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  1. GUYS I DID IT. It only took me 3 days of agonizing over it, but I finally figured out how to get around my situation. I can't cancel the terrible deal the board accepted for my starting striker. But you know who can? The player himself. How do you get the player to cancel the deal? Get him a better one. So I offered him out for the lowest amount the board would allow, enticing bigger clubs to come to the table. He accepted one of those, rejected the original, and since the board didn't force this new one offer to be accepted, I was able to cancel it! Now we're right back where we started, all within the confines of game mechanics. Brilliant, if I do say so myself.
  2. So..... a different job caught my eye when it popped up, and......
  3. Both players gone without playing a game Lets hope the stupid new board get the idea!!
  4. The ME is unplayable and totally broken? Not sure what I've been doing for the last month in isolation then, because it is playable and not broken. It's not ideal and there are improvements that can be made, but don't overreact.
  5. End of season 2027/2028 What e great season! The best season so far. We managed to qualify for the Championship playoffs for the first time in history. But we were not good enough to get promoted. We did win the first round against Partick Thistle: 4-1 at home, and 1-1 away. But in the 2nd round we lost against Falkirk. That team is just too good for us at this time. But I'm very happy with the progress were are making! And with the talented youngsters that just came through the last intake, I hope we can make that last step and get promoted to the Premiership in the next couple of seasons. I'm a bit worried about our financial situation. So I really hope we can promote in the very near future, or I can sell one of my talents for good money with a 50% clausule. Otherwise I don't know how we can make money... Best players this season were Mark McGinty 23b and Tony Neil 24b. McGinty 23b scored lots of goals for us, while Neil 24b is our assists-king. Really good players for us! Michael Marshall 28b had a direct impact en scored 4 goals in 10 matches. Very promising! Unfortunately we also received this message: I hope we still get some decent intakes... These are our facilities ATM:
  6. May 2037 - Europa League Final. The build-up to Sevilla is intense. Our first continental cup final. The culmination of years of effort. 15 years after this adventure began, our facilities are world-class. Our squad is immense, a far cry from where we began. Liverpool are favored at the Sanchez Pizjuan, as they should be. But I am hopeful that we can take them down. We will start the match in PM Haaienmes, the recent tactical evolution that strikes a balance between PM Haaienbek and PM Haaienhamer. Liverpool will kick off in a 4231, wearing all black, while we are in our home claret and white. Liverpool control the opening 20 minutes, but have nothing to show for it. Possession, with meaningless chances. In the 24th minute, Liverpool break from a corner, forcing Akrofi into a big save. Bajrami goes close in the 28th, curling a shot just wide of the far post, the keeper well-beaten. We reach the half scoreless, Liverpool the better side but with nothing to show for it. The center cannot hold. Something has to give. Liverpool strike first in the 53rd, a failed clearance allowing Mert Yildrim to curl a ball to Kang Dong-Hoon behind our lines, and he smashes home from 10 yards out. We push forward, the balance of play shifting in our favor. Dieng curls just over the bar in the 65th. So close we can taste it, but Liverpool will not lay down without a fight, and nearly snatch a 2nd in the 66th. Minutes later, VAR awards Liverpool a penalty for...nothing. A bump in the box on a corner. Highway robbery. Our fate hangs in the hands of Jonathan Akrofi, the Ghanaian David De Gea...who denies Roger Diallo. Still 1-nil. We're not done for yet. We continue to raise the aggression, pushing forward in an attempt to equalize. In the 81st minute, Liverpool's captain, Carlos Henrique, stabs home a loose ball from 8 yards. There was nothing Akrofi could do. 2-nil. Aidara heads off the post in the 84th minute from a tight angle, and Liverpool clear. So close. The inevitable happens as we chase the game. We are exposed at the back. And Carlos Henrique snags another. 3-nil. The final whistle blows. We were not good enough today, but we can hold our heads high. We will avenge this loss. Liverpool will pay. As will every other English side, as their proxy. That much is clear.
  7. May 2037. Heading into the 2nd leg against Napoli, I knew that I wanted to tweak our tactics, every so slightly. We've been playing a version of PM Haaienhamer, my Nagelsmann-inspired 5122/235 strikerless tactic detailed in Those Who Do Not Move, Do Not Notice Their Chains. The “revisions” from the original PM Haaienhamer being: (1) utilization of a roaming playmaker, instead of a regista; and (2) reducing passing directness to “shorter,” which has the knock-on effect of reducing our tempo to “standard.” From there, I then: (1) reduced our mentality to attacking; while (2) raising our passing directness to "slightly more direct," which has the knock-on effect of raising our tempo to "higher." (These tweaks were not random. They are the mentality, passing directness and tempo from PM Haaienbek, my original Nagelsmann-inspired strikerless tactic, detailed in Live Every Week Like It's Shark Week.) In the end, we were left with the following, as a mix of PM Haaienhamer and PM Haaienbek: How did it work? I'm glad you asked. Pochettino's Napoli approached the match in 4231 with a positive mentality. After 45 minutes, we were up 5-nil. We tore them to pieces. The match finished 6-nil. It wasn't just an away win, in a European semifinal, against the team sitting 3rd in Serie A. It was a proper beating. We'll face Derek McInnes' Liverpool in the final, at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan in Sevilla. We'll continue to deploy this version of my Naglesmann tactics, which I'm calling PM Haaienmes ("grapefruit shark-knife") to distinguish it from its predecessors.
  8. Norwich City - First season: Won FA cup & the PL title!!! Decided to start another new save with Norwich City and what should I say guys? The Fire&Water 4321 did it again for me. Actually I'm using the tweaked version by @RDF Tactics with the floated crosses - nothing else changed. 1949229349_!!!!!!FM20.4.1FireandWaterVOL24321OXP103ECfloat.fmf Won the Premier League and the FA cup in the first season. Very important information: - I don't play instant result - no plug and play - doing lots of micro-management in my saves - training by @Rober82 @RDF Tactics https://www.fmscout.com/a-fm20-development-guide-and-training-schedules.html - there's an pdf-document of @Rober82 at the first page of this thread -> read it and follow it exactly; what I mean, take that time and manage all that backroom transfers for getting amazing results - I've got 4 fitness coaches and I'll go up to 6 -> this gives the squad amazing abilities Last and important as well: Take a look at one post above of @Rober82 - I'm using this man marking in EVERY match and it made me damn stable in AWAY matches. I don't need to tweak anymore for big away matches. @knap @Rober82 @RDF Tactics Thank you for that amazing work Let's bring some young talented guys into this Norwich squad now and go for even more titles
  9. Hi guys, I have now finished the work on this file. I hope that everyone who was wanting a realistic Brazilian update can enjoy this. Let me know your feedback!
  10. Episode 10 is here I’ve had this growing feeling of frustration as the seasons passed by in this challenge. “Nothing is happening” was a thought that kept popping up. I enjoyed playing and I still do. I also enjoyed blogging about the save, but whenever I put together a season review the feeling was that I was writing the same episode over and over again. I mainly attributed this to the fact that I couldn’t get any players to Europe. However, in the 2024 season I finally did! And not only once but twice, as Renyer left for Real Madrid and Talles Magno for Lazio. But the feeling remained. The feeling of frustration and unfulfilled goals. The aim of the save felt almost unattainable so I had to find a bit of new energy and a bit of comfort. A reassurance that I was going in the right direction with the save perhaps. I felt lost. I know that many of you have been in my place when it comes to FM (and of course in real life as well) whether it’s a blog save or offline. Things are going too easy or they prove too hard. The save becomes monotonous or you fall out of love with it for other reasons. I’m going out on a limb here and guess that this feeling more often than not has led you to abandon your save, either for an FM break completely or a brand new save. Well, I’m not about to go in that direction. Instead I’ve gone for a bit of soul searching. Read the entire post here
  11. July 2037. Champions League qualifying begins anew, as PM Haaienmes continues to scythe through Georgia like a hot knife through butter. First up? Slovenian champions, Olimpija Ljubljana. They wouldn't sell me a player on the cheap a few years back, so it was payback time. What?! Nursing a grudge for years can be healthy. At least, that's one thing I learned by watching Dexter. The other things I learned? Oh, we don't need to talk about that. The first leg at Kursha Road goes as expected -- a 4-nil annihilation, where we barely broke a sweat. The second leg was equally one-sided, although we only put 2 past our hosts. We will face Dundalk in the Third Qualifying Round.
  12. just download Italy database from steam workshop (user: Sangue Blu) And, don't get sacked like I did in my 3rd season with Palermo in Serie B
  13. great ! i stopped when we were promoted to serie b and started with FC Andorra My best game in Italy was with Parma when they were in the serie c. Love to do something like that.. or pick a team from a strange region or island ? Sardinia? Olbia Calcio ?
  14. Thanks for the tips, i know about Pro Vercelli, my mate @stefaanpeeraer played talked and started with them. Catania could be a good option.. I played with Bari last edition , youth only for a few season.
  15. Because this is meant to be a Management Simulator. Most of the tactics back in the day were plug and play which meant you could walk away with a 90% record which just isn't realistic. Sure, there are aspects of the match engine I don't like which could improve but that has nothing to do with fact that you're chucking loads of tactics into a one off game with none of your players being trained on it. Managers IRL don't go "Well hey guys I know we've been training wing play and getting the ball into the box via crossing all week but y'know what, let's try slow tempo possession today." Just doesn't work that way. I'm sorry if it's coming across aggressive but you posted a thread, first stating you didn't want help but then when we ask if we can you throw loads of tactics up claiming you're save scumming one match you can't win. We've given you links to guides so the right response would've been "Y'know what, I've read the guides, I've made this, what do you think?".
  16. I see your point, but the ME is really ruining the game for me. I have persevered with it for so long but its not longer enjoyable. I guess that makes it unplayable to me?
  17. This is kind of my personal skin now. I call it ACSBI. Not quite sure yet if i keep working on it, release it or whatever.
  18. Also annoying starting a thread and then my messages just getting moved into this thread. I feel as if they're just brushing this all under the carpet. Really unhappy, bought many versions of this game and the ME is so unrealistic to a real game of football, I can't believe the developers can't see it/admit it.
  19. My journey with Foggia is starting tomorrow. Hopefully the miracle will be back! I found a db at some Italian site, so hoping it's good.
  20. Alas I feel like we're not getting through to him so I will leave this. Like mp_87 said, read some guides on how to actually make a tactic or download plug and play.
  21. I think it's unbelievable that SI are telling us there won't be another ME update at least until FM21. This game with the current state of the ME is simply unplayable. Congratulations on having more paying customers than ever before, but I have never ever seen so many complaints about the ME on this forum. Me, as a customer, I feel absolutely robbed. I paid 50 euros just to lose my excitement after 10 games into a new save. Sure you can tell us: "We appreciate your feedback but look! We sold more copies then ever before". Well, good for you, but if you seriously think this ME is not totally broken I don't see any hope for the future. The sad thing is, with the lockdown going on I have a lot of spare time and it would have been so much fun to spend my days playing FM, but ironically I would rather play FIFA now, a game I always thought is much worse than FM. I have been a loyal customer and I've bought every single copy since FM2008, but I've lost all excitement about this game because this year's, in my honest opinion, has been an absolute failure. What is even worse is that SI don't seem to care because they've sold more copies than other years. I will think twice before I spend another 50 euros on a new game from your company.
  22. I'm gonna join you lot in England and gonna take on @DazRTaylor to complete the challenge with the same club. Let's make Manchester UltraRED ! Fan owned football + the class of 92 comes close to completion Let's do this!
  23. DNA Update The more I look at this - the more I worry that I'm not producing defensive players who are good enough for the system that I want. Antonio aside (who is an absolute beast and is excellent in every area that I want), the majority of players in the attacking or midfield area have 50%+ of their attributes considered excellent but for both the FB and the CB, this number is vastly reduced. I'm banking of Miguel Angel Garcia developing into a fantastic player but I think that any potentially really good players going forward will have to be converted to defensive players to fill those gaps. Depth is a bit of a worry for me too. We are running with the biggest squad ever (I have a squad that requires a scroll bar on the main screen now and I hate not being able to see all of the players so you can see how important this is!) but the likes of Uriate, Molinero, Villasanti, Bono, Ronaldo and Evaristo are now looking weak in some of the areas. I'm happy to keep them on as backup players but for the truly world class squad that I want to build - they'd have to make way.
  24. Guadalajara XI of 2041? A little bit of a prediction of what my team could like like in three years time. Obviously - I may have some new youth players who have made the team or have signed some significantly better player for a weak area but I think this is somewhere near a side that could challenge for the title, should they develop to their full potential. N.B. I've added the potential stars to the image so that you can picture it a little better! Looking at the stars, which are just a token gesture, I'd say that now the only area that really needs consideration is another central midfielder that would be an upgrade of Mejia. He, himself, is not a bad player at all but he's not world class - and that is potentially the only area where I don't have a world class player. --- Which probably gives me a good reason to introduce Donato Antonio: I missed out of the €700k deal that took him from second tier Avai to Santos two years ago but, since then, I've been trying to unsettle him. A month back, he handed in a transfer request and I was able to get him for a lot cheaper than I expected - just €30.5m. There is not a lot more to say that he is just fantastic! He's Balanced/Media Friendly so I'm hoping that the general personality of my team can sort that into a positive personality because there are no other issues anywhere! Very happy to have him on board.
  25. Bordeaux Season 5, I won the CL for the first year after lose in semi final and final against Liverpool (They won 4 CL in 6 years old) Liverpool in 1/4 CL (big revenge) Paris in CL final Monaco with B team in French cup final
  26. Toro also tempts me for obvious reasons and Crazy Ray can come home in 4/5 seasons... Paris FC isn't a bad option though @OldManGravz we got 10-12 seasons out of Macarthur to start with so I don't think staying at a club for a long stretch is a big deal also gives us a ton of continuity/fun because it would be a massive project for us. I'll say PFC
  27. Remember that it does depend on what league your reserve squad is in - if it's the likes of the Regionalliga or below, then those will be the only coaches that are interested in joining a team in that league.
  28. I'm starting to be able to sell a few squad players for big money, and I really like it. He is not a bad player, but I have two better right wingers than him, so I were actually surprised when a PL side came in for him.
  29. Finished season 1 and my god what a season it was. For the longest time, I've been closely following Juventus. Frustratingly so, often losing points when I needed to get them and with Ronaldo being on the madness he was, I was afraid I wouldn't catch up. Until they drew and I made the gap 1 point. And then came our confrontation in round 33. Pellegri bagged a brace to guide us through 3-1 and overtake them. From there, I didn't let go of the lead and secured the league by the skin of our teeth. Imagine being Ronaldo and breaking the Serie A goalscoring record and still coming in second. Also beat Juve in the Italian Cup final securing that one. And as if it couldn't get any better, we went on to beat Man United in the Euro League final, doing a treble. Something I didn't dare to think of when I started. Pau Lopez was a god in goal. As a team, we conceded the least amount in the league (While my backline isn't even that spectacular.) and Pau Lopez had 15+ clean sheets. Pellegri became our top scorer for the season, scoring 18 in total. 12 in the Serie A in 25 appearances. Not bad. Kluivert was on an absolute madness. I remember saying I was frustrated with his style of play and the fact he lacked end product. But boy, he developed like a madlad and together with Pellegri, ensured our solid display in the second half of the season. Pellegrini has also been instrumental, with Zaniolo bagging important goals from midfield. Kolarov also performed way better than I imagined. Sadly, also negatives. Under started out unreal but really cooled off as the season went along. As if him and Kluivert completely switched around in terms of attitude and style. As a result of this, I was happy to cash in the moment Arsenal offered 64million straight up. Depth-wise, it was not great. Loads of loanies I didn't want or need (ended up going for none of them permanently.) so the squad was thinned out a lot. THen there were also old players on big wages like Pastore, Dzeko and Nzonzi and players who straight up weren't good enough for what I want in the depth (Lucas Perez). Luckily, I also got some loanies back. Florenzi and Schick returned, strengthening our depth and with the money made off of selling the old and expensive, we managed to reform the squad somewhat. Got in Pellegrini from loan from Juve for 2 seasons with a 35 million buy clause. Here's to hoping our financial status holds up for us to do that. Ricciardi got promoted, making our Pastore replacement free. Then Tonali got transferlisted by Brescia (Weird cause they didn't relegate and he wasn't happy). Knowing our financial situation, I probably shouldn't have, but I swooped in with installments, reeling him in as new DLP. A midfield of Zaniolo, Pellegrini and Tonali definitely isn't too shabby. Most other were transfer listed players for cheap like Rugani from Juve (Around 11 million) and Lamela from Spurs (Around 14 million). The only position I'm looking to strengthen now is centreback to find someone who's equal to Mancini in terms of ability to solidify the defense and a second left winger so Lamela can compete with him. (Romagnoli would be the dream for centreback since he's homegrown but that's going to cost me.) And then there are also the English clubs. They got money for sure. So much so that Manchester United offered up to 132 million (!) for Pellegrini. Pellegrini himself wasn't interested and neither was I. Even though I do have to admit that it started to itch a bit but considering we wouldn't get much back of it enough for me to find a replacement of similar ability, I was fine letting it go. Man City came in for Kluivert with 89 million, but the same case with Pellegrini. Neither him or I were interested, so it was left at that and rejected. But then United came in for Spinazolla. 60 million up front. I promised him I'd accept 55 after they came with 42 up front and some extra in installments. Now question remains if I accept it, if I will be able to get a good rightback for cheaper of similar ability. Already sent my scouts out to go and gauge the price for the Japanese wonderkick from Bologna and awaiting judgement for that. All in all, a lot more enjoyable than I had expected. I definitely had moments my fun started to falter but then it resparked and I never looked back. Here's to a just as succesful second season.
  30. NK Zadar: 2063/64 season review A fantastic season as we stormed the league by a winning margin of 37 points We also won the domestic cup to complete a triple double. Our CL campaign came to an end in the Q/F as we fell to Liverpool. Great performers throughout the season. Karlo Tomasevic (57D) achieved the clubs best ever average rating as he banged in the goals. Youth intake was **** poor again We did win the UEFA Youth League once again...somehow. Transfers. One of our players didn't enjoy the league celebrations...
  31. FM09 was the first version I ever played. It was FAR too hard for me at the time. I simply could not make sense of the tactical sliders, and while I did put a lot of time into it, I was glad when the newer versions introduced player roles and simplified things a bit. However, I got sick of FM around 2016, and decided to go back and check out FM09. In all honesty, it wasn't even about the game. It was about revisiting a time of my life when things were simpler. Pure nostalgia trip. Aston Villa had a team that could challenge for Europe back then - Gareth Barry, Curtis Davies (yes!), Reo-Coker (when he was considered good), Agbonlahor, Ashley Young, James Milner. My team, Rangers, still had some very good players. Champions League level players. And a little 16 year old wonderkid by the name of John Fleck. This year's breakout stars (or those who were rated far too highly for realism), were Yuri Zhirkov, Vagner Love, Miguel Veloso, and maybe the likes of Andres Guardado, Artem Milyevski and a couple of others. Riquelme had just left Villarreal, but they still had Guiseppe Rossi, a prime (overrated) Matias Fenrnandez, Robert Pires, Nihat Kahveci, Diego Godin and Marcos Senna. As I wrote in another post, Valencia still had a wealth of attacking options, guys like David Silva, David Villa and Juan Mata (all with extremely generous attributes), plus Joaquin, Vicente, Morientes and more. The Italian league, while nowhere near its prime, is still loaded with quality. Shevchenko has been nerfed, and is back at AC Milan on loan after a failed stint at Chelsea. But Milan still have the likes of Kaka, Maldini, Nesta, Gattuso, Pirlo, Pato, and had just signed Ronaldinho (who's still only 28!). Inter have Patrick Vieira, Cambiasso, Adriano, Crespo, Ibrahimovic, Luis Figo, Javier Zanetti, Maicon, Walter Samuel, etc. Picking any of those Italian sides is really a major challenge, because in just a couple of years you'll need to replace some of the best players in the world. Juventus fall into that category too. Del Piero is class, but is 33. Trezeguet is 31. Nedved is 35. Camoranesi is 31. Barcelona have just hired Pep Guardiola, and the final 9.3 update fully reflects how amazing that team was in 2008. I don't need to describe that team, but it's cool to see a prime Rafael Marquez still there. Perfect ball-playing defender, or deep-lying playmaker. Serious competition for the likes of Pique, Busquets, and Yaya Toure. I've probably started around 200-300 saves on this game. Probably started a save with every team in the top five or six leagues. I admit that I do have a bit of the old restart-itis, but somehow I don't get sick of it. However, I do worry that I'm living in the past sometimes. If anyone wants to know about a particular team, or wants some screenshots, feel free to ask. I've got the game loaded up right now playing as Juventus (a genuinely difficult team to start with. Very unbalanced and old).
  32. All those screenshots tell me you have absolutely no width in the team. I think 8 and 12 are decent options but tbh they're not great because the defence is compact. If you had width you'd stretch that defence a lot more. Honestly, try the RB at WBsu and you'll stretch that defence a lot more. He can play it out wide, defence moves, the WB plays it back and instantly you've created gaps. What you also have to understand with an APsu is that he is looking to sit in the hole and hit killer passes. As it stands you're making it very easy for the defence to sit compact with the only width on the left. On the right everyone is packing into the centre and you have absolutely no width on the right. On the left the IFsu, APsu and DLFsu are all looking for the same space in front of the defence.
  33. Hi there , I've attached an idea doc. for Football Manager 2021 or FM21 ( for short ). Basically , I think FM21 should go up a few notches , adding more realism to the game engine. Is there anyway of making FM21 , like FIFA ( with all licensing , fans waving about flags , etc. ) Or is the gaming engine not big enough to have the sort of effects that FIFA and PES has. Feel free to review the document. Regards , Redewaan Football Manager 2021 Ideas Ideas.docx
  34. I got a pretty simple question which I have theorized, but never been able to find an answer to; Does a clubs location matter in terms of interested players? For instance, if all other factors are equal, will a London club have an advantage compared to a club like Newcastle? This is obviously a factor in real life, but is it a thing in FM? If so, how much does it matter?
  35. It’s not to say that using 2 playmakers can not work though, with the correct roles and duties around them it certainly can.
  36. 5 teams will help, just keep in mind that the Cup spot has been going to a seemingly random 5th tier side for the last 10 years so! I've been thinking about "seeding" other Georgian clubs. Buying a crap player for $5M, or using the editor to transfer surplus cash to them (deduct from me, give to them). I don't want to buy their good players, because that will mean they're less competitive. Lokomotivi really need to up their game. They've been so bad in Europe. Next year, they'll have the one playoff tie to navigate. That's all, to reach the CL Group Stage. #FourLoko
  37. Afternoon josephwork. Welcome to FMS. But before you post any further, we need you to read the link below, and then either amend your posts accordingly, or request the thread to be deleted or moved please. Your content doesn't conform to the rules in this section, and what would be classed as a story. It'd be worth your while taking a look around some of the other threads, giving yourself a better idea of the kind of formats that are acceptable. Cheers.
  38. You're not experimenting though, that's subtle tweaks to an existing platform and/or with a proper plan in mind. What you're doing is just clicking any old formation/role/instruction in rapid fashion. To reach what, I'm not sure, as you don't seem to know. Are you trying to stumble on a magic formula to win matches, or achieve a particular playing style? Slowwwwwww down. In fact I'd suggest just shutting down FM for the moment, doing a bit of reading of various guides to get some idea and knowledge, and getting a pen and piece of paper and jotting down ONE idea about what you want to do (your 4-4-2 ideal?) and what roles/instructions can achieve that.
  39. I brought a Lenovo ideapad l340 for £659.with 4 gb graphic card,16 gb ram with 2.4 ghz i5-9300 h with 4.1 turbo.i wanted to give my impressions of it as I think you wont get much better for price.see picture below if the leagues I am running. So far it's been quick to process the days so maybe I could run more.the game engine looks really good too.i think the battery life could be definitely better tho as seems to run down quite quick.its my first lap top for fm so really happy with it.any one wants to know more just ask.i know far better lap tops out there but for the price which is reasonable I thought this might help a few people.i ordered this from Lenovo website &you can customize to suit
  40. I've just attempted to sign him. At first, I declared interest. He then said he was hoping I would make an official bid, as he dreamed of playing for Reggina (who wouldn't, right?), but when I had a bid accepted, he wouldn't even discuss contract details. But he looks like a great, young player :|
  41. Only 4 games left to steady the ship at Kicks Utd, winning one, drawing two, and losing the other one, however, things are potentially looking up for 41. Back to planet Earth however, there is work to be done.
  42. To piggy back on this, it would be great if we could create our playing history when creating a new manager. Sure, he was a "International (Global)" player, but who did he play for? What position?
  43. All of them + all leagues and currently around 356k players. It's the only way i play the game.
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