide some of the youngsters around, and, on the expiring contacts list, 2 names cropped up. One, Nemanja Matic, was unable to be negotiated with, due to the time of the season, the other, and coming on a 1 year, £3.5m deal, is Javi Martinez. At 32, he is well above my usual age limit, but, with over 300 appearances in top flight football through his career, as well as Champions League experience, he fits the bill perfectly. The last signing coming in, to play as 3rd striker, and replace the departing Tyler Walker, is Portuguese frontman, Fabio Silva. It took a fee of £6m to capture the 18 year old from Porto, but, he has a lot of potential to fill, and hopefully, his appearances from the bench will allow him to develop well. -------------- With all the incomings, there are player departures, the first of these, sees me double my money on a player brought last season, with Jota leaving for Aston Villa for £16.5m. Young winger Alex Mighten, is the next to depart, having not really recovered from a broken foot sustained in August. Everton paying a fee that will go up to £5.5m for him. After the departure of the two wingers, Heritier Deyonge departs, heading back to France, where Nantes have paid £4.5m for him, a £1.5m profit in less than a year is good work, especially when he hasn't come on as much as I hoped in that time. Francisco Geraldes leaves to Valencia on loan for the season, and, at the time of writing, Ricardo Kishna was in Mexico negotiating a £6.75m move.
  28. I feel like José Peseiro, 2005. If this reference is too obscure, he was managing Sporting at the time and fighting for the league and the Europa League. In the space of one week he lost both - including the Europa League final being played at home, in Lisbon, in Sporting's own stadium, against CSKA Moscow, in absolutely shambolic fashion. Sporting missing the equaliser as their RB Rogério hits the post from the goal line, only for CSKA to score in the immediate counter was hilarious. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12Nx44nv_Ik (that epic move starts at 1:30) Peseiro has since become a running gag of Portuguese football. That Sporting team played pretty damn good football to be fair, but ever since, he keeps getting sacked then somehow falling upwards to take more and more emergency caretaker manager roles despite failing with all of them.
  29. Over two legs, I conceded 4 goals. They were all set pieces. If SI don't see this as being a problem I won't buy FM again,.
  30. The Bilbao challenge has been a go-to for me in each of the last five football managers. I've left this year's late but it's been a fun one thus far, 28 games into the first season. My tactic is built around being structured and hardworking while giving Muniain and Williams license to cause carnage on the wings (a standard 4-1-2-2-1). The results have been great!
  31. Dunno if I’d call it wisdom, I’ve not won much outside of a few promotions. I get joy out of making such an unpleasant club. My current target in my game is to create a side with a squad personality of ‘unsporting’ and to create an academy that produces total bastards.
  32. Season Review 2106/07 We have just completed the domestic double (FA Cup and Premier League) Out of nowhere really, after midtable finish last year Lost the last game of the season but luckily Man Utd lost also Went the first 20 games unbeaten Then onto the FA Cup Final. Yet again missed penalty in normal time Also had two goals disallowed Same player (Jese - Spanish Wonderkid) missed in first 5 penalties, lucky again Leicester missed there last one and we won 8-7. UNBELIEVABLE SEASON! Roll on the Champions League for the first time. I do need some center backs. My two center backs are worth a total of £8m whereas two of the my strikers are worth £112m!
  33. Hi mate, In my tests I see that setting proper OIs improves the result just about 2% but it requires a lot of efforts setting them If this post gets 100 upvotes then I'll post a guide about the OIs... I just don't want putting efforts into something if nobody needs it
  34. DOWNLOADS Falkland Islands Football League Database Copa Libertadores Falkland Islands Football League Logos Falkland Islands Football League Kits Falkland Islands flag Falkland Islands Football League Falkland Islands F.A Cup Falkland Islands League Cup Falkland Islands Youth League Falkland Islands Youth F.A Cup This is my take on the Falkland Islands Football League. The national team play in CONMEBOL, can you improve them to not be the worst? 36 real players have been added to the database, there are club badges and kits available to download too as well as a new Copa Libertadores if you wish the clubs to qualify for club competitions. In-game pictures will be up soon too!
  35. September 2025: Strong in Europe, inconsistent in Italy September started with a bloody brilliant match in Bergamo. Facing an Atalanta that did not wish to defend too much, it was a delight for the neutrals. We were winning 2-1 by minute 8, scored another before half-time, wobbled a bit when Atalanta reduced again but eventually ran out 4-2 winners. Fun. Next was our Champions League debut with the easiest match of the group, home with Leverkusen. It went well, Leverkusen were feisty but we were better with our finishing. 2-0 win with Vukovic shining, goal and assist from the wing. Then it was back to Serie A and back to shambolic mode. I made the mistake of rotating the whole side, I shouldn't have done this. But come on.... 30 shots to Cagliari's 5 and we lose 1-0? Admitedly lots of our shots went anywhere but the goal, but this felt frustrating. We absolutely must be winning matches like this. I dreaded the following fixture, away to my former employees Cremonese in such inconsistent form sounded like a recipe for disaster. And it was... for Cremonese. We suddenly clicked on a glorious afternoon - specially for Serbian winger Nikola Vuckovic who was at his very best with an hat-trick plus an assist. 4-0 win! So we're back on form then? Hold off there for a second. This Bologna side this season doesn't appear to like easy looking matches at home. So of course we had to mess things up against Brescia. Dull 0-0, again lots more shots than the opposition (16 vs 3), but at least we didn't concede. But this is a serious problem, and one that frankly I didn't have at all last season, so I'm very confused about this. We seem to have forgotten how to break down defensive teams. Is it because they're going even more defensive, as we grow in reputation? Idk. So off we went to Camp Nou, expecting to get smashed by a Barça side that is the stuff of dreams - as if Ansu Fati, Kai Havertz, Kingsley Coman, Rodri, Todibo, Zinchenko all at their very peaks wasn't a strong enough side, they've gone and added both Mathias de Ligt and Erling Haaland in the last transfer window. I tucked in my seat and expected to count the goals. They scored mid first half. I tucked deeper, looked barely over the corner of my eyes in terror. The minutes went on, we were sort of surviving the onslaught, just 1-0. Minute 92, substitute Simone Rabbi who isn't even all that great of a winger and was playing MR, half fit, puts in a cross to Bordignon. Goal! 1-1 and it's over. We're party poopers in Catalonia. We've started great in Europe, honestly 4 points is what I was expecting from the whole group, we've got them already. But there's serious trouble in Serie A, alarmingly we seem to have forgotten how to break down defensive sides, that is very bad. Maybe I should take some lessons from that Inter side - they're absolutely smashing everybody up, it's insane.
  36. January - February 2021 Update Results We started January in fine form, our clean sheet run not finishing to the final game vs Nimes, going 9 games without conceding! February was very different...An unlucky loss vs Lyon, followed by being knocked out the cup! Good results vs Metz and Marseille, but one result really sticks out. That PSG thumping. Oof! At least we had a strong reaction vs Dijon. League Table We're still clinging on to 2nd place, but now PSG have pulled away, Rennes and Lyon on our heels.
  37. "Big 5" Round Up Premier League The title returned to Man City as they capitalised on Man Utd slipping up and Liverpool bottling it,Man City would also win the FA Cup by beating Brighton in the final but they did lose to Man Utd in the Community Shield.The Carabao Cup went the way of Arsenal and they did so by beating their local rivals Tottenham,the Gunners would also win the Euro Super Cup by beating Chelsea. We say our goodbyes to Norwich,Swansea and Crystal Palace,joining the Premier League are Watford,West Ham and Blackburn. LaLiga Santander That was some domination by Real Madrid who went unbeaten,to top it off the Madrid giants also won the Champions League (vs Man Utd).Surprisingly the Copa del Rey was retained by Villarreal and they did so by beating Athletic in the final.The Supercopa saw Barcelona beat Atletico in extra time in a close fought game . Levante,Alaves and SD Eibar were the teams to go down,coming up are Real Zaragoza,Deportivo and SD Huesca. Serie A TIM The Serie A title returned to the hands of Juventus after Inter Milan performed a bottle job that Liverpool would be proud of (won 2 out of the last 7 games!).Both the TIM Cup and Supercoppa were picked up by Lazio,they beat Atalanta in the TIM Cup and Inter Milan in the Supercoppa. Torino (!?),Hellas Verona and Crotone went down this season,Empoli,Spezia and Perugia are the teams coming up from Serie B. Bundesliga The boredom struck again as Bayern Munich won the league again,they are now at fifteen in a row and I can't wait for the day they implode and spiral down the table.To make it worse for everyone else,they beat RB Leipzig in the DFB-Pokal and Borussia M'Gladbach in the DFL-Supercup to make it a clean sweep.Augsburg kept their top flight status by beating Darmstadt in the playoff.Bundesliga teams were a massive success in Europe,Bayer Leverkusen won the Europa League final against Lazio while Borussia M'Gladbach beat RB Leipzig in a all German affair in the Europa Conference League. Just the two teams went down this season and they were Köln and Union Berlin.We will be seeing Werder Bremen and Greuther Furth in the Bundesliga next season. Ligue 1 Conforama The whole of France cheered as Lyon won the title ahead of PSG,massive credit to Marcelino who built a solid mixed team (in regards to age) as this was the first time since 2017 that PSG didn't win the title.Unfortunately PSG would win the other two trophies,they beat Lyon in the final of the Coupe de France (at least I lost to the winners!) and beat Monaco in the Trophee des Champions. Three teams went down and we said goodbye to Montpellier (via playoff),Dijon and Toulose.No real surprises coming up from Ligue 2 as it was Sochaux,Lorient and Guingamp coming up and they have all been in top flight at some point since the save started.
  38. Record Win - Dec 2028 In the penultimate game of the calender year this happens...
  39. Exactly. See my RB? Orange. He actually plays most of his matches as an IWB for which he's in red even: He's the third best player of La Liga in terms of match ratings.
  40. FM 20.4.1 BEOWULF 442 W AF VOL 3 POSITIVE P103 ALL CUPS Salah scored a few goals. !!!!!!!!!!!!!FM20.4.1BEOWULF442WAFKnapVOL3POSP103ALLCUPS.fmf
  41. 2019/2020 Season Summary Winter transfer window 2020: Out: Craig Forsyth- sold to Colorado Rapids for 240k EUR. In: Aaron Hickey - 400k EUR with loan to Hearts untill the end of seeason. Our long term transfer target. John Lundstram - 1.4mln EUR. It was too good value to pass by and I couldn't resist myself despite stating it was not my plan to buy any established players. He finished season with 2g 4a in 16 EFL games. Not eligable for Carabao Cup. Good return for such value. Competitions: FA Cup: We were knocked out in the 4th round by Blackburn. EFL Championship: We had big dip in form beginning from Boxing Day untill end of February winning only 3 out of 12 fixtures. We were on the 5th place on the end of February. In March we turned the corner winning 8 out of 9 conceding only 2 goals and winning 6 matches in a row with 1-0 (Mourinho would be very proud ). We are on the 1st place before last two fixtures playing Leeds (2nd place) and Birmingham City. We lost to Leeds 1-0 conceding on 89 minute and 2-1 to Birmingham City. We finished on 3rd place and beat Reading 3-1 on aggregate in Playoff SF. In Playoff Final against QPR we lost on penalties 5-3 after drawing 1-1 (they equalize from "guess what?" PENALTY). I HATE PENALTIES!!! Maybe it's for the best, because we would be hammered next season in EPL. Now we have one more year to prepare and develop our young squad. Now it's time for The Miracle at Wembley! Carabao Cup: As was mentioned before we were in SF facing Crystal Palace. In the first leg we beat them 2-1 despite Louie Sibley being sent off on the 54th minute and draw 1-1 in the second leg. In the final our opponent was ManUtd. I was sure we would be hammered by Red Devils, anyway I spent 1 hour thinking about tactic to this match. Tactic: AND THEN 22nd MINUTE HAPPENED! Sibley back pass to Bird, he switches ball to Whittaker. Whittaker is 1 on 1 versus Shaw. He takes him on and smashes the ball to the near post, no chance for De Gea. GOAL MADE IN THE DERBY ACADEMY! I am sure FM's Martin Tyler lost his mind after goal. And it was final goal of the game, WE DID IT! Absolute scenes! Arguably the biggest achievement in my FM history. Unforgettable season for Derby County. We will represent England in the Europa League playing in the Championship (shout-out to Wigan).But I am kind of worried about our schedule if we will reach group stage, hope FM is ready for this mess. Personalities: *Stats only from Championship. Player of the Season: Jack Marriott- top goalscorer in the Championship with 21 goals. Few excellent goals after pressing and tackling opposition defenders. Young Player of the Season: Jayson Bogle- our leader in assists with 11 to his name. We are callinig him The Derbyshire Dani Alves. (honorable mention: Jason Knight with excellent progress and some big goals and assists) Disappointment of the season: Sidible. No considerable progress and subpar performances. Most Underrated Player: Whittaker with 11 goals in the Championship and one historical goal in Carabao Cup final! Only 19, already CLUB LEGEND! Thank you for reading my post.
  42. You don't have to train a player in the role he's playing in your tactic, training roles are nothing more than sets of attributes that will be focused on. In fact, you don't even have to select a specific role, you could just keep it on Playing Position and only select additional focus, if you wanted to be extra specific about which attributes you want to try improving (basically spend your Potential Ability points on, which I'm sure you know are limited). For more on this, look up RDF Development Guide & Training Schedules, he got some amazing results by being extra surgical when it comes to training.
  43. I have been playing SI games since CM Italia way back in 1992 on the Amiga. This is, without question, my biggest ever achievement. Getting a youth only side into the Premier League.
  44. Player Sales - Oct 2028 I already mentioned the sale of M'Barga as a significant sale financially. Cedric was surplus to requirements, a CM who didn't have the attributes to make it as a DM. Assana-Bayema was going to be first choice AMR but he kicked off when a bid from Al-Hazem was rejected, he handed in a transfer request and he was gone. £250k is a little on the low side but rather that than an unhappy player stinking out the squad. Kameni was another who was annoyed I had previously rejected a bid for him, he'd actually not been performing well in training as was declining as a result. So he left for Al-Hazem too and I promoted an U19 player as a replacement. These sales have helped the coffers and we now sit with in the bank. We do have some potentially lucrative clauses which I will be keeping an eye on over the course of the season. 50% of Profit on Assana-Bayema & M'Barga, 50% Next Sale on Sandio and 30% Profit from Kameni. If those can net us around the £1m mark I will be happy.
  45. Bradford City 25/26: As time ticks away through June, I am targeting some depth in midfield and central defence. Loans are great but it leaves us exposed. Sidnei Tavares is running down is contract and accepts an offer to give us some cover. I still can't find suitable permanent recruits on the cheap, so we're back to loans. Liverpool provide a central defender able to pass and dribble. Gomes and Diallo join yet again and by the end of the season they are both over 120 league appareances for us. With my Austrian striker arriving who is a 22 year strong prospect, I can't do any more on the wage limitations. Relative disaster then strikes with Burnley coming in with a contract releasing bid for Charlie Wiggett. It was one thing to sign up a player on a free who looked good, it's something else to have a full season, know he's your only permanently signed first team central defender that you were counting on. The money gives me some wiggle room though, another long time loanee, Louie Barry has finally been listed by Villa, Ryan Astley is comparable to Wiggett for current ability but doesn't show the same promise. However, he's listed by Everton and relatively cheap. I also draft in yet another loanee centre back. I refuse more bids for Tie, as no one quite meets his release, when the window closes, I sign him up to a new contract with extensive haggling over what his new release value will be - £12.5m. We make a storming start to the league, going 11 unbeaten. A few losses here and there isn't enough to stop us staying permanently in the automatic promotion slots. We go out of the Carabao Cup early, drawing our pseudo parent club Man City in the 3rd round. We hold Everton at home in the FA cup 3rd round to lose on the replay. It's an old cliché, but fewer games helps everyone stay fit. Promotion is confirmed with 4 games to go, leaving just a battle with Bournemouth for the championship. Again it comes down to the last game of the season, but we're ahead and just need to match their result. We get a 2-1 win at Ipswich to clinch it. A moment to be proud of, I don't think I've ever got into the prem other than through playoffs. I already decide that I can't gut the team and go for high potential youths, I tried that before and ruined a save. So it's going to be about having trust in these players and trying to build up again, taking account for we don't own several of them. Glenn Payne continues impressive development in mental and physical attributes, if not technical ones. The youth academy has reported a golden generation, although I think that's relative to what has graduated before with the exception of Payne, however, Bigger Kabeya does look good if we can improve his finishing. I am elevated to club icon!
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